DomiNations problems

The DomiNations strategy game released only on Android and iOS platforms is a cause for concern for those having issues. Some of the main DomiNations problems surrounds the game not opening, app crashing upon opening on certain mobile devices, and many bugs during gameplay.

DomiNations problems

Some users have even had issues with DomiNations Facebook page not loading for them, or scrolling is very slow. When the stunning game by designer Brian Reynolds, who is best known for Rise of Nations and Civilization II is running smoothly you know it is a brilliantly put together game, but when things go wrong like the above or even worse when servers crash you know it is an annoying game.

Here on Down Today you can join the community to share your problems, and even find DomiNations game tips to help you solve an issue.

You would have built your capital city after choosing your Nation, where you will lead them from the Stone Age. Other problems have consisted in now receiving rewards or special powers, unlocking items not working and the app itself being it Android or iOS is not downloading onto your device.

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DomiNations Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If DomiNations is down today, then reports will be found below.

DomiNations Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • razzaq aljalayze

    Game crashes and restarts when using bazooka tactic.. Beacuse if this i lost my bith attacks at world war

  • Slammy

    I can’t even open dominations today. It starts loading then closes automatically. Help please

  • ash

    new to this.
    see my post after yours

  • ash

    Rob, I had similar problem last night. and at one point it was completely hung, even after switching off and restarting my ipad. As I have everything backed to cloud, I deleted the app and reloaded. It works perfectly now. Interesting I got 300 free crowns about an hour ago. Suspect the ‘wee people’ noticed the outage last night and giving something back for the heartache of loosing everything in battle including all the loot, lose of blessings, troops and troop tactics. Expect an info note about it to appear soon I guess.

  • Rob

    I am now locked out of the game on my iPad with the same message, can access another game on my android phone. Any ideas on the iPad issue?

  • Rob

    Still down this morning!

  • Steve

    I wonder if this is related to Amazon AWS outage today…..

  • Cheryl

    Can’t login. Server issue 501

  • Pete

    Server issue 501

  • Colbert

    501 error, can’t open the game.

  • Todd Garfield

    Same here

  • Zach

    Server issue 501

  • Maggi

    Server issue 501

  • Geoffrey Buckley

    Server error 501 . Why do popular games keep doing This?

  • Alok

    It constantly disconnects as soon as I open the game. It always shows network disconnection error but my network is not the problem as I play many games in it I have a mipad

  • lee

    wont update on ipad pro at all

  • Chains

    Nothing worse then the constant reconnecting. Never getting any progress. Really annoying. Anything I do I have to redo the next time I log in.

  • Chad Briggs

    I can’t log in at all players see me as being online

  • Kátai Béla

    I only have problems on a specific router, so I tried to google router settings. Cannot find any!
    The game is just not loading on my iphone. I tried to reinstall… still the same message.
    Connection to server could be not established bla bla…

    Please help…

  • Leo Bode

    First server problems and now my Village is gone back in time. It is in the state were it was couple of weeks ago. ??

  • Scuba

    Game crashes a lot….. Mid war attack the game crashes n don’t even get the player attack back or it even going down on the war battle report

  • dac76

    Internet connectivity problem all day today there is nothing wrong with my WiFi

  • Paulie

    Since the most recent update [the embassy] the game keeps freezing for about two to three seconds every twenty seconds. Others in my alliance are having the same problem. I emailed them and they said they have passed the issue on to whoever is the appropriate person. It is very annoying..

  • Atze Reidinga

    Sinds a couple of days i keep getting the problem that i can’t connect to the server. Reinstall dominations did’nt help.

    Please fix it for me

  • Won’t load

    Won’t load for me past the Nexon screen. On iOS. Starting this morning. Uninstall/reinstall didn’t work. Anyone else?

  • siva kumar

    it’s not opening. it just displaying the logo.

  • Dragon

    The game on iPad keeps crashing frequently whilst on multiplayer and world war games. Anyone has a solution?

  • kaybao

    Same for me. Tried uninstalling/re-installing, still no joy. Using Android on Samsung Note 3.

  • Kathy White

    Thank you Sarc! Just wanted everyone to know the following facts. I was frustrated so I decided well I’ll go ahead and uninstall and reinstall and see what happens and if I lose the game progress… I just want to preface that I had never signed into Google Play or Facebook or any of that. I would hit deny and cancel each time. So I was worried that my progress wouldn’t be there and I would have to start over. I uninstalled and reinstalled and bingo it actually worked! And I didn’t lose my progress! Thank You Nexon!

  • Laura Hagar

    I now am not able to get into the game…it worked for me this morning and now an hour later it doesn’t load..tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still doing the same thing.

  • Sarcsyalius Cypris

    I had experienced that before. I loaded the game on my wife’s device and logged in to my account. It loaded fine. Then I reinstalled the game on my device and it fixed the issue.

  • Kathy White

    If I lose the game due to this issue..i will request a refund for all crowns purchased thus far!

  • Kathy White

    Yes…the game has worked fine for me untill just a few days ago when the exact same isse you described iccurred and continues for me. I cant get in!

  • Rob

    Dominations won’t load past the NEXON logo, then the screen goes black and stays like that. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • LEX

    I experienced the same thing Dyllan yesterday… been searching the net on how to resolve… still no solutions found… HELP

  • Dyllan

    DomiNations won’t load past the NEXON logo, after that it turns to black and just remains on that screen indefinitely. I was playing this game earlier and was just now simply opening the app in response to being attacked. Is anyone experiencing the same thing, or knows what is happening?

  • Kura

    DomiNations is a good game but be prepared to pay a lot of money to continue. If you do not spend to get better you will never beat anyone above level 50, so whats the point.

  • Lewis

    take it easy everyone, they said maintenance was extended and that’s that. Everyone will be back up soon, take it easy.

  • Mikey

    DomiNations servers still down, chill everyone they will fix the issues.

  • ben

    DomiNations is over running massively on their Maintenance that was due to end today, Aug 19th. Anyone know when it will be back up? This is bad.

  • Byron

    This game is a nightmare on my android tablet, keeps crashing on me.

  • Juliet

    DomiNations is such a cool game, the only downside i can see is the crown problem. How do you get crowns that much easier.Jimmy

  • Juliet

    I have nothing but issues since installing the new update.

  • Tim

    I cannot run this game on my Samsung NotePro 12.

  • Patty

    Would be a much better game if you can choose who you can do battle with. Random enemies are rather boring.

  • Melany

    There are so many bugs within this game, I collect the rewards only to find I do not have them. How bizarre.