Facebook news feed not working in 2015

Is your Facebook news feed not working today? Status reports from Down Today readers point to problems with the Facebook Newsfeed on Feb 19, 2015, although by the time you read this update it might be fixed. The social network is normally pretty quick at getting server issues fixed, but this exact website problem is one that keeps reappearing.

Towards the end of last year, we saw increased complaints in regard to Facebook news feed problems and this service going down. These issues have continued into 2015, in fact this exact issue is one of the most reported on Down Today. We have reached out to Facebook support for a comment on this issue, although at this time no reply has been given.

If you too see either a white page displayed after login, or cannot access your news feed on Facebook, then leave a report on our related page and learn to see if others have the same issues as you. If Facebook support reply to our email, we will add the response on this page.



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