Comcast Internet outage

Is there a Comcast Internet service outage in your area? If your service is running a little slow, or completely down then you would likely see details within the status reports below. Comcast provide Internet branded as Xfinity in around 40 states across the United States, also they offer phone and television services.

If you use the XFINITY My Account app then you already have a way to check for a Comcast service outage, although those of you without the app can still check at by signing into the My Account section. You can see outages along with your local city within the status report section below, which will help others trying to find out if their Internet is down today.


Comcast Status insight for Tuesday 15th of October 2019

If Comcast is down today, then reports will be found below.

Comcast Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Peter

    I am in Pekin Illinoi and i have no Internet, is this down to an Xfinity scheduled maintenance or something.

  • Kimmy

    Internet is down in 32086, that is now 8 days with nothing.

  • Slade

    My internet is down but the cable is fine. I am in area 15236.

  • Anne

    I am having serious outage issues in Vancouver WA, the internet keeps going down and not matter what i try with the router etc nothing makes it work.

  • Karela

    I have had a funny connection for like 4 hours now, its on and off in San Jose.

  • Ronald

    I am in San Francisco and have no Comcast Internet.

  • Dom

    Comcast Outage in California, i had something recording on DVR and it did not complete, time to say bye to Xfinity.

  • Jeremy

    Anyone in Denver having issues with lost TV service?

  • Brenda

    I have no Internet connection in Tuscon Arizona.

  • Stacey

    Comcast is having serious down time issues because I can access Twitter but nothing else.

  • Karla

    If the problem is to do with TV services how come I cannot get any internet or access Twitch or connect to my PlayStation?

  • Jack

    Looks like Comcast Xfinity TV customers are having issues with service. Wonder what the issue is?

  • Dougie

    My Comcast WiFi has been down for like 12 hours now. Seems to be a complete outage seeing as i cannot get On-Demand.

  • Tyrell

    Comcast is down today July 11 ans unable to get any Xfinity OnDemand, been down all day now.

  • Kevin

    I have not go Xfinity TV at the moment, been down for like 2 hours now for me and the family. I have reset the box and still nothing.

  • Ivan

    I have to keep turning wifi off and then back on again to reboot. This is happening about 20 times a day with losing connection, it does not matter if wired or wireless.

  • Robert

    I am in Indiana and have no email, internet or TV, cable is the worst ever. Surely its best to get a dish.

  • Carla

    My Comcast email service is not working, why is it down yet again?

  • Richard

    I have no Xfinity service, this is now day 2 and not happy at all. Get the wifi working please comcast.

  • Jenny

    Comcast service outage is occurring in Central Mass.

  • Benn

    Yet again another Comcast outage, we night as well give you access to our bank accounts and let you take our money for nothing.

  • Chris

    I just an on screen message saying something is not right, there seems to be a connection issue. Online there is nothing saying there is an outage but there clearly is.

  • Jamie

    There is a major Comcast Internet outage at the moment, I got nothing in Northern California.

  • Orson

    There are no reports of Comcast doing maintenance in Seattle, I even phoned them and they said they cannot see any issue. Is this what they call customer service.

  • Jobey

    I have no internet in Seattle, it has been like an hour now. I have tried calling customer service but waited far too long.

  • Ian

    Is there a Comcast outage today? The reason I ask is because my service keeps going offline then it comes back then goes again.

  • Malcom

    There seems to be many issues with Comcast at the moment, the connection is very poor.

  • Tia

    No comcast service at all in 98408.

  • David

    My Comcast service is down in 98513.

  • Nimmii

    My Internet is down today, great. So needed t check my emails as well on my laptop.

  • HO

    22206 Internet has been dropping twice a day for the past month, and is now INCREDIBLY slow. Webpages take upwards of ten minutes to load, assuming they don’t time out or the connection doesn’t reset. I hope Earthlink runs into my house, I’ll take their lower speeds if it means consistent, ACTUAL service.

  • Jessica

    Same here I’m down here in Michigan stupid Comcast never fails to disappoint their customers

  • Maria

    14 hours my Comcast service has been down now. I am in New Jersey.

  • Anna

    Comcast’s Internet is to on and off for me, how would they like it if my monthly payments were like on and off. Should i decide how much money i should give them like how much net they give me. I pay for a certain amount of meg for a certain amount of money.

  • Lena

    Comcast down yet again, surely Comcast has to prorate, all these days without service (Two Days solid for me) – But has been very sporadic for weeks now.

  • Shaun

    On Comcast and wish I wasn’t, cannot even play any online games on my Xbox One because Internet is poor. Worst internet i have ever had.

  • Sue

    It is a little strange how i decided to end my time with Comcast with just under a month to go and yet my service seems a lot worse than it was. Surely a coincidence right?

  • Jade

    Interent down in 98204.

  • Wells

    In 48322 and Internet keeps disconnecting.

  • Britt

    I have not had any Comcast Internet signal since midnight EST, I really want to watch my fave show as well.

  • Guest

    Comcastvis out for the second time today….of course in the middle of news and prime time.

  • Maurice

    DNS lookup failure problems for me.

  • Sue

    Internet is out in 94618

  • Rick

    Comcast is down on March 30

  • Kristy

    Paying nearly $90 for a service that is not working for me most of the time, looks like i will go AT&T.

  • Libby

    Comcast services are down for me in Stockton, not sure why as cannot find any official information.

  • Adam

    In Union City and Comcast Internet is not working today.

  • Chen

    Comcast Internet is down in Oakland.

  • Shelly

    I heard 4am for internet to come back up in Elk Grove.

  • Dan

    Comcast down today in Elk Grove.

  • Ron

    There’s an outage in Elk Grove ca, any ideas when this will be fixed?

  • Jacob

    I’ve been experiencing slower internet while gaming and have hit 1-3 lag spikes that resulted in a complete freeze in my game every match for the past 3 days

  • Rick

    Comcast is down for me, the service as been poor at best for most of this year so far.

  • Heady Daze

    Comcast painfully slow this morning in Chicago today

  • Bell

    Having issues this early Monday morning connecting to the network, is anyone else seen Comcast issues around Chicago?

  • Brain

    Internet keeps going on and off, it;s a nightmare in in Bloomington il

  • Jason

    TV and total Internet black out, outage in 60189.

  • Sopth

    What a joke, is your cable down in 30324?

  • Sharon

    Comcast is down 30067

  • Lee

    30068 cable down. I have phoned them a few times, and keep getting put on hold each time, which ends in a busy signal.

  • Al

    I’m in Northwest Chicago and customer service us down with internet limited, or even no connectivity at times. It’s been like this for hours.

  • Jess

    Keep getting packet loss for my TWC.

  • Gena

    Internet is very slow in Seattle today, loading slow on download and upload speeds. I tried customer service, but no real help.

  • Roy

    Internet down in Blaine wa for the last 40 minutes, anyone else?

  • Keith

    Customer service keep telling me that my wireless router is causing my problems, but Comcast is still down in ABQ and I don’t think it’s my router.

  • Ken

    The XFINITY My Account app isn’t working on my iPhone, although my wife doesn’t have a problem on their Android phone.

  • Sonny

    Internet is really slow in Chicago, IL.

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