Destiny Xur location March 31 to April 2

There’s certain trends we track on our status pages and one of these is the Destiny Xur location each week, which is March 31 to April 2. While the server status for this game is talked about most on Down Today, we also see hundreds of our readers commenting on where is Xur each week in Destiny within the comments.


As such, you can not only leave status updates for downtime on this Destiny page, but also feel free to leave the exact location for Xur in Destiny during the weekend of March 31 below in the comments. The time is now 10AM in the UK, 5AM EST, or 2AM PST thanks to clocks changing.

The above times let gamers know when they can expect to take advantage of new items for sale from Destiny Xur and when to hunt for the new location each week. There’s also an Exotic weapon to purchase, which changes most times the Agent of the Nine returns, but not always and this has upset players in the past.

Where is Destiny’s new Xur location for March 31? What weapon would you like the agent to bring on the 31st? Stay with us because on the date provided we will be adding a video and information on where you can find him along with what items he is selling.

Last Week: The agent returned yet again and was found in the Tower down by the door near the Speaker where he was selling the ACD/0 Feedback Fence Gauntlets, Graviton Forfeit Helmet as well as the Heart of the Praxic Fire Chest Armor. Hopefully the Thunderlord Machine Gun is what you wanted? He also had the Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram.

  • Carl

    He is in the tower near the speaker and has the Thunderlord Machine Gun.

  • nasty dan

    Currently at big doors in tower north on ps3

  • SnowMeow

    On PS3 he’s near the speaker, but he doesn’t sell the same items

  • Ste Kee

    Sorry I got the time mixed up.
    It is 9am.
    Anyway you will find Xur on the tower in the hall of guardians the same room as exotic blueprints and abandoned quests

  • Bobby

    Inside hall of guardians, Xbox 1

  • Kale

    He is at the Tower down by the Vanguard.

  • Ste Kee

    I dont think xur arrives until 10am gmt

  • Herodrant

    Where is cur I’ve looked everywhere but not there

  • James

    Dos any 1 now whars xur is to day

  • James

    Dos any 1 now whar xur is to day

  • jake

    usually this is on point. never gone somewhere and he not been there… but is he in different places every week on each system… or does he show up in the same spot regardless if ur on PS or XBox

  • LobzterBitz

    I need the Red pulse rifle with all the blood and stuff (dont even remember the name XD)

  • Dan Witch

    next 2 Crucible Quartermaster on ps3

  • Brandon

    He is opposite crucible master 3/10

  • Marlon Davis

    Last week on ps3 he was in a different spot. This week he isnt even here.

  • Christopher Mydelski


  • Michał Zwolak

    For me it depends on what I’m playing. If it’s PvE, I’d go with a nice scout rifle(Hung Jury, old Dead Orbit faction scout rifle)/Hawkmoon for primary and a shotgun/sniper. I almost always use machine guns for heavy (Silvered Dread from Iron Banner months ago).
    As for PvP, it’s mood or map dependant, so either Mida, Last Word, Hawkmoon, Clever Dragon pulse rifle, high RoF autorifle – it’s all about the map and how you play, weapons are pretty balanced right now, although I recommend getting a sidearm for your secondary slot.

  • DJ

    Where is XUR located
    For xbox 1

  • Charlie

    Truth Rocket Launcher boredddddd

  • hassan farooq

    Completely agree but I was thinking with all the updates some weapons has to have gotten nuked. :/

  • Jayy

    He actually does.

  • ao_kishiXD

    where is xur ps3 plz

  • P.Franz

    Xbox 360, he’s not there…

  • DEL_i2i

    There’s not one gun above the rest. It all is up to your play style.

  • Undyne


  • Adrian

    No it wasnt 2 weeks ago was hard light

  • hassan farooq

    I have a question what do you guys consider the best gun and why that includes – Auto rifles, Pulse Rifles and shotguns Exotic and Legendary I just want to get an idea what’s the best gun right now in the game because I see alot of people using Hand Cannons or Side Arms. :/

  • hassan farooq

    I want the suros regime and Titan helm of saint 14 :'(

  • Ben

    MIDA was three weeks ago

  • Ben

    Zhalo was two weeks ago.

  • TG

    I need everything that he rarely sells -_-
    When will we get the Monte Carlo ?!?! :(

  • Hunter Griffith

    360 doesn’t have xur anymore lol. you need to upgrade

  • Shwebby90

    I found him near the vanguard leaders

  • Adam Ghazghazi

    omg i need him to sell astroclyteverse

  • Miconstanta

    I need Zhalo supercell

  • Carl

    The agent can be found at the Tower down by the big door near the Speaker. Look above in the post content as this reveals what he has to offer.

  • Drep

    Can u please sell mida multitool

  • Joe Shatley

    Where is xur on 360?

  • Brandan Guillory

    I don’t have it anymore but my step dad still does at 386 and by far Red Death is the best gun I’ve ever owned on a mission to get that and icebreaker back.

  • ItzDopeyOfficial

    Sell the Bones Of Eao pls please I need em

  • Si

    What is the best weapon to own? Let me know your choice and why…..

  • Michael Ealand

    Fake news. I’m standing at Xur now on ps3

  • Michael Ealand

    Wrong. He’s on ps3 now

  • Bbbb

    This is a lie he’s at big door where speaker is

  • Adrian P Dillon

    In the dark doorway between the shaders and the balcony.

  • Nike 2453

    Xur does not come on ps3 anymore.
    There was an update that said that Xur would be moved to PS4 only.

  • DarkBeyond

    Xbox 360 Xur is next to the north tower, past the shaders shop

  • TG

    Never said that I am angry at Bungie for “not monitoring a non-Bungie run website thread”.
    When I said Does Bungie even listen to us anymore, I meant overall, from all social websites, threads etc. not just this website (Down Today).

  • Ryan

    So, you’re mad at Bungie for not monitoring a non-Bungie run website thread, which isn’t meant even for update requests. That’s a new one.

  • Ryan

    Xur is by big door across from the speaker
    On ps3

  • Willie Scott

    Is it true that xur no longer appears on 360?

  • Shepard

    Where is xur on PS3

  • TG

    Who the hell in Bungie picks what Xur will be selling!? Please fire that person. Does Bungie even listen to us anymore!?

  • Kipster

    He’s across from Lord Shaxx and he has hawkmoon, legacy head engram, celestial night hawk….

  • Harri

    Hawkmoon Hand Cannon! How Boring…..

  • James

    When he come in Sydney time?

  • Jesse Elford

    around 6am

  • Pheonixlord234

    Please sell the Monte Carlo I didn’t get it last time

  • Andrew

    Depends where u live with time he come ar

  • Andrew

    You get the ice breaker by competing the bounty get gold tier in a nightfall with In the time given. It’s a dark blue bounty and you get it from The titan guy at the table at the bottom level In The tower you can only complete this bounty once a week per character but eventually you will get icebreaker from completing. Always make sure your wearing.your highest Armour and weapons equipped.

  • David

    He better give us NLB

  • Temaana Te-Kare

    Anyone find xur or know when he will spawn Eastern standard time ?

  • Shawn Howard

    Please Please Please!!Gave Shinobu’s Vow this Xur’s day!!!! Stop having the same old stuff! SHINOBU’S VOW! Make it happen Bungie. Dont make me ask again lol

  • Shawn Howard

    Please Please Please!!Gave Shinobu’s Vow this Xur’s day!!!! Stop having the same old stuff! SHINOBU’S VOW! Make it happen Bungie

  • Dillpickle Youtube

    he should troll all of you and sell a year 1 necrohasm

  • Greg Johnson

    please bungie could you this the ice breaker this weekend?

  • Hellwolf

    All these people saying “I want the no land beyond!! Please Xür sell the NLB!!” The first time i used three of coins, i got an exotic from the first ultra I killed. Not only was said exotic a primary engram, but it gave me a 332 NLB! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!

  • Gwest

    Confirmed xur is in the bass basement in the tower, sleazy

  • xIrish Ghostx

    360 hangar music room

  • xIrish Ghostx

    Xur location tower hangar music room far back

  • Gavroulis

    Where is Xür on PS3?

  • Tito Nunez

    he is in the reef

  • Max

    Yea I really want the no land beyond, I’ve been waiting for him to sell it for ages

  • RottingDelSol

    He’s at the reef. Bottom right corner by the trials guy.

  • Chase

    Queens Bay, The Reef

  • Danny

    Xur is in the reef

  • Miya Moto

    Where is xur

  • Miya Moto


  • Miya Moto

    Where is xur

  • Miya Moto

    Yo where xur

  • Leonard

    All i want us a no land beyond plz xur i beg u

  • keith

    where is xur today!!