Is Facebook down? Status on problems

Is Facebook down today? When there is problems, millions around the world know about it and this is due to the fact that this social network has over one billion mobile users alone. They login while at home and on the move, so the most common Facebook problems involve trying to sign-in on computers and mobile devices, issues with uploading pictures, blank white pages, or a total blackout when Facebook is down from time-to-time.


The newsfeed and timeline can also receive glitches with no information being display occasionally. There’s help with an online support section, feedback on Twitter and their own website. You can report problems to these sections and check the official online Facebook status today on the right of this page, or leave updates with your problems in the comments below.

If an outage is taking place, or Facebook is not working correctly, then status updates will be left by Down Today readers below. Join in with your own feedback, and spot patterns around the globe.


Facebook Status insight for Wednesday 26th of April 2017

If Facebook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Bernie Colley

    open up your networking and sharing center in control panel , click on change adapter settings on the left of the page , right click local area connection and choose properties , click on internet protocol version 6 tcp/ipv6 so its highlighted in blue and click properties , change to use the following dns server addresses and type in 8888 in the first field and 8844 in the second and click ok , reboot your pc then try facebook

  • Ed Brennan

    You, mines the same, but only from last Saturday, updated iOS a few weeks ago so that’s not the issue, it’s Facebook iOS app and it’s last update or its algorithms that Facebook network are sending

  • Giovanna Sanguinetti

    All I get is a blank page. What to do!

  • Jinty Gratton

    I updated software to 10.3.1 last night and now can’t access my home page only my newsfeed and now blacks out when I click on app on my iPhone 6s !! Have tried uninstalling app and still nothin

  • Gordon McIntosh

    iPhone 6s app won’t let me post.

  • Claire Moore

    Yes my facebook has been playing up since this afternoon! Can’t get page up at all, rather fed up !

  • Chris Hankinson

    I’m on o2, using a blackberryn facebook just a blank page

  • nigel Cuff

    On virgin media in gloucester, using iOS devices, unable to view Facebook, reset router, ok now

  • Marcus

    my wife just complained about this. now been holding on Virgin’s help line for 21 mins and counting!

  • Alison Moodie

    Just did full restart: all power off, including modem, then rebooted machine. Now have access to Facebook again. :) Worth a try!

  • Owen Forsey

    Virgin Media customer here with no access to facebook. It’s fine via ee on my mobile.

  • Undead Lizard

    Kill it with fire!

  • Alison Moodie

    Yes, Fb has been out for me since 19.00 GMT (so just over an hour). I’ve tried 3 different browsers so it’s not that. I too am on Virgin BB. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • Alex

    My fb is not working either tried phone laptop & can’t load a page

  • nigel Cuff

    On virgin media, using iOS device in Gloucester on updates for the last hour or so

  • Leslie Bailey

    This has gone beyond a Joke now, only Virgin Media, others in the street with BT Outreach can get into Facebook. This is pathetic, had a Virgin Media outage of over a week last month and they still charged for that time too.
    I wonder if virgin has an issue with Facebook posts?

  • Robert Anderson

    On virgin fibre at home mark

  • Robert Anderson

    Yes it has to be virgin I can access in my 3/4G or on my mates BT broadband so all down to virgin for sure

  • Mark

    What network you using, I am on Virgin Media and got Facebook problems?

  • Craig

    Facebook is down yet again, seems to be an issue with Virgin Media yet again which is just plain stupid now….

  • Robert Anderson

    Any one got issues today o can’t get FB on my phone or laptop got it at 8pm now just hanging on phone and laptop page not found

  • Shady Zeak SF1

    I applied for a profile but still cannot get access to it even after the given time limit of 72 hours what should I do?

  • Michelle Edon

    if u unplug your router and restart it works again

  • Jennifer Hunter

    back again!!

  • Jennifer Hunter

    won’t log me in, says the site isn’t secure. It was at 9.30 this morning.

  • Tracy Jordan-hare

    Can’t get on fb via my phone only on my tablet I know Virgin where doin maintenence work but can’t remember when Oh the joys

  • angela oxer

    facebook down in Sutton surrey

  • Amrit Sandhu

    Wow. This is crazy. Somebody has blocked Facebook on virgin Media. Not working on any device.

  • Sonya McGhee

    No fb. Virgin Middlesbrough

  • Tracey Parmenter

    i have just got it :) thats for speaking out loud ok fb i always have twitter lol

  • tonycutty

    Working again now in Devon

  • Tracey Parmenter

    me to with Virgin,same problem,

  • mieko74

    message on Virgin forums “We’ve seen a number of community members post that they can’t access Facebook at present.
    We’ve passed this information to our network team for investigation.”

  • tonycutty

    I’m with Virgin too. Same problem.

  • Talin Nazarian Avedikian

    Same here, I’m with Virgin too

  • Louby101

    I am on virgin cable and Facebook and messenger both down but I can still use safari and other apps, very annoying, especially in messenger mid conversation

  • Ana Elisa Remigio

    Same here, I’m with Virgin too.

  • Jean Robson

    Be patient…takes time for the world to login in :)

  • Stephen Smyth

    I’m with Virgin and could only get on using a VPN account.

  • mieko74

    quick search points towards a Virgin issue. Similar was happening yesterday looking on Virgin forums

  • vi

    yes I can’t get into Facebook too either from laptop or phone . Not at all.


    Im on virgin media too, but its working fine on the tv and iv’e logged into virgin checked the broadband , and the status says its working fine too, but its not working on my i-phone or the computer where facebook is concerned ……

  • mieko74

    Same here, thought it was just me. although everything says FB is up. Virgin issue?

  • SJ

    I also can’t get onto Facebook through my computer or phone. Think the servers are down. I’m with Virgin, but it won’t work on my 4G either.


    i cant use anything on facebook, on the computer or phone, i checked the status on virgin and it says its working fine,

  • Raychel

    Are you all on Virgin Media? Seems to be a known issue!

  • gina vettese

    cant get into facebook either on laptop or iphone im with Virgin

  • Toby

    Is Facebook down for anyone else, it’s down for me in Greenwich London….

  • Jessica

    My Facebook apps are not working on my iPad and iPhone, no idea what’s happening but I am guessing the servers are having issues.

  • Darkwindsolo

    Can’t get on loads then locks up galaxy s7

  • English Yarns

    I am using FB for business and have not been able to post any photos for 48 hours. When is this problem going to be fixed?? We are losing business!!

  • Marcin Pływacz

    I can’t upload photos. 2 different PCs, 2 different networks, both fanpage and private profile.

  • Phil Bailey

    same here is it virgin its always going on and off anyway

  • Claire Harris-Perkins

    As I’m using FB for biz and having to use Vodaphone’s network wouldn’t it be nice to receive a discount on the next bill (and then I woke up!)

  • ccc

    yep virign isnt letting me acceses facebook from phone or laptop

  • Dark Magician


  • Dark Magician

    Me too

  • Dark Magician

    same here Charlie boy

  • Hilary Jones

    i pad, i phone, laptop cannot get facebook and i am with virgin so it looks like a problem with virgin media

  • Charlie

    i use virgin wifi and facebook wont open its really annoying me, literally every other site will

  • Claire Harris-Perkins

    Yes def problem with Virgin and FB just called Virgin and they’re trying to sort it out but gave no indication when prob would be fixed.

  • Claire Harris-Perkins

    I can’t even access it from my phone