Is Facebook down? Status on problems

Is Facebook down today? When there is problems, millions around the world know about it and this is due to the fact that this social network has over one billion mobile users alone. They login while at home and on the move, so the most common Facebook problems involve trying to sign-in on computers and mobile devices, issues with uploading pictures, blank white pages, or a total blackout when Facebook is down from time-to-time.


The newsfeed and timeline can also receive glitches with no information being display occasionally. There’s help with an online support section, feedback on Twitter and their own website. You can report problems to these sections and check the official online Facebook status today on the right of this page, or leave updates with your problems in the comments below.

If an outage is taking place, or Facebook is not working correctly, then status updates will be left by Down Today readers below. Join in with your own feedback, and spot patterns around the globe.


Facebook Status insight for Thursday 30th of March 2017

If Facebook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Tom Crossley

    down today, no imput cince 27 March

  • Cille Hollingshead

    I can log in on my iPad from app…..but can’t open anything out..times out. About 3 days now

  • Dolores Donovan

    Facebook down again all afternoon and evening. Down yesterday as well. Getting ridiculous.

  • Erna

    Facebook chat icon on the top right corner disappeared and also Facebook chat bars disappeared . Can’t send any messages to my family or friends. This is 2nd time that it happened again in my Samsung Edge7

  • Alan Wheate

    Face book not connecting for past hour. E-Bay and E-Mail working. 5.00pm 25/3/17

  • Mark Bridle

    not working in bristol

  • Ian A Carter

    I can’t open some groups pages is this a glitch I use iPad Air

  • jazz

    facebook page not loading on my laptop

  • Goon Huay Hong

    I can log-in on Facebook. But its in blank page.

  • Fara Roe

    My FB page not loading on my IPad

  • Beadybonce

    I cant even open it! AM using a Mac and the status bar freezes on FB – all other sites are fine!

  • Lynette Drennan

    Facebook not loading up properly pictures etc not loading on my IPad

  • Ellewoman

    FB page is adrift. All news feed to the left and seems to be scrolling on top of other feeds, huge blank space to the right (as viewing). Using Mac.

  • Ellewoman

    FB page is adrift today. All news feed to the left and seems to be scrolling on top of other feeds, huga blank space to the right (as viewing)

  • Janic Holt

    Facebook his not working all day

  • catchpole

    Connecting to Facebook this weekend I find the format completely changed with huge pixelated pictures across the screen. Am using MacBook Air OSX 10.7.5

  • AlexisWolf

    Message and notification drop-downs not working.

  • Harvey Beute

    no like icon,a nd cannot comment using a samsung tablet

  • Dexter

    Facebook won’t let me see my friends post

  • chris mckellar

    cant use facebook the whole screen is huge

  • Annette Galiazzi

    Facebook still not working , March 8,9.

  • Karina van Hoeymissen

    Hurry? I am waiting since August 2016 to fix my fb! 79 mails to their support emailadresses, 34 to security, every week 25 reports + others and 5 letters of my lawyer. Do you think they answer. No! Karina van Hoeymissen
    I am Ulrike de Borchgrave d’Altena but they don’t believe it. So I sent 7 times orginal documents to prove my existance and I can assure you that costs money!!!, from birthcertificate, diploma’s, work, etc, residence, … you name it and still they say I am Karina van Hoeymissen, a person I do not know at all from Belgium, I am Swiss and live in Stockholm! Do I have to cry, yell or kill them. Or laugh. I don’t understand such things can happen in such a company!!!! And where are the PERSONS, THE LIVING ONES behind all this???!!!!

  • Sheri Newman

    Have been unable to log into Facebook since last night when the whole screen went huge now can’t log into at all on my MAC

  • Gail Brooks

    My main page has been down for days now!!! What’s going on Facebook!!!!

  • Marlys Detrick

    I am able to logon to Facebook from my laptop, but when I logon from my cell phone it shows loading with a line through the word and the page stays white and then I try to logout and it won’t let me. I reset all of my network settings thinking that would fix the problem but it didn’t, tried again and got the same results. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Kristy Whitaker

    I hope they get everyone’s corrected soon mine started on February 17th, it’s frustrating.

  • Jacob Z Krolo

    Same here

  • Jacob Z Krolo

    I have same problem. I can’t reply to anyone any more.

  • Kristy Whitaker

    My facebook has’nt been recieveing all my new post and newsfeed from all my friends and family since February 17th, it’s very frustrating! Please hurry and fix facebook! Thank you!

  • Jackie

    I keep trying to go to my Facebook page but when it loads up it goes off again

  • Kristy Whitaker

    I’ve been having trouble getting all my new post and newsfeed from my friends and family for about two weeks now.PLEASE FIX MY FACEBOOK! THANK YOU!

  • Cassie-Leanne Stafford

    My Facebook Groups app wont load up properly at all, it has notifications, but when i go to the groups list, it just shows a loading sign and nothing happens, its driving me crazy! Ive uninstalled it and tried everything but it just wont work anymore and i loved that app! Any ideas?

  • Django_Wildheart

    still can’t use iOS Facebook . . . very very tedious

  • Karina van Hoeymissen

    My FB worked correctly this morning (Belgium 7 am). Then I had no place to post anything on my timeline. => sent report with printscreen and ID; done that I notice all my friends had been UNFRIENDED. I send them a friendshipsrequest but again UNFRIENDED => sent report with printscreen and ID and got blame from FB!!! that I could not add so many friends but they are mine that they unfriend!!!, I get mad! => sent report with printscreen and ID and eventually when I have a look at my FB I only had a half screen with my name on it, everthing gone, no cover, nothing. THAT IS IT ALL FOLKS. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? ANYONE WHO CAN HELP? Karina van Hoeymissen = account

  • Winston Hugh

    Facebook is down since 10.40 am

  • Doreen Conlon

    So ipad keeps kicking off still so how can this be fixed!!! Come on facebook fix this problem already!!! For anyone by turning your ipad diagonal it will work that way..i use a keyboard so this is so annoying and no place to send complaint to!!

  • Doreen Conlon

    Mine too !!! Come on facebook fix the damn thing!!! Grrrr

  • Doreen Conlon

    Mine does too and i cant seem to find a way to tell them to fix it!!! Try turning your ipad diagonal it works…i use a keypad so it is really pissing me off

  • Donna DeLong

    NewsFeed won’t load.

  • Cortney

    Same! Won’t load newsfeed but can respond to notifications from my groups.

  • Irene Carmen Wilkes

    Nothing on my Newsfeed – page blank

  • D

    Same with me. Can only use messenger and see reactions to previous posts.

  • Jodie Leigh

    Im back on now but dont know how much longer it will work

  • Jodie Leigh

    Same here and its saying i need to connect with friends

  • Phil Gosling

    News feed not updating and all older posts have disappeared

  • Shantaa D’nae

    Getting notifications and can view them but newsfeed isn’t refreshing. No error coming up but if I try to view most recent, it says no stories to show (even though in brackets it says over 200)

  • Sara Eades

    No News Feed showing on my FB app nor when I log into my account via the FB website. I’ve reinstalled the app 4 times now made no difference. All my family members FB accounts are working perfectly fine (they can see their News Feed). Only affecting my account for some reason. Messaged FB to report problem, clearly I will never hear back from them.

  • Ashleigh Shephard

    Snap x

  • Leonie Ashenden

    I can see I have notification but it’s saying no feed available :(

  • Belinda

    I am having serious issues with Facebook, I am not getting any newsfeed even though I can see notification.

  • Silvia Denecke McGrath

    FB not loading.. Blank page! Oxfordshire UK.

  • Clarence Sarge Titus

    My Facebook app on my iPad crashs as it opens. It open fine on my iPhone. These are apple iPad and iPhone on wifi at home. My wife’s Facebook app works fine its apple and working off same wifi as both mine. Was working great now is not. I can go to home page on my iPad and log in to Facebook this way and it works great. It must be an app problem. Hope you fix it soon.

  • Judy Eva Kirkland Helgeson

    I can’t post on Facebook since Friday. Also can’t download any photo’s.

  • Debbie

    Feb shuts down with in seconds

  • Tracy Bateman

    My Facebook app on iPad keeps cutting off, click the app loads then off it goes it’s been like this for 4 days now, what’s going on people, works ok on my iPhone for now

  • Christine

    Haven’t had Facebook since Friday. Just keeps crashing every 5 seconds or so! Spoke to apple this morning for nearly an hour. They say it is a problem with FB. Help……….

  • Janet

    My Facebook just crashes after 2 seconds. Been like this since friday

  • BW

    Every time I open fb on iPad it cuts me off ?????
    HELP NEEDED. !!!!!!!

  • Mrs Roughie

    Facebook opens then kicks me out on iPad. 2 days now

  • Christine White

    App gone on iPhone when try to upload it says update temporarily unavailable??

  • chris

    got a screen and stuff just hanging. works fine on mobile? any ideas UK user on laptop. have turned off and on again and rebooted the ap still issue.just waiting for the money charges to kick in for its use soon enough

  • Freda Whittle

    Everytime I try to open facebook on my Ipad it knocks off , I’ve tried reloadong , resetting the IPad but nothi g is workong

  • Michael P. Ammel

    down in southern France for the last 2 hrs.

  • dragion rider lio

    why not open my facebook how many time open

  • Bernadette Cousin

    Can’t post anything, but can use inbox messaging??

  • Nancy Manning

    Loads of fb comments and post vanished stuff not coming through

  • laura prescott

    Wondering if he’s cutting back service since his recent purchase of 700 acres in Hawaii, $100 mil???

  • Susan

    Loading then saying Facebook not working -wait or report. Wont let me report

  • Jake Sheridan

    My Facebook is asking me to send my information to them I tried it and it’s not letting me on I can’t message aswel but I got internet anyone know what the problem is

  • josepesca

    Can’t see my page.

  • GerryH

    Not loading properly!

  • Sharon Breiner Waltrip

    Problems here too, pages for friends, my own page blank – no posts showing, nothing showing, newsfeed fine. Friends reporting same problems on their end

  • Jenni

    Keeps crashing my tablet. Phone ok. Stupid.

  • Andy

    My videos get a message saying cannot post due to copyright n I know its a fake malicious group- also whatever I do it jumps to session expired login again. I cant login at all on safari and i want to de activate it but as soon as I go into acc settings it jumps to the session expired again!!!! It was fine earlier n Ive tried everything from resetting my phone, re downloaded the app, you name it…. it was ok this morning and both my daughters fbook are ok. Its like Ive been sent or added to a virus group! Help?!!

  • Andy

    I suddenly cant post videos! It gives me a message about copyright and then there’s a sign with a middle finger up like someone’s hacked in n added me to a group. Also when I go to view my log it deactivate it keeps saying session expired- log in again even if Ive just logged on! Reset phone, deleted n re downloaded app, cannot log on at all through safari- the page stays blank! It was fine till around 5pm! My daughters facebooks are fine! Help?!! What is this copyright thing?! Ive only ever uploaded a few vids. Tried everything.

  • Sam

    Can’t load Facebook at all all I get is a blank screen with the blue edging.

  • Yve Collins

    notifications are not coming through on e-mail, and keep disappearing on FB, this has been reported to FB 4 times, and has been ongoing since before xmas, nothing has been done about it. Problem appears to be spreading, as many friends are getting the same problem as well.

  • Anita Hero

    I can’t like, comment or share. Last 3 days.

  • Irene Howsam Moore

    for past 2 weeks keep having to refresh page to move it on, messenger wont stay connected, pressing try again doesn’t work working ok on mobile but prefer to use desktop at home. ‘doing my block in’

  • Mannie Watkins

    I can’t get into several of my fb groups. When I go to the group, nothing loads…

  • Mandi

    doesn’t load the entire page and is slooooow

  • Natalie Platts

    Uk chrome user. Page was fine, responded via message to a friend request then poof, feed is blank, profile has two posts on it, cant access messages or notifications via PC but phone app is working fine. Help!!!

  • Kathy Van Gundy

    Scrolling doesn’t work on FB – all other sites are fine.

  • Rob Wilding

    anyone else having trouble posting on iphone and web

  • Branke van Swieten

    The same here. Only with Inter Explorer. When using Chrome, Edge or Firefox: no problems.
    Besides; You can use the update box of your own page; that will work fine.
    I hope the issue will be solved soon.

  • Margaret Ann Boyle

    Having same problems for 2/3 days now. Close down then re-open which allows me to finish task but then reverts to same issues!! Very annoying!

  • Ned Gelo

    PC user here; Status Update box freezes up page, comments on threads to be read only allows a few to open up. Some other FB friends hace the same issues, we joke now after 3 days, that it’s the Russians at fault.

  • Val Cochrane

    when I try to enter a status my laptop freezes. The only solution is to close FB by task manager. Have rebooted, restarted. removed battery. out of options!

  • Lifestyle Model

    I cannot edit posts on my pages. Really frustrating!

  • Rosina jones

    When I go to Comments to view them it keeps saying “System Errors” .

  • Sue Lees

    Me too. It’s driving me daft

  • Diana Hoyle

    Someone had shared something to me and it is not posting on my page for anyone to see. Started at 11:00 a.m this morning.

  • Florence

    Cant open any messages, any notifications, it doesnt refresh unless i open another page… It has been like this for 3 days now. I cant event reply on any group conversation, post on my pages……

  • Stig stick

    I cant login just saying we are reviewing the documents you gave us and we will be in touch can’t log in to my account at all

  • Siobhan Harper-Ryan

    Exactly the same with me!

  • Julie Anne Stribley

    Me too! Can’t stay in groups. This has occurred since big system update on my phone. Seems very sensitive to touch and jumps out of groups. Very annoying after I’ve scrolled to find something to suddenly find myself in my feed.

  • Kel

    I can see nothing but a cover photo and a profile photo on my page or my friends’ pages. Nothing else. This has been the case for days now.

  • Eileen

    ‘View [number] more comments’ not working. Unable to read these comments on others Facebook pages. has happened for 3 days in a row.

  • Derek

    Hey keep seeing articles on pages but the image used I’d from another article servers must be down

  • Derek

    Images not displaying correctly irrelevant to articles on pages

  • Sharon Freemantle

    Unable to get into my Facebook account. Keeps tell me error. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Jenny

    Whenever I go to a group page it let’s me read posts but then jumps back to the list for recent posts by other people.

    The same happens if I start typing a reply to someone who has posted a message in the group. It’s doing it within seconds of writing which is getting very annoying. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled bur it’s the same.

  • Mandy

    My most resent is going from an hr to 10 hrs where has in the inbertween hrs gone

  • Peta

    I can’t get newsfeed. Can access my own page but only get first two stories on news page and can’t see any comments made on these. Can anyone help please?

  • Nicole Everett

    Where has ‘most recent’ gone? Usually click bottom right hand corner and it there but today it not? Don’t want to see what happened 3 days ago on my news feed!

  • Colette Hall

    problems with commenting or viewing comments. i can reply to comments on my own status feed but cannot view other status comments or add a comment

  • Diego Palestro Yañez

    Facebook app not logging in, Messenger, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite and Browser working

  • save the animals


  • julie ware

    No face book, total white screen when I log in, 2 days now.

  • Brooke

    I was receiving the exact same message and still cant access my account

  • Jackie McEwan

    Im having problems with facebook using it through my wifi.. it wont let me in. Can access all other websites etc using wifi. If I come off wifi it lets me in to see it. Can anyone help?

  • ian

    it is now 5:11am of 12th Oct 2016, doha,qatar

  • ian

    im now loging in, but i cant access my new account

  • whitewaterlake

    5 minute response times on Facebook. Can’t like, scroll, switch pages or reply. All other websites running great. It has been deteriorating at significant rate for over two weeks.

  • Kelly Richmond

    11th Oct 2016, I’m having issues with login, asking to authenticate with phone number n then says something went wrong n try again later, anyone else with this issue??????

  • GGaia

    IS FACEBOOK DOWN?? 10/8/2016

    When I try to load my Facebook page, “below” is all that I see on the left side of the page, I even rebooted my PC, but it still will not load….

    Skip to News Feed
    Recent Searches
    Search Suggestions
    0 Friend Requests
    0 Messages
    Mark All Read · New Message
    Recent Message Requests
    See All
    3 Notifications
    Mark All as Read · Settings
    See All
    Privacy Shortcuts
    Privacy Shortcuts
    Search for help
    Search for help
    See More Settings or visit Privacy Basics
    Visit Help Center
    Account Settings

  • Susie

    Trying to link a Facebook page with a Twitter account and just keep getting (after authorising the app):
    Sorry, something went wrong.
    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
    Go Back
    Facebook © 2016 · Help

    I’ve been trying yesterday and today and just can’t get past this problem – tried on two separate PC’s as well.

  • Steven Lee

    Facebook down – maintenance message for the last 24 hours. October 3rd, 2016…. London, UK, anybody else?

  • Matthew Ariel Bramantyo

    Facebook Will Be Back Soon
    Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.

  • Linda gough

    My Facebook is just frozen will not do anything

  • R Armstrong

    FFS Facebook sort it out! Loading far too slow, can’t post comments – or see others’, can’t even ‘like’ anything. Sort it!

  • Đes Bio

    Can’t upload video on my page… im trying 3 days

  • David

    Loading is slower than Christmas. The more “enhancements” and ads they put in our news feed the more bogged down and clogged the whole deal gets. I really wish someone would invent NEW social media platforms like FB used to be.

  • Gordon Matthews

    Facebook on laptop and desktop frozen no pictures and can’t log out anyone else have this problem and how do we get in contact with them.

  • Mary

    Cant logoff – no tab, cant get notifications, any action goes on forever with no response (time circle keeps circling), cant get messages, cannot post, can only see one post – latest, all other posts or comments below first have disappeared, There is no Facebook header on top with the separate tabs, only a few tabs appear on the left side and do not work when clicked, cannot update my account, my account shows as public when its not, my account stays logged on…. its a mess

  • Dave England

    Problems for 3 days. Can’t post, can’t see some posts, cant see messages or notifications

  • Alick Kat

    am unable to get facebook at all… telling me that the page is unresponsive

  • Katherine Bellchamb ers

    Cannot post to groups, cannot access my business pages, cannot access messages and cannot see my newsfeed

  • Mandy

    Can’t scroll down!! Freezes and tells me there is a problem!

  • Brian Pierce

    I can’t access several groups of which I am a member (I got someone else to check, I’m still a member of the group), I’m still getting notifications but I cant access the group page I just get the generic ‘Oops something went wrong’ message. Tried two different machines – same issues.

  • Paul W

    Mine’s not working either, on android app and browser although my wife’s is working fine

  • Anthony Mcdonnell

    i keep trying to log into a group i run on facebook and keep getting Something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again. i have changed browser cleared the cache and it still comes up, but i can see notifications

  • Judy Adamson

    Can’t open comments in notifications. Can’t open any groups pages.

  • pricklypilgrim

    I cannot access my notifications. The pages refuse to change. I am in the UK running Chrome on Windows 10

  • Sue Pannell

    Can’t scroll down properly and keep finding myself on different pages – this has been going on for several days. Anyone else having the same problem?


    I’m on Facebook in the U.K. windows 7 Running Google Chrome the only thing that’s not working is not being able to open Photo Albums


    Can’t open my Photo Albums ..really Annoying !

  • Gillian Booth

    Mine is exactly like this. It started after the recent big update with microsoft. Very annoying too!

  • Tonia Marlowe

    I fixed the problem by going to Mobile Networks –> Access Point Names –> then negotiating to end of that – Reset to defaults. My network provider then sent new installation settings automatically. Once installed I restarted and Voila Facebook was back. (Took 2 or 3 goes.)

  • Ryan Turtill

    Mine’s like that at the moment. What did you do to resolve it?

  • Arina

    cant log in only show lots of different symbols !! this is the whole day now.???

  • Judy Robinson

    Still unable to get into Facebook

  • Jane Condie

    I was able to log into FB this morning but I have no chat and i can’t get any notifications or settings.

  • Sandie Wilson

    Facebook – not able to scroll down, can only see two entries, and cannot receive messages or notifications- click on their numbers but can’t get them to display!

  • Judy Robinson

    I can’t get into Facebook at all..I haven’t been able to log in since yesterday.

  • wilson

    over the past few days every time i went on via my android phone it was ok for a while then it shut down and got the message Facebook is not responding .I then had to shut me phone down and start it back up then after a few mins the Facebook app would appear so i could log back in again only for a few mins. It would not let me update so i deleted it off phone and now wont install. Any one having same problems ?

  • ultramarine69

    Facebook is not loading properly. I can’t read my friends comments, or make any myself. It’s 31 August and I’m in South East Kent, UK

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    Facebook loading badly today – so impossibly slow – photos aren’t appearing, just blank boxes with ‘image may contain a person’ or ‘image may contain 2 people’ – weird and aggravating. Been trying for several hours to get it to load properly, including numerous ‘refreshing’s of the page. No joy.

    Occasionally, it partially loads – but when I go to another page, I’m back to square one.

    Looks like I’m not the only one, judging by the comments made here.


  • thepittsmn

    Facebook not loading and/or loading very very very slow. This is going on today and yesterday.

  • Elizabeth Dawkins

    no facebook in laurel hill, florida or florala, alabama, for the entire day so far, 30 Aug 2016

  • Anne Charles Siperek

    facebook down in Ft Myers Florida area

  • Anita Jowett

    Cannot see any posts after 27th Aug. Sending posts was also an issue today intermittently.

  • Anita Jowett

    Facebook not loading posts from friends after 26th Aug but they were there 2 hours ago
    I can only view recent posts by accessing from Friends icon

  • jacqueline mussell

    same here n. Ireland for last 2 days

  • jacqueline mussell

    same here in n.ireland

  • jacqueline mussell

    I did this and got access too but as soon as you close the computer down even without logging out, when you restart computer same problem again

  • Mateusz Abramczyk

    I can’t log on to FB on the computer, but it works on my phone, what’s going on? England, 29th August 2016

  • Jennifer Gilvey

    Hi Guys, if you are still having problems click the link to change your password. This worked and I’m back in.

  • Jennifer Gilvey

    Why is this going on so long????? Still can’t log in – England, 29th August.

  • Jennifer Gilvey

    Still can’t log in in England. 28th Aug.

  • Nicole.K78

    Same problem here (Spain) Thankfully that it still works on my phone… lets see for how long -_-

  • nadeem shah

    i cant login INDIA….27th and 28th august

  • june sneath

    whats going on with facebook cant log into my account been trying since 11 am this morning please sort this out

  • Jennifer Gilvey

    I can’t log in in England today August 27th. Down all day.

  • Dave Anand

    Encountering same problems on FB

  • Dave Anand

    Facebook is down today 27 Aug 2016. Am in Mauritius. Need to know when the problem will be resolved? Cannot open notifications, messages, friend list…..etc…..

  • Akash K Sreekuttan

    i can’t login.India

  • iya amos

    same situation here started about 2 hours ago it sucks ( Philippines)

  • AnitaBee Holistics

    Same here. Ok on my mobile but on laptop it just sends me back to the login page

  • Els Jordaens

    cannot log in, keep getting the logon page (Belgium)

  • steve

    Can’t log on to FB. Every time I try it keeps coming back with the logon screen. This has been happening for the last 2 hours

  • Zack Blair

    My Facebook won’t load on my PC or my phone

  • Mickey Mousaroni

    yup just went down now

  • Jason Moon

    Mine too isn’t loading either, they must have some kind of problem, I’m in the UK/London and all day my Facebook hasn’t been working, it’s working via my phone only, just the desktop version doesn’t work though. Taking them a long time to fix it :-/

  • Jason Moon

    Mine too isn’t loading, they must have some kind of problem, I’m in the UK/London and all day my Facebook hasn’t been working, it’s working via my phone, just the desktop version doesn’t work though.Taking them a long time to fix it! :-/

  • jane Pickering

    My isn’t fully loading either

  • Deb Aungst

    Is Facebook not fully loading for anyone?

  • Parmar kaushik v

    Facebook not working for past 24 hours on my Kindle or on my Mobile says “can, t not connect right now ” anyone know what happening or when it may be sorted please

  • John Clark

    facebook is not fully uploading names missing off my chat list just a blank box and can’t open comments

  • Abbie

    Facebook not working for past 24 hours on my Kindle or on my Mac computer says “Unable to find a secure connection” anyone know whats happening or when it may be sorted please?? In Wilts UK

  • Rebeskhia

    Facebook isn’t working at all nothing exept check internet or computer settings which I have and it works fine loading other sites also down on my phone

  • Vangie Martinez

    Excuse me? Facebook isn’t my life but I use it to put out News to my friends and family that is not being put our by the Crooked News Media. Nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with asking them if they are censoring because it is known that they do and it is known that they don’t want the Truth put out about Corrupt Crooked Hillary Clinton. So that is why I asked them if they were Censoring me. Is that ok with you? If not To Bad.

  • Liz

    Same a You Gill- Finding it All So frustrating

  • Laurie Taylor-Lebert

    Facebook is not working … have no page to even log in , just a white page :(

  • Gill

    Same as Grumbleweed. Phone is fine but blank white page on pc.UK.

  • Grumbleweed

    Mobile seems fine, My pc wont load after logging in, just get a white screen

  • 206frosty

    Try beta.facebook (d0T)com Down here in Seattle when I got home.

  • alwynebates

    it’s down,
    be patient get a life, or is your life FB only, sad

  • Vangie Martinez

    What’s going on FB Aug 12th, 2016 is something wrong with the system or are you censoring FB Clients again. Really Irritated:(

  • Patty


  • Patty

    People, I came across a guy here who found a way to install facebook while they figure out what happened and fix the problem!
    Below his tip:

    Trams87 cenasgirl • a day ago
    Alrighty so for those looking for a quick fix I have found the solution at least until Facebook solve the issue. Note: This fix is for Android users only.

    1. Navigate to setting > Apps
    2. Locate Facebook & Messenger app > Clear cache, Force Stop
    3. Uninstall both Appa
    4. Download & Install Facebook from here – http://cygnus.androidapksfree….
    5. Download & Install Messenger from here – https://facebook-messenger.en….

    Note: Both versions of Facebook & Messenger are previous individual apps so whatever you do, don’t allow play store to update them until Facebook has fixed their software issues.

    Please let me know if this works for you as it worked for me.

  • Jmejamie

    Looks like they’ve pulled Facebook and Messenger from the play store now. Not been working for 3 days and now it looks like they’ve finally worked it out themselves and have blocked downloads on the apps. There is no way my new phone suddenly isn’t supported, but the play store last night let me download and today is saying “your device is not compatible with this version”. Hope they sort this soon!

  • Wade Largent

    I am unable to login with my phone for Facebook or messenger how can I resolve this problem.

  • Ray Warren

    app was slow to open , so un installed and tried to re-install , nothing , says F/b pending or installing , then unable to purchase this app , not enough wi fi speed . Bt confirm speed is ok for my area (village with normally not good wifi )

  • Patty

    Facebook not working for 3 days now. What’s going on?!

  • Jocelyn Barcelona

    Hi my Facebook won’t open on my android phone. I tried restarting my phone, i’ve already uninstall and reinstall the FB app….even reformating my phone but still everytime I open the FB it always says ” unfortunately Facebook has stopped”. What’s happening FB?

  • Tracey Gsd

    Facebook app on android ‘failing to respond’ since yesterday. Un installed, re started phone, re installed, still no joy.

  • Maravilho Singa

    Here in Angola, facebook is working very very very slow

  • Katie Willerton

    ok i’m trying to set up accounts for my kid he of age etc but it keeps saying this when i hit the sign up button ” There was an error with your registration. Please try registering again.” whats going on facebook

  • Cheryl childs

    I haven’t been able to open any messages on face book today, why?

  • Christine Morton

    can’t get in at all. The page doesn’t even load to log in. What is going on?

  • Tracy B

    Facebook not loading newsfeed, messages wont send, photos not uploading and ‘report a problem’ is also not working – issue is the same over all browsers

  • Debbie Jane Hill

    facebook will load no more than 3 posts have tried on all browsers and tried many soloutions online however nothing seems to be solving it this is only on desktop mobile version is working fine really starting to irritate me now

  • Renee Roth

    For the last few days my Facebook page wont completely load. The print is overlapped and some is faded. The “thinking” icons, the circle ad the 3 small rectangles keep spinning and thinking. I’ve shut down my computer overnight last night thinking it will upgrade or update but this same problem still exists this morning.

  • Hacko

    Cant make new post in our private group in facebook. Also cant see any post from that group. By the way i`m admin of that group and even i cant access it now. Keep receiving “error loading: please retry”.

  • Lesley Boost

    Today suddenly all my posts on my timeline since January have disappeared. Does this mean there is a problem? Or how do I retrieve them?

  • Chriss

    I keep seeing the same Facebook post in my timeline more than once from the same person, why is this happening?

  • Lyndsay

    I would like to add another person to my Facebook page and it will not let me. In this I mean I want them to be admin, its not letting me.

  • Mary Monteith

    I can not log out not my account. Says it is down for maintenance and be back in a few minutes. This has been going g on for hours.

  • Pam

    I have got back on by going to options at top of game and choosing log in – worked for me

  • Aaron Pemberton

    I’m trying to post on my Facebook page but nothing gets posted when I publish. Only the pictures appear in the photo box part of the page. Does anyone know what’s happened or how to fix this?

  • Shane

    Every time I refresh it’s showing only posts, two hours and older?

  • Lisa Huron

    Can’t log in to Facebook. Messenger isn’t working Facebook not working at all

  • Michael Walton

    When looking at my newsfeed on my mobile phone Facebook keep shutting down on me and sending me back to Start screen. This is usually when trying to comment and most often when trying to read comments on older posts . It is very frustrating if I cannot read replies to my comments!!

  • Martin

    My problems started today. There’s so many it would make a long comment here, so I will try and keep this short. On the website on my phone I always keep logged in, but this morning it came up with the login screen and a cookies message above. I thought strange, but logged in and found the layout looked different, I couldn’t like posts or comments, I couldn’t reply to comments, those react emoticons wouldn’t stay up long enough to tap one, I couldn’t get a notification to load without refreshing the page and when things were trying to load I got a revolving solid colour square instead of the normal circle outline. That’s most of my problems, I’m in the UK area.

  • Jerry Daniel Padgett

    Moible android and Iphone and also Ipads can’t open my business page. When opening they get a circular spinning wheel but doesn’t load. Admins and people who do not like my page do not have issue.

  • Kat

    I cannot view my news feed and it just kept on loading. There’s also some strange repeating text that appear every time I go to a different page. But the texts disappears immediately.

  • Barry Smith

    Had issues where all my apps groups basically the left hand side mostly dissapeared also the news feed went haywire. im in London

  • tntuof

    Messages are not working

  • DreadedGhoul575

    I can’t seem to send messages on fb because of errors. :/

  • Annette

    I can’t log into my Facebook from my phone.. It’s says there is a login issue. It’s asking me to make new account…

  • Dave Strickson

    Youtube videos not playing on timeline

  • Fleur

    Love the fact that half of my Facebook timeline is missing, newer posts are not showing but ones from 2013 are lol. Facebook is down peeps.

  • Kiern

    I am having issues with Facebook Live, and photos seem to be playing up as well seeing as they are not loading.

  • Mary Lou

    The facebook drives me nuts for last few days i couldnt get in I had to show my id that i am not hack 3x and it has not been successful whats the phone number for Canada to use to call facebook immdenilty

  • Chatty


  • David

    my account was not working that was hacked. then i found facebook support number +44-800-031-4246, it was really useful for me.. everyone should try this num for help.

  • Ginny

    Cannot open Facebook using Google Chrome. What’s going on here?

  • Esi Staff

    Same here – with Chrome I just get a screen of gobbledygook. Can’t log in at all with Firefox – the latest update even blocks Google as unsafe. Facebook works fine with Internet Explorer.

  • Joseph Higgins

    i can’t open Facebook using Google Chrome. I can open using Internet Explorer

  • Joseph Ortiz

    Facebook is down today 6-9-16

  • Meg Amor

    The share button is not showing up on posts.

  • Lester Shane

    I can’t log off

  • Claire Thomas

    Same issue here

  • Imtiaz Butt

    yes….All over the world

  • Imtiaz Butt

    Facebook Down LoLzzzzzzzzzz

  • Imtiaz Butt

    Its with me in Pakistan

  • shhh!

    Is facebook down? as i can log in but nothing but the home and profile button will show up.

  • Marian Tortorella

    Mine down

  • joanna day

    Trying to share a petition on facebook and it keeps telling me Sorry, and error occurred… It has been like this pretty much all day.

  • Chris Walker

    Good i thought it was just me..

  • Bob McNally

    My app keeps crashing today and just randomly logs me out and returns me to my phone’s Home Screen.

  • Ken

    Facebook down in UK? All I am getting when trying to log on is ‘Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.’ Been like this all afternoon.

  • John Davison

    dont tell me north korea’s to blame!!!!! there will be some pathetic excuse from facebook no doubt….or is it that intelligence agencies are to blame…another plot for some budding spy writer……….COME ON FACEBOOK GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  • La

    Unable to connect to Facebook in UK??

  • Karen Aubury

    Mine wont show pics, it luks lik its buffering!!

  • Emily

    My Facebook has not been working for the last few days. Just blank squares- & I cannot open up anything. It is just blank and frozen. I’m so confused??!! Are they trying to fix this??

  • Sonia Distin

    mine changes what iv been saying addingg random words n taking ones away , n flicking between Portuges n English

  • elly

    i cant log into facebook. can someone help

  • Sonia

    I put up some photos with captions and either right in the middle of what i was doing, or when I’d finished, the whole page suddenly went completely blank. This has happened every day for the last week. I lost everything I was trying to post. Last night I left the page blank without trying to get out of it, in the hope my work would come back this morning but no luck. It’s still blank. I’ll have to try again for the 4th time. This is very frustrating and time consuming.

  • Lisa Carver

    White screen only since yesterday. I live in Maine. And I’m about to go on tour in Europe and haven’t made email contacts of every person involved–ack!

  • Susan spencer

    Yes am having same problem for last few days ,now I can’t get in to messages

  • Andy DjJabbathakut Finch

    same loads then just blank page>??

  • Bubble

    Cant access facebook on my phone, tablet or work PC and a number of users in the office are having the same issue. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  • christian giardullo

    Does anyone have a clue on how to sort out the problem?

  • christian giardullo

    Is it still not working Miroslav?

  • Dutch

    My login working only intermittently. Totally unable to open multiple tabs with more than one page/event/group. Weird.

  • christian giardullo

    I am logged on, but can’t anything. Just a blank page…

  • Miroslav

    for me not working FB today i cant sign in, i have white screen after sign

  • Es_tela

    I am experiencing the same issue. Not sure how to solve it…

  • Janine Dingwalls

    can’t get onto Facebook at all – it just doesn’t load since evening of 24th and now 25th May – is anyone else experiencing this ?

  • Jayne Carter

    Cannot access my Feb logs me in automatically but nothing’s there arghhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Jules

    Facebook chat is down for me, even the app version is not working properly.

  • Petreece

    What is the point of having the official Twitter and Facebook social media pages when they never update its followers. Clearly there are issues with Messenger but yet they are not reporting anything.

  • Summer

    Facebook is running really slow, but even worse than that is Messenger where all my messages have been deleted.

  • Juliette Karam-Ibrahim

    If you have internet explorer it is working there and more faster.

  • Juliette Karam-Ibrahim

    Me too it had been for 3 days.

  • Jean Badrashi

    same with me

  • Jean Badrashi

    I also have just numbers and letters when logging on to facebook on laptop. okay on iPad

  • Steve

    Hi I have the same problem, only my desktop though, it seems to work on my Ipad, however on the desktop all I get is a load of code!

  • Juliette Karam-Ibrahim

    My facebook is not working at all.

  • Evelyn

    I can’t get anything on my facebook page blank squares no news feeds and cant open any notifications disaster for the last week !!! what is wrong

  • susan

    My facebook doesnt open at all

  • Kathleen

    My facebook page just has a bunch of numbers and letters on the whole page, is this happening anywhere or have I been hacked.

  • Asim

    Facebook is not updating posts.. been like this for 3 days now and when i cant few profiles

  • Toni slater

    I’ve forgotten my password, i have made a new one and i keep hitting send email and it never comes through. I cant identify myself cause i cant get the email. So therefor i cant log onto facebook.