BT email problems

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems, so this is why a lot of users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage.


If your BT email isn’t working, then it could be related to all of their broadband services down or connected to something else. In some cases the issues could be local lot your part of the UK, or even your broadband and fibre technology.

Use the information on this page to connect BT support to to see status reports form users in regard to email problems, login issues, and other related services.


BT email Status insight for Wednesday 26th of April 2017

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Christina Finnegan

    Can’t get into emails, saying “System Loading”, then “System busy”, anyone else getting this ?

  • Heather Ashley

    BT are not sending one -time password email to access video emails sent to me from family. They used too but haven’t had any emails codes from BT for nearly 2 weeks. Useless beggars.

  • Nigel Collins

    For the last 5 days my iPhone and outlook have only sporadically downloaded messages. probably about twice a day. If i press the send/receive button I get an error and the iPhone just takes ages trying to download messages but nothing happens. The web-mail is fine and quick. I assume this is a Pop server issue?

  • Irene Foster

    Yesterday afternoon unable to send emails but able to receive without problem. After 3 or 4 hours emails left outbox. Tried to send email today at 5pm and same problem (again receiving OK). So frustrating!

  • Tony Hancock

    Same this morning. Cannot access via Outlook on laptop but is working fine on my iPhone. Like others do not want to change provider as my email address is my business contact address I rely on!

  • Paul Odell

    Here we go again, POP3 down again, web mail OK, i’m just waiting for the
    “because of suspicious activity we need to
    change your password” crap !
    the pain is, BT don’t want to know about POP, if web mail is working, then thats it, end of help from BT.
    The same thing happens at least twice a year, it can take a day or a week to right it’s self.!

  • sakitson

    I have been having same problem, no problem with logging via Bing – but seem to be having problems when logging in via Yahoo. I can see my emails, open a few then I can’t get back to my Inbox keeps saying loading data or connection lost. I can not always log out either as states connection lost. This has been on and off for a couple of weeks. Tried on a different laptop via Goggle Chrome – had no issues opening different emails or logging out. I am at a loss of what to do, or to speak with.

  • Bobmech1

    Having issues accessing emails and then everything disappears then reloads
    Thus is continually happening, not deleting or clearing emails as well
    Continuously getting not connected to server messages

  • mail box

    Same for me down in Devon. BT is useless. Changing to Gmail.

  • Joyce Hancox

    For some reason if you change password the SMTP password remains the same, or it seems to sometimes get corrupted since I had not changed password

  • Joyce Hancox

    Found it. Go into settings .mail. Account. Check outgoing password is correct

  • Valerie Hartland

    This is now a regular occurance but it is the second day running that I cannot get my emails to open when I click on them in preview they will not load and a white circle goes round and round and then various error messages about how it is taking longer than usual , at most I manage to open 2 emails before it starts not responding again …I need my emails for work and its driving me crazy

  • Trevor Bowling

    Cannot log into BT mail from my outlook program, not changed anything myself. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Robert Whitehouse

    I have *exactly* the same problems. I spent a frustrating hour with their customer services last night only to be told to wait 24 hours.

  • Rod NCarol Clarke

    I am having trouble sending emails to 3rd parties, I get a message sent ok response… but the 3rd parties are not receiving – this includes myself to my gmail account – any ideas BT?

  • Bradley Jones

    Anyone having trouble emailing to BT accounts and the reason being “General Failure”? valid SPF Record on the sending Domain. cant get my head around why it cant deliver mail to people who I’ve emailed before. BT Indian Call Centres do not help.

    Sort it out BT

  • mhm2908 .

    I have just been told that I am locked out from email because of too many password mistakes!! Actually that was the first time I tried to log in today. Is BT mail ******ed again? You sense my frustration with this awful piece of software.

  • John Simpson

    Cannot see any e-mails when using Safari on my mac although the page is there but no listings. Will this be sorted out soon ?I can, however, see them when I use Google Chrome.

  • Joyce Hancox

    My bt yahoo mail is ok on my laptop. My iPhone and iPad will log in and receive
    Mail but I can’t send . I get can’t send password/ user name incorrect. I’ve reset my acc with bt after account was locked, my password is saved on both devices so I’ve not put in incorrectly . This happens every couple of months , I would like to change the provider but don’t want to change email

  • Gilly

    Yet again I am unable to get btinternet emails on all my devices. One day it can be ok, the next I have no access . This has been happening for the past 6 months or more ! Very frustrating whilst trying to work from home.
    BT technical are no help whatsoever ….. rant over but very annoying , come on BT I pay fortunes to you each month, now it’s your turn to get things right -Bedford UK

  • Terry Whitaker

    This has been going on for me for over 18months. I am able to get to my e-mails on the BT website but not through the POP
    server. The POP
    access to the email works for a day or two and subsequently stops for
    another day or two (various error codes including too long in the Q & SMTP server requires 530 authentication) it the suddently works again for a few days (does not work at the moment).

  • Mrs F

    my inbox emails have all vanished (no ive not deleted them) but my ‘sent ones’ are still available. Any ideas how to retrieve them back.

  • NigelRHolder

    I will be asking BT for a refund of the £5 a month it charges me for an email service that is unacceptably unreliable. I do not suppose I will get anywhere, but I will post the whole email thread to OFCOM. At least in Sharon White, OFCOM have a regulator who is prepared to confront BT.

  • stuart finch

    I had the same problem yesterday. I have had this issue before but not for months. Suddenly cleared its self late afternoon but prob has returned again this morning. Last help desk call i made said they could not help as it was working online. I have xp & office 2007. I heard it is a BT / Yahoo server issue with xp but as xp is not supported, bt dont want to know.


    It’s actually the password I’ve forgotten. Any ideas haw to recover password?


    How do I recover my old BT email address

  • Joshua

    I am able to get to my e-mails on the BT website but not through the POP server. BT technical help is completely useless and pathetic (an “IT technician” to whom I spoke did not even know what UNIX is). The POP access to the email works for a day or two and subsequently stops for another day or two (error message “Server error – please try again later”) and appears again (does not work at the moment). Would anybody know how to solve this problem?

  • Starsmore

    Exactly the same problem for the past 3 days. I can receive email but cannot send any as the BT server does not recognise the password. I haven’t changed any settings on any device and can log into my account so not a password problem on the BT site. However, because I can send and receive if logged into my bt account online; BT say it is an email client issue but this is nonsense as all 3 of my apple devices and my windows pc all have the same problem. I have not changed any settings yet this morning everything briefly reverted to normal and I managed to send a few emails. By midday the BT Email site had crashed with a message from Yahoo saying their engineers were trying to fix things. The BT site is now back online yet the problems trying to send email from pc’s and devices still persists even though they are two separate platforms. The problem is clearly with the BT server not recognising our passwords and therefore the emails we are trying to send are all rejected. It is scandalous that BT offer no support for this issue as if you can send and receive from your bt account online then they wash their hands of the problem and blame it on client email programs on our pc’s and devices which is clearly not the issue. Their server is the problem in not recognising our passwords. Date of this reply 29th March – 12.40 hrs

  • Katie Brown

    My husband, with a non BT email address, is getting any email he sends to a BT email address, rejected as ‘being too long in the queue’. Can’t grt any help off BT technician on the chat line.

  • Katrina Patterson

    Spent 3 hours yesterday evening and 4 hours today trying to log into My BT 2 online chats and 3 telephone conversations later I am still looping round trying to log in, being timed out and changing my passwords. Totally confused and waiting for BT specialist email team to call me. The BT Call Centre didn’t seem to know about problems already reported here. Interesting to read that it has been going on for over 10 days. I am in West London too.

  • Jack Luty

    today I’ve tried several times to log in, every time I do so it tells me that there have been several unsuccessful attempts to log in and that I need to change my password, I’ve done this around 5 times now and every time I try to log back in it comes up with the same message

  • Paula Tome

    no mail again, can-t even change my password because it does not accept my place of birth for whatever reason. what rubbish service bt! i will have to quit and move my main mail to gmail as most sensible people must have done by now… West London

  • miketerry

    “We’re experiencing some technical difficulties…
    We’re sorry, but BT Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try again shortly or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue.
    Temporary error: 19 “

  • Mac Cummings

    Calendar came back up briefly now gone again. Syncing to and from iphone and ipad unreliable. Is it April 1st?

  • Mac Cummings

    Calendar not available on PC again

  • Nick Walker

    Having exactly the same problem. Wasted 2 hours on the phone BT who blamed my iphone and outlook for being out of date, total BS and usual cr*p service from BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Cannot get email on my phone today it says either the username or password is incorrect. Well it wasn’t yesterday! I can get email fine on my PC anyone having the same issues?

  • Kerry diamond

    I was receiving emails fine but not receiving them. Senders were getting Error 554. does anyone know why?

  • Frank Leonhardt

    IME as a community ISP, getting iThings to work with email is like nailing jelly to a tree. Apple pushes out a software update and everyone screams in unison.

    BT (or Critical Path’s to be accurate) has big issues with spam filtering. They’re using heuristics that a far to aggressive, but faster to process under load. I can easily see why emails from a web site get blocked.

  • Alan Saunders

    I deleted BT mail – Did a cold start and then re-installed BT mail put the password in again – now all is back to normal – It took 2 reboots and re-installs to achieve this.

    Hope this helps someone else. Never any problems with iCloud mail or
    Gmail dumping BT mail asap.

  • Alan Saunders

    I can receive emails but not send them – just get a message saying settings are incorrect – nothing has changed – re- entered password on iPad all OK but messages still sit in the outbox and I still get the same error message. Re- started iPad deleted and re-installed the BT email account but still the same problem.

    However my wife can Send and receive emails her BT address!

    Only started using BT mail a couple of months ago and had lots of problems like this.

    Another regular problem is signing up with websites – they send you an email to verify your address – but this never arrives!


  • Roy Millan

    Can’t send to btinternet email addresses. Live in Hawick, Scottish Borders. Anyone know if there’s a local or wider issue just now? Roy

  • Helen Taylor

    i can’t get in at all, send or receive, just in a loop asking to change password, which I’ve done twice, to no avail. My Mac is just offline. I hate BT email, never have this problem with my iCloud email. Time to bin it, me thinks.

  • Virginia Rounding

    Can’t send btinternet emails today, but receiving OK.

  • John mason

    Not receiving e mail either

  • Victor Robert Farrell

    Yup down since 11:00am this am – not receiving emails

  • Cs

    Since aprox 11am today I am only receiving some emails, spoken to BT and they are supposed to be calling me back to sort the problem but so far no call back!!!
    Very frustrating as people have sent me emails but not received them!

  • myvoice2

    my email was ok this morning but now it wont receive emails but will send some,

  • HirenF

    I spoke to BT yesterday and they confirmed they were having issues and was told to wait 24-hours! I will test again later today.

  • Yves Louis-auguste

    Btinternet email very slow this morning. The sent folder will not load up. My Gmail email working fine.

  • Mark Caffrey

    ….just come back on….

  • Mark Caffrey

    It must be maintainance work, David…I live near Burnley, Lancashire…it has happened before…for no apparent reason, it just goes off, then generally comes back the morning after….it’s annoying…

  • David L

    Same as Mark email down on IOS Devices since just after 22:00 on 7/3/17. States username and password incorrect but accepts them through browser.

  • Mark Caffrey

    My mail has been down from 22.19 pm earlier tonight..on my iPad and iPhone .saying my password or username are incorrect…I had changed nothing…reinstated my same password on both Incoming and Outgoing again…still no mail…I can get nail in and out on my Dell PC with Windows Live Mail, however

  • Steve

    My laptops haven’t been able to get into bt mail since 22nd Feb, smart phone is fine which gives some reassurance as can send and receive mails. Helpdesk continually say they will call back in 2 days, and each time no joy. Now waiting another 2 days til Friday, guess I know what will happen then.

  • Jagtar Semplay

    I would have thought that before making the decision to go down any route that a number of critical tests on logistics, functionality, safety of data etc and preliminary limited tests to be conducted before signing any deal with any other company. This is what a small scale company or even a sole trader with a conscience would do. BT is a massive organisation who cannot organise a …… in a brewery :(

  • john tibbles


    I got the information directly from BT staff, it was not so much an issue of how the email traffic is routed but their dissatisfaction with the new service provider who was supposed to develop the functionality for BT mail to replace BT Yahoo. So it seemed more of a functionality/application issue than where and how it is hosted.


  • Frank Leonhardt

    Replied to this once before. Hasn’t appeared!

    The MX for addresses goes to servers belonging to Critical Path GmbH,, hosted for them by TeleCity at Harbour Exchange Square in London. No sign they’ve switched supplier.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    This sounds just like the sort of thing that would happen, BUT all @btinternet mail still (at this precise moment) goes to servers belonging to Critical Path GmbH, hosted for them by Telecity, most probably at 8/9 Harbour Exchange Square London. Please send any solid tip-offs to me at my blog :-)

  • john tibbles

    Re BT and yahoo I think you will find theyd ecided the outsource company were even worse than Yahoo and ditched them so now the whole thing is a shambles as no one knows what to do going forward

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Sounds like their webmail service is disconnected from the IMAP server (assuming it works the standard way). Haven’t noticed any server-level problems for about a week (keeping fingers crossed).

  • felix

    no email for 2 weeks can’t log in to my email or even reset it. What do i do next ?

  • Tony

    No email for over a week !! keeps saying account no longer exists however my cell phone shows them coming through clearly?? what is going on BT???

  • Martin Smith

    Spent all day in a reset your password loop. Same as Thursday. BT say the Calcutta team will call on Monday.

  • Nedd Ludd

    Day 8…………Low speed ………like 10 seconds to re-load………No email………..basically … the 17 years I have lived here over 100 faults have been reported, internet speed has been slower than a sleepy snail, we have been promised an improvement in service from top level………… far we have the square root of zero……..There is not a service or provider, retailer or manufacturer that could get away with this ……incompetence, prevarication and a obfuscation ………and all without censure……somewhere in the system lurks an Austin Allegro……remember that pinnacle of British engineering ?

  • R. Mark Clayton

    Unable to login via web mail for days (says too many tries) and this morning it is failing from outlook and devices. :-(((

  • Richard Gifford

    I use bt mail and tried to log on the the mail page but am told my account has been deleted – My phone is still able to receive a test mail I just sent so the account is still working but seems to be a problem with the bt homepage, usually the service is actually excellent and my broadband rarely has any problems.

  • Charlie Brown Boxing

    They have been sincethe 22nd of February 2017, and I will not be using their wifi with fon anymore a waste of money

  • ExasperatedMe

    Mine is still with Yahoo

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Another email provider that’s worth every penny you pay them. Again, google me to find my blog for fun and games with GMail. You may be better with the devil you know, but if I had to choose, GMail is slightly more together.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    In my experience, I have yet to find a paid-for provider that’s able to offer a realistic service for a single domestic user. I provide one FOC for friends of mine, but that’s no help to you.

    The cheapest option I can recommend is to buy your own domain name (a .uk should be around £10 for two years with one of the mass-market domain traders) and use that for your email address. If you direct the mail to your BT Internet address (or Gmail or whatever) then you can always direct it somewhere else in the event of a problem.

    By tying your email address to your ISP they’ve got you locked in (which is why they give you “free” email addresses in the first place, as long as they’re @btinternet… or whatever.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    This is interesting if verifiable. I have not seen an MX record pointing to Yahoo for a long time. Are you saying that Openwave is forwarding some users mail to a Yahoo box? It’s definitely all going to an Openwave MTA in the first instances, and this is what I’ve seen as going out of whack from my end. Please Google me and spill any beans you have.

  • Elizabeth Lind

    My BT email has been down since Thursday ?

  • Chas Nicholson

    I will not be using Bt mail after this fiasco. I am going over to gmail.

  • Philip in Ludgershall

    Philip in Ludgershall
    No email here today. Tried all morning with no success – what are BT doing about it??????

  • Jagtar Semplay

    Thanks Frank, if I were to use a paying service email provider is there one particularly recommended provider…..or put it another way are there ones to avoid like BT etc? Regards Jagtar

  • ExasperatedMe

    Not all accounts were switched.

  • Marilyn Pascoe

    Thx for the response. Still down!!! Last email received was 16.44hrs on 22nd February – 4.5 days ago. Come on BT – it’s about time you came clean with the real problem and rectify it for all your customers. Rebates will be due.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    You have my sympathy. I regularly hear of situations where free email accounts go bad and disrupt people’s lives. Unfortunately the providers don’t have any responsibility to you to keep your email safe and with millions of accounts its impractical to fix everything.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    If you Google my name and “BT Internet” you’ll quickly find my blog with more details. Unfortunately this system doesn’t seem to allow me to provide a link.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Interesting excuse! BT used to outsource their email provision to Yahoo, but switched to a company called Openwave Messaging in 2013 (originally Critical Path). As far as I know about it, Yahoo has had nothing to do with it for four years, but may still be being used as an excuse by BT’s customer support – news travels slowly to rural Goa.

  • Barbara Macdonald

    I have been trying to contact my daughter in London since 21st February, with no success. It makes no difference whether I reply to hers, or send one directly. Some 14 so far have been returned. This is intensely frustrating. irritating and time consumiarbaraBg. Surely something could have been done by now?

  • Marilyn Pascoe

    I still have no BT email access – over 3 days now. I contacted the helpline last night and was told that it was a problem with the BT Yahoo platform. I wasn’t even aware that I was a Yahoo customer! Is there anyone else in the same position still?

  • Jagtar Semplay

    Thanks Frank, I do hope that they resolve the technical issues as it is not reassuring. The loss of email service affects many in different ways particularly where children with special needs and disabilities are concerned and vital communication between the parents, school and medical services need to send/receive urgent information quickly.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    I replied to this before.including a link to quite a full explanation – this system doesn’t seem to allow replies with links so just google my name along with BT Internet.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    I thought I’d replied to this with a link to my blog page explaining it. Does this system block links? Ho hum – just google my name and BT Internet and you’ll find it. I run what might be described as a non-profit ISP collective and have experience of this going way back.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    There are frequent panics that BT Internet will cut off ex-subscribers email, but so far it hasn’t actually happened. I suspect your outage is caused as a by-product of some major difficulties they appear to be experiencing in secret.

  • Jagtar Semplay

    I gave up on BT 6 years ago after an extremely poor service and had been with BT for over 20 years! No loyalty points there and after they lied to me regarding refunds I decided to switch to Virgin Media and could not ever consider BT again but I kept my old BT email and server settings which are now not working for the last few days. My account settings are no being recognised and were temporarily okay yesterday early morning.

  • Terry Holmes

    Spent nearly 2 hours online today trying to sort out my emails none since Tuesday.eventually after blowing my top and threatening to leave was told that yahoo have had problems hopefully sorted in next 24hours. Why is there no honesty up front Every system has problems; just don’t waste your customers days discovering that they are there!

  • speakout1100

    Realised I had a whole chunk of emails not come down from Tuesday morning then today some others came down twice. How do I get my stuck emails down?

  • Mr Ashbo

    I am not receiving emails to my btinternet account from a number of regular senders – WHY???

  • Edmund Brookes

    EMail down for 36 hours, BT can’t tell me when it will come back but marked my file if I ring in 2 days, yes 2 days!. Blamed on BT/Yahoo relationship and sent a message to an alternative address but that has not come through either

  • Gareth Wild

    same here

  • Dave Leighton

    2nd time this has happened to me in a month – 1st time was resolved in 5 or 6 hours but very inconvenient!

  • Jasper

    People are telling me today when they email me their emails are getting bounced back with a ‘message Rejected’ error message. Is this something that is wrong at my end or theirs?

  • Jet

    I use Safari and have BT set as my Home Page. I can access my quick access sites all ok from the display bar. All other sites work fine – if I can get to them. The problem lies in an intermittent problem with “hanging”. This means on occasion I cannot access my emails or type info in the search bar or access anything at all, connection just suspends. I have managed to complain to BT via a chat line and told to wait 2 to 4 hours which I have done. Suggested I change my browser – which I have no intention of doing. Next day problem back again. No problem on any other site only the BT Home Page. My temporary solution is to have put the google site on my quick access bar now, which means I am not stranded in getting around. I have flushed cache, cleared history and done all the obvious things to “free up” but I don’t believe the problem is mine for one minute. I do prefer to use this as my home page for various reasons as I of course wish to access my BT Account from time to time. Is this problem common? I suspect all the adds and videos twirling around upset things but what do I know. I just wish this could be resolved P.D.Q.

  • Ian Humphreys

    My problems are really confusing. Cannot add my BT Internet email address to Google on my Android phone says email address or password is not recognised. LiveChat with BT a complete waste of time. Reset passwords and can access via my laptop but my phone. Can access via my iPad but get this, using the old password so what the hell is going on. Put Outlook app on my phone, just the same, cannot add BT Internet email into Outlook same thing says does not recognise address or password. Checked all the POP settings still no joy. Any suggestions ?

  • Den le Man

    I have bought a new Apple air 2 Ipad.I can NOT send emails although I can send msge to any person who has sent me a face book msge even.I keep get being told by BT that my log in and passwords are not compatable with information that they have. I have been able to send one msge to a talk taike he got on an iphone server msg.
    bt’ apple and pc world also says its NOT their fault what can anyone do,change providers?

  • Sah

    My BT email is down today 31st January 2017