Delete Apple Watch app issues in iOS 8.2

Shortly after installing the latest iOS 8.2 update on iPad and iPhone, you might be wondering how to delete the Apple Watch app and figure out its removal isn’t straight forward. While the smartwatch hasn’t even met a release date, those Down Today readers in the UK and USA have already started reporting problems with getting this default application removed.

Our status pages related to Apple have a few comments in regard to this and social networks have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of requests to delete the Apple Watch app. These users are having issues for a very simple reason, you cannot remove the Apple Watch app, as it installs by default when you update to iOS 8.2.

While this is the case right now, we could see iOS 8.3 offer an option if enough people complain about being forward to have this app on their display. For now, you can hide the app within a folder or move it to a screen you hardly use. Even more annoying is the fact that Apple seem to be advertising the new smartwatch, although in terms of business this makes sense.

Do you agree with others that there should be a way to remove and delete the Apple Watch app, or are you happy with it being installed by default? You can leave your feedback on our Apple Store page, especially if you have problems you wish to discuss.