Channel 4 on demand not working

Channel 4 on demand is a service for those that cannot be around to watch programmes where they are aired. When Channel 4 on demand is not working viewers tend to be somewhat a little upset, so let us here at Down Today be your cushion for complaints.

Channel 4 on demand not working

This service also known as 4oD but now called All 4 is all about catching up and watching TV shows etc whilst on the move via WiFi on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can also watch at home via computer, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

4oD (All 4) is short for 4 on Demand and provides viewers with many different programmes, which are shown on More4, Channel 4 and E4.

Main Channel 4 on demand problems, which have happened in the past include the website or apps not working, TV shows won’t play or keeps freezing. Whatever the issue Down Today wishes to hear from you – Go on, have your say below.


Channel 4 on demand Status insight for Monday 21st of August 2017

If Channel 4 on demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

Channel 4 on demand Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sharon

    Searched for the US drama The Good Fight in All 4 and it drew up a blank, but when I google it is shown as definitely aired on More 4. Why are there no search results for the series?

  • Louise Wagstaff

    Com’on 4OD! when are you going to fix this darn problem… Whilst watching a program, the ads will come on & the screen will go black… The only way out of it is to turn off the TV altogether & turn it back on. This only ever happens on 4OD & always occurs as an ad break is about to start. It also happens very frequently & is really starting to get on me nerves :/

  • bob

    Put the 4OD app on my Samsung TV. Watched first part of program fine and then it freezes and crashes. I have to power off the TV. Happened a few times since this morning. Very frustrating.

  • Paul Pennington

    Wanted to watch Fargo on C4 eith my Now TV box, which forced me to register for some annoying reason. Registered and tried to login and it errors but I can login online ok via Chrome.

    Very annoying and utter rubbish C4, sort it out

    It’s bad enough having to suffer damned adverts and now a registration process that doesn’t even work, what a joke

  • Alan Dewell

    Saw a suggestion to reset smart hub and mine is working now! menu button arrow down to smarthub then select reset and 4 zeros for PIN number

  • Alan Dewell

    Had the same problem just reset the smart hub as suggested and it’s worked

  • Christine McNicholas

    Did as suggested, reset smart hub. It worked!!

  • Micah Stewardson

    I have a PlayStation 4 and watch my 4od on this or my iPhone 7plus. Both are saying “this programme is not available in your current location” is anyone else having this problem?

  • Grace Bonn

    All4 not working. Have tried rebooting tv, nothing happening.

  • Paul Finch

    Hi Derek. Did you speak to Samsung?

  • Sharon

    Hi press menu button on remote, go to smart features and go down to reset smart hub, pin 0000 should work then

  • Karen Thorn

    Reset Smart Hub as suggested by Jo Sanderson. Worked for me. Wanted PIN no. which I didn’t know I had so just typed in four zeros.

  • Carl

    All 4 not letting me download an episode. Using sky Q box

  • Phil

    All 4 not working on my Samsung smart tv. I have tried everything- turned off at main plug including internet- then switched on again, still not working!

  • Phil

    All four not working

  • David Armitage

    Had the same problem as you for the past week. Looks like their “Experts” have no clue how to fix it.Thank goodness it`s a free service!!

  • Sharon

    Same problem. All4 will not load on my new Samsung tv but can access on my iPad. What’s the problem?

  • Derek

    Further to my earlier comments I realise we had an firmware Auto update to 1013 and since this All 4, CH4 have not streamed at all. I have searched for the previous version but to no avail yet I will call Samsung Support tomorrow

  • Charlie Norfolk

    All 4 won’t load on my Samsung tv

  • Dinks

    I unplugged my firestick from the tv and the wall socket. Plugged it all back in and All4 is back.

  • Derek

    All 4 down for the last few days goes thru to loading and then just 4 coloured dots constantly scanning but no stream. who is at fault ? when will it be fixed ?

  • Laura

    Having the same problem with a Sony tv. All 4 unable to load for the last 3 days. Working fine on my computer. Getting most pissed off, lots of tv I want to catch up with.

  • Jo Sanderson

    I just reset my Smart Hub and it is now working! Yay!

  • Susan Taylor

    Despite 4 resets all 4 freezing or not playing at all – last call to Samsung they denied there were any problems despite this list online ……

  • Susan Taylor

    Same issue despite 4 resets — Samsung says there is no problem …….

  • Michelle Duan

    4od has not been working on my Samsung TV since Friday 28/07/17 it just sits on the front page and will not load, all other on demand channels are working fine.

  • Diane Chantler Hunter

    Same problem with my Samsung, only more4

  • Maria Lanyon

    All 4 just buffering on my Samsung smart TV. Any advice please?

  • katspike

    Started working again after I reset my Samsung Hub

  • Rut

    Same here. Cant get C4 on demand on my Samsung “Smart” Tv. It keeps freezing or buffering. All other channels apps work fine. Tried to uninstall and reinstall. Does not work. Have now tried to to get C4on demand on my Ipad. No problems. So it must have to do with the Samsung? Annoying. And not very “smart”.

  • Roger

    Can’t even get into all4 on Samsung – just won’t load since 29th July

  • Lynn Simpson

    I’ve not been able to view 4 on demand for over a week, all channels work fine

  • Janice Spragg

    4OD just buffering. Today and last night. What’s happening ? Samsung smart tv

  • denise

    why isnt last nights last leg playing

  • John Mahoney

    Yep .trying on Samsung Tv nothing happening.
    All other on demands seem to be fine

  • Judith Mohun

    have not been able to access 4 on demand yesterday and today. Is there a problem?

  • Clive Harffy

    Have had lots of trouble with Dicte on playback Kept on freezing at same point in story. Eventually worked out, this morning, how to resolve the issue. It occurs as the switch to adverts is supposed to occur. I found if you fast forward a minute or so the adverts load and the programme continues. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Peter

    Yeah, I’m having the same problem, just streaming and nothing happening. All other iplayers and netflex working. So it has to be a problem with the all 4 application.

  • Elsa Strauss-Armistan

    Since 26/7 my all 4 not working on smart TVs. It shows the logo but nothing happening

  • Ellie54

    I’m still having problems.. have uninstalled and reinstalled as well as total reset twice and still stuck.. help!

  • kate sadler

    On my Samsung it’s just under Menu, then smarthub, then reset smarthub

  • Archie Tilson

    Same here

  • yasmin

    Delete the app and reinstall it

  • Hanan Elsharif

    How do you reset it by the way? I have the same issue with my Samsung TV

  • Ricky

    All 4 app on PS4 doesn’t continue playing a programme after coming back from an ad… all it does is the 4 squares going around and round

  • kate sadler

    update: I reset my smarthub under menu and the app now works again

  • kate sadler

    same for me …. but I don’t have ideas, sorry! I see thread below suggests resetting smart hub?

  • Binny

    The app won’t load on our Samsung smart TV it just has 4 blips moving from left to right of the screen. Any ideas?

  • Susan Berrington

    Really fed up with screen freezing trying to watch Merciless on ALL 4. Disappointed.

  • Bob Sather

    Following on… all of the catch-up channels are failing: iPlayer, ITV, and All4. But Netflix and Amazon Prime are OK. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Bob Sather

    On All4, every single video fails to start with “Video unavailable… ALL4-011”. I have a new Sony Bravia smart TV. I often watch All4 catch-up, but I have not seen this error before.

  • nick548

    Just found a post from Leanne Davies below that worked for me:

    Go to Menu>Support>e-Manual. Scroll down and click on Smart TV Features, then scroll down and click on Apps.
    Scroll down the page until you see a yellow box which reads ‘try now’ and click on it. This will load your Samsung Apps. Find your All 4 App and click on it. You will then have the option to ‘run’ or ‘uninstall’. Uninstall the app, then reinstall and should work fine. This is probably a long way round, but this is how I did it.

  • nick548

    Leanne Davies, you’re the best! This worked perfectly for me. Many thanks!

  • nick548

    Reset Smart Hub is greyed out for me, so I can’t select it. Please help!

  • Teepee

    same here on other programmes

  • obel15k

    You need to do Menu > Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub. Make sure that the apps disappear and get downloaded again as when I first did this it didn’t seem to reset properly. On the second attempt it took around an hour before all the apps re-appeared and All 4 was then working. Bit of a pain as several default apps get installed again and any that you added have to be reinstalled – and you have to go through all the sign-ins and pairings again.

  • obel15k

    This fixed my app but took two attempts. When I first did the reset I noticed that the other apps hadn’t lost their login details and All 4 still didn’t load – as if the reset hadn’t really taken effect. I did it again and this time went straight to the Smart Hub home page and noticed that everything had gone. However, it then took around an hour or so before the apps loaded again. After that All 4 worked as before.

  • Sarah Kuxhausen

    Won’t load after I press play, but says it’s playing.

  • anna-rose phipps

    same thing here and its driving me mad

  • anna-rose phipps

    same here

  • Scott Done

    PS3 freezing when I try to recommence an episode of Island with Bear Grylls.

    4oD opens up okay but once I press to resume, goes onto the 4 little loading squares and the whole thing freezes up.

  • Susan Taylor

    I have done the reset three times but still same problem – stuck after first adverts – sometimes sound goes too. There does not seem to be a way to just reset all 4 app on this newer tv – model ue32m5500akxxu – my older Samsung seems to be fine

  • John Hobbs

    The All4 app works, at least it does now on my Samsung equipment after I did the Reset Smart Hub as I explained below.. If you have a Samsung TV try it. Good luck.

  • Rima Karam

    Hi John. We are facing similar issues and dont know who to contact for an explanation and answer when app will be back. Rima

  • John Hobbs

    The default Pin number is 0000.

  • Samantha Jane Ashley-Barclay

    Thanks John. Very helpful. Did you know your PIN number or is it on some documentation?

  • John Hobbs

    More info. I rang Samsung Helpline 0330 7267864 ans spoke with a nice lady in the Philippines. My TV and Blue Ray now work with the Allfour app. On both boxes I had to go into the Menu option Smart Hub then Reset Smart Hub. All the apps disappear for a while then all load again. Unfortunately all your sign ins disappear in the process, so log in to each app again afterwards. Hope this helps everyone.

  • John Hobbs

    For a few days now my Samsung TV just sticks on the loading screen. I tried loading the Allfour app on the Samsung recorder too, but get an All4-001 error message. Tried contacting Samsung help but just got an email telling me to make sure the app and firmware are up to date, and to restart my hub. None of which made any difference.

    I have a Now TV box, and that works still, after a fashion. A prgram (Hotel Adlon) got into a 5 second loop after some adverts and I had to fast forward a bit to get past it.

    This is very frustrating. I can’t find a way to delete and reinstall the app on the TV, I can’t find the ‘try now’ that Leanne (below) talks about.

  • Antonio Rui Ribeiro

    Absolutely the same issue on my laptop. However, other programmes seem to play fine. The only one I can’t access seems to be the Handmaid’s Tale, episode 8. Tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox, all display the same error message, saying ‘this service is not available in your area’. Channel 4, please clarify. Thank you.

  • karen

    I’m having the same issue 4 on demand has not worked for about a week. No problems previously. I have a Samsung TV

  • Parkmeister

    Continual freezing and then crashed and have had another 6 adverts inflicted on me just to resume. All for trying to watch The Windsors. If this is the new improved platform I’m spectacularly unimpressed.

  • Daisy Chick

    Cant watch the latest eps of 60 days in Jail or The Handmaids Tale! Get a message saying its not available in my area!!! Tried to email, the forms not working and message to call , called them they said clear cache or use different browser , ıf that doesnt work email them!!! Surprise – that didnt work!! What the hells going on??? Anyone else having same problems??

  • Natasha Amour

    Been watching box set of shameless and it works fine until the ad break. At the end of each ad break, a message pops up saying that the programme is unavailable. So I have to go back to the episode list and resume the episode. Programme works fine again but I then have to repeat the ad break! So I’m watching 5-6 minutes worth of adverts in each break it’s a complete pain.

  • Anneliese Dulcet

    Nope… the on-screen help says go to the shortcut menu – no idea how to get at it?

  • Iain

    Since the latest layout update all programmes have been freezing for me at random times when an ad break tries to start, seems to fail, and then the programme gets stuck and there is no way to restart or get past it. Its made the service un-usable.

  • Katie Green

    Same problem for me. Haven’t found a way to resolve it – have messaged All4.

  • Clara

    All 4 hasn’t been working for a week. Tried everything from updating the app to reconnecting the router. After hours of trying to fix the thing it’s still just showing the loading sign and doesn’t get any further!

  • Yomi Adeyemi

    Same here !! Any idea how to fix it?

  • Nick

    Having the same problem.

  • Kaz Berry

    I am signed in, I have chosen a programe that hasn’t expired, yet it still wont play, It used to – why would this be?

  • Mike Turnbull

    I wish I knew too

  • Mark Green Thompson

    I’ve just found out my pointer remote doesn’t work on it but if you use the arrows it works

  • Jacq Holloway

    Thanks for your time. That particular app appears to be protected in some way and won’t let me delete it.

  • Leanne Davies

    Go to Menu>Support>e-Manual. Scroll down and click on Smart TV Features, then scroll down and click on Apps. 
    Scroll down the page until you see a yellow box which reads ‘try now’ and click on it. This will load your Samsung Apps. Find your All 4 App and click on it. You will then have the option to ‘run’ or ‘uninstall’. Uninstall the app, then reinstall and should work fine. This is probably a long way round, but this is how I did it.

  • Leanne Davies

    Go to Menu>Support>e-Manual. Scroll down and click on Smart TV Features, then scroll down and click on Apps.
    Scroll down the page until you see a yellow box which reads ‘try now’ and click on it. This will load your Samsung Apps. Find your All 4 App and click on it. You will then have the option to ‘run’ or ‘uninstall’. Uninstall the app, then reinstall and should work fine. This is probably a long way round, but this is how I did it.

  • Jacq Holloway

    How do you uninstall it? It doesn’t seem to give me the option.

  • Jacq Holloway

    Same here.

  • Alice

    I’ve been trying to get All 4 to work on my mum’s Samsung TV all day but it won’t get past the loading page. She says this is the first time she’s had this issue in the 9 months she’s had the TV. Has anyone else had similar issues or should I be looking for their solutions? Thanks.

  • B. E

    The new update is awful as well. You don’t get extra information about the programme and it doesn’t show you the date it first aired anymore.

  • B. E

    Why isn’t the new Catching a Killer on? It’s just the Natalie Hemming one again. So annoying! Been checking everyday and there was a new update today but still nothing.

  • SamW

    Same, all4 not loading on Samsung tv since last night at least.

  • Nick Gascoigne

    Why won’t 4od load on my Samsung blue ray? Frustrating! Whenever I want it it won’t work when I’m not bothered it works

  • Kylie

    All 4 app not loading for past 3 days on my Samsung tv. No idea how to resolve this!

  • Bob Silvester

    Contacted All4 support who said it was an issue since Sony’s recent update. They said that all relevant parties were working on it. Strangely also said to contact YouView which I did not quite understand as I had experienced it with the Apps directly not going via YouView

  • Leanne Davies

    I have been having the same problem. Just uninstalled the 4OD app and reinstalled it and now working fine.

  • Jeanette Goodman

    Why is 4od not working on my samsing bluray player??? Appears to be a longstanding issue with many and still no solution!!! C’mon Samsung/4od get your act together and sort it out!!!

  • Janet Sear

    Same problem. Been ok in past until new update

  • james maclean

    Where de hell is catching a killer, wind in de willows murder?

  • Nadine

    I have the same problem it driving me mad! Any clue how to fix it yet?!

  • Harold Smith

    not working properly on my now box,keeps freezing and going back to the now tv logo,used to be fine before the new look

  • Edward Robinson

    All streaming site have problems from time to time, but it would be a common courtesy to let your
    customers know theres an issue and that you’re working to fix it.

  • Dawn Perry

    Since the change over to the new version on Roku the catch up service no longer shows all programming for previous week. for example I cannot find the wind in the willows murder from last night to watch. And last weekend I had problems finding the Autistic gardener to watch.

    I also dislike intently the new layout and the way the app looks / user interface works as now. Much preferred the previous user friendly interface. Looks too much like all the other rubbish TV interfaces not at all user friendly. Look like I need to purchase an external freeview record box now

  • Pat Williams

    I cannot get onto All4 app on my Samsung tv – very annoyed as I wanted to watch last night’s The Handmaids Tale !!!!

  • David Earley

    All4 not working on my Samsung, just hangs at loading screen, first time used for over a month so don’t know if new issue

  • Leslie murfitt

    tried to watch Dunkirk new evidence, asked me for email, then password ,I didn’t know I had one? I’m on a Samsung , do you have to sign in all the time, why ? Bec I player is fine is this service not free

  • Bob Silvester

    I experienced the same problem yesterday with my Sony Bravia using both Channel 4 and the ITV catch up apps directly not via YouView. After each adverts it restarts at the start of the program necessitating me to fast forward to the end of that set of adverts to watch the program from where I had previously got to. Infuriating as had to do for every set of adverts. So happened with different apps and different programs. So is this a Sony issue does anybody know?

  • Dave Stupple

    Blue button is doing nothing. Not sure Smart Hub is happy working via surround sound unit.

  • Mikey Peters

    Did it work Gavin?

  • Susan Anderson

    Why do I now have to sign in on my Samsung. Didn’t use to. I have arthritis hands very difficult every time

  • Pam Hayward

    Go to Menu, Smart Hub, Smart Hub Reset. Worked for me.

  • Allen Hughes

    I’m using a Sony Bravia TV, using Uview, channel 4 on demand loads and you can watch it, but after the first advert it goes on a loop and plays from the beginning again.
    It’s been like this for some weeks now, everything else works fine.
    Help would be much appreciated.

  • Snake Plissken

    Sent complaint to Channel 4. Got standard reply to reset my smart hub. This means resetting my Samsung account and all the apps that I have added since I got the tv. Not even guaranteed to work. Sent them a reply asking why it fell to me to correct their fault. This is poor service by any bodies standards but indicative of today’s ‘not my problem, guv.’

  • Jade Waterhouse

    4od will not load on my Samsung smart tv….anyone know why??

  • Jon B

    Can’t download on my Amazon Fire tablet. Says “Download preparing” and then gives up time and time again. Totally frustrating. At least BBC I player works!

  • Snake Plissken

    Further – I have tried all methods advised to correct, but NOTHING WORKS.

  • Snake Plissken

    Cannot access All 4 via the app on my Samsung tv. I can get it through my Samsung DVD player and on my iPad. Don’t know who is at fault, Samsung or Channel 4 or both, but this seriously needs to be sorted.

  • Lynne Hickey

    After talking about this with my brother, I tried ALL 4 and logged in, that was Tuesday 5th July

  • Debbie White

    All4 hasn’t worked for months on my Samsung TV. Tried resetting lots of times, fully updated the TV. Very annoying. Won’t load. Actually, today managed to get past the continually trying to load screen to the “this is embarrassing” screen, which is a step forward……Please help us Channel 4!

  • Michael Kenward

    No All 4 is seriously bust and its owners show little signs of understanding, let alone fixing it. Only took them a fortnight to twig that something has gone wrong.

  • Michael Kenward

    Just been made aware? Where have you been for the past few weeks? How do I reset a Samsung Smart Blu-ray player?

  • Chantelle Richards

    Sorry for being stupid, but which is the smart hub home page??

  • Julie

    Your all 4 app on now tv box platform is no longer working properly since new version released.
    Search doesn’t find popular programmes that you can find in a-z
    The start of app takes ages to load.
    All programmes crash towards the end….which is infuriating.

    Can you give the project manager and release guys a kick please. Testing required on all 4 app with now tv box.
    All other apps are fine.

  • Rebecca Bennett

    It worked! Thanks

  • Biff

    App works on Samsung phone bit not on Samsung TV … missing Fargo series 3 All4 please sort asap pleaese

  • Rebecca Bennett

    hey, thanks, will try tonight

  • Gavin Jaunky

    See my comment above.

  • Gavin Jaunky

    See my comment above

  • Gavin Jaunky

    From Channel 4:

    We were recently made aware of an issue with the All 4 app for some Samsung TV users. You may be able to get the app to work by resetting the smart hub and it may exhibit same problem after one or two launches.

    To reset the smart hub, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the smart hub home page.
    2. Press D (blue) for settings.
    3. Scroll to ‘Reset’ and press.
    4. Go to Samsung Apps store.
    5. Find ‘All 4’ and click ‘Run now’.

  • Rebecca Bennett

    More 4 will not load at all on my Samsung smart tv, then it says oops this is embarrassing, really fed up as cant watch Handmaids Tale on catch up, what is the problem, sort it out channel 4!!

  • Joy

    I thought my Sony Bravia TV would allow me to access all4-but it has no youview button, so I purchased Amazon Friestick, everything is up and running, BUT I cannot see the programmes I wan to see -especially fargo. Currently unavailable, try again later -hopeless.

  • Paige

    Havent been able to access the app since 20th june!

  • David Beattie

    Cannot access More 4 –instead I am asked for my e mail address and password. When this is refused there is no option to re-set e mail and password. Why do you make watching your programmes so difficult? No problems at all with other providers

  • D

    I am trying to use All4
    on my Sony TV via PS3 box and scart lead connection I can not watch and
    just keep getting error All4-011: This content is currently unavailable.
    Please try again later. This has been going on for months!!
    Ps3All4 App is on my TV and I can sign in and see my4
    list however when I try to watch anything or resume things I’ve watched
    via my computer the advert ensued, the start advert of programme plays
    but then it froze, and eventually gives the message error All4-011: This
    content is currently unavailable. Please try again later. It appears as
    if the programme itself has not loaded.
    I contacted Channel 4 who say “we are aware that some users are experiencing difficulty
    with the app and we can assure you that our technical team are working
    on a resolve for this issue.”
    I’ve tried a suggestion by them to delete the PS3 App on my TV and reinstall … tried this a few times but
    this didn’t work.

  • tammy sander

    All 4 just plays adverts then says an error has occurred tap screen to exit player on my Samsung galaxy tab 4

  • Jacquelynn Cook

    All 4 not been working on my Samsung smart tv for last couple of weeks. Does anyone know if I can do anything to sort it?

  • Lynne Hickey

    Might be talk talk us the problem then

  • Aysan Mehmet

    Same here, I can watch through my data but not through talk talk. So irritating!

  • Lynne Hickey

    I have the same problem, but have a Panasonic tv. I have talk talk fibre optic broadband, but found out if I use data on my phone I could access the app

  • Grebo Zero

    Have not been able to login on my android app for a couple of weeks. Help pages/contact us not working either.
    Have uninstalled/reinstalled many times but it’s the same.

  • L

    Hasn’t been working for over 2 weeks on both my Samsung smart TVs have reset both TVs to no avail just get the message ‘well this is embarrassing. Something’s not working. Please try again in a few minutes.

  • Charlotte howell

    Tried yesterday and today. Works on one Samsung TVs but not on other in next room!

  • Malc

    Not working for a couple of weeks on my Samsung TV

  • Fola

    I’ve just just reset my smart hub, refreshed wifi settings and all working now. Give a try Y’all.

  • Dazzer

    Channel 4 not working on Roku or Humax


    All 4 not working on my Samsung Smart TV for over a week now. Has anybody got any idea how long it’ll be before it’s back up and running?

  • Princess

    Not been working for the past few days

  • Margaret

    My Channel 4 on demand has been out on my Samsung Smart TV since 21st. June. I have contacted Channel 4 and gone through the programming list on the TV but to no effect. I Ch 4 on the computer but you need an Adobe Flashdrive. which I don’t think I have. Why does Channel 4 not try to find out what is happening as there are enough people on this page with problems that makes it surely their fault. I hope their advertisers are reading this.

  • Nimrod

    Haven’t been able to access All4 since mid March on two Samsung Smart TVs. We can receive it through ipad but its not quite the same experience as through the TV.

  • Alex Scott

    Haven’t been able to access All 4 via my Roku for last week or so – message ‘Unable to connect to All 4 – please try again later – have tried reinstalling the app, factory reset on roku etc etc etc :-(

  • Paige

    All 4 not working. Just stays on loading screen. 27th & 28th June 2017

  • Mark Boultwood

    Samsung TV recent update since then cannot access “All 4” tried disconnecting TV from router, updating App cannot delete TV does not allow this all to no avail. Any solution welcomed!

  • dadgadbegad

    Failed twice tonight after second set of ads in The Handmaid’s Tale, then the same in Fargo. Really frustrating waste of time.

  • Colin Padgett

    For the past week I have been unable to get past the “sign in/register” page for 4od. The website comes up with the channels and programme selections. I choose a catch-up programme to watch. The site asks me for my sign-in details but the page has no boxes in which to put them. If I click on “register” I get a page saying the address link is down.
    I telephone the Channel 4 customer services line and end up on a recorded message loop which refuses to put me through to a human being who might solve this problem.

  • John Moore

    All4 not working on Samsung TVs but ok on ipad

  • Emma Brear

    Been trying to get onto 4oD on my Samsung for 2 days now

  • Aa

    I have just managed to get mine to work – disconnected from
    Wifi and started app on 4G, once I had got through to the programme I wanted to watch and started it I switched back to wifi and bingo it was working!

  • Susan

    I watched Love your garden on Friday it was fine tried to watch the autistic gardener Monday [y/day] and I can’t log in when is it going to be sorted out?

  • Pam Bainbridge

    It’s ok putting these messages down. But what are they doing about it

  • Pam Bainbridge

    All 4down on my Samsung tv

  • David Carlile

    all 4 down on my Samsung tv now tv box and lap top, I cannot even get the contact link on my lap top, what is their problem ??????????????

  • Cecilia Oeich Basden

    Same here. I thought it was my internet connection but BBC Iplayer worked fine when I caught up with Poldark. Really want to watch last night’s Handmaid’s Tale.

  • Jane

    Can’t get on to more 4 on my Samsung tv

  • Jayne

    Can get all other channels but not 4, wanted to watch The Handmaids Tale, what’s up?

  • Lorraine Meighan

    Don’t bother deleting I’ve tried still no different

  • bl_666

    Only getting as far as loading screen. Rubbish!
    BBC all channels instantly accessible.

  • Elysia Clarke

    Been trying to watch through the PS4 but has logged me out and says there is no account registered to my email address! Tried to set up a new account with a different email address and the verification email hasn’t come through…

  • Chris

    Same thing has been happening with me

  • Alicia

    My 4od isn’t working on both my iPad and Samsung tv. What’s going on? It just shows the loading screen

  • A

    Ever since smart hub updated. All 4 App is not working since last week. It only shows loading screen.

  • Tracy Sheringham

    Trying to watch F1 on my Fire but keeps saying data error!!!

  • Gerald White

    All4 not working. Network error code 159 come up. Cannot find out what this means

  • Richard

    All4 also not working on my Samsung Bluray. Been like this for a while, and appears that this is widespread to Samsung. Is anything going to be done about it?

  • Stuardo Budelli

    a whole week of freezing trying to watch4od on my macbook air

  • Pete Barnes

    All 4 not working on Samsung Smart TV but IS working on NOW TV box and on iPad.

  • Natalie Jackson

    won’t load when i try to change my password or enter my details to register with a different email so i can’t watch the handmaids tale which sucks :(

  • Rita

    Channel 4 catch up not working on my TVs set. Internet is ok.

  • Kelly Lovell

    Can’t watch all4. On my Sony xperia. Phone on app or Internet. Just says there’s an error getting data or network error. It’s not my Internet as everythingelse is working been like this for 3 days now.

  • Flav Flava

    Same! Samsung TV and hasn’t been working for a week now! So is it something to do with the tele?

  • Dudy

    Same here, trying to watch on samsung smart tv but won’t even load past all 4 logo…trying for past few days now tried updating firmware but all up to date, what a joke. Thanks for all the people posting on here though now I know it’s not just me!

  • Josh

    4od crashes EVERY TIME on Samsung TV after the adverts and shows the “content doesn’t seem to be working” message. Return the main screen, select to continue watching programme and everything works again, except you’re forced to watch ANOTHER full set of ads.

    I’m currently enduring 7 minutes of ads per 10 minutes of actual content. I now have to set aside an entire day just to catch up with the F1.

    Googling the issue shows it dates back to at least 2014. If I was into conspiracy theories I’d be suggesting that C4 aren’t in a hurry to solve the problem because they’re currently getting double advertising revenues… Hmmm.

  • Lee Wealls

    Trying to catch up no worries and the app won’t load on the tv, poor service

  • ARH

    Mine too. Very annoying. Any ideas how to fix this? I almost feel like giving up watching.

  • Stacey

    I’m trying to watch Wednesdays Hollyoaks. Once it gets past the ads it makes a strange sound and starts fast forwarding with no sound and won’t stop throughout the whole show?

  • Stacey

    I’m trying to watch Wednesday hollyaoks. Once it gets past the ads it makes a strange sound and starts fast forwarding with no sound and won’t stop throughout the whole show?

  • Margaret

    I have the same problem. I am in east London. Went to put it on yesterday 21st June but nothing. Like you I have a Samsung TV and my other programmes are working. So like you and everyone else I would like to know what is Channel 4 doing about it.

  • Georgia

    Tonight’s hollyoaks doesn’t have sound and it’s all fuzzy? Yet everything else is fine?

  • Jannie Ireland

    Not working here in Chelmsford either. Never happened before. I watch a lot of World Drama on it (Walther presents) and it has always worked before on my Kindle Fire and the Amazon TV stick. Since the last five days it has worked on neither. Really upset. Just before the end of ‘Locked Up’,the second series. Want to know how it finishes.

  • Paul

    Programmes keep restarting after the adverts on 4od on my sony bravia android tv

  • Daniel Miller

    Posting on 20th June in Bracknell – All 4 not working on my Sony TV for the past week. I even tried to register an online account so I could watch on my laptop but it keeps hanging during the registration phase. Channel 4 don’t seem to want me using their services!

  • John

    On demand has been down in Reading for at least two weeks.Does anybody know what is going on,will it be a case of having to pay for this service in future? If so I am unplugging!!!

  • Douglas

    All 4 not working on Samsung TV. All other apps fine!

  • simon

    Not working in Crawley. need to see the rest of Marvels … shield, and handmaidens

    so hacked off with All 4. This has been going on for too long. I’ve followed all the instructions re ad blockers etc but still no joy

  • Dusty Knight

    Hi agree with Spag still not working here in Lewes . Please fix it quick.

  • Spag

    We are unable to access All 4 via our Samsung DVD player, which has been OK in the past, one of the reasons we bought it. Missed vital episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo. UNFORGIVEABLE!!
    Come on Channel 4, get it fixed.

  • BigG

    All 4- Apparently “Paid for by advertising. Owned by you” But no good if not working as is the issue today!

  • leveller56

    All 4 not working – BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Ch5 all OK …

  • Dusty Knight

    Not working last night or this morning checked TV which has no outstanding updates. what is wrong with all four?

  • Philippa Buckingham

    Having trouble with all All 4 as well. Really irritating because have only been able to watch half of Handmaid’s Tale

  • Neil

    Just registered with 4od in order to watch Handmaid’s Tale. All I get is the buffering circle going round and round forever.

  • Bill Readle

    Able to access on Friday night. Tried Sunday and again tonight (Monday) but unable to access. Pretty poor service !!!

  • Paul Clarke

    on my laptop. it locks part way through programmes during an advert break. if i try again programme locks same place. no other tv sevice has same issues

  • Janet Saunders

    Total rubbish it is seldom working properly, BBC and ITV seem to manage a good service. Pull your socks up Four


    Get very good reception on adverts on 4OD but the programme itself keeps breaking up and losing sound – why is advert signal stronger than programme signal?

  • Myra James

    Just tried again and it’s loaded this time!

  • Myra James

    I can’t access All 4 via my Amazon Firestick. Yesterday and today I’ve received their “This is embarrassing” message.

  • David Barwell

    I’ve not been able to access on demand service on my Samsung TV since Sunday 4th June.

  • Miriam Wild

    Can’t get to watch through app, can’t upgrade the app, it’s sending me round in circles

  • Ed Aboud

    Just not loading on my iPad

  • Ian Brunt

    Same here. No access from Panasonic TVs. Just sits on the splash page and then say’s
    something about it being embarrassed!?? The upside is now that I have seen the posts below I now know its not my TVs :-)

  • Laura May

    Been trying to use it most of the day. Not working on iPad, iPhone, can’t get on the website. Boooooo

  • Sarah W

    App continually asking me to sign in and not signing me in even though I’m 100% sure my log in details are correct as successfully logged in yesterday.

  • Harriet

    It will stream the adds when clicking on a program you want to watch but when the countdown begins to actually watch the program it just goes black with a refresh button in the middle which never leaves and the program doesn’t start

  • all4user

    All4 app on Android not working right now

  • Nαιι✗

    My all4 app it’s not working on my iPhone I have been trying to use it for the past 1hr

  • Carol

    I am trying to cast an episode of Black Widow but it won’t cast ( no icon) all channels are OK

  • Alan

    All 4 not loading on Samsung smart TV. All other catch ups and on demand working fine. Wi-Fi stable. WTF?

  • Andy

    All 4 not working on Amazon Fire, as usual no info from the geeks at Channel 4

  • Holly Graham

    I had the same problem – worked on my iPad and rang my mum and worked on her Samsung TV. Rang Samsung and they fixed it remotely in less than 10 minutes!!

  • Debbie Crossley Hatswell

    we are experiencing problems message shows, no improvement all day??

  • KK

    I’m getting Service Unavailable on both my laptop and PS4.

  • Tracy Pallatt

    using a laptop to view handmaids tale – on demand just sits at blank screen after ads – what is going on?

  • Jamie Whitford-Robson

    The service is absolutely terrible. What is the point in providing this Channel 4? It is a platform for advertising and nothing else. Considering Channel 4’s excellent credentials in British Film Making, cutting edge work, etc this dismal service shames the organisation. Really disappointed.

  • Mary Martin

    Channel 4 not working on iPad and so need to watch The Handmaidens Tale on catch up.!!

  • Janet R

    I’m about to give up on Channel 4oD / All Four. Crashes every time after the ads…

  • Mark Murray

    Samsung TV issue, the app on the DVD player works. Just like amazon prime, the TV app is broke. I can’t believe they can get away with providing such a terrible service. It’s worse than my Betamax video recorder and I wish I was kidding.

  • Heather Fiddament-Harris

    Same as the others, a Samsung TV that just says “Paid for by advertising. Owned by you” I want answers!!

  • Anya Dunne

    This is 3rd day now, it’s just loading and says “Paid for by advertising. Owned by you. Own a Samsung smart TV.
    Godsake I really have stuff to watch
    When will work again?

  • Joshua fox

    Keeps saying something’s. It working

  • JN Travel

    Was watching the F1 Monaco race @ 05:00 on my Samsung Smart TV & it crashed. Since then just showing the loading page. All other apps work fine on the TV.

  • Kerry

    Samsung smart tv all 4 app not working at all, just get start up loading screen but can’t get further. Any advice?! No updates needed according to the TV.

  • redmutha

    Every time I get to an advert break on the ch4 player the programme loops back to the start then i have to fast forward it (again) to past the ad break,it’s driving me mad!we have a fairly new sony smart tv which works fine on all other apps.any advice?

  • Karl Thornley

    Same here – just sits loading but nothing happens.

  • Bob Bartle

    Doesn’t get past the loading screen on my Samsung TV…….not fit for purpose.

  • Helen Tomlinson

    Trying to watch on Samsung smart TV… just buffering :(

  • Andrew petch

    Watching channel 4 catchup & every time adverts have been on it goes back to the beginning every time so having to forward all the time!! Anyone else having this problem?

  • Vicki Clapson

    I have the same problem. I have a Smart TV. All other “apps” working fine. I click onto the 4 symbol/iconthingie and everything freezes. … Even tried to be patient… made a coffee, fed the dog… came back in the room… nd till froze.. grr….

  • Vicki Clapson

    I have the same problem. I have a Smart TV. All other “apps” working fine.

  • Irene Cotsell

    Have been trying to catch up on All 4 for the last 2 days – unable to get past 2nd screen -just continually buffering. All other apps/catch up’s working perfectly. What’s the problem?

  • David Lieb

    channel 4catchup is shite

  • Kelpie

    Shows keep freezing despite good internet connection. Only happening on this site. BBCiPlayer, Netflix etc fine.

  • Rebecca

    Watching channel 4 app on a Samsung smart TV. Every time an advert comes on the content is unable to load so I have to click back then play again. This has to be the worst experience of catch up TV I’ve ever had. BBC and ITV are working fine….

  • Charmaine

    Watching 4oD on smart TV and after the adverts the programme doesn’t load and I get the ALL4-011 Programme unavailable error. Been happening for the last few days. When is there going to be a patch?

  • Carole Willoughby

    I can view adverts ok on my tablet (typical) then the programme I want to watch is all pixelated. What’s going on? I have no problem with other playback channels!

  • ashley

    I access using playstation .. 4OD always freezes and today it is no exception. Today it reads ”All4-o11 : This content is currently unavaiable. Please try again later.”

  • Zena Storer

    Watched all 4 last weekend not a problem, all of a sudden just get loading screen and zilch! Full Internet connection and all other catchups etc working fine. Get it sorted channel 4 and av a word

  • Tim Dawson

    Watching via Amazon fire stick. Keeps hanging during both programmes and adverts.

  • Tom

    Watched 3 and a half episodes of mutiny 2 nights ago. Then stopped working during an add break and would not load. Now loads nothing. Playing off a PS3

  • Steve Willmott

    All4 app on Panasonic 40-AX630B stopped working yesterday. Ads fine but then All4-011 no content available please tray again later error. This is newer style app. Older style app working fine on NowTV.

  • Garry Lewis

    I can’t even get passed the load up screen, just get the loading symbol for about 5 minutes then crashes?

  • Marita Kehoe

    I’m the same as previous people …I try to watch born to kill on my humax freesat box and it only allows you to watch until adverts then just scrambles the pic and won’t play anymore …this has been happening now for quite a while ….rubbish !!
    Please fix it

  • John Devereux

    Been in contact with CH4. Asked me to reboot etc despite me telling them I’d done all the obvious. Sent them image of scrambled screen since when I’ve heard nothing from them. Can’t be bothered with them anymore. Apalling service. I can’t believe they don’t know what to do to fix it.

  • Brian Trigg

    Since Ch 4 required me to register I have had the same problem with Ch 4 on demand on my Panasonic TV from my windows 7 internet. Plays ads but will not move on to programme. Instead screen freezes and displays purple and green segments over the frozen title. This applies to all ch4, More 4 and E4 catch ups. BBC, ITV and 5 catchups no problem.

  • Rod Ashby

    Just watched the first part of Born to Kill, up to the adverts fine, then picture totally messed up. After a few minutes plays more adverts then back to blocky screen. Please sort it out…

  • Terry Robinson

    This piece of crap they call channel 4 on demand has stopped working now for a few days on my Panasonic tv.
    It’s driving me crazy. If anyone knows how to put this right then please share your thoughts.

  • Pauline Morris

    i was trying to watch this is us catchup but it won`t let me

  • notfookingtaken

    not working – bag 0 shyte

  • HomerRules74

    Won’t play in Chrome or Firefox.

  • Tracy

    I cannot get all4 at all on my catch up device, this has been for quite some time now.

  • Carla Martin

    I have same issue

  • Carla Martin

    All4 app not working at all. Get into episode of a show watch adverts then crashes saying video not available. Is this an issues for others? Any sign of it getting fixed?

  • Matt Brown

    Trying to watch the 100 on catchup but it keeps playing some of the programme then says video not available

  • Kirstie

    Hi just wondered why I can’t always get the channel 4 news on catch up? I’ve got a smart tv and last few weeks I’ve been able to access but this week no sign of news on catch up? Can you advise please. Thanks

  • E

    Samsung tv won’t load app at all. Samsung tablet will load app and play adverts but not the show???? Any ideas?

  • Sharon Shirley

    Uninsulated the app on my tablet, will play adverts but not the shows l want to watch….any idea when this will be fixed????

  • Benjamin Oliver Wellington Nas

    Nothing works on PS3. Adverts play fine including the separate programme sponsor advert. I’ve emailed C4 a few times, and each time they give conflicting advice. One reply told me to keep installing and eventually I might have ‘good luck’.

    In an email from C4 yesterday they said:

    ‘We can advise that our technical team are working with Sony, who have identified the issue with the application. Unfortunately, we have no specific time frame for when the issue will be fixed.’

  • Leanne Forrington

    I haven’t been able to get onto the app at all (Samsung tv) for over a week now. just looks like it’s loading…..and won’t go any further

  • shirley moore

    I have tried repeatedly to watch Locked Up series 2 episode 1 but it’s not able to load seemingly. It says playing whilst nothing happens. What’s going on please?

  • julian kimmings

    Hasn’t worked for me in a week. Panasonic tv.