Facebook Messenger problems

Using Facebook Messenger means communicating when you want for free until problems arise, but when they do it could be for the app crashing on Android, iOS, and other platforms. If Facebook Messenger is down today, then you would most likely be experiencing one of the most common issues that include not being able to send and servers not working, so nothing works when trying to open the app.


While the software has changed a lot since the original release, you can now do more than ever with Facebook Messenger and this includes making free voice calls to friends. Other features include group chats, messaging people in your contact list, and sending photos/videos.

Recent glitches when server problems take place have included repeated crashing, being kicked out the app, and errors when trying to send or receive messages. If you have problems today, then share your status updates with rough locations and any error messages being received. You will also see if there’s a major outage due to reports being left on this page.


Facebook Messenger Status insight for Thursday 21st of September 2017

If Facebook Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Messenger Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lee

    Messenger problem if i want to send pics or a video all i get is Media loading error.

  • Vanessa Bunton

    Messages are vanishing. Same with threads. Just not working at all. Even said I’d blocked someone and when I tried again I could message them

  • lakeytha

    i cannot load my pictures on my day and its been two days now

  • Chetan Ranawade

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages

  • Loredana Qualls

    I can’t call some of my contacts.And they can’t call me .They don’t see if I try to call them.And I can’t see if they call me .What is wrong with my messenger ?

  • Barbara Mcnicholas

    Facebook said they notified everyone that their messenger would be closed down. I have never seen a message. Well viber and WhatsApp here I come

  • Barbara Mcnicholas

    My messenger has been axes. It’s disgusting

  • Zelah Vincent

    Cannot act activate friend request or message friends using their profile pages on Facebook what is going on

  • Ian Storer

    White screen blue spinning circle for me too. This is very irritating

  • John Henry

    Only half of my contacts are working. The other half I get a message that messenger has stopped

  • Gillian

    After updating, Messenger will not work on my tablet. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still not working.

  • Nick

    Mine is the same, white screen with blue spinning circle

  • Thomas

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages. Belgium

  • Lucy

    I open it and none of my messages will load. It’s just a blank screen with the blue spinning circle taking ages

  • karl

    ye I’m same

  • Melissa Jones

    I am only getting a white screen with the blue spinning circle. It will not load ib waat?.

  • Tom Baydo

    i got the same problem though fb messenger wont ever give a fck to response in their problem we just keep waiting for the updates.tsk..this sucks

  • A Johnson

    I can get facebook on my phone but on laptop. Was working perfectly earlier today.

  • cris

    i cant send message in private since 5 hrs ago what seems to be the problem?

  • Helen Labintas Fortunato Basal

    Why does my messenger account still in the old design? When I log-in to another account the latest design of messenger will work (my day and everything else). How can I fix this?

  • Dianne Hay

    I have an site it not letting me into despite working n messaging for weeks

  • Keren Norbury

    I have the same problem as Geraldine below and I use messenger as my.main communication link

  • Geraldine Benders

    Constant pops up that Messenger has stopped working after it lags. I can’t continue doing what I was doing on Messenger without the repetitive glitches and tapping either “Report” or “OK” when the pop up shows up.
    Please fix this issue as this is one of the top apps I use everyday.
    (St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean)

  • http://www.buttercupboulangerie.co.uk/ Sarah Smith

    Same here, been like it all day and cab only send a message or see my message history through compose!

  • Leo Emma

    anytime i receive or make a call with my facebook messenger, my laptop shut down, what can i do to solve this problem