Destiny 2.0 update slow on Xbox One, PS4

The Destiny 2.0 update has just gone live on Xbox One and PS4, but problems have already started with users reporting the download is slow on Microsoft’s platform. While we cannot confirm the PS4 is impacted by these issues as well, it’s most likely due to massive demand thanks to the Destiny 2.0 update only just going live.

Bungie and the official Destiny Twitter accounts reported the news within the last hour, at the time of writing. If you have problems with the Sept 8 download, then we suggest you share these issues on our Destiny server outage page, or the Xbox Live and PSN server down pages. This is a good way to receive help from the Down Today community, but also let others know they are not alone with any issues.

You can read the full Destiny 2.0 patch notes as well, thanks to this article detailing the full changelog just a few moments ago. The list of changes and improvements is long, so grab a drink and have a read before the Taken King DLC.

As always, we will share statements from official sources when they arrive. At this time, there’s been no official comment on the slow downloading or freezing reported.