Channel 4 on demand not working

Channel 4 on demand is a service for those that cannot be around to watch programmes where they are aired. When Channel 4 on demand is not working viewers tend to be somewhat a little upset, so let us here at Down Today be your cushion for complaints.

Channel 4 on demand not working

This service also known as 4oD but now called All 4 is all about catching up and watching TV shows etc whilst on the move via WiFi on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can also watch at home via computer, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

4oD (All 4) is short for 4 on Demand and provides viewers with many different programmes, which are shown on More4, Channel 4 and E4.

Main Channel 4 on demand problems, which have happened in the past include the website or apps not working, TV shows won’t play or keeps freezing. Whatever the issue Down Today wishes to hear from you – Go on, have your say below.


Channel 4 on demand Status insight for Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

If Channel 4 on demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

Channel 4 on demand Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Paul Barton

    Tried to resume watching Framed, but keeps freezing and then returns to 3 minutes of adverts and so the process repeats. All in all All4 is a weak product that seems to have lots of excuses but very few answers or solutions. Paid for by advertising owned by NO ONE!

  • Lisa marston

    Plays adverts sticks halfway through. Not managed to watch any shows yet.

  • Colum mcmenamin

    First time to use cha nel 4 i player . Thing is a joke. Drama had 4 episides but 2 and 4 crashed and what a disappointment. Never agaon come to this site.

  • L

    Trying to watch Humans plays adds fine and finally watched half of last episode but now refusing to play. Problem yesterday as well.. frustrating.

  • Nicolas d

    Trying to watch Homeland via the app on the Fire Stick. Plays ads fine then blank screen! Worked fine last week. This is happening for all shows at the moment, nothing will play

  • Harry Okin

    I’m working my way through Case and got halfway through episode 3 and I’m now in pixel hell. The ads play fine but the programme keeps freezing. Tried the next episode and the same thing happens.

  • David Walker

    Trying to watch the final episode of Spin. First five episodes played fine but no.6 got to second ad break and froze. It’s been several days now. Had same problem with several episodes of Acquitted, though eventually all did play. Channel 4 say it’s not their fault and blame broadband provider (BT in my case; TV is Panasonic and set to Freeview) but then go on to say they’re aware of an issue and are working on it. What a rotten service. All other on-demand apps work fine.

  • Aftab

    Watching on PS3. Plays the ads then freezes. Seems I’m not alone. All4 is shockingly bad!

  • Keeley


  • Keeley

    I have a sony smart TV. This month its refusing to play anything on all 4 app. It annoyingly plays one advert and then freezes

  • keeshond

    Tried watching Confessions of the Paparazzi on my tablet, but have been met with a second’s picture followed by a black screen. The channel’s app developers appear to be amateurs compared to those behind iPlayer & even itv player. All4 appears to be unable to answer questions online or interact adequately with their subscribers.

  • Joyce Wensley

    I have Panasonic Tv. Would like to watch No Offence on All4. Managed most of Ist episode on Tuesday but failed last 6 mins. Tried yesterday and managed whole of episode 2 but again failed straight after last ads in episode 3.
    Do I assume that this is All4 s problem no not my device, judging that so many people have same issue?

  • Yip

    Haven’t used for a couple of months as it always froze before I was able to watch even 1 episode of anything.
    Returned today to find new interface so was hopefull.
    Unfortunately it crashed my PS3 after the first set of adverts on my 1st and 2nd attempts.
    Conclusion, they broke something even more than it was already broke.
    Now removed All4 from my PS3 altogether as it’s a waste of time trying to watch anything.

  • Loobylou

    Tried to watch Homeland for the last few days, plays the ads fine then a black screen. So frustrating!! What’s the problem??

  • Ian Williams

    Crashes after the ads. Every time. Then have to come out and go back in and watch the ads again. On PS3

  • Jayne Sillitoe

    Forgotten my password and the reset button disentangle generate an e mail. Reported it yesterday and today and they say they are working on it, and cannot give a time frame for resolving it. Are they about to privatise?

  • gillie lewis

    Trying to watch All 4 through my NOW tv box but it constantly freezes – about every 30 seconds for 20 seconds. Impossible. The adverts run without any problem! I know my wifi isn’t great but BBC iPlayer works fine. So why is All 4 so poor?

  • Allan Baker

    I have been trying unsuccessfully for about 2 days to watch episodes of Case via my Samsung Smart (?) TV and every time it lets me select the episode then plays the 2 ads but then just freezes and dumps the TV back to air.

  • Tina rees

    I haven’t been able to watch catchup on playstation for at least a month! Plays the adverts then just freezes. Plays fine on my phone and tablet though. So frustrating!

  • a boy called mick

    I find all4 impossible to watch via links on TV. Works on my tablet but not via my humax freesat box or my Sony dvd player links. Freezes , display goes wappy after ads, kicks back to start of programme. Very frustrating , all these happenings this month. Feb 17.

  • Maverick Mac

    And it’s still going three weeks later!

  • Maverick Mac

    PS3 app will only play the ads. Trying to watch Case before it expires. Don’t think it’s going to happen somehow…

  • Maverick Mac

    Me too… I can’t even find a workaround. Frustrating isn’t the word!

  • Doreen Ballantyne

    Downloaded acquittal but can’t watch it. Third problem in as many days. Beginning to think it’s not worth the effort. Shame as I like these dramas.

  • Lorraine Birch

    Attempting to watch Homeland on demand today and yesterday. Soo annoying freezing all the time. Thought it may be down to my Internet as watching it on firestick but done a speed test and it’s fine. Really need to sort this issue. The only saving grace is it is free!!

  • Anita Sines

    Tried to watch ‘Case’ for the last 2 nights and have had numerous freezes, tried to restart but get fed up of watching the same bit of programme yet again only to have it freeze again!

  • Alison Bartlett

    Same here, Case kept freezing yesterday and today everything on 4OD is doing the same.

  • Alternative Ageing

    Crap. can’t get anything on Channel 4 Catch UP

  • HipposRBest

    Weird, wanted to watch Framed, menu structure all there but won’t play. No such issues with Case

  • Jennifer

    finally finished this set last night but awful problems as kept freezing and had to go back and re do and it kept starting at the beginning again. I missed some of it because of this but I did finally see the ending. It was a brilliant series. I watch on my lap top. I am Sky Broadband and have had good reception generally. The BBC I Player is much improved and is doing more with i Player, has great plans for it going forward from what I heard on Radio 4 recently. Do persevere if like me you are a Scandi Fan. Plus read some Harry Bingham and Camilla Lackberg.

  • Alison Errington

    Aaaarrrggghhh! Had to watch case in little pieces as kept freezing. Now frozen on the passenger. All other broadband ok. Samsung ” smart” tv. Not so blinking smart tonight.

  • Rachel Clarke

    Same here tried to watch This Is Us Episode 7 on Catchup on Wed, on Smart TV and then on iPad same problem. We thought we might have to wait 24hrs as they sometimes release it later, but didn’t work Thurs either. They’ve stared showing it later too, which is a bit too late for me to stay up. Really disappointing but it sounds like this isn’t the first show where this has happened.

  • Nope

    I can’t watch Brooklyn nine nine new episode

  • Sarah

    I can’t see This is Us episode 7 listed on Catchup which was shown Tuesday night on Channel 4 at 11pm.

  • Lucy Raybould

    I can’t watch ep 7 of this is us. It’s not showing up!

  • Ricardo Clarke

    All4 on roku keeps playing an earlier part of the ep we just watched. Bug

  • Sophia Saleh

    Login error on all 4 via Samsung tv despite right username and password which works online on laptop

  • Sue Hampson

    I’d like to watch acquitted. I have Sky but when I go into All4 Acquitted is not on the menu. Any ideas why?

  • Helen

    I started watching The Hunter on All 4, I watched 2episodes and then was unable to access any more. I was recently sent an email about a series called Acquitted, I started watching this and now to my dismay I am only able to access 3 episodes when apparently there are 10 episodes. This is very frustrating!

  • Shazia

    I can’t watch episode 7 of this is us- doesn’t show up on all4 even though it was on last night

  • steve

    Similar to others, I can watch the first part but then after the 1st set of adverts it freezes so can’t watch the 2nd part. I’m watching through a freesat box when this happens. I have to watch the 2nd part through my tiny laptop screen which doesn’t freeze but this spoils the experience. Currently having a problem with Goldbergs Series 4 Episode 2.

  • Liz

    I can’t watch this is us. It says I must download but when I press the button nothing happens

  • Woo11

    C4 Catchup insists I download Flash Player to be able to watch but I have installed it and it is still giving me the same instructions to download Flash Player – can anyone help please? Thank you very much

  • France

    All4 on th PS3 just shows the adverts then freezes. It’s been going on for about a week or longer.

  • Mudman

    I am trying to watch “acquitted”, almost every time after adverts the program will not restart, when I go “Back” I have to watch another set of adverts. If I was a cynic I might think it was deliberate????

  • Cathy

    Mines doing the exact same. Funny how the adverts work!!! Grrrr

  • Courtnie

    Mine keeps doing this too! So fustrating

  • Scott Aslett

    I’m having this problem! I don’t want to skip the episode. Been trying since wednesday. Needs to be sorted!

  • Alexandra

    Mine too

  • Alexandra

    Mine hasn’t worked since last night – only plays the adverts and then stops – help!!

  • Ricky Dunston

    Keep freezing on hollyoaks Tuesdays episode this week. I skip forward a little and the episode plays in fast forward. Went to watch Wednesday and the previously looked really good so fix it please

  • Tony

    Tried streaming ch 4 just won’t run for more than a few minutes before it stops streaming to catch up. Not my internet speed I checked it. What’s wrong with ch 4?

  • Sharn

    Keeps freezing and now not working on firestick

  • Gareth Wilkes

    For a few months now everytime i try to watch 4od or bbc iplayer on my ps4 or my laptop my internet loses connection! Im with talktalk and its like my router reboots and all the lights go off except power and i gotta wait for them to come back on sometimes it happends every 5 minutes sometimes it can last about half hour before my router goes off again but its only when i watch on demand why? Why does on demand shut my router off? :s :s

  • davidbryn

    i cant find play the ap says its playing but it isnt. whats happeng do they want us to pay for, if so then DREAM ON CHANNEL FOUR sundays escape to the chateau

  • John

    On Demand on my Panasonic TV which I bought only 3 weeks ago wont work. I have called Panasonic today 12/12/16 and was told that they have only discovered that they had a server problem and are waiting for an engineers/technicians report before they know how long it will be down for. They talked me through checking software updates, resetting to Shipping settings and so on(which I had already done a number of times but nothing worked. Final advise from Panasonic was to check ON Demand function two or three times a day and if its still not working by Thursday Call Them Back. Useless!!!

  • Chloe

    I thought the same but When I rung amazon they said it’s not a fault with the stick as all of their content was working and was channel 4 as a third party apps issue! The man didn’t even know what all 4 or 4od was, was a stessful conversation!

  • Steviebach

    Hi Chloe,

    You would have every right to return this item as it is not providing you with advertised content.

  • Chloe

    I brought a fire stick last night and first thing I went to use was all 4! When you click a programme and it gives you the list of all the recent episodes instead of a photo it next to episode it comes up with big red crosses next to each one! Click a programme and it just goes to a black screen! Every other app is working, I called amazon and they said as it’s a third party app I would have to get in touch with channel 4! Wish I knew about these issues before I brought the stick!

  • Carol Trow

    I have sent emails to the CEOs of all the companies involved. This doesn’t always have any effect, but if even one reads it and does something, it would perhaps at least flag it up. Worst case scenario, I get some gift vouchers!

  • Steviebach

    Hi Carol,

    Yes, i agree advertisers are paying good money for this service, I also think copies of these posts to the Ch 4 executives would be beneficial I have given up complaining as it just appears to be a wasted exercise.

  • Carol Trow

    Hi Stevie, we have had the odd good day with only one ad freezing – the Curry’s one; God, how tired we are of that fridge! – but last night was terrible, with every single ad break taking about ten minutes to crawl by. I think when we have caught up with Humans, we will steer off All 4 altogether. It’s crazy that All 4 doesn’t fix this; they will lose revenue, I would have thought, if advertisers get wind of this problem. Now – there’s a thought! An email to the advertisers – that’s my task for this afternoon, I think.

  • Steviebach

    Hello Carol,

    If its any consolation All 4 is now working fine on my Amazon Fire Box, for how long is anyones guess, this has only just come back on my device, it is very odd that no updates have taken place on either my Firebox or the All4 App ?

    It remains that neither Amazon or All4 will take responsibility or ownership of the many problems reported .

  • Carol Trow

    We have also tried watching All 4 on Amazon Fire TV and Humax Box (brand new and working with everything else). Love Humans and also Hill St Blues (takes us back!) but have decided tonight to abandon All 4 altogether because of the freezing ads. I see this has been happening for literally years – some posts on other sites go back to something like 2009 – and nothing is done. The only way they will learn, perhaps, is if we all stop watching. But will they even notice?

  • Bob Knight

    All4 just keeps freezing on both Amazon Firestick and the Freesat box. All other channels & apps work ok. This has been going on with my Freesat box (Humax 1100s) for several months so I purchased a Firestick. Unfortunately Channel 4 is the same on this.

  • Tom Holder

    Performed a system reset (shipping condition) on my Panasonic TV. I had to retune and set up everything again but ALL4 worked perfectly for about three days then same old error (ALL4-001). The service is not down so much as suffering from some major bugs etc. Can’t seriously expect us to perform system resets all the time!

  • Krystal

    Hollyoaks isn’t working on my Samsung tablet. I use the All 4 app. Anyone know why?

  • nikky

    i have just moved over to canada and really would love to catch up on hollyoaks but it wont play . its a still screen . Please fix this problem

  • Ezara

    I have a firestick and channel 4 is just saying “not available” all other channels are working fine

  • Steviebach

    Hi Geraldine,

    Sorry to say you are most likely to be in the same dilemma in the months ahead, as All4 are continuing to show total disregard to all the complaints I have made together with countless others, Amazon are also not doing anything to help sort this out on their amazon Fire TV box, I had to resort to using Now TV where it works without problems.

  • Geraldine

    It’s not working!! Trying to watch Humans and just keeps going to black screen after initial ads. Little red exclamation mark popped up on the corner of the screen too. Very frustrating.

  • dave c

    All4 Downloaded items don’t show pictures on my Android Lenovo tab2 A10-30. Adverts play sound and show pictures correctly but the subsequent downloaded item plays sound but the picture is just black.
    This is a problem with downloaded items – Live items play correctly.

    (All is okay on a Samsung TabA. So suggest this is a problem specific to the Lenovo??)

  • Hayley Pink

    trying to watch love child series two, but whatever episode I click onto to play it just won’t start :(

  • Sharon

    I have exactly the same problem with my Panasonic TV. The programme plays fine on my laptop, but no episodes load when I try and watch the same think on the TV.

  • Justin

    Some ads are freezing which is annoying but the actual content (for me ‘Humans’) plays fine

  • Steviebach

    As stated in my original post Either you need to grow an enormous amount of patience or as I did buy a Now TV Box preferably with 3 months entertainment pass for £15 which has the All4 App on it which does work, as neither Amazon nor All4 gives a damn.

  • Vita W

    All programmes crash on first ad breaK. Dissapointing really, I want to catch up on who dares wins and can’t. Anyone know how to fix?

  • Pyro Masters

    I have just watched it on my laptop – not the same as watching it on the big screen but at least you get to see it.

  • Pyro Masters

    Still can’t get F1 qualifying on All 4 with my LG TV (content is currently unavailable) but have managed to watch it on my laptop – why’s that then???

  • John C

    I have been trying all day to watch the F1 qualifying and just get content is currently unavailable

  • ozbizbozzle

    When I watch 4OD via my Now Tv box it works well except for the Formula 1 programmes. Keeps stopping and saying video unavailable. i reload and it works for a little while then stops again. is it because these programmes are longer. any clues?

  • Eilidh Hastings

    Says my device is not compatible with the player. I have a Oneplus 2, won’t let me play anything

  • Linzi

    Trying to catch up watching Containment and keep getting a message Saying ‘your device does not support flash’ with a grey background… Using a iPhone 5c.
    Really want to catch up on the last three episodes don’t want to miss them, the only chance to get to watch them is late on at night when my kids in bed, have been following it religiously! Is there anywhere else we can watch the previous episodes??!!

  • Michael

    Whilst trying to watch catch up on All4 on a smart tv it keeps saying “there is a problem with your broadband connection” all other catch up channels are fine??

  • Gobannian

    Trying to watch All4 Borowski episode thru web page. When I click on episode it just disappears. When click on “Episodes” link get blank page. Using Panasonic tv

  • Ryan

    I’ve had the same for a few days now. Both on my iPad and iPhone.

  • Greg

    Same is happening for me, can’t download anything

  • Jim

    Can’t get anything to download onto my iPad and seems to have been like this for days. Keeps hashing preparing then fails. Have deleted app etc but still doesn’t work.

  • Steviebach

    The All4 app which is included in the Amazon Fire TV box has had massive problems for months and despite my contacting both Amazon and All4 to complain on numerous occasions the situation remains.

    When attempting to watch any programmes within the app it plays the first set of commercials then the programme continues to the next set of commercials, following this the screen goes black and nothing will move it on to the next part of the programme.

    The conflicting comments from both Amazon and All4 suggests that its a joint problem which is being investigated a solution will follow, my continued question to them is “When?

    In fairness Amazon spent nearly 2 hours on the telephone to me trying to fix it, alas they passed it to their tech guys who concluded it was All4s problem All4 responded stating it was Amazons box which was at fault.

    To try and make contact with All 4 is similar to knitting fog, there is no way in which to take the complaint to their Chief Executives a there one has to go through the same online web form to make a complaint , I would assume this would end up in the same persons lap who constantly informs me they are working on it.

    If any of your good selves could shed some light on this or indeed add pressure to the complaint I would be eternally grateful.

    In anticipation,


  • cameron

    I get to watch adverts then it says content unavailable try later. Busy now punishing the associated advertisers by wandering around the internet leaving negative reviews.

  • Ade

    F1 failing after first adverts. Japan GP won’t even start now. Only evening I have to watch it.

  • Ian Lloyd

    I tried watching the Japan F1 on 4 catch up service this afternoon, but after the first set of adverts the programme returned to the start. I gave up on the third restart. This is not the first time this has happened. Sad that a service that could be so useful just doesn’t work. I suppose I should be grateful there is a picture at all, judging from some of the other comments.

  • Darren Darrens

    Not working again on PS3. After watching the commercials it goes to black screen with the circle turning in the centre.

  • TP

    All4 app on Amazon Fire box/stick is still crashing after returns from adverts–all you get is black screen.

  • Mark Lawrence

    All4 app on Amazon Fire box/stick is still crashing after returns from adverts–all you get is black screen. 29/09/16 Channel 4 told me they know that the app has a fault on the Fire platform.they are currently working with Amazon to rectify,just keep trying it ! VERY FRUSTRATING !

  • Jenni Keer

    No sound on Building Britain’s Ultimate Warship. Everything else seems to have sound???

  • Louise

    Whats wrong with the playback of programmes on channel4 od today?
    Trying to watch 3 different programmes and it keeps happening on all of them. The picture is a small square in the right hand top corner! It wont open to a full picture! This service is getting as bad as bbc iplayer. Pathetic. Whats the point in having all this technology if it dont work?

  • Sarah Davies

    I’ve had problem on fire stick with losing programmes after the adverts for more 4 .ive just deleted app and reinstalled it and problem solved programmes are now carrying on after ad’s

  • Sarah Davies

    I’ve had this for weeks I’ve just deleted more 4 app and reinstalled it and it works and programmes carry on after adverts :)

  • JV

    are you still having problems Sue? because I’m having the same problem. My program says it is playing (on the listing of episodes below the main screen – if that makes sense!!), but it isn’t playing.

  • JV

    trying to watch on laptop and it says it is playing, but it isn’t. Any ideas??

  • Phil

    Press all 4 app all I get is this content is currently unavailable All 4-001
    Please try again later

  • Ron

    Same here last night with Crashing on an Amazon Fire. Program blanks out after commercial break. The only device this does not happen is my iPad!

  • Brad

    Watching Beauty and the Baker and the Baker – the first half ran and then I could only get the adverts then the screen goes black. Moved on to the next episode and the same thing happens. Help – it’s a really great series!

  • Linzi Knights – Durant


  • Sophie

    Tonight’s hollyoaks is not available… Can anyone tell me why? I really want to see it

  • Eilidh

    Trying to watch two programme on the app and after the adverts the screen is black?!!

  • Maisie

    Trying to catch up on two shows I missed last night on my TV when I try and watch it it comes up with, “All 4 is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” I tried at 10am and then tried ‘later’ at 5.30pm. Seriously rubbish.

  • Sue Mantripp

    The last 2 days I haven’t been able to get any 4 programmes on demand. I’m behind on several programmes and as I have time I sit down to watch them only to be told they’re unavailable. What’s going on?

  • Grant Yaxley

    Awful awful on demand service. Continually faults. I hope you lose the formula coverage as its painful trying to watch it on your system. I don’t have live tv so that’s not an option. It all starts fine but normally an hour into the programme it will keep throwing the video unavailable try again later message. Or sometimes it will get to an advert then go to the beginning of the programme again. Absolute garbage.

  • Jos Harrison

    Same problem on Amazon Fire TV – all shows play fine up to first ad break then stop. Driving me up the wall!

  • Daniel Carr

    Have the app on PS4, after 1st ad break there is an error (video unavailable all4-011) if I close the app and go back in I can hit resume and after an ad it plays again till the next ad break and it happens all over again. Its only in the last week or 2 this has happened for me.

  • Espen Johannesen

    I dont event get to see anything. it just wont start.
    I am currently in Norway…does anyone know if a UK IP is required ?

  • Jey

    Crashes to black screen after 1St adverts.. Using fire tv Box, was same on roku for a month or so, no resolved.

  • Bertie

    Just tried to watch posh porn it got to the adverts then froze.

  • Colin Heath

    Stops after adverts

  • Sean

    Freezes after adverts. Useless. Using Fire TV.

  • Jo

    Also having probs with I player playback

  • Jo

    Just freezes after the adverts……

  • Jen

    Come on please get this sorted. I don’t have live TV and rely on catch up. Not only am I having issues with channel 4 but also ITV..

  • Shelley H

    I haven’t watched the the past 2 eps of containment, will play for a short time or just the beginning adverts then says the video is unavailable!!!

  • DAS01

    Amazingly, although the icons still say that live broadcasting is off air, I found the live feed worked after all, at least for the two channels I tried.

  • Katy Verrill

    It just says ‘Still working…’, yet does bugger all.

  • kellyvw

    Try to play certain programmes and get a message saying my android phone has not got the firmware, (android 6.0 marshmallow according to them is what I need) but I can play other videos on my phone just seems I can’t play the most recent shows. Message also states 4 are working on fixing the ‘problem’ but I never had this trouble until recently. Cannot understand what the problem is now when I never had one before. Sort it out 4 you’re doing my nut in.

  • Ian

    I tried to watch the first episode of The Outlaws but received the ALL4-863TT error message each time I tried. Strangely, the second episode could be viewed with no problems.

  • Becky

    Same issue! Missed hollyoakes for about a week now. Sort this issue out!

  • Trudy

    I Have been trying to watch few things on a4 and all i get is ALL4-863TT. please sort it out

  • Phoebe

    Have been trying to watch Containment for multiple days in a row – always getting All4-863TT error code. Other programs are working.

  • Caitlin


  • Roger Cutler

    I have the same problem trying to watch “Love Child” – error ALL4-863TT

  • Angela Lewis

    Can’t watch all 4. Error code ALL4-863TT

  • Ray Birch

    Keep getting error code “All4-863TT”

  • Sarah

    Every thing works on my all 4 apart from hollyoaks,which is the one thing I want to watch,it just says this content is currently unavailable please try another programme all4-863tt any ideas??

  • rederikus

    The ad server seems down (retry later) so it won’t stream programmes. What rubbish. Get it fixed C4.

  • Robin St.Clair

    Serious problems e.g. a World Drama not shown under World Drama, latest episode of Power Monkeys not uploaded, everything I try and load through Smart TV fails to start.Problems also on accessing hub through PC. And what is there appears to be very poor resolution.

    The word meltdown springs to mind

  • Huw Gwilliam

    I wrote to Panasonic and they sent a response to this problem which worked for me. It’s a bit of an annoying fix, but might be useful to know, but basically the advice was to do a factory reset of the TV to default everything. This meant all the settings will go, and you’ll have to setup your WIFI, tunings and Home pins again, but in my case at least, All4 is now working again. Best of luck.

  • Marc Swarbrick

    Trying to watch F1 catch up. Just says “retry”.

  • Andrew

    I am trying to watch the Border on my smart TV but it never gets to the end without breaking down. I downloaded the 4 app on my iPad and it works fine, both rely on wi fi. TV says wi fi connected

  • Patrick L

    Trying to do catch up for 2 broke girls ? Shows message ‘not available in your current location (ALL4-010) any ideas ?

  • Huw Gwilliam

    I’ve been getting this exact same error message on our Panasonic for the last few days too – it was after a firmware update, though More4 had been pretty terrible (stalling on ads, re-running ads, endless spinners) before that too. I wondered if you’d had any luck with this since your post – can’t find any reference to an ‘001’ error anywhere but here so was hoping you might have a lead on a fix!

  • Sarah

    Same! Have you found any solution?

  • SpringHeeledJill

    Nowtv go to the categories bit of 4oD and I can only get as far as C before the app just shuts down, so annoying.

  • jayjay

    Yep, same here. After clicking “play” nothing happens. On 4 different browsers. Why?

  • Simon

    Just bought a fire tv stick, installed 4od, cannot get big bang theory on it with catch up, even though I can see it available on ps3 4od, kindle fire 4od and android phone 4od.

  • natbee

    That’swhat I was wondering. Are we shistling in the sark here?

  • natbee

    This is on a laptop.

  • natbee

    I cannot play anything on demand. Been trying for three days. Used different browsers. I get links to the shows, but when I click “play” nothing happens. It says the video is playing, but it’s not. It’s like my computer is frozen.

  • Zal Hassan

    My all4 app has frozen on my Samsung TV! What can I do? I can’t uninstall it or do anything! Hello

  • Dave Pidcock

    Thos is the worst app ever. I use Apple tv – Fire Tv -Now tv – netflix and have no problems ever – except with all 4 app. It plays sound out of sync with video – then frezes and I give up in despair. I have 13 Mbs whivh should be fine – so why is this service so inadequate?

  • Marc L-C

    I stream from Amazon , NowTV and Netflix , however All4 is the only one that I have issues with, it is constantantly stopping and rebuffing all the time, I watch through the ps4 app along with all the other services I mentioned , it is so frustrating that All4 is so bad , I thought it was maybe because it was trying to stream everything in HD but I checked that’s not it, come on guys this is why I stopped watching 4OD , give me an option to change the streaming quality maybe that will help, I don’t mind watching in 420 or 380 if it means I can at least watch your content. Why have great stuff like Spanish drama “locked up” if no one can enjoy it !!

  • Joanne Twycross

    All 4 is useless. For the past 2 weeks it has been slow to download programmes onto ipad. Then hit and miss as to whether the app opens to let you watch them. Half an hour ago I was watching gogglebox now it won’t open. What is the use of it. At least bbc iplayer works and can be relied upon.

  • Toms Dredainais Grīnbergs

    How come it takes 2 days to put F1 on demand???

  • DAS01

    All 4: all live channels “off air” – has been like this for days! Do the people running this website have any connection with Channel 4?

  • Sir Albert Hall

    I have a brand new panasoni 4k smart tv with all 4 built in since a firmware update a couple of weeks ago all4 wont display any programs error code 001 . I thought I could watch on my galaxy tab but I get the message that it wont work if your tab is rooted WHICH IT ISNT!!! I will just have to keep watching the ch4 content via Kodi minus of course the bl**dy adverts Come on channel 4 even the rubbish bbc are showing you how to do it!!

  • Jennifer Blyth

    Mine has been the same for days now, now the iPad app is saying All 4 content is not available in my current location, not happy as this is an app I use a lot. Glad it’s not just me.

  • Hopp1

    Updated app for 4OD on my Samsung Smart TV now not working at all and just cannot connect to Channel 4OD now, boy come on folks do’nt advise update if its going to fall over, pre test first.

  • George Crighton

    It has been 2 says with the same message. This was an unexpected error you may want to retry to refresh this page. What is wrong with it?

  • ARW

    Still no F1 from China

  • Charles

    When will the issue of catch up be resolved?. Still waiting to see F1

  • Stemanfi

    Playback error still!

  • Evan

    Constant playback error on everything, was working earlier at 2 o’clock

  • Tom

    ‘Playback error’ any ideas when this shower of a company are going to sort their app out?

  • Sukin

    Can’t’ watch anything, keep getting ‘playback error’. This is really annoying on a Sunday afternoon when you want to catch up!

  • F1why_bother

    China f1 gp qualifying not working either. What is going on???

  • Formula1

    Bahrain F1 on demand gives “Playback error”

  • Nick Beck

    Bahrain full race not working for me. Just tried one of the earlier sessions at Bahrain and it loaded fine.

  • Christian

    Also not working for Bahrain Grand Prix for me this morning.

  • Paul Lopez

    Bahrain F1 not working, getting an error message this morning, other programmes seeo be playing okay

  • John Richards

    C4 live stream not working over VPN. Says not available in my area but I am running a UK IP Address. Catch-up etc works fine as do BBC live streams.
    Running off PC from Spain

    Any ideas folks?

  • Jenny Du May

    Says it is playing on Smart TV but blank screen!!

  • Tom

    The login page still won’t work, I literally can’t watch anything

  • Adrian Kenton

    for past 2 weeks ALL 4 has been useless as the streaming keeps jumping back every 15 seconds and replaying the previous piece of video. this is not buffer under-run. this is a broadcasting problem.

  • Linzi

    Haven’t been able to use all 4 for 2 weeks now fed up

  • Liz UK

    Greyed out and not loading on Samsung smart TV 2015
    Reset the hub updated firmware still no play
    Was working last night and still works on other TVs in the house

  • Cherie

    All4 not working on Samsung Tablet. Had the same problem just before Christmas you press play for the programme and just loading constantly. Appear to be wasting my time having this App think I’ll just go back to recording programmes from the tv!!! Have no problems with 5 on Demand, BBC I Player or ITV player – really is time this was sorted out!!!!

  • Andy

    first it was the ad servers, then the actual programmes…….Channel 4 are very slow fixing the site they advertise so much….the same problems on Mac and Panasonic 2015 tv

  • Graeme Quinnell

    Not working with a now TV box yesterday or today. States there is a problem fetching content from the Ch4 server. Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Belinda

    Channel 4 does not seem to work on my Sky Go, why is this?

  • hazel

    keeps displaying obscure flash programming error on my laptop/telling me to upgrade to linux on my tablet – in order to view. Hopeless.

  • jj

    stalling at the ad breaks…. ridiculous

  • Paul Hawkings

    Just tried with Firefox and it’s now working

  • Paul Hawkings

    Cant play anything on Demand4, tried MS Edge & Chrome, neither working with D4

  • Frankafc

    Was working fine for weeks but now can only watch ads and when show starts just get green liberated screen. Using Asus tablet me176cx lollipop version. Nothing has changed from when worked before so what can I do to fix this? Simple non tech heavy help please.

  • AT

    Channel4 OnDemand is stalling at the ad-breaks – it can be several minutes with a blank screen before the ads begin to play

  • DB

    All4 is not working on my now tv box.. The adverts play but then the show doesn’t start playing. I just get the loading circle.

  • Агнесса

    4OD is not opening up on my tablet, is there a reason this is happening or am i doing something wrong?

  • Larry

    Is Channel 4 having any issues at the moment, I keep losing tv connections and shows keep being dropped.

  • Jackson

    I have tried different browsers to watch US programmes via 4oD but things seem to be a little troublesome playing.

  • Snead

    If tv shows from the channel 4 on demand are streamed and I am getting very fast Internet through WiFi, how come when watching streaming is very slow?

  • Nolene

    It was once 4oD but now called All 4, has this change done something to to service because things seem to be rather slow when trying to watch something.

  • Denis

    Each time I try to watch a a TV Show it keeps freezing on me, basically non-stop buffering.