Candy Crush Saga problems

Candy Crush Saga is one of the latest instalments for this app that can be found on Facebook, Android and iOS devices. When problems arrive with Candy Crush it isn’t normally thanks to the app being down, but rather issues after it won’t load, open, or with the in-app purchases. Users also report crashing on certain Android devices or when bugs are found in iOS.


The game is extremely popular on Facebook with millions of monthly users, so as you’d imagine there’s a range of problems being seen from social networks to smartphones and tablets.


Candy Crush Status insight for Thursday 30th of March 2017

If Candy Crush is down today, then reports will be found below.

Candy Crush Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Daniel Gardecki

    The original ‘CANDY CRUSH SAGA’ has been crashing constantly on iOS for the last 24 hours.

    I did a few levels so got the Green, Blue then Red ‘Magic Dash’ helmet. Then I went to get something to eat. I came back and the game would kick me out of the loading screen. I force closed the app which weirdly was still running in the background by using pressing my iPhone home button, but it was still there everytime I pressed the home button. It won’t open and it won’t close!!!

    I checked for updates for the game…There were no updates.
    I checked for iOS updates…There were no updates.

    I checked my both my phone and icloud memory…and had 5.5GB and 2GB respectively.
    I cleared the data and turned off every app just to make sure.
    Nothing worked!!!
    So I was forced to delete the app and reinstall, which lost me over 100 lives I’d saved sent by my Facebook friends.

    It worked. I played a few more levels got all 3 ‘Magic Dash’ helmets again, went to watch a bit of tv and came back to the game crashing again on the loading screen!
    Around 12 hours had passed so I checked for iOS updates again, and there was an update this time. I downloaded it and I am now on iOS 10.3, but still the app won’t open, it’s still running in the background even when force closed, and there is still no updates.

    Farm Heroes Saga, Papa Pear Saga, and Clash of Clans all load and play fine, so why doesn’t Candy Crush Saga!?!?

  • Elizabeth Slamin

    Hi Candy crush soda has taken me right back to level 2 and won’t let me move on when played on laptop on phone if it fine and I’m on correct level

  • Lynda

    Crashing back to home screen after March 20 update. Emailed King but no response…..

  • Jsnsjns

    Screen locks up Everytime I try to open app
    Have deleted and re-added app
    And rebooted my phone, still locking up

  • Kathy Sagins

    Can’t collect my C candies rewards, it tells me to connect when I’m already connected

  • Kathy Sagins

    I can’t get my striped candy rewards, it keeps spinning and then stops and tells me to connect to claim my reward when I’m already connected, can see all my friends and receive other rewards

  • FOmeOLS

    Are you saying this is a deliberate action by King and not a problem?

  • FOmeOLS

    Sugar drops not working for over a week in my iphone

  • Wendy

    No candy crush on phone for a week

  • Sultanate Shaikh

    Yes me too. No sugar drops to collect and win boosters

  • Peggy

    Keeps kicking me off my iPad when I play candy crush

  • Yanel Guitart

    This happens to me too! Its been like a month that the sugar drop window comes up and it tells me to check my connection. Its annoying, and its really all about the money

  • Janet Fitzgerald Sheahan

    Can no longer play sugar drops to get free boosters You can only get this if you spend money to buy boosters.All the players winning free boosters will no longer get this sugar drop service.Sorry it is all about the money

  • Susan Blizzard

    Is there a problem with cc soda. My game takes ages to load then on a go slow then logs me out and I lose my life. This has been happening for a week

  • Karen Wright Putnam

    Worked fine this morning on iPhone 5S but now says loading and then goes right back to desktop

  • Mary Carper

    It won’t give me my free spins. It goes to a buying chart. I can’t win. Disappointed.

  • Shirley

    It won’t load on my IPad

  • Sick-Candy

    Just installed it on my new Cubot phone and it won’t load…Looks like the update testing failed before roll-out

  • Liz Partner

    Yes my phone does the same thing. Not been able to access candy crush for 36 hours now. Rebooted phone switched it off and on lots of times. Still not working.

  • martann

    I also get the home page, it says loading then shuts down. I thought it was my phone, so I did a re start. But it’s still crashing/not opening.

  • José Lima

    Today began downloading, then new gigantic design and then became the slowest play I ever tried. WTF?

  • Patt Knudsen

    I get to the home pages, hit play an it crashes

  • Freddie Dingwall Dingwall

    I get to the home screen press play and it crashes.

  • Nishat

    I can’t download this app from Windows app store. It says only pending, pending & pending.

  • Lisa Bailey

    Candy Crush down again!!! Can’t get past the level status on map, bombs out and back to main screen…COME ON KING GAMES GET IT ‘KING SORTED!!!

  • Flora Tagle Mattoni

    It will not load havent got to play in 2 days seems like it starts then goes back to the icons . Please fix it.

  • Trish Roberts

    My daily bonus is not being issued unless I go in and out of game a few times in a day, and then it not guarunteed. If I dont collect it needless to say it will send me back to the beginning. Help!!!!

  • Tammy mac

    I am unable to play candy crush for the past week because my phone screen keeps freezing whenever I touch play. King needs to resolve this issue ASAP. Am this close to deleting this game from my phone for good.

  • Alexsandra

    Candy Crush Saga is not connecting to the internet – hence not connecting to the store. Been like this for four days. Time to get it sorted out so we can play again… and spend more money! You are losing funds by not working correctly.

  • Teresa kowalczyk

    Candy crush saga n my candy crush soda both keeps stopping n sendong me back to my main menu. This had ben hoing on fot months now even after i updated both games.when will this problem be fixed ? Its very frustrating when this keeps happening n the middle of playing it? Will this problem br fixed soon???

  • Michelle

    Lost all lives (999) and boosters uninstalling and reinstalling for stupid Magic Dash that never opened after again . Please give back

  • D harty

    Candy crush takes my booster without my choosing them. Have contacted customer care several times. Once they said that may take a while to fix the problem on iOS yet they put out new levels. Going to send messages every day till fixed. I’m two levels from top.

  • John Stewart

    Candy crush not lit says waiting for past week also not lit up on my updates

  • Susan R

    I had a message saying welcome back to candy crush saga problem loading and screen going black fixed. Update which I did, worked for a while but back to crashing half way through a game please help me I love playing this game.

  • BH

    I’m having the same problem! I had 8 color bombs and now have none because they kept using them with out me clicking on them!

  • Ruth Chaplin

    Same here. Lost all boosters , hammers , swaps etc when I reloaded app. Now boosters being used without me asking. King don’t reply to emails.

  • Sue w

    I still can’t get candy crush and I was on a high level

  • Gemma

    Why does my iPad have islands which my iPhone doesn’t?

  • Josie

    All my boosters are gone as well as lollipop hammers and switches. Back to start on the calendar. Wheel says come back later. What is going on?

  • Monica Kremkus

    All my boosters are gone as well as lollipop hammers and switches. Back to start on the calendar. Wheel says come back later. What is going on?

  • Jackie

    Same here boosters being usd without ticking them. Keeps crashing as well.

  • A

    My candy crush boosters are being used without ticking them. Any solutions. I have updated my candy crush today.

  • em

    My Candy crush is back on too….. Great

  • Jessica

    just be patient, my did the same thing for more than 24 hours and just about an hour ago I tried it on a whim and it was back up again! I’m on level 2203 so i completely understand! You know if you sign in through facebook though it saves all of your progress in case you ever need to get a new device. :)

  • Kate

    My candy crush is back on my android as I did an update but my I pad still isn’t working and it won’t let me update!

  • Me

    My candy crush just came back.

  • Sue

    I’ve tried re-booting, updating etc and nothing works. I’m on level 2051 so don’t want to lose it. Any ideas what else I can try please?

  • Hannah

    Havent been able to open candy crush now for 48 hours, ive done the update, rebooted my iphone 7 and it still wont work, starting to lose patience now :(

  • Nienke

    Still down on iPhone but back on iPad- bizarre??!!

  • Trish

    My cancy crush has out of action for 24 hrs, did an iOS update on my iPad before I went to bed last night, just turned it on and it has returned. May not work for everyone but with a try.

  • krish

    m on 849 level.. today this game is not opening. wtf..!

  • tomtombeat

    My candy crush won’t open today on my iPhone 6s. This hasn’t happened before and I’m getting pissed!

  • Sid

    I updated Candy Crush on Apple Store and it started working again… All the best.

  • Jude

    Ok im back on cc! I updated software on my iPhone then it gave me a cc update! Hope it helps others

  • Joana Marinho Dias

    I don’t know. I just clicked on update and logged in as usual. It worked for me

  • Jude

    I’ve clicked on candy crush in App Store but it just takes me off again! What do I need to do?

  • Annec

    Just updated on App Store… now working !!

  • Cecilia Baca

    Never mind, got it. :)

  • Cecilia Baca

    so where do you find the solution for fixing CC

  • Anne

    Now it is ok:-)

  • MisDMeanor

    Rubbish isnt it ever since getting past the last level it won’t load.

  • Joana Marinho Dias

    Hi! Same problem for two days! Went to the App Store online and there was an update for CC. Works smoothly now! Good luck

  • Marion thompson

    Can the suppliers of this game PLEASE respond to their customers queries on why the game will not respond today , it would be extremely appreciated by all concerned and at the very least curtious !!!!

  • Carina

    Candy crush won’t load on my iPad today same thing happened last update I’ve got it on iPhone

  • Valerie Jarvis

    Just received a new update, seems to have fixed the problem

  • Sheila Johnston

    First time on candy crush since update 11 th January. Won’t load what’s going on?!!

  • Edinburgh

    I am having the same issue. I am on level 2215 and now I am unable to load the game since the recent update (10/01/2017 – Very Frustrating.. I don’t think King really cares !!!!

  • Mondo

    I feel your pain I am on level 1800 and the app won’t open and I need to finish this game!

  • Jan

    Are we just discussing this issue or do the makers actually read our comments? Great knowing I’m not alone but frustrated with no news!!! On level 684 so wouldn’t mind an update????

  • Christine Tetreault

    Wont load since 2 days now!

  • Margrete

    Same problem here, someone who knows why and when it will be fixed?

  • Jude

    My candy crush app was updating this morning and now I can’t get on, it either sticks on loading or just flicks back to my phone home page! I’m on level 231 and it’s taken me months i will be gutted if I lose it all!!

  • Sharon Watkins

    When will the candy crush saga become available?

  • Elaine

    Everytime I try to get on it gets to the orange screen says loading then back to the home screen this has been happening since yesterday

  • Robin Garratt

    Mine flashes up with the orange screen and then crashes all to quickly. iPhone 6s 10.2 ios

  • Richard Lathrop

    Note to even the cc website is intermittently working

  • Jan

    Is someone who represents. Game going to comment… I will go mad if I lose all the levels I have played… I have spent loads on In-app purchases since I started.

  • Vyonne

    Since the update today can’t open on my iPad, just sends me back to home page of says loading for as long as I can be bothered trying to load it

  • Stuart

    My iPad and iPhone won’t play since 6pm yesterday but my neighbours do, but my laptop Facebook link to Candy Crush does? Can someone, anywhere, explain what’s going on?

  • em

    I’m also on Day 2 of being unable to play Candy crush. I press the App, it shows the word ‘loading’, but doesn’t even begin to load

  • Sejal

    Same here.. wat do i fo?

  • Sejal Shah

    My candy crush was working in d morning bt all of a sudden its nt opening …. what do i do ?

  • Teddie Bird

    Candy crush won’t open. Why and how long will it be down. How do we fix the problem?

  • Michelle

    Help my candy crush is not working.It worked this morning.But for the last 3 hours,I have been trying to play and it won’t even load.Any suggestions?.
    iPhone 5s

  • Dora

    Same problem, after update , not load, hopefully don’t lose my levels, I’m in 2041,

  • Ann Lim

    Suddenly Candy Crush wont load. Keeps going back to the menu screen. This is the first time i am having this problem. I usually dont connect to FB but today tried to connect CC from FB, but unsuccessful. Hope i didnt lose the levels that i have completed.

  • Carmen julia

    I have problems since yesterday the app in not downloading in my ipad

  • Valerie Jarvis

    I am in the U.K. And like most others on this site Candy Crush won’t load.

  • Mel Taylor

    I have had problems since yesterday with the app not loading on my phone, its just takes me back to the home screen

  • Jj

    Day 2 still candy crush not downloading on ipad

  • Nan

    Is anyone else still having trouble with candy crush?

  • Anne

    Down today too…

  • Dulimi

    Also on day 2 of Candy Crush shutting down before fully loading on the iPad.

  • Andy

    Day two of not being able to load!

  • Jill Finlayson

    Ditto cc loads crashes back to home screen

  • Lucy

    Candy crush hasn’t been loading on my iPhone all day, thought of deleting and reinstalling but then I’ll loose all the colour bombs etc that I’m saving up

  • RHG1

    I have same problem as others. Updated earlier today and now my iPad Air 2 will not load CC, although evevything was okay before update. Please fix this bug.

  • Kath

    Yep, same problem as everyoner else. I have iPad Air 2 – this isn’t that old to be no longer compatible. Are we expected to upgrade every few months?

  • Tim

    Same issue as everyone else. Performed the update on the App and now it will not load. It crashes every time you try to open it.

  • Ron

    Same here. Any fix suggestions?

  • Nicky

    Just updated candy crush and it keeps crashing and going back to home screen. Any ideas on how to fix

  • Ken

    Candy crush wont load today on iPad after apparent update.

  • Bridget Graham

    Candy crush updated today on my iPhone 6s- flashes up briefly then crashes

  • Barry

    Candy crush won’t load on my iPad on level 2152 don’t won’t to loose my progress.

  • Patti

    When will candy crush resume

  • Claire

    Any idea why ?

  • Claire

    When will candy crush resume? Soon I hope .

  • Rob

    Same here. keeps sending me back to my home screen on my phone.

  • Nan

    Candy crush keeps sending me back to main menu

  • KenOzz

    Just updated Candy Crush and it now won’t open, keeps throwing mr back to my home screen please fix

  • Lisa

    Candy crush won’t open today, keeps throwing me back to main menu on my iPhone. Can play on my kindle fire but it runs in super slow motion. Grrrrr!!!

  • Rick

    Just updated candy crush on my iPad and now it won’t let me open the game, keeps sending me back to the main menu. When it says it starts to load, it goes on and on without any results.

  • Christine

    Candy crush won’t open after playing over two thousand levels

  • APerson

    Same on iPhone 6s

  • SMK

    Just updated app on iPhone 6 and now won’t work! Starts to open and crashes quickly.

  • Maria

    Updated candy crush today, now won’t open/load help!!

  • Jason Brooks

    Not load please sort it out we need compensation

  • Lori Canell

    Candy Crush has crashed. Does not load on iPhone after update.

  • Greg

    I am having issues getting onto Candy Crush online via Facebook and app. Anyone else having these issues?

  • ismi Ati

    Why can’t claim the bonus gift after passed level

  • Christa

    Why can’t I send lives to my Candy Crush friends on Facebook with my Samsung galaxy s4 device

  • Joan Macarthur

    cant play on i pad despite rebooting many times uninstalling and reinstalling the app so frustrating, i am o level 1169

  • Sue

    Can’t play crush full stop haven’t been able to for weeks now. Tried every thing possible don’t know where to go now!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Miller

    so i saw a link from them saying we should go to settings and clear the cache. which i did and seem to be getting somewhere. lets see. Nope never worked. Just got bump off again

  • Denise

    Unable to ask for lives on candy crush jelly press to send won’t send

  • Chris Baker

    When going to updates on my iPad mini, it does say there is a problem with CCS on kiphones and iPad minis. Mine won’t even load up, get to the trail screen then kicks me out. Waiting for an update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Mine has had a problem for 3 days now. Can not send lives to friends or unlock any of my friends! This is very troublesome, never had any problems before..

  • Janet Rogers

    I’ve had an email from King – says they’re working on a fix for Candy Crush. Believe it when it happens!

  • Marg Newman

    I’m annoyed because I cannot load candy crush on my iPhone or ipod. I can play on my computer, but it isn’t the same, and I prefer the iPhone. I’ve deleted and re-installed the aps, but they just won’t work. I am further annoyed that I lost heaps of hammers, swaps, and all the other helpers when I deleted the aps. Come on, King, fix the problem!!!!I’m on level 2145 or something like that, so have been playing quite awhile, and know when something isn’t working properly!!!!!

  • Marg Newman

    I know how you feel – it has been 3 weeks since I have been able to play on my phone. It just doesn’t load. I have deleted the ap, and re-installed it (losing all my bonuses) and it still won’t work. making me really unhappy. Playing on the puter is just not the same.

  • Osang

    I cannot send lives to my fb friends nor help them unlock an episode on my iphone 6+

  • Mad player

    My candy crush saga will not load on my iPad, getting mad as I want to play, it’s been like it for 3weeks now

  • Brighteyes

    King why ask players to update then after updating no one get load the bloody game now for weeks this is a damn waste of people’s money and no one responding lets boycott candy crush saga. Rip off.

  • Angel

    I’m having this problem too. I am up to level 1333 and for the last two weeks it keeps crashing every time I log on it comes up loading then it crashes sometimes a blank screen. Not sure what the problem is but it is very frustrating I am angry.

  • Adele Miles

    All I have gotten is the run around from King Care people. I have a Nextbook, Lollipop powered by Android. I can’t play Candy Crush or Candy Crush Soda anymore because they keep crashing. Is there any way to still play on my 6 month old tablet? Or have I been thrown out like dirty bath water?

  • Karen Taylor

    I had New update last night and game worked until lunch time today then back to normal not loading

  • Shaw

    Why doesn’t someone from King games look at this site?’

  • Karen Taylor

    I haven’t been able to play properly for a couple of weeks, I play on my Android phone not through Facebook, last night I didn’t realize my mobile data was off and guess what the game played properly. Ok no fishing contest but still got quests etc, so no it can’t be old phones tablets its their fault .

  • Marion Khan

    So King say this is because older devices are no longer compatible? So what happens if I get a new device and start playing again (albeit from level 1) only to find that in a couple of years time that device no longer supports the game too? What then? Get yet another new device? King need to get this sorted before someone goes more public with this. It is a complete cop out blaming Apple. What about those who have spent money? Where was the warning that the update was no longer supported? If this doesn’t get sorted soon, I will advising everyone I know never to upload any King games as they obviously are totally uninterested in customer care.

  • Amy Scott

    Won’t load been like that for weeks on my iPod and samsung tablet

  • Shaw

    Still won’t load! Candy Crush & Saga been down for a week now. Tried rebooting, resetting no success and, annoyingly, I’ve lost all my progress!

  • elfie

    Can’t even load. The screen is frantically flashing between log on and cannot connect to facebook.

  • crawleyred

    screen frozen when trying to claim prize on iPhone 6. not FB user so don’t want to start from level 1 all over again

  • Linda W

    Jboth me and my partner have I pads and I phones he cannot play on either I can play on phone but not iPad. What a waste of bloody time .

  • Brian Wesner

    I have 4 times completed requirements for game 1880 and it will not allow me to advance

  • carriedder

    I have paid for and passed level 2048 three times but it will not advance me to the next level. Please advance me or refund my money

  • Robert Roden

    They’ve probably done us a favour…………………

    It’s much too addictive anyway

  • Gena Saylor

    Can’t get my game to play at all tonight ,it just keeps going back to homepage.Playing on an iPad 2.Has been doing this off and on for about 2 weeks.No loading at all tonight.

  • Jane thomas

    I agree it’s a total waste of time playing this game now it’s more down than online to play it

  • Karen Taylor

    What’s the point of candy crush adding new levels when can’t even play lol

  • Pauline

    Same thing happening to me, I can’t open on my iPad I click on play wait and then straight back to home page. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling and also deleting apps thinking it was a storage issue but it’s still crashing. I can still play on my iPhone though. Don’t understand it. Maybe too many people in the world playing it!!!

  • Helen Whelan

    CC saga and CC Soad Saga will not load on my iPad. Problems for weeks now. Have lost boosters on CC. Please fix.

  • D

    No candy crush again today on iPad and iPhone… Is it time to delete these apps and get another life?

  • Tammy Rossa

    I see I have the same problem so frustrating!!!

  • Pam

    I have the same issue. It is soooooo frustrating. It won’t even load on my ipad.
    The version I have on facebook does not give me any bonus gifts so I cannot pass level 385 on my stand alone computer.

  • Robert Roden

    What’s the point of everyone saying the same thing on here?
    No-one who can do anything about is even reading it…
    We can’t even stop playing this in protest because we can’t even start

    There are other games out there, let’s just forget it

  • Karla Anesty Mayich

    CC & CC Soda have not been loading, I have an iPhone 4s and was convinced I needed an updated phone (according to the answer I got from King via Twitter) my Aunt even bought a new iPad! No way am I buying an iPhone 5 or 6 because of this, ridiculous.

  • Hildy

    Seems that every time they add a new challenge or update it messes up the game. This time has been the worst. Both soda and saga. Shut down when trying to load and take me back to the home page. Wish they would just fix it!

  • Karen Taylor

    Looked on one of kings complaint sites earlier and according to them everyone who has issues with their games is not using compatible phones iPads etc. This is their latest excuse, I don’t do Facebook and only play on my Android phone, it was ok until last update. Oh well I will have to look for another game that does work!

  • Kay Ashmore

    I have passed level 1925 5 times today however it keeps saying failed! Has anybody else had this issue?

  • Diane

    Quad to hear I’m not the only one. Thought it was my iPad. Anyone working on the problem?

  • Tina Seaman

    Cannot load candy crush at all now!!

  • Karen Taylor

    Getting Fed up with not being able to play saga or soda, king never replies to emails , just totally fed up

  • Andy Lee

    I am having similar problems with both Saga and Soda. It started after the last updates on both Apps.

  • Heyoka

    2 days and can’t get in. Starts to load then back to home screen.

  • Karen

    I thought it was my iPad. Now I see others have been having the same problem. Love Candy Crush. Hate getting bumped out time after time. Please fix this problem, it’s been weeks now.

  • Susan

    Cannot get onto candy crush won’t load. Maybe some of the adverts could be removed it’s obviously not stable to sustain all the adverts and the other game with flappy bird. I’ve. It been able to get in for days. They should get it fixed otherwise their huge number of followers will stop playing altogether

  • Christine Faszczewski

    Candy crush and candy crush soda won’t open ..keeps crashing …for a few days now

  • Glenys fishwick

    Why won’t candycrush saga open , keeps going back to home page , 2 weeks now , not played a game , so fed up , please fix

  • Margaret Erangey

    Help!!! Cannot get candy crush soda log onto it then it goes back to homepage on iPad deleted it then started over again but no joy!!! WHY

  • Sherlene Henderson

    This Sherlene Henderson again have we got so much money now that we have forgotten about the users of these games. Most of us that play these games really enjoy. Should we not recommend the games to other apple product owners? Please take care of the problem. You know one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

  • Sherlene Henderson

    Sherlene Henderson is having an issue with both candy crush and candy soda where it is reverting back to my home page and this has been taking place for a month now. I have contacted apple and they have checked my ipad and there is no problem. Please tell me how to correct this problem. I do not need a new ipad. I can play Mahjong Solitaire and nothing happens with those games what is going on

  • Ronnie Vogt

    I have been trying to play all three of my candy games but it reverts back to my home page. It has been days what is problem?

  • John Burke

    I have a similar problem, Soda Crush opens, Candy Crush goes back to the home page

  • Richard

    I’ve had the same problem for days. Candy crush starts to load up and there returns me to my home page. Sent email to King NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Only option now is to scrap candy crush off my iPad. Come on King get this sorted for your many complaining players

  • marilyn

    Tried to access Soda and Saga on my iPad but it just keeps reverting to my home screen. Very annoying. Can King not get this sorted?

  • Sandy

    COME ON KING FIX IT, it’s been going on far to long now , very annoying

  • Anita

    So when are King going to reply to all these complaints….all relating to the same problem. Lots of money spent by everyone so they must be losing out big time! So frustrating… Can now only play on my phone. KING…PLEASE REPLY!!!!

  • Maggie

    Am having the same problem as everyone else…..can’t get into my candy crush soda and jelly games. Am put back to the home page. So annoying. Is there not a troubleshooting site somewhere? You’d think that King must be aware that something is wrong.

  • John arnold

    My app candy crush saga keeps crashing while I am playing it when are King going to sort it out its a joke now

  • Linda Quinn

    Last week I had to reboot my Candy Crush saga as it kept reverting back to the home page…..I lost all my extra lives, all my saved gifts, everything. Now today it’s not loading again… Probably the end of the line for me. They take your money, but NO customer help!

  • ann

    Having the same problems others have reported…. starts to open, then goes back to main computer screen. Lost all boosters and extra goodies. Never received prizes for striped candy contest. Of course there is no customer service to take care of these problems. You’d think King would take care of trouble-shooting. Appalling and annoying!

  • Yvonne

    Soda and jelly doing my head in now,can’t get on to play,having withdrawals!

  • Trina

    I’m having the same problem been going on far to long about time King sorted this out for everyone NEEDS FIXING NOW !!!!!

  • Janice MacKinnon

    Candy crush still not working on my I pad does anyone from King ever look at the problem this has now been over a week

  • Twanna Sanders-Montague

    I’m getting really aggravated. I’m on level 1063 and before that, I couldn’t connect to Facebook. Every time I was supposed to get candy, it didn’t give it to me. So, I uninstalled the app and installed it again several times and now it acts like it wants to load, but then go back to the home screen on my phone. I’m a candy crush junkie and someone needs to fix it quick, fast, and in a hurry lbvvs. This has been going on some days now. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia Curtis

    I payed for 10 bars twice at .79p but don’t get the extra try’s and then the screen goes blank and shuts down . What is going on

  • Janet Luzzi

    My bonus wheel is missing-what happened?

  • Ann Other

    Please help this just flashes at me then kicks me out. This is after I was checking the results of the most recent challenge.

  • aprillia Indri Damayanti

    It won’t load….. Please fix it!!!

  • Trout

    I load up candy and press play the screen go to OK, then WELL DONE you are position 24. Then crashes.. This started after a screen ask me to go into some candy competition or other Help please…

  • Simone Williams

    Candy crush on my iPad and my mobile will not let me send lives, see who sent me lives and I keep getting booted off. I’m getting so dust rated.

  • Victoria Bennett

    Mine does the same. Though sometimes I can get a game in or two. Then it goes blue and then goes back to home screen.

  • Liz Heaton

    Ipad 2 up to date with ios 9.3.5. Candy crush keeps crashing and will not connect ith facebook. This has been happening for the last month. Please can it be fixed.

  • Robin Wilkinson

    I’ve been trying to connect to FB and it won’t connect. I’ve deleted apps and rebooted. Nothing. Plus the last 2 weeks a lot of crashes after loading. It turns black.

  • Jan

    I know that candy crush is no longer supported for IPad 2. The game will crash. I have an IPad Air 2 and Candy Crush will not connect to Facebook for the last 2 days.

  • Trina

    I’m having the same issues been nearly a month now and it’s with all King games on my iPad mini needs sorting NOW

  • Alana Brace

    Mine too

  • Jean Bass

    Why want candy crush go pass 2015 to a higher level on my lphone.

  • Peggy Minge

    Candy crush saga will not load or let me ask for lives or ticket to next level and has the wrong pictures on friends. If it even comes up it immediately crashes and the screen goes black. I play on iPad. Been like this 3 days.

  • Debbie

    Candycrush says I’m connected to facebook but no profile photos (friends or mine)are showing,

  • Tina

    What is going on with candy crush? can’t get on and when some times I do eventually get on it crashes instantly!! So frustrated!

  • Sandy

    Arrrrrgh I’m so fed up with Candy Crush crashing, will someone please FIX IT

  • Margy

    Candy crush when loading keeps going back to home screen why I have tryed shutting down turned to air plane mode still not working why..?

  • Sue

    Fed up of all the problems, crashing back to home screen all the time!!!!! Please fix it.

  • Aspholessaria

    Just tried Robert’s solution. Didn’t Work!

  • Aspholessaria

    I have the same problem with candy crush booting me out back to the home screen on my ipad mini. I tried to contact King, but that seems impossible. Their contact just sends you to their forum. Reading that, though, it seems this is an on-going problem that many people have, and the questions go back several years. So why haven’t King done something about it? My ipad and game are up to date. I’ve reinstalled the app, I’ve powered down my ipad and restarted it. These were all suggestions, but none work. Candy crush won’t let me even start now. It’s getting worse.

  • Clarissa balagtas-borjal

    same problem on ipad mini.. its been three weeks.. please fix

  • Joanne Centore

    Last 3 days, I get to the play scree. Tries to load then goes back to home screen. It does not tell me to update. Sometimes if I do three or four times it might open. Nothing today.

  • Sue

    On iPad mini CC has been crashing out daily , not loading , back to home screen , resulting in lives lost, also now Level 2024 keeps ending saying I have destroyed mixer when I haven’t , done all the usual , reboot etc to no avail

  • Ilene Feuerberg

    iPhone 6S won’t update level, I’ve deleted app, rebooted phone, re-opened app, still shows level 2009 when in fact we are on 2034, Updates on Kindle, but phone doesn’t change. Connects to FB but not updating. Anyone have a clue?

  • Deborah Thomley

    Roberts advice worked on iphone ty

  • Sue

    Update now cleared……thank you……..but crashing straight back to home page, been doing this for weeks!!!!!!

  • Robert X

    Put your device into airplane mode. Open Candy Crush. Hit play. Turn off airplane mode. Worked on Galaxy S7.

  • Susan Vazquez-Persaud

    Same problem,

  • Bondy

    Exactly the same problem … anyone got a solution?

  • Sandra Dugdale

    Same problem says update needed but already up to date ☹️️

  • Noddy

    As described by others below. Im on level 1313. Can’t play as says please update. When I press update it takes me to candy crush app. I press open and it takes me back to “update”. Continued loop.

  • Sue

    Can’t get upload off the screen but have already uploaded on 4th November, please help its damn frustrating!!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Same update problem

  • Deborah Thomley

    Same problem guess this is an issue today comes up with update screen I go to App Store no update available

  • Eugenia

    Asking upload when I open it but it’s already uploaded

  • Alison Leeming

    Same issue. Really annoyed when nearly on level 1100 ! Please fix it !

  • Autumn Abrams

    Frustrated, but glad to see its not just mine

  • Geoff Christer

    Same update problem. Un-installed and reinstalled still there.

  • ValH

    Same here, very annoying

  • Gillian Cotton

    Same here

  • scooby roo

    Same problem as last few posts says needs updating but play store shows no update

  • Sharon

    Cannot get past update, as below.

  • Tim

    Displays update window, takes you to App Store, ” open” takes you back to update window, no other options…..same problem as below

  • Tamar Whyte

    I am getting this too.

  • Davetech

    click update, goes to app store, click open then goes back to update.

  • Beverley Paul

    Mine got box on to get new version and update but it’s already updated

  • Ine Coeckelbergh

    Keeps saying I need an update but it’s the latest version..


    My game keeps crashing. What do you do. It has been doing this on my Apple tablet for a week.

  • Paula Marks

    Does anyone get results for candy jelly saga loading problems . It cuts off before being fully loaded !!!

  • Debs

    Can’t use candy crush. Crashes constantly fed up !!!!!

  • Sibongile Bornfire Maphalala

    I have updated candicrush saga now it won’t open wht do I do pls help. can’t cope without it

  • Judith

    On my iPad candy crush opens, crashes then goes back to home page of the app. Can u help?

  • Jeanette

    Candy crush won’t open keeps crashing and lost life’s and keeps going back to home page some say fb has to be open but tried it both ways uninstalled reinstalled getting frustrated with what to do

  • Toty Kiryakos

    Candy crush in my ipade always stop and return to the home screen I lose lives is there anything solve this problem fefor I got crazy

  • Gigi

    System down will i get my rewards from the chest and free spins

  • Matt ferencevich

    On android phone I get these treasure chest etc it says you have like 72 hours etc. I play for ten min. Later I come back the treasure chest or vine are gone. Any ideas. I contacted king and usually 7-10 days later I get a response sorry that has happened here’s a few gold bars etc.

  • TJ

    Btw it was a free copy already on my new laptop.

  • TJ

    Mine won’t load up when I press play. Recently changed privacy status on FF. Would that have affected it?

  • JC

    For the last several weeks I have been experiencing the same issues listed here. It kicks out when loading or during a game. Sometimes the game is super slow. I’ve tried all suggested fixes and nothing has helped.

  • Nico

    I have noticed that it’s getting worse with every apple software update as well. I can’t seem to play any King game as they all crash however the other brands work just fine! I love this game but given up, time for a change as clearly King aren’t in any rush to fix their issues.

  • Bizzygirl

    After the last update, my Candy Crush crashes every time I complete a level….if I can get into the level to start with!

  • Susan Owen

    My Andy crush was ok until the latest iPhone update now it keeps freezing most annoying !

  • sadden

    Same issues gor the last three weeks. I even tried deleting the app (losing over 90 saved lives), re-installed and still the same issues. I’m at level 1539 trying to catch up to my ssisters which I’ll never catchup if tjis continued. Does anyone know jow it can be fixed?

  • Spikey

    All my King games are bombing out and taking me back to the home screen

  • Cat

    Same problem on my iPad – haven’t been able to play for 2 weeks now. Shame to have to stop playing as I am on level 1187? Not sure what solution is – am playing candy crush jelly saga instead

  • Liza Cat

    Having problems loading candy crush…it keeps kicking me out, taking me to my mobile home screen. I’ve updated candy crush and Facebook…what to do??? HELP!

  • Jennifer Killiany

    So annoying. Can’t play keeps booting me back to my home page. Don’t want to play via Facebook. Help,fix it please

  • Ian

    My candy Cush game keeps going back to main page every time i go to play it why

  • Karen Hess

    Am having the same problem. Ok for first few games then starts moving in slow motion. Spoiling the fun for sure.

  • michelle

    On candy crush saga on my android tablet when I get to the next life it starts going slow. What’s up with that.

  • Rick

    Lost all boosters. Had 80 to 100+ of most. Lost all Hollywood and hands. Had 50+ of each. I’m mad.

  • Annoyed

    I was on 1925 n I had no internet connection for a week!! I just deleted my candy crush wen I went back on it put me back to level 1888 my friend was at 1927 but she was below me wen I was up at 1925 anyone having this problem thanks

  • Xottle

    Mystery quests are no longer available on my mobile app. It was removed with a recent update. I am on level 995.

  • Avani Patel

    I am on level 1645 and the corner of 9 jellies can only be crushed by frog candy doing so the game crashes and shuts down and goes on my desk top page.
    Any solutions?

  • alison barrett

    I’m on same level and it keeps doing that with me can you tell me if you have sorted it out please

  • Bethbak4

    1645 problem

  • Catherine Rae

    I am on level 1645 the aim to get rid of jelly. However every time I try to use the frog the game stops and goes back to my desk top page. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Sujoy Das

    What do I do when i played in level 621 after landing the candy frog on jelly it shows that candy crush saga has been stopped

  • Tracee Valverde

    Is candyvcrush down today? Is anyone wlse not able to load it?

  • Charley

    What do I do. I play two of the games. When I use one turn on one game they take another game turn on the second game. What can I do !

  • steve

    Can’t load candy crush soda either. Been reading your comments. Thought I had prob with my phone, Lumia 830. Try to load and it just goes back to app page. Grrrrrrrrr. FIX IT PLEEEASE

  • Warren Dawson

    deleted app then reloaded it because wasnt getting extra lives sent now unable to logon. went on computer to connect to phone just get up command

  • France

    My Father’s Favorite game candy crush saga app in tablet, keeps on blinking everytime we click on certain level. My father’s mad so he uninstalled it, I installed the same app but keeps doing the same issue. Tried uninstall and install it 4x but has the same issue. Tried updating the software and everything on my Father’s tablet but it is still the same. How do we fix this please? It’s really Frustrating!

  • ashraf

    My candy crush saga game stopped unexpectly on my phone J5 samsung after latest update software..plz give its early resulation

  • Tim lodge

    Suck on pending update on my iPad and can’t delete and reinstall or do anything with it all day

  • Linda Johnson

    Cannot load on my Nokia Lucia, stuck on pending, tried all the advice on different sites but still stuck on pending !!

  • Dorothy

    Has not loaded on iPad since Sunday

  • lindadeline

    no lives for the last 24 hrs why????
    Stuck in a time warp??

  • Lindsey

    Tried to play the game at least four times it wont load at all. Hope it gets fixed soon

  • Bob

    This is happening to me too for a couple of weeks now. I don’t play through fb, just on laptop…orange screen, black screen, close. Extremely annoying.

  • Alan Tagg

    Instead of telling us the game is down why dont they fix the damn thing, it so frustrating….

  • Kirsten Elliott

    It won’t load today. I did the update. Still won’t load. Just goes back to home page. It’s not my phone – everything else works.

  • Anthony Motto

    Candy Crush will not open it always goes back to my home page

  • john calderhead

    Candy crush saga and candy crush soda both not starting.. Get the King screen for a couple of decades then booted back to home screen. Been like this since Monday. nexus7 2012 android 5.1.1

  • Katie

    Game will load and I play my level and it freezes during.

  • Ros Wilkinson

    Cannot login to FB on Candy Crush after Android update last night.


    Level 1627 this same issue passed 3 times with bonuses and 3 times frozen (kicked out from game).

  • Yuki

    Same problem at level 1627 for whole day and many special candies has been wasted. Found it happens whenever a sprinkle show up. Please fix ASAP. Please give back all special candies that were wasted

  • Suzanne

    I’m having the same problem as Jackie and Lisa.

  • Jackie

    I’ve got the same problems with level 1627 just freezing and wasting special candies. Sort it out King

  • Lisa

    I’m on level 1627 and my games frozen 2 times and each time iv started to play the game iv used some of my special candies that I save for the harder games I’m really annoyed !!!

  • Helene O Shaw

    trying to reconnect since Saturday screen just goes black tried to uninstall start again no luck

  • Shannyn Meehan

    I have been trying to get on candy crush for four days now on android…starts loading then goes right back to home screen. Very frustrating! …have uninstalled…reinstalled…same

  • Michele De Leon

    Me too. Thought it was just me, since last night. Any ideas?????