Clash Royale Maintenance Break and Problems

Clash Royale was released in 2016 for both Android and iOS users, it seems the game is very stable majority of the time but no and then problems do occur.

Clash Royale Maintenance Break

A Clash Royale maintenance break is one of the main reasons for the game to go offline, when this happens it is mainly down to fixing a few bugs and improving the game further.

Other problems do occur such as the app crashing upon opening on mobile devices, Supercell servers going down and mid-game freezing. Just like its borrowed setting from Clash of Clans popular games can have difficulties and when you have yours please do list them below.

If you are having issues with Clash Royale please do comment below with what platform you are using along with your problem.


Clash Royale Status insight for Thursday 21st of September 2017

If Clash Royale is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash Royale Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Faez

    When I’m opening Clash Royale . A maintenance Break chart appears.
    Using it from Android

  • Nihar

    What happens if clash of clans hacks your IOS bank to get 0 dollers??!!

  • Cody

    I put my phone back to factory settings to give it a good clean up and only retired it with the minimum such as my contacts and hardly any apps just to play Clash but i still keep getting loading errors.

  • Nguyen

    I start the game up and before it goes any further it gets stuck as like 52% load. Login failed yet again.

  • leigha dowen

    It won’t load past 50

  • Clarence

    I am sorry but the 2v2 update is the worst by far to date. My friends list is no longer there from clash of clans, new cards stolen etc.

  • Joanne

    Clash Royale is not working for me, darn this new 2v2 game mode update. Since I done that things not working.

  • Max

    The maintenance break today fixed the content update bug, but now they need another maintenance to fix the dreaded bug called the Elite Barbarians.

  • Maxine

    Wonder if they deleted the replays. I so hope they have not because I like them.

  • James

    Clash Royal was down for a while for maintenance, but think they are online now… I am not able to get online as at work, let me know if all is ok now please someone….


    I have to
    Say clash royal is a an awesome game but sometimes it freezes and I hate it right now when I press the app it just puts me out of the game please try to do something because i don’t want to restart the game.

    Sincerely,CAN MASTER

  • Shaz

    After 100 % loading it got freez .. i am playing this game from one year … I am much angry. How to fix it .

  • Lol

    I just hate the lags of this game…. supercell’s company try to fix further compitcated issues but not the simple ones

  • Victor

    Wats up with clash royal today (march 25) im a android user and so is my brother we cant get in. Itll load to 100% then not lets us in. Sooo help please i need my chests opened and my crowns earned !

  • Justin Shifflett

    I am experiencing different problems. I checked with about 20 people that i know and they are experiencing the same things. At first it worked but then it froze in a clan battle so i closed clash royale and reopened the app. This is when the problems started, after loading i saw my chest and thought didnt i just start a battle? i went to the chat and my game had been going on for 12 minutes. after restarting my phone it would not even load my clan chat or info. although face book friendly battles work.

  • Jake

    Clan not loading in so can’t do clan chest

  • ujjwol shrestha

    Loads upto 50% and crashes on ios

  • Dee

    I am trying to get on to clash this s morning but I only get to 50 per cent and then it crashes. I have tried to upgrade but doesn’t work it won’t let me go beyond 50% I am on my iPad

  • Shaarawy El Zachary

    and lose all the cards that you’re supposed to win right? >_<

  • SharraLynne Rogers Guymon

    On our android phone my son can’t log in. He gets to 50 % load and then it crashes

  • Pat

    Clash Royale is under maintenance to correct the Clan Chest to 3 days, this should take like 20 minutes tops to sort out come on now.

  • Ming

    Mine says updating then it goes back to SUP-ERC-ELL and says update again over and over

  • Chase

    Wonder how long the clash royale servers will be down for!!!!

  • Jeffery

    I think I should get my gems back after getting the 12 grand challenge win.

  • Carl

    Thanks for that, I lost a match because you decided to do the royale maintenance right now.

  • Gerry

    Come on now how about nerfing the royale giant?

  • Malcom

    The August Clash Royale maintenance is underway, The maintenance is to do some small adjustments within the trophy system. Apparently it will help players progress though the middle of 4, 5, and 6 arenas.

  • Carter

    They had a maintenance break yet again today, which now they are back online. but I thought they already sorted the fix for next week’s end of season Trophy reset!!

  • Travis

    There was a clash royale server maintenance, but now its back online so happy playing folks.

  • Danny

    OMG there is always a maintenance break. Even if they are quick its not funny when your in the middle of something.

  • Stephen

    I was nearly in spell valley and then the game goes down. Now i am back in barbarian bowl, not happy.

  • Jacob

    Seems to be back online guys and girls, they hope and i hope to see you in the Arena.

  • Brian

    There is a maintenance break going on right now for clash royale.

  • Otis

    New cards are getting some love today along with monitoring of Royal Giant and Freeze changes. Other changes are to do with the Furnace, Fire Spirits, Guards and more. Check out the official Clash Royale blog for more information.

  • Patrick

    Today 18 May 2016 there will be a maintenance break that is to do with new balance live and bug fixes.

  • Kerry

    is there any chance in the future to turn convert cards into gold?

  • Davido

    You can now throw confetti and watch friendly battles live, plus see the cool battles from any Arena.

  • Larry

    There are 6 new cards including Rare Card: Furnace, Common Card: Fire Spirits, New Epic Card: Guards and Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Sparky.

  • Timmy

    Earlier today there was a Clash Royale maintenance break to fix a small issue to reset to 3000 trophies after the season ended. They are back online now though which is a good thing.

  • Chris

    what about the phantom notifications, you know the gold/silver chest false unlocks notifications?

  • Joan

    Wahey, I just got the super magical chest, it scares me every time they have a maintenance break because i fear they will take this from me.

  • Timmy

    Yeah it went down a little while ago but it was not down for ling, something to do with Asian Languages.