Destiny Xur location February 24 to 26

There’s certain trends we track on our status pages and one of these is the Destiny Xur location each week, which is February 24 to 26. While the server status for this game is talked about most on Down Today, we also see hundreds of our readers commenting on where is Xur each week in Destiny within the comments.


As such, you can not only leave status updates for downtime on this Destiny page, but also feel free to leave the exact location for Xur in Destiny during the weekend of February 24 below in the comments. The time is now 9AM in the UK, 4AM EST, or 1AM PST thanks to clocks changing.

The above times let gamers know when they can expect to take advantage of new items for sale from Destiny Xur and when to hunt for the new location each week. There’s also an Exotic weapon to purchase, which changes most times the Agent of the Nine returns, but not always and this has upset players in the past.

Where is Destiny’s new Xur location for February 24? Please be sure to be with us on the date shown here, because this is when we will reveal Xur’s location and what items he is selling. What weapon are you waiting for?

Last Week: The Agent was at Queens Bay, The Reef where he was selling two pieces of chest armor called the Lucky Raspberry and Purifier Robes. Xur also had the External Warrior Helmet as well as the Legacy Gauntlet Engram and the Hard Light Auto Rifle.

  • Hellwolf

    All these people saying “I want the no land beyond!! Please Xür sell the NLB!!” The first time i used three of coins, i got an exotic from the first ultra I killed. Not only was said exotic a primary engram, but it gave me a 332 NLB! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!

  • Gwest

    Confirmed xur is in the bass basement in the tower, sleazy

  • xIrish Ghostx

    360 hangar music room

  • xIrish Ghostx

    Xur location tower hangar music room far back

  • Gavroulis

    Where is Xür on PS3?

  • Tito Nunez

    he is in the reef

  • Max

    Yea I really want the no land beyond, I’ve been waiting for him to sell it for ages

  • RottingDelSol

    He’s at the reef. Bottom right corner by the trials guy.

  • Chase

    Queens Bay, The Reef

  • Danny

    Xur is in the reef

  • Miya Moto

    Where is xur

  • Miya Moto


  • Miya Moto

    Where is xur

  • Miya Moto

    Yo where xur

  • Leonard

    All i want us a no land beyond plz xur i beg u

  • keith

    where is xur today!!