Facebook down for maintenance on March 27

It’s clear that Facebook is down today for maintenance, March 27, but not all users are reporting seeing such error messages at the sign-in box. In fact, some of our readers can access their Facebook profile on a phone, like the iPhone, but not on an iPad and Android devices.

There’s been no confirmation from Facebook or scheduled maintenance detailed for March 27, so it’s more than likely that the problems today are related to sporadic glitches in the United States and UK at least. We say these two countries thanks to status reports we have received in relation to the problems today.

One Down Today reader contacted us directly explaining, “I am seeing Facebook down in New York, it cannot sign in on my laptop or iPhone, but I can on an iPad and this makes the situation even more strange”. Another commenter added, “Is Facebook down today? I cannot login and see an in maintenance error within the app”. If you have issues getting signed in, or even connected to Facebook, then we’d love to see your status update on our dedicated page and feel free to read reports from others.



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