EE network problems and no signal

Everything Everywhere provides services focused on mobile phones and home broadband, so you can gain access to the Internet or make calls at home and while mobile. When the EE network runs into problems, or you receive no signal on your mobile phone and cellular iPad, then this will lead to complaints.

At home you could use an EE signal booster, but in most cases the network outage could be out of your hands thanks to service disruption. You will see status reports in regard to no mobile signal, or the lack of mobile Internet within the reports on this page.

Reach out to official EE help with the contact details found on this page, or if you have signal problems right now then share the location.


EE Status insight for Friday 15th of December 2017

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

EE Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • peter lockley

    Peter, Hednesford no signal again third time this week

  • Jones

    My EE service status is OFFLINE, i have no network at all or internet.

  • Aggie Pal

    Internet issues in Inverness cradlehall again. Few months with little issue and now back again to awful internet. Keep going orange and speed is slow.

  • Ismail Omar

    Is the mobile service down this morning? Everytime I make a phone call, I hear funny noises and line cuts. Central London!
    Not impressed with EE.

  • Pj

    Inverness signal problems again. It seems that more often than not there is no EE signal in the house, time to ditch this useless network. 16th november 2017

  • Paul Williams

    No Internet connection with EE for the 4th time this week in Tiverton. They said they fixed it last timedited. Seems unlikely .

  • Lord Elpus

    Down in the Dales yet again, this happens much more often since Bloody Terrible got involved.

  • ade dunbenosey

    4g Service very slow in Fleetwood down to under 100kb… very poor… 2nd November tried Mobile phone and osprey 3

  • Shuna Harnwell

    No signal since 10pm last night on the isle of Wight