COD Advanced Warfare PS4 issues at Havoc DLC release time

There is a number problems Call of Duty Advanced Warfare players are experiencing right now before the PS4 Havoc DLC release time, although exactly when that download arrives today is yet to be seen for GMT, PST, or even EST. COD Advanced Warfare issues have been reported on our dedicated Down Today page for the popular FPS game, which include a few people that pre-ordered the Havoc DLC on PS3 and PS4.

While some gamers are detailing Advanced Warfare multiplayer issues on PS4, others speak specifically about the season pass and that they can’t download Havoc thanks to a pre-order error. Even though it states they have season pass, but this just might be a few people jumping on too early, or teething problems due to demand.

The majority of players are hunting for the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS4, or PS3, download link to pre-load and get started before the Havoc DLC release time. This might not be possible for the majority, although if you know the set time of day when the download will be added for season pass holders for Havoc DLC, then share feedback on this page.

What time will Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC release in UK or US? Just a few moments ago, the official Ask PlayStation channel on Twitter explained there’s no official time for the Havoc DLC download today. Again, if you see the release time arrive for UK and USA on either PlayStation platform, then we want to hear about it.



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