EE network problems and no signal

Everything Everywhere provides services focused on mobile phones and home broadband, so you can gain access to the Internet or make calls at home and while mobile. When the EE network runs into problems, or you receive no signal on your mobile phone and cellular iPad, then this will lead to complaints.


At home you could use an EE signal booster, but in most cases the network outage could be out of your hands thanks to service disruption. You will see status reports in regard to no mobile signal, or the lack of mobile Internet within the reports on this page.

Reach out to official EE help with the contact details found on this page, or if you have signal problems right now then share the location.


EE Status insight for Wednesday 26th of April 2017

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

EE Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Aleiaha

    No signal dn212nt taking the mick now

  • Nicky Bennett

    No signal in haywayds hearh since friday morning and we are now official on to sunday morning! Not happy

  • Nicole

    Can’t make or receive phone calls which started yesterday (Friday) morning and can’t access certain websites which is still going on. However, texts, What’s App & e.mails seem to be working at least for the moment. I’m in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

  • Daniel Portlock

    Ee Internet down GU10 area

  • Bart

    No signal after recent iPhone update. Perhaps related???

  • Jay Phillips

    No signal all weekend what’s happening EE

  • Brian Haselden

    loosing signal at least once a week, switch off mains Electric wait 10 seconds then switch back on and Broadband again

  • Gillian Williams

    No service available here in Newcastle to, can do internet but no phone calls or texts not good enough EE.

  • Carla West

    No signal all day PL288QA

  • Lily Donald

    No signal over 6 hours St Helens

  • Clare Tobin

    no signal ox15 05/04/17

  • Ashley Cantor

    No signal SG9 9NY North Easts Hertfordshire

  • Venice Edgar

    No signal parts of yesterday 1st April and today on 2nd April CV22 ????

  • Chris Mclean

    Can’t connect to the ee provider on my phone . All I have is emergency calls only.
    My phone says ee unavailable. Not realy happy.

  • Chevaughan

    No signal camborne Cornwall

  • Matt

    De5 area Denby Derbyshire – no signal all afternoon on 3 different numbers. Bloody farcical

  • D kerry

    No signal near St Albans since Weds. Have been told problem fixed and it so isn’t.

  • madwoman

    no mobile contact for three days – new phone – rubbish service!

  • Teena

    I live in Corsham & haven’t had a mobile internet signal for a over a week. I will now switch to O2 as I am not happy paying out for a service that does not work.

  • LJ Ashurst

    EE Loughborough LE11 1JS, very weak mobile internet signal at best 1 bar 4G and 1 bar 3G.

  • joyce

    No Mobile since they messed about 10 days ago, told me they had done it but no way . Trying to run a business its Disgraceful in this age .they call it progress Ha Ha

  • Liz Lynch

    We live in Bower Hinton and have the same applied from the person before me , no phones since Jan also not well and pensioners ! Phone also our lifeline since last Nov when we had no landline for 5 weeks 2 days ! Appalling service they no longer even keep in touch since 26 th Feb . No 150 or 453 .

  • Gordon Wynd

    No phone line since Monday now no internet

  • Jules

    My Mum lives in Martock Somerset and her phone has not been working since JANUARY.
    Her phone is her lifeline as she lives on her own and family live in Bristol.
    I went to EE shop in Yeovil and they told me a story about the Farmer not letting them on the land where the mass is.
    As my Mum is PAYG and has £16,91 on her phone she will not get this money back and was told, more or less “tough” she won’t get a chance of getting her money back.
    I went into Carphone warehouse next door and spoke to a very helpful young male and female assistants, who could not do enough to help. Suggested changing to 02 although this will mean a change of number and loosing the money on her phone.
    This service is disgusting.
    Not sure how it would effect you on a contract, but PAYG is a joke. My Mum is on a pension and cannot afford to throw away £16.91.
    I really hope this gets sorted ASAP.
    Seriously thinking of writing to the local paper to make people aware before signing up with EE.

  • Darren

    No signal this evening in Norwich.

  • Julia Witts

    No signal since Tuesday morning. Crickhowell, Powys.

  • Lfc

    Doesn’t matter where the locations is signal is terible it’s really annoying can’t deal with it worse network ever sort it out waste of time trying to fix it because ano they won’t do nothing pointless being on this network wtf

  • Graham Aitken

    We left BT to go with this joke broadband service, we have now had it for about a month and find this internet service practically unusable despite receiving text messages to say fault in the area has now been fixed, we live in the quedgeley area of Gloucester and have signed up to an 18mth contract with problem after problem, once problems are reported EE are always quick to respond but service is up to now useless, I am sending this message on my mobile phone using my data, my phone is also EE payg which is actually very good, that was partly why I changed to EE broadband what a disappointment. Which we now have to live with for another 17mths.

  • Sue

    I am in South Petherton and signal intermittent for days but today nothing at all! very frustrating!

  • Paul

    No phone service for 4 days in Crowborough, East Sussex – nothing! No email warning and even after phoning to complain, still no explanation. Awful way to treat customers. EE = Excuses, Excuses! BT seem to be having problems too. I seem to remember BT buying EE. Any connection? Perhaps they can’t reach one another to close the deal.

  • Sharon Wooliscroft

    Haven’t had a signal all day in stoke on trent

  • John Roseby

    What the hell is going on with EE almost no signals for 5 days and no info as to is the problem !!!!!!!!! disgraceful

  • Barry Gadd

    Over the past 2 months (maybe more) have had to switch router off-on approx once per day or every other day to get an internet connection. Have rang EE (very helpful but have not solved the problem). An engineer called today and will arrange a BT visit. Has anybody else experienced similar problems?

  • Anita

    Still can’t get network in pe7 what is going on? Not good enough!

  • sean

    no signal in martock south somerset since early jan. getting PUK from them is a mare!

  • colin

    No signal sy11 Shropshire

  • MA

    Hi All, am with EE. Why is EE Service down today it’s actually annoying me now I want service back now!

  • Lauryn

    EE has told me I’ve had no service for 3 days and I’ve been stuck on holiday in London with no contact with anyone! It’s just not good enough!

  • Sallyann Marshall

    Signal bad for the last three days it keeps dropping out, even with a signal booster in the house! Grimsby

  • Clive Coomby

    No home broadband in Blackpool what is going on EE

  • Romancitizen

    Email down AGAIN ! Orange/ EE (which should be called NA, NOTHING ANYWHERE), is the biggest pile of poo in christendom.

  • Steve Foster

    Unable to make or recieve mobile calls ha46pw area

  • Dom

    I have lost mobile and data signal in Edinburgh this evening. I can see vodafone, O2 and Three but not EE

  • GP Andrew

    no ee 4g broadband in sn4 9nf area.

  • Dave

    No service in ln12 1bq today

  • Jon Bogle

    I’ve lost 3G and 4G connection for 2 days in Corby, Northants

  • Sue atterbury

    I have no signal today. Usually ok but absolutely none today.

  • Caitlin Ovens

    No signal in the CF83 area and a lot around South Wales. I can’t send or receive texts and neither can lots of people around me

  • Andy Howells

    Service is really bad today what is going on with EE ? Tried calling EE to Discus my Issues and they cut me off. At the moment there is no service. SN78

  • Denise Booker

    S36 1FJ Had no service since Monday keep receiving e-mails saying problem is taking longer to sort than anticipated but cant use phone or messages it’s getting beyond a joke now.

  • Cori

    No service Today. Bad

  • Had enough of ee

    I’m in Kent and haven’t been able to send or receive texts all yesterday and today, all textssent to me yesterday came through at 12 last nite including one saying I had to pick my child up early and it’s still like it this morning I need to be able to get messages from my clients straight away pissed off with ee to say the least

  • Gill jones

    No connection np10 area

  • sick of ee

    cant send texts yet again


    No wireless northern Ireland

  • Michelle Day

    No 4G coverage in TN22 today

  • I don`t bloody believe it

    Can`t phone anyone anywhere from Cyprus today, It`s often on the blink here. You can`t dial 150 and speak to anyone either anymore. Their website is of no help whatsoever because all the numbers are unavailable and as far as I can see there are no email addresses I can use to contact anyone with. There is a postal address though, perhaps I should sit down and write them a letter and do it the old fashioned way maybe that would work. Do you know an email address I can use to contact EE/Tmobile with please.

  • CheshireSmoggy80

    CW11, no WiFi calls for a few days…BB and WiFi working fine though. I’d ring customer services…if I had signal…

  • Nicola Wright Was-Bradley

    Our Internet hasn’t been working properly since yesterday. I am in Weymouth Dorset. Can anyone tell me what is going on ? Thank You

  • glebealyth

    EH29 9GB


    Get your act together, EE.
    Another customer lost, come contract end.

  • Dave

    Having problems with data in Europe!

  • jane

    Anyone having problems in Europe today with an ee/orange phone trying to call either France or Portugal??

  • Tony Waack

    No signal at all so far today in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire any Ideas when its back on

  • Joan k

    EE constantly dropping out bn18 area.. Drives me mad. EE shop told me to go on line to check and complain.. Great help! I would leave EE if I thought I could find a reliable service. Times I feel like throwing my phone against the wall with frustration.

  • Dana Kerstein

    No service as of Friday 13th in London.

  • Mrs Gow

    No Service in Scotland – lots of snow and bad driving conditions so today is the day I need the phone. SORT IT OUT EE

  • Mike Groves

    No WiFi calling
    Intermittent cellular 2G, 3G, 4G. No Service
    DE11 7AR. South Derbyshire
    Since 16;00 12/01/17

  • David

    CO139LG Frinton, Essex. Mobile ok but broadband/WiFi service unusable most of the day. Very concerned if this continues.

  • Daisy

    No service SO16 6QP

  • Chris Hare

    Very poor or no signal in Staines today.

  • Bob Daly

    No service in Kidderminster

  • Edyta

    All day I don’t have signal and my phone is unable to connect with the network.. what is going on ??

  • No Service Sam

    No Sevice in Dartford Kent

  • Emily Wallder

    Keep losing signal in Canterbury, Kent. I seem to be resetting my phone every 10 minutes. Been going on for about 3 weeks now.

  • Jonno1972

    No service today in Shrewsbury SY3

  • Paul Allen

    Signal down again not had anything since last Thursday 29 Dec in the LA3 area of Morecambe


    I have never had a problem with my signal for my EE/ ORANGE network when in my flat in the BS3 area of Bristol, but for the last 2 weeks my EE sig signal while in my flat has been either non existent. I have just visited the local EE shop in Bedminster, Bristol to see what the problem is, the customer service was excellent and they changed my SIM card but I still can’t get a decent signal. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Jamie Shaw

    No service Reading, Shiplake, Wargraves!!!

  • mylovelybmw

    NO EE signals at all lost connectivity since last month and still direct debit taking payments

  • naomi hill

    In Belfast
    yesterday no signal for about 4 hours – no messages going or coming and unable to phone out, callers in went straight to voicemail. Down today again for a shorter time so far

  • Hammy

    No ee network today again,I’ve a work phone and need it for work,I thought ee was good,but it appears they can’t do there job and sort it.looking like I’ll hav to change back to my old network if ee can’t sort the problem,I can’t receive text or calls thus ain’t good

  • Jackal

    Worcester, Midlands – Had H+ (If I’m lucky) for the best part of 2 weeks. Signal keeps cutting out for phone itself and often get messages failing to send. This is ridiculous now, been with EE for years but will DEFINITELY be changing provider next upgrade.

  • oli

    no signal in manchester M27 – 5 miles from City Centre!!! Been down for hours now and this is a work phone! SORT IT OUT! I have only been with EE for one month and this has happened twice, it happened twice in 6 years with Tesco

  • TracyD

    Signal has been rubbish for the last week. EH 20 area.

  • Fareena

    EE has not restored my service for 16 hrs till now after paying bill. There is no update on website or app!! So annoying!!
    Rang 3 times yesterday. Had 1 advisor saying they are notified there is a technical problem. Call back after 24 hrs nothing they can do and the other two a visors had no idea of any problems

  • Mel

    Texts taking over 8 hours to deliver! Still have a pending message from midnight last night!

  • Tracey268

    No signal sy13 area

  • Damien

    This is getting beyond a joke now ee sort it out !

  • M31666

    No signal in Swindon since early hours of this morning.

  • psh

    no signal in le65 1dp

  • psh

    no signal in le65 1bp area

  • paul chant

    No signal in west dean salisbury since Monday such a crap service

  • Snake

    No service in Hong Kong

  • Max

    No coverage le19 area

  • Bil

    No signal in Roswaithe, Cumbria

  • Macca83

    No coverage BT47 area

  • Jay

    Aberdeenshire – No Signal for 99% of time today Very occasionally got one bar.

  • T

    Problem in KY8 area……really annoying!!

  • Robert Jenkinson

    Since 4 days ago my Internet is all over the place is this due to bt taking over and all I get is we can’t help our services are down any one eles ???

  • Gail Osborne

    When is this problem getting fixed?? and are we getting compensated for it?

  • Donald

    Milton Keynes. No signal for over a week now. When I use my 3 connect Wi-Fi and dongle, both are working fine and report network 4 in use.
    On trying my 3 X EE 4G devices all work for a couple of minutes then drop internet. The network in use at the time has incremented from 9 to 12 !
    ie. network 9 then 10 then 11 now 12. Have reported this 3 times to EE. Note from them yesterday to say they have fixed it only to try tonight and STILL down. Will ring them later. Very bad service from EE.

  • Lisa Shelley

    Is anyone else having problems with signal in WD6 area? Phone been “searching” network for a few hours now!! V. Frustrating

  • Laura

    No signal since 14 Nov wen we signed up Milton Keynes

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    No signal in FK10 area for 5 WEEKS & all EE tech team can say is that there is definitely a problem & they don’t know when it will be fixed. Disgusted with the lack of information given

  • Daz

    No phone or internet signal for 2 days now – Seaford East sussex

  • kaz

    No signal

  • kaz

    Markyate Hertfordshire AL3

  • me

    No Signal for last 2 days in Folkestone, Kent.

  • lukejohnson

    Might be able to make calls if you set your phone to 2g.. though that means you might not get Internet. But weigh up the pros n cons

  • lukejohnson

    EE site always says no problem lol.. even their staff are told to deny it as my friends a mobile engineer. If you keep complaining they might update your settings so your phone tries to log onto the mast with the strongest signal… however if the signals been downgraded or there is a fault it means nothing … just a way of diluting complaints.

  • lukejohnson

    No network in S63 area of South Yorkshire for nearly a week now. Don’t bother ringing them as I’ve been having this for nearly 12 months and can’t waiT for my contract to end. CUSTOMER SERVICE is hardly non existent. . Discount offered for one month but problem continues and never gets any better.

  • Steve D

    EE in warwickshire has been dreadful the last few weeks. Today (Sat 12 Nov 2016) was attrocious. This werk, 4G has been intermittent, and often there’s either no movement on loading a webpage, or No Service comes up. Pretty dire.

  • MondeoMan

    No 4G data in Malvern since Wednesday. 3G signal level also looks quite low.
    What makes it worse is that I suspect the base station is transmitting a partial 4G beacon signal because if my Huawei B593 router is in AUTO mode it does not receive any data signal – it has to be manually reconfigured to 3G to work at all.
    Router works fine in AUTO with a Three SIM……………..

  • Sarah Chisholm

    No signal in Longhorsley Morpeth all morning!

  • Kas Satala

    On and off with “No service”since 8th of November !

  • Cherry Cullen

    No signal In falmouth, cornwall today for me. been down for a few hours

  • Andy

    Still no 4G here in Malvern. Sort yourselves out EE.

  • Alan Ford

    Worcester 4 days now no 4g connection….is there a problem ? EE website says no issues hmm ! everything else is working I get H and H+ connection but NO 4g

  • Thomas

    Had no signal all morning, TQ12 Devon.

  • Abbey

    Signal keeps going in Worcester , West Midlands

  • Felix

    No signal at EX14, Devon.

  • Andy

    No 4G in Malvern, Worcestershire since yesterday.

  • Blair Moore

    No signal in Brampton

  • Melissa

    Two days now in Worcester/ droitwich area

  • Amber

    No signal Harlow Essex

  • Annoyed

    No signal in Campbeltown argyll for 3 days!!! Get your act together EE this is unacceptable.

  • pohodicek

    No signal Norton on Derwent

  • Clare Silversides

    No signal at all in Malton North Yorkshire, so paying for 4 contracts that we cannot use, i expect every now and again to have the odd issue, but this is a regular occurrence, if there was any way i could get out of these contracts i would. Absolute rubbish, the customer service is very poor too!!

  • Michèle Francis

    no signal nr southwold , suffolk. this morning or yesterday.

  • Chris Harris

    I am still waiting for ee to port my mobile number, now into day 4 with no mobile contact, not a good introduction to BT or EE

  • Julie

    Same here in Bury St Eds, Suffolk :( . Also my aunt has no signal either (Vodaphone)

  • Jeff

    1 bar or no signal today in enniskillen, n Ireland.


  • Kenny west

    Just driven from newhaven to buckie (over 600 miles) and have had no signal!!!

  • Angela

    No signal in Clare Suffolk yesterday or today .

  • Daphne Willson

    2nd days without EE signal in Scarborough N YKS.

  • Sarah

    No data signal today and no signal at all yesterday in summertown / kidlington oxfordshire

  • Tansy

    Anyone else’s EE signal searching mine as all night since 12 still now At 8.51am Lincolnshire area?

  • Elizabeth Barker

    Is the we network down now….I have no signal at all

  • Paradroid

    Got no EE signal in Sutton Coldfield.

  • Lin Davies

    EE signal use to be really goo, now it’s hardly ger a signal around North west and Wales :-(

  • margaret mcintosh

    Very poor mobile signal in the Scottish Highlands to-day whats the reason ??

  • Ethan Beck

    poor to almost non-existent data speeds G4 0JP, near Glasgow Caledonian Uni, today and yesterday.

  • Charlotte

    I can get emails and have full signal. Can’t send nor receive messages. Same with
    calls. West Dorset.

  • Ian Saunders

    No phone or internet access for 2 days
    around Braunton N Devon.

  • Becky

    No service phone won’t even pick ee up. Ribble valley

  • Jimmy

    EE is stating it is having problems with its 4G network due to what it believes to be a DDOS attack, they have informed me to drop to 3G for the time being

  • Bex

    Can’t access internet at all today. Yesterday it was bad as had to reset my mobile EE box 5 times but today nothing. Called and they said the server is down. But I can see no problems reported above. Anyone else having problems?

  • Mohammad Asad

    Bad reception, Internet is very slow

  • Kevin

    No signal on ee network unavailable says when manual try find network 4 days been like this no answers or anything customer services in hiding 40mims in question no answer

  • Victoria Spencer

    Can’t send texts, intermittent signal slow or no Internet North East lincs no data roaming

  • pete bradley

    5 days and bloody signel in Weymouth wot the hell is going on

  • Derek Jackson

    Little or no signal from EE in South Cave,East Yorkshire

  • Mark Farrant

    No service in Fakenham Magna, Norfolk for 2 days, near Bury St. Edmunds is 100%

  • pete bradley

    NO network in dorset for four days no fun

  • Lioness Desireble

    Can’t even top up my phone. I tried doing it online twice and it says card decline or error and it takes the money off and I don’t receive it back

  • Chris Ather

    Service down all day in Leeholme, Coundon, Bishop Auckland 12th of October 2016