Problems with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game for popular platforms like Android and iOS, although they are still backed by servers keeping everything running when playing in multiplayer against other gamers. Clash of Clans will go down occasionally, especially when updates are being performed or the servers hit unexpected demand thanks to higher than normal traffic.


The majority of Clash of Clans problems when something is not working focus on connection errors, the sign in, the app not working or opening, sharing on social networks like Facebook, app crashing / not loading, and of course bugs within the game itself. If you are wondering if Clash of Clans is down today, or if others have similar issues with the game, you just need to look at status reports below and share your own issues to gain help from the community.

We’ve included support contacts for the game on this page as well and recent support tweets. If you are having problems leading your army to victory thanks to the online service not working, then we’d like to hear about it.


Clash of Clans Status insight for Wednesday 26th of April 2017

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Clans Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Himanshu

    My game is not loading….today is my war day and i have to attack on enemy bases….if this continues then i have to delete the game….#clash of clans

  • Jan bless

    Both clash of clans and royale not working abroad, but everything else does, including other online games, video, youtube, searching, torrents.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled coc, but still no joy.
    Been like this for about 17 hours.

  • Tony Slicer

    my friend can’t load game anymore and he blew hundreds dollars on game…I wonder?

  • Allison

    Three different games on three different devices won’t load since last night, both Apple and android…not sure what’s going on…

  • Tony Stark

    login faild plz try again later 1 (((( from tonight i am getting this problem several times i ve uninstall and install my game everything is fine but my coc, is there any help

  • Thomas EJ

    Can’t load my coc plz help earlthomas128 thanx

  • Thomas EJ

    I can’t get my game to load its been 3 weeks now

  • Roy

    Can’t log or connect at all in ipad.
    But it’s all fine with my iPhone!

  • Finesilk

    Same issue,its been a couple weeks and my clan left bc no leader. Help a sister out pls

  • Carl Martin

    Can’t log into to cod today … login failed please try again

  • Connor Petch

    Coc not loading on both my ios account and my android account, just stays on loads screen

  • Troy Suggs

    Hey do you think you could help me out someone stole mine:(

  • Mark T Holland

    Coc gets black scree and won’t load with newst droid update

  • Tina Cottrell

    I’ve got the same problem as Mains. Cant switch back to my main account? Help?

  • Mainak Mukherjee

    can’t load my 1st Coc account. Please help I need to provide my war line up with same problem as others.

  • skhumbu

    Coc stuck on loading and shows downloading content and resets again to loading and the same thing happens again and again

  • Hamza Hassan

    can’t load my 2nd Coc account. Please help I need to provide my war line up with troops

  • Daniel

    Google play sign in will not load my account. Village will not load

  • roger

    cant load my coc account.. pls help..

  • Nawab Ansari

    Coc is stuck on loading and it not opening

  • Chillywasher

    Game not loading past the splash screen

  • erwin

    my 2nd acount and my friends account wont load. what is this error?

  • Raheel Sheikh

    I am not able to login in my clash of clan account. Please help

  • Reymon Bucag

    This morning When I allow the Record Game play On my account My coc account is nolt loading.. Please Fix as soon as Possible

  • Reymon Bucag

    this morning when the notification about the google record Play I cannot sign in my account .. please fix

  • Phil Bracken

    I keep trying to open my game and only get the coc page on my I pad with the purple download bar filled but won’t go onto my base . I have deleted the game and reloaded it four times now and still no joy . Any suggestions please!!!!

  • Ramdin

    I cannot be able to login please fixy problem thanks…

  • Saim Ka

    My clash of clan is not working well everything disappear except the king please fix this problem thanks

  • Aaron

    My coc isn’t loading saying error could not connect to server please try again later on both my Android devices

  • Sumair Mughal

    My COC in not working well … everything disappear except the king

  • Sumair Mughal

    my coc is not working since yesterday evening, it wont load.. only king is visible …

  • Kid Amado

    di ko po ma open yung coc ko simula pa noong december 29,2016 5:15pm

  • dragonito

    my coc is not working since yesterday evening, it wont load both on my tab and my android phone

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    you can connect using data but not in wifi ,,

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    both of my IOS and android ,, cannot load in COC but crash royale is working properly ,, its been almost 24 hrs..

  • Byron Jae Mantolino Dimain

    yeah ,, its been more than 20 hours .. is it only here in the philippines?

  • kaity

    I am an ios user suddenly from yesturday i’m facing problems !! i logged into coc but only king , Queen is viscible nothing else is viscible like defenses & builings including walls !!

  • lalai yugo

    mine as well…. hope they fix it soon

  • loloko panot

    I cant play COC. Loading crashes. Please fix this! My phone is andriod

  • Maricar

    Mine too all open clash of clan app on all my devices and its not loading. But clash royale was loading.. even i uninstall and install it . Still not loading… what happen

  • Pj Praveen Yadav

    My mobile is iPhone 6s

  • Pj Praveen Yadav

    I’m opening the clash of clans app but its not responding

  • Khen de Guzman

    i am out of the server.. connection lost, what should i do?

  • Harry

    I can not open clash of clans on my new samung tab s2???

  • Player

    This morning everything was just fine,but tonight it was a loading screen,the bar every time reaches the same level (it’s not even on half of it) and it crashes.I’m from Serbia.Any help?The app is updated a few days before this issues.Playing from december 2015.Is it possible that is hacked?Because I have clash royal on the same phone,same profile,and it works.

  • Anil Jadhav

    COC app is not working…Trying to open since last two hrs but it just downloading

  • Matt

    Uninstall and reinstall the game and it will work

  • SteveK1240

    thanks Ben, that worked!

  • bingo

    for those ipad user, just solved the problem for not getting the “update” button. The old fashion way, uninstall it and reinstall back but do make sure you are in the game center.

  • bingo


  • bingo

    what happened? I have not been playing for 4 days and when i turn on COC, is said “good news, newer version bla bla bla….”go update” so, i clicked, and there isnt’ any “update” button….have been tried few times…help!

  • isaac

    kindle say update so i click on it then it says it is unavailable and cannot play until i update

  • apu

    my smart phone being hang.

  • Patrick Henry

    There is no update