Craigslist explain DNS problems

Craigslist has officially explained why some people are having problems accessing their website, and in particular the DNS problems that caused the Craigslist website to go down on November 23rd to 24th, 2014. The outage could be just a couple of hours for some, although others could be redirected to other domains for a few days until their ISP DNS is refreshed.

You can see the official press statement left on their blog above. In a nutshell, officials detailed the outage started at around 5pm PST on Nov 23rd, thanks to the Craigslist DNS being hacked at the domain registrar.

As you can see in reports from Down Today readers, visitors were redirected to non-Craigslist websites thanks to this apparent hack. The problems will only be fixed once an ISPs cache is updated to remove the false DNS addresses.

If you are still having issues accessing any Craigslist site, then share a comment on our status page or try and flush entries for (A,CNAME,SOA) at DNS servers. This won’t apply to normal visitors, only network providers.



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