Candy Crush Saga problems

Candy Crush Saga is one of the latest instalments for this app that can be found on Facebook, Android and iOS devices. When problems arrive with Candy Crush it isn’t normally thanks to the app being down, but rather issues after it won’t load, open, or with the in-app purchases. Users also report crashing on certain Android devices or when bugs are found in iOS.

The game is extremely popular on Facebook with millions of monthly users, so as you’d imagine there’s a range of problems being seen from social networks to smartphones and tablets.


Candy Crush Status insight for Monday 27th of November 2017

If Candy Crush is down today, then reports will be found below.

Candy Crush Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • lymbo

    Feels like their server is down. Iā€™m sure when they fix it we will all get back to where we were etc. Very annoying though

  • Ursula Berger

    Candy crush won’t load

  • Shirley Foster

    I’m stuck in between levels 2825 and 2826 won’t progress

  • Kimberly Johnson

    After I hit play, I get a screen that has buttons 0-4. There is an “x” but it won’t let me exit. Nothing happens when I hit the buttons either. I have powered my phone off, but that doesn’t help either. Anyone know how to fix the problem?

  • Nicole

    My game start at me all the way over to number one and I was on 400 and something why did you do that

  • Manjunath Hegde

    Not update candy crush new level 2781 why

  • Fiona Zigas

    iPad and iPhone apps are stuck at level 2780 after completing it 2 weeks ago or more…PC version is way ahead on levels.

  • Fiona Zigas

    Same here…can’t get past level 2780 on iPhone or iPad…computer version is way ahead on levels.

  • Nana

    Candy Crush cheats. I know for a fact that I’ve completed my moves and it says i failed.

  • basky

    Cant collect my bonus and cant connect to FB. Network is fine

  • AngNTex

    Game won’t begin, there is a sign on the front page saying Closed for the Season???

  • Lisa Griffiths

    Stuck on 1925! Won’t move me on.

  • Mary Jo Lomas

    I am stuck on level 2690 and it won’t advance to level 2691. I’ve completed level 2690. Stuck on the train.

  • Jennifer Malone

    Stuck on the crossroads to Balloon Barn ( level 2691 ) has been for 2 weeks

  • Kitsy Powers Bridges

    Same here. I’m stuck at 2705.

  • Katherine Lee

    I have completed level 2,225 about 15 times but the game will not let me move on to the next level.

  • Rey Gervacio

    Iam so prostrated as my candy crush freezes for two days now!
    I think I better stop playing this from now on!
    Iam on level 1692 grrrrrr

  • Carron

    Yes me too and can’t get it to re download now

  • Sue Rees

    Since last night Candy crush saga goes to black screen when press ‘play’. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Judith Appleton

    Can’t get logged . Into Facebook during game

  • Deepak

    I have completed episode fabulous fair that is upto level 2575 ten days before and my new episode cocoa cove is opened but levels are not loading and they all have no numbers. Then how to start the game from level 2576

  • Stan Yee

    Candy crush not loading on iPhone, very frustrating after 2 days, I’m ready to delete it for good.

  • Madge Thornton

    I am on game 1810 and only have 45 seconds to complete where as on the tips pages it has 90 seconds, can anyone explained this because players are complaining they can’t finish it in 90seconds how am I supposed to on 45?

  • Lynne

    I had 9 gold bars, next thing I know I have 2. I have earned 3 more am I going to lose them too. I did not use them

  • Lucine DerHagopian

    My booster wheel is gone from windows 10 hp laptop and on Samsung galaxy edge 7 phone, it keeps saying come back later for another spin and don’t use phone much

  • Carole Arsenault

    All day today after I play about five games I am unable to make any moves, the whole screen just freezes I installed a critical window update yesterday for windows 10 OS and ever since then it crashes constantly after five games…grrrrrrrr….

  • shay Ison

    During the game it stops

  • Jackie Deaville

    When the word loading comes on its very faint then just cuts out.

  • Leo Diesbourg

    Actually it was level 2595 and it finally stopped giving the checked candies which allowed it to finish.

  • Leo Diesbourg

    After completing the level the game is stuck in an infinite loop awarding points by “completing” the special pieces on the screen. Is there any way to stop it? If I close the app I have to replay the level and it does it again. Level 2582 or so (can’t get back to my map)

  • Joanne Jones

    mine has been rubbish for a week, takes ages to load ,and format changed, and keeps freezing, no pleasure in playing this now, cheers for that

  • Kate

    CC won’t open or load

  • Angela Fothergill

    Am playing candy crush and want to use gold bars to buy lives. I have 167 bars but when I go to buy 6 hours play it says no internet connection but I have internet connection and am using other sites. What is the problem folks, can anyone help?

  • Rocky Lingerfelt

    I’m on level 1327 been there for the last two months can’t or it will not let me win even when I do win. Every time I get close to a win the game locks up and will not move until I turn it off. I have used my boosters bombs and hands to get the two Apples and two cherries to fall thru then when that happens and the others start to pop and add points it locks up again and again every time. Now when I don’t have a chance to win it will let me make all of the moves. I’m at the end. So I going stop playing any of kings games that I have been playing for last three years.

  • Elizabeth Hyler

    5/15/2017. Candy Crush won’t load up on Google Chrome and Edge browser.

  • Phil Hutchinson

    The version I play on PC through facebook is acting like the app version available for mobiles. I do not like that version, nor can I seem to revert it and it’s especially annoying when I can’t access the moonstruck levels. One annoying thing is that it does not run in the background, so I can’t just alt+Tab to other stuff while I wait for end of level animations etc. I can’t see any way of changing it, plus even when I play online through facebook it still tells me that I should connect to see my rewards; even though I clearly am connected. Fix whatever the hell you did to it please.

  • CJS

    Candy Crush wont open on my FB page but will on my phone, please help

  • zupnam

    what level are you on? im on 2470

  • zupnam

    same problem encounter.. helpp

  • Dustin Feldt

    Candy Crush switched on me! I open my PC Yesterday and the Mobil app version is now on my PC. They are different and I want it to go back to the way it was. I login to my wife’s and kids and there’s are fine. They have the PC Version. I’m the only one who had the Mobil app version take over. Can someone help thank you.

  • Gareth Davies

    can’t get on through FB should be showing level 2458ish but nothing bit of a sorry state of affairs Always behind on me mobile but this is ridiculous

  • teresa

    ??? Suddenly CC is taking ages to load, the playing area has shrunk considerably and it has a fluffy, slightly blurred appearance. Why???? It looks awful and is difficult to play now.

  • Debbie

    Can’t connect to Facebook. I can still play but my profile picture is not there and I can’t see others that are playing. I’m on level 1913

  • Vanita

    Does not even show on updates soda crush. Still loading past few weeks

  • Celia Bowhay

    Candy crush not starting up on FB …

  • Sandy L Ly

    Candy Crush not starting on FB…

  • Sam

    The new updated version hurts the eyes. The flashing is awful. If you have eye issues this will be a problem

  • Jan Wilson

    My PC version of Candy Crush changed to the android version I get on my phone. I’ve got 2 other games on different accounts and these haven’t been affected. Anyone else have same problem?

  • Claire Hudson

    Mine says the same it won’t let me do anything on my tablet yet works on my phone

  • Janet Nelson

    I cannot access my lives! And I have no updates. What to do?

  • Dawn

    I also couldn’t access my lives on Candy Crush for a few days. Today I have gone into the App Store & there’s another update so I’ve done that & now it’s working properly. I hope this helps you all.

  • John A Arnott

    My game displays an icon that says report player. If I click on this it opens an internet page that say reporting player not found. I can not get rid of this box. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried deleting and reinstalling but it made no difference.

  • Cheryl Eichenlaub Hill

    day 2 of Candy Crush not loading the app at all šŸ™

  • Chris

    can’t access my saved lives. When I try, it closes the entire app. This started when I updated my candy crush app!