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If the DVLA website is down today, it could be stopping you from doing a multitude of tasks that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency offers. This ranges from new number plate registrations to a vehicle check, or change of address, but it’s true that these outages seem to be rare for the UK government backed service.


One of the times you might notice the DVLA website go down is when you need a new number plate reg, as such the demand can be very high for custom / personalised plates with the rare options going very quickly. At the time of registration this can mean an outage, and the DVLA number plate check and registration pages will be out for a few hours around the same time each year if demand is high.

Those of you having problems getting online with the DVLA website and find it down right now, please leave a status update below. Also, any length of outage and when you first noticed problems is also welcomed. You will also see other status updates from Down Today readers as well.


DVLA Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If DVLA is down today, then reports will be found below.

DVLA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Austin Howlett

    Tried to get a code to share license details so I can hire car in Ireland. Can not get one , message on screen ‘Error. Page cannot be found.’.Rang DVLA and they tried to generate one at their end and could not. Advised to keep trying and if I can’t get one before I travel I should ask car hire company in Ireland to ring them to confirm entitlements. Bring back the paper counterpart and stop this messing/

  • Vera Higgs

    Just taxed my car by old fashion telephone. Quick and easy. Thats technology for you.

  • Vera Higgs

    Need to tax my car been trying for 3 days. Surely maintaining a Government sight does not take this long.What do you call a few hours it used to be 3 hours not 3 days.

  • Taleba Wax

    omg i need my tax disc!! in my area they are so quick to bloody clamp!!! ffs!!! website is down!

  • Jack Jones

    Trying to SORN my car before the start of the next tax month, but the site is down for “essential maintenance”.

  • saranp

    Trying to pay tax but site won’t let me…not sure why we pay it here in Devon anyhow…we do not have and roads, just holes and earth

  • Meg

    Have discovered that you can’t use this website from apple devices like iPad and phone. Tried on windows and it worked fine.

  • Meg

    Trying I change my address and it won’t go past a certain page. it’s very frustrating.

  • rob

    i need a code to show my new bus driving job, no website means no code, no code means no check, no check means no job. disgusted with the zero help from this service. i have a limited time-frame. what a joke !!

  • Lottiel

    Cannot pay road tax ahead of buying a different car tomorrow. Site will not connect to payment confirmation and bank has received no notification. How can we tax the car?? We need to drive it quite a distance to get it home!

  • Jill Oldham

    Cannot tax car, says no mot but all other mot sites and mobile apps clearly show my car has an mot. I have been trying to get on the DVLA site since 14.00 14/03/17 and I have just tried again this morning 07.43 15/03/17. It’s still not working. Very annoying.

  • Lee Berry

    ive got the same problem only way to advice is to fill all boxes ie nearside front (upper inner centre etc)?????

  • David mays

    Mot not working properly as unable to record advice or fail cars.pass ok.

  • Mrspie

    Inform vehicle has been sold section is not working even though says availbkle 7-7 !

  • bsg017

    It seems that I can get a code when using Chrome as my browser with Windows 10, BUT NOT if I use Edge as my browser!!

  • bsg017

    Still told session has timed out. at 1248hrs on 12th Feb :-(

  • bsg017

    Still out of action at 2120rs

  • bsg017

    Been trying to get a Licence Check Code for at least 4 hours (now 2000hrs). Need to have a courtesy car while my own is serviced next week..

  • Sarah Rolfe

    Trying to put reg on retention all day and still no luck (06/02)

  • Steve

    Same for me as well. Tried ringing to find out expected return to normal but got into a Kafkaesque answer service loop!

  • Dave

    Exactly the same for me been trying all day and can’t use the service…

  • Rob Bohte

    is this a trump runned company?

  • Barry

    I have been unable to put my car registration number onto retention as the website has been down all day today. It just says that the service is normally available between 7 am and 7 pm.

  • Daz

    Back online

  • Daz

    Can’t tax my car and have no time tomorrow to call them….. what do I do now?

  • Vic

    Same problem as many below. Trying to renew my car tax but website not working. Guess I’ll have to phone them tomorrow!

  • Nick

    Cannot tax car as site is down!!!!!

  • Taxless Joe

    It’s gov site down when the public needs it the most just like ambulance service and nhs

  • Alice

    Boyfriend can’t get his car taxed, so crap as he’s been excited about this car for weeks and now he doesn’t get to drive it now he’s actually got it!

  • Tracey Stephens

    I can’t tax my new car arraaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • Amanda Moulding

    Can’t renew car tax online, runs out tomorrow. Hope they get it sorted sharpish!

  • George Trist

    Can start tax process by timesout on page immediately after start. Need tax asap it I’m taxless and stuck in middle of nowhere. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh

  • Mark

    No idea what is happening, but I cannot seem to find an official DVLA website, it is now a dot gove website or has it always been like that?

  • Chris Aguilar

    Trying to renew my license but keep getting server down messages, then session timed out, even though I’m actively inputting details and moving from page to page fairly quickly. Nowhere near 20 mins logged on each time it goes down.

  • Peterkeen Keen

    Cant tax car,website says slip v5/c2 ref no invalid.

  • Samantha Martin

    Can’t collect my new car as they can’t tax it due to the system being down today not a happy bunny right now

  • Testing

    Can’t tax car today, what a uselss website (New Beta) , still going to drive it as I have no other option.

  • Stuart

    Was supposed to pick my wife’s brand new car up yesterday but dvla couldn’t finalise the paper work not happy

  • Tricky

    7th November 2016. Tried to renew my driving licence today but neither Safari on iPad or Google on Android can get this to happen.

  • Peter Nicklin

    Still not working

  • CHeryl Darby

    Does anyone know when the site will be working again???

  • Stephen jay

    Hi have been trying to tax a car i borut to day dvla site will not let me

  • Elle

    Can’t tax vehicle , been trying all day . It folded initially on the third screen, but now major steps forward ….. It now folds on the second.

    Wednesday 19th October

  • Sian

    DVLA site down today. Travelled all the way over to Slough to take my driving theory test. Was kept waiting for over an hour before being told that the system was down. The person in charge was very unhelpful. He was not able to give me any useful information, yet had the time to stand texting on his phone. And I’ve been told that I just have to rebook. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

  • Ray Hewitt

    Tried to renew my driving licence today,19/9/16, not able to complete the transaction, site refusing to load. I resorted to the old postal system. God bless the governments IT systems, almost as useless as the government.

  • Kate

    I had to send of marriage certificate as my name has changed. But now I have had my licence and V5 log form back but not my marriage certificate back, I will be so UPSET if I do not get that back. I am hoping it will be sent separately.

  • Winston

    Can’t tax my car this morning (Thursday 7/716). Click the start tab and get “Page can’t be displayed.”

  • Elizabeth Giddens

    Can’t renew my daughter’s car tax ! I have been trying since yesterday (Friday 1/7/16) . Very annoying. Up to post office instead now!

  • Sarah Sheldon

    First tried 20 minutes ago. Need a car hire code for tomorrow. Something to do with the referendum? (govt site)

  • Rotondared

    Having the same problem. Need a hire car code but system down. First tried 30 mins ago

  • Chris Rigg

    Trying to get a DVLA code prior to going abroad for a holiday – service down, no mention how long this is likely to last. Anyone else had this issue?

  • Patricia Roberts Âû

    Trying to find cancellations for practical testo but it has crashed and says service not available

  • Penelope Roy Dube

    Impossible to tax my car on the website! Tells me the credit cards are not authorized.. Call the credit company and they say it’s the website that crashed..

  • Mark Ryan

    I am waiting for my licence details to be updated online so a finance company can validate my licence and my new car can be released to me, can anyone please tell me how long I should expect to wait? Thank you.

  • Graham

    Same here. Have been trying since Saturday morning. In the mean time I have had to insure another vehicle – looking forward to the compensation from DVLA!!
    DVLA know about the problem but still refuse to take payment over the phone, just advise not to drive the vehicle. Hopeless system.

  • Kathryn Robinson

    Same here, tried post office three times already as it needs changing from disabled tax. Looks like taxi to work today!

  • Lee Stephens

    Trying to retain a plate. Click the “start” tab and get an “Invalid request” page!

  • karlm

    same here been told to come back later

  • George

    Been trying to tax my car since Saturday got it for my birthday haven’t been able to drive it. What a stupid system

  • Andy

    Can’t tax car as when entering post code and clicking find my address it doesn’t phill the boxes below so when submitting form shows error ” needs full postal address” why hasn’t DVLA got a team that checks this …

  • Adrian Wood

    can’t renew my car tax today – site just hangs on card verification – off to the post office tomorrow

  • Ian Mence

    cant tax my car keeps crashing have tryed two different cards… no good

  • Angry Motorist

    We shouldn’t be so passive. The service is rubbish, someone should be responsible and they should get fired….

  • Angry Motorist

    Expect if they get it working the CEO will get a bonus for fixing issues…..

  • Angry Motorist

    Trying to track an application for a photocard exchange. Helpline telephone rather helpfully tells you that they are very busy and cuts you off. The online portal asks you to log in to the Govt Gateway and then tells you the service isn’t working. Been like this since Monday, fairly rubbish.

  • Robert Claridge

    Taxing my Daimler now as it had a SORN. Got as far as entering card details, bank’s card verification page came up partway then froze. Can’t reload DVLA website .Now what?

  • disqus_XyY1yxFVHk

    No problem getting license renewed at 70, at nearly 73 received the notice to renew, tried online (taking care to try and get the real DVLA website) and got so far with all the information required (which was already on my existing license) then was expected to provide some mysterious code to continue, which it claimed already had and did not – no idea what it was – so had to abandon this. Any attempt to find out, or try again, brought me back in a circle and could not find any phone number to ask a human.



  • Becky

    Couldn’t take my old car for its mot yesterday and now it won’t let me tax my new car?

  • S doughty

    Took half an hour trying to apply for over 70 driving licence, searching for passport numbers, NI number etc before failing at last hurdle. No indication beforehand that site was having problems. Father now resigned to filling in paper form. What a waste of time!

  • Viv rigby

    Site down today need to advise sale of car!!!

  • SAP62

    Trying to generate a hire code & getting no response from the system. And no indication that it’s down. Only found out by googling. Thanks for the posts

  • SAP62


  • Matt

    Cannot generate hire code due to ‘technical problems’ on the DVLA site. Tried all day yesterday as hiring a vehicle at 8am today. What a fantastic system!

  • Rb123

    DVLA down. Can’t generate code to hire car

  • Stu Sutcliffe


  • Sarah Turner

    DVLA site down today.

  • Pat Egan

    Down today when I need to organize a code to share my licence details!! Down over an hour now…

  • wayne

    The site seems to be down now for trying to buy a private registration, frustrating.

  • Cole

    I got an email back from DVLA but not of the links within are working. I have not had this problem before.

  • David James

    Non of the links for email contact are working?

  • Joy

    When I try to do a search on the official DVLA website it does not show any results. All I was searching for was how to renew my licence as its nearly running out.

  • Annoyed dvla customer

    Is it me or is dvla down right now??

  • James

    Trying to renew photo on licence, rubbish website! Completely unworkable, do they even test that it works!!!! Cannot find address, puts name into title field, time in property fails (two numbers, years and months)…… someone needs sacking! !!

  • Andy

    Trying to tax my vehicle but site keeps telling me that my session has expired before I get to even enter my payment details. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Beth

    And it’s working now.

  • Beth

    I can’t get on to tax a vehicle. It says the websites security certificate has been revoked. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Adrian

    I can’t get on the DVLA auction website. It is auction day today and I guess its busy

  • Melvin

    It was the same when they changed the tax disc ruling – absolute chaos.

  • TomSUP

    I don’t mean to sound horrible but I am glad it wasn’t just me. I tried for an hour this morning but had to go to work – I’ve just checked now and the cherished number I wanted is gone. Useless DVLA.

  • Baz

    Took me 3 hours to get on the site this morning, luckily my plate was still there.

  • Mat

    I can’t believe it, I’ve had my eye on the perfect 15 plate for weeks but when I tried to get logged on before the start of todays sale the site was deliberately taken down by DVLA. It then came live at 8.30 and it has taken me until 10.03 to actually get logged in – to find that the numberplate I wanted has been SOLD. I am fuming, if DVLA know its going to be a high demand sale why don’t they beef their systems up? Typical government run agency.

  • Ron

    I think the DVLA need more web servers, especially at busy times like today when we want to register a 15 plate.

  • Dan

    Come on, this is a government website they should be able to handle the traffic.

  • Mike

    I wanted to get a new 15 number plate today and was also looking at personalised plates, it has been down for ages…anyone else able to get on?