BT email problems

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems, so this is why a lot of users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage.

If your BT email isn’t working, then it could be related to all of their broadband services down or connected to something else. In some cases the issues could be local lot your part of the UK, or even your broadband and fibre technology.

Use the information on this page to connect BT support to to see status reports form users in regard to email problems, login issues, and other related services.


BT email Status insight for Saturday 16th of December 2017

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Roger Rabbit

    BT Mail was working perfectly well at home yesterday on a BT internet connection.
    Now at in-laws on Talk Talk and BT email not working.
    Works fine on an iPAD with a 3 SIM and iPhones using Vodafone SIMs.
    Years of IT industry experience suggests to me that Talk Talk have a problem…

  • Heather

    Bt email not loading messages!! iPhone iPad on laptop need to reload every few minutes! Help help help – going into hospital need my emails!!

  • TheLittleBlackDress

    Btmail isn’t loading and I have a job application deadline to meet……

  • Tony O’Sullivan

    I have not been able to send btinternet email from my Outlook account for several hours. My incoming mail is arriving. Do you have advice?

  • BT Mail Care +44-808-143-3686

    BT mail problems?
    login issues
    Contact us.
    Thank you.

  • Galina Smith

    I had ‘session timed out’ every 10 minutes for the last 5 days. Today all I get is an empty email login page. Dreadful.

  • Stephen M

    Today, both my BT web based email addresses automatically log out after 10 minutes saying, ‘session timed out’, dam infuriating having to log in all the time! Why do they have to change things when they work?? Ggrrr…

  • Byebye BT

    email down all day every day till late afternoon. What is this crap? Not working on phone or PC – fortunately web mail can connect. Time to move away from BT although been with them for 15 years. Just not reliable enough and too expensive.

  • gbr962

    I am an IT technician in London helping residential and small businesses.

    In the last 2 weeks my BT email clients have had hell – rejected passwords for BT Webmail and Outlook failures.

    Attempts to manually change the password fail in that the password change only works for BT account login, but is not passed onto the email servers that authenticate your login.

    I have had over 5 hours of calls to BT technicians trying to solve this. Asking them to change the password leads to various scenarios where your bt account login works….. your webmail may/may not work and Outlook probably still does not work.

    A BT Connect technician admitted that all these email login errors were due to an email server migration they were undertaking 2 weeks ago – this migration of course has not gone well and is rejecting numerous BT email logins.

    BT in my experience have historically offered the worst performing email service in the U.K. Clients have suffered frequent outages for years. Nothing has changed.

    As a result, most of my clients using BT email have moved over to Gmail.

  • Westy

    I have had no BT email via my lap top for 3 weeks. If I try and open the login page I get the following: Content Server could not process the request.
    I spoke to somebody in India who said my password needs resetting. Asolute tosh! Still no difference.
    Does anyone know what is going on???

  • Diana

    I haven’t had email access for 12 days…problem has now been escalated to Calcutta….I have no idea what that means or even if they can help!

  • Ian Thomas

    And yet again BT server rejects log in from Outlook 2016. been fine for 2 weeks !!! lucky me
    As always BT dont help

  • Graeme Livingstone

    Haven’t been able to connect for a week !

  • MartG

    Seems to be a regular thing now – Outlook unable to connect all day, then it bursts into life around 8pm 🙁

  • Van Tran

    Outlook was able to download emails for a few days. I thought it was fixed by BT. Until today. They really are crap

  • Steve Thor Hanna

    I haven’t had access to my btinternet email for the last 3 weeks. Have just been told today that if I didn’t pay £36 today and then £5 per month they would be deleting my account. I have now lost over 10 years worth of personal emails as I refused to be blackmailed like that. Never will I return to BT. Blackmailing To$$ers is what BT means.

  • Jenny Felmingham

    Have spent the last 2 days talking to 6 different people about a friend who has not been able to access new emails since 2nd November or send emails -all gave me different things to – do, from changing the password 3 times to telling me to download a bt app. When I explained the person had no technology for apps she said there is nothing we can do to help. The last said there was a problem with “outage” – when will it be back on is anybody’s guess – if this was my email I would have left it already – very poor.

  • Angela Belletty

    Not been able to use internet since 29th Oct. Spoke to various people in different countries this last week and a half. Said email account had been compromised, needed to reset password, of which I have now done myself and with various advisers, to no avail. I have spent hours on phone trying to sort this out, only to phone today spoke to a lady in Stockport who said BT were experiencing issues with their email. She could only apologise that no-one had told me and hoped it would be back on tonight. Not holding my breath. Will be seeking compensation and looking for different company as this is unacceptable as we rely on this technology

  • brenda bolton

    Oh thank heavens!!thought it was just me!!technical I ain’t! !! Will wait x

  • Paul Wilkins

    Looks like I’m not the only one. I can’t send anything (can now receive). I’ve had the same password/emails for past 15+ years, also have several email accounts, none seem to be working. Well done BT.

  • Jennie Adams

    E mail went down last Thursday not put right til Sunday morning (by my daughter not BT). Promptly crashed within 2 hours reset password again. Monday morning account blocked again. Still no e mails today. Time to ditch BT !


    ipad will receive e mail but will not send

  • David Boland

    Stating the obvious and I guess you have done this Martin but have you updated the password to the new one on the actual phones email account.

  • Martin Smith

    I reset my password on bt homepage. Can use webmail, but my phone can’t access the server.

  • mark duncan

    Same here, still no email as of yesterday and today, not a good service from BT.

  • Martin Smith

    No email most of yesterday and off again today

  • David Boland

    Have you tried to do what Judith found fixed the problem in an earlier post. I think this is also what I inadvertently did and it brought my email back to life.
    Go to the main home BT web page (not from a phone/tablet app) and click on ’email’ on the top right. Enter your email address then hit ‘forgotten password’ and go through the process to enter a new password.
    After 5 mins all my devices were back on.

  • Lisa

    After a long web chat with an advisor yesterday I was promised it would be sorted within 24 hours. I have been 2 days without emails now. I’m worried how many important I may have lost. I was told it was an outage problem and my password was changed by Bt to help rectify the problem. I have lost all emails on my iPad, can’t access any on my lap top either. I daren’t touch my phone incase I lose them too. Come on Bt sort this out!!

  • jxbag

    Just had the same, 1.5 hours on chat, blamed my devices. Then said would call me, asked me to close chat. Never heard back! Fuming

  • Tracy

    Thanks Judith. Will try that later

  • Judith Halliwell

    I just went into BT webmail (mine is on Office Exchange) to see if I could see my email – and found out that my password had “expired” and they wanted me to put in a new one. Once I’d done that, and then changed the password as well on my Outlook account, all emails appeared – so it seems to be fixed!

  • Beverly Beadle

    Appears to have permanently deleted in excess of 1,000 emails!!!! I’m terrified I might have lost so much data

  • Jonathan Stokes

    I have wasted the last three days trying to sort out my email problems with BT (so-called) Help. They have variously: tried to blame my devices (both Apple), told me to Google it (because they didn’t know) and on one occasion hung up. Somebody has to complain officially about this through Offcom and/ or go to the press – BT are a disgrace.

  • Lesley Titchmarsh

    Big problems BT yahoo mail. Does not recognise email address I have had for 20 years. BT admit their problem with servers but do not know when it will be resolved!!

  • John Crowder

    Is anyone having problems down loading attachments on btinternet?

  • Tracy Husbands

    I am still having the same problem this morning. Can’t send or receive emails again this morning on either phone or computer. Is this going to be resolved today?

  • Sue Windsor

    Same problem from Apple iPad – not recognising my email address.
    Have had this account for years- how do we get it sorted please.

  • Robert Shepherd

    Been experiencing email problems most of day on both Mac and widows

  • David Boland

    Me too, called the supposedly ‘technical centre’ in some far away place and simply got told it was a problem at my end, end of.
    Apple iPad using IOS and phone using Android both having same issue. Gmail accounts on both devices working fine.
    BT please at least acknowledge the problem. I’m from a technical background and this is a problem generated from your servers.

  • Tatiana

    Same problem I can’t get or send email , I have got message “Sorry, we do not recognize this email address”.Help please, I don’t know what to do….

  • Shelley Clarke

    BT I can’t get/send email the whole day. What is the problem? Have you sorted it out? Keep getting username and password incorrect, but was fine yesterday and haven’t changed anything. So frustrating!

  • Kim Evans

    Yesterday I got a text saying my email had been suspended, have reset as per their instructions 4 times yesterday & once today, now saying am able to log in but my mail isnt available. Spoke to someone at BT who told me there is a problem affecting `a few customers` (arent we lucky!) & that the problem is being worked on & should be fixed in the next 4-24 hours, not feeling confident reading your posts below but have been promised a callback between 9-11 in the morning

  • Paul Messenger

    Same here. Will send but won’t receive emails on email app. Constant problems with BT – absolutely hopeless.

  • jxbag

    See my reply above, your staff happy to pass the buck as usual

  • jxbag

    What is going on BT, myMail app will not receive Bt emails now saying server problems. Just spent an hour onto BT your staff say as the actual bt email is working ok not really your problem! You have clearly done some sort of update affecting settings!

  • Mary

    I am having the same problem. Receive emails, most of which are junk, but cannot send any. Will not recognise my password either. Need help please

  • Ian Ashwood

    Same here……I use MyMail and it isn’t syncing on Kindle Fire either

  • Kelly

    Bt email has decided to stop syncing in my Samsung phone so I can not send it recieve emails. Please can someone help

  • Van Tran

    Thanks to BT I have wasted hours uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2016 several times due to what I have now discovered is a failure with BTmail servers not talking to email clients. BT tech help were blaming the client end and denying problems at theirs. Then I installed Thunderbird and got the same issue as Outlook with my email address and password not being recognised. Finally I spoke to someone who said they have had a problem for over a week affecting random customers. She apologised and was annoyed the other advisers were not able to tell me this

  • Ian Thomas

    yup BT playing up again – cannot connect to pick up mail using outlook 2016. this is happening to often now. BT will not accept there is an issue – utter rubbish

  • Mail Helpline +(44)8081433686

    Contact us for issues and Problems
    Free helpline and Support Staff
    Thank You.

  • paul scarlett

    My BT has been playing up for a few days, I use outlook on my desktop. Outlook will not connect to the BT servers. My Yahoo app on my phone works and emails come in to my tablet. So this is an issue with the BT server not wanting to connect. It has happened in the past, but very frustrating

  • Mail Help +(44)808-143-3686

    Contact us
    =>Free Helpline.
    =>24*7 Support.
    =>Login Issues
    =>Resolve issues in regard to email problems
    Thank You.

  • Nicky

    I’m with them too. But can’t even log in online as well as email app doesn’t recognise my email address or mobile number too. I would say there is definitely a problem

  • Nicky

    Why after calling to reset my email account that was thrown out and not recognised over 3 weeks ago did the operator put me on hold til the phone was dead? It seems bcos my btinternet email is not premium I’m not worth speaking to. Thanks for nothing but wasting my time.

  • Peter Dunn

    My btinternet which is a premium number I pay £5 a month for has suddenly stopped working on pop3 even though the webmail works. Both Iphone & ipad, an andoid tablet and my outlook have failed to log onto the server since 2:30pm I spoke to BT who say they don’t support other systems but it seems obvious to me it’s their pop3 server. Anyone any ideas?

  • Marvymarvin

    My email account that ive had for the past 15 years is now not recognised. Its a talk21 address does anyone know if there is something going on with talk21 accounts. The app is still on my desktop and is logging in emails , 97 at present, i go to log in and get diverted to a sign in, this then identifies the account then denies the account exists, it also fails to recognise my home phone number where ive lived for 25 years.
    Is there any way of contacting yahoo???? Ive tried numerous avenues but without success

  • Chris Dunn

    For all those with bt email ive spoken to them and it seems we are to pay 5 pound per month to keep the email its “premium” apparently so thats a decade of emails i will now lose im not paying bt any money will transfer address elsewhere. Thought id update everyone. #wasteoftime #moneygrab

  • Adrian Vincent

    Folder synchronisation via IMAP of one of my email accounts has become unreliable again. Most folders are working fine, but some won’t synch. Suspect message pointers are being corrupted on Yahoo servers when servicing IMAP requests. Online webmail access is fine. This is getting ridiculous. Come on BT, it’s time to ditch Yahoo and get a more reliable provider.

  • Veneta Bullen

    Not been able to receive one message into my MacMail application today since 09:30 and likewise on my iPad/iPhone. Only remotely which isn’t how I like to work. Sort it out please

  • Martin Anon

    My email stopped working via outlook this morning and is still down now. I get the : Error says: Task ‘******** Folder:Inbox Check for new mail.’ reported error (0x800CCC0E) : ‘Outlook cannot download folder Inbox from the IMAP email server for account ******** Error: Cannot connect to the server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’

    Had online chat with customer service but basically he didn’t have a scooby and started by telling me I should delete my account fro Outlook and re-install.

    I have 5 or 6 devices with outlook, some of which had not been booted today but all have the same issue but it seems the fault is at my end!! Finally got him to see that the issue was theirs and he asked me to give it 24 hours. Waste of time as he didn’t have a clue.
    Reading all the posts here where people have the same issues is worrying as I don’t want this to be a long term issue.

    If I still have this issue in a week I am voting with my feet!!

  • Staman

    BT Yahoo email – main account login with Outlook (on Win7) or Aquamail (Android) both failing to login since 07:55 24 Oct 2017. Webmail working OK on PC and phone.