Destiny Xur location December 9 to 11

There’s certain trends we track on our status pages and one of these is the Destiny Xur location each week, which is December 9 to 11 for 2016. While the server status for this game is talked about most on Down Today, we also see hundreds of our readers commenting on where is Xur each week in Destiny within the comments.


As such, you can not only leave status updates for downtime on this Destiny page, but also feel free to leave the exact location for Xur in Destiny during the weekend of December 9 below in the comments. The time is now 9AM in the UK, 4AM EST, or 1AM PST thanks to clocks changing.

The above times let gamers know when they can expect to take advantage of new items for sale from Destiny Xur and when to hunt for the new location each week. There’s also an Exotic weapon to purchase, which changes most times the Agent of the Nine returns, but not always and this has upset players in the past.

Where is Destiny’s new Xur location for December 9? What weapon would you like Xur to sell next time round? Be sure to be with us on the date shown here because this is when we will reveal the agents location and what items he will have for sale.

Last week: The Agent of Nine was in the Tower opposite Lord Shaxx where he was selling two chest armor pieces called the Crest of Alpha Lupi and the Voidfang Vestments. He also had the Peregrine Greaves Leg Armor Legacy Helmet Engram and last but not least The 4th Horseman Shotgun.

  • Limmy

    Is Xur going to give us some Christmas goodies soon?

  • Krishna

    Yes, for PS3, go through the basement steps near Amanda the shipwright and then go near the place where you can play music. He is at the very end.



  • Ian

    Hes in the club in the back left hand side

  • Ian

    For xbox 360 and ps3 xur is in the club all the way in the back left hand corner

  • Derek

    Where is Xur on PS3?

  • Oscar Daniel Barrionuevo

    Where is xur for ps3??

  • GotGame

    Xur is at the Tower in the middle room with the crucible vendors.

  • Nagato Pain

    the 4th Horseman sucks the only real special exotic’s are Telesto, no land beyond and black spindle

  • Cookies

    It’s okay for PvP, but there are better uses for your exotic!

  • Grimm

    He is in the tower opposite lord shaxx

  • Lennii

    He has the 4th Horseman Shotgun my friends, is this any good?

  • Jodhhhhhhhh

    Were abouts tho

  • Joshhhh


  • Joshhhh

    Xur today”

  • Joshhhh

    Were is xu today??

  • Braxton Kemerly

    Xur at the reef

  • Superiorgoalie12

    The patience and time sucks. Just get devils dawn

  • Lava Fist

    he is by the crucible quartermaster for xbox360 and ps3

  • irish o’leary

    Xur in tower across from shaxx

  • Daniel Garambone Merege


  • Mick Ward

    Patience and time I’m afraid mate.

  • Christopher Mydelski

    He is in the Hall of Guardians on the left hand side next to The Crucible Quartermaster

  • Christopher Mydelski

    For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 there is just as you go inside the Vanguard Hall to the left next to The Crucible Armory dealer

  • Daniel Garambone Merege

    Where is xur for ps3???

  • Vince Rawlings

    When you go down steps into tower, turn right instead of left. He is in the dead end overlooking the hangar bay itself

  • Irwin

    He is in the Tower Hangar.

  • Jonathan

    Xur what time?

  • Cain Hannah

    Where is he!! The little SH#T!!!!

  • Daniel Garambone Merege

    Did xur appear today already for ps3??

  • Daniel Garambone Merege

    Did xur already appear for ps3 this weekend??

  • I am UOTOU

    MIDA Multi-Tool this week i hope Fingers crossed

  • Tim D Turner

    is xur still on ps3 or did he get moved to ps4

  • Tim D Turner

    is xur still on the ps3 consoles or did bungie move him to ps4 only?

  • Jim

    No he isn’t I checked all inside the observatory, the reef, and tower north

  • mike

    Missed Xur. Bloody clock changing rubbish!

  • Curtis

    By the speaker

  • Curtis

    YA he is there

  • carlos

    at his house, sleeping…

  • Glingaer

    He’s over by the closed giant doors near the speakers building.

  • Visserman

    He’s at the opposite of the opening that leads to the speaker

  • Visserman

    He’s at the other side of the opening that leads to the speaker.

  • Chris

    Where is ur for PS3 today

  • Wheats

    Does anyone know why xur doesn’t appear in the reef today for Xbox 360? He didn’t appear last wk either:0(

  • Gamers Cafe

    It isn’t a bad auto-rifle, Auto’s got a buff when Rise of Iron came out so that helps them a bit, plus it also allows you to change the fire mode which helps when playing Iron Banner and also normal PVP..

  • Gamers Cafe


  • Jed

    He is in the reef my friend.

  • Killer

    He has the SUROS, what do people think of this auto weapon?

  • Carl

    Where is Xur today November 18th?

  • Caleb Doyle (Celeb)

    where is Xur right now??

  • GodSAveAmerica

    So your point is what?
    I am to spend many hundreds of more dollars for a “game; just to play it?
    I’ll move on to another game where the developers have more common sense.

    Another point is all the down time going on.

    I’ll speculate Bunghole is doing so much data network compression this is the problem due to the millions they have to pay Sony for bandwidth and another point is all the cheater lag switching and ddosing as well.

    I am sick of playing PvP and get studdering and getting killed when some one is lag switching.

  • Jack_Jeckel

    1st thing: Yes you get to port your character over gear, stats n all, BUT once transfered to ps4 there’s no going back. There’s no reset of everything so no need to fret!
    2nd: you can get a new ps4 for $300 maybe less if you poke around looking deals and/or trade in some stuff.
    3. You also receive 1 in game item to bring your character up to level.

    Yeah sure micro transactions aren’t the best, but hey its an industry wide thing not just bungie and friends. Hope I helped ya bro!

  • Evan Su

    Where is he on ps3 and xbox 360

  • TheDarkenedMyst

    For Xbox 360 and ps3 Xur is in tower north at the far back area past the entrance to the speakers room

  • GodSAveAmerica

    BFD.. Many who still use PS3 are locked out of his inventory and can only buy exotic most times year one exotic.
    Bunghole is working to force everyone onto the PS4 platform and again buy the game. THAT is A LOT OF MONEY. $500-600 U.S. Dollars to spend for a PS4 just to play a game……
    Noises I’ve heard is the possible character reset and you lose everything and have to start all over again’ all those many months of grinding GONE..
    I USED to have fun and that is what a “game” is supposedly be FUN.
    Bunghole/ActiVison/Microcrap are forcing all of us into micro transactions and to spend money on NOTHING…

    I am so close to chucking destiny into e bay and go to titan Fall 2; I’ve played titan Fall and they are played on a PC and kicks butt…
    I used a keyboard and mouse on my PS3 to try it and I can move and aim far faster than the PS controller.

  • ImHereToSnitchOnYall

    This is PS4. as soon as you spawn go to the right

  • ImHereToSnitchOnYall

    Xur is back at the Reef. Happy trails.

  • James

    He is in the Reef, look above to see a video.

  • Saad Rehman

    on november 11-13 xur is at the…
    Anyone know???

  • Weasel AKA BoundedSumo

    if you checked sunday then yeah he wouldn’t be there dude, he’s only on friday morning-saturday night, not sunday

  • FeministFury

    What exactly is the spawnand can you give more locale details please?

  • Taha E Ereken

    Xur is not in the reef i checked the video too but hes not there…

  • Steven LaBaw

    For Xbox 360 and probably PS 3 Xur is on the Tower by the crucible quartermaster selling Primary weapon enigrams

  • Chino

    No he isn’t. He is there for new consoles but not 360. Last week, he was available last week but not this weekend. Thanks @bungie

  • SgtAwesome97

    Not for ps3, looked in the tower and the reef, not anywhere.

  • Simon

    Look above in the content, details and video now added.

  • julio

    Hes in the reef off to the right of spawn

  • Charlotte

    It’s almost 9 am here in the uk and I haven’t found xûr yet

  • SeverelySadistic

    Anyone found xur yet?

  • Daniel Owens

    where the F is that shady fellow today

  • Daniel Owens

    no xur so far

  • dlehman1979

    XBOX 360 and PS3 have been left behind. There is no new DLC’s and Xur doesn’t sell much anymore. This has been known for some time. To get the new gear that Xur is selling you need to upgrade to current gen.

  • John Rapier

    Hello, I can’t fund bad juju on xur
    but i’m not playing roi do i need to switch over to my xbox one to get it

  • John Rapier

    Hello im playing on 360 and on’t see bad juju am i missing somehting

  • Jordon Sigears

    Tower by speaker in balcony

  • DOOMguy

    PS3 and 360 as well.

  • Doomguy

    PS3 as well.

  • viajante

    Quem quiser acompanhar em portugues, procura por Seth Online nas redes sociais que vc acha, logo cedo o video ta la ja

  • familyguy2095

    Same on ps4

  • familyguy2095

    Not this time

  • familyguy2095

    In tower by speaker

  • Snelinesn

    Xbox one: Xur is located on the balcony near the speaker.

  • familyguy2095

    He just showed up on destiny app

    Has bad juju and 3 helmets with legacy engram

  • edwardz69

    Where is he

  • B-Boy

    Anyone see him yet?

  • Nyal

    Please sell miss multi tool

  • Fabulous-Choco

    On the ps3 he is across lord shaxx in the lower level of the tower

  • Devin Delaney

    He’s next to Aricite 99-40 and across from Lird Shaxx. Confirm if he’s there for you.

  • Jeremiah Maing

    for me, Xur always appears in the hall where Ikora. Clyde, and Zavala are


    For Xbox 360 he is located across from Lord Shaxx in the lower level of the Tower.

  • Matt

    Confirmed. Thx

  • Matt

    For 360 he is not there. Anyone know where

  • Maciek

    Where is xur for ps3?

  • Jon Laws

    Xur is next to crucible quatermaster in tower

  • Ken

    All the details are above, bet everyone is playing Battlefield 1 now lol.

  • Maciek

    Add me coz I need to do raid King’s Fall. MaciekLong911

  • LordSaw

    Saros Regime year 2 for the October 21st weekend pleaseeeeee! pretty please por favor.

  • Truck Marshall

    So has anyone found the xur yet

  • Truck Marshall

    No iv been on my game all Friday and can’t find him

  • Supabee

    He’s in the vanguard room to the right.

  • Donnelll

    Where is xur for ps3 ? My GT is ddd370z nned to crush some raids but again I can’t find xur

  • Hayden

    Oh I did not see your message ok lol I’ll check

  • Hayden

    I’m on PS3 and he is not there!

  • Relyn Serano

    Ah, trespasser, nice.

  • Henry

    My Xbox account has been banned until 12/30/9999 you could by overwriting the ban. Could anyone please report the gamertag for voice communication my GT is goldeteddybear. Thanks it would mean a lot so all of us guardians can fight together!!!!

  • Henry

    My Xbox account has been banned until 12/30/9999 you could by overwriting the ban. Could anyone please report the gamertag for voice communication my GT is goldeteddybear. Thanks it would mean a lot so all of us guardians can fight together!!!

  • LookImACat

    For those Playing On Xbox 360 or Ps3 Xur Can Be found In the Vanguard Room where Cayde Ikora and Zavela Are located he is on the right Hand Side and is Selling the Exotic Gauntlet item as well as the usual Three of Coins Etc Upvote This So Others Can See Enjoy 😀

  • Thomas Banwell

    Is Xur still on Xbox 360?

  • Tr1hrd

    YES finally he sold the sunbreakers after so long I’ve been waiting for this

  • VinnieGhost

    My PS3 is dead so can’t be sure… check and let us know!

  • Maciek

    For legacy consoles is in the some place also?

  • Daniel Fisher

    Xur Can Be Found At Same Location Has last Week In the Corner Round From the Speaker.

  • VinnieGhost

    Xur is in same place as last week… (PS4) just in corner past entrance to speaker

  • Law

    So where is the agent then?

  • Ben_

    Well its not bull… I’ve had plenty of exotics from rare engrams

  • Deez Nuts

    i call bull from getting a exotic out of a rare. I’ve been around since year 1 and the only time they ever gave a exotic that wasnt from a exotic or legendary engram was when year 2 launched. They handed out common (green) engrams which turned into a exotic year one which you could use for blueprints

  • Anton Laurén

    To u guys that haven’t enough money to buy a ps4 (like me) xur is at the tower north by corner *:

  • Maciek

    Someone can tell me where I find Xur on ps3?

  • Maciek

    Where os Xur for legacy consoles?

  • Maciek

    Where is xur for legacy consoles?

  • Aati Gumer

    As they were data mined then

  • Aati Gumer

    Yes finally the Thagomizers! I’ve been looking for those since the Taken King :)