BT email problems

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems, so this is why a lot of users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage.

If your BT email isn’t working, then it could be related to all of their broadband services down or connected to something else. In some cases the issues could be local lot your part of the UK, or even your broadband and fibre technology.

Use the information on this page to connect BT support to to see status reports form users in regard to email problems, login issues, and other related services.


BT email Status insight for Tuesday 20th of February 2018

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • MartinH

    BT mail on iPhone has been a problem all weekend and still not working despite reloading the account. Downloaded the Yahoo app and that works as does gmail. Not the first time BT mail has been a problem

  • Paul

    No matter what I do I cant get my Samsung S7 to send & receive my BT Emails. It was OK until about a week ago. I use Outlook set to IMAP. Changed my BT password but no better. All I get is your user name or password is incorrect. I can get Emails on my Laptop & IPad. Any ideas?


    google have also decieded to difficult with outllok


    yahoo says my e-mial does not exsits i set it up today

  • Malcolm

    I had the same problem. I use Microsoft Outlook, but always an ‘Error’ message and no e-mails in or out for 48 hours. So I went to the Yahoo web page and tried to log in with my BT password. When it refused this I clicked on ‘forgotten password’ and chose a new password which was simply my existing BT password. NOT a new password. This cured the problem.


    Can’t send mail, that is now 28 hours


    spent to hours setting up a new e-mail in outlook information is out of date

  • Forestlands

    User doesn’t understand! Also, it’s how they say it is not how the user says it is. Indian call centre is very bad at telling people they are wrong and don’t understand¬

  • English Christian

    Disgusting service if down own up to it and tell your customers. On premium mail should I sue BT?

  • English Christian

    Exactly they always make out they are squeaky clean and it must be the users fault.

  • Craig Bainbridge

    Over 24 hours without email. Absolutely pants BT… won’t be using you anymore…

  • Mary Nielsen

    It looks like we are now back up and running….

  • Mary Nielsen

    It is now 24 hrs since last receiving any email…. when you are disabled house bound like I am, it is getting beyond a joke now…. not that it was funny in the first place….

  • Sue

    Still no emails come on BT get your finger out this is appalling service

  • M. Hine

    Terrible service…called BT and waited for an hour. Changing service provider, this is so poor.

  • John Irven

    BT yahoo email problem. BT have advised problem with their server connecting. So Outlook won’t connect to it, error ‘IMAP server drops out’. But direct connection by webmail to BT Yahoo still works. Advised by online BY chat that problem will be fixed within 24 hours…..

  • Pam Foley (Pam Foley Sculpture

    I’m having the same problem as everyone. It seems that the bt/yahoo interface with mac mail is an ever occurring problem, not helped when BT has problems and doesn’t alert us in any way. Like someone else has stated, best to have a glass of wine and hope all is back to normal tomorrow

  • Karen

    Grrr I haven’t had email access since 11:30 this morning. What is going on? Can not access from iPad or phone. Not good when you rely on it for work and important communications. Seems everyone is being affected by this….come on BT sort it out, you charge us enough for a poor service!

  • Nina

    Me too, been trying for 3 hours to get my BT e mail onto my I pad and I phone. Changed ALL passwords as I thought it was my fault!!! Grrrrrrrr….Glad I saw this thread. Will have a glass of wine and try tomorrow!!!

  • Peter Howells

    My iPad says the server is down. Rebooted and renters Pswd still no connection. Ok on the laptop.

  • Al

    Can’t get incoming btinternet mail to an iPhone 5S. It’s ok on the laptop website. Can send ok from phone but no copy sent back to phone.
    Deleted account from phone and restored but it rejects the password. Changed the password four times on the laptop and after 3 hours of trying everything saw this page – so I’m not alone!
    Come on BT sort it out

  • Richard

    Yes – spoke to them an hour or so ago and was told they are aware of the problem and are aiming to fix by the end of the day!!

  • Louise Gibson

    Seems like it’s a country wide issue, we are in Devon and cannot access email since late morning on imac, windows 10 or iphones! Keep getting your password is out of date please re sync, keep putting in the correct passwords for all email accounts but nothing happens. You can still log in direct through the BT web page but is a massive pain if you are trying to monitor several email accounts! Does anyone know if BT are working on this??

  • Suzy B Muller

    blinking BT email getting on my preverbial titilows grr grr cant log in all day !! rejects password etc dam mobile keeps bleeping saying cant log in GET IT BLINKING FIXED BT !!!! as it comes up technical error grr grr !!!!

  • Philip Burch

    anyone know when these issues are likely to be resolved. I’m in Brighton and lost my incoming email on iPad and MacBook Air late morning today…

  • Susan Chapman

    Can’t receive by emails on android phone and iPad…keeps saying it’s an error

  • Colin Younger

    Still no access ..keeps asking for password and then rejecting it!

  • majitna

    My webmail working too, but can’t log in via either Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird

  • Graham D Taylor

    Able to access BT email online but windows mail app and android phone being told account information out of date.

  • Trisha

    Can’t receive or send emails – account error with Yahoo! Despite trying to connect to account.

  • Gary J Wookiee Smith

    Can’t receive my BT emails on my iPhone X today but can still send.
    Webmail on laptop working fine so must be a login issue between O2 and BT I imagine.
    Any thoughts anyone?

  • Gary J Wookiee Smith

    Can’t receive my BT emails on my iPhone X today but can still send.
    Webmail on laptop working fine so must be a login issue between O2 and BT I imagine.
    Any thoughts anyone?

  • Networkbaz

    Unable to connect with Server – keep saying password needs updating – been here before and it’s a crock!!!

  • SiriusB

    Not able to receive mail this morning. Test messages fail.

  • Claire Chroston

    cant get emails, keep getting sent to a homepage = normally have direct log in really annoyed – its a business email account .Grrrrr

  • John Marr

    Cant get emails on iphone or ipad.

  • gordorfc

    Fixed…24hrs of unable to sync but k tt.

  • gordorfc

    Anyone still experiencing mail issues? I have logged into the web portal and everything seems fine on there and my phone, but can not sync with O365 on Windows 10….anyone else struggling today?

  • Roger Fay

    Hi Darren, many thanks, always good to know others are experiencing similar problems. I got them both working again last night, which leads me to agree with you that it was a problem with BT outage.

  • Having the same issue with a client this morning. Seems BT are having some outages AGAIN.

  • Roger Fay

    Since yesterday, I have lost the automated replication between Outlook on my laptop and the BT Mail server, and at the same time I’ve lost the replication between GMail on the google nexus phone and BT Mail. As both have gone together, it would suggest that the problem is caused by changes made on the BT Mail server.

  • Richard

    Bt yahoo email issues via iPhone
    I had same issue but deleted my email account via my iPhone then reinstalled it,but when choosing to re enter provider ( instead of choosing yahoo) click on other which allows you to add mail account where you type in same login details and once it’s reinstalled it renames your email account BTinternet ( instead of Bt yahoo) then all emails updated, hope this helps

  • Sheila Munro

    Same issue for me with iPhone and iPad. I am also not able to get mail on my dell, unless I go onto the web page

  • Jonathan Pennington

    My 3G iPhone (6.1.6) e-mail has sudenly stopped working. I have rebooted; deleted all e-mail accounts. Tried reloading a new BT account with all correct info, but says “DETAILS NOT RECOGNISED’ OR SIMILAR. I can access incoming emails by using my browser to go to th BT Internet web site, s my internet connection is workig. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Craig Forsyth

    Ipad, outlook and iphone refuses to connect to my mailbox. Can log on via web browser and it is ok but my address book is in outlook. This has been off and on last two days but down all day today. Pain in the f****** arse.

  • Eithna Bright

    Logs on OK then screen just keeps flashing not loading emails

  • myjamfactory

    Emails frequently bounce back undelivered despite correct address. This happens 5/6 times a day & has been for about 2 months. I dont` know how to resolve & asking BT would be like..

  • graham

    can not log in to emails just keeps going back to login page

  • Collins Mason

    All of the “below”, AND STILL NOT WORKING PROPERLY!!!! Sort your bloody website out!!!!!

  • Bresm

    I keep getting locked-out due “too many attempts to log in” even though after first attempt only. Also old password keeps showing.

  • Mary Kinsella

    my new apple I pad I can’t connect to I tunes so I can get the internet but the apple password won’t work I am in Birmingham anyone can help please

  • John P

    Can’t login in due to forced password change but password change utility doesn’t work. Going round in circles without mail.

  • Heather Dorchester

    BT Yahoo mail now seems to be working after being unavailable most of the day. And no, you are not the only one who has to keep signing in. Why isn’t there an option to stay connected, if you want to. I’m using a home pc not an internet cafe one so there should be no need. I’ve also had problems on and off for a couple of weeks getting emails to send and receive between WIndows Live Mail to the BT servers – this has happened periodically over the last year but just at the moment seems to be OK

  • David

    Frequent problems during the course of today, and am I the only user who now seems to have to re-log-in every hour or so? – very tedious and unnecessary.

  • Debra Wade

    I know have the same problem Newcastle upon Tyne, cannot access via desktop but can access on mobile

  • Debra Wade

    I know have the same problem Newcastle upon Tyne, cannot access via desktop but can access on mobile. They are describing it as an “Outage” but can access via phone, just not desktop.

  • Steve

    For me, pc access not working most of the day however the Outlook client on my Android mobile has been able to read and send emails all day.

  • Ann P

    My BT Yahoo Mail on my Desktop has been down all day. But not when I access it via my mobile ?? How does that blinking work ?? Either it is down full stop or not. I live in Derbyshire

  • Jet

    Wholeheartedly agree.

  • Paul Hart

    Problms last night (4 Jan) logging on all evening …
    And now today: got about 1 hour clear then since about 1 pm – it’s down – Rushden, NN10 9LQ.

  • mephistopholes

    Tried to connect at 0930 to my BT Yahoo Mail a/c and again at hourly
    intervals since. It’s now 2pm+ on 05Jan18 and there’s been no resolution.
    Never moaned out loud before, but this is becoming too frequent. Joined
    BTinternet 20+ years ago and they have seemingly never sorted the Yahoo
    connection satisfactorily. Downtime on their system should be measured in nano-seconds
    per decade (or longer!), and, as any commuter will tell you, we should
    at least be kept informed rather than apply the mushroom-grower’s
    principle, which is BT’s, and Yahoo’s default approach to any problem. (Also posted via Disqus on Downdetector).

  • michelle

    Same here, ridiculous.

  • michelle

    I’m in Hertfordshire and having same problem – does anybody know what’s going on?

  • Frank Solarz

    I have just chatted with BT concerning email. They tell me that this is an upgrade and will take upto 24 hours. If this is planned upgrade advance notice would have been nice!

  • Jet

    BT mail been down practically all morning EX17 (Devon) although this time did have the courtesy to put a down notification display near log in. I gather most of country affected with this fault from various postings on different sites.

  • fluffyorca

    Me too, not received any emails since 02.48 this morning.

  • Sandie –

    Yes, me too. Home page says they are experiencing problems and are trying to fix them.

  • Alison Lincoln

    My email has not worked for the past 2 hours….I keep getting temporary error 15.

  • Michael Miller

    When I try to access BT mail – the login page says it is down. Does nobody else have this?
    Although I managed to log in successfully??!

  • Sue Saines

    Sue Saines

  • Rosemary Morgan

    I’m on an iPhone, iPad and MacBook pro. I haven’t managed to receive any BT emails since 3 a.m. on any of my devices. I have, however, managed to login to webmail to read my emails. Dreadful service from BT as usual. I’m seriously moving to gmail in the New Year.

  • Helen Bushe

    I’ve been told, via web chat , that they have a technical problem which will be fixed within 4 – 24 hours!! using iMac, iPhone and iPad but cannot use mail at all, not even via browser.

  • Judy Hunt

    Dec 28th. All three of my devices (laptop w Outlook, iPad and Samsung phone not able to connect w bt mail server. Chat and phone support no use as they say it’s not their problem as my incoming e mails can still be accessed by the web site. Not good enough

  • Mary Kinsella

    brand new apple I pad bt will not connect we done the paperclip no good call a number it will cost £130.. my Samsung laptop works and tablet so why not this one it keeps saying dismiss on password why?

  • max

    been without email since 23rd from iPhone, ipad or PC. error messages state can’t connect to BT internet servers so the problem is in BT network/servers not at my end. please fix

  • Adrienne Fox

    been down since 20th Dec. Can neither send nor receive emails. After a long chat with technician in India still no response.

  • Terry Hayward

    Three days now that i cant receive or send emails what the hells going on BT pull your finger out i bet your service page to take my money at the end of the month is working fine. 🙁

  • Mike777

    Deleted emails aren’t appearing in my Trash folder, it says that folder is empty. Then some of them come back to my Inbox and after several minutes it seems to sync OK but all very disconcerting, what’s going on?

  • Graham Atkinson

    What ever has happened to BT – the support agent has just put the phone down on me. I have one BT email working through Outlook 2016 and one which isn’t. They have told me to get in touch with outlook support…..

  • Simon Yates

    Screw you BT! Full of outages/downtimes!

  • John

    Can’t send e-mails from my computer either, what on earth have they done? Come on BTInternet/BT Mail/Yahoo or whoever is runs this service, get it sorted out.

  • John

    Can’t pick up e-mails from my BTINTERNET address on MacBook (Mac Mail) or mobile phone (Tesco Molbile) since about 11am this morning – the alert message suggests my POP user name is unrecognized. Why does this suddenly happen periodically? Is it because a system update has not been tested properly before release? If so, the technical staff have some questions to answer. Not good ebnough!!!

  • Bob Stewart

    I have not been receiving emails on my iPad or my phone for two days. Can someone please help explain what I need to do to correct this problem.

  • Roger Rabbit

    BT Mail was working perfectly well at home yesterday on a BT internet connection.
    Now at in-laws on Talk Talk and BT email not working.
    Works fine on an iPAD with a 3 SIM and iPhones using Vodafone SIMs.
    Years of IT industry experience suggests to me that Talk Talk have a problem…

  • Heather

    Bt email not loading messages!! iPhone iPad on laptop need to reload every few minutes! Help help help – going into hospital need my emails!!

  • TheLittleBlackDress

    Btmail isn’t loading and I have a job application deadline to meet……

  • Tony O’Sullivan

    I have not been able to send btinternet email from my Outlook account for several hours. My incoming mail is arriving. Do you have advice?

  • BT Mail Care +44-808-143-3686

    BT mail problems?
    login issues
    Contact us.
    Thank you.

  • Galina Smith

    I had ‘session timed out’ every 10 minutes for the last 5 days. Today all I get is an empty email login page. Dreadful.

  • Stephen M

    Today, both my BT web based email addresses automatically log out after 10 minutes saying, ‘session timed out’, dam infuriating having to log in all the time! Why do they have to change things when they work?? Ggrrr…

  • Byebye BT

    email down all day every day till late afternoon. What is this crap? Not working on phone or PC – fortunately web mail can connect. Time to move away from BT although been with them for 15 years. Just not reliable enough and too expensive.

  • gbr962

    I am an IT technician in London helping residential and small businesses.

    In the last 2 weeks my BT email clients have had hell – rejected passwords for BT Webmail and Outlook failures.

    Attempts to manually change the password fail in that the password change only works for BT account login, but is not passed onto the email servers that authenticate your login.

    I have had over 5 hours of calls to BT technicians trying to solve this. Asking them to change the password leads to various scenarios where your bt account login works….. your webmail may/may not work and Outlook probably still does not work.

    A BT Connect technician admitted that all these email login errors were due to an email server migration they were undertaking 2 weeks ago – this migration of course has not gone well and is rejecting numerous BT email logins.

    BT in my experience have historically offered the worst performing email service in the U.K. Clients have suffered frequent outages for years. Nothing has changed.

    As a result, most of my clients using BT email have moved over to Gmail.

  • Westy

    I have had no BT email via my lap top for 3 weeks. If I try and open the login page I get the following: Content Server could not process the request.
    I spoke to somebody in India who said my password needs resetting. Asolute tosh! Still no difference.
    Does anyone know what is going on???

  • Diana

    I haven’t had email access for 12 days…problem has now been escalated to Calcutta….I have no idea what that means or even if they can help!

  • Ian Thomas

    And yet again BT server rejects log in from Outlook 2016. been fine for 2 weeks !!! lucky me
    As always BT dont help

  • Graeme Livingstone

    Haven’t been able to connect for a week !

  • MartG

    Seems to be a regular thing now – Outlook unable to connect all day, then it bursts into life around 8pm 🙁

  • Van Tran

    Outlook was able to download emails for a few days. I thought it was fixed by BT. Until today. They really are crap

  • Steve Thor Hanna

    I haven’t had access to my btinternet email for the last 3 weeks. Have just been told today that if I didn’t pay £36 today and then £5 per month they would be deleting my account. I have now lost over 10 years worth of personal emails as I refused to be blackmailed like that. Never will I return to BT. Blackmailing To$$ers is what BT means.

  • Jenny Felmingham

    Have spent the last 2 days talking to 6 different people about a friend who has not been able to access new emails since 2nd November or send emails -all gave me different things to – do, from changing the password 3 times to telling me to download a bt app. When I explained the person had no technology for apps she said there is nothing we can do to help. The last said there was a problem with “outage” – when will it be back on is anybody’s guess – if this was my email I would have left it already – very poor.

  • Angela Belletty

    Not been able to use internet since 29th Oct. Spoke to various people in different countries this last week and a half. Said email account had been compromised, needed to reset password, of which I have now done myself and with various advisers, to no avail. I have spent hours on phone trying to sort this out, only to phone today spoke to a lady in Stockport who said BT were experiencing issues with their email. She could only apologise that no-one had told me and hoped it would be back on tonight. Not holding my breath. Will be seeking compensation and looking for different company as this is unacceptable as we rely on this technology

  • brenda bolton

    Oh thank heavens!!thought it was just me!!technical I ain’t! !! Will wait x

  • Paul Wilkins

    Looks like I’m not the only one. I can’t send anything (can now receive). I’ve had the same password/emails for past 15+ years, also have several email accounts, none seem to be working. Well done BT.

  • Jennie Adams

    E mail went down last Thursday not put right til Sunday morning (by my daughter not BT). Promptly crashed within 2 hours reset password again. Monday morning account blocked again. Still no e mails today. Time to ditch BT !


    ipad will receive e mail but will not send

  • David Boland

    Stating the obvious and I guess you have done this Martin but have you updated the password to the new one on the actual phones email account.

  • Martin Smith

    I reset my password on bt homepage. Can use webmail, but my phone can’t access the server.

  • mark duncan

    Same here, still no email as of yesterday and today, not a good service from BT.

  • Martin Smith

    No email most of yesterday and off again today

  • David Boland

    Have you tried to do what Judith found fixed the problem in an earlier post. I think this is also what I inadvertently did and it brought my email back to life.
    Go to the main home BT web page (not from a phone/tablet app) and click on ’email’ on the top right. Enter your email address then hit ‘forgotten password’ and go through the process to enter a new password.
    After 5 mins all my devices were back on.

  • Lisa

    After a long web chat with an advisor yesterday I was promised it would be sorted within 24 hours. I have been 2 days without emails now. I’m worried how many important I may have lost. I was told it was an outage problem and my password was changed by Bt to help rectify the problem. I have lost all emails on my iPad, can’t access any on my lap top either. I daren’t touch my phone incase I lose them too. Come on Bt sort this out!!

  • jxbag

    Just had the same, 1.5 hours on chat, blamed my devices. Then said would call me, asked me to close chat. Never heard back! Fuming

  • Tracy

    Thanks Judith. Will try that later

  • Judith Halliwell

    I just went into BT webmail (mine is on Office Exchange) to see if I could see my email – and found out that my password had “expired” and they wanted me to put in a new one. Once I’d done that, and then changed the password as well on my Outlook account, all emails appeared – so it seems to be fixed!

  • Beverly Beadle

    Appears to have permanently deleted in excess of 1,000 emails!!!! I’m terrified I might have lost so much data

  • Jonathan Stokes

    I have wasted the last three days trying to sort out my email problems with BT (so-called) Help. They have variously: tried to blame my devices (both Apple), told me to Google it (because they didn’t know) and on one occasion hung up. Somebody has to complain officially about this through Offcom and/ or go to the press – BT are a disgrace.

  • Lesley Titchmarsh

    Big problems BT yahoo mail. Does not recognise email address I have had for 20 years. BT admit their problem with servers but do not know when it will be resolved!!

  • John Crowder

    Is anyone having problems down loading attachments on btinternet?

  • Tracy Husbands

    I am still having the same problem this morning. Can’t send or receive emails again this morning on either phone or computer. Is this going to be resolved today?

  • Sue Windsor

    Same problem from Apple iPad – not recognising my email address.
    Have had this account for years- how do we get it sorted please.