Costco website down? Current problems

Costco is known for operating a popular e-commerce website and a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. Common Costco problems normally impact the website being down mostly, or issues with their login and even at checkout.

Sometimes the site will be totally down, or you might have selected issues with certain categories, blank white pages, or just can’t sign into your account and search for products. Reports of any current outage will be found below.


Costco Status insight for Sunday 26th of January 2020

If Costco is down today, then reports will be found below.

Costco Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Katrina

    It looks like it’s coming back up just now, on my mobile anyways.

  • Max

    I cannot sign into my account or search anything, the Costco homepage loads but when I try to click something like the groceries section, nothing happens at all.

  • Dan

    The Costco website seems to be down today, 4th August 2019. I just get a blank white page on both my iPhone and MacBook.

Costco Reports

When is Worcester MA getting a @fivebelow and a @Costco like for real since Sam's shut down 😳 #buyinbulk @BJsWholesale was more expensive then sams club.. (Rip) it's now a walmart warehouse😭 we need more lower priced stuff in the area. Worcester isn't boston.

@StephGDostal @MelissaMroczek @Costco @WestOProblems Haha that sounds very familiar. Did the same thing with my ex but the Omaha location wasn’t open back then so we actually made a night of it down in the Haymarket in Lincoln.

@standearth @SumOfUs @Costco @Charmin Stop using paper? Or just stop using trees from the largest forest because we can't cut anything down?

@kaiannpepper @Costco Then the manager came and was talking down on my mother because her English isn’t that great, and that’s when I went CRAZY! Lol they want to pick and chose when they want to enforce the rules and it doesn’t work that way.

@costco Now late to an appointment. Unbelievable. Tic tock.Maybe they need to let it down real slow.…

#costco and @LGUS I was very disappointed about 800.00 breaking down before @NFL @49ers and i got receipt @Costco did not take back or help me in any way. any suggestions