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Clash of Kings is a great strategy game, fantastic if you love multiplayers or PVP games. The aim is to battle and conquer kingdoms to live, and by doing this you need a base building and a strong fighting army. Even though this game runs smoothly most of the time Clash of Kings issues can happen, and when they do please share them here for support.

Problems with Clash of Kings in the past have included gamers asking if their alliance at kingdom 78 AVA Advance alliance could be repaired after an error occurred. One particular user said there was a hacker in the server 250 coordinates 708 553, apparently this was soon fixed after they contacted the official Twitter account located right of this page. Other users have had issues with CoK invitation codes when trying to send.

No matter what the CoK problems, being it downloading being slow, in-game glitches, servers being down, login issues, problems playing through Facebook or mobile device, we want to hear from you.

Building armies, bases and attacking enemies need not be stressful if problems occur, let Down Today be your shoulder where you can vent your issues with us and other readers.


Clash of Kings Status insight for Wednesday 18th of September 2019

If Clash of Kings is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Kings Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Tharin

    Can’t connect to the server, I’ve tried logging in for an hour but it won’t let me. Is the server down?

  • Ryan Ricketts

    Is server down can’t login

  • Harold Vincent

    Yes facing the same issue too

  • Rameez Ali

    Is anyone able to login to the game?

  • Tamara Williams

    Anyone having problems with research…..mine says I have one going.. but just started playing again….. Haven’t been on there for a year……. Please help

  • Morne

    i have a problem with loading the map where i can find the monsters to battle. it does not load on my PC
    what can i do ti fix

  • JhonPer

    Same loging error requested zone COK369 does not exist

  • JhonPer

    This problem now requested zone COK369 does not exist

  • Mohamed Farag Al-Amin

    I have the same problem now .. requested zone COK 1462 does not exist !!!!!

  • Alex

    It was begun yesterday, 13th Nov ’18 , the game is not opening, kingdom 1584, reinstalled, cleared cache, nothing. Seconds day the game is not running also. No news from the owner. I guess is better to uninstall the game completely.

  • 龍MotherD媽

    It seems to only be effecting certain devices. I can not log in with anything Samsung but my old Alcatel phone can. I can also login on my iPad, but obviously only to the game I have bound to Facebook.

  • Johnmark

    Same too, i have been trying to login too, i have uninstalled, deleted my cache & files everything, reinstalled & still not loading saying clash has stopped working

  • KathyB

    I can’t login my clash of kings since yesterday. It keeps saying Unfortunately, clash of kings has stop. I tried everything they say to do but still no luck. Help plzzzz.

  • Kerry

    Cannot do anything in my game other than message in ac. Can’t even shield! Have re installed several times others having the same problem .. we are using I pads it’s working fine on I phone which luckily have my main castle

  • Campus Maximus

    I’m having the same problem.

  • Umar Shakoor

    There is a loading issue of the game that At 95% It shows “Network failure” . If somebody know how to solve this issue so PLEASE Help.

  • Alex

    all day and still can’t get into kingdom 197

  • Brian Mallory

    It’s now been 12 hours and still can’t get into kingdom 61

  • Ocdqueen

    I cant log into my game, says zone cok56 does not exist. What is going on?

  • Brian Mallory

    I’m the same kingdom 330 merged with 61 today been not able to get on any of my castles since 6am this morning

  • George

    It is the same here I still can’t login to my account I have 4 accounts in Clash of Kings p 6 p 5 p 3 and P 1 and Farm castles cannot login to any of them

  • Tammie Gagliano

    Forts, cannon, depot invisible.

  • Moggzie

    cant log in to the game as I get Black Screen after the clash of kings logo appears!, (using Bluestacks on pc to play), now on day 3 of trying to sort it out, no luck though 🙁 it is still the same, I tried a few suggestions from google search but none worked, this is so frustrating 🙁 if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, would you please let me know if you find a solution to this problem….thnx

  • Brenda Holland

    i have problems also today not being able to log in using my desktop computer.

  • Brenda Holland

    Still cannot log in to clash of kings on my computer. It’s running fine on my tablet and also on an android emulator….Game chat also is showing lots of users cannot get in…my message says I have lost server connection.

  • Budski Baron

    so cant connect and will be attacked and cok wont give back what i lost so its really a messed up game.almost 4 years i been playing and this kinda thing happens too often

  • Budski Baron

    im in 9 kingdoms and can’t connect to any of them.says connection to server not working to try again.this is a bogus popup.this always happens when the game is messed up in some way.seems to only happen to us computer players

  • Mel

    Can’t find a certain kingdom on the list when I want to move to another kingdom.

  • Clive

    Yep down again

  • Queen nzw

    My wings have dissapeared from my castle outside I’ve mail for help over 20 times with screen shots I’ve reinstalled game and cleared all my data still I have no wings I’ve just changed p4 now and I want to see my beautiful wings please help

  • Penny Peebles

    what does it mean when someone that you aren’t game friends with emails you in the game (Clash of Kings) with a message of 1|100|1 or something like that.

  • Quonard Evony

    Server 1436 game frozen at start up…,anyone else having trouble?

  • hello guys time 18:03 clash of king starts

  • iulian lungu

    same problem here 7 houers i have but nothing uneble to connect to server i send to cok mail but nothing not respond

  • Christopher John Collins

    Same problem here it’s been over 4 hours now and still unable to connect to the game.

  • Ashish Varma

    the game says unable to connect to server, please try again later or send some feedback.

  • Ashish Varma

    on 9th january 2018

  • Ashish Varma


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