Costco website down? Current problems

Costco is known for operating a popular e-commerce website and a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. Common Costco problems normally impact the website being down mostly, or issues with their login and even at checkout.

Sometimes the site will be totally down, or you might have selected issues with certain categories, blank white pages, or just can’t sign into your account and search for products. Reports of any current outage will be found below.


Costco Status insight for Sunday 5th of April 2020

If Costco is down today, then reports will be found below.

Costco Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Katrina

    It looks like it’s coming back up just now, on my mobile anyways.

  • Max

    I cannot sign into my account or search anything, the Costco homepage loads but when I try to click something like the groceries section, nothing happens at all.

  • Dan

    The Costco website seems to be down today, 4th August 2019. I just get a blank white page on both my iPhone and MacBook.

Costco Reports

.@realDonaldTrump So the Great White Gay Nazi Aole Dream of controlling every American down 2 where they stand is failing miserably in Salt Lake City, UT. No gas chamber lines at several busy @Walmart @Target @Costco @Lucky @WinCoFoods @Lowes @AceHardwareCO & no distancing inside

@DaveStermonTV10 @FOX10Phoenix @Costco And some people think walking down a fairway getting fresh air is bad.

@blumes15 @_JeremyBlack @yashar @Costco So is foil: mining, doesn’t break down for centuries! But it can be washed and re-used at least.

@bobclendenin So at @Costco the other day, a guy working there was wiping down the racking, I'm assuming with disinfectant, wearing a white rag over his face and coughing pretty much nonstop. Today, my throat is sore, voice a mess, and I feel a cold coming on. Neat stuff. @HeyCorona🖕🏾

Hey @costco if it doesn't work, maybe just take it down....

@costco GREAT FUCKIN JOB. So impressed how they are helping this pandemic!!! They had staff wiping all the shit down several times !!! They came up with a badass more less safer system! #LosAngeles #costco

@TillamookDairy Hello, we bought these cheese slices from @costco with best buy date is 04.25. However this is how the condition turned out. Mold inside. Cannot return back because of lock down. What can we do?

You know @costco, you are hands down the worst company I’ve dealt with during this pandemic. The absolute worst.

If you need to go out for supplies, @costco is the way to go. Of course, you can buy in bulk, but they’ve got the traffic flow part of this social distancing down. It was pretty awesome. #costco

The line as the doors opened at San Francisco @Costco this morning. The line on the right is going down the ramps to the entrance. The line on the left continues to spiral all the way to the center of the parking lot. I got there at 8:30 this morning. Waited an hour and a half.

@Costco you website is down , you twitter acct is locked, what up COSTCO? Your members can't even view your website, could you put out a little info would be helpful

@costco I love Costco and ty for your hard work! One thing, at checkout that could help stop spreading Coronavirus. Employees w/gloves at checkout should not be touching customers items because they don’t change their gloves. I went home and wiped each item down with Clorox wipes

Don’t apologize!! This was my @Costco run from 2 weeks ago. If I’m going down - I’m going down happy 😜…

The price seems to be coming down in the valley @Costco and @SamsClub. Why are the other gas stations so high? #realtalk #Truth #Vegas #Nevada #SinCity #Fuel #gas

@Costco I bought a pair of sunglasses on 3/14 and I just took them out of the rubberbanded case and the frames are completely crooked. If you put them down on a level counter they are very wobbly. With your vision center closed, how can I get a refund?

@bluebellina @Mulder24 @209TimesCA You can wash your produce but nobody's going to wipe down the computers on display unless management enacts policy. Store security should've monitored and detained her. @Target @Costco @Walmart @SamsClub... PAY ATTENTION.

@RubenBolling @Costco —two women pushed their carts side by side down the center of the aisle, taking up all the space and refusing to pick a lane. I kept backing up and backing up and both were aggressively oblivious to my effort to avoid them. Finally I slammed my cart against the shelf and pressed

@Tesco @Costco @Argos_Online have closed all the touch screens, you still have your self service running with everybody touching it! It's disgraceful shut them down stop spreading the #coronavirusuk #COVID19Pandemic #COVID19 @Tesco @DHSCgovuk @DHSCmedia

@Walmart, @Costco and @Target stores are slowing down for the first time in weeks: “Once you have all the things you need, there is little need for more visits."

@ElisOl Costco was indeed sold out online for what I needed. I ended up going in person and it wasn't bad. @Costco has got this staying in business during COVOID-19 thing down to a science. Cleaning, process, systematic. If only it was like that all the time haha

We are loving @Instacart! While we have to figure out how to get our points for our @COSTCO purchase, we did get everything on our list! @Lysol sprayed down. ✅ Tip 👍🏽 #StayHome #coronavirus

@Costco thank you for cracking down on the irresponsible patrons who com in the store with many people. Dont be afraid to say 1 person only. In this time of great concern it is up to us individually to force clueless people to behave in a safe manner. These steps will save lives.

@CelineTVNEWS @Costco @Target @Walmart @wcax Completely absurd. If they do that they have to say alcohol is non essential and shut down all the liquor stores. NH will go bankrupt.

@alex_kuykendall @Costco Wednesday is the best Costco day in my experience, but go after 10-11am when the senior hours die down. I had to make the same decision today.

@mattqwerty @Tesco If @Tesco #tescorona #tesco were serious about #covid19UK #COVID19 instead of installing screens you should be wiping down the self service machines everytime someone uses it they are worse than touching door handles @costco #costco has given you all a spanking in this crises.

If @Tesco #tescorona #tesco were serious about #covid19UK #COVID19 instead of installing screens you should be wiping down the self service machines everytime someone uses it they are worse than touching door handles @costco #costco has given you all a spanking in this crises.

@CelineTVNEWS @wcax @Costco @Target @Walmart Yes, let’s crack down on me buying a coloring book for my 3 year old.

Vermont is cracking down on stores selling non-essential goods, ordering places like @costco, @Target & @Walmart to stop selling items including arts and crafts, makeup & electronics. What do you think? Email me at I’ll dig deeper on @wcax news at 11. #COVID19

@Costco why were you so diligent about wiping down carts, freezer and refrigerator door handles, etc LAST WEEK, but absolutely NO ONE was wiping ANYTHING down today? Answer me that... #coronavirus

wife finds tp online at @costco gets excited and comes down stairs to tell me, goes back upstairs and its out of stock ( this was about 5 min)

@mortalia @FKNomads @texasauntie10 @MarkerBart @OnlineDetective @jbillinson @RexChapman @Costco Maybe that’s possible, granted I live in 1 part of the US, I never once heard anyone mention AU when speaking of the pandemic/🧻 . Didn’t AU’s shutdown just start LAST week hence Bindi rushing her wedding last week before the shut down? Still can’t blame the stores like that lady

Shout out to @Costco today, the gas station attendants were all over those nozzles wiping them down. Thank you for that.