Cricket Wireless problems

Cricket Wireless coverage or network issues can become somewhat of an hindrance, especially when services go down. Customers use Cricket Wireless for its wireless data, voice and text services through its subsidiary of AT&T.

Cricket Wireless problems

The telecommunications company now has over 4.8 million customers in the United States, which is a good growth rate since being founded in 1999, they become a subsidiary of AT&T in 2011 providing prepaid wireless services.

AT&T purchased Leap Wireless International (Cricket’s Parent Company) for $1.2 billion and has since been offering its service to millions of customers. They are most impacted when there is a Cricket Wireless service outage, and if this happens or any other problems with the service occurs please do share your status report, as well as using the official social media links to the right.


Cricket Wireless Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If Cricket Wireless is down today, then reports will be found below.

Cricket Wireless Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ed

    I hate cricket. I will leave them as soon as I get time to port to another network

  • Elisa

    No phone service >:/ no text msgs.. smh

  • Smik0

    I cant even get internet on. It keeps on showing the E sign on my phone instead of LTE or 4G

  • Dissapointed!

    Lake worth florida has been an issue for a couple of weeks. Calls drop, can’t call out or receive calls, no voicail, called customer service and they refreshed and troubleshooted phones and still a problem. I also took battery out and back in and nothing.

  • katrina

    My phone keeps cutting off. What is going on?

  • Quinlan Perry

    its been several hours and my phone has no service, i tried turning it off and on again, but still no service and my bill is already paid

  • JenA

    Just read that Cricket fixed the problem but you have to power off your phone and when you turn it back on service is restored. I did it and it worked. Only after 18hrs with no service but it worked!

  • David Garcia

    Been without service for 18 hours and counting in Lubbock,TX. Hope there’s a free month or discount on the bill.

  • sheri

    SW PA is back up > 7am Sat 6-4-16 :) So thankful

  • William R Abrams III


  • Thybrelle D Hamilton

    Does anybody knows when this issue with Cricket will be resolved? Do we get credit on our bill? So annoying!!!!

  • Anthony Joseph Karels

    did they say how long it will be down for this is so retarded

  • Anthony Joseph Karels

    did they say how how long it will go on for

  • William R Abrams III

    This BLOWS!!!!!

  • William R Abrams III

    I went to the corporate office in Glendale Az ten minutes after they went down, the management there said it was part of a military operation.

  • Gueraa

    My mama has the grand prime and she just got service , but my husband has the grand prime also and doesn’t have service. So I don’t think the brand of the cell matters .

  • Jalani Muhammad

    No service in Baton Rouge

  • Nikki

    Just paid the bill yesterday. Now I wish I hadn’t. Have no service with little children home and storms here in Texas. Why did I switch to Cricket

  • miami guy

    What’s going on..10 hours is accurate

  • Jean

    No Service in Chicago IL since last night after 9pm Fri 6-3-16.

  • Victoria Fendelander

    Been out of service in Denver CO for almost 10 hours

  • dawawn robinson

    No service in Omaha Nebraska in over six hours

  • sheri

    No Service in SW PA since last night after 10pm Fri 6-3-16.

  • sacreddancer

    Totally bummed. .. No phone calls in or out here in San Diego…10:05 pm Friday … . When is this going to end? ???

  • Vicky

    Are the people who have service by any chance own an Apple phone?? My two sons have I-phones and I have an LG. Theirs are both working and mine isn’t

  • Erica Oswell-Ruiz

    STILL NO SERVICE IN PHX AZ!!I hope they plan on compensating us for this BS!!Uggh

  • Avi

    no service in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve been with Cricket for nearly 10 years, never has the whole network gone down like this before. Maybe AT&T’s fault, maybe not. Just am not happy at the moment.

  • Barbara

    Down in Maryland

  • Shaylia

    My phone has been down since 5:45. I hope the service connects back soon. It’s down in S.C.

  • KristenH

    Just switched to cricket less than a week ago… no service most of today in Georgia. Never experienced this in the 8 years I was with the service I switched from.

  • dustin

    Down in Pennsylvania. I asked if the system was hacked and they wont say a word. Sounds like a cyber attack to me

  • Jacob

    My phone has been down since noon I work off of my phone this needs to be made right soon

  • Iggy


  • Elizabeth Westervelt

    People are saying metro is down in some parts too. It’s a cell tower issue. Not just one company.

  • Cd

    Have 4 lines. 2 have no service snd 2 do. North Houston. Crazy !!

  • dolores sanchez

    down in california,,,this is sucks,,, i been with a different company for 8 years, and i just change it for cricket 3 days ago and this happen now,, we beter get some kind of credit, or compensation for this isue,,,

  • Monarts

    Hi, we have 4 lines with Cricket, but today is down NO SERVICE… in Houston, TX

  • Ana

    IS DOWN IN Las Vegas Nevada. Cricket SUCKS, you can’t get anyone over customer service, you can’t get anyone on chat either. Terrible

  • Diedra Littlejohn

    Down in old

  • jason

    Service out in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • jessica

    down in elgin, IL

  • jack

    down in chicago

  • teresa

    down in memphis, Tn

  • Floyd H Robinson

    Im all for that

  • jet

    No service here in Florida on 3 androids. Can’t even reach customer service. Need phones for business. This stinks.

  • Floyd H Robinson

    unreal on a friday night!

  • DB

    This ridiculous they really need to do something special for us very inconvenience and inconsiderate!!!!

  • Cam

    Service down in Brunswick, Georgia

  • DB

    WhY my network not working today????

  • sarah

    & Out in Cincinnati, OH…

  • floyd

    & I have auto pay oh crp!

  • grorge

    Service is out in nd

  • floyd

    Floyd from Delaware been down 2hrs&counting

  • Fro$ty

    Service down in Northern California, this really sucks!

  • sam

    Service down in Indianalolis, IN

  • francisco valdez

    Out in San Diego this sux

  • T CArter

    phone been down 5 hours in Killeen. We better get some type of compensation for this crap

  • tom

    Out in SF for one hour now (6/03 at 5pm

  • Rina Carol Elena


  • Rina Carol Elena

    Phones out in Kansas it was working then randomly went out what’s going on

  • Juan

    Cyber attack America

  • Valen

    My wife has an android and she has service , I have an iphone and don’t have service and we both have cricket .. WTF!

  • Jacqueline Rae Goddard

    Some kind of tower work all across the country. I talked to a representative. Give them time and things should be up to par again. Still, we should ALL BE CREDITED.

  • gregory parent

    My phone has been down for a couple of hrs. Here in Justin Texas I need it working Asap.

  • Pugs

    Hope they fix this soon in Cali 510 not good at all if they want people to saty with them need to credit our bill or give us more 5gb
    this month

  • Charlene Rod

    Metro has outages too…

  • Charlene Rod

    What’s going on… so many different outages???? Cricket, sprint, att&t, gta5, Netflix, apple also…..CK it out, it’s weird

  • Sterling Ralston

    No phone service in Denver.

  • YABD

    Looks like they are updating to Volte. And here in Indianapolis no service at all.

  • Alf Lives!

    Some advice, don’t go to T-Mobile.

  • Leahna Hammond

    Down in nn VA

  • Tricia Mitchell

    Down in NYC

  • Compumedic2000

    I’m going to switch right away from cricket.. back to metro.. no problems there…

  • Nene

    No service in Lubbock, Tx

  • derrick

    wont let me pay my bill online used several credit and debit cards whatsup

  • Tad

    Data problems this morning in Gilbert, AZ, showing 3g/4g but any app with web will not connect work.

  • Manuel

    No service for two days now, i say no service what i actually mean is sporadic service as its on and off like the Tasmanian devils tantrums. Money back is what is needed here.

  • Chtisti

    My service has been out for two days. I can still access WiFi, but I was doing that without paying for a phone plan. What am I paying my plan for if I can’t have service for two full days?

  • Alonso

    Since AT&T purchased Cricket Wireless things have got a whole lot worse with services. New carrier may have to be thought about now.

  • Patti

    Cricket Wireless phone coverage is just dire in Charlotte.

  • dave

    For the last few weeks I have noticed poor signal issues and I never experienced them before I always had great service in my area with slow call connection and dropped calls I hope they can resolve these issues soon!

  • Lori

    Overall I am happy with their service, although they never have problems taking the money each month. I just paid my bill, now I have no network and this is a Cricket customer after years of service with problems increasing dramatically in 2015.

  • Marlene

    Cricket Wireless is a great company, but the last few days have been a little crazy with sporadic network service. Not able to make calls.

  • Germaine

    I got no Cricket network, my friend is getting all service but mine is down.

  • Donny

    Both Cricket and AT&T services are rather slow today, data and signal very weak indeed.

  • Lori

    Are phone services shutdown today?