EE network problems and no signal

Everything Everywhere provides services focused on mobile phones and home broadband, so you can gain access to the Internet or make calls at home and while mobile. When the EE network runs into problems, or you receive no signal on your mobile phone and cellular iPad, then this will lead to complaints.

At home you could use an EE signal booster, but in most cases the network outage could be out of your hands thanks to service disruption. You will see status reports in regard to no mobile signal, or the lack of mobile Internet within the reports on this page.

Reach out to official EE help with the contact details found on this page, or if you have signal problems right now then share the location.


EE Status insight for Tuesday 11th of December 2018

If EE is down today, then reports will be found below.

EE Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Charlie Grant

    No internet in Wednesbury

  • Milky Dav

    I think it`s time for me to leave after nearly 30yr
    Orange before EE

  • Milky Dav

    no internet or phone Newport Gwent.
    never have problems with my giffgaff

  • Roliver

    No internet service in Grove, Oxon today.

  • scientifictyranny101

    Broadband has been off for two days. Brand new apartment in Croydon. EE is a joke.

  • Sandra Anne Taylor

    Intermittent very poor service for 2 days and now No service at all all day 22/5 in NE Leicestershire

  • John Whittaker

    No service for E and Virgin for last three days in Kirkby Lonsdale. LA6 2EF
    Whats happenng? Phoned and reply was yes we are having problems and it will soon be fixed. 3 Days later still down

  • Carol Irwin Wood

    No EE mobile service since last night Peterborough area, emergency calls only. Urrghh

  • Jonathon Winter

    Currently No service London W2

  • Jonathon Winter

    Myself and my colleague, both on EE, lost service at the same time. Currently ‘no service’ London W2

  • Brian

    No signal in mablethorpe for the last twelve hours LN12 area, cant send messages or phone.

  • Juliette

    I am in Dorchester, Dorset and the network has been down for 2 days. Not at all impressed with this because I cannot make or receive calls or texts and my phone is relied upon for my business!

  • Rob

    I live in Brentwood Essex and the network and service has been down for 4 days now, is anyone else having this issue?

  • Kim

    What happening EE phone 2 hours ago says no signal as still not working ?

  • Lisa

    Is the network down today as none of my message are going through and am not able to make a phone call

  • Kay smith

    Have no signal all day anoying

  • Dennis Leslie Peel

    I live in Middleton Suffolk. Since before Christmas until recently, I keep getting messages from we to say they are having problems with there local transmitter and engineers are working on it. I then have had regular up dated with one excuse or another.
    This as l say has been going on since Christmas, any ideas!

  • Dave

    No signal sy21 0hx

  • Dave

    No signal su21 0hx

  • rich

    EE always goes down in my area, every couple of days the reception is gone for hours. Its been off all day today.What a joke this service is, Im so fed up with it im leave you for another network.

  • Gina Langhor

    Sy24 signal keeps dropping out

  • John Denholm

    No phone signal at EH558ED. This has been since 16th.

  • Jack

    I have no internet access In LE3 area since 2 days

  • steven higgins

    no ee service around bs49 5jx area since this morning

  • Pete

    Having issues in Perth & Errol area no signal for a few days anyone else ???

  • Sue Newling

    Having network problems with ipad mobile data. Today and yesterday evening

  • raj

    Anyone else experiencing EE mobile connections issue currently in Sheffield area?

  • SJ

    No signal now for two days in SW18 London. Was told by EE that a mast was down and they were going to have it fixed by last.night.

  • Ruth Norman

    Still down this morning,just what is going on?