Facebook Messenger problems

Using Facebook Messenger means communicating when you want for free until problems arise, but when they do it could be for the app crashing on Android, iOS, and other platforms. If Facebook Messenger is down today, then you would most likely be experiencing one of the most common issues that include not being able to send and servers not working, so nothing works when trying to open the app.


While the software has changed a lot since the original release, you can now do more than ever with Facebook Messenger and this includes making free voice calls to friends. Other features include group chats, messaging people in your contact list, and sending photos/videos.

Recent glitches when server problems take place have included repeated crashing, being kicked out the app, and errors when trying to send or receive messages. If you have problems today, then share your status updates with rough locations and any error messages being received. You will also see if there’s a major outage due to reports being left on this page.


Facebook Messenger Status insight for Sunday 23rd of July 2017

If Facebook Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Messenger Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lee Johnson

    So do I

  • Lee Johnson

    Same here

  • Jihad Tahzeeb

    Hi, facing a very weird problem. Got a call in fb messanger from a friend and couldn’t hear anything (there was some noise and it happaned before). Then i restarted the phone as it used to solve the problem. Soon after I went to check my default message app and there was nothing. Only a white screen. Can anyone help?

  • Betty Harris

    Just getting a white page with a blue circle going around been like that for a few days so annoying and no response from fb.

  • Diego Rodrigues

    When I try to post something in my day it creates a group chat with me only but it does not create the post in my day, someone else with the same problem or a solution. “Updated app, moto g5 plus” help anyone

  • Christy Stargell

    I’m having the same problem

  • Michelle Starkey

    I am having real issues with my Messenger chat. When I click on messenger icon to open All I get is the blue circle loading. I can not see or send messages. I have reported a problem to them 5 times no response. uninstalled/ reinstalled cleared everything really annoying as I use chat for my work. Has anyone had issue resolved or managed to fix it. We all nee to keep reporting to messenger inundate their mail box lol

  • Sandy Thurber

    Messenger is blank screen. I have nothing! Anyone else?

  • Shawn Greenwood

    P.S. Blank screen on PC, Works on Xbox

  • Shawn Greenwood

    Page not Loading, just a blank white screen.

  • Robert Parcel

    One of our group chats isn’t working properly. I send messages but it never shows delivered, just sent.

  • Leilani Chun

    Messenger is taking its sweet time to load! Cannot even see my previous messages! It’s happening on both my Samsung phone and Samsung tablet and I’ve tried uninstalling and then re-installing but still doesn’t open after several minutes! Even getting installed took several minutes! I had to switch to messages because I needed to read an address that was sent to me via phone number (thank goodness or I’d probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise).
    All I get is the swirling circle!

  • Israt JAHAN

    as i logged in to messenger it only says “tap to send a message” and “tap to add your contacts” and i cant see the previous messages…….it is extremely annoying . i hope they fix as faster as they can

  • Israt JAHAN

    same thing happened to me

  • Gemma Hooton

    Not loading again 2nd time in 3 months hope they fix it faster then the last time it stopped working

  • Tathya Varma

    My messenger creates a group when I want to upload a status

  • Star Wolf

    My FB messenger won’t work today. I click on it and it loads and then a second later it kicks me off. I’ve deleted cookies and caches on my FB and deleted the messenger app and downloaded it again. Still not working. I even did a soft reset on my IPhone 6s and nothing has fixed the issue.

  • Soad younis

    My facebook messenger close it self within 10 second every time i tried to open it.

  • Luke

    Messenger works fine when on mobile data but crashes every time I connect to a wifi network. Please help

  • Prechie alconcer

    My messenger not working at all

  • http://www.fftfft.com carol

    sends messages TO THE WRONG PEOPLE!! what the heck!!!???????

  • Jasmin Go Ocampo

    I click messenger and i should wait for 7 secs to open, apps works fine except messenger pls fix it im using iphone 5s it causes too much time

  • Talha Sharif

    My friend sent me a video record in messenger but it stops after 5 seconds..how can I deal with it??

  • Kassandra Rodriguez

    Will not let me download messenger keeps telling me error 491 and also error 495 and I looked it up and kept doing what it tells me to do but still will not download. Can someone please help me solve this and get messenger download

  • Lefteris Stampoylidis

    exactly the same problem on my phone… I just update messenger app but no results. Probably is an app server problem

  • Sophia Viola

    My messenger is not working today. It had an error message when I created a group chat. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled. I even installed Messenger Lite. All I can see is the loading blue circle. I tried using Messenger through my browser (both laptop and phone), it still doesn’t work. I have important messages there for work.

  • Gillian Rowles

    Me too.

  • May Neilson

    me too messenger suddenly stopped for some contacts saying something went wrong try again

  • Mark Williamson

    Keep getting same issue. Doesn’t do with all contacts. Just a few. Is there any way to fix this yet?

  • Victoria Doyle

    Every time I tap my messenger app it starts to load and then the screen goes black and sends me back to home screen.

    Facebook is working but not messenger. Anyone else having problems???

  • Louise

    I cannot send or receive any messages through the messenger…it doesn’t seem to work at all :(

  • JR

    Reported messenger stopped working 3 times and still getting “Unfortunately messenger has stopped working ” can anyone help.

  • June Maxwell

    My fb and messengee down today too

  • Raghu Veer Singh

    My facebook crashing everytime whenever i try to open it… With a message “UNFORTUNATELY MESSENGER IS STOPPED”

  • Jason Burton

    My facebook messenger keeps closing everytime I go to video call someone and it comes up with unfortunately messenger has stopped someone please help me I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it still don’t what to work helppp

  • Treacle Puddin

    Have you worked this out yet? Having the same problem

  • Julie

    I can’t delete a conversation from my phone. It used to be swipe left and it would let you delete. That option is no longer there. I’m getting spam and don’t even want to open it; just want to delete it! Help please!

  • susy

    since June 1st I started along with 10’s and perhaps 100’s of others on fb receiving old group messages that appear reactivated after 7 years. Confusion ensues as everyone tries to figure out what these old messages are about. Many of my fb friends are experiencing the same problem. It took me at least three attempts to delete these old group conversations as they kept coming back.

  • Bridget Meyer

    Every time I go to use my Messenger I get this message that pops up…”Unfortunately Messenger has stopped ” what does this mean and is it something I can fix?

  • Wendy Spalding

    Hope someone can help. I cant send message for some reason to my sister as her message app has disappeared and mine when she is trying to contact me. Only my sister no one else.

  • it

    twice this week around the same time got disconnected, from fb msg call and can’t make no calls, all it says is “connecting”. it has happen serval times so far.

  • nicole stone

    Why does every time i log in my account to messenger, it goes back to the old update even when i already updated it. It’s only on my account because when i tried logging in another account it’s showing the updated version. Pls help me :(

  • John

    Keep getting ‘something went wrong,please try again’.However its just some of my contacts that aren’t working.

  • TWilson23

    Yep very annoying problem

  • Chris Hunter

    I’ve installed messenger on my new iphone 7. Works fine except it won’t show me online contacts. Just looks like it’s trying to refresh the online contact list but never populated any. A version installed on my old iPhone 6 still works fine using the same fb account.

    I’ve deleted and reinstalled a couple of times. Any thoughts anyone? Anyone experiencing a similar issue?

  • Eric R Brouman

    so has anyone been able to fix the messenger FB app crash yet? I have tried MANY things and it still crashes.

  • Alyce

    Exactly what is happning with mine when is it going to be fixed!!!!

  • Luke

    Mine hasn’t been working all day and it’s only certain people cuz my friends are all able to get on it, really annoying me now

  • the patYo

    Messenger app crashes immediately after opening it on iPhone 7, iPad 3.
    It asks me to log in, and after I put in the info, it closes itself.

    I tried to login with my brother’s account on the same devices, and IT WORKS!

    It seems to be a problem with certain accounts — but no error message is displayed, it only crashes!

    It’s driving me crazy. Tried deleting, reinstalling FB Messenger, soft-resetting, rebooting, chaning password, signing into other Apple ID — nothing works.

  • Joan Esdale

    both my se and 5c both not working :(

  • Joan Esdale

    yes mine has been off since 12am really annoying :(

  • Lyndsay Young

    I can’t open messenger on my iPhone 7 at all. It just switches off. It’s working on my old iPhone 6.

  • Hazera Khondoker Rupa

    Can anyone tell me what to do when messenger doesn’t respond?
    It has been automatically switched off.
    I uninstalled it many times and reinstalled it again but in vain.
    I also restarted my phone.
    Now what to do ???
    I m using iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Mark Hardy

    Friends in Ireland say Messenger’s down and has been most of the day…???

  • Kayleigh Ricketts

    Is anyone else working yet or still doing it? Mine still won’t load

  • Kayleigh Ricketts

    Mines doing the same

  • Diane White

    I’m having the same issue – Messenger was fine this morning but now i can’t access it on my iPhone 6 I’ve deleted it and re-installed it but it’s still shutting down after a few seconds.

  • Emily

    Hi there, I have an iPhone 5S and my messenger isn’t working, however Facebook is. I’ve turned my phone off and on again completely and deleted and reinstalled the app and it still crashes after 5-10 seconds. Please help

  • Ivan Goh

    My Facebook messenger keep crashing when I want to use the app on my iphone 7 plus!! I had reinstall and install, and it still keep crashing! It was working well yesterday, till I done an iPhone update. Had the update cause the crashing the app? Other app is working well, but not my Facebook messenger. Can someone assist?

  • Tenzin

    Hello I am also having the same problem. My Facebook messenger app shuts down itself after 9 or 10 seconds every time I open it. I deleted and re-installed it, still the same problem. Then again I updated it still the problem is same. I need a solution please. Thank you in advance.

  • Luke

    Tried deleting app, tried doing its update, done the IOS update, tried everything, can’t get on it, keeps just shutting the app

  • Emma

    Me to iPhone 5s deleted app re added it updates phone turned it off on no good

  • Sue Dee

    me too – please help

  • sharonj

    I have an iphone 6s and the messenger app just keeps closing every time I click it. I have restarted my phone and done a fresh install of the app but to no avail

  • Kayleigh Ricketts

    Mine is doing the same I have iPhone 5s just got it today installed all my apps but messenger won’t load or anything

  • Kayleigh Ricketts

    Me to

  • Meseceva Glasnica

    Me, too.

  • Meseceva Glasnica

    My Messenger app on iPhone SE (iOs 10.3.1) has crashed and keeps on doing it. It worked perfectly until yesterday. I updated it, then completely reinstalled it with iphone reboot, but nothing it still isn’t working and it won’t let me log in. It just crashes after a few seconds of trying to log in. :( What to do?

  • Rania Saladin

    This is happening with me too. I tried to shut down my iphone and updated the messanger app bs nothing was helpful!

  • Roger Seville

    Me too. Just came on this forum to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

  • Neelam Bertelsen

    I just received a message on FB messenger. But when I click on the app it opens blinks and disappears. I have tried on my iPhone 6s and my iPad. I have ado restarted both the devices to no success.

  • M

    My parents have Windows phones and the Messenger app has been receiving but won’t send, for days now.

  • Jam Franco

    Got the same problem here… I thought I was the only one experiencing that. It was really annoying that I am receiving messages just when I opened it…my friends really thought I am ignoring them.

  • Amy Weaver

    same problem here, i have reported it numerous times and got nothing and no one seems to know how to fix it!
    i have reinstalled it a couple of times but still nothing…

  • Christian Furlano

    If someone knows it would be a huge help because I am having this problem also

  • Luke

    It says connecting but will never connect yet snapchat and insta is working but messenger is my main msging app ans for some reason it wont connect properly

  • Jenny

    i dont have the “MY DAY” on my updated messenger, i keep re installing it but doesnt change anything. what can i do?

  • MM

    same here.

  • believe_in_love_x

    My messenger doesnt stay connected whilst not in use. Meaning I dont get any notifications. Very annoying. Anyone know the fix?

  • Kasia

    I believe they were trying to con you, my friends

  • Lauran Claire Warren

    I can’t see recent messages. I updated Messenger today. It’s very annoying. Does anybody have any idea’s? I don’t have the Facebook App, just Messenger.

  • Ej

    Called AT&T and they gave me a number to call so i did, and then was told that a rep would call me back, and did later from the following number:1 800 434 2116 and explained to me that I would have to pay them money to fix my Messenger and if I didn’t the problem I had with Messenger will eventually “spread” throughout my whole phone and ruin my phone. Me pay money for something that’s not my mess up seems a little leary. Also during this call; the rep was laughing at me at times during the call. No professional one bit. They eventually hung up on me cause they wouldn’t answer my questions I kept asking.

  • Chantelle Murphy

    Same! I am so frustrated. The exact thing happens to me too. iPhone users got so jipped.

  • Sajeeb

    same here, voice recording doesn’t work :-( Using iPhone 5

  • Sajeeb

    same here, voice recording doesn’t work :-(

  • Sam

    after last update I can’t send vocal messages from my iphone. I hold the microphone button and nothing happens. :(

  • Tarique

    all of a sudden I cannot view or send messages in my fb messenger. It says my facebook version doesn’t support my messenger any longer and need to upgrade, but when I go to that link and even though my cell phone requirements are ok, i cant download the fb app…so pathetic..i am never using windows phone again ever!!!

  • Josephine Pointer

    Recent Instant Messages received and sent on my Ipad randomly disappearing since last night, Service very hit and miss

  • Chuck Chapman

    I cannot use on my iPhone 5s on messenger voice texting is this also a issue with someone else been down all day

  • Lynn Fern

    Messenger has been totally unusable for about a fortnight. I live in mid/west Wales, and can neither send nor receive messages. However, I still receive banner notifications on my Windows ‘phone when messages are received.

  • Dianne Amat


  • Jamie Folkard

    When logging in through facebook on the app, it keeps looping back to login in details

  • Dawn K

    I’ve had the same problem going on 3 days now. Grrrr! Frustrating & irritating, isn’t it? At last, it’s a relief knowing I’m not the only one having this problem.

  • VJ

    I’m having problems attaching things to messenger. I keep getting an error message. This has been going on for the last 3 days. I’m about to delete messenger off my phone. I’m so done w/ FB and its problems.

  • lj

    My messenger app has lost all of my current chats and instead has a message apparently from Windows saying Tha version is no longer supported and to upgrade. Bit this is the moat recent version for a windows phone (Lumia). My mums has the same problem. Please help!

  • Tina Snow

    I too am having problems sending a photo via messenger. I keep getting an error message and have been trying for 2 days now

  • Pat Walkden

    I been trying to send a photo from my album to someone on messenger but it keeps saying can’t send message something went wrong please try again been trying for two days

  • Dawn K

    I’m not able to send photos from my phone to FB Messenger but am able to receive photos. I’ve tried deleting Facebook and Messenger and reinstalling but it didn’t help. Tried turning my phone completely off and back on — no help. Tried different settings. Nothing. Help!

  • Jérôme Gavand

    Can’t play chess anymore on Messenger

  • Nuala MacFerran

    Freezing on iPad.

  • Skyyyyy

    I kept on update my messenger but still don’t have any Snapchat feature :(

  • Karen

    Messenger not working as it should. Have to tap the message box in order to get latest messages. Only way all the up to date messages show up for each person is tap the like thumbs up button. Tried deleting the app and re-installing but no difference. Not worked properly since some video came on. Using latest Ipad.

  • Nina Denley

    It keeps freezing……doesn’t work! Stop bombarding us with gimmicks…make the basic functions work!

  • Debbie Boucher Sorenson

    yes i had all kinds of problems

  • Debbie Boucher Sorenson

    This just happened to me 2 days ago. i couldnt even get into my facebook account because it said i had the wrong password. kept telling me to re enter. i had to make a new password and go thru security to get my account back

  • Marketa Opichal

    My messenger didn’t updated for past few months. My messenger is missing the update similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories. I tried to reinstall it so many times, restart etc. I don’t know what else to do

  • Bill Jeffery

    Several days ago the white (outlined in blue) take pic button on my Messenger Home screen disappeared. Has anyone else had this problem? I removed Messenger and re-installed it, but that didn’t bring it back.

  • Hell

    Same here :(

  • Hendrik Van Deemter

    I tried to download messenger today to read a message on Facebook cannot get my details to register a terrible system I shall be uninstallling

  • Anna

    My messenger (and couple other apps) can’t complete updating on my iPad. They are grey,and keep “installaing”..I even can’t delete them and reinstall again. Anyone has the same issue?
    My iPad is up to date with the latest version.

  • Gail Gordon

    I’m in Suffolk – messenger has been awful – I have loads of blanks where people have sent messages and I can’t read them especially on my iPad

  • Aileen

    Same issue

  • joy

    I m facing some problems in my facebook messenger,I was send some picture to some one then I deleted that but unfortunately some picture can not delete I tried frequently but problems is fixed I can not remove that picture please give me solution how can I remove it form my facebook account or messenger. please .

  • June Fordy

    Every time I click on messenger to read a message a blank page appears then a second later disappear ? Any ideas

  • Heather Alton

    I already have messenger and today it’s been downloading for hours, saying 7 hours left.

  • Louise Chilvers

    My Android device seems to have updated and now i can not send photos? Please help me

  • Isabelle

    I am experiencing the same problem

  • Grich Yasmine

    Me to :(

  • Maria

    My day is not working on iPhone 7

  • Omar Zeamari


  • Diyan Gaidov

    I cannot add to my day anything its says that “everything i add will disappear …” and when i press “ok” and then send , nothing happens

  • ED

    Same as mine

  • Tim Clark

    It won’t type properly. For example, you will have a lot of trouble going back an correcting any errors(pressing delete almost always deletes the last character you have typed. It’s a goddamn mission just to post a status, comment and even IM sometimes) It’s been like that for at least a few days

  • Edward Jordan

    When I make calls with messenger I don’t hear sound. When I utilize the video I can see the person but I can’t hear them.

  • Arwin Contreras

    I dont have my day but i already updated my messenger to the newest version

  • annoyed

    Messenger is not showing it sais waiting no response no messeges showing it all went blank. Cant use today or last night I want my old messages with out sighn up

  • Susan Stevens

    Wont let me send or recieve msges on messenger why

  • Annoyed.

    My messenger is messed up. The whole chat’s texts disappears and says “no messages in this conversation” and then reappears again with my texts, then disappears again with the same “no messages in this conversation”. Its been doing this for months, probably a full year now. I mean I would 100 percent gladly uninstall but then there’s no way of seeing fb msgs without this stupid, pathetic app.

  • kuldeep panwaar

    My Facebook messanger voice message sound like crazy ultra fast cartoon talk and played voice clip with warp speed hunky bunky sound..what can I do to solve this problem.. Plz suggest

  • Annette

    Messenger keeps asking for my password and when I enter it it says that is incorrect.
    Please help!

  • Carolyn

    The messenger app will not take me to messenger

  • Peter

    Wont load or crash

  • Val Garl

    Messenger keeps on crashing .. Or not loading ..

  • Vicky cooke

    It just doesn’t work every time I open it I get the message Facebook messenger isn’t responding report or OK and then it shuts down xx

  • Regina

    My messager jumps in the middle of typing. I could be in words and it will put an emoji. I was typing “This” and it completely sent my message to the person I was typing. It opened Safari up -a blank page with ESPN on the tab and completely left messager!
    This has become very annoying already. It’s only been 15 minutes!!!

  • Daniell Zavala

    I can only message one person. I don’t like this person . . .

  • Biswa aryal

    It’s cant open even delete, it show waiting …


    Just a white screen saying downloading…..

  • Mick

    No connection, just a white screen. No access to previous messages…

  • Hannah

    Just update my messenger and it won’t let you click on it and is frozen saying waiting under neath

  • Marcia

    I had a Facebook outage earlier today but all seems to be fine now.

  • Glenda

    Is Facebook Messenger chat down today? Not able to use chat at the moment and was wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

  • Aaron Burrows

    Scrolling through conversations messanger keep’s jumping to the top of conversation list

  • Cheynene

    My Facebook messenger keeps kicking me out of my messages y

  • Beyatliz

    I cannot paste any copied messages in my messenger. Help please

  • Beyatliz

    I cannot see who seen my messages in group chat.

  • Pshags

    Having a really hard time typing and reading messages. It keeps lagging. I get a white screen periodically. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Doesn’t help. This just started a few days ago. Help!

  • Shelley

    My phone Facebook and messenger stopped working 3 days ago showing white screen for both tried uninstalling and reinstalling still the same problem is anyone else having the same issue and does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Michelle Duplin

    Who did you report it to

  • Jakjak-84

    I’m having same issue

  • Floranne Mackinnon

    I can’t get Facebook or messenger on my android….tried deleting and reinstalling but screen just goes blank.Has anyone been able to sort this problem?

  • Natalie Prince

    Keeps kicking me off while writing. Really frustrating considering ive just found my long lost half brother. I have to keep loading it every 3 mins its getting annoying now! Fed of it. Birmingham UK

  • Leah

    I cant use my messenger after it has been updated. Been trying to install/ uninstall but it just turned gray

  • Karen Calpin

    I had to send my phone in for repair, since getting it back I can’t install the app, the app store goes through the motion of downloading, the installing stage hits and everything crashes. I have even had it result in my phone shutting down during an attempt. I don’t know what is to blame, the app, my phone or the play store. All I know is it is I’m not happy.

  • Scott Wilson

    I keep trying to send messages but get kicked out.Same thing happens when i click on link to an article.I have to switch browsers right away to avoid getting booted from article

  • Yvonne Fortt

    My Facebook automatically updated last night on 28.06.16 and will not connect to the server, any help please would be appreciated.

  • Elaine Winter

    Cannot delete a message received @ 07.39 this morning it’s frozen

  • Simone Kelly

    and me

  • Simone Kelly

    mine is down as well has been for two days now :(

  • Aoife

    Mine is up and running again thankfully! Maybe try reporting it because that’s what I did and it was fine again in minutes! :)

  • Gobsmackerz

    they’ll probably fix it within a couple of hours, various people that I know are having the same issue.

  • Gobsmackerz

    I have the same issue. In the UK too, I can’t message anyone either.

  • Jane Metcalfe

    it’s clearly a face book issue, as some friends of mine have the same problem. I guess we just have to wait for it to come back when they fix it!

  • Aoife

    I’ve tried resetting it, restarting my phone, deleting and downloading again and nothing is working? Wondering if anyone here has managed to get it working again

  • Jane Metcalfe

    So it must be a facebook issue if more people are having issues with Messenger messages disappeared

  • Aoife

    All mine just disappeared, tried reinstalling the app and there’s nothing at all, it’s essential that it’s working again, any solutions?

  • Jane Metcalfe

    all my Facebook messages have disappeared in UK, 7.20pm. has anyone else got this issue?

  • mitch

    im having same issues, how you resolve this?

  • Shemica Broome

    So messenger on my phone keeps coming up with welcome to messenger and I have to set up messenger again when it has been installed on my phone for ages? How can I stop this from happening as I’m not receive img my messages

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Been like this for days in Perth AUSTRALIA

  • Mary Davis

    I’m in Tennessee and mine is not working on my phone or computer.

  • Sl4sh

    same for me (i’m in cuba)

  • Hanna

    Not able to receive, send or see any old massges i had. I keep getting an error message saying “Cannot load messages!”

  • Kurtis

    Facebook Messenger is down for me, not downloading anything, no messages, conversations i was already in etc.

  • Linda

    I have just checked the official messenger status page for errors etc and nothing seems to be wrong, but clearly there is because i am not getting any new messages.

  • Jacob

    For some reason when I checked my Messenger conversations they are not there any more. I am not even getting any new messages.

  • Karmen

    I’m in a group message. I received the initial message then I was getting notifications of new messages but when I went in there was only the initial message. The person that started the message tried removing and then adding me back and now I’m not receiving anything.

  • M.

    I don’t know why but I’m in a chat group and there’s a girl I can’t read nor see… I haven’t blocked her or anything like that… And I’m the only one having issues because se can read and see me perfectly… I don’t understand it. I tried deleting the app and nothing works.. any help? please.

  • kay

    I’ve got a new tab a & it won’t let me take a photo on messenger

  • Tony

    The Same happening to me

  • Joe

    In a group chat I got removed now they add me back and no messages from the group chat pop up even though it says im still in the chat??

  • Khan

    Reconneting ever time when I call from messenger while I m using mbps networking
    So how can i replaced.
    before I using 3g android mobile so nice call from messenger and now I got 4g mobile every time reconneting and i getting to big problem

  • Peggy Hill

    My messenger is down today. I also updated. Big mistake.

  • Gerd-Marie Velde Marthinsen

    My messenger has said ‘Waiting’ for three days now. I can not update. I can not delete it, it does not work after turning my iPhone off an on.
    The iPad is ok though….

  • toomuchisbad

    i wish i never updated my facebook messeger. It was working fine theni decided to update it. It was installed but it was crashing when you try to type even tap anything on it. Very disappointed. :(

  • Alliah

    The new update on messenger is not working with me. I already update it but still nothing change – The new blue bar and design. I still have the old design
    I don’t know how can i get it. PLEASE HELP I WANT TO HAVE IT.

  • mikeH

    not working for me today :(

  • Katherine Richard

    My fb messenger app is not working. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still not working. What’s up?

  • Karen Quinn

    Trying to get my messages on my new phone and they have all gone

  • Jazz


  • anna

    it doesn’t show ANY of my messages, everything is gone! tried deleting & reinstalling, but didn’t help!

  • Ariana Martin

    Cant send or recipes messages. I deleted and redownloaded the app and all my messages are gone!

  • Courtney

    Same with mine

  • Amy Brubaker

    My messenger app is completely gone… I tried to redownload and it doesn’t allow it.

  • Winter Bush

    it says i have NO messages in my entire messenger and will not let me send or receive messages. i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, still doesn’t work.

  • lindsey

    messenger does not work! a reinstall it like a hundred times, check settings in messenger app, in fb app and in my iphone app – all is “on” and i still don’t receive any notifications on my messenger!

  • Keith Bell

    Messenger rubbish all day on 7th. No messages being sent. No reasons why. Uninstall and reinstall didn’t resolve. Not chuffed.

  • Tikitik

    And it wont delete .

  • Tikitik

    Messenger has been frozen on Installing updates for the last week . Wish they would fix the problem . Fed up ! ! !

  • Barbara Hitchings

    I had the same problem. I have deleted Messenger from my Ipad, turned the Ipad off then on, then download messenger from the App store and it is now working.

  • Aaron merry

    My fb messeger just comes up with a white screen any help on this please

  • Joel$tyle

    Check my post. Hope it will help

  • Joel$tyle

    Check my post

  • Joel$tyle

    Check my post – joelstyle

  • brenda

    This has happened to me too just don’t know what to do tried every any ideas?

  • Joel$tyle

    desire 620G)

    My Experiences:

    – After Rooting and Unroot via Kingroot

    – Having Issue with Messenger

    Tries Temporary solutions:

    – Uninstall Facebook (means used default facebook)

    – Try re-installing facebook + update + re-installing Messenger = “STILL

    – Clear Cache + Clear Data + CCleaner + Master Cleaner = “STILL NOT

    – Try to boot in Safe Mode = “STILL NOT GOOD”

    – Try to Hard reset (Try below 2 Options);

    i) Option A – go to setting, backup & reset, Factory data reset =

    ii) Option B – switch off phone, remove battery for 5sec, re-insert battery,
    hold Volume+ , press n release power button etc…… “STILL NOT

    – Install Antivirus CM Security – scan & clean – “STILL NOT GOOD”

    Re-Install: Facebook / Updated / Messenger + Restart =

    But @ Last – i’ve installed an apps (just for fun/test,
    apparently its a plug-ins) called –

    ———> MEMES FOR MESSENGER <—————-

    Install ALSO: CM
    Security(Scan & Clean) and Fix IT

    After that i've just test messenger (without knowing that it
    will work) – Thank GOD it's Working..

    Luck peeps…

  • Joel$tyle

    desire 620G)

    My Experiences:

    – After Rooting and Unroot via Kingroot

    – Having Issue with Messenger

    Tries Temporary solutions:

    – Uninstall Facebook (means used default facebook)

    – Try re-installing facebook + update + re-installing Messenger = “STILL

    – Clear Cache + Clear Data + CCleaner + Master Cleaner = “STILL NOT

    – Try to boot in Safe Mode = “STILL NOT GOOD”

    – Try to Hard reset (Try below 2 Options);

    i) Option A – go to setting, backup & reset, Factory data reset =

    ii) Option B – switch off phone, remove battery for 5sec, re-insert battery,
    hold Volume+ , press n release power button etc…… “STILL NOT

    – Install Antivirus CM Security – scan & clean – “STILL NOT GOOD”

    Re-Install: Facebook / Updated / Messenger + Restart =

    But @ Last – i’ve installed an apps (just for fun/test,
    apparently its a plug-ins) called –

    ———> MEMES FOR MESSENGER <—————-

    Install ALSO: CM
    Security(Scan & Clean) and Fix IT

    After that i've just test messenger (without knowing that it
    will work) – Thank GOD it's Working..

    Luck peeps…

  • Joel$tyle

    desire 620G)

    My Experiences:

    – After Rooting and Unroot via Kingroot

    – Having Issue with Messenger

    Tries Temporary solutions:

    – Uninstall Facebook (means used default facebook)

    – Try re-installing facebook + update + re-installing Messenger = “STILL

    – Clear Cache + Clear Data + CCleaner + Master Cleaner = “STILL NOT

    – Try to boot in Safe Mode = “STILL NOT GOOD”

    – Try to Hard reset (Try below 2 Options);

    i) Option A – go to setting, backup & reset, Factory data reset =

    ii) Option B – switch off phone, remove battery for 5sec, re-insert battery,
    hold Volume+ , press n release power button etc…… “STILL NOT

    – Install Antivirus CM Security – scan & clean – “STILL NOT GOOD”

    Re-Install: Facebook / Updated / Messenger + Restart =

    But @ Last – i’ve installed an apps (just for fun/test,
    apparently its a plug-ins) called –

    ———> MEMES FOR MESSENGER <—————-

    Install ALSO: CM Security(Scan & Clean) and Fix IT App

    After that i've just test messenger (without knowing that it
    will work) – Thank GOD it's Working..

    Luck peeps…

  • Natasha

    When is this gonna be fixed I really need messenger

  • Ag

    Same problem here

  • Mathilde

    My messenger is not working at all, I can’t send or receive anything and it just says that it couldn’t load any conversations. If it doesn’t work in like days I’m gonna die

  • Sheila Mae Gunao

    same here -_-

  • Sheila Mae Gunao

    Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped. I’m freakin tired to turn off my phone and CLEAR the DATA . Srsly, it is the 3rd day that it doesn’t work? Do you want to fix it or you’ll just ignored our REPORT. Please I damn need it.

  • CloudJump

    Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped.
    This has been going on ever since I updated messenger.
    Please fix.

  • Joel$tyle


  • Angela L Casey

    How can I solve it, my messenger update won’t load

  • Steve Gill

    Facebook won’t share posts to messenger on Samsung Galaxy Tab A running 5.0.2 Android – latest versions of both Facebook and Messenger

  • Tristan

    Messenger won’t open when i open the app

  • Geoben Salazar Cruz

    Facebook messenger not working

  • Bob

    Video call button has disappeared from messenger on iphone6 cannot make video calls. Ok on iPad.

  • Simone

    Face book not working in Southampton SO31 7DY

  • lee

    facebook and messenger not working tonight in dover kent

  • sam

    Facebook messenger not connecting to wifi in Dover, Kent?

  • Teri

    My messenger keeps logging off like every 2 or 3 days.

  • Ashley

    Hasn’t been**

  • Ashley

    My messenger has been working the past couple days on my iPhone. I can’t delete the app and it won’t open at all and like it can’t finish loading. How or when will this be fixed?

  • Doreen Gregory

    My facebook messenger is also not fixed?working sinc the latest ios update whe is the problem going to be

  • retrofitter

    Same here on my Ipad – Shows message notification, but the page is blank when I go there. Worked this morning but not since then.
    It works fine on my Apple cell phone.

  • Bev

    Messenger won’t update on my iPad. Notifications of new messages is not working I iPad or iPhone This has been going on for 2 days.

  • Alan

    I get notifications that I got a msg but when I go to open messenger there is nothing there is there a way to fix this

  • Vandana kohli

    My messenger is not working since 3 days

  • Kim Frost

    Facebook messenger not letting me send messages

  • John M

    I have the same problem. Any solutions?

  • Emma Taylor

    FB Messenger not working on ipad since installing IOS 9.0.2

  • M. Mohamed shinda

    My Facebook messager masagecis working but video call is not working

  • Rod

    Facebook Messenger has disappeared from my ipad2 running latest iOS update. My iphone5 is running the previous version iOS software and is working fine!

    There is a compatibility issue between Facebook, Facebook messenger and the latest iOS update.

  • rcandeias

    On facebook messenger today i receive voice messages which on the PC google chrome when I press play just stays as loading but never plays on my android phone plays straigh away what’s going on????

  • Ameli

    Mine says I have a message but I don’t I don’t think

  • Ed Ayanyan

    Same problem! I get a message that the Messenger application is stopped.

  • Stili Evelinova

    with me is the same.arr i hate it when is going to be fix?

  • 路人甲

    My Facebook apps is OK but my facebook messenger keeps shows me that the apps is stopped and when I open it, it automatically close itself after 5 seconds, this problem last for two weeks since I updated it. Please fix it as soon as possible, because without messenger I can’t even send out msg using my Facebook.

  • Sheetu

    Hi someone called me on messenger and then after 2 hours the connection failed and the call ended and i turned of my phone i even took my battery off but then the next day i saw the conversation was 11 hours long. How is this possible? Can someone plzz help me.

  • soofia Bhatti

    Hi I’m soofia and messager is not down today coz my Facebook and my messager is working today

  • LNZ

    Is it still down? My messenger seems to be having issues delievering messages.

  • Paulinef

    Facebook and messenger down

  • Xander Will

    video chat wont connect…..keeps saying connecting

  • shi raj

    my facebook messanger before yesterday i do clear data after am open my fb messanger is not working 2time instald not working one time i reformet my mbl but still not working why i dont know pls fix this problem

  • Adam Haywood

    Does it just say connecting in a orange bar at the top of my screen

  • heitman

    Says connecting with a circle going round and round but is not connecting.

  • Tracey

    Messenger working fine on my iPhone but will not load onto my iPad

  • Clive

    No one knows what is causing the 602 error, the app itself has not had a new update for a while so this one is a mystery.

  • Steve

    Hi the very same thing has happened to me, I’ve contacted FaceBook several times and nothing! When is anyone there going to fix it!!!

  • Adnan Bin Zahir

    My messenger doesn’t pop up messages.. but my mobile data connection is always on. I guess it’s not working on background.. what should i do?

  • Lisa

    Since yesterday I have not been able to install the Messenger update on my iPad. I don’t know what is going on.

  • Andy

    Same thing has happened to me,now I’m not sure if I’m being ignored or wether to send another message

  • Mary

    Mind being down for 9 days Facebook don’t give a damn

  • Kathy

    Sent two messages to a friend over the past week. Messenger marked them as “seen” and I was wondering why I didn’t get a response (sometimes he’s busy, right?) but then 2 days after the most recent message, I checked back and they were only marked as “delivered.” One friend told me he never got a notification that I responded to his message, but that original friend still appears not to have read my messages despite Messenger originally marking them as “seen.”

  • stuart

    Cant connect with my friends in philippines

  • Alexander Al-Muaini

    I can load up fb messenger but when I click on a conversation it crashes

  • Nigel

    I get notifications but yet when i click on them it does not show me the message.

  • Orson

    I get a notification to say I have just had a message, so i click on this and it heads on over to facebook Messenger app. But when it opens messenger there is no message in there for me to read, which is weird.

  • Jim

    My Facebook Messenger on my iPhone works fine, but doesn’t on my iPad, does anyone know why this is happening even though they are both iOS platforms?

  • Yourmom

    I try to send a video and not only does it crash but it also doesnt send Texarkana arkansas

  • Lord-Kingpin Tan

    Can not install the app it just says WAITING. And ive been waiting for 3days already. From the Philippines

  • Frankly Scottywatty Doodle

    ma not the only one that is good but bad

  • Frankly Scottywatty Doodle

    Why is it when i use facebook on my iPhone on Facebook messenger neve

  • Krad Lous

    facebook messenger not open.

  • Jean

    “Waiting to reconnect” for several days

  • WBing

    Southwestern Colorado, keep getting message, “trying to reconnect”

  • Gaz

    Sorry forgot to mention the location “oxford UK”

  • Gaz

    My has been down since yesterday.

    All it says is “trying to reconnect”

  • Soultatos

    I did the same today
    June 18
    Nothing works

  • Soultatos

    Same thing
    Trying to reconnect

  • Lord

    Down with me. From the Philippines

  • Sez

    Did you work out how to fix notifications? Mine aren’t working either and I have tried everything!!

  • Jimbo Mowat

    down for me

  • Lisa

    Thank you for that, I thought I was going crazy in the head. I was so convinced it was only me and nearly started to pull my hair out.

  • Marty

    Frustrated to the back teeth, Facebook Messenger tries to connect but not getting anywhere,

  • Craig

    Just keeps connection, not able to open app on iPhone. I am in London by the way, is anyone else having issues with FM?

  • Pat

    Each time i open Facebook Messenger is keeps saying connecting, so i uninstalled the app and reinstalled and still having the same issue.

  • Pete

    Facebook messenger conversations are not loading for me.

  • Gomez

    Settings are all correct with sound on but yet I am not getting any notifications from Facebook Messenger.

  • Majit

    When I open Facebook Messenger on my iPhone it keeps hanging and doing nothing. Back to the laptop it is then.

  • Madison

    Facebook Messenger is not opening for me, I am not the only one because a few of my freinds are having problems too.

  • Si

    Facebook Messenger keeps trying to connect for me, been waiting like 6 hours now to get in and send messages.

  • Robert

    Not able to send messages because it still says ‘Connecting’, how weird is that.

  • kmpriorr

    I can’t connect on wifi. :( But when I used mobile data connection it will work. Why? :( Please fix it

  • Dudley

    My messenger messages will not open even though i have new ones to read.

  • Tel

    Is GoChat any good people? Surely got to be better than Facebook Messenger playing up all the time.

  • Marten

    What is the best Facebook Messenger alternative? I have had enough FM because it is so temperamental.

  • bob

    Not able to open the app and sign in on sunday, anyone else?

  • Karen

    My fb app loads up and then keeps crashing, is it down? I’m in london.

  • Judy

    I installed the latest iOS update on my iPad and couldn’t get the FB app to work, after uninstalling it and reinstalling, everything now works fine.

  • Gloria

    Not fixed here in kentucky tennessee

  • Kerry

    The FB messenger app wouldn’t open last night, in the UK, it kept crashing over and over.

  • Mike

    What’s the current server status, as I cannot get the app to load. Do I need to download iOS 8.2 on my iPhone?