Problems with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game for popular platforms like Android and iOS, although they are still backed by servers keeping everything running when playing in multiplayer against other gamers. Clash of Clans will go down occasionally, especially when updates are being performed or the servers hit unexpected demand thanks to higher than normal traffic.

The majority of Clash of Clans problems when something is not working focus on connection errors, the sign in, the app not working or opening, sharing on social networks like Facebook, app crashing / not loading, and of course bugs within the game itself. If you are wondering if Clash of Clans is down today, or if others have similar issues with the game, you just need to look at status reports below and share your own issues to gain help from the community.

We’ve included support contacts for the game on this page as well and recent support tweets. If you are having problems leading your army to victory thanks to the online service not working, then we’d like to hear about it.


Clash of Clans Status insight for Sunday 22nd of April 2018

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Clans Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sam Katz

    You have to uninstall Facebook

  • Sam Katz

    You have to uninstall Facebook. I know it sounds stupid, but just try it.

  • Frustrated

    Coc wont load on my s6 just black screen helppppppp

  • emjay

    I can’t open clash of clans for more than a week. it just doesn’t load. I’ve tried deleting the app then reinstall it but it’s still the same. is there an existing issue with coc and ios? oh

  • Mio Amor

    What’s happening to the COC game. After updating the game, it appears an error of opening the game and it’s show Black screen, Sometimes it’s open sometimes none. It is hard to open it.. I already uninstall and re-install it but it’s still the same. Can they fixed this Bugs and Errors. Hopefully Sooner or later?

  • Ross Hinton

    Can’t load COC just a black screen, and today boom beach updated now it has a black screen and won’t open. I have a Galaxy S 6 and all other games play fine, but haven’t been on COC for 4 days now what the hell is going on?

  • Rex Zimik

    I can’t open the game anymore. It says connection error and I uninstalled the game and installed it again and when I opened its the same connection error thing.Whats wrong with clash of clans server I cant even open the game anymore. Please help.

  • Bag Singh

    I am opening cover but it is showing maintenance problem


    After updating, its start page shows downloading content but that is not happening. The incomplete bar of download content remains incomplete. What to do?? I tried – another wifi then uninstall that app & re-install but still game is not opening.

  • Lauren

    I had same issue guys, i switched off ipad and turned back on again and its now loaded in fine/ hope this helps you all

  • Flamingdeath

    I can’t download the update whenever I click update it loads for a millisecond and then says update again im using Android btw Google play store hopefully will fix soon bc I have a th9 and I don’t want my year of playing to be wasted

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    Same here

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    That doesn’t work

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    Can’t download the update or open COC

  • Shahzad Chaudhry

    Its not working at all

  • Margaret Pryor

    Trying to access on samson notebook everything was ok until this morning

  • Margaret Pryor

    Cant download the update or open clas of clans aaaag

  • IrisGames2021

    On my iPhone 7 COC says it is updated and does not show that it needs to update, but when I try to play it’s in need of an update. I don’t know if I should just restart my phone or reinstall the app from the App Store.

  • Seth Blair

    How the heck do you refresh by downswiping?

  • Frankie Solomita

    How do refresh my updates. On iPhone 6 Plus

  • Simon Cheng

    Did the drag down and nothing happens. And suggestions for my iOS? This is frustrating.

  • teamster

    This worked thank you

  • Cameron Smith

    Just go to updates and pull down to refresh. the update will show!!!!!!

  • Don

    How do you refresh on an iPhone?

  • Duncan Krieger

    They must have just patched it. I refreshed the update and it went through. I’m back in my account.

  • Larry

    Reboot and refresh updates once again….it will work properly then

  • Don

    How do you drag down?

  • Duncan Krieger

    Same here

  • scott stogsdill


  • scott stogsdill

    Same issue

  • Richard Russell

    I have two accounts my android account is working but my iPad can not
    load the update, it appears the App-store does not recognize the new
    update. Same thing happened 5 months ago.

  • Dave

    Hi, i know lots are having same problem. Go to load COC and it says, Great News update available then goes to APP Store and when you press open it goes round and round in circles. i have not linked or saved game with server. please help. thanks

  • Ward Dilworth

    Running on Android with a Samsung Galaxy S8. At first I get a black screen…nothing seems to be happening. But if I let the game load for about a minute, it usually will start up. Probably an unintended bug from the update…which are always worse than the intended bugs… 😉

  • Brittney

    I tried logging to my game on my IOS AND it said I had a update. When I went to my App Store, no update

  • Suq Madiq

    Refresh App Update. It will show up.

  • john

    What’s the solution on this new update, on my Ipad.
    Obviously I’m not the only one.
    Just came at a Bad time (naturally)

  • Coll Woo

    Thank you! This worked!!

  • None

    I’m having the same problem as Mezz

  • Rodney Bland-Moore

    Samsung 7, updated in Playstore but when trying to connect, it is still saying “connection Error”???
    Tempted to uninstall game but worried about losing my base altogether???

  • Sonia Silvas

    Thanks, worked for my Iphone

  • Sonia Silvas

    Thanks, worked for my IPhone

  • Mezz

    No update in the App Store just Open. Wtf are they doing again ffs ????? I’m a co and need to be on !!

  • Jackson Bauer

    Just didn’t what u said. LOL IT WORKED. WHAt a lifesaver

  • Jackson Bauer

    Yes me to it’s not updating for me. Don’t even see it in the App Store

  • Sensitive girl

    Im deactivating my coc, sad. I update but doesnt open, i know it will require my ipad to update too, and when i do, my IOs will soon require a new ipad. It happened with my old one, i kept updating my coc that required updated IOS and soon it wont move again thus made me buy another ipad. Smart move

  • Mike

    Go to the app update and refresh. Boom and update.

  • hari prasad


  • Peter Owens

    Worked! Thanks.

  • Stewart

    I can’t get the update or in the game. Anybody else have issue or found a fix

  • hari prasad

    Thanks mate even it worked for me .

  • Paul Inzeo

    what a joke. . . UPDATE . . COC won’t load. .Connection Lost. .
    “Try Again” . . circle. .circle. .circle. .

  • Hayden

    Updated clash as requested…. app try’s to open and then says update available …press update available and it goes round in circles.. have iPad Pro and latest updates. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • Bob Valentine

    My Kindle updated but not iPhone 8, just says open?

  • Kevin Jones


  • BleedingBlacknRed

    same problem here. Assuming another fix will be coming soon

  • Morgan


    This worked for me.

  • Jason Gauthier

    Figured it out. Make sure you update your iPad with the latest iOS update then you will be able to update app on iPad.

  • Mel

    Thanks this helped me!

  • Roger C Davis

    Updated on iPhone X update completed but game won’t open tried deleting but now can’t make a clean install. Update worked great on Samsung tablet. Suggestions?

  • Jason Gauthier

    This is on my iPad.

  • kevin

    Go to your updates and slide the screen down to refresh the updates page and then you will see the COC update

  • F. Mouse

    Update worked on my android phone, didn’t work for my iPad (downloaded, then tried to open and it says update available, go to App Store, and now says open. Circle around. Tried rebooting iPad and still same.)

  • Peter Owens

    The update just goes back and forth between the update page and the open page.

  • Jason Gauthier

    My game only says open and not update. Tried everything.

  • Charlie

    In the same boat

  • Aris

    New version wont push through. Tried 0n my ipad and iphone both wont work. Version 10.134.2

  • Devon

    I go to update and the App Store only says open not update. I’m stuck!

  • Josh

    This it is about the they sorted out matchmaking in Legend League.

  • Mark

    Over on Twitter they have tweeted that Clash of Clans will be down for a server maintenance..

  • Aedan

    I want to transfer my coc to my iPhone from my old iPad but every time I try to open coc it asks my to update it which I have done multiple times but every time it tells me that my iOS is to old so it updates to the latest update it can and I open it and then it asks my again to update so I can never just get into my game a transfer it help please!

  • Nigonne Ger

    Im Stuck on loading screen

  • Mich

    Me too, it shows loading then it exits itself…..any help

  • Chris

    I also having issues with the app opening, just a black screen, it helps if I restart my phone every time I want to play……

  • Matt Palmer

    Same problem here

  • Dan Stacks

    Me too. This is BS

  • Tyler Cox

    Mine won’t update it is so slow it won’t go to one % at all so technical difficulties

  • Jason Peters

    Hi since the update i am having problems opening coc. The screen is black and timeout. I can open like every tenth time and in vs battle sometimes it searches fot opponents and timesout again. I have tried uninstalling and powering off phone and reloading 2 but still have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks i have a samsung galaxy6 phone

  • Deepak Joshi

    What’s about androiders
    Pls help me too only black screen

  • Amyy

    The new clan game feature is not working for my COC account. When I try yo start a new challenge nothing happens. I have completed 2540 coins in it.please someone help. I have also tried uninstall then install again. Still nothing is working.

  • LG

    I went to the App Store app. Clicked the “updates” icon at the bottom of the screen. Refreshed the screen by sliding finger from top of screen to bottom. After refresh it showed the “update” button.

  • Fibrostorm Fibrostorm

    I have a Androidnote 3 and cant bring up my coc game only a black screen appears HELP PLEASE

  • Bruce Wallwork

    I just got it too… Ipad air, go to app store, select “updates” from the bottom then I put four fingers on the screen and pulled down, it refreshed and there it was..”UPDATE” COC yes!

  • Kris Brown

    Just got it, don’t swipe from top down, just grab the middle of the screen and pull down a few times

  • Kris Brown

    When I swipe from the top down it just adds some screen that says “no older notifications” I have an iPhone 8

  • JK

    worked for me as well. Thanks Amanda Huggenkis!

  • Alan

    It’s not working for me either on my iPad Air. It goes to a sleep page, push the round button and it comes back to the same open COC, goes back to update.

  • Tony

    Found the trick that helped me. Follow the steps to refresh. After the refresh go back to the App Store page and keep pulling from top to bottom. Make sure to stay on the app page and it will come up. I had to pull from top to bottom 3 times on the app page to get it to come up. Hope this helps. Worked on my iPhone and iPad.

  • Tony

    After you pull from top to bottom and refresh. What steps are after that? Is pulling from top to bottom the refresh? It’s not working for me. Any advice

  • Anne Thomas

    It’s worked on iPad but not iPod

  • Steve Spencer

    YES!!! Worked on Iphone 7. Thanks so much!! Back to clashing!!

  • Melissa

    Just fixed mine go to updates in Apple app and refresh the page by putting finger on top of screen and sliding down to the botom and a bunch of things shoes an update and one was clash just refresh it

  • Melissa

    I don’t see libbs advice can you please re type what she said I scrolled threw and didn’t see her comment

  • Stefan

    Now it worked, see the explanation of Amanda Huggenkis below, thx!