Clash of Kings issues

Clash of Kings is a great strategy game, fantastic if you love multiplayers or PVP games. The aim is to battle and conquer kingdoms to live, and by doing this you need a base building and a strong fighting army. Even though this game runs smoothly most of the time Clash of Kings issues can happen, and when they do please share them here for support.

Clash of Kings issues

Problems with Clash of Kings in the past have included gamers asking if their alliance at kingdom 78 AVA Advance alliance could be repaired after an error occurred. One particular user said there was a hacker in the server 250 coordinates 708 553, apparently this was soon fixed after they contacted the official Twitter account located right of this page. Other users have had issues with CoK invitation codes when trying to send.

No matter what the CoK problems, being it downloading being slow, in-game glitches, servers being down, login issues, problems playing through Facebook or mobile device, we want to hear from you.

Building armies, bases and attacking enemies need not be stressful if problems occur, let Down Today be your shoulder where you can vent your issues with us and other readers.


Clash of Kings Status insight for Monday 20th of November 2017

If Clash of Kings is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Kings Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sally Ann Taylor

    Whenever I try to buy a pack on my iphone it says network connection error try again later. I can buy from laptop but the packs are different

  • adam LG99

    What is the problem with my chat in this game?, i can’t send or receive any message!!

  • Kayla Mccarter

    OK so whatever happened killed my Facebook account I can’t get into it at all it says Facebook not bound to game data try again later and I was litterly on it 22 hours ago my Google account works just fine

  • Aurora Tencer

    How long will system be down?

  • Mark Huber

    I cannot get on the game. It just freezes immediately. Music plays, but the nothing. I’m sure my shield will drop.later.todsy and I’ll get zeroed. Please fix this problem.

  • Tom Drew

    What issues you having

  • Tom Drew

    Is anyone else’s chat working ??? My mail box is also saying it’s empty

  • Mark Huber

    I cannot enter the game..ju

  • Navaratnarajah Sanjayan

    How long have you all having this issue? I’m having from past 3hours

  • Deborah Mencer

    Same for me

  • Mike

    same problem here

  • sumit bohra

    Same problem.

  • Sacha Sienne

    Same for me today, it launchs but blocks

  • Denis

    I also having problems ,game opens but can,t do nothing then after few minutes it says cok not responding .went on Google play to rate game and seen slot of people are having, same problems

  • Dom

    When i try load cok it just keeps saying its stopped responding anybody know why

  • Dabih Albireo

    Impossible to log in the game since the last update. Thanks to let us know when this issue will be fix on android.

  • Cat fish willy

    Cok wont answer about game being frozen today the grubs.grrrrr

  • Brutus

    Me too… My shields droped. I dont know what ill find if i log in ever again lol

  • Eve Sabanal

    what happen the cok today i cant connect to my account just started this afternoon…

  • Xena Marie

    Unable to open cok.. what’s going on? this game totally crushing now!! spend much money of this game so please fix the problem asap cok server!..

  • Rene Almodovar

    on 8/26/17 we had cross kingdom battle going..i put a 24 hour shield and it dropped probably 2 hours before it was suppose to and I lost over 4 million troops…i have been playing this game close to 3 years and spent enough money and obviously been a loyal player but I contacted col about my situation and it seems like they don’t give two craps..when my shield dropped there was no warning or anything stating your shield will be over in 10 minutes which in the past it did but on this date above no warning was given..there has been a big and big glitch going on since last update and I know it has to mess things up this time pissed…can someone help me with my situation please..i want my troops back

  • Wylie Chance

    My entire family all 7 of us play from one Windows 10, IE browser, pc at home. 2 of us have android phones that we can also enter our games from. The ones who can get on their phones for the game are doing well. But the PC users are having loading issues where as it begins to load the screen turns white with a exclamation point in center! Causing us to reload the page! VERY ANNOYING! Then once we finally do get into the game from PC the “Upgrade” buildings feature isn’t loaded correctly so IF we happen to have enough resources to Upgrade a building we have to RELOAD the whole page again and sometimes multiple reloads in order to get the upgrade buildings to work!
    The mail system has recently started repeatedly showing me over 60 emails that are from MARCH of 2017 to current date! I delete them they come back!
    To top all this off when I do file report of issues to a MOD or to the report a issue page I get told that COK is a MOBILE only game!
    They refuse to fix the issues for PC players. My family spends quite a bit of money on this game with 7 of us playing it, why can’t COK become a PC and MOBILE game???! Fix the few issues that there are for PC users and make MORE money from your customers!
    Is there a way to fix the white screen loading issues for PC? Is there a setting I can use to fix it on my PC?

  • John Bobin

    I have had the same problem for 2 months. Had no problem for nearly 2 years until recently. COK says now need to change my country in Apple Store to China where the castle was originally created. Cant do that as I do not live in China and have no bank account there. Why is there this problem now and how can I fix this as I get Network failure message when I try to buy a package?

  • carrot king

    can someone answer me today :)

  • carrot king

    i loose my account becose i didnt bind him on gmail before i back my phone on fabric..can i back my castle back?

  • Cenan

    I solve it. Just change the money unit from the apple store or google play store. Make it the original money unit with the castle

  • Łukasz Golan

    I have same problem

  • Irving Arias

    I try to login but it says YOUR DATA IS STRANGE LOGIN FAILED , WE HAVE RECORDED IT AND WILL BE SOLVE AS SOON AS POSIBLE but its been like this four more theb 5 hours anyway to fix this i already updated it clear cache turn my phone off i have good Wi-Fi connection idk wat to do HELP

  • Reese

    I am having the same issue. Happened today when I set rally against rebel leader. No one was online. The rally canceled itself and now my hero and my troops have vanished and I can only send out 3 marches. Says I reached maximum marches. And if I use VIP then I can send out 4 marches but when I try to send the 5th it says maximum already reached. I’ve talked to MODs and even messaged GM and still nothing :(

  • André Luiz Iurko

    Same problem here, on Kingdom 1891 – Kikomaakii. A rally auto-disbanded, got stuck in nowhere.

  • Amy Garcia

    My problem is just when I go to upload avatar it tells me it can’t load photo. I have tried different photos and different photo apps. I have restarted the game and retried. I have turned off WiFi and nothing will let me upload any picture in the game.

  • Kenny

    Kingdom 1848 – KiLBurn68 Set a rally against rebel leader. Had to be a rally to attack. Teammate tried to join me but his troops did not get there before rally timer expired. Battle was cancelled by the game and now my troops are locked in Team1. Friends troops returned to his castle. I have restarted client multiple times and had other teammates kill the leader to see if my troops were unlocked. They are still locked

  • Cenan Aydogdu


    I have problem buying packages. Everytime i try to buy packages it says “Network connection failed, please try again later”. I try different phones, i change the binded accounts but could not solve the problem. Can you help me with this please?

  • Cenan Aydogdu

    hey i have the same problem but i can not solve it. Did you find the solution?

  • Klash King10

    Does anyone know, when it will be back up?

  • Klash King10

    i am getting the same issue here

  • Tinti Koa

    cok is down, since the server maintenance of yesterday. I keep trying to login, and at 95% it says “network failure” and it just doesn’t connect to the game.
    Cok on pc, has always been terrible, alliance and kingdom chat have disappeared, hero is not available, march setup are not the same and many other small issues, that makes us – poor pc players – terrible players.
    Please, AT LEAST, fix this network problem.

  • Rory A Martin

    I have been online logging in for over 24 hrs and can’t get by the server hook stage, it will load only to be immediately disconnected.You don’t want my observations on this, never mind that despite claims to the contrary. Cok does not seem to be taking the pc issues seriously and I spend a little money too. I am at present waiting to be zeroed after months of solid work without the benefit of the other advantages offered to phone users, the one seriously messed up thing is I have yet to receive any kind of acknowledgement from these cok people other than one threatening to discontinue my account if I did not use a different credit card, the exact same one i have always and still am using. Now due to server error and cok’s usual screwing up after upgrades, coupled with the fact that customer service totally bites. It has gone totally past disrespecting. After playing almost every day through player challenges, cok challenges seem to be insurmountable…it gives preferential treatment to phone users with deep pockets. Truly a shameful way to do business…

  • Dawood

    Do you want to take my P2 Castle 103M Power?

  • Hassan Asghar

    Hello! Everyone…We have encountered problem with Our Alliance Fort.Its Level 3.Seems to be Locked.And our main Castles are in its territory.Few days ago we replaced its location…Any Valuable Feedback will be appreciated

  • Marshall

    i cant load my clash of kings since the update

  • Elize Liebenberg

    I am being attack daily and constantly. I want to know is there a way to dissapear. Rename and start afresh without being picked up on my mail? Since sadly the mail shows it when you renamed. Does anyone know if theres a way and can share with me please.

  • Chopper O

    I can not load clash of kings for 24 hrs now wats going on

  • ThatGuyDom

    I tried to join mineral vein and it didn’t let me, so i closed the app and when i reopened it wont let me get back on my main castle. I can get on my farm and all fo them but my main p5 wont load in, then it just puts me back to a new castle….it still has the saved bind data

  • psk_drk

    Error: “This
    google account is not bound to game data and cannot be switched to. Please try

    My account is bounded, and from this morning i can’t enter my main castle due to this error..

    Must mention for the ones that “are you sure you didn’t unbind the account?” No i didn’t unbind it! you have to pass and agree some messages.. so no, i didn’t

    Really if this is not fixed, i won’t start again to reach c24 and buy packs for this kind of issues to occur.. I’ve sent an e-mail to Customer Service.. will see..

  • Chris Bates

    I am having problems getting to my alliance moments when I go to Alliance and go over to Alliance moments in its place it reads join with a red. How can I fix this

  • JAF

    Hello, i have the same problem every time i want to buy a pack it automatically gives me network connection failed! but thats only with my account because i’ve tried to buy packs with other accounts and i can! if you find a way to solve this problem please let me know

  • Chun Lo

    Tried to log in today for most of the afternoon said something about unable to obtain kingdom, please contact customer services, only to be able to log in not long ago, to find i have been put back to svip7 when last night i used gold coins (as it is the use gold coin event) to get to svip9… I wouldnt give too much care if they give me my coins back 300k and other svip items i had in my bag, but lost of gold coins and lost of svip too is not in the least acceptable. They can give me one or the other but to take both away and just say sorry, yeah right…

  • Angie Olds

    I down loaded the new upgrade and now when I get on game I can’t type in kc or ac it says confirming on top of my screen why is that I have restarted the game like 10 times already frustrated and when I gather or build its super slow

  • Rezox

    me too

  • Lauren Baskova

    Anybody getting this weird error? “Your data is strange”?

  • Henrietta

    I have same issue

  • Tracy-Ann de Souza

    Game loading but cannot do anything. Just opens up and then if I try to collect my rss it takes forever to do that.. It takes forever to do anything. Is the game down?

  • Akram

    I have a problem when buying Gold packages I cannot buy anything. I used to buy gold when am in china but now I have moved to UAE I cannot buy, it gives me Network connection failed, please try again later. I also try to contact support in game but they are really ignoring me I don’t know is that on purpose or they are busy but its gone too far 3 days and not a single response. can I find any help here ??

  • Bel

    Me too. They ask where the castle was build. My castle was given to me by a friend in persia. They say they will not be able to help me. That now its illegal to share castles withs other people, give them away or buy. They also said that we can not share resources or item ( then what the helm are the envelopes for. We have 6 people in our alliance woth this issue. We only have 12 players in a kingdom thats dead because our king decided to buy 5 p5 from other chinese that quit the game and told us we would nkt have peace because he spend a lot of money not to have fun. His alliance only has 4 players, his main castle is now p5, plus 5 more low prestige they have.

  • Inoc Velez

    I have the same problem

  • Roy Ku

    Totally cant loading,kickin many times using oppo

  • Eddie Ahn

    As of 2 days ago I cannot purchase anything. It says ‘network connection error please try again later’. What could the problem be?

  • Alija Makbi

    Chat is not working…using iphone…
    Cache is cleaned
    Game reinstalled
    Many times

  • Electra

    Unable to open Cok its not loading why ohh why!?

  • Pissed

    I’ve been playing COK forever, but as of yesterday, it is not loading / opening on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running Android version 7.0

  • Segun-Awotunde Olawale Abimbol

    D fuckin game is quiting itself

  • Boomm

    Game won’t loud samsung 7

  • Gaston Canine

    Game wont load on my iphone. Reinstalled it but cannot switch to My usual account.

  • Veronica Groenewald

    I’m back in. Thanks

  • Robin

    Game is not loading in iPhone.As soon as i enter the game it closes itself .please check the bugs as soon as possible

  • Uchida Itachi

    Having same issue. The game crashes after logging in.

  • Mike

    Not able to log in to the game.. this needs to be acknowledged and this needs to be fixed!!!

  • Veronica Groenewald

    Unable to load on iPhone today. Tried uninstalling but no luck

  • Bob

    Cannot get mail nor send mail, secondly gathering records do not work? Please help.

  • Joan Lalonde

    Sorry just saw this message. It was all rectified in a couple of days.

  • Cok Admin

    Have you been able to rectify your problem, if no let me know

  • Cok Admin

    Have you been able to rectify your problem? If no let me know.

  • Cok Admin

    Sorry about that, your ram is running low or you haven’t updated to the latest upgrade. Check your ram and if you haven’t updated your cok app, please do to enjoy updated features. Thanks

  • Cok Admin

    Sorry to hear that Robert. Have you updated your cok app to the latest app. Some bugs have been fixed. Update ok

  • Ohams

    What message did he get towards the banning?

  • David

    Me too I’m having the same problem since about two months I’m in kingdom 1416

  • Robert Ross

    Strongest Kingdom Event bug:
    I am unable to collect more than 2 treasure chests when I have clearly achieved the points to open more and I get a fault message that tells me to Research the relevant technology to collect the reward??? What does this mean? I have researched many technologies, but this is the first time I have been told to research a technology to get a Strongest Kingdom reward???
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  • Dono Joe

    my friend castle has been banned today why ??

  • Dirty

    My game crashes down when I try to send a text in any chats…

  • Jaque

    I don’t know, I haven’t been on for a week now! What Version is yours? Are you playing on IOS or Android?

  • Tracy-Ann de Souza

    Kingdom map not showing my alliance. When I open that map all I see is me. Can’t find my leader, the fort, or anyone else in the alliance. What is going on?

  • Jaque

    Have you been able to get on yet? I’m using IOS YOU?

  • Jaque

    I’ve tried everything no success. What Version are you having problems with? Mine is 2.39.0

  • Joany Lalonde

    I’m getting the same problem.

  • Jaque

    The latest update Version 2.39.0 Will not start.
    It gets to the first screen and the app shuts down!

    I’m running on IOS 8.0 IPAD Mini. I’ve rebooted the device and that didn’t work.
    I also deleted and reinstalled the app from the App Store.

  • Sam everett

    I have been unable to log in to two of my accounts for a week now in kingdom 1450 and now this problem has started with a third account. The app simply doesn’t load. When clicking on the app to open, it just returns to the home screen. All my accounts are on different devices and this is now effected on 3 of them. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Dušan Dovala

    I have the same problem. Could You solve the case?

  • Alexis Maceira

    It has been two days already since i cantogin to the game. Today is april 18 2017 any recomendations?

  • Achmedian

    Unable to login on 1042, only one account affected

  • Imran Aslam Butt

    stuck in loading loop, cant login, any help?

  • James

    I haven’t been able to play with wifi enabled for a good week now. Works fine with mobile data, anyone else having this problem or how to fix it?

  • Khanadan Swary

    I’ve quit the game, it’s unfair, I keep rebuilding and rebuilding and the next day I get attacked by people who are 10 levels higher than me. What is the point of playing this stupid game if I am keep losing everyday. Plus, those crashes and bug problems are making the game no fun. So yes I am done with cok it’s not fair anymore.

  • A Rehman Mahmood

    My game start from begining from LVL1 castle….. bit biniding acount shows actual lord level.

  • Kathryn Montoya

    I haven’t been able to access the game for over 4 days.

  • Geoffrey Fantaske

    My game is in a continuous loading loop

  • Billy Vegas

    Cannoy log into or start game for over 3 days now. In kingdom 1572. Please help

  • Billy Vegas

    I cannot load game at all this has been going on for 3 days now please fix kingfom 1572

  • Zsolt Kocsis

    Can not login to the game since the latest serves update.I am in Kingdom 970.

  • Ryan Boyd

    I currently can’t log on with a few others in uk time zone , emailed the owners about the issues : does anyone have an answer. the game loads opens up and then the app closes straight away back to phone home
    Screen. it’s unreal I’ve got some packs to collect from putting money in the game. Thanks

  • Andrew

    Can not login to the game for over 8 hours now. The loading screen pops up but then instantly closes out.

  • C.W. Roberts

    Sent two marches of 32.5 K each for new Turret construction and cannot recall them.
    Absolutely no response from customer service.

  • C.W. Roberts

    Cannot login. Keep getting message “My Lord, You have made too many operations today, try again tomorrow.”
    Been getting this since 03/23.

  • Brittany

    Cant even load game on my mobile keeps saying “cannot connect to server” yet it was fine lastnight… any other device works though.

  • Reza Chandra Kesuma

    can’t playing this game with facebook in pc..-_-

  • Dwight Royer

    Since the latest server update, our alliance hs lost all its buildings and attributes.we are in Kingdom #255. No response from customer service at this point, after many attempts to contact them.

  • sher shah

    Accounts are not switching please help. I got this issue today. At morning game was under maintenance. Now i can not switch between accounts.

  • Shashikant Kakad

    same problem..but did anyone got solution

  • Maniac

    At least 6 hrs now not able to get into the game. “Maintenance message” keeps popping up.
    How long does this problem continue? Don’t want to lose all the effort spent on this game and hope there are no others in Kingdom able to profit from this situation…. Would not be the first time…. grrr

  • yvette c

    Dunno how long now. Was at work the whole day before i checked. Its been 4 hrs now and nothing. Ive rebooted my router umpteen times to be sure but i just keep getting “under maintence” msg from my end

  • Sheila Hemming

    System under maintenance for last hrs ?

  • yvette c

    I haven’t been able to log on for almost 4 hours now. Keeps saying under maintenance. Its the longest its been down and its creating players like me frustrations that makes one just uninstalling and throwing all that effort after 2+ yrs of this game!

  • Росен Цветков

    I can open Clash of kings, load only the load screen with The king and show me (E001) … what’s this ?! I play with android sistem…

  • Ben

    My game is running super slow. Anybody else having these problems?

  • chine k552

    same here problem i have

  • curatzki

    i play COK in PC yesterday and today i keep my account refreshing coz wont go loading the game, why is it happening again?let us know if there’s an upgrade on game so we cant close and open again and again

  • Lady’Sash’

    For 6 hours now my account keeps freezing I can’t do anything. Close reopen close reopen again and again and again same problem

  • Queen Redhot

    As of yesterday, my account keeps freezing. It works for a second and then I can’t click on anything. Close app, reopen, same thing.

  • Pradeep panda

    Yesterday I purchased a random pack from cok via Google but these items not received till now but my money is deducted from my account. Please help me in this matter

  • J Scott Priddy

    It started yesterday… Won’t go past the loading screen

  • Erin adkerson

    I just downloaded the game and whenever I open it, it just plays trumpets over and over, with a loading bar filling up to 75%, then restarts, over and over and over

  • Diesel D

    Right. Funny tho to see someone else from k38 bitchingg about it. It pisses me off. Literally 24 hours

  • Stark Warden

    Is there anyone who can help me my castle somehow got unbounded from my Google account how can I receive my castle back

  • Cam

    They have been under maintenance for almost 24 hours now. I had a high rank in the first phase of the weekly events and now I can’t even participate because it’s under maintenance. And all they say is that it is to make the game better. No reason why they are under maintenance or when they will be working again or any concern for what I had to say. This is why I don’t spend any money on the game anymore. They don’t actually care!!
    Dragon Emperor

  • Shail

    Having problem logging into my account keeps giving me error “Failed to sign in. Please check your internet connection and try again” the conmection is solid i have checked already

  • Veronica Groenewald

    Unable to use my dragon for any attacks. It disappeared.

  • odunlade

    The same thing happened to me also I logged in to clash if kings and closed by itself over and over again .what is the problem COK pls fix this mess.

  • Rashid Ali

    i cant update the game to 2.29 version. when i uninstall the game now i cant download it again. anyone know how to fix this issue.

  • Sandy

    All my boosts and shields end HOURS early. Have notified COK repeatedly since update. No action from them. Just thanks for my concern. Weekly packages are not crediting to gold and resources COK wants screenshots. Exactly how do I screenshot missing items?????? I quit! Done spending my money and getting NOTHING!!

  • AK007

    I joined dragon battle last saturday and since then my one march is missing. i have tried relocating, troops recall skill, reinstalling game etc. and mailed cok several times but not a satisfactory answer till now. Its getting frustrating. Do anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  • Timothy

    Yup did the same thing shitty thing is I bought daily coin and resources packs, guess that’s going to go down the drain. If you find out a fix let me know

  • Kristoffer R Jarvis Sr.

    I am having this same problem on my iPhone . It also started last night for me and I haven’t found a way to fix it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled app with no results.

  • Tim

    Having issues getting in today, started last night. Tap the app icon on IPAD it once it goes to the loading face screen it disappears. It just won’t load for me, quits before it starts to load up. Any one else having this issue?

  • amj

    Backup all datas & wipe data & cache from recovery and start fresh. I’d the same issues too.

  • HunuaRanger

    I’m having the same issue, hope they fix it before kvk

  • Glenn Turman

    Cannot log in from Facebook on the PC. Gets to 95% and restarts saying network failure. Can log in on phone but not on the PC. Driving me nuts :/

  • Aaron

    I can’t seem to login, it loads about 80% then starts again over an over again, before that actually it just wouldn’t log in, and shows the error “your data is strange, login failed, we have recorded it and will fix as soon as possible” now it’s not showing the error but it’s doing the loading and reloading again. the worst part of this is, it’s kingdom conquest, and even worst it happen as I was putting my shield on, which I didn’t manage to do before it stopped responding to taps on the screen which led me to restart it. that’s of course when the problem mentioned occurred. I hope you can fix it within 8 hours, please I’m relying on the support team.

  • Rich Mane

    Wasted time and money shirt customer service can’t submit issues didn’t matter when I could wouldn’t fix my issues purchased one thing got something different they always want screen shots

  • Yariq Mughal

    I have problems in cok my castle is level 20,I can’t quit,every time I open the game it close by it self and it happens dozens of time,in chat room keypad vanish problem plz any cure

  • Arayu Outaher

    i don’t know why we are even wasting our hard earned money and time if their not gonna fix things i suggest everybody juts quit the stupid non working game. they take our money, and they can’t even make it work right, i messaged them and told them i was having problems as well. its loads to 98% and then does it all over again and again i have been doing this all day, and ya think they could have messaged back, out of kindness or even regard that they recieved my message pretty rude and not very good company if they don’t even acknowledge their customers

  • phantom

    Anytime I enter the game it stops. This has been happening from the last update. Version 2.22.0

  • Shabih

    I bought my new mobile Le eco le 2 and then i install clash of kings after 1 day the game doesn’t load.i don’t know what happened i try all ideas.

  • Murphys Law

    Everything is slow right now, so slow I have to keep trying the same action over and over because it times out and doesn’t do anything. Anything I click on gives me a spinning yellow circle. It isn’t my phone, my router, my data, everything I have tried has fixed nothing, including uninstalling and what not.

  • علي عبود دروش

    i can’t play this game from my pc anymore ! cok didn’t upgrad pc version for some reason and i can’t login the game from my pc anymore and we have kingdom conquest will begin very soon i don’t know how to handle this cuz i’m not used play cok from my mobile yet

  • irene

    is it cok cant login by today? i was like login hundred times and keep kicking out.
    anyone can solve this problem

  • Rohit Singh

    whenever i open the clash of king game then after sometime it will be minimize and again i open the game plz fix my bug

  • dj

    My account suspended 24hrs because of cheat 403 means some players reported me of being caught cheating in the game.the next days again I was suspended 48hrs reason cheat 403 same problem. I message the GM about this no reply. how I know what kind of cheat i use why my account suspended because since i played the game i never use any cheat. I dont understand the game!!

  • Unknown

    did you checked your castle from other account, is it still there same cords but not joined on any alliance?

  • Unknown

    game has bugs man, you need to refresh or reload your game, if it was lucky day offer , dont trust it, its a scam…

  • Unknown

    yesterday was lucky day event.. it was still active , i did the impossible to make the required amount (20% off) to upgrade castle, when i presed button it said lacking of resources.. that lucky day is scam.. after that i left the game i said ill find extra supplies tomorrow, when i logged in chinesse got them all XD

  • Leon

    Yesterday I have a big issue with the game I collect the resources to upgrade my wall of my castle.

    During the lucky event it will take 20% less resources to build.

    I got the resources and made the upgrade what make start the construction.

    Ask me to reload and cancel the construction then the lucky event gone with 17 min on the clock.

    Now I have to buy it full price.

  • Ahsan

    My chat get stock what is the reason

  • Carrie Pavlick

    Since new update iOS users are invisible n alliance/kingdom chat. I have cleared cache numerous times and uninstalled/reinstalled the game at least five times. Any suggestions?

  • kingsleo

    i have been facing problem on PC its was working fine on firefox but from two weeks its not working on any browser all the time jerks and stuck whn try to explore the map i m not be able to play this game any more properly none of cok team respoend and reply my mails is this game is only for android or tablet users if not thn why u guyz not responding its been two weeks all pc users facing this problem and no one did nothing why
    plz solve this issue asap

  • Scotty Boyer

    I have lost my account now for 4 day, after 100+ emails and in game support I still can’t login to my account. this game is the worst for customer service and support. Do not spend any money on this game. you will end up with a lost account and lost funds. Oh and a company that will not help you. Elex INC is a trash company and should be taken off Google play.

  • Vincent Goodall

    I can not load my game today it just comes up with a black screen.

  • Patricia Lo

    Personally I’d prefer to have a smooth game rather than pretty 3D graphics. There’s a problem with resources tiles in kd493. Tile looks empty , you send your troops out to gather and accidentally tile someone . Another issue is incomplete gathering of resources even though gather bonus and insane gathering is activated. This causes major misunderstanding amongst alliances. Get rid of all your Big Bad Bugs before you attempt any more beautification COK. PITFA!!

  • Dracula

    hello guys. im having this problem too. but i found out the reason for “INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES” issue with my own experience. i dont no if this is really working
    or not. but try this. the reason for the msg that says insufficient
    resourses is the collage. in the collage bottom last section you can
    research to reduce the consumption of updating the castle and other 4
    military buildings. but when you research those the amount of the rss
    that needs to update will reduce. for ex- if you need 10m wood to update
    to some level it will be 9.5m when the research completes. but when you
    gather all the rss and try to update you cant update that bs message
    says insufficient resources. but to update you will need the earlier rss
    amount. you wont able to update untill you have more than 10m wood. it
    doesnt matter when the castlle update menu shows yoy have enough rss to
    update but you cant. you will need the exact same earlier amount to
    update. and when you have more than 10m wood you will be able to start
    the update and you can see the 500k wood is still there. that happened
    to me. just download the castle update requirements picture. it will
    help you to know the exact amount you need to update. its the right one.
    i hope it works. i updated from 17 to 19 and gathering rss for 20. im
    pretty sure this will work. plz send others to this message. this will
    help guys.

  • Dracula

    hello guys. im having this problem too. but i found out the reason for this issue with my own experience. i dont no if this is really working or not. but try this. the reason for the msg that says insufficient resourses is the collage. in the collage bottom last section you can research to reduce the consumption of updating the castle and other 4 military buildings. but when you research those the amount of the rss that needs to update will reduce. for ex- if you need 10m wood to update to some level it will be 9.5m when the research completes. but when you gather all the rss and try to update you cant update that bs message says insufficient resources. but to update you will need the earlier rss amount. you wont able to update untill you have more than 10m wood. it doesnt matter when the castlle update menu shows yoy have enough rss to update but you cant. you will need the exact same earlier amount to update. and when you have more than 10m wood you will be able to start the update and you can see the 500k wood is still there. that happened to me. just download the castle update requirements picture. it will help you to know the exact amount you need to update. its the right one. i hope it works. i updated from 17 to 19 and gathering rss for 20. im pretty sure this will work. plz send others to this message. this will help guys.

  • Shinzo

    What makes this game even more worse is that you can lose soldiers in kingdom conquest. The only way to get them back is impossible with no alternative. I’m quitting the game…

  • leonard reed

    cannot upgrade castle showing insufficient resources i have more than enough

  • Saskue

    This game is trash it won’t ever become famous

  • Juliann Brockman

    I play this game on my tablet but used to play it on my laptop. Last year game crashed and my account was gone so restarted game. Now I have no dragon egg and contacted MOD who said train more soldiers. and did not help. I opened the game on my laptop and there was my dragon egg! Re-read directions and it said to bind with facebook.. so unbound it and tried to rebind the tablet. NOW it is suspended for cheating!! WHAT??? I can not bind my tablet to my facebook, I can not open or play my game in facebook, and I have no dragon egg on my tablet game. This is now day 2 and still no answers nor solutions.

  • enforcer2133

    I am having this exact same issue. Have u found a fix?

  • Kru 1231

    After New college tier update elite troops which gives abilities to reduce castle cost I used speed ups to max these out now I show all green checks for requirements and it want let me upgrade my castles and says insufficient resources.
    Been like this for days with no problems fixed.
    Computations better be worth my rss lost to upkeep cause of not being able to upgrade.
    This is major bs and makes people resource targets with high lvls of resources.
    Which you can’t restore cause of daily storage.
    Clash of kings needs to really step up they customers services and support team major

  • justcherrydarling

    Following. I’m having the same problem.

  • Gigati

    I onlny come to a screen where clash of clans is written but it does not go to the load screen.

  • Knightmare

    Sorry that is Facebook bound account I was referring to on previous post.

  • Knightmare

    New update caused me to not be able to load. Comes to black screen with Clash of Kings then shuts off after a few seconds. Tried uninstall and reinstall did not work. Installing Clash of Kings: The West doesn’t let me switch account to Yahoo bound account I’ve been using prior to this mornings update.

  • avesh navi

    Game is not working when start the game screen sgow plain black after update last version i have this trouble

  • Newman Sheffer

    My maps are not accurate. When I attempt to gather or harvest on a farm that the map says is there and click on the location, it then says that there is nothing at that location. I also am not able to see any of my alliance members or any of the of the other castles on the map.


    your game crashes a lot

  • Shadi Heidari

    i don’t access to chat i mailed the cok they said clean the cache message but each times i tried it . it just restore the old mail and stiil no access to chat

  • sheila hemming

    My main account seems to be logged on twice. Game goes really slow and I have to work my way to switch accounts to sign in on same google+ account again I order to access correct account with all my messages and game to run ok. How can I sort this plz

  • Vince Hildreth

    For real..i spendoney and i am not shielded. I have lots of enemies and cant log on…i agree with christy clark, better be huge compinsations.

  • Brandon Fels

    I have cleared caches an uninstalled an reinstalled an still nothing. I have contacted them but still haven’t heard back. Kingdom 1271

  • Christy Clark-Carr

    12 hours later and still can not access my account. This is bs. My developers heads would be rolling. People spend real money and lots of it on this game, there is absolutely no reason this should’ve happened and not been addressed for this long. Missed out on DC and missing out on ke. Better be huge compensation for this bug.

    Tinkerbell` kingdom 564

  • Vince Hildreth

    What is (E001) i was on the game playing and had to restart because of lag…tried to reboot then i get this error code. Theres nothing on google that explains this code. Am i the only one having this issue?

  • badboy

    same its saying failed to obtain kingdom info after dragon campaign… what should we do?

  • Brandon Fels

    I have the same problem. I was going to do the dragon complain an can’t get into any of my accts. It says failed to obtain kingdom info.

  • David Betz

    Clash of Kings this is a very serious issue, it seems that anyone who tried to play the Dragon Campaign has now been locked out of their accounts with an error message and we cannot get back in. Please respond to all our complaints ASAP!

  • Patricia Lo

    I cannot access my game bound to Fb on my iPhone 6 this past 8hours. I’m the R5 and I’m missing on the members list. A few alliances are affected by this new bug. This is really inconvenient . Yesterday Google play, now this. Wrote to support 6 times , no response at all from them. Missed DC. Very disappointed.

  • theGOONIES

    Google bound accounts are not access able. Contacted Google play and they called me right back……an actual person. Still have yet to hear from someone via either the game system of the developer email address.

    Smh. Half the kingdom can play on Facebook accounts and the other Google players are now all defenseless farms. Ridiculous.

  • Amber Hudak

    I can also not switch from one google account to the next and it is out kill event right now. I am stuck in my farm

  • mohdhisham79

    same with me today

  • mohdhisham79

    same..I cannot switch to goggle account….Please help us
    Game is not down,,i can play with facebook account. but problem if i switch to google account.

  • Falika

    I can’t login to my Google accounts!

  • Irvin

    I hate how they don’t take all of the servers down when they see so many people complaining that they can’t access accounts.As long as you’re making your money right?

  • bret berenda

    Cannot log into my main, just switched yo farm account to place 3 day shield for Kill Event, Now my main is vulnerable to attack. ISSUE: switch to Google account; message; sign in failed, check network connection.

  • Jeremy Hill

    I can log into my main account but I am unable to log into my farms accounts. It keeps saying network failure but my connection is clearly fine as I am able to log into my main account. Any ideasuggestions?

  • Cody Friddell

    It wont let me log into my account says network failure check your network but all my other accounts work i recently accidently deleted my account from google and had it recovered everything works fine i do not understand the problem now

  • Matt

    Did you ever get it fixed? Mine is doing the same thing

  • robertferrell ferrell

    Game crashed and my troops were killed in enemies tower because it would not allow me to recall them.. It would just fail one or twice then immediately kick me off the game.. I lost 87k troops and the game tells me it my fault even after I uninstalled 5 times then did yet another update today.. it still has kicked me off at least 70 times today.. I want my dead troops back and they tell me it’s my fault their game has been glitching like crazy the past two days since the new update!! Anyone help

  • Fred

    Yup same here… cok doesnt care though

  • Richard Podmore

    same here

  • Richard Podmore

    Game keeps crashing and not loading properly after upgrade, any ideas?

  • Mohammed Jr West

    My account is blocked because of abnormal activatity, i buyed packeges and complain because i dont received everything. No they blocked me???

  • Mohamed Barakat

    The game stopped after updating the undroid to 6.0.1 … I can’t open cok .. please help

  • Saint James chk

    Same thing sucks

  • King Jev

    The game great I love it but the new update I can’t play for long the game just keep crushing plz fix this problem and the game will 1000% great

  • Malik

    My game keeps restarting (going back to the loading screen). It’s almost impossible for me to play. Please help.

  • Eunice Musa

    My problem is with binding and unbinding to move between game accounts. I am now stuck with one account which is bound to all my other games and I am unable to unable to change bindings. I have no idea how to get back to my original game.

  • Riku

    I don’t like the fact that the kingdom conquest event is gone. When the kingdom conquest event was at play it restored order in my kingdom and stopped bullying. I lost many of my friends because of these kingdom killers.

  • Nguyễn Đức Minh

    After update new version, game runs too slow. I reinstalled it but it’s not improved

  • Saskue

    What’s the point of being able to remove alliance territory without being able to place something back

  • Calvin

    The new update is bad. If you are an r4 member of your alliance you cannot place any alliance mine, turret, or depot.

  • Charity

    I have been messaging GM about everything out side my castle disappearing for almost 2 weeks. Kingdom 1518. I can see whats directly beside my castle but if I try to search for anything they all disappear, monsters, resources, and castles. Cords don’t work for me either, when my alliance shares them it’s blank. I can’t do anything! I have taken screen shots and sent multiple messages. They said everything from the usual clear my cache, uninstall reinstall, to even blaming me telling me I had a, their words, “jail bait phone” to accusing me of using a 3rd party software. This you could imagine pissed me off. So since I was going to upgrade my phone anyways, I got my new phone and turns out wasn’t my phone to begin with. I’m still having the same issues. Funny thing is I have a farm account that I play on with my same phone and it works perfectly! Finally one of them said that i’m not the only one having this issue and to please be patient because bugs take time to fix. It’s been 2 weeks now. This is getting old fast.

  • Adam Hallmark

    My button to accepct my alliance’s name won’t show up

  • Ollie Ed Holmes

    im getting the same problem

  • Robert

    I can login but nothing will load for me

  • Skip

    Uninstall and reinstall is their generic answer. Whatever is broke must be bad. Put a lot of work into my castle just to lose it. This sucks

  • Joe N Angie

    This blows

  • Skip G

    1382 has been down since 4:30 am this morning. Soon to be 9 hours down. Catherine. Same problem here. This sucks

  • Catherine Colvin

    Disappointed to not see an update here today. Don’t know anyone in other kingdoms, but 1382 has been so dysfunctional no one can play. Cannot see castles outside in the kingdom. Cannot build. No chat. Cannot donate. Unable to message. I can only see inside the castle and that’s it.

  • Monita

    I moved to another kingdom and now can’t play cuz it won’t let log in. It keeps saying network problems but my network is more than fine! Tried to unistall and download it again more than 7 times but nothing worked

  • adrian

    I can’t connect with my facebook account, someone have same issue ?

  • $Ryan$

    Every time I open clash of kings it just kicks me of I’m in kingdom 405 it was work fine earlier now It won’t open I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it did nothing

  • Samuel Perez

    I didn’t receive a 1000 gold prize and I earned it.

  • Thomas Zinner

    Every day for the past few days in the afternoon, I cannot log into the game. It shows the loading screen and then kicks me out. Eventually it works about 1 to 4 hurs later. VERY VERY VERY FRUSTRATING and hard to participate in daily events!!!!!
    When are they going to get this fixed?
    Kingdom 453, Castle LVL 26

  • М⭐️

    Hello My nick name is М⭐️ Clash Of Kings : Kingdom 427 . Castle 30 Prestige 2 . I need help, i have entered to Dragon campaign Saturday at 04:00 came out at 06:00 . When i entered i had 8700000 Power and around 480 000 level 10 troops ! When i left dragon campaign my power become 5million only and 0 level 10 troops ! I have used Immediate return skill my troops didnt come back! No Another Lord have Attacked me . Please help me

  • Steven Michael Kappes Jr

    Game will not load on a iPhone6 even after uninstalling and reinstalling

  • Jody Hanna

    Can’t log into the game, on any of my devices, nor any of my accounts. Was working fine this morning, Game keeps immeditaly closing when trying to open.

  • Lindi

    hi there guys , a member of my alliance set a rally to an enemy and i sent my troops there to attack and after the rally was canceled and my troops were stuck to his castle and i click get home but they are not coming home and every 5 sec the game tells me that the troops deployed from my member alliance are returned but they are not returned to my castle and this procces makes my game sooooo slow how can i fix this i need the solution

  • Gianni

    I can not log in the game

  • Mike

    I can’t talk in kingdom chat or alliance chat

  • Keithan

    I can’t scout with my kingdom

  • Jose mata

    I’m getting crazy with this game and I don’t like it. The game freeze in opening screen. I haven’t been able to play all day. I stil receiving information about trade harbour, gathering etc…but I can’t play. When they will fix this?

  • Gemma McCartney

    Will deleting the cok app then downloading it again work?

  • Gemma McCartney

    Hi yes I have the same problem with my iPhone 6, it just shows the opening screen then freezes. I haven’t been able to play at all today and can’t report the problem because i can’t get into the game!!!! When will they get this fixed….anyone know?

  • Little john

    Yes same issue. Can’t open the game on iPhone or iPad

  • Jose Dos Santos

    How can we inform COK (if they don’t know it by now) about this issue which probably is affecting all IOS users? They need to fix this.

  • D

    I have the same issue.

  • Jose Dos Santos

    Since yesterday (27/04/16) that I can’t access it through my IOS device (IPAD). It
    opens the screen but it froze. The bellow blue dot on the open bar does not
    move. This happens some hours after the last update done by COK to the IOS
    devices. Anyone else with the same problem. Any helping comments would be
    highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • SUFYAN channa

    Its not working properly when i open the battlefield area it dont show the castles or anything it just show some wierd castles which dont even exist there and it only shows my castle . I think its a problem in video or something
    Plzz help

  • sameera

    something wrong my map. its jam.

  • Christine Lake

    I leveled to VIP 8 and got my 4th march last weekend. This lasted for about a day, and now the game thinks I’m at VIP 7, even though it says VIP 8 next to my avatar picture. I emailed the MOD a few days ago and she suggested that I delete the data from my phone, which I did, but it didn’t work. So I emailed her back a few days ago telling her that deleting the data didn’t fix it, and now no response. I’ve been going through my VIP bonus buffs like crazy. I really want to get this fixed.

  • Michael David Holmes

    I have downloaded clash of kings on my iPad mini which linked with my iPhone so when I downloaded it it was downloaded on to my phone as well. I can delete it from my iPad but not my iPhone. Help please would be great

  • Sinclair Condari

    I aslo experianced same problem login but cant collect items or go to map what is this i like the game but it is giving problems now hole day probleblems

  • Diana

    i can not login fo all my account from facebook, i have castle level 28, 26, 22, and 20
    also my little castle support, im from kingdom 188

  • Sandee Creager

    can any1 please help me..we have a 2nd fort that we did not build that has our alliance tag but will not us build on it or demolish it..i get a error 100163..have reported it and all i get is the run around or no response when i mail them again

  • Brian Jacobs

    We have over 40 members we have over 4 million in power we started to build an alliance fort and suddenly our troops automatically return when you send them to build it will not build tried contacting the game and have got no results can anyone help

  • Cindi Ketelsen-Kusk

    I am VIP 9 …LEVER 28
    but it doesn’t acknowledge my status. .consequently I am unable to access many of the functions I should have access to. ..upgrading is a nightmare….have uninstalled and reinstalled game., to no avail. ..tried contacting MOD…but no answer..any suggestions?

  • hero point

    i kingdom saga even. raking 2 but
    No gift reward
    24 hour end . No come rewards

  • suesun

    I’ve been playing for months and suddenly it says Its not compatible with my system. Any advice?

  • usman

    when ever i try to explore Kingdom game crashes reinstalled problem remain same

  • Kea Gillis

    I don’t know what to do no response from support and if I try to contact mod it says I’m blocked I don’t know why or how because I have never contracted a mod, I have followed every step they said with Google play with same result, account not bound

  • Andreas

    Always shutdown in iPad with 9.3 ios

  • Bill

    Customer service has no idea what is wrong. I’ve emailed them 5 days in a row because I get the same error “unable to find kingdom information” and each day they give me a different answer. They have to be clueless right now and are providing generic responses.

  • Sammy

    Very few can still access the game right now. I’ve been unable to login for days. Error says unable to find kingdom information and then stops

  • Jonathan

    I have 5 accounts; 4 through Google + and one through Facebook. All of my Google + accts will not work. I tried the older Google play version abs older cok versions. Nothing is working. Extremely pissed off.

  • Khanadan Swary

    I have iOS by the way. I don’t know why this is happening

  • Khanadan Swary

    I have the same problem too, I try to open the game but when it loads, it crashes. I deleted the game and reinstalled it but still the same. Anybody know how to fix the problem?

  • Jemtai

    Can’t log in…whole day….frankly this log in problem has been more frequent lately, what’s up?

  • THOR

    Same issues with logging in as well here also have not been recieving the allaince science donations rewards 2 weeks in a row did battlefield last night and the game kept crashing has the potential to be a great game but having all these issues and having to argue about rewards earned but never gotten is ridiculous I’m tired of it myself

  • ny0tzz

    same here in indonesia.. log in and then within seconds closed and back to my home screen.. iphone 6+ ios 9.2.1

  • Daniel

    Nice, just tried to open again and the dark knight showed up….wish I could defend

  • Gio Prism

    So I just tried on my computer through Facebook and can’t chat. This is so messed up!

  • Gio Prism

    Having the same issue here on iPhone. I open the app and within seconds it closes and i’m back to my home screen.

  • Hazal Boye

    They posted on Facebook they are sorting it out

  • Nathan

    The games been down for around half an hour, all these bugs and glitches are doing my head in and it always seems to be on iOS

  • Daniel

    Exact same issue here

  • Julia

    I am and it ain’t working

  • Hazal Boye

    You on iOS ?

  • Blake Lepel

    Guess what I can’t login but the Chinese can, I’m watching all my farms and castle being raided

  • Hazal Boye

    Same here wtf cok

  • Hazal Boye

    Same here on my iOS it loads then just comes off and now when it loads just before the game boots me off it has Somone else’s account using iPhone 6+

  • Bobbie Reeves-Murphy

    Game is crashing on iOS. Opens my castle then shuts down and I’m back at my home screen.

  • Jermano

    Same here in Connecticut try to go on it but sends me back to home screen

  • Marcio

    Same in Brazil. Try to open it without success.

  • Phone Myat Htoo

    i though i was missing about one million ion yesterday, but not exactly sure my self because i have four castle in 571…
    today my level 35 leg armour and another level 35 body armor missing, its too obvious, and i restart the game… since then game keep crashing…

    please have a look onto that
    HRH-PMH 571

  • Jules

    Same in maryland!

  • Devilhawk

    Same here game loads then cuts right off

  • Colby Freehauf

    Same here in Texas

  • Jacob Scarberry

    Log in and it just shuts off right away and boots me back to my home screen. Using an iPhone 6+

  • Nicholas Waller

    Am not able to log in

  • DynaMate in kingdom 14

    Sweden calling…I have quit the game for the third time…I will not start playing the game again. Good luck to you all.

  • Matthew Cavaness

    I have the same problem what did u do did they fix it?

  • Matthew Cavaness

    I can’t create an alliance their is no enter button you can’t even search for an alliance. I can’t do anything I’ve restarted the game any advice

  • Axel Alvarado

    Washington State can’t login ether after battlefield ended we should get something back for this error from cok. I mean if you buy stuff from them they should provide quality gaming get experience. But instead you get a lot of issues with the app. They are not investing enough to provide a better quality gaming get experience.

  • Plaiddee

    River same problem here in Canada. Log in bar stops half way. I Uninstalled and re installed and nothing. I’m in the process of getting enough resources to up grade my castle. My resourses had better not be plunderd. I hope they put a shield on all castles. My 2 friends can’t log in either. Been trying for 2 hours now.

  • Kevin Sampson

    Same here.

  • Eliott Cohen

    Same here been trying for an hour

  • River

    I can’t log in past the first screen. Bar stops halfway. :(

  • Devil hawk

    Game want load bar gets half way and stops delete game and still doing it

  • Cok addict

    Since i installed the 3 updates, i experienced lagging, hannging and slow loggin. Please guide me to uninstall the updates… thanks!

  • Chiku High

    How to uninstal the update ?
    Please share step by step how to uninstal the update here.
    Thank you

  • Chiku High

    I cant play until this very second

  • shieo js

    This is my problem the new update!!! Cause this problem! !

  • player fanatic

    same problem guys, cant login any account at all… 30 min and War Phase is starting, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Bruner

    If you’ve already reinstalled the whole game . You can’t uninstall an update because it’s no longer an update