Comcast outage in Chicago area

Whether you are on south side, or north side, when a Comcast outage happens in the Chicago area it won’t be fun for anyone. Problems can arise for a number of reasons within the third most populated US city, and the Comcast outage could stretch across the map and all of the state of Illinois during larger blackouts.

Those of you with service issues or horrible speed should leave a status report on this page. Don’t forget to leave a zip or local area, so that you can help discover patterns with Comcast outages in Chicago.


Comcast Chicago Status insight for Friday 3rd of April 2020

If Comcast Chicago is down today, then reports will be found below.

Comcast Chicago Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lana

    I have no email, cannot access Facebook or any other web based website, looks like i am using my 4G data yet again.

  • Larry

    I was with Comcast where i used to live and that was a bad service and now having the same issue with Cox. LOL got to cry or laugh.

  • Larry

    I am in Erie, Co and got no Cox service again, this is ridiculous.

  • Gabby

    Sorry 6 days that was supposed to be.

  • Gabby

    ^ days and still got no internet or cable, this is the worst service by far, whats going on please help?

  • Jim

    TV is up, Internet has been down 5 days (no WAN IP assigned to Modem, internals look A-OK), area Xfinity WiFI APs I can see all without internet so know it is far beyond my property in Schaumburg (NW Suburb Chicago), Calls with Advanced Repair Team say: “will be fixed in 4 hrs’, I get text notifications ‘it is fixed’, but it never is. I’ve seen 5 continuous days without connectivity, they see problems beginning 3 days earlier so that is 8 days so far….Currently pirating WiFi on open WoW AP. Nuts

  • Johan

    Down in Georgia, no internet at all.

  • Vicki

    Is there an outage at the moment? As I am not getting any Internet service at all. Any month Comcast cannot supply is a month we should not have to pay.

  • Nathan

    I think Comcast is down in Chicago, well it is for me.

  • Bill

    Is there a comcast outage in Chicago today? Not able to get connected.

  • bad-to-the-bone

    I’m out in Gary, since yesterday.

  • Katrina

    Down again on south side.

  • Jon

    I’m near Highland Park, Comcast support are not helping and my internet is really slow.

  • Ral

    Anyone else having Internet issues in Chicago?

Comcast Chicago Reports

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