Disney Plus Down? Not Working

Disney Plus has recently been released at the back end of last year, 2019, and has been a hit with fans ever since. Although, with so many users trying this new way of watching their favourite Disney films and TV shows whilst relaxing in their spare time, there can be some slight disruption.

There’s been several issues, which have occurred in the past and customers have been saying that they’re having all kinds of trouble, some being, buffering when wanting to watch something, or having messages pop up and saying they should contact customer services.

So therefore, if you’re finding that you are currently witness any of these we’ve just mentioned, or are experiencing anything different that may not sound or feel right, then do feel free to let us know in the comment section below and us, the writers, will be able to keep you up-to-date until the issue has been resolved.


Disney Plus Status insight for Sunday 5th of April 2020

If Disney Plus is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Disney Plus Reports

@eileeniorio @Gotpeg Lilo opens the dryer door, and crawls out... Noni jumps down, gathers up the blanket, and catches her... In the version that is currently streaming on Disney Plus, the scene has been edited. The dryer is changed to look like a rough wooden cabinet with a PIZZA BOX DOOR.

Anyone else’s Disney plus not working rn???

Happy birthday to the great Anthony Perkins. (1/2) While on lock-down: - PSYCHO III (which he directed) on Amazon Prime - MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS on Amazon Prime - WINTER KILLS on Amazon Prime - THE BLACK HOLE on Disney Plus - Orson Welles THE TRIAL on Roku Channel pic.twitter.com/VkeKBoS0HF

I’m sat watching Disney plus eating strawberries and @mollyh12x ft me FUCKED I cba😭😭@AbbieNaden literally roaring down the phone 🤧

disney plus is not working,, i truly hate it here just wanna watch zack & cody on board

@comicaccuracy It could even be a Disney Plus show, focusing on Rhodey doing just that, preparing for his retirement, & settling down. I respect your opinion tho, I just think it would be a cool entry.

It’s a Disney plus kind of day in this house... Cheetah Girls down & HSM is up next pic.twitter.com/gtDwSUycpK

@lechepop @ShinigamiSylvie Great for them! But it will only be a matter of time before it’s taken down from Disney plus knowing them😔

@MarkMandalorian @ForceofLightEn1 @starwars In my own opinion I think every Star Wars film is fantastic and not even one Star Wars film has let me down and the tv shows are some of the best tv shows on Disney plus right now can’t wait for more Star Wars @dave_filoni @Jon_Favreau @starwars #staysafe #StaySafeEveryone pic.twitter.com/1ZafblsyR2

Is anyone else’s family having massive problems trying to access Disney Plus in the U.S?@disneyplus

I really wish I had disney plus but since im not working I feel like right now is not the time to get it :/

@delicatebliss Everything is good here I have Disney Plus and Animal Crossing to keep my company. Plus I’m working on @musicismyradar4 I have 4 posts to draft but the release dates are staggered so it’s not as overwhelming

#TheMandalorian is the best thing on Disney Plus hands down... I have spoken.

I just wanna hands down I’m proud to with a @verizon customer free Disney plus and Apple TV.Let’s see what it’s talking about bout to get back in touch with my childhood 😊


Broke down and got Disney plus 🙄

For anyone who hasn’t seen Onward do yourself a favor and turn on Disney plus, sit down and enjoy. It was criminally overshadowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but now that we’re all stuck inside give it a shot

@JoeBudden The Disney Plus initial impact was so huge, but you feel like the Disney Plus hype is still real or is the hype dying down? Is Netflix ain’t considered so dead in the anymore? 🤔

The nostalgia for Disney plus died down so quick

My mom getting us unlimited data and Disney Plus right before the quarantine was hands down most clutch things she’s ever done

I've already set up my VPN. having problems signing up for Disney plus though... trying diff payment methods so hope at least one works 🤞🏻

My experience of shopping at #Tesco today - big plus with the Disney ride channeling go into the store but not so cool with the steward telling me to move closer to the person in front of me so people can move down the queue quicker 🙄

Disney plus is like going down memory lane.....I use to watch all of these while growing up. If I had sick days off school, my Auntie would sit and watch these with me. Plus we would always have Tomato soup everytime. I Miss her. ❤ pic.twitter.com/ixEMIzsYm4

@THR I signed petitions for this to debut on Disney Plus. Already businesses are affected by being shut down.

@KindaCulty Pushing the release date for MCU Black Widow will probably get them to lose viewers. It seem like almost everyone want it early on Disney+ instead of going to movies. Plus movies probably won't open by then. Hopefully everything is shut down until virus is over

Disney world on some nut shit still taking ppl monthly fee out plus down payments while they closed down!

#NewMutants Honestly man, this movie might as well get released on Disney Plus. I was working in theaters with it's original date that was supposedly going to release and now after leaving the theaters, it's still not released? That's actually kinda annoying lol.

i broke down and bought disney plus bc what else ima do, my hw ??

#blackwidow only in theaters then until this virus has anything to say about the new release date in November...hopefully it dies down then and we’re out and about. If not, it’d have to go straight to Disney Plus. Just like they did with that new ‘Onward’ movie.

@brummymummyof2 Ngl it’s been weird & surreal. Working from home & trying to stick to a routine of some sort & try not to worry too much. Am thankful for people like you to help me through. Am currently watching Moana on Disney Plus as hubby is on a 12 hour shift working for the Coastguard 💕

I really wish I could be chilling w/ my god kids watching Disney plus or playing games or dress up lol whatever they wanna do I would be down 😩

This took six months and there are so many other shows on Disney Plus that have worse problems than this (wrong episode order, for example). twitter.com/lreynajr/statu…

I was down for black widow to ride on Disney plus for 20$ :( Now gotta wait till November. Phase 4 such a tease

@hotstar_helps Disney plus hotstar app in android tv not provide Dolby 5.1 sound....(mandalorian movie) Why u not solved this... I hope your technical team working for this error..

right, I’m sorry but Disney plus u letting me down. the movies are great and stuff but cmon it’s constantly lagging and skipping so much stuff. also it’s always down and it ain’t our connection because lots who ik experience the same pls help #DisneyPlus

I can lay down all day & watch Disney plus 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

@Mr__Jeremy I think they could use existing facilities. Disney's sports complex would be a good place for basketball and baseball, plus they can accommodate on-site lodging and food services and if they have to shut down their parks for an extended period it could drive revenue

disney plus is truly letting me down bc they have yet to put the real classics on here...AND WHERE THE HELL IS THE NEW SZN OF PROUD FAMILY??

Might break down and sign up for disney plus

really contemplating breaking down and paying that $70 for Disney Plus 😅

I’ve been binge watching Ozark and I need to watch something more “feel good” it has been bringing my mood way down lol probably going to switch up to Disney plus

@DisneyPlusUK Disney Plus which started streaming in Europe and UK on the first day of lock down. Raking on money for its share holders which include the Pelosi family.

When Disney Plus first came out people swore up & down that it was a wrap for Netflix ... mannnn Netflix been going crazy ever since lol

@RobertsDJ I'm just SAYING that Disney Plus launched the day after we locked down, dont YOU think that's a bit strange?! #DisneyDidIt

who’s down for another 59 girls disney day after COVID-19? (plus sophia, kaya, and madina) pic.twitter.com/sBop7dUvpk

why is disney plus not working? I just want to finish watching Moana 🥺

I got Disney plus three days ago and it’s all been down hill since then

@SkyHelpTeam why is my WiFi not working properly? Just wanna watch Disney plus 😩😩😩

@O2 my husband is having problems getting the Disney plus channel please can someone help?