Problems with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game for popular platforms like Android and iOS, although they are still backed by servers keeping everything running when playing in multiplayer against other gamers. Clash of Clans will go down occasionally, especially when updates are being performed or the servers hit unexpected demand thanks to higher than normal traffic.

The majority of Clash of Clans problems when something is not working focus on connection errors, the sign in, the app not working or opening, sharing on social networks like Facebook, app crashing / not loading, and of course bugs within the game itself. If you are wondering if Clash of Clans is down today, or if others have similar issues with the game, you just need to look at status reports below and share your own issues to gain help from the community.

We’ve included support contacts for the game on this page as well and recent support tweets. If you are having problems leading your army to victory thanks to the online service not working, then we’d like to hear about it.


Clash of Clans Status insight for Sunday 10th of December 2017

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Clans Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • shubh

    Coc is not loading my Samsung Galaxy j2. Please repair the bug or help me by a reply pls I’m a coc lover.

  • Leo

    Cannot open coc. I click the apps and it shows the loading half way then i back to my home screen. Trued multiple times now still same.pls help

  • Ratnesh pandey

    I am opening coc but it is not opening after downloading the content and there only it stops and I have done 10 times but nothing happens

  • simo

    same with my A5

  • Steve

    Thats all very well but what about kindle fire users that arent linked to a google account and have relied on the 1mobil update that now doesnt work and cant play clash..

  • Sudhanshu kumar

    dude there is a problem with google play games , I did a clean flash of android 7.1.1 on my kindle fire hd 7 and then flashed Gapps ,logged into my google id and clash of clans is working fine now 🙂

  • Sijie Zhai

    Oh my god, Sir/ma’am. You just saved my life. You just saved me from hours of boredom. I can’t thank you enough.

  • kodax

    Uninstall g-play services update,if greyed out,go settings – security – Device Administrators and deactivate anything to do with go. Now go back and uninstall play services updates. Run clash , complete tutorial, link account ,you will be asked to update play services,do that. Once installed open clash again and link account, and done.

  • kodax

    This is for those who can’t launch clash. Uninstall Google Play Services UPDATES,if uninstall is greyed out you need to go to Settings- Security- Device Administrators and deactivate anything to do with Google ( you can reactivate later ) . Return to app manager and play services and uninstall updates. Now open clash,it will be new city,complete tutorial,then proceed to link account. You should now get message saying Google Play Services needs to be updated,yes to update. You should now be able to link account ,if don’t happen straight away be patient,may take a minute or two. Hope this helps.

  • Sijie Zhai

    Me too lol

  • Sijie Zhai

    I have the same exact problem. I’m on android 7.1.1 and when it fully loads it would just crash for no reason whenever I open it

  • Jenna Brook Vest

    Not for kindle fire users though 🙁 very upset about all this nonsense

  • Jenna Brook Vest

    Won’t work for kindle fire users

  • Jenna Brook Vest

    This isn’t working for my kindle fire.

  • Jermaine Cole

    My game crashes after I try to attack on all things. Builder base,war,main base and goblin base. It crashes when I press the attack button. Also it crashes when I click the news button (bottom right) idk why tho. It started happening a couple of days ago

  • Lin Drum

    Same problem with my kindle fire and my Samsung s4 running android 4.4.2.

  • sky fighter

    android 5.1 still dont work.but my other phone sony j1 mini is working well.. please fix this error.(coc has been stopped”)

  • Steve

    Same issue here, an update arrived on mobil 1 today then doesnt load the game.

  • gokul

    new update didnt work in nokia x2 too ,the loading bar loads fully but comes to home screen stating coc has stopped,can anyone reccomend any measure please ,iam the leader and i cant play

  • Edrian Jay Cagulang

    Same problem dude

  • Edrian Jay Cagulang

    Damn! I can’t play COC anymore because the game says “Unfortunately Clash of Clans has stopped” just like the game crashes whenever I try to open it. Anyone who can solve this?

  • Andy Hill

    Zero trophy level but no one can join clan since update

  • Kes

    Still not working, tried uninstalling, clearing cache…still same thing. Loads as normal until progress bar is full then returns to home screen. Using Kindle HD….even downloaded and tried update from different sources.

  • Noreen Dunnett

    Got the same problem in my kindle – so annoying

  • Phil

    Since that god damn update my coc on my kindle fire hdx starts loading and stops about 5 sec later….. GREAT UPDATE Supercell…..

  • Boalbag

    I am having the same issue. Any updates on a fix?

  • jenny

    still not working for kindle fire users……any help

  • Aadi Rajput

    Same prblm with me

  • Sharlene Wegg

    Stuck in an update loop? I followed the advise of others, but i thought others might benefit from more detailed instructions, so here they are: close clash of clans, and open your App Store. Go to the Updates page. It will probably tell you that you recently updated Clash of Clans. Ignore that message. Pull the updates screen down, as if you are scrolling, this prompts the page to look for newer updates. A newer version of the clash of clans update appears, select it, and download the new update. Your download should now complete, and no more annoying “update available” messages will occur! You can go back to your regular attacking and building and collecting game! Have fun!

  • mathikmahuddin

    My problems is I can’t update directly and download after uninstall the clash if clans application..

  • Brian Warren

    This post is a saving grace!! TY

  • pkovach

    This horrible update is failing on the iPhone – it states there is an update available and then when I select the update button it jumps to the screen with an Open button that falls back to an infinite repeat of this , never letting an update occur

    Can someone please help me get the update to work so I can play this silly game again? 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Joseph Horrach

    I have a galaxy s7 and my clash of clans says it isn’t compatible

  • Fextiva

    I installed the update. But when I open the game, I get a message that an update is available. When I click on update I get a prompt not to install the update (since I already installed it) but rather to open the game. But when I open, I get the prompt to update again. Any solution to this?

  • Fextiva

    I am having the same issue. Has anyone found a fix?

  • Stoney Em

    yes i followed your advice…. now im updating my CoC… thanks a million!

  • Nwpalys Game

    well i have an android problem, i updated the game, it worked but i cant get into the game.. just stops and trows me off the game.. it says something like unfortunitly the game bla bla… Help me!!!

  • Mike Lammiman

    Pull down on the screen when on the updates page. Coco then appears to be updated.

  • James

    That worked

  • Alex

    Thanks Vicky worked for me too!

  • Philip Kelly

    Im on the kindle and coc just stops,any ideas?

  • Jake

    This worked for me straight away!! Thanks bro

  • Vicky

    Refresh and update guys. Hold down screen at apps store. Once its refreshed coc update will appear. Than just update. It will work.

  • Justin

    I need to attack in war, this can not be doing this right now

  • eric

    when you are in the APPS store, go to UPDATES and hold down the screen to refresh the updates and then COC UPDATE will appear then update it and it will work..

  • Jim Wylie

    Starting to lose patience since we are caught in this infinite update Do-Loop that never converges!

  • Patricia Gmelch

    Thanks this worked for me on both my devices that i i was having an issue with.

  • Rich

    Any luck yet? I’m having the same issue.

  • Edward

    Thanks Dan! You are the man! I tried your suggestion and it turned out to be my solution!

  • Anna

    It said UpDATE .. BUT UPON CLICKING UPDATE it went to app store and said OPEN. When i click open .. it went to UPDATE again, upon clicking UPDATE it went to appstore and said OPEN. What the heck! Whats wrong SUPERCEL?

  • Edward G.

    I can’t update my game! When I launch the updated button it hangs up and then repeats the process and doesn’t open the game. I have an iPhone 6s and everything is up to date with the new iOS

  • Carol

    Thanks so much. That worked

  • Adam Rudd

    Mine worked after long upload.

  • Prajwal

    i have uninstalled and installed and also rebooted my phone and clear data, cache several times. but it starts a little and then error comes up

  • pansnake

    Rebooted phone, deleted game and reinstalled. Game is open but none of the updated features are showing up in the “newly” installed game. No update icon in App store for phone or iPad

  • Noel Dave

    Not loading after the
    Please help. Ty

  • Noel Dave

    not loading after the update

  • Prajwal

    clash of clans crashing after update on 11/oct/2017. and gives me this error:
    “unfortunately, clash of clan has stopped.” kindly help me…

  • Adam Rudd

    hold on… update has now appeared… it seems to be downloading…

  • Adam Rudd

    Same…. never ending loop of “update avail, takes to ap store, that does not have “update” icon, only “open”. I am saved in game centre but wary of deleting… years of play MAY be lost!

  • Zach

    Mine says that there is an update When I click the update button it says in the App Store just to open the app and it won’t say anything about updating

  • Teresa

    This worked for me thanks!

  • Teresa

    I updated the app but when I open COC it says to update! I have never linked my Game Center to my COC and I am a level 10 town hall!!! HELP!

  • Dan

    Yes delete app n reinstall it works no data lost n update complete

  • Cindy Reyes

    I’ve tried that one, though it successfully change the status to update, but when I pressed for update button, it just keeps loading.

  • Cindy Reyes

    How did it go?

  • Zelousian

    Thank you friend this did the trick

  • Frederick Stuart

    Im realy glad i found your comment. thanks it workd for me.

  • Göran Fälth

    Did the trick! Thx 😉

  • Pilipinas

    There is an update for iOS already.
    Select UPDATE tab from App Store (CoC update won’t show)
    Then scroll up and hold down screen until the loader shows up, then CoC update will appear instantly. ^_^

  • Edwin Gunawan

    Suggestion from Philip Kane is helpful, deleted the coc app and reinstalling again. It will download automatically. Just try a few minutes ago and successful.

  • Arlene

    Hi new update will not load or through the App Store

  • mrtrump12

    I’m using iOS

  • mrtrump12

    My cash of clans says that update is avalible but I already updated and I can’t get in to clash of clans. Why?

  • Dave H

    I updated the new iOS and the update for coc came up

  • Little Gong

    Reading back. Seems to be iOS 11 related grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Guess not playing today

  • Little Gong

    Can not upload new version. Just in circle of new update available/ open.

  • Philip Kane

    All If you delete the App from your devices and then re install the update is automatically updated and problem solved. Working perfectly now

  • Philip Kane

    deleted from Iphone and re installing .I’ll let you know outcome in 2 minutes

  • Philip Kane

    Same applies to both my IPad and IPhone. Not able to update as update app is not showing in the apple Store update list. I have restarted both but to no luck

  • Jay Alvos

    Not working for myself either, just going in circles.
    App Store does not see the update…..
    There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza…..


    COC is still not updating even i do the restart and go directly to the app store. Can you please give a guide.. It doesn’t appear in the app store.

  • Zelousian

    same here.. no solution yet for this issue ?

  • Chris

    Do you need to delete and re download?

  • Chris

    Still not working. Turned phone off and went through app. Arrgghh

  • Scott

    Go directly through App Store, not clash

  • Dominic

    It’s in the App Store now and working, just got it before my shield ran out!

  • Dj

    Same here

  • indradeep

    restart your phone and download. its working!!!

  • Richard Russell

    I have two accounts my android account is working but my iPad can not load the update, it appears the App-store does not recognize the new update.

  • Dominic

    It’s not iOS related as I can’t do it on my phone or iPad that are different versions of iOS

  • Stoney Em

    i couldnt find the icon of coc on my “updates” in appstore… 🙁

  • jeanmarcstuart

    Same with mine – update available – no update in apps tore – just cliks open and then full circle/…. on the new iOS11 which may be the problem

  • Scott

    Update from your App Store icon, not through clash of clans

  • Houwsholo

    Mine does the same

  • D Mhor

    Same here – just going back and forth between the CoC screen saying “Update Available” and the update screen which says “Open” and takes me back to the CoC screen saying “Update Available”. Repeat ad nauseam…

  • Ryan

    Clash Of Clans won’t update and it wont give me the option in the AppStore.

  • Stoney Em

    I can noy update my coc, whyyyyyyyy
    I so hate ios11….so frustrating!

  • Arun

    There is no update onApp store for today’s release? What’s happening today? COC is down for me.

  • Ghada Adel

    My clash of clans endless download and never open …. do any one can help

  • Hanz H.

    Clash of Clans not working just now.

  • Tito Has

    Cant open my clash,download 3 time,no loading,what i can do.

  • Tanya Sharma

    My coc is also not working on my data its working on wifi we are with same probkem

  • Tanya Sharma

    My coc is not opening help me plesewwww

  • Rafiqul Islam Sumon

    Why tje game not wil play today can any ans give me please.

  • Sasi

    Any one can help me pls

  • Sasi

    Coc doesn’t working on data, it only working on wi fi

  • Rinbo Eng

    Cannot start today

  • James Sandoval Flores

    My coc is not working 2 weeks ago in xperia z1.. But in my wife mobile, its working.. Its always stuck on loading!..i re installing but it same happen.. Help me please!.

  • Nikhil

    After updating my coc o m not able to load the game… It is not starting at all…I cleared my data and reset my phone too but then also its loading.It automatically exits…please help me guys plzz.

  • Dan

    Dennis do what Dirge said it works

  • Dan

    Thaxs Dirge that worked

  • Hesashi Mitsui

    Can’t update so I uninstalled it and re-install but it is always loads. What the heck is happening supercell?

  • Dennis

    Cannot update. Unending loop of downloading and returning to saying there is a new update. What shall I do?

  • Dan

    Same here

  • Dirge

    On an apple device you have to manually go to the App Store, go to updates and update the app. It’s the only way I have gotten it to work

  • Adam

    I have the same em like Catherine. When I go to play it tells me there is new update, I try to download it but there is only “open” in appstore , I open it and the game is loaded. And again appears info that there is new update available… all the time the same

  • Sarah

    I’m stuck in the Infinite loop of an update that won’t update

  • Catherine Iddon

    When I go to play it tells me there is an update when I click on it no update so I can’t play

  • Monty Harrison

    Can not get the new update to load on my iPad.

  • Monique Spears

    my clash of clans app stuck up loading.. i’ve tried re-installing and clearing data and reboot my phone but it still dont load. Its just loads a bit then it stuck in L of Loading.. pls help me..

  • Mm

    Will not load on kindle after maintenance today

  • Black Jake

    Yes, works fine on Bluestacks though.

  • Black Jake

    Since BOAT update my Asus NVidia tablet either locks up or half the screen goes black randomly. Annoying in battle!

  • Denis Theteck

    Same problem here …black screen …I reinstall game flush cache etc…nothing work

  • Fiery Darkrai

    I updated the app on June 1st and now (June 3rd) it still says installing and I can’t figure out how to cancel the update and re-try.

  • ZicaPablo

    I have the same issue, and now I Can’t open the game since yesterday noon 05.30.17

  • ZicaPablo

    I cant open either clash royale or clash of clans, and when I’m on war the enemy’s castle show ?/30 …. anyone can help me!! please!

  • Titus Taite

    I cannot my COC for latest update… when ever I installed it appear that “app is not installed”

  • Alex Chu

    im using ipad mini. having problems selecting barracks collector etc.

    not functioning. have to keep pressing. sometimes it wont select

  • Tour RoadRunners

    Any have it working on Blue Stacks?

  • Tour RoadRunners

    Anyone get it working on Blue Stacks?

  • Ian Wooller

    Found a small problem in wars as those with ios 10.3..2 see all castles as ?/35 etc even though they are all full. Android and the iPad running an older version of ios don’t have this issue.

  • Buddy Venturanza

    same happen with me…can’t do anything…wait or quit is the only option

  • Michelle Beaney

    I have same phone with same problem

  • Tour RoadRunners

    I still can’t get it to work on blustacks

  • XxGreenVenomxX FTW

    I play on samsung galaxy core prime and I have installed the more update, I try to load the game but it the bar will stop for five mins. I then will get a message that says I had most connection with the server i click try again and it will load alittle more before the screen goes black and the whole process stars again, yet this time it will load until i try to fighting in the new area where it will load connection again and Im back to square one
    Any help will be much apprechiated

  • Phillip

    Samsung S3 – clear cache and clear data and game will load – you will have to get your village back via google gamer – hopefully you linked and saved village or you’re going to have to start over, but game will load.

  • Evan Gardner

    I have an iPad Air and cannot receive the update. It’s like my whole account is frozen and I cant play. What should I do?

  • Carl

    Found the fix. On step #4, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Phone should offer an “update” button.

  • Duane Kasulka

    just was able to load and play the game on bluestacks after game update. still can not load on samsung s7. game hangs up on black screen.


    I have the same problem


    if you don’t link it with a google account ..yes you will lose everything

  • Íshân Sood

    Ya Same problem

  • Íshân Sood

    Coc cant login after new update pls help and resolve problem fast

  • Fuzzy

    Im having the same problem on my galaxy s3 also. I heard that they were fixing bugs with ios first and then andriod next. Keep checking it daily is all I was told.

  • JCA

    I’m using samsung galaxy grand prime 4g
    It was running smoothly before this damn update….
    now I can’t do loot attacks…
    when i tried to do a attack it says connection lost and there is nothing wrong with my internet. I uninstalled and re downloaded but hasn’t helped. Very frustrated

  • Janith

    I’m having the same problem it wont load for me then it says connection lost and there is nothing wrong with my internet….
    This is very disappointing…….

  • Shahidbaig

    The new update of coc i.e boat version is not loading nd even i dint attack in the new land please reply me what to do

  • Costa Regan

    what we will do now for this reason. please do anything….. HELP me

  • Mike

    I’ve done the whole taking out battery, install and uninstall tactics for beginners. HELP PLEASE WAR IS TONIGHT

  • Mike

    My clash of clan loads halfway then goes back to the previous screen I was at. I have searched on the internet for hours dealing with clear cache on google services such as 1. services, 2. games, 3. store.
    I go back to downloading then exactly at the half way point it stop and goes back to previous screen. I am playing on a outdated galaxy S3 as I have for 2 years now. HELP

  • mito

    same here

  • DIY dad

    I deleted and reinstalled on my iPhone. It kept the data and resolved my update now to open in App Store loop

  • Bibek Paudyal

    yeah same here too ….i do play this game in bluestack and when i go to playstore and pressed the update button it is just stuck there and when i downloaded the app from external link and installed it and tried to open it doesnt even show the loading screen the app crashes and brought me back to the app drawer

  • Tyler

    Tried to update with a different app called aptoide because it wouldn’t update on playstore because of my country but when it downloads it says app not installed and I tried and tried again but never works

  • Michael Escudero

    Same here.. After I update the game.. Then it won’t load.. And the worst thing is, we got war today. I can’t even open the game.. How sad.. Please fix it!..

  • Mark Kezele

    Same problem as Carl as of 6:32 pm CST – “UPDATE AVAILABLE”, click UPDATE, goes to App page, App page only shows OPEN button – no UPDATE, click OPEN and goes back to “UPDATE AVAILABLE”
    Is this an iOS problem, App store problem, or a Supercell problem ?

  • David Ireland

    I have to upgrade to ios7

  • Carl

    Big circle of fun: (1) “Update is available!”, (2) click on “Update,” (3) goes to app page; no update seen; only see “OPEN” button, (4) click “OPEN,” (5) go back to #1. WTF?

  • David Ireland

    If I delete it do you loose everything?

  • Eric Moore

    i get to the new loading screen and then the loading bar fills up but then it just stays there and doesn’t load into the game

  • mrjake5992

    Im having the same problem it wont load for me then it says connection lost and there is nothing wrong with my internet

  • anna

    sameee pls helppp.

  • Deborah Dixon

    Tried opening on my kindle fire and comes up with new update available and then a screen with 3 apps for clash and a load of what looks like Chinese writing ?? any ideas any one please

  • Michael Wych

    Latest update works on android not ios

  • Olwen

    Hi, I deleted clash of clans and reinstalled on my iPad Air. It now looks ok

  • David Ireland

    I can’t get in anywhere

  • Chris Jensen

    Dam tried everything but a complete reboot..Just won’t load..

  • Earl williams

    What’s going on? Tells me there is an update, when I try to download it, it just says open in the App Store. What’s going on?

  • JaRan

    Updated the game and now the game wont open. I use an android phone, the opening screen starts to load and then kicks me to my phone home screen. I uninstalled and re downloaded but hasn’t helped. Very frustrated

  • KB Solo

    Can’t play the game since latest update. Stuck on loading screen. It has loaded twice but the background layer is missing and you can’t do anything in the game. Using Android.

  • himanshu

    Also same here

  • himanshu

    Same here. Downloaded new update & won’t load game. Tried deleting spp & reinstalling. No success.

  • Martin Dam Waagner

    Just go into the update tab in App Store and click update.

  • Olwen

    Hi Dan.
    I am having the same problem. iPad 2 runnng iOS 10.3.1.
    Any ideas anyone? Or is it just a waiting game.

  • Andrew J

    Same here. Downloaded new update & won’t load game. Tried deleting spp & reinstalling. No success. Ugh

  • Badz18

    Yeah when i open clash of clans it says new update is available but when i click update ie goes to apps store on iphone 5s but theres no update i see open clash of clan.

  • Dan Old

    Can’t load the game anymore, just keeps saying ‘Good news! there’s a new update’ then sends me to the app store with sends me back to the same ‘Good news’ message on the game.

  • Alfonzo

    Same here update the game, tried logging in, 1 out of my two accounts log in. The other one game is reset and shuts app down.

  • Trey

    Using an iPhone 7plus,l with full wifi bars. Cannot open the game pre & post IOS update. Says my payment method isn’t valid even though EVERYTHING on my card checks out good…

  • Aghori baba

    Downloaded the game but having trouble to open it…. it says connection lost though I’ve very fair and good network… help me on this

  • Greek Person

    I cant play since the latest update it says lost connection while my wifi bars are full

  • Greek Person

    Me too i cant play since the latest update


    MASTER D max town hall 10 yo me need me clash fi work clash a me life so fix it ok super cell no play wid me ino a nuf credit and digilome me barrow just fu run dis 24 7 ino so fix it me go pan the gane it load and jump off yo fix it last time ma talk zeen fux

  • Phil

    I’ve just updated my apple software to the latest and I can update it now

  • Phil

    Yeah same dave

  • Shooter Mcnasty

    I cant open. Coc since new update. I

  • David Ireland

    It must be everyone

  • David Ireland

    It says new update click on that try to open it just goes back

  • Aniketh

    Same with me and I am using iPhone 6 with latest update 10.3.2

  • Ps

    Can’t open new coc update, anyone else

  • Rita Bantz

    Can’t upload game today. It won’t open. What can I do!.

  • Aashish maurya

    You should good internet

  • Jayr

    what happend /

  • Mike Gavin

    I just downloaded clash of clans to my new phone and i haven’t played n a week and it wont load should i just wait a day or 2

  • Aaron

    I cant believe this but my game of Clash of Phoenix has been banned, i do not understand why my account would be banned for no reason at all. I got kicked and went back in to see a message saying i had been banned permanently.

  • Irwin

    What is going on with Clash of Phoenix, it just keeps quitting on me.

  • Himanshu

    My game is not loading….today is my war day and i have to attack on enemy bases….if this continues then i have to delete the game….#clash of clans

  • Jan bless

    Both clash of clans and royale not working abroad, but everything else does, including other online games, video, youtube, searching, torrents.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled coc, but still no joy.
    Been like this for about 17 hours.

  • Tony Slicer

    my friend can’t load game anymore and he blew hundreds dollars on game…I wonder?

  • Allison

    Three different games on three different devices won’t load since last night, both Apple and android…not sure what’s going on…

  • Tony Stark

    login faild plz try again later 1 (((( from tonight i am getting this problem several times i ve uninstall and install my game everything is fine but my coc, is there any help

  • Thomas EJ

    Can’t load my coc plz help earlthomas128 thanx

  • Thomas EJ

    I can’t get my game to load its been 3 weeks now

  • Roy

    Can’t log or connect at all in ipad.
    But it’s all fine with my iPhone!

  • Finesilk

    Same issue,its been a couple weeks and my clan left bc no leader. Help a sister out pls

  • Carl Martin

    Can’t log into to cod today … login failed please try again

  • Connor Petch

    Coc not loading on both my ios account and my android account, just stays on loads screen

  • Troy Suggs

    Hey do you think you could help me out someone stole mine:(

  • Mark T Holland

    Coc gets black scree and won’t load with newst droid update

  • Tina Cottrell

    I’ve got the same problem as Mains. Cant switch back to my main account? Help?

  • Mainak Mukherjee

    can’t load my 1st Coc account. Please help I need to provide my war line up with same problem as others.

  • skhumbu

    Coc stuck on loading and shows downloading content and resets again to loading and the same thing happens again and again

  • Hamza Hassan

    can’t load my 2nd Coc account. Please help I need to provide my war line up with troops

  • Daniel

    Google play sign in will not load my account. Village will not load

  • roger

    cant load my coc account.. pls help..

  • Nawab Ansari

    Coc is stuck on loading and it not opening

  • Chillywasher

    Game not loading past the splash screen

  • erwin

    my 2nd acount and my friends account wont load. what is this error?

  • Raheel Sheikh

    I am not able to login in my clash of clan account. Please help

  • Reymon Bucag

    This morning When I allow the Record Game play On my account My coc account is nolt loading.. Please Fix as soon as Possible

  • Reymon Bucag

    this morning when the notification about the google record Play I cannot sign in my account .. please fix

  • Phil Bracken

    I keep trying to open my game and only get the coc page on my I pad with the purple download bar filled but won’t go onto my base . I have deleted the game and reloaded it four times now and still no joy . Any suggestions please!!!!

  • Ramdin

    I cannot be able to login please fixy problem thanks…

  • Saim Ka

    My clash of clan is not working well everything disappear except the king please fix this problem thanks

  • Aaron

    My coc isn’t loading saying error could not connect to server please try again later on both my Android devices

  • Sumair Mughal

    My COC in not working well … everything disappear except the king

  • Sumair Mughal

    my coc is not working since yesterday evening, it wont load.. only king is visible …

  • Kid Amado

    di ko po ma open yung coc ko simula pa noong december 29,2016 5:15pm

  • dragonito

    my coc is not working since yesterday evening, it wont load both on my tab and my android phone

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    you can connect using data but not in wifi ,,

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    both of my IOS and android ,, cannot load in COC but crash royale is working properly ,, its been almost 24 hrs..

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    yeah ,, its been more than 20 hours .. is it only here in the philippines?

  • kaity

    I am an ios user suddenly from yesturday i’m facing problems !! i logged into coc but only king , Queen is viscible nothing else is viscible like defenses & builings including walls !!

  • lalai yugo

    mine as well…. hope they fix it soon

  • loloko panot

    I cant play COC. Loading crashes. Please fix this! My phone is andriod

  • Maricar

    Mine too all open clash of clan app on all my devices and its not loading. But clash royale was loading.. even i uninstall and install it . Still not loading… what happen

  • Pj Praveen Yadav

    My mobile is iPhone 6s

  • Pj Praveen Yadav

    I’m opening the clash of clans app but its not responding

  • Khen de Guzman

    i am out of the server.. connection lost, what should i do?

  • Harry

    I can not open clash of clans on my new samung tab s2???

  • Player

    This morning everything was just fine,but tonight it was a loading screen,the bar every time reaches the same level (it’s not even on half of it) and it crashes.I’m from Serbia.Any help?The app is updated a few days before this issues.Playing from december 2015.Is it possible that is hacked?Because I have clash royal on the same phone,same profile,and it works.

  • Anil Jadhav

    COC app is not working…Trying to open since last two hrs but it just downloading

  • Matt

    Uninstall and reinstall the game and it will work

  • SteveK1240

    thanks Ben, that worked!

  • bingo

    for those ipad user, just solved the problem for not getting the “update” button. The old fashion way, uninstall it and reinstall back but do make sure you are in the game center.

  • bingo


  • bingo

    what happened? I have not been playing for 4 days and when i turn on COC, is said “good news, newer version bla bla bla….”go update” so, i clicked, and there isnt’ any “update” button….have been tried few times…help!

  • isaac

    kindle say update so i click on it then it says it is unavailable and cannot play until i update

  • apu

    my smart phone being hang.

  • Patrick Henry

    There is no update