Problems with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game for popular platforms like Android and iOS, although they are still backed by servers keeping everything running when playing in multiplayer against other gamers. Clash of Clans will go down occasionally, especially when updates are being performed or the servers hit unexpected demand thanks to higher than normal traffic.


The majority of Clash of Clans problems when something is not working focus on connection errors, the sign in, the app not working or opening, sharing on social networks like Facebook, app crashing / not loading, and of course bugs within the game itself. If you are wondering if Clash of Clans is down today, or if others have similar issues with the game, you just need to look at status reports below and share your own issues to gain help from the community.

We’ve included support contacts for the game on this page as well and recent support tweets. If you are having problems leading your army to victory thanks to the online service not working, then we’d like to hear about it.


Clash of Clans Status insight for Thursday 8th of December 2016

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Clans Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Fuad Abdlemoin

    after the update.. I cant load villages.. I uninstalled and reinstalled it… but no solution

  • Bailey

    Help, I try and load clash and everytime I do after the maintainence break last night I get a “connection error” message on my screen.. now I know im connected to the Internet cause right after I was loading YouTube videos and facebook e.t.c anyhelp please?

  • Tim

    Server error clash of clans. pls fix it soon..
    Location UK

  • lloyd

    Me too. As if there is no internet connection. What happened?

  • Shogun

    I m in war but can’t access COC after today’s mantainance break !
    Please advise what to do !

  • Lol

    Same here it says connection error

  • Mhell Cagadas

    Help me what to do. We have war, but i cant play my coc anymore after the maintenance break today

  • Mhell Cagadas

    Same with me connection error after the maintenance break. What happen?

  • imran

    I don’t get enough loot on my th10 id.. but i have more id,s. other id is ok. is it possible to solved this problem????

  • Alfredo Barro

    After October 10 update I can no longer open my coc acct in my jellybean tablet. It crashes every time I open it. Crash, crash, crash and crash. Why?

  • Marichu Mamales

    We lost our clan!!!!

  • Tharindu Dhananjaya Lokubandar

    After the new ew updates on 10th October game is not opened for Samsung S4 Korean version mobile

  • Bablu

    My cod is not working… I open but loading and shut down, loading and shutdown please please solution this problem

  • renaldo

    Any 1 knows how to save ur progress on a BlackBerry Z3 plz I dont want to loose my progress

  • Ajay

    The update is not loading..everytime I click on update it stops

  • wildwill

    Brought the level 9 town hall pack today .. got the gems, but no gold or dark exlir ? Why are these not showing up?
    Any ideas ?

  • Braggy

    Just uninstall the game and reinstall everything works fine you won’t loose anything

  • Monimalism

    I have the same issue as several people here. The app works beautifully on my android cellphone but when I open the game on my iPad air it will not load the game until I update the application, but when the game redirects me to the app store I am not given any option to update. Im not sure if I connected my new screenname that I made with my iPad to an email so I am afraid of deleting game and reinstalling because I dont want to lose the account. Please help!

  • Josh Phillips

    Guys if it just says open on the App Store, go over to the update tab at the bottom right and clash of clans should pop up. Mine did :)

  • Athena Travlos

    I removed it..and it was in the cloud, reinstalled and it seems to have taken the update with it…all good now.

  • Athena Travlos

    Me too. i pad Air acct is dead

  • Athena Travlos

    Do we wait…keep trying…what?

  • Athena Travlos

    i have the same problem. Says update is available, it sends you to the app store to update, you push open update and it sends you back to the game page again, saying there’s an update available. What to do? un install?

  • Alfredo Barro

    After the update my coc crashes when i open it. Not even a chance of loading. Pls help.

  • momo

    0it takes a long time loading and after I have finished attack it gets stuck in returned home screen.plz fix this.

  • Celio

    Hi, I had issues on my iPad. So I delete COC and downloaded again. It works

  • Celio

    It is not working in my IPad.

  • bawskieee

    my coc is not working.. at the loading screen then it shuts down.. what could be the problem? any solutions? please help

  • Danno

    not working on iPhone or iPad.

  • Allison

    iPad works, Samsung tablet works… iphone6 says to update game – but App Store says open. Hope they are quick to fix!

  • jzackey kennidy

    after update, coc app close suddenly.. what happen.. any idea? It work properly, after i clean cache.. till when i keep clean those cache before playing this game……

  • ddsnags

    Same issue, works fine on my cellphones, but will not work on my Asus Tablet, very annoying, I got a clan war that just started! lol

  • Matt Field

    Update works fine on my phone but force close on asus tablet any ideas

  • Ed

    I have the same issue…

  • Excalibur53

    Same problem just says open in App Store just for both my iPads. But it worked just fine on my iPhone. Weird

  • Patrick Hebert Sr.

    They updated to the new update a while ago.. My wife’s iPad Mini updated but my iPad Air won’t do the update..

  • Kay Kay

    It says new version available but at App Store says open the game & when u come to the game it says new version available! In other words not updated at App Store! Hurry!

  • Stan

    Clash of clans is down for me, we need some serious game updates not just server updates.

  • Ollie

    Clash of Clans servers are down, its all server doings and nothing to do with the game.

  • Tanetha Forsythe

    Clash of clans won’t let me on it comes up to the losing screen than it shuts off and I’m in war how can I fix it

  • Grace

    I know there is a CoC server maintenance ongoing, but is there any chance of a sneek peek?

  • Jackson

    Clash of Clans is still down for me, I know there is maintenance going on but how long for. These are normally very quick.

  • Hazel Lianoz

    Mine won’t load keeps crashing?!?

  • Kcheni Zangmo

    If you have found a solution pleaded do help me as well. Hoping to hearing from you soon

  • Shahrear Rupam


    After todays(Aug 092016) maintenance update the clash of clans app is
    not working. It has stuck in loop between spalsh screen and downloading
    the content screen.

    This is what happens when I opens the app, it shows spash screen of
    “Super cell” & than it tries to download the new content, but it
    goes back to splash screen again. This process of Splash screen to
    Download content screen and back to spach screen is not ending. I have
    waited for 15 min, but the app is unable to download the new conent. I
    have checked my wifi and its is working fine.

    I am using BlueStacks on PC


  • Nicholas Floied

    My clash of clans loading bar isn’t moving a bit ?!? If this is happening to anyone else comment

  • Dory

    Is there a new Clash of Clans update releasing today?

  • Albert

    It said 40 minutes ago that the clash of clans maintenance break will begin soon, why do they not ever give us the exact time?

  • পিয়াস রায়হান

    It says downloading content then switches back to the super cell logo then back again to downloading content.

  • Athena Travlos

    They are having a maintenance break right now

  • Peter

    Clash of Clans maintenance Break is underway August 2.

  • Nigel

    When I try to access Clash of Clans all I keep getting is, “internal Server Error”.

  • Libby

    Is the CoC server down today? Not able to get online thats all.

  • seve129 leoncio

    Hellow guys
    would you help me
    Someones change my name
    how i change my coc username???

  • Omkar_B

    In coc i want new clanmates for my clan, but i change my clan settings to anyone can join with 0 trophies, but after 24 hrs no one join my clan. Dont know what happen to coc, its never happened before.

  • Ar-rafiul Hasan Arha Akash


  • Nightowl

    I am having this crashing problem and it has costed me troops, loot, gems and clan wars! It is about to drive me nuts! Then I am the leader of a clan and I alway try to be there for everyone at the end of a war and now I get messages after being on a couple of hours it is time to take a brake and get kicked off from that, load of crap is what it is.

  • JoJo

    COC won’t load today, July 22, 2016, I get the message ” please try again later. (1)” ive never gotten that message before

  • gamerxd

    coc has problems i turn on my game and what i shout content downloading. and i have and max out base. what to do please help.

  • gamerxd

    give it time mine too and i wait for a day and it open

  • gamerxd

    turn your wifi off and your device off and turn it back again and it should work

  • Marites Mariano See

    I cannot open my game coc and beach bomb today July 16 2016

  • MP

    COC has stoped and showing “Try Again Later:(1)”,,,, any solution?

  • FM

    This app too long to respond or before it load…pls fix it..

  • Rosette

    Aoo is down so guess have to wait a few hours until maintenance is over. Flipping hell.

  • Kerrine

    Todays maintenance break is to sort out the out of sync issues.

  • Marcus

    Clash of Clans maintenance break is happening right now today on July 7.

  • Teharr

    My Clash of Clans app is not working on my Android phone, I am hoping it is a small glitch and will be back on soon enough.

  • Sohim

    I think they should implement a password for each clan. What do you think?

  • Mark.b

    Cant connect in coc why? My pldt wifi is fast

  • Nancy

    Twitter has just tweeted this, “Clash going into maintenance soon (in about 20mins) – doing some server upkeep! We’ll be back ASAP.”

  • clashLover

    Loading Clash of Clans on Memu sometimes is very slow.

  • Marites Mariano See

    My game coc and boom beach both from super cell won’t open today June 25 2016.

  • Redkite1

    My iPad says can’t connect , I turn it off & on that usually lets me into my base, but if I end the game I get the same connection problem, it’s getting very iratating, we have a clan warz today,I’m leader of my clan,so need to get into my base…….25.6.2016

  • Kitty k

    When I try to get into my clash of clan it keeps saying maintenance internal server error any suggestions

  • H M Jenner

    Am in war but it wont let me attack my chosen base – it says its not available but the person is their leader and has not left their clan

  • Noah

    Delete & redownload coc if you are an iOS user. I did that and it stopped crashing :-)

  • Dharma

    If i search for opponents ( find a match) it exit and closed automatically…. in my BlackBerry z10 what I do to solve?

  • Noah

    CRASHING PROBLEM: I’m not the only one with the problem. Many others have the crashing problem and don’t know what to do. I however might. I got gamecenter for both my devices with the crashing problem. After that I deleted and reinstalled clash of clans. Ever sense I installed it again, I have not had the problem on my iPad or iPhone as of the last couple hours.

  • Arnie Fieldi

    Now i update CoC – and the game/App isnt working… cant load… can anyone help me?
    I am Android user, and I update it half hour ago

  • Rachel

    Any idea how long clash of clans will be down for maintenance today June 15?

  • Greg

    My game is down and I started to get a little angry but then saw on Twitter they are doing this to sort an issue with building placement problems.

  • Bunnie Smith

    My clash loads then blink out or it loads all and blinks out haven’t had this problem til today I see a few people are :-(can we get free something because it’s supercell problem? Like free gems coins?? My clan constant wars so I’m wasting my attacks and time at the moment smh i have a android Lg stylus to be exact

  • ARHA

    i can’t open my village..its not loading within 3 weeks. plz solve gyz

  • witch_hunter

    cant log in to my village.the supercell logo keeps on restarting :(

  • Manish

    I can’t see any building in the game except heroes and troops plzzz supercell make it ok

  • Mista G

    Cannot get into COC at all, running Iphone 6, tried hard boot, deleting and re-installing, is there problems?

  • Muhammad Fahim

    i m also …

  • Muhammad Fahim

    today i can’t open my village..its loading failed … solve it gyz..

  • Johnny Wilkinson

    iPhone 6 crashing randomly but sucks when your attacking!

  • Athena Travlos

    I haven’t had any crashing all day today! hip hip!

  • Anthony Chambers

    It just won’t load any suggestions?

  • Athena Travlos

    Haven’t played much over the weekend. Will see what happens this week when I am on much more. Will it continue to crash? Will keep you in the loop.

  • Clarence Hofstee

    Anyone still having these issues with clash? It only seems to be clash that my iPad is doing this with

  • Clarence Hofstee

    I tried a hard reboot as well and it did not fix my unpredictable crash timing. Clash disappears and my iPad screen goes to my app selection screen…I can reload clash fine but it just shuts down whenever it does, unpredictable

  • Kovan Aziz

    Mine crash too even after maintenance

  • vincent

    My clash of clans is crashing even before loading.. any sugestions.. I did hard reboot several times

  • Athena Travlos

    NOW second device is going on ice. Android Smart phone totally frozen..I can’t even turn it off! omg! This is sick!

  • Athena Travlos

    crashed twice so far in a couple of hours, all the while during friendly attacks. So, my hard boot wasn’t the answer.

  • Robert Whiteson

    Since the update the game has crashed 6 times on me since yesterday even after the maintenance break anyone else having the same?

  • TimUSMC

    The game is still crashing all the time, not sure whats triggering it. Just random

  • Athena Travlos

    Hi, a hard reboot. Like you are going to take a screen shot..holding the two keys down at once. Hold the two down till the apple appears, then keep holding until the iTunes icon appears. Then rest it for about an hour and see what happens. Good luck.

  • ben23

    How did you do the reboot

  • Mark (Editor)

    It is well worth taking a look at the bug fixes this maintenance break will address right here >

  • Razrd

    I am a little surprised why the wizard’s attacking effect has changed.

  • Ben23

    I am trying to update over cellular data but when I hit update it starts the update but the blue bar doesn’t appear how do I update the game. Please help

  • Rose

    The game crashes way too often so this maintenance break just started will hopefully sort my problems out.

  • Juliea

    CoC maintenance break is about to commence. Hopefully this is to iron out the problems of crashing.

  • Athena Travlos

    Since i gave the device a really long hard boot, it hasn’t crashed since. I hope I am not being overly optimistic!

  • Iceman

    I have an iPhone 5s. After the big update the game crash every 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Athena Travlos

    I have the game on four devices, and the one on my ipad 2 is crashing continually. I stopped playing when I was in the middle of an attack and it crashed. I can’t take those chances, especially as we are at war! I have done everything suggested. Removed active apps, i have the latest IOS running, removed unnecessary apps to give more memory…and now I am doing a hard reboot. I love the update and all the new gizmos….but not if it is at the cost of my sanity! Please, is it the game? Will you be able to fix these problems soon?

  • Annoy

    The game crashed after the latest updated, keep on kicked me off while i want to replay the war video, donating troops. I have already deleted it and reinstall it back. But the game still crashed. Any solution??!! I have war today, it makes me can’t make my war attack! :(((

  • Mega Polis Hussler

    I play the game on my android since last update on Tuesday the keeps crushing . Total of 10 times so far in less than 24 hours not sure what is going on.

  • Tony harris

    The game crashed while attcking twice, emptying my collectrs once, ordering up troops and checking my war base

  • Tony harris

    Also… the game cleared out all my cc troops and registered as tho id used them (timer)

  • Tony harris

    The game has crashed on me 5 times today…extreemly frustrating!! Are they aware and are the doing anything?

  • JGOtaku

    Me too. Please help

  • Christopher Kirby

    Game crashed on me 3 times today and kicked me off while editing my base and while I was looking at my current base to see what needed upgrading. I have an iPhone 6 and this is first time it happened to me.

  • Bob

    I have the same problem monster it must be supercells end as my game ran fine before this update

  • doomday

    try bellow :

    Players affected by “Your device is not compatible with this version”,
    please try: Settings >App Manager>Google Play Store>Clear

    after that, restart your device

    good luck

  • doomday

    just follow the instruction and it worked to me, and one tips, dont forget to restart your device after clear cache from google play store

  • doomday

    i have the same problem with you monster mash, did you fixed it now?
    if yes can you share how please?

  • monster mash

    help me i updated my coc but still asking for update and when clicking on update it said this version isn’t compatible with the device…. what to do i have a war going on….

  • Juicemonkey

    after latest update can now not search for opponents . soon as I hit clouds app closes and get message CoC has stopped working. multiple accounts and devices tried with same result. clan mates report same. with cloud life being as STUPENDOUS as it is at the top of Titan 1 this is infuriating !!

  • Asad

    I can’t do multi-player attacks on my BlackBerry Z30. It’s crashing.. apart from that, all good.. CA somebody help me with this crashing issue pleasee

  • Alice

    Maintenance Break in underway, you will be offline for a little while today on May 24th.

  • Ali

    The new Clash of Clans friendly challenges update is awesome.

  • Mark

    The new CoC update is available today on May 24th, 2016. Go get it peeps.

  • jedster


  • Austin Dewar

    the 2016 may update is not on the app store

  • rhodz

    Donwload content of my iphone 4s!

  • Oni Yuliarti

    Me too, can not play that games right now

  • Konie

    The CoC maintenance break is about to commence today, over on Twitter they talk ablut the friendly challenge and shows a pic with 1 gem resource boost on it, and it also reveals a big update.

  • Markie

    What is the Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge
    update all about?

  • Neil

    Infinite login… Yea.

  • Amia

    I still cant login to coc since last maintenance break on may 4th..

  • Larry

    Loving the fact the new clash of clans update will allow searching for opponents going from 5 minutes to a huge 30 mins.

  • Dannii

    There is a small maintenance going on right now as i type this, this is preparing the Clash of Clans servers ready for the balancing update.

  • Abrar

    cant login in the supercell screen

  • Neil Poynton

    COC has stopped working on my fire!(google play modded ) and boom beach just get black screen then SUPERCELL then can’t log in try later ?
    I can get it on my laptop using BLUESTACKS

  • wazee

    Can’t get into the game . Maintaince break is kicking me out right now . What happened to supercell ? Why are they not letting us play ? Why need maintaince break ? If somebody wanna raid they will raid me eventually . No need of maintaince break .

  • legitsayain

    Coc not working dni why its been about 10 days of maintenace break every time I open it it says internal server error

  • Tristan

    Ever since the big update with the Bowler ect., my Motorola Xoom has had nothing but issues with the game. Freezes all the time RIGHT after I start to drop troops or spells (stopping the attack there which is always at my loss). Constant freezes and screen is out of whack even when viewing home base. This has been like this forma while now. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED. Its the 11th of April, and this is still going on.

  • Beth

    Have you tried to transfer the game onto a SD card? I did and if dosent update

  • Jhonior Ruiz

    Why i cant update coc on my device?

  • josh

    Maintenance break midday on friday 1st april 2016.

  • Sabelo Masondo

    March 25 update just made the game worse on blackberry…..please fix because coc is the best

  • Wolves

    March 25 update didn’t fixed the crashing !!!!in blackberry device

  • Zion

    I’m an android and the update won’ t load on my device.

  • Tom

    Clash of Clans March 25th update notes, been looking for them. Anyone else, or is this just a simple fixing maintenance break.

  • Aben Mongro

    Oh man! What a bummer this is turning out to be! I am hesitant to participate in wars seriously. It cannot be the device problem because evrything else works just fine!

  • vera torr

    I also get crashed when clicking for a match – and I do not have a blackberry

  • Mustaf hassan

    I have the same problem on my device BlackBerry z30 still cant find a solution to it

    I looked through google nothing happened yet but hope to solve it soon

  • cirdan

    Wel, todays maintenance didnt fix it. Just lost an potential 660k raid, just after dropping only my quake en freezing up of the deployment of the troops, :-(

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Guys did this issue got fixed for BlackBerry users? (game crashing on pressing match button)

  • Tschaba

    App was never stored on the sd card, but thanks.
    Anyway on the next morning i was able to install and update the game, i guess they fixed the problem. The only problem that i missed the golden hour. 😀

  • Ali Baba

    Yes, you can email supercell at, tell them you’re an android user.

  • Ali Baba

    Sorry Hashir, no I didn’t get the solution yet.

  • Henry

    The coc maintenance break is happening right now, new fixes are coming. YES – War replay discrepancies are being sorted. They say they are sorting out the issue where the result of the attack (stars/damage) is different in live and replay.

  • Hashir

    Did any1 got the sol for BlackBerry user?

  • Impel

    I am using a Blackberry Z3, after the update on March 21 2016 when I try attacking on multiplayer the game crashes. Is there a new update to fix this problem?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    I got reply from sc.! They told me to connect to google+. Which I cant..they said thry can further resolve issue..if I m connected

  • Aben Mongro

    Yeah mine too is a sony tablet. Wonder if this can be fixed?

  • renaldo

    Does anyone know how to save the progress on a BlackBerry z3? I already have play store and all that other stuff but when I try connecting it says CoC relies on google play service ect but I have all yhe apps on my phone and working. Plz help anyone

  • Hashir

    Did u got the solution?

  • Jugal Kindo

    When i update my coc today .i downloads 100% then it again starts downloading.
    .guys please solve my problem…

  • Asad

    Hi Ali, do u have contact details of supercell? Does the issue got fixed for you?

  • cirdan

    Plus one, on a sony tablet, a4.03

  • Abdullah

    when i open the coc application
    a black screen shows up .. & nothing else happens ..
    i can not open & play coc
    can any one help me??

  • Elia Winston Schiavi

    Yes… but all google stuff works fine… sync perfectly, play games, playstore… only the problem with multiplayer attack.

  • Ali Baba

    I’m having the same issue as you with my Blackberry Z30. When you contact supercell for support, don’t tell them you have a BB, say you have an Android phone or else they won’t help you.

  • Peter

    The game load only +-70%.

    Verzonden vanaf Samsung Mobile.

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    Divanshu Khatter
    Game crashing?
    2:35 p.m., Tuesday March 22 | Other comments by Divanshu Khatter

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    Divanshu Khatter’s comment is in reply to Peter:

    I can start up since update yesterday????
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  • Asad

    Hi divanshu, did you get that fixed? Am using BlackBerry Z30. And facing this issue since 2 days.

  • John O’Donnell

    We had a similar problem – turns out when the game was stored on a memory card rather than internal memory this problem was seen. When the app was put back on internal memory it all worked fine again.

  • Hashir


  • Elmilliano

    me too using blackberry to play coc, and we have the same problem.

  • Ali

    Hopes are all around. I don’t think that they’ll take some action on this issue but let’s our fingers crossed.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    They only support ios and andoid

  • Hashir


  • Hashir

    Yes,are coc not supporting it?

  • Hashir

    I am usin BlackBerry
    are u too?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    I dont think they will solve the problem for BlackBerry users.

  • Aben Mongro

    While raiding or attacking at wars, the game sort of freezes. The troops r running in one place only. It is not the network problem else I would see the tower blinking on my screen. All buttons bob when I press them but nothing happens on-screen. When I try to end the game, even though the confirmation button pops up and I press okay, nothing happens on screen. I have to exit the game directly to my homescreen and swipe away the game from the running apps list. Then only I can play again. This is affecting wars.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    All BlackBerry users finding same problem

  • Kaysh

    Im using bb.but my coc up successfully yesterday bu n work find a match option.plz help.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    U use blackberry phn oat?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Did this fixed for uh gerry?

  • Mikey

    I have the exact same problem :(

  • Kayleigh

    the game says I must update. I click. it downloads but when it tries to install it fails out. I can’t update but I can’t get into the game without the update. running on a galaxy 4.

  • todd

    works fine on my phone but not on my tablet

  • todd

    i still can not update clans

  • Dave Robinson

    my coc loads properly but I lost connection with my clan — it says I’m not in a clan. But I checked on my 2nd account and I’m still in the clan.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Yeahh i see this problem I for all BlackBerry users.. are they going to fix it for BlackBerry users? Me too using a BlackBerry phn

  • jerry

    i can’t even install it.

  • Ali

    Sorry Divanshu not yet. Yes I’m using a BlackBerry device.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R u using a BlackBerry device?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    I think this problem is for all BlackBerry users… so will they fix it for BlackBerry users?

  • Prithivi hari

    Force closing of app whn finding a multiplayer battle.. and ofcourse in using a blackberry z 10 mobile. And connected to facebook

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Ali u got its solution?? And r u using a BlackBerry device

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Game crashing?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    U hav BlackBerry device hashir?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R u using BlackBerry phone?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R u using BlackBerry phn

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R u using BlackBerry phone?

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R u using BlackBerry phn?

  • Peter

    I can start up since update yesterday????

  • Hashir

    Me too suffering from same problem! U shall report it to coc so they start fixing it

  • vivek

    When i update my coc today ,i saw a crap.i downloads 100% then it again starts downloading.
    Wot the hell i happening to this.
    I really love this game .
    Plzz help me out.


  • Elia Winston Schiavi

    same problem: all works fine but when try to find multiplayer battle, the game crashes…

  • Bhasker M

    After opening the COC, I unable to do the attack. game crashing automatically. Is they fixing the issues

  • Sh0tgun

    With the new update I can log in to the game but as soon as i click on find match it crashes and I am back at the phones home screen. :(

  • Asad

    Hi divanshu, how do we send an email to supercell? Can you help me?

  • Hashir

    Sure brother

  • Hashir


  • Hashir

    Plz report me too when you will be done

  • Divanshu Khatter

    You too..if u get it fixed!!

  • Divanshu Khatter

    No asad I didnt yet!!! I have mailed supercell though regarding this problem.

  • Hashir

    Khatter plz tell me the method too when you will be done with it

  • Hashir

    Same case with me

  • Asad

    Hi divanshu.. did this got fixed for you? Am still facing thus probl:-(((

  • shaz

    Same problem as every1. .. download keeps looping any help or advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Ok chris…please be in tough wen u recover from that..!!!

  • Chris

    I hope so because half of my clan is having issues with this we can attack goblin trail but multiplayer battle attack instantly shuts the game down.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    No still it isnt working….

  • Divanshu Khatter

    No not yet asad!! And for u? They are supposed to give a maintainance break for this issue

  • Asad

    Is it working for you now bro??

  • Asad

    GA closes automatically when I hit the multi-player match button.. please help

  • W H O L E S O M E

    cant update coc, always restarting at 0%. Help!!

  • eric

    why the F is that my coc keeps on downloading on my phone? when i finished downloading it will install and then download again. always 58.80mb installing…

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Mine wont update, i uninstalled it and now it wont install at all

  • Daniel Hall

    Thanks that worked for me

  • Divanshu Khatter

    I think supercell will go on maintainance for this in couple of hours

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Me too…m a 24*7 player of coc…cant play due to that

  • Curtis Dustin

    It also solved it for me

  • Curtis Dustin

    Move the app from SD to your phone

  • Curtis Dustin

    Move app from SD card

  • Foxy Roxy

    I have android version 4.0.4 everytime there is an update in COC or google play games I can no longer load my account. Sometimes, unknown village is being loaded instead of mine. I was able to fix it before by downgrading COC but that version is no longer working. I wonder if it has something to do with the version of firmware that I have. I hope SuperCell will look into this as I am not the onlu one being affected.

  • Ali

    Game closes automatically when I hit the Match button…Any help?

  • Curtis Dustin

    If you link it to an account (Google play or facebook) you progress is saved. It won’t help today unless you can get into the game but you should do this in the future.

  • Gisela

    Have you tried moving the app from your SD card to your phone storage? That’s what I did and it did the job

  • gerry

    yup,, on android,, aneyone know how to fix it?

  • Csub

    I can’t update, the update stops at 37MB all the time,so i thought i uninstall it and then install it again.( It worked previously for me.) But when i install it, the download stops at 96%.I don’tknow what elsecan i try. On my tablet everything worksfine but on my phone it is just doesnt want to work.
    I have an android phone

  • Jakob Christian


  • Daniel Hall

    Have the excact same issue. Tried everything. Apart from uninstalling but worrried about losing all my progress

  • Gisela

    Your app is stored in your SD card. Move it to your phone storage and then download again. That should do the trick.:)

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Yeahh hope they solve it early as possible
    It just cant allow to practice game

  • Gisela

    Move your app from your SD card to your phone storage, then try to download. That should do the trick :)

  • Gisela

    Your app is stored in your SD card. Move it to your phone storage and that should do the trick :)

  • Asad

    same problem for me too. When I do match in multipler, it just crashes..

  • Gisela

    Have you had any luck downloading ?

  • Gisela

    Have you had any luck with downloading it?

  • Syed ashab

    Update loop
    After uninstalling playstore doesnot show coc

  • Beth

    Same! This has been happening to me! I am I a clan war and I cannot attack because of this!

  • Divanshu Khatter

    When will be the problem of game crashing will be solved when pressing the match button?? Please help me asap…. from the new update its been a problem for me!!

  • Derek Wiedenheft

    Me to, I’ve been trying to update it for the last 5 hours. It’s driving crazy.

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Still not solved…problem. Remains same

  • Divanshu Khatter

    R they going for another maintanance break for this?

  • oat

    Sam here

  • Divanshu Khatter

    Yeahh me too…r u using an android platform

  • Gisela

    I’m trying to download the new update, but it just keeps looping everytime it reaches 100% it reaches 100% then tries to download all over again. it does that for a while before a message box pops up saying I’m unable to update. Does anyone else have this issue

  • gerry

    crash everytime try to search attack,, anyone got this problem?

  • ulalaBebey

    Im so tired of loading and uninstalling that i start to wrote to google, Dear Google, i have this problem when COC said they got updates. And so, i update it. And then, it asked for update again. And so i think there’s a problem, and so, i uninstall it, and install again. And then, it ask to update againnnnnn???????? C’mon. -.- regards and lots of love, Miss So-much-AndSo-and-ButThen.

  • Brian Gagnon

    I had the same issue. I just restarted phone and then update button appeared.

  • vikranth joseph

    Not able to update the game. no update button in play store. Also not able to open the game without update.

  • vikranth joseph

    I am also facing the same issue. Not able to update and not able to open the game. Any solution?

  • Koushik Mondal


  • David Ryan

    Yup, I updated it, loaded, attacked in war. Closed the ap then cleared data in coc to switch to my other account. Opened coc, clicked sign in, clicked my other account…nothing. I can’t even log onto my main account in coc. I’ve done nothing different that I have been doing to bounce from one to the other for 3 months. What sucks is I have 2 attacks left with the account I’m trying to log onto and we’re down by 3 stars with 1 hour left. This is really annoying!

  • Koushik Mondal

    yes same problem

  • AJ

    I have fixed account issue, by uninstalling coc and reinstalling it, this worked on my s7 and bluestacks

  • Koushik Mondal

    same problem here

  • Koushik Mondal

    can not switch my account… help me please

  • Koushik Mondal

    after new update i can not switch my other account. .


    Can’t switch accounts after this last update! I have 9 accounts. I can’t attack,we have ongoing war and it will end in a couple of hour.

  • AJ

    I agree, I have 4 accounts th8+

  • Aww83

    There is always something that gets messup with an new update

  • AJ

    yep no load button

  • Aww83

    It wont bring up the confirm ro switch right

  • AJ

    yes I cant either

  • Aww83

    Is anyone else having problems switching clans it wont let me to log into my other account

  • Hossam Bahaa

    i think its kinda a bug but they will fix it

  • Wetgizmo231

    My clash of clans says update available, but on the app store, it just gives the open option, no update option.

  • Hossam Bahaa

    same prob