Destiny Dark Below DLC release time

The Destiny Dark Below DLC has a release time of 9AM in the UK and 1AM in central USA, or better known as Pacific Time. The official Bungie Twitter account explained that Destiny might go down today, or in fact on December 9th for the update, as this will be a hot fix.

We saw an update around 13 hours that explained Destiny’s The Dark Below has a release time schedule set for all players at the same time, and they mentioned a launch in around 24 hours. This was of course when the tweet was made, so go on the above times for an almost exact schedule.

A Destiny patch titled has a list of notes right here, but it falls under the hot fix header so you shouldn’t have to download anything and might see the servers go down for a short time tomorrow.

If you do see Destiny servers unavailable, then you can leave a status update on our dedicated page. The downtime, if any, shouldn’t be for too long. The latest update linked to the above hotfix notes and told gamers to get ready.



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