Destiny 2 Xur Location and Issues

There’s certain trends we track on our status pages and one of these is the Destiny 2 Xur location each week, which is on a Friday. While the server status for this game is talked about most on Down Today, we also see hundreds of our readers commenting on where is Xur each week in Destiny within the comments.

As such, you can not only leave status updates for downtime on this Destiny page, but also feel free to leave the exact location for Xur in Destiny during the weekend below in the comments. The time changes but he now shows up at 5pm UK, 12pm EST, 9am PST and 6pm CET.

The above times let gamers know when they can expect to take advantage of new items for sale from Destiny Xur and when to hunt for the new location each week. There’s also an Exotic weapon to purchase, which changes most times the Agent of the Nine returns, but not always and this has upset players in the past.

Where is Destiny’s new Xur location today and do you have any issues at all? If you do we would love to hear from you, please do comment below.

  • Damon


  • Billy

    What is he selling today I wonder, so hope I can get the helm of saint 14 as i missed it last time.

  • Khan

    I am slowly going off Destiny because Just when I begun to play my Titan some more, Xur shows up with the one Titan exotic that I missed from Destiny.

  • James

    I think they should get rid of the map of Xur’s location as it made it more fun to find him…

  • Janice

    So what is happening with the Xur and Saladin armoury sets? are they still going to be released?

  • Carl

    I am not a lover of the new map to find our, i used to find it fun looking for him makes it harder and more fun.

  • Tim Timbo Shepard

    Can’t find Xur March 31,2018. Says he’s in the hangar on the Traveler destination. His badge shows it’s in the stairs but he can’t be reached.

  • Lori

    Here is a quick question – do you think Warframe is a want to be Destiny?

  • Larr

    Love this one – how do you wear your Tricksleeves?

  • Inwir

    Wardcliff Coil Exotic Rocket Launcher, Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves Hunter Gauntlets, Crest of Alpha Lupi Titan Chest, Eye of Another World Warlock Helmet and the Fated Engram were was what was offered Friday gone.

  • Allen

    I wasn’t really happy this week with the outcome of items. This is what he had last week so hopefully today will be better – Jade Rabit Exotic Scout Rifle, Raiden Flux Exotic Chest armour, Synthoceps Exotic Gauntlets armour, Karnstein Armlets Exotic Gauntlet armour and Three of Coins plus Fated Engram.

  • Kate

    Did anyone notice that the Graviton Forfeit was available the weekend gone, do you like it?

  • Demmi

    Xur was on Titan in Destiny 2 with some exotic goods, but what were your views on the items at hand?

  • Carl

    Use to love it when it was harder to find Xur, made it more game worthy.

  • Christopher Mydelski


  • Blaine

    On Friday I got the Vigilance Wing Kinetic Weapon Pulse Rifle, Foetracer Hunter Helmet, Peacekeepers Titan Leg Armor and another helmet called the Eye Of Another World Warlock and last but not least the Three of Coins.

  • Colin

    Love the fact that the Fated Engram provides you with an Exotic you do not possess.

  • Jamie

    I would love to know what Power Level does Xur sell items in Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris DLC?

  • Greg

    I think the rishrunner is a good weapon, great fro strikes and try not use it on strikes.

  • Simon

    I am sure he is on the Titan in The Rig! He has the Fated Engram, Riskrunner Energy Weapon Submachine Gun, Lucky Pants Hunter Leg Armor, Doom Fang Pauldron Titan Gauntlets and Wings of Sacred Dawn Warlock Chest Armor.

  • Christopher Mydelski

    he is at The Travelers over behind the dead orbit guy up the staircase

  • Christopher Mydelski

    Xur is at The Traveler

  • Alex V’twesteinde

    Where is xur

  • Mark

    Last week he had the Prometheus Lens Exotic trace rifle, The Dragon’s Shadow Hunter chest armour, MK. 44 Stand Asides Titan leg armour and Nezarec’s Sin Warlock helmet.

  • Clive

    I still come here even though the game now has an in-game map showing you where he is. Been coming here for a while now so its a habit.

  • i moran

    I predict sunshot, celestial nighthawk, crown of tempests, mask of the quiet one

  • Evan Clarke

    I’m gonna call what he’s selling. Tractor Cannon.

  • Glenny

    The Prospector Power Weapon Grenade launcher is very powerful but is this a wise one to have?

  • Ana Marie

    sigh* for the fourth week in a row, I have all of it already…. could he at least sell ammo synth? I would buy all of it.

  • Mike

    Xür is at the tower, in the main vangaurd room, next to abandoned quest panel.

  • Jo

    OK so where is he, guess i just got to wait. I am still playing Destiny 1 so doe he turn up still. Not been on the game for a while.

  • TrinityStorm

    because that’s what the perk says and no only arc damage

  • Sibs

    Does anyone know why you have to take ARC damage to activate the Riskrunner’s exotic perk, is there any other damage I can use?

  • Charles Marlena Cox

    Why would Xür sell a weapon u r gauranteed to get from the campaign anyway? This crap is bogus he shouldnt sell exotics u r gaurenteed to get from story it should b exotics only available from random drops from engrams, i.e. Skyburners Oath, D.A.R.C.I., Sweet Buisness, Etc.

  • Carl

    I am very happy with the offerings especially the machine gun.

  • Ana Marie

    The old Xur would sell unique exotics not currently in rotation. This Xur sells whatever was achieved this week from story and missions. I would also prefer to have Xur back in the tower instead of the open world so I don’t have to waste precious ammo just to buy stuff. Perhaps the new Xur might consider selling ammo synths.

  • Tyreice Gamble

    Xur is at reef for Ps3

  • Mikey Davenport

    In destiny 2, he’s on titan, in destiny 1 I still haven’t found him

  • Clive

    I am actually happy with this helmet.

  • lars erik haug

    So where is he Thiis weekend,cant find him

  • Cory Robertson

    I got an exocitc sniper called borealis. It can be changed to any element

  • Apollo Dean Campbell

    Is he selling the Jade Rabbit? (grin).

  • I’ve gotten 3 Doomfang Pauldrons already, no thank you.

  • Sebastian

    Ew warframe graphics and more broken physics

  • Orion Cannon

    Borealis is psn exclusive

  • Jeroen Visscher

    I litteraly got The exotic Merciless yesterday. Gues what he’s selling? THAT’S RIGHT!

  • Evan James

    Xur is on Nessus. You can’t miss him.

  • Jonathan Suarez

    He’s on Nessus, at watcher’s grave!

  • Fukushima Akira ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I have one called the Borealis.

  • Grant Fowler

    What time does he come uk tiem?

  • Keagan Weimert

    I have one called the D.A.R.C.I.

  • Jonathan Suarez

    How about an exotic sniper? I haven’t seen one yet. Nothing as game changing as the ice breaker, but I’d like a sniper nonetheless. If not, hardlight would make me happy.

  • Alex

    Today is the first time Xur turns up in Destiny 2, so excited. What weapon do you think will pop up for the offering?

  • Brandon

    Hahahahahahahahah PS3

  • Bobby

    The new game the new agent, looking forward to you next week Xur.

  • Nacho Martinez

    He’s selling a wicked launcher

  • Mobster_Lobster69 (NathonPlayz

    Thank you so fuckin’ much lol

  • Chris Tjärnlund

    Xur is at the reef yaal!

  • Cain

    No Xur this week which is not good, seems like he will be returning next week instead in Destiny 2.

  • Liam

    is this true that Xur Location in Destiny 2 will be September 15-17?

  • Mark

    He is returning this Friday, but he will be more elusive.

  • Vic

    What’s changing with the destiny 2 xur location this Friday, I know he’s in the new game so was wondering and how it will work.

  • Darryn Cerfontyne

    Which ones are you missing bro?

  • orinako

    you would think he could of at least sold the exotic warlock boots ,but owell! good bye to destiny 1 hello destiny 2 even though we all deserved those boots .it is what it is !thanks bungie you DEEKS!

  • Gregg

    Starting to wonder if Xur will return in the new Destiny 2 game, i have noticed a lot of people not visiting here as much so that is telling me something.

  • Eugene Sufka

    And as for what you said about xur having new stuff, he does not. It’s the same old crap every time he comes in. If he had new crap, why not sell stuff you can only get in a raid for more strange coins instead of the normal. They won’t that’s just the point.

  • Eugene Sufka

    You must have just got on this game then. If you go look at the void Trader in Warframe, and compare the amount of content between Warframe and Destiny, you would definitely say Warframe has 10 times if not 20 times more content and newer content. As much as I hate to say it because I was on Destiny for a long time, Warframe is the one game that could potentially pull the trigger on Destiny.

  • Eugene Sufka

    You guys really need to get on Warframe, it is the one game that will pull the trigger on Destiny. And it also is the only game like destiny that takes the rulebook and completely throws it away.

  • Minstrel Pains

    Xur’s with the Vanguard in The Tower (PS3), today.

  • Eric

    The hand cannon, i am very happy with that. Just do not aim for heads lol.

  • Rioting Xtreme

    Xbox, Xur is at the reef.

  • Pine50L

    xbox 360 – Xur is at the reef. Goto and face “bounty board.” Take 2 sideways steps left. Go down ramp. Turn to right first opening on L go right. Can’t miss him.

  • Jacques Oosthuizen

    Ps3, xur is at reef, there under in the bunker

  • Splash

    I just went, pretty much the same armor i have for all classes

  • saraa

    Where is he today for ps3?

  • carl “flaming charizard” stuar

    For legacy he’s at the tower close to the vanguard

  • carl “flaming charizard” stuar

    What about legacy consoles

  • Sebaz14

    Where is he for legacy consoles?

  • Jamie Modtland

    also ridiculous that they keep forcing people to upgrade by removing content like the crucible modes, vanguard strikes, and xur’s inventory.

  • Ritzi


  • Nial

    He is in the Tower guys near the Crucible Vendors and has the No Land Beyond Sniper Rifle..

  • Josh

    Thanks! Ridiculous that ps3 isin different location

  • TheFire Plays

    wtf only a legacy engram for ps3

  • Ivan Spidey Estela

    Purchase 3 of coins and get better gear as it drops…thats what i do and only what i collect coins for…

  • For PS3, he’s in the Vanguard room off to the right of the Vanguard as you enter.

  • Daniel

    Xbox 360: by the vanguard leaders

  • Terry Summerson

    Same old same old. Come on try something different. It’s getting where it’s not worth collecting strange coins anymore

  • Fire Fury

    at least he sells 3oc and an exotic engram but still bring in new things.

  • Shar

    Not really happy with the MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle, had it before boring….

  • Simon

    he is in the tower by the speaker peoples….

  • Jonathon Welsh

    Where is he today?? Cant find him??

  • Neev

    Please tell me where he is

  • Eugene Sufka

    And no, I’m not happy with what xur is selling today. Most of us already have everything he is selling a long time ago, bring something new to the table for once.

  • Eugene Sufka

    Destiny is utterly dead.

  • Background Character

    Xur isn’t there om the Xbox servers.

  • Kelly Marie

    Xur on 360 is at the reef under the bunker.

  • Muammar Bin Ali

    Xur is a space gypsy…Monte Carlo again?

  • Christopher Mydelski

    Time up

  • Jacques Oosthuizen

    PS3- at the reef there under in bunker, o and xur still lives on old gen dont stress


    where is he today?

  • Gta Baider

    Anybody know here he is right now, looked everywhere. (Ps4)

  • dutchboy6804

    If Xur is cut off from XB360 it’s time to throw the game away , I’m not gonna spend $200.oo on another X Box .

  • Deez Nutz

    For those with legacy consoles, (ps3, Xbox 360) Xur is in the tower to the right at the end of the stairs leading to the hangar.

  • Joshua Gill

    I am having the same problem. Make sure no sense.

  • Joshua

    Is this for PS3 as well because Xur isn’t appearing at the jukebox at all, this is the second day in a row!

    Please help

  • Etheriadia Debria Menros

    i’m on ps3, and i go where this says to, but xur is not there. has been this way for weeks. anyone know where he might be?

  • Ryan

    If you’re buyin’ the legacy engrams, you’re never gonna get high light. It’s meant for you to finish up your collection.

  • Simon Carey

    i keep getting the same old things from exotic enagrams when are bungie gonna make it so u don’t keep getting the same things at at higher light!!

  • Strange coin

    does Ophidian Aspect improve the actual melee or the effect of it

  • Scott Baxter

    He is in the club at the tower. Few shots, sick guy our xur

  • TizTizzy Darling

    Where is xur today on ps3

  • Simon

    Seriously Bungie, the Hawkmoon again!!!!!

  • Scott Baxter

    Where is xur? Its friday. Its 10am lets go

  • Anthony Gibbons

    I didnt see him there

  • patrick

    he at the reef june 30th 5 am ty guys

  • Jase

    The Hawkmoon again really….

  • Charlie Gates

    Legacy consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) no longer get the same xur service, he only sells engrams now and is always in a different location, sucks I know

  • Nasty Dan

    Xur in the tunnel at the reef on legacy ps3.

  • Alan Larace

    From where you enter the Reef, go straight until you see a stair going down and diagonal, follow that then you should be at the corner of the map, then make a right and travel all the way down until you see a door like thing, he’ll be on the right.

  • Alan Larace

    Every time I check online to see where Xur is at, he’s never in the area he’s said to be in, like today he’s said to be at near the speaker, but he’s at the Reef for me right now, and he never sells individual items like helmets, boots etc. just legacy engrams, and the regular curios. Help? My light is 301 does that change anything? PS3 user.

  • Andrew Windsor

    Hi Guys Lordzytech here, I am at the Reef now. I cannot see Xur can someone show me please.

  • Caleb Coats

    Where is he on legacy console right now

  • Eri Tōmeina Chinmoku

    Couldnt get the weapons i wanted. Bad Juju and Hawkmoon

  • Chinito Kun

    At the reef

  • Charles Rafter

    Xur is in the reef to the right in the hallway

  • Joey Donatelli

    Next week you think the hunters can get an exotic cloak???

  • Joey Donatelli

    Next week you think the hunters can get an erotic cloak

  • Mezzmure

    Those aren’t exotic engrams, friend. They’re “legacy engrams”. It gives you a year 1 exotic for whatever type of engram it is (primary, secondary, gauntlet, etc.) Just read descriptions instead of getting mad…

  • Eri Tōmeina Chinmoku

    Hopefully primary exotic this week

  • Eri Tōmeina Chinmoku

    Hopefully primary exotic this week

  • Maxxi

    He is in the Tower near the Vanguard in the middle of the Tower.

  • iamtheagent

    Loving the rifle baby.

  • Ethan

    Put in NLB this weekend…. Don’t have it yet

  • John

    About time we had some new weapons, the Hard Light Auto Rifle is boring now.

  • Richard U

    No xur on 360???

  • Admin

    go 4 the Ram

  • fire F.

    should I buy the ram or hereafter

  • fire F.

    is the ram worth buying or should I get Hereafter

  • E-Z LZ

    Yes xur is at the north tower facing over the city..

  • Zac Johnston

    May 26: Tower North, across from the speaker’s area.
    Inventory: Heavy weapon exotic engram (31SC), Helm of Saint-14 for Titan class(14SC), ATS/8 Arachnid for Hunter class (13SC), The Ram for Warlock class(13 SC), Hereafter Sniper Rifle(23SC).

    Weapon Bundles: Monte Carlo and Superspy ornament (30 SC 25 SD) Truth and Prototype ornament (30 SC 25 SD)

    Usual Curios and Materials

  • jake n

    YES he is!

    He only show up on the weekends at certain time dummy. RIGHT NOW HE IS BY THE SPEAKER ON THE BALCONY, AS I’m writing this Sat may 20 2017.

    between 1AM PST (4AM EST) on Friday to 1AM PST (4AM EST) on Sunday), and
    his location can change each week,

    Here is a more in depth schedule of his where a bouts;

    Xur: Agent of the Nine is a vendor in Destiny
    who sells Legendary and Exotic items for Strange Coins and Motes of
    Light. He only appears in the Tower on the weekends (specifically
    between 1AM PST (4AM EST) on Friday to 1AM PST (4AM EST) on Sunday), and
    his location can change each week, sometimes making it difficult to
    track him down.

  • Selim Moras Luna

    Does not appear there :c

  • Cynfall

    Xur is not here on xb360?

  • Uwotm8?


  • NekoHinaFanboy

    He is in the Reef in that doorway that is just a room.

  • On legacy he’s at the reef, on the right in the doorway

  • Brandon Chippse

    Where is he on PS3

  • Jason

    What weapon is the best one to own?

  • Maxi

    He is in the tower by the speaker.

  • Jones

    The Bad Juju Pulse Rifle again, c’mon now will you.

  • robert

    Finally ophidian aspect gauntlets final piece of exotic armor i need time to put destiny 1 to bed after 3 ye ready for destiny 2

  • I love it. Great for thrall and tight spaces. The AK47 of Destiny.

  • Yes, he’s still available. From May 12 to 14 he’s standing near the right wall (from the entrance) at the Vanguard hall in the Tower.

  • Tyler Venekamp

    Is he still available on ps3 as I am walking around the bar right now and he isn’t her

  • mozxz

    Zhalo Supercell is the best pve weapon in the game…….
    He just sold it a lot lately, I waited a year for taht weapon, finally got it a while back, and now he sells it like every week,
    If not as the 21.23 coin version, then its the value pack bundle version…..

  • mozxz

    Yep, That’s Destiny in a Nutshell,
    Almost every time you get an exotic, it something you already have, or something that Xur is selling that week anyway,
    I bought a Hardlight from Xur, then the next 2-3 primary exotic engrams I got, was that one of course…..

  • Random

    is zhalo worth buying for the 23 sc

  • Alex Nicholls

    Bloody game. My very next exotic engram is Ophidian Aspects…. unbelievable

  • Alex Nicholls

    2 years and thousands of 3 of coins nothing. Ophidian Aspects are here!!!!

  • Maxx

    Not happy that he has 3 gauntlets and a rubbish weapon….

  • Joe

    He is in the Tower Hangar in the bar near the jukebox.

  • Jump on it

    I’ll reck you with my Talloloc

  • Anyone know where he is on legacy?

  • Ehvz Maganda


  • Michael Maddox

    In the tower next to zavala

  • Andrew Althouse

    He’s in the vanguard hall

  • Isaiah Beal

    Be jelly I got 2 jade rabbits in a row.

  • Olivia

    Actually Xur shows up only on Friday’s for 360 and PS3 but he doesn’t give good stuff anymore. I just buy three of coins.

  • Andrew Michel

    No they’re not. The legacy engram can give level 20s the opportunity to wear exotics

  • Hugo

    Not true lol do your research,Xur is still there on legacy consoles.. the only difference is that he only sells SHITTY legacy engrams,wich means year 1 stuff..

  • Ichi334

    Xur there already?

  • Thanasis Mihallari

    for legacy consols xur in tower vanguard room next to the abandoned quests panel

  • Thanasis Mihallari

    when did that happen?last week he tower north opposite the speaker…

  • Simon

    Not really happy with the boring Trespasser Sidearm.

  • MrZebraButt

    For those wondering, xur has been taken out of 360 and ps3. Sorry to dissapoint anyone.

  • Ali Asad

    I can’t find xur on Xbox 360

  • Kevin Riemis

    cant find either

  • Shep

    Where is xur on PS3

  • TheReverendPuck

    Depends on the person:
    * Some people want to collect them all.
    * Some people want the legacy, break it down, get the newer version.
    * Some people like watching the world burn.
    * Some people realize that they’ll be going to Destiny 2 so it won’t matter much any longer.

    Take your pick.

  • cpike

    read the item description

  • Cristian Godinez

    That’s what a legacy engram is. Only gives year one exotics. Basically useless.

  • Wowzers

    I like outbreakprime, it shoots red lasers and sounds like a mp5.

  • Devahdjae Mack

    In the back where that cave is on the right where u spawn

  • Nigel “Pyrus_Drago” Yellowfin

    Same here

  • Bryan Lam

    They are Legacy engrams and only drop year 1 exotics

  • Tiz

    Thanks do you know where is he exactly?

  • Josh Martin

    Why do the exotic engrams that you buy from xur still give YEAR ONE EXOTICS AT 160 LIGHT??

  • Evan Braden

    He’s in the reef on 360 this weekend

  • Delta

    hell yeah, love the hardlight!

  • mozxz

    Hardlight again ?……
    I Also get it every single time i get an exotic primary engram. ….

  • Simon

    Is that all, the hard light rifle, boringgggggg.

  • Tiz

    Anyone knows Where is xur this weekend on xbox 360?

  • FlaminDeath

    He’s at the Reef, friend.

  • FlaminDeath

    Xur is at the Reef.

  • FlaminDeath

    Xur is at the Reef on 360 and Ps3

  • FlaminDeath

    He is at the Reef on 360


    Xur is in the Reef on Ps3.

  • FlaminDeath

    Xur is at the Reef in the sewer looking doorway behind the postmaster across the abyss of space and to the right on Legacy Consoles.

  • Monkey finer 15

    He is definitely not there. 🙁

  • Dan Witch

    can’t find it anywhere on ps3

  • Nick

    Can’t find him??

  • Also having this issue!

  • Jacob Brooks

    I also am having this problem on Xbox 360. He is the anywhere when you go to look in the hangar. To my knowledge I’m definitely not the only one with this problem.

  • fspyder

    He sold it last week.

  • James Potter-Best

    Is he somewhere different on 360 because I can’t find him in the hangar…

  • USMC GruntSgtMaj

    For the weekend of 7-9 April 2017, Xur is located in the Hangar Tower at the rail by the ship entry point on Xbox 1. He is selling a Special Weapon engram 31 SC, Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor (Titan) 13 SC, Shinobu’s Vow Gauntlets (Hunter) 13 SC, The Ram Helmet (Warlock) 13 SC, and the weapon is Invective Shotgun 17 SC. In addition – he is selling two weapon bundles: Invective and Storm’s Reproach Ornament (30 SC 25 SD) and the Truth with Heart of Gold Ornament (30 SC 25 SD). I already put in a note to Bungie about the lack of variety for weapons this week with Invective being on the menu twice. Stock up on the items you need and get ready for Iron Banner on 11 April – see you on the killing fields!!!

  • Iman Pulliam

    Do shiro bounties

  • Kapaakanaka Kanakz

    i know i do you dumbass i was just sharing that i want it!

  • Kapaakanaka Kanakz

    i got 27

  • Drifting_Rain

    You get Thorn from quest you dumbass

  • Alone Eclipse

    Gatta get my coins up tomorrow fast only have 18 right now.

  • Kapaakanaka Kanakz

    i want the thorn

  • Jamie Qahnaarin King

    He sold Monte Carlo last week

  • Nico

    I hope he sells the last word or primary lagacy engrams

  • Charmon Videos

    When will xur sell zhalo every time he sells it I’m not able to buy

  • DH

    Please sell “the last word”

  • Vice

    So want the Monte Carlo!!!! When will we get it?

  • Arthur

    He’s not near the crucible quartermaster on xbox 360.

  • USMC GruntSgtMaj

    For the weekend of 31 March until 2 April 2017, Xur is located next to the Crucible Quartermaster on Xbox 1. He is selling an Exotic Leg Armor engram 29 SC, Ruin Wings Gauntlets (Titan) 13 SC, Frost-EE5 Leg Armor (Hunter) 13 SC, Astrocyte Verse Helmet (Warlock) 13 SC, and the weapon is No Land Beyond Sniper Rifle 23 SC which can be used as a primary weapon. In addition – he is selling two weapon bundles: Monte Carlo with Royal Flush Ornament (30 SC 25 SD) and the Zhalo Supercell with Shock Hazard Ornament (30 SC 25 SD). Hope this information helps you guys out – happy killing!!!

  • Johnny

    He is at the Tower near the Crucible Quartermaster…

  • Carl

    He is in the tower near the speaker and has the Thunderlord Machine Gun.

  • nasty dan

    Currently at big doors in tower north on ps3

  • SnowMeow

    On PS3 he’s near the speaker, but he doesn’t sell the same items

  • Ste Kee

    Sorry I got the time mixed up.
    It is 9am.
    Anyway you will find Xur on the tower in the hall of guardians the same room as exotic blueprints and abandoned quests

  • Bobby

    Inside hall of guardians, Xbox 1

  • Kale

    He is at the Tower down by the Vanguard.

  • Ste Kee

    I dont think xur arrives until 10am gmt

  • Herodrant

    Where is cur I’ve looked everywhere but not there

  • James

    Dos any 1 now whars xur is to day

  • James

    Dos any 1 now whar xur is to day

  • jake

    usually this is on point. never gone somewhere and he not been there… but is he in different places every week on each system… or does he show up in the same spot regardless if ur on PS or XBox

  • LobzterBitz

    I need the Red pulse rifle with all the blood and stuff (dont even remember the name XD)

  • Dan Witch

    next 2 Crucible Quartermaster on ps3

  • Brandon

    He is opposite crucible master 3/10

  • Marlon Davis

    Last week on ps3 he was in a different spot. This week he isnt even here.

  • Christopher Mydelski


  • MichaÅ‚ Zwolak

    For me it depends on what I’m playing. If it’s PvE, I’d go with a nice scout rifle(Hung Jury, old Dead Orbit faction scout rifle)/Hawkmoon for primary and a shotgun/sniper. I almost always use machine guns for heavy (Silvered Dread from Iron Banner months ago).
    As for PvP, it’s mood or map dependant, so either Mida, Last Word, Hawkmoon, Clever Dragon pulse rifle, high RoF autorifle – it’s all about the map and how you play, weapons are pretty balanced right now, although I recommend getting a sidearm for your secondary slot.

  • DJ

    Where is XUR located
    For xbox 1

  • Charlie

    Truth Rocket Launcher boredddddd

  • hassan farooq

    Completely agree but I was thinking with all the updates some weapons has to have gotten nuked. :/

  • Jayy

    He actually does.

  • ao_kishiXD

    where is xur ps3 plz

  • P.Franz

    Xbox 360, he’s not there…

  • DEL_i2i

    There’s not one gun above the rest. It all is up to your play style.

  • Undyne


  • Adrian

    No it wasnt 2 weeks ago was hard light

  • hassan farooq

    I have a question what do you guys consider the best gun and why that includes – Auto rifles, Pulse Rifles and shotguns Exotic and Legendary I just want to get an idea what’s the best gun right now in the game because I see alot of people using Hand Cannons or Side Arms. :/

  • hassan farooq

    I want the suros regime and Titan helm of saint 14 :'(

  • Ben

    MIDA was three weeks ago

  • Ben

    Zhalo was two weeks ago.

  • TG

    I need everything that he rarely sells -_-
    When will we get the Monte Carlo ?!?! 🙁

  • Hunter Griffith

    360 doesn’t have xur anymore lol. you need to upgrade

  • Shwebby90

    I found him near the vanguard leaders

  • Adam Ghazghazi

    omg i need him to sell astroclyteverse

  • Miconstanta

    I need Zhalo supercell

  • Carl

    The agent can be found at the Tower down by the big door near the Speaker. Look above in the post content as this reveals what he has to offer.

  • Drep

    Can u please sell mida multitool


No result could be fetched.