Channel 4 on demand not working

Channel 4 on demand is a service for those that cannot be around to watch programmes where they are aired. When Channel 4 on demand is not working viewers tend to be somewhat a little upset, so let us here at Down Today be your cushion for complaints.

Channel 4 on demand not working

This service also known as 4oD but now called All 4 is all about catching up and watching TV shows etc whilst on the move via WiFi on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can also watch at home via computer, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

4oD (All 4) is short for 4 on Demand and provides viewers with many different programmes, which are shown on More4, Channel 4 and E4.

Main Channel 4 on demand problems, which have happened in the past include the website or apps not working, TV shows won’t play or keeps freezing. Whatever the issue Down Today wishes to hear from you – Go on, have your say below.


Channel 4 on demand Status insight for Tuesday 21st of November 2017

If Channel 4 on demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

Channel 4 on demand Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Martin

    I can’t access ch4 app. Samsung tv is asking me to login (AGAIN!!) then states ‘login error’ when I go to my iphone there’s no problem so my log in details are correct.
    Anyone know how to help or is this just another evening’s viewing ruined by channel 4?

  • Lisa

    Flashing images on channel 4 app on samsung tablet again! Happens every few weeks and seems to take weeks to rectify itself. Come on channel 4, please sort this out!

  • Karen

    Programme keeps going back to the beginning when the programme breaks for adverts. Shocking

  • A Porterfield

    Anyone getting flashing an 4oD streams?

  • ambidextra ambidextra

    wont work at all on samsung smart tv, or on btvision box, or on laptop, “error” everywhere

  • Marie

    Won’t play on any device

  • Katie

    Can’t watch in SW London on Chrome or Safari

  • lucy009123

    can’t watch on laptop. playback error

  • Ali Pickard

    Can’t watch near Chester

  • Difar

    Can’t watch on Firefox or Chrome – west Norfolk.

  • Sue Austin

    Can watch things on my tablet but not on my laptop

  • JussSaying

    I cant get the registration page to load!

  • Alison

    Just watched one episode of GBBO but after that NOTHING plays. Constant buffering / sound present but static picture / black screen with spinning circle. No other apps are open, nothing else is downloading. Was the same yesterday and the day before. Very poor.

  • Tamar Herbert


  • Sue Dyer

    Won’t play programme. Says I may have ads disabled by blocker, but I don’t. Other catch ups like BBC iPlayer are working fine.

  • Hannah

    Network error. All other apps work.

  • Anon

    We can’t get All4 on our Samsung TV at all despite my recently having uninstalled and reinstalled it and now have to sign in via PS3 every time we want to watch it. Beyond frustrating that this app is so temperamental. So many good programmes but the app is too unpredictable. Lost count of the amount of times we have got stuck into a Boxset only for the app to refuse to load.

    Never have this problem with IPlayer, ITVHub, Netflix or Now. Sort it out Channel 4, this is abysmal

  • perspicacia

    I had exactly the same problem but I fixed it by uninstalling the app then installing older version from backups then upgrading again to newest version and now all is right with the world

  • Anthony Gill

    Nothing plays. Nothing. I’ve allowed/enabled Adobe, disabled adblock and the whole site is still crippled. I can’t even sign out because it just loops me back to signed in every time I click on it. Horrendous, awful, with non-existent support that just gives you a form to fill in and then, voila, nothing happens. Deleting my account shortly.

  • j callaghan

    Been trying to watch f1 for the past three weeks on 4od, website loads fine, but videos won’t play. Ive updated flash player, run diagnostics on my video card, the app for my android won’t play either. Why hasn’t this been addressed? I’m clearly not the only person having this issue. I don’t have sky so can’t watch f1 there. Please fix this as its driving me nuts

  • Moray James

    “An error occurred

    Tap to retry”

    Interesting that the adverts load within less than a second and play smoothly, but the show I actually want to watch can’t load at all…

  • Says “playing” but nothing happens, in various browsers. Updated Flash, same thing,.

  • Hannah Fellows

    I have tried to catch up on a few programmes on all 4 it has been down for about 3 weeks now, I have also tried it on multiple devices and it still hasn’t worked could someone explain why thanks

  • Steven Clark Seeds

    No All 4 in Maidstone on our Samsung smart tv for several days now – dying to catch w Electric Dreams! Any ideas?

  • Frank Hall

    Surprise surprise, all the adverts play but then the program won’t load. Been trying any of the episodes from The Island with Bear Grylls.

  • Natalie King

    Trying to watch bake off and keep getting temporarily unavailable try later .that has been since yesterday and still no change…

  • James Eyre

    App says ‘All 4 is temporarily unavailable please try again later’ or (erroneously) ‘no internet connection’

  • Bas

    Cannot load C4 OD. Just sits on load page. Reset Smart Hub is grey and says Function Not Available.

  • Lorraine

    Yes I am getting the same thing

  • Debby Jones

    Can’t launch App on Amazon Firestick for 2nd day running !

  • KLaw

    Not working again…..yawn. Why doesn’t iplayer ever have these problems?

  • John

    I am having the exact same problems with All4 as reported by many many others here ( Programme runs to first ad break then randomly goes to next episode or continues with sound and no picture) Many people understandably frustrated by this problem/ lousy service, and sounding off at Channel 4. But is anything being done about it by Channel 4?

  • Gemma Scarff

    I’ve been having this trouble for weeks! It’s driving me nuts!

  • Mike True

    Black screen on laptop. Again.

  • Dorothy Edwards

    Driving me mad, still having the problem of programme not starting after ads, or the next episode starting. I’m going to give up on C4 catch up at this rate

  • MrP 101

    first time I tried to use channel 4 catch up today. No sound even though I have windows 10/edge machine with flash player inbuilt, and all audio settings turned on. Do not have a problem with any other channels services. Not impressed, probably means I will in future completely avoid channel 4.

  • Michael David Byford

    cannot watch catch up russia to iran it just breaks up and stutters F*** awful yet we have 20 gb connection!!! Useless channel4!

  • Bw

    Trying to watch on firestick, being told I need a secure connection. I HAVE a secure connection! So can’t watch.

  • Chris Green

    ‘Playback error’ again ! Refreshed a few times to get an arsey message, ‘you have an AD Blocker installed, and we exclusively make our income from adverts, you see where we are going with this?’ Erm i don’t have an adblocker installed at all, so refreshed a few more times finally started playing the 1 min 20 of adverts and stops. Tried a couple more times and stops. So i’ve just watched 3 lots of 1 min 20 mind numbing adverts which C4 get paid for, for didely squat and you try and put this on me, from a half a billion company, who are constantly failing to deliver the most basic technological platform. Absolute amateurs !!!

  • Ashleigh

    So disappointing. This is how you lose viewers

  • B

    Adverts not working! Only showing first segment of the programme. Very frustrating

  • J

    Sound but picture stuck, constant buffering. Not happened before or on other TV apps. Very frustrating as attempting to watch dramas with subtitles!

  • Renzo Guidera

    Tried Watching on my game console on few occasion but always having problems mainly trying to choose a program and directional botton get stuck ( does not happen with other apps or games ).
    Also last time screen froze, flickered with sound still going.
    All in all an AWFUL , UNUSABLE APP !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d rather pay for a good service…

  • Lisa Mcneil

    Disappointed that channel 4 app not working on my samsung tablet..adverts play fine then screen flashes constantly during the programme. Totally unwatchable and happens on everything, catch up or watch live.

  • Kirsty

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue! I used to watch All 4 for everything but really can’t be bothered now. Why haven’t these issues been resolved?

  • Jacob Price


  • Jo Sanderson

    I agree with CC below. The worst thing is that you have to sit through the ads, normally 3-4 mins each time to see if the next half of the programme is going to work as you can’t fast forward those. Often it still just skips to the next episide! I’m going to give up on channel 4 programmes if this carries on.

  • CC

    Because ‘An Extra Slice’ is the best bit if Bakeoff but is on too late on a school night for my children to watch, we have to use all 4 to catch up on a Friday … miserable & frustrating- it freezes after the adverts so we have to go back to the beginning and fast forward – thus sometimes works & sometimes doesn’t….. aaaargghh. Since you are so anxious about your viewing figures why not fix this? I’m on the verge of not being bothered & I can’t be the only one!

  • chris henry

    Continual problem with programmes skipping to next episode at commercial breaks, continual repeating of adverts and,locking on start up logo. All 4 used to be the best TV catch up app but has become unusable, such a shame as we are unable to watch our favourite programmes anymore.

  • Debbie Tubb

    Been trying to load 4OD for a few days now, no luck, as it tries to load just stays on the logo. Slightly pissed off.

  • Adrian Montagu

    A company’s customer support is measured by how it handles problems. Channel 4 you are simply the worst.
    The best I have seen was with Cisco Systems. When we had a problem with newly installed kit. The process was.
    1. Engineers try to fix issue.
    2. Engineers hand over to Cisco but have to remain on site whilst Cisco takes over.
    3. Cisco in the Netherlands handles it in our time zone.
    4. Cisco passes the problem to San Jose when they have done their work.
    5 Cisco does their work in San Jose and passes problem to Sydney.
    6. Sydney works on problem and passes to Netherlands.
    7. Netherlands complete the solution and write new code.
    8. Code passed to engineers who have been on site during this time.
    9. New code loaded and problem resolved.
    10. If the problem was not solved in 48 hours, it ended up on the CEO’s desk.
    11. Then see what happens!
    That is good customer service.
    Channel 4 Get your act together please!

  • Lily Mak

    Same problem so frustrating!! Seen on lots of forums the same problem- think I will Apple TV it now!!

  • Lily Mak


  • Nic Cicutti

    Had the same problem tonight watching GBBO. But it’s been happening for weeks now. It’s enough to stop watching any programme on All4

  • Ann Foxley-Johnson

    Aarrgh, the frustration, trying to watch GBBO, adverts go back to the beginning and freezes, giving up no more All4 more like No4.

  • LizBee

    Every time the ads come on the program goes back to the beginning. More adverts and then we try again. More ads. Really annoying and frustrating. Sort this our Channel 4 – otherwise we just won’t even bother to log in.

  • Bhoys77

    Your IT infrastructure is a disgrace – sort it out. Why is no-one responding from 4OD to these posts???

  • Suzy Cordell

    Channel 4 – you really need to sort out your viewing. Trying to watch the GBBO on catch up & after every advert viewing stops and recommendations of other programs shows instead of playing the bake off.

    What is going on?? I’m giving up watching the bake off as I’m sick of trying to view it now.

  • richleeks

    I have the same problems as Jonathan Steve, Matthew and many others here..i have issues with the app on my Samsung smart tv AND Amazon fire stick therefore this points to an issue that All4 needs to sort…EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING