Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems

Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems can be a pain, and these can include the game itself not loading online, power ups not working properly and so much more. But instead of sitting around trying to look for answers please let Down Today be your first port of call.

bubble witch 3

Hopefully without Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems you are having a lot of fun and hopefully busting the bubbles to succeed, the more levels you climb the harder things will get.

This game, by the same makers of Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga and of course the first Bubble Witch Saga β€˜King’, and the game has seem millions of downloads. Some of the issues that have occurred before include the game itself shutting down, online gameplay with friends not working and not opening via desktop or mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Are you having Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems? List them below with your location.


Bubble Witch Saga Status insight for Wednesday 28th of June 2017

If Bubble Witch Saga is down today, then reports will be found below.

Bubble Witch Saga Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Carla

    Not good for me when the app keeps crashing on me upon opening. Never had this issue with number 2.

  • Yvonne

    I’m from Rotterdam/NL
    I haven’t been able to open BW2 for a week now, since march 25. As soon as I push ‘play’, nothing moves anymore, I get a black screen, it goes back to my homepage or my iPhone shuts down completely. The last problem also happens/happened frequently while being in the middle of a level. Maybe it’s been hacked, since it gets ‘hacked’ often to cheat.

  • Frances

    Me too I’m in London

  • Myra Sanders

    I’m in N.C. Crashes a lot . Can’t see friends list , it’s blank , so I can’t ask for lives . It pops up but the only thing it has in the box where friends should be is, ask or accept . Just about ready to delete !!!!!!!!!!

  • Martha

    I’m in Newfoundland, Canada, BubbleWitch2 keeps crashing out, driving me nuts!

  • Donna

    I can’t buy gold bars or use the ones I have. Suggestions?

  • Linda

    It keeps crashing and not loading I have deleted 3times and it still crashes and not going to let me in with Facebook sick of it

  • Katrina

    I’m form Pearl Ms I keep having problems on the tournament. I will win the level it eintnpriceed to the next level. I don’t lose a life.

  • Dorothy

    I’m from Saipan, Northen Mariana Island, in the Pacific. Bubble witch saga 2 is one of my favorite games.

    It has been downloaded onto my iPad, I’ve been playing fine. It’s been a week now since I haven’t played because it appears to be downloading but when I press on up the icon to play it says ‘waiting’ and it’ll be like that for a long time then it goes back to the icon being dark and will not allow me to play. Please advise.

  • Tari

    Bubble Witch 2 keeps shutting down!! I live in Illinois. Almost ready to stop playing it!!

  • Clint

    Bubble witch 2 keeps shutting down, i’m in Northern Ireland. It’s very annoying.

  • kiramea

    I can’t get bubble witch saga 2 or any King games to load on facebook. They either time out or i get a “we are experiencing an error” type page.

  • jdandrea

    In New York, US: App crashes on iOS every time I try re-entering the Jackalope challenge. Restarting the app and restarting the phone do not help.

  • Jen

    In New Hampshire, USA… Individual levels will not load

  • Doris Ross

    in Adelaide, Australia – it will load to the welcome page and hang.. for the last few days.. very frustrating :(

  • Natalie

    In Chesapeake, Virginia it keep crashing all of sudden restarted the game is still doing the same thing

  • Robbie

    Where are you playing Bubble Witch today because I am in Cardiff and having serious issues getting the game to stay on, it keeps crashing on me.

  • Lou

    I am having a few issues, one is i can be playing a game for like a few hours and then the app decides to crash on me. Then other times he app will not open at all.

  • Dawny

    Cannot get into game still, 4 days on is a little ridiculous.

  • Christine

    I am stuck on level 452, please help.

  • Henrii

    I love this game but come on now, the game has not been loading consistently for a few days now which is rather annoying.

  • Gerald

    I am so hating that Bubble Witch 2 Saga is not loading.

  • Larry

    This game has stopped loading, what is going on with this King?