BT email problems

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems, so this is why a lot of users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage.


If your BT email isn’t working, then it could be related to all of their broadband services down or connected to something else. In some cases the issues could be local lot your part of the UK, or even your broadband and fibre technology.

Use the information on this page to connect BT support to to see status reports form users in regard to email problems, login issues, and other related services.


BT email Status insight for Wednesday 18th of October 2017

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Russell Darling

    I have now got my iPad inbox back to normal – thanks to Adrian for his workaround and notifying us of normal service.

  • rosiposi

    I can, with a struggle, get my emails , open and view them. However the display has changed and looks like a school exercise book page! Unable to click in the space to the left in order to action the email(s) e.g. to delete, flag etc., I had an online chat 3 days ago and was told that BT knew about this and would be dealt with in 24 hours at the most. I have made no changes to settings or anything else. Any suggestions?

  • j.johnston

    I too am struggling?. receiving but cant send emails even though sent box stating sent?.

  • David Tyler

    Sending from iphone today but not from desktop! Any explanation?

  • Trish Davidson

    Mine is receiving mail but not sending. I’m in Warrington.

  • Elaine Green

    Email not working on any devices last night and just now. Im in north yorkshire. Whats going on please?

  • Michael Miller

    During the night the BT sites were not connecting. The problem now seems to be resolved.
    I was unable to post this however, as this site said I should confirm my email by clicking on the link they sent me. Of course I was unable to do this for the very reason that I was trying to post – ie my email was not working

  • Ann Ig’ma

    I have been having trouble with but since I got up this morning I have no idea what’s going on, my email isn’t working he same with Im, I picked up the phone various times today either no tone or some one else is on the line, I have no idea what this is happening today

  • Adrian Vincent

    My accounts are now working properly. The Inbox is now synchronising via IMAP. I didn’t do anything, they just suddenly started receiving emails again on iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Thunderbird (on Windows 7). I’ll keep an eye on it for a few days though.

  • Allan Morse

    Unable to connect to BT/Yahoo Mail using Live Mail.If I use webmail it works fine.

  • Sue

    no emails going out or coming in on Bt mail on my ipad but weirdly found an old email in junk mail and managed to reply to it and it worked!! Otherwise I keep getting Username password not recognised and unable to receive or send. Happening now on and off for a week. Pathetic but what do you expect from a company that continues to get handouts from our government for claiming they have upgraded broadband to areas where they have not.

  • Tom

    Also, I had thought of just forwarding all my BT/Yahoo Mail to my iCloud mail but forwarding doesn’t seem to work on BT/Yahoo Mail. The instructions are there but they don’t make sense.The buttons they tell you to press aren’t there!

  • Tom

    Here’s ‘where I’m at’ at the moment. I have a desktop, a laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. BT/Yahoo Mail stopped working on iCloud. I put a web page bookmark on the desk and laptops. I loaded the Yahoo mail app on the two IOS devices and that all worked. The IOS notifications told me when I had BT Mail (which are few and far between). That meant my BT/Yahoo Mails were working after a fashion.

    I tried every combination of auto and manual account set up but couldn’t get anything to work on iCloud. I got a Yahoo mail offline message and could not bring it online.

    A day or two ago BT/Yahoo Mail started working on the IOS devices but the account had to be entered on each device (ie, not through iCloud).

    That’s where it stands at the moment.

  • Joanne Brook

    I cannot login in to BT yahoo. I have not received any emails since Wednesday the 4th Oct. My iphone and ipad asked me to enter my password but the yahoo does not recognise my email address. I cannot login through the BT yahoo login site either.

  • Tom

    I can’t get BT or Yahoo Mail to work with iCloud anymore. Works on IOS if set up on each device.

  • Julie Bowdery

    I can’t login too BT Yahoo mail.. Whats the problem

  • kk

    there is no 4g so no emails internet

  • Adrian Vincent

    There’s no indication/notification of new mail because the mail app on the iPad or iPhone etc. is watching the real Inbox for new mail and doesn’t notice them arriving in the “New Inbox” folder. So it’s not an ideal solution, but does at least allow emails to be read and replied to using the usual mail app, rather than having to go the bt yahoo webpage. I’ve no idea why other folders will synch, but the Inbox won’t. My feeling is that the pointers to messages in my Inbox have got messed up. I believe there’s a Yahoo Mail app that’s highly rated (it’s in the App store), but needs IOS 10 to run, so I haven’t been able to test it or see if it overcomes the Inbox problem.
    I have a fault raised with BT, but as soon I tell them I can see my email on the BTYahoo website, they’re reluctant to take things further. One BT support person even said to me “we don’t support email access on 3rd party client software”. To which I said, pardon…. are you telling me you don’t support IMAP access? To which they replied that all we can do is tell you the recommended settings, and if they don’t work it must be a fault with your device or software and not BT’s problem. Go and see Apple. They wanted to close the fault, but I refused. If you do contact them, make sure you get put through to the “email team”. They are at least open to talking about IMAP settings and trying other things. But so far the problem remains and the fault is still open. I’ll probably give them another kick in a few days time. I was sort of hoping that the fault would clear itself in the end. I assume Yahoo must run some sort of maintenance scripts on their servers at some point.

  • Russell Darling

    Many thanks for your very clear instructions which I followed and have now get mail in the New Inbox.
    Why does this work?
    There is no indication of new mail, but when I open up the I-pad mail, it does an update and finds any there.
    If I leave the I-pad New Inbox open, there is no indication of new e-mails unless I return to Mailboxes and then go to New Inbox again when it then does an update to find any further e-mails.
    Is this what you find?
    Do we know if BT or Apple are on the case?

  • Adrian Vincent

    You can set up the new folder and then a filter rule using your BT yahoo mail webpage using your browser. The following instructions apply when using a web browser on a PC/Mac. I imagine the same can be done on an iPad using Safari, but the BT Yahoo webpage may be rendered and work differently. In the left hand panel, move the mouse over folders, and add a new one. I called mine “New Inbox”. Click on settings (gear wheel at top right corner) and click on “Settings”. Then click on “Filters”. Then add a new rule. I called mine “Move all incoming mail to New Inbox”. Select To/CC and change to “does not contain”. Then enter an address that will never appear in any email you want to receive. I put “” in mine. Then change the “Move this message box” to the name of your “New Inbox”. Then Save your new filter, then Save your new settings. NB. The new filer rule is ONLY applied automatically as new mail arrives. If you want to move emails from your old In Box to your new one, then either click and drag, or select them using the tick boxes and use the move button.

    Hope that helps. Please post a message here if it works for you.

  • Russell Darling

    Further to Adrian’s post where did you set up the filter rule – on the webmail or the ipad?

  • Russell Darling

    I am “pleased” to see this thread. I have been unable to get e-mails into the Inbox of my ipad 2 since last week. Yesterday they appeared and then disappeared! Have deleted and re-created mu account several times and then went to IOS 11.0.1 from 10.2. Still not working correctly. Today I got a Saturday test e-mail sent from my PC also using BT Yahoo! mail. I am about to try Adrian’s fix below.

  • Adrian Vincent

    I’m still seeing the same problem, as reported below, and by others (including Trevor). BT have been useless in helping so far. They keep saying they don’t support email on client software and if the mail is visible on the BT Yahoo website, the problem is with my device/software. This is rubbish. I have 5 BT Yahoo email addresses, 3 of them work fine on the same devices. But the other two suddenly both stopped receiving new emails via IMAP synch. All their other folders (sent, draft, trash etc.) synch fine, and they can send messages. I’ve removed and reinstalled the accounts. I’ve also tried accessing on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Outlook, Thunderbird. All with exactly the same problem. The error messages reported by the various programs include “Failed to update headers”, “The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This typically indicates a server error” and “Your server reported a UID that doesn’t comply with IMAP standards” (Outlook) and “Unavailable UID fetch” (Thunderbird). I’m convinced the problem is with Yahoo’s mail server, it seems as if there’s some corruption in my InBox or there’s some “IMAP communication bug”. But the guy from BT asked if he could close the fault log as they had done all they could to fix the problem, but I said NO! you haven’t fixed the problem! I’ve tried Yahoo’s scan and fix tool, but that reports no problems. Really struggling here. The only temporary/partial solution I’ve found is to create a new folder using webmail (I called it new inbox) and then set up a filter rule to transfer all new incoming mail to it. Then I can receive the new mail OK, but it’s hardly ideal as it’s not received into my real “InBox”.

  • Shirley Saunders

    Unable to get BT mail tonight 11 pm on iPad. I’ve no altered any settings.

  • Trevor Scowen

    Problem with friends Mail client on ipad which was unable to fetch emails from their BT account for the last 9 days (no errors, just no recent mail). The BT webmail inbox contains emails up to today, so something is stopping them being fetched or manually pulled over. Set up same BT mail account on Thunderbird on win pc and yep it pulled all mail except ones for the last 9 days – it came up with an error message indicating that there is a problem with BT mail server. Called BT support and whilst explaining the problem and sitting waiting for them to investigate two more emails now dated a day more recent (only 8 days late now) arrived in Mail client on ipad, but checking the inbox on BT webmail again then showed all mail which previously was more recent than 8 days old has disappeared! I told this to the BT support person who was still on the line and she said we needed to arrange a telephone call from a more technical BT support team as this was now beyond her to do anymore. Had a talk later to the techies in India or whereever and they tried to fob me off with it was an ipad problem and the settings needed to have Auto-update switched on. We also needed to monitor the situation and if it persists, to arrange another conversation. This seems all too typical from BT these days. Frankly Im jolly glad I switched from BT years ago…

  • Adrian Vincent

    Still not working here. In desperation I started a Chat with BT. The “engineer” advised me to reset my IMAP settings which I did. But it still doesn’t work reliably. All my folders (e.g. sent items etc) synch fine, but the InBox is unreliable. The engineer told me that they couldn’t offer any further support as the problem must be with my device! This is rubbish! I have 3 different Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) which would all have to have all stopped working simultaneously. Come on BT sort this out!

  • Carolyn Gibbs

    My email on my desktop PC is not synching to the server and if I try to file emails they come back to the inbox. They have filed on my Android devices but the desktop is not picking this up. This has happened several times recently.

  • Liz Cooper

    We have been having problems with BT email (similar to issues described below) since March and it has got progressively worse, becoming unusable on many occasions. BT finally admitted in late August that there is a known fault, but could not advise when it would be fixed. There was a suggestion that using a front end such as Outlook might help. In early September, I tried to do this unsuccessfully, and after a frustrating chat, was eventually given a different URL to use. This seemed to work better (though not perfectly) for a while, but now is as bad as ever.

  • Dave Hatchard

    I am having a total meltdown with my BT email.
    I’m unable to login on either iPhone, iPad or web browser (does not recognise the email address that I’ve had for close on 20yrs)
    My last successful email was received last Monday.
    On Tuesday morning I started a web chat to try and resolve my issue…
    after two more web chats and three phone calls with three different BT call centre staff who’s basic grasp of the English language is about as good as my Hindi.
    I am still no closer to resolving my issue.
    Gent has just phoned me now to ask if my issue has been resolved and can he close down the call. When I said no, his response was that basically he couldn’t do any more and in his experience with other customers, once I am in this state of limbo I will have lost everything and it can not be rectified.
    Has anybody got any advice on who in this massive fragmented organisation I could turn to, to try and offer Me a glimmer of hope.????

  • Frances Lilley

    BT Loads then can’t delete anything – various errors – system busy – connection lost – moving emails etc. … very annoying

  • doubi

    Just been on with live chat. They said there’s been an issue with mail for the last 4 days, and I should try again in 24 hours. Expecting it to be fixed during the day tomorrow; although if it’s been going on for 4 days already, not much hope for that.

  • Adrian Vincent

    I’ve been having problems on one of my BT Yahoo email accounts for over a week now. If I logon to BTYahoo website all my emails are there. But on this one account on multiple Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) they won’t synch reliably via IMAP. Sometimes some of them arrive, only to disappear again on the next synch. My other BT Yahoo email accounts (accessed on the same devices) are all fine so suspect the problem is at Yahoo. Suppose I’ll have to contact support, I was hoping it would resolve itself….

  • Kitty Grey

    No bt mail for me. Can’t access online on on apps. said there was a security breach in one address and after going through security steps multiple times I am still Locked out. Was on live chat and a phone call last night saying I should be able to access today…no luck. BT I need in to my emails. What is going on??

  • Stephen Sidney

    After about 24 hours of not being able to send and receive emails and trying different settings, I put all the settings back how they were and now I can send and receive emails again with Outlook, Woo Hoo! But for how long?

  • Stephen Sidney

    As of today I can no longer send or receive emails through Outlook 2016 (latest version). I have a BT Premium Email account. I was told by the Premium Email team that BT does not support Outlook and I can only access my emails through the website. I have always used Outlook but now I am being told I can’t. The Premium Email team are a complete waste of time.

  • Dai

    Same problem – Office Outlook 2016 and iPhone mail unable to connect to BT servers, though password works fine on BT website to access Yahoo webmail.
    Very bad last 2 weeks. Suspected corrupt registry entry so MS support said upgrade to latest version of Office 365 + Outlook 2016. OK for 2-3 days then same
    or similar problem. Some BT support staff have admitted to known server problems that should be fixed in a few hours. They usually are (with no changes to my devices). Then same problem returns. Some messages got through to Outlook yesterday. IPhone locked out for 3 days.
    If this is a known intermittent server problem (apparently for IMAP connections) then BT should say so. Hours wasted resetting passwords and checking/upgrading own applications. May be affecting 10’s of 1000’s of BT users. This should be reported to FT to stir BT action. Have to drop BT soon if this continues – useless for business users.

  • Stary Tygrys

    All my email accounts work well EXCEPT BT Mail (in may case, still BT Yahoo although BT has been telling me for the past 5 years that they are migrating me to BT Mail). I can always get my BT email through my browser but my mail apps ( Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook) on my 3 iPads, my iPhone and my iMac all seem to have password problems. I re-enter the correct passwords and still cannot download my mail. This happens too frequently. Why?

  • Mail Helpline+(44)808-143-3686

    =>Free Helpline.
    =>BT mail support
    =>Resolve Login form users in regard to email problems

  • Tom

    Seems to receive ok

  • Tom

    Can’t send emails with email account either

  • Loqueris

    Neither can I! Could it be the terror alert status or just unreliability?

  • Mutty

    Can’t send emails through my email account

  • Brian Wiltshire

    I can access my email via the BT site email, just not from Outlook.

  • Brian Wiltshire

    I have had problems over the last week or so – often access starts at mid-afternoon, but no access at all today so far.

  • Jeanette Briscoe

    My mail is taking forever to do anything it says systems busy loading data and the refresh icon keeps turning thus is the second day! I work from home and my emails are very important.

  • rose brooks

    why is bt so unreliable when google mail is no problem?

  • rose brooks

    bt email refuses to let me open my emails. says loading data or system busy

  • Alex

    In theory they will call me tomorrow. Having gone through this in the past, i know the answer…. bt is a disgrace. And cannot easily change without informing thousands of people about a new address. They enjoy an almost monopolistic position and they could not care less.

  • Alex

    My email is not recognized by yahoo neither on iphone nor ipad. Spoke to bt and they got no clue. On the phone for ours. On top of it i am travelling and they cannot call me on my foreign number. Tried the bt site and does not work either. Omar and chainye tried to reset my password and did not work either.
    This is costing me a fortune in international calls for nothing. On top they say they will call me and never do. So still on the phone on hold for over half hour for second time!!!!! And now she said that someone will call me….. she does not even know if she works for bt or a third party….. and poor girl she says they are not even enough people to handle the complaints….. so i am still without email… and now they send it to Calcutta….. the funny thing is the first guy who said he was going to send me an email with the solution!!! Which of course I cannot access!!! It is just a joke but not!!

  • Dan

    cannot access email is this a btinternet problem? Keep getting 0x800CCCDD error code, and the IMAP server has closed the connection but have no idea how to fix this or who to contact

  • Peter Staughton

    BT keeps on blocking my email for no good reason. I reset my password and all is well until I get another text message to say they have blocked it again. How do i stop this

  • Alex

    I am onna business trip and btyahoo app does not recognize me. Tried to relog via the site and it dies not rake my credentials. A pain to have this issue while travelling. All this on iphone.

  • Anne Seymour

    I haven’t been able to sign into my email at all from any device since Thursday 24th…. it says it doesn’t recognise my id…I have spent 4 hours on phone to BT since Thursday only to be told yesterday it is a server problem and will take another 24/48 hours to resolve…..!!!!

  • David Buckle

    I have had exactly the same problem. BT email won’t go from either of our iphones, our ipad or our Apple laptop even though gmail works perfectly. BT blame Apple and cite in their favour the fact that it works through the website. Hours wasted on the support chat and on the phone, all to no avail. When is BT going to resolve this issue?

  • Dennis Bedford

    Emails will not go from iPhone
    – same problem with my wife’s iPhone. !!
    This seems to be a reoccurring problem lately

  • Malcolm Greaves

    Since the comments icon disappeared on the news section I have been unable to figure out how to get back on, any suggestions?

  • Free Helpline +(44)808-143-368

    BT mail support to resolve Login form users in regard to email problems, login issues.Thanks

  • alan

    Since 16th July I am not receiving emails on my iMac but can send from the iMac, whilst the iPad can receive and send. Any ideas?Contacted BT they did not have a clue.

  • Mike Monkman

    I get this problem regularly, Web Email works, but using
    client software, (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) fails one day and works the
    next???, I have had much wasted time with BT, including in the past the
    repeated requests to change my password due, according to BT to multiple failed
    attempts to access my account!! I use a password manager, so my attempts are
    NOT incorrect and if there are so many “failed” attempts then clearly
    I already have a secure password, so how would changing it help to prevent this.
    Even contacting the Ombudsman failed to get much action from BT.

  • John Tymon

    My e-mails are not loading in IE

  • J. S. Watts

    I am thoroughly disillusioned with BT. Have been experiencing intermittent problems and varied since 1st July which indicate server issues. Since 21st July I can not receive emails on my iMac or Airbook. Apple says the problem is the Yahoo server. BT says it’s not their problem… The customer service from BT has been downright rude (literally) and my complaint about this has not been addressed by BT or the technical issue resolved.

  • J. S. Watts

    I have exactly the same problem. I can no longer receive emails on my iMac or Airbook.Apple says the problem is the Yahoo server. BT says it’s not their problem…

  • Frances

    I’m experiencing similar problems. I can see my emails on my phone/iPad but cannot access them on my main computer. It appears that it works on IE but not Chrome. I’ve had problems with the email system since they “upgraded” their website. I spent an hour “chatting” to the BT IT help desk and they suggested I reinstall Chrome. They also suggested I go in via Yahoo but I created a new Yahoo account when they told me that the email system wasn’t being run by Yahoo a few years ago. Not happy.

  • Graham Bowden-Peters

    Cannot reach BT email with IE. OK with Chrome.

  • Andy

    Two weeks ago Bt email stopped working my my IMac, on both my own and my wife’s accounts when using Mail. iPhone and iPads work fine. Have deleted both accounts and reinstalled several times with exactly the same information as on the other devices but all to no avail.
    The connection doctor says that the problem appears to be something to do with Yahoo.
    Explained problem to a member of staff in an Apple shop and they said that they had no idea what the problem is.
    Any ideas?

  • Anne Craig

    similar problem for me. As of 2 days ago could pick up email on iPad and iPhones. suddenly yesterday things started to degrade. iPhones intermittent, iPad totally not possible. also strange screen accessing email on safari…google normal login. on phone to bt ….headache. synopsis, well if you can get your email through any web browser then we are not at fault………got same response we can give you a contact in apple !!!! we re not responsible for the apps u choose to access email ….booked call with her manager tmw so so angry

  • Mary

    Two days ago Windows Mail on 8.1 working fine. Now it doesn’t let me collect or send. None of our devices (2 ipads, LG and HTC phones and two laptops) will work now. The only thing working is BT Yahoo webmail which I don’t want to use as it is riddled with advertising. I spent 2 hours! on chat last night and got nowhere. Just spent another 30 mins plus on landline. BT’s advice was to contact Apple, Acer etc??!!! Their advisor said “we are not trained in Windows 8.1” ha ha ha. She didn’t seem to understand that email settings are just a protocol and not hardware dependent. Makes me wonder if it’s anything to do with all of the letters we keep getting to upgrade. I think they’ve just lost a customer of 35 years standing.

  • Phil Waller

    cannot send or receive emails on my I phone or outlook. using bt email webpage I cant send but the email is rejected saying sender blocked or email contains spam. worked fine up to 8 18 am today

  • PeteR

    after about 30 message exchanges BT helpdesk managed to reset the password of one account… the other seems to be un-resettable :(

  • PeteR

    and we’re still being denied too. the main BT account access page accepts a login, password changes etc. but the email access is still being denied on two out of our three accounts. Uber frustrating. I’ll post if I get a solution

  • Sylvia McIvor

    Problems with BT mail since last Friday, BT no help and currently waiting for Yahoo to contact me. Really frustrating!!!!

  • PeteR

    problems with accessing two different btinternet accounts today. anyone else?

  • Hobbs Neville

    Can’t seem to access one of my bt accounts from iPhone or macair.
    Can log on via Safari ok.

  • Barbara

    For the last 2 days only the header on both my BT email accounts have loaded. The content of the email will not load.
    I have reloaded passwords and re synced but I have loads of emails with no readable content.
    Can anyone help please. Barbara

  • Michael Mossman

    BT keeps on blocking my email for no good reason. I reset my password and all is well until I get another texe message to say they have blocked it again. This cycle is happening continuously over the past 2 days

  • Cadiva

    Yeah still not working and now I can’t bypass it via BTYahoo login on the web server.

  • Cadiva

    Back again, still not working and now I can’t even log into the web based version. Seriously irritated with this now as my only BT service is their Premium Mail.

  • John Kyffin

    Ive been with BT since the bible was written THIS IS THE WORST ITI S EVER BEEN if it’s not solved soon I am off

  • Noel Robinson

    BT email has not worked since 1700hrs today, then it said i was locked out due to trying to access too many times. Went through all the rubbish to change the password and it still will not let me in. Time to get another provider.

  • Karen Freeman

    bt mail isn’t working on my phone – just reloads the homepage !! Been like this all evening – I have been on their live chat but they say it is my phone or my browser – They are not very good they even told me the password was wrong !! What is going on with their emails

  • conwyn.flavell

    Firefox does not work but no problems using Chrome. I sent email from hotmail and it arrived at BT mail.

  • Dean wyrre

    Bt mail times out and never loads the last few days, all other Web access OK and nothing changed on my computer.

  • Roz Richardson

    Further update: I have just restarted my computer and now BT emails are working again!

  • Roz Richardson

    Same problem here. Every time I click on Email, it just returns to the homepage.

  • Martin Clark

    tried to do a broadband speed check just gave a blank result

  • Martin Clark

    bt login just keeps jumping from login to load and back

  • Bill Byrne

    Strange, I can’t access BT mail this morning through Internet Explorer (404 error) but it works through Chrome

  • Steve Mccrory

    By connect has not synced since 20.09 Friday 7th July despite trying everything

  • Susan O’Mahoney

    I can’t access BT email, it just keeps returning to the homepage when i click on email

  • Susan O’Mahoney

    I can’t get in, it just keeps going back to homepage when I click on email

  • Dean wyrre

    Something wrong with bt mail? Logins time-out, yet access to other sites ok

  • Maria Walker

    This is happening to me today too. Redirecting to Yahoo where I cannot view my emails from BT Mail. Hope it resolves itself but in the meantime ” Thank you for informing your bill payers and being completely loyal…. NOT”

  • luis valentim

    Cannot login in my BT email account in my desktop cos page freezes wen confirming password but all fine in my mobile phone ???

  • Dr. Tin Hla

    Can not open btopenworld email account but everything OK. This has been going on for a week.

  • Wendy

    BT outgoing email server not responding tonight… not the best news when I need to send my invoices out to clients….hope it is resolved by the morning…

  • Karl

    I do like they way BT don’t inform us of problem

    I’ve tried again this morning, at least it accepts email address but says incorrect password

  • Karl

    I do like they way BT don’t inform us of problems

  • Cadiva

    I phoned them today and they claim it will be sorted out within 48 hours so I’ll believe it when I see it!

  • Karl

    Yes, it says email addresses don’t exist

  • Cadiva

    Joining the club, I have a BT Premium Emal which I’ve kept even though I no longer have any other BT services and it’s been giving me issues for months.Today it simply won’t download anything to my Windows Mail client, I’ve logged in once online and changed my password as that’s often the easiest solution but now when trying to log in it’s telling me I no longer exist.

  • Callum McDougal

    Can’t access BT mail. Everything else ok.

  • Karl

    Today 27:6:17 having problems logging on to our btopenworld accounts on our PCs … though we can login using our mobile phones, and I can access my btinternet account on both PC and mobile …. Preston area in Lancashire

  • Mike Hall

    cannot send emails from around 12 today. Is there a wider problem?

  • Jutta Grimmer

    Cannot connect to my bt email….is there a problem

  • Brian

    Same problem as ohgrief. Any attempt to login as normal is diverted to my yahoo, which I haven’t got & don’t want as even in few contacts with Yahoo they have proven consistently hopeless. Problem started a few days ago on Edge but has now spread to Chrome & IE. BT say a number of people have complained and they are “working on the problem” but could take one or two days.

  • ohgrief

    Trying to log in to BT Mail just keeps on taking me to Yahoo Mail, over and over again. It was happening yesterday as well but would eventually get there. Today, just no success

  • Cadiva

    Joining the club, I have a BT Premium Emal which I’ve kept even though I no longer have any other BT services and it’s been giving me issues for months.Today it simply won’t download anything to my Windows Mail client, I’ve logged in once online and changed my password as that’s often the easiest solution but now when trying to log in it’s telling me I no longer exist.
    Really annoying to not even be able to access my mail online via the web server.

  • Mike Fitzgerald

    Just called the Call Centre. Irish girl said the email system is down and no idea when it will be restored.

  • Denise Frost

    i have the same, cant download emails – says server error.
    cannot login through web either, bt page doesn’t load and say server error.
    they must be down

  • Will

    Same here but working on iOS

  • Gill

    Unable to download emails — it says server error. Am able to send but not receive. This is the case with Thunderbird on my PC and with the email app on my phone. What is going on?

  • Paul Fisher

    I find it a continual challenge with BT email both on IOS and PC it is never consitent the biggest frustraion is using outlook continual IMAP timeout or user credentials not accepted. When is BT/Yahoo going to get this service working properly and consistent.

  • Peter Hay

    If you are logging in to your e-mail with your current password then you will only be able to retrieve what is current or saved. A different password will not give you another account – it just won’t let you in? You need to supply more info. In any event, I suspect that the answer is still going to be NO

  • Nanette Rose

    Hi, I’m trying to trace a old email from around 15 or so years ago. Is there a way I can do that? I have changed passwords and can’t remember what the right one was.

  • Penny Reeves

    Outlook is sending all right via my personal BT account (POP3) but won’t receive anything. My work account via same server and also uing Outlook (IMAP) is sending and receiving. It’s been like this for a week now. I can see the mail on the web and some of it fowards (as instructed) to my Gmail address). It also comes through on my phone. BT are worse than useless and just tell me that I need to talk to Microsoft. Like that’s ever going to happen.

  • Routed

    I’ve had very poor performance for the last 3-4 days. It fails to get emails using Thunderbird and eM Client (talk21 address). Fed up with seeing that ‘spinning wheel!

  • David Murphy

    laughable, I can only access email through my amazon fire. this is not at all proffesional. bt not at all helpful bt sucks. this has been the case for 3 weeks!!!

  • Stu Berry

    Can’t get access through outlook or online but my phone is working… If I didn’t rely on this email address I would CANCEL this service, it’s a terrible service. It’s had nothing but problems over the past year. I rely on this for my business, but I’m seriously considering changing my email address, that means not only can I bin off the email I can Bin off BT too. Not a happy customer !

  • Steve of Oxford

    Yes. Both yesterday and today. I can connect from a browser session on my laptop, but have had to reset the password twice and still cannot connect from my mobile of via the Windows 10 mail app, which I like using.

  • Sue Collett

    My email with BT has been down all morning – says my password is rejected by server – nonsense as it has been the same for years. Cannot send or receive yet I can access via the web and receive on my ipad and iphone. Running on Windows 10 and Outlook. Cant get anything done – BT say it is not their problem it is microsoft exchange – anyone else having problems

  • Chris Abraham

    Email down again tonight

  • peterd42

    BT mail down again :-/

  • Mike Monkman

    I had all these problems, Email not working on PC, but receiving on IPhone/IPad but not sending!!! Username and Password incorrect!!!! They all have passwords saved!!!!!, and they work next time without me changing anything!!! All these issues are down to BT and occur all to often. About time the Omsbudsman took some action against this company.

  • Richard Bouch

    BT Yahoo mail down on PC all day but working on phone. Anyone else the same?

  • Sandra Bunker

    Had problems receiving BT mail both yesterday and still today. Bolton area, any one else with problems?

  • Stephen Eric Biggs

    After moving from Bt to Sky i now find my email is blocked i can get income but not send or move email on this site to another address has anyone any idea of how get this problem solved

  • oakley

    Ive only had bt internet a few months they set me up with a email address, which as worked once, then as not received any emails tried everything. I only had internet as I am terminally ill & need 2 keep in touch with people, esp health,friends its been a nightmare. Just spent over hr talking to 5 different operators keep being cut off, eventually set up new account password. GUESS WHAT IT DOES NT WORK DETAILS WRONG NO! STRESSED

  • Valerie Grove

    Internet working fine last night this morning a different matter! Every web page won’t open and asks for username and password or says request declined.Also won’t download mail, open Facebook etc. Everything works fine when using my mobile data. Is it BT or me?

  • Ian Leggett

    Every email sent to a BT email address is marked unable to deliver. With the largest email company not able to accept emails from other providers is it a cynical way of making you change providers. Shame on you BT.

  • Brian Winn

    I am very, very close to dumping BT for email and using my gmail account (currently dormant) exclusively. Only held off this long becuase I don’t want to make all my contacts change thier contact records on me. I gave up with the POP account and created an IMAP account on BT with the same openworld address – at least now emails seem to arrive faster (that it, it does reliably connect to the server unlike POP) but getting may issues with ‘header not downloaded’ messages. Seems inconsequntial though. IMAP inbox does keep taking many minutes to pointlessly update itself though.

  • Chris Willing

    BT YAHOO SMPT server down again today

  • Chris Willing

    all my email to bt addresses keep failing , I with yahoo & send out our club team selections to 42 members, & all those with bt internet addreses keep fialing come on BT get your house in odred

  • Tony Hancock

    Seems to have connected last night for a few hours but out of service again this morning! Thank god for my iPhone!

  • Tony Hancock

    this is outrageous! I pay for the BT Mail service yet still have the same issue more and more frequently!! Does BT ever read this chain of issues?? Are they even attempting to resolve the problem which seems to be at their servers??

  • Ann

    My Outlook capability is down to receive my BT emails but can still get them on my Android phone. Message in Outlook says the server is down which it clearly can’t be if I can send and receive emails on my phone. No updates made on my computer that I am aware of since Outlook last worked yesterday so BT please sort this out quickly.

  • BT Mail Customer Care.

    Having trouble with BT mail
    Please report your issues
    Toll Free Helpline

  • Matthew Bolshaw

    I was told by BT to wait 3 hours at 9am and then at 1 pm I was told the problem should be sorted by tomorrow. I know 11pm is not tomorrow but its still not working. Service is rubbish :(

  • Sarah Louise Andrews Laclau

    OMG i thought it was just me….bt live chat changed my password but it still doesn’t solve the issue What is the problem???? Why doesnt the live chat assistant know?

  • Tony Hancock

    Its BT’s mail server again. If you ask BT they always just check it works direct over internet but for users who use an email programme such as Outlook then its the pop / smtp server settings. For me its always Outlook via my pc has the problem whereas it continues to work on my iPhone. – Which also proves it is nothing to do with the password or user ID. I gave up checking the settings every time and just wait for it to be sorted.

  • Houston

    Discussed with BT for along time , apparently I need to talk to the IPAD service provider (don’t know who it is as using only via BT wi-fi and worked fine until yesterday). Anyone have any ideas?

  • Fiona McAree

    Yet another day of issues with BT email. What is going on??? BT please keep your loyal customers informed otherwise our loyalty may just grow legs and walk elsewhere!

  • Houston

    SMTP stopped working on all my devices (ipads & iphone) . on the chat to BT apparently it is not their problem , very bad service !!!

  • Ron Kennedy

    BT YAHOO SMPT server down again today

  • Ron Kennedy

    BT email connection reminds me of a nude girl rolling down a hill. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t
    Apologies to Tony Gerard

  • Elaine Forbes

    Same things not sure if they recieve my message same
    Thing they send me no through or missing also won’t accepted attachments

  • Gabrielle Thompson

    I have been down for 12 hours then BT gave me a password to use after 12 hours which still hasn’t worked. Just finished on live chat after another hour wasted and they are now telling me to wait 24 hours because of “buffing” and maintenance problems!!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve changed my password several times throughout the day & allowed much more than 2 minutes for BT to upgrade my details. Now I’m locked out for 15 minutes. Truly don’t know what to do next…………

  • Lesley Peat

    I am leaving bt so have been forwarding e mails to outlook account but they haven’t arrived . I am starting to think bt are just messing with me.

  • Andrew Benham

    more of the same. Getting passsword incorrect on ipad. 3 attempts to reset and keep getting the same. Trying to contact BT is a joke this evening, jsuy queued and getting nowhere :(

  • trubla

    Finally got into BT emails , only taken since 9 am :(

  • neil

    Just been told on BT Chat line that I should retry in 24 hours time!

  • Shaun Michaels

    Mither support call centre or use the chat and get them to reset account password for you. It’s the only way to be sure…

  • Shaun Michaels

    @BTCare on Twitter now say ( 2 hours ago ) there is a problem with password resets!!

  • Shaun Michaels

    Main / primary account – can’t log in via Thunderbird or phone. ONLY web mail … been on to BY several times, they only support web mail! Useless…
    I couldn’t reset the password either!!!

  • Malcolm Steatham

    My email says too many log in attempts and I cant get reset it whats going on?

  • jo t

    Locked out too 2 unsatisfactory calls to by!

  • Fiona McAree

    Having problems too- had message that password was incorrect, I changed it on the mac but still unable to access accounts and keep getting incorrect password message! Now locked out completely aaargh! Anyone managed to sort this issue?

  • Ken

    Sunday 14th May 2017…. Everyone in my house (3 seperate BT email accounts linked to my primary account) all having problems logging into email all day (email locked because of too many incorrect login failures) and unable to reset passwords. BT Helpdesk seem oblivious.

  • Charlie Farrell

    Usual shocking service from BT and yahoo! Probably patching to prevent malware issues, but lack of communication is shocking

  • Nicola Thompson-Guest

    This is driving me mad today! Finally my computer will let me in but phones won’t let me update paswords etc. Tried deleting and re adding email and still no joy

  • Kenneth Brownbill

    I can use one of my email accounts but not the other on there site it said that it was comprimised and said change my password son all my devices I did that and now I have no idea what passwords to use have they been reset to new or old I have no bloody idea oh yes I can send out but not recive on one of my computers and all the others I cannot do anything

  • jennifer Powis

    Hi, I can’t log in to my BTmail it keeps going to reset page. I reset it but nothing’s happening, I’ve been away, come back but still no luck. It’s the same with my laptop. Can someone suggest a method how to get in as I need to Acess my emails.

  • Derek_T

    I can send emails but not receive them. Full marks on an original fault. How many out there are using Macs? I had confirmation over Twitter – during last most recent fault before this one – that BT Yahoo and Apple have these problems.

  • John Charles Mc Allister

    I got my ipad to work by deleting account and creating again , this time choosing POP over IMAP. All works except my mail folders for archived mail have disappeared. Tried the useless Indian call centre and had no joy.
    My windows phone and windows 10 PC do not work. I get the stupid message that I need to change my password. This is nonsense

  • pradip

    still having issues to log in

  • Stephen Roberts

    BT down for me also

  • David Laud

    Discovered that username password wrong in settings alert this morning. Clearly not caused by any changes at my end but BT support denying issues. Just engaging via Twitter to see if they’ll accept server fault.

  • James

    Yes , me the same , thankfully this forum exists otherwise I would have been none the wiser , thought I’d been hacked but now know it’s BT and their ridiculous user interface and support

  • John Charles Mc Allister

    One has to accept that BT are totally and utterly useless. Their Mail Server is down. That is eveident from the wrong password messages when nothing has changed at my end. Their telephone support is hopeless as well. Complete shambles.

  • Tom Ettling

    user name / password wrong – funny, they’ve been right for 10 years!!

  • david oneill

    Same here password issue tried everything even reset but now none of my devices will accept password

  • Peter Knox

    I have not been able to send emails on btyahoo since yesterday, 11th. May 2017. Receiving seems ok.

  • jo whitmell

    Same here with password! Seems to happen periodically which is so frustrating.

  • Tony Hancock

    Sunday 7th. 09.00. Same old……………

  • Ccl London

    I have given up on them. Just accept that the incoming server works and use another account to send from Outlook. If you forget, it will just sit there in outbox for ever (though sometimes it sends in the mronings – bet never the afternoons), so delete and find it in the delete folder and send via your second (non BT account).

  • Tony Hancock

    same again………….this is happening all the time these days…………….

  • Infiniti

    I have been trying to send email through BT mail but they simply sit in pending/sending…….
    Was asked to check password and although it was correct, I re applied on 3 occasions to make sure my details were correct.
    Still no joy.
    Come on BT, this is a regular event and needs sorting out.
    Thank God for gmail, robust, secure and reliable.

  • R. Mark Clayton

    Actually the wrong thread by accident, but I think you are right.

  • tomi01

    Yes, it is server problems and it’s a nightmare to have to put up with for all of us.

  • R. Mark Clayton

    This problem emerged on the Bank Holiday. On one account in Outlook 2013 I started getting time outs on send. Receive was OK, but messages would sit in the outbox and not go. Some times a timeout 0x80042108 was reported. The message(s) were usually locked and could not be deleted nor opened until Outlook was restarted. Sometimes it would report fictitious messages being sent, when there were none to send.
    Email worked on web mail, phone and tablet, so server not initially suspected, especially when using Outlook on my net book worked.
    The problem ‘disappeared’ this morning, but recurred this afternoon. This time the behaviour is the same on both PC’s. It only affect one email address, but both the btinternet and btopenworld domains. It persists after the account is deleted and recreated.
    This makes me think the problem is at the server end.
    Anyone any ideas what is causing it?

  • VK

    We have the same issues on a BT account, BUT only 8000

  • Patsy Peck

    Help! Could not get emails through for 24 hours. Now they keep coming through by the hundreds. Have phoned BT, not very helpful, told to look at webmail, which I already had done. Cannot see a problem, have deleted loads from the web mail. I have 10,000 come through now, cannot stop them. Same ones coming. The message coming through says server problems. Cannot convince BT engineer.

  • Redbychoice

    Downloading attachment problems. I can read the attachments but can’t download them (simple multiple page doc files) unless I do it page by page. Is anyone else having this problem – have tried turning off my Mac and on again, ditto the hub, all to no avail

  • Christina Finnegan

    Can’t get into emails, saying “System Loading”, then “System busy”, anyone else getting this ?

  • Heather Ashley

    BT are not sending one -time password email to access video emails sent to me from family. They used too but haven’t had any emails codes from BT for nearly 2 weeks. Useless beggars.

  • Nigel Collins

    For the last 5 days my iPhone and outlook have only sporadically downloaded messages. probably about twice a day. If i press the send/receive button I get an error and the iPhone just takes ages trying to download messages but nothing happens. The web-mail is fine and quick. I assume this is a Pop server issue?

  • Irene Foster

    Yesterday afternoon unable to send emails but able to receive without problem. After 3 or 4 hours emails left outbox. Tried to send email today at 5pm and same problem (again receiving OK). So frustrating!

  • Tony Hancock

    Same this morning. Cannot access via Outlook on laptop but is working fine on my iPhone. Like others do not want to change provider as my email address is my business contact address I rely on!

  • Paul Odell

    Here we go again, POP3 down again, web mail OK, i’m just waiting for the
    “because of suspicious activity we need to
    change your password” crap !
    the pain is, BT don’t want to know about POP, if web mail is working, then thats it, end of help from BT.
    The same thing happens at least twice a year, it can take a day or a week to right it’s self.!

  • sakitson

    I have been having same problem, no problem with logging via Bing – but seem to be having problems when logging in via Yahoo. I can see my emails, open a few then I can’t get back to my Inbox keeps saying loading data or connection lost. I can not always log out either as states connection lost. This has been on and off for a couple of weeks. Tried on a different laptop via Goggle Chrome – had no issues opening different emails or logging out. I am at a loss of what to do, or to speak with.

  • Bobmech1

    Having issues accessing emails and then everything disappears then reloads
    Thus is continually happening, not deleting or clearing emails as well
    Continuously getting not connected to server messages

  • mail box

    Same for me down in Devon. BT is useless. Changing to Gmail.

  • Joyce Hancox

    For some reason if you change password the SMTP password remains the same, or it seems to sometimes get corrupted since I had not changed password

  • Joyce Hancox

    Found it. Go into settings .mail. Account. Check outgoing password is correct

  • Valerie Hartland

    This is now a regular occurance but it is the second day running that I cannot get my emails to open when I click on them in preview they will not load and a white circle goes round and round and then various error messages about how it is taking longer than usual , at most I manage to open 2 emails before it starts not responding again …I need my emails for work and its driving me crazy

  • Trevor Bowling

    Cannot log into BT mail from my outlook program, not changed anything myself. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Robert Whitehouse

    I have *exactly* the same problems. I spent a frustrating hour with their customer services last night only to be told to wait 24 hours.

  • Rod NCarol Clarke

    I am having trouble sending emails to 3rd parties, I get a message sent ok response… but the 3rd parties are not receiving – this includes myself to my gmail account – any ideas BT?

  • Bradley Jones

    Anyone having trouble emailing to BT accounts and the reason being “General Failure”? valid SPF Record on the sending Domain. cant get my head around why it cant deliver mail to people who I’ve emailed before. BT Indian Call Centres do not help.

    Sort it out BT

  • mhm2908 .

    I have just been told that I am locked out from email because of too many password mistakes!! Actually that was the first time I tried to log in today. Is BT mail ******ed again? You sense my frustration with this awful piece of software.

  • John Simpson

    Cannot see any e-mails when using Safari on my mac although the page is there but no listings. Will this be sorted out soon ?I can, however, see them when I use Google Chrome.

  • Joyce Hancox

    My bt yahoo mail is ok on my laptop. My iPhone and iPad will log in and receive
    Mail but I can’t send . I get can’t send password/ user name incorrect. I’ve reset my acc with bt after account was locked, my password is saved on both devices so I’ve not put in incorrectly . This happens every couple of months , I would like to change the provider but don’t want to change email

  • Gilly

    Yet again I am unable to get btinternet emails on all my devices. One day it can be ok, the next I have no access . This has been happening for the past 6 months or more ! Very frustrating whilst trying to work from home.
    BT technical are no help whatsoever ….. rant over but very annoying , come on BT I pay fortunes to you each month, now it’s your turn to get things right -Bedford UK

  • Terry Whitaker

    This has been going on for me for over 18months. I am able to get to my e-mails on the BT website but not through the POP
    server. The POP
    access to the email works for a day or two and subsequently stops for
    another day or two (various error codes including too long in the Q & SMTP server requires 530 authentication) it the suddently works again for a few days (does not work at the moment).

  • Mrs F

    my inbox emails have all vanished (no ive not deleted them) but my ‘sent ones’ are still available. Any ideas how to retrieve them back.

  • NigelRHolder

    I will be asking BT for a refund of the £5 a month it charges me for an email service that is unacceptably unreliable. I do not suppose I will get anywhere, but I will post the whole email thread to OFCOM. At least in Sharon White, OFCOM have a regulator who is prepared to confront BT.

  • stuart finch

    I had the same problem yesterday. I have had this issue before but not for months. Suddenly cleared its self late afternoon but prob has returned again this morning. Last help desk call i made said they could not help as it was working online. I have xp & office 2007. I heard it is a BT / Yahoo server issue with xp but as xp is not supported, bt dont want to know.


    It’s actually the password I’ve forgotten. Any ideas haw to recover password?


    How do I recover my old BT email address

  • Joshua

    I am able to get to my e-mails on the BT website but not through the POP server. BT technical help is completely useless and pathetic (an “IT technician” to whom I spoke did not even know what UNIX is). The POP access to the email works for a day or two and subsequently stops for another day or two (error message “Server error – please try again later”) and appears again (does not work at the moment). Would anybody know how to solve this problem?

  • Starsmore

    Exactly the same problem for the past 3 days. I can receive email but cannot send any as the BT server does not recognise the password. I haven’t changed any settings on any device and can log into my account so not a password problem on the BT site. However, because I can send and receive if logged into my bt account online; BT say it is an email client issue but this is nonsense as all 3 of my apple devices and my windows pc all have the same problem. I have not changed any settings yet this morning everything briefly reverted to normal and I managed to send a few emails. By midday the BT Email site had crashed with a message from Yahoo saying their engineers were trying to fix things. The BT site is now back online yet the problems trying to send email from pc’s and devices still persists even though they are two separate platforms. The problem is clearly with the BT server not recognising our passwords and therefore the emails we are trying to send are all rejected. It is scandalous that BT offer no support for this issue as if you can send and receive from your bt account online then they wash their hands of the problem and blame it on client email programs on our pc’s and devices which is clearly not the issue. Their server is the problem in not recognising our passwords. Date of this reply 29th March – 12.40 hrs

  • Katie Brown

    My husband, with a non BT email address, is getting any email he sends to a BT email address, rejected as ‘being too long in the queue’. Can’t grt any help off BT technician on the chat line.

  • Katrina Patterson

    Spent 3 hours yesterday evening and 4 hours today trying to log into My BT 2 online chats and 3 telephone conversations later I am still looping round trying to log in, being timed out and changing my passwords. Totally confused and waiting for BT specialist email team to call me. The BT Call Centre didn’t seem to know about problems already reported here. Interesting to read that it has been going on for over 10 days. I am in West London too.

  • Jack Luty

    today I’ve tried several times to log in, every time I do so it tells me that there have been several unsuccessful attempts to log in and that I need to change my password, I’ve done this around 5 times now and every time I try to log back in it comes up with the same message

  • Paula Tome

    no mail again, can-t even change my password because it does not accept my place of birth for whatever reason. what rubbish service bt! i will have to quit and move my main mail to gmail as most sensible people must have done by now… West London

  • miketerry

    “We’re experiencing some technical difficulties…
    We’re sorry, but BT Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try again shortly or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue.
    Temporary error: 19 “

  • Mac Cummings

    Calendar came back up briefly now gone again. Syncing to and from iphone and ipad unreliable. Is it April 1st?

  • Mac Cummings

    Calendar not available on PC again

  • Nick Walker

    Having exactly the same problem. Wasted 2 hours on the phone BT who blamed my iphone and outlook for being out of date, total BS and usual cr*p service from BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Cannot get email on my phone today it says either the username or password is incorrect. Well it wasn’t yesterday! I can get email fine on my PC anyone having the same issues?

  • Kerry diamond

    I was receiving emails fine but not receiving them. Senders were getting Error 554. does anyone know why?

  • Frank Leonhardt

    IME as a community ISP, getting iThings to work with email is like nailing jelly to a tree. Apple pushes out a software update and everyone screams in unison.

    BT (or Critical Path’s to be accurate) has big issues with spam filtering. They’re using heuristics that a far to aggressive, but faster to process under load. I can easily see why emails from a web site get blocked.

  • Alan Saunders

    I deleted BT mail – Did a cold start and then re-installed BT mail put the password in again – now all is back to normal – It took 2 reboots and re-installs to achieve this.

    Hope this helps someone else. Never any problems with iCloud mail or
    Gmail dumping BT mail asap.

  • Alan Saunders

    I can receive emails but not send them – just get a message saying settings are incorrect – nothing has changed – re- entered password on iPad all OK but messages still sit in the outbox and I still get the same error message. Re- started iPad deleted and re-installed the BT email account but still the same problem.

    However my wife can Send and receive emails her BT address!

    Only started using BT mail a couple of months ago and had lots of problems like this.

    Another regular problem is signing up with websites – they send you an email to verify your address – but this never arrives!


  • Roy Millan

    Can’t send to btinternet email addresses. Live in Hawick, Scottish Borders. Anyone know if there’s a local or wider issue just now? Roy

  • Helen Taylor

    i can’t get in at all, send or receive, just in a loop asking to change password, which I’ve done twice, to no avail. My Mac is just offline. I hate BT email, never have this problem with my iCloud email. Time to bin it, me thinks.

  • Virginia Rounding

    Can’t send btinternet emails today, but receiving OK.

  • John mason

    Not receiving e mail either

  • Victor Robert Farrell

    Yup down since 11:00am this am – not receiving emails

  • Cs

    Since aprox 11am today I am only receiving some emails, spoken to BT and they are supposed to be calling me back to sort the problem but so far no call back!!!
    Very frustrating as people have sent me emails but not received them!

  • myvoice2

    my email was ok this morning but now it wont receive emails but will send some,

  • HirenF

    I spoke to BT yesterday and they confirmed they were having issues and was told to wait 24-hours! I will test again later today.

  • Yves Louis-auguste

    Btinternet email very slow this morning. The sent folder will not load up. My Gmail email working fine.

  • Mark Caffrey

    ….just come back on….

  • Mark Caffrey

    It must be maintainance work, David…I live near Burnley, Lancashire…it has happened before…for no apparent reason, it just goes off, then generally comes back the morning after….it’s annoying…

  • David L

    Same as Mark email down on IOS Devices since just after 22:00 on 7/3/17. States username and password incorrect but accepts them through browser.

  • Mark Caffrey

    My mail has been down from 22.19 pm earlier tonight..on my iPad and iPhone .saying my password or username are incorrect…I had changed nothing…reinstated my same password on both Incoming and Outgoing again…still no mail…I can get nail in and out on my Dell PC with Windows Live Mail, however

  • Steve

    My laptops haven’t been able to get into bt mail since 22nd Feb, smart phone is fine which gives some reassurance as can send and receive mails. Helpdesk continually say they will call back in 2 days, and each time no joy. Now waiting another 2 days til Friday, guess I know what will happen then.

  • Jagtar Semplay

    I would have thought that before making the decision to go down any route that a number of critical tests on logistics, functionality, safety of data etc and preliminary limited tests to be conducted before signing any deal with any other company. This is what a small scale company or even a sole trader with a conscience would do. BT is a massive organisation who cannot organise a …… in a brewery :(

  • john tibbles


    I got the information directly from BT staff, it was not so much an issue of how the email traffic is routed but their dissatisfaction with the new service provider who was supposed to develop the functionality for BT mail to replace BT Yahoo. So it seemed more of a functionality/application issue than where and how it is hosted.


  • Frank Leonhardt

    Replied to this once before. Hasn’t appeared!

    The MX for addresses goes to servers belonging to Critical Path GmbH,, hosted for them by TeleCity at Harbour Exchange Square in London. No sign they’ve switched supplier.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    This sounds just like the sort of thing that would happen, BUT all @btinternet mail still (at this precise moment) goes to servers belonging to Critical Path GmbH, hosted for them by Telecity, most probably at 8/9 Harbour Exchange Square London. Please send any solid tip-offs to me at my blog :-)

  • john tibbles

    Re BT and yahoo I think you will find theyd ecided the outsource company were even worse than Yahoo and ditched them so now the whole thing is a shambles as no one knows what to do going forward

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Sounds like their webmail service is disconnected from the IMAP server (assuming it works the standard way). Haven’t noticed any server-level problems for about a week (keeping fingers crossed).

  • felix

    no email for 2 weeks can’t log in to my email or even reset it. What do i do next ?

  • Tony

    No email for over a week !! keeps saying account no longer exists however my cell phone shows them coming through clearly?? what is going on BT???

  • Martin Smith

    Spent all day in a reset your password loop. Same as Thursday. BT say the Calcutta team will call on Monday.

  • Nedd Ludd

    Day 8…………Low speed ………like 10 seconds to re-load………No email………..basically … the 17 years I have lived here over 100 faults have been reported, internet speed has been slower than a sleepy snail, we have been promised an improvement in service from top level………… far we have the square root of zero……..There is not a service or provider, retailer or manufacturer that could get away with this ……incompetence, prevarication and a obfuscation ………and all without censure……somewhere in the system lurks an Austin Allegro……remember that pinnacle of British engineering ?

  • R. Mark Clayton

    Unable to login via web mail for days (says too many tries) and this morning it is failing from outlook and devices. :-(((

  • Richard Gifford

    I use bt mail and tried to log on the the mail page but am told my account has been deleted – My phone is still able to receive a test mail I just sent so the account is still working but seems to be a problem with the bt homepage, usually the service is actually excellent and my broadband rarely has any problems.

  • Charlie Brown Boxing

    They have been sincethe 22nd of February 2017, and I will not be using their wifi with fon anymore a waste of money

  • ExasperatedMe

    Mine is still with Yahoo

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Another email provider that’s worth every penny you pay them. Again, google me to find my blog for fun and games with GMail. You may be better with the devil you know, but if I had to choose, GMail is slightly more together.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    In my experience, I have yet to find a paid-for provider that’s able to offer a realistic service for a single domestic user. I provide one FOC for friends of mine, but that’s no help to you.

    The cheapest option I can recommend is to buy your own domain name (a .uk should be around £10 for two years with one of the mass-market domain traders) and use that for your email address. If you direct the mail to your BT Internet address (or Gmail or whatever) then you can always direct it somewhere else in the event of a problem.

    By tying your email address to your ISP they’ve got you locked in (which is why they give you “free” email addresses in the first place, as long as they’re @btinternet… or whatever.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    This is interesting if verifiable. I have not seen an MX record pointing to Yahoo for a long time. Are you saying that Openwave is forwarding some users mail to a Yahoo box? It’s definitely all going to an Openwave MTA in the first instances, and this is what I’ve seen as going out of whack from my end. Please Google me and spill any beans you have.

  • Elizabeth Lind

    My BT email has been down since Thursday ?

  • Chas Nicholson

    I will not be using Bt mail after this fiasco. I am going over to gmail.

  • Philip in Ludgershall

    Philip in Ludgershall
    No email here today. Tried all morning with no success – what are BT doing about it??????

  • Jagtar Semplay

    Thanks Frank, if I were to use a paying service email provider is there one particularly recommended provider…..or put it another way are there ones to avoid like BT etc? Regards Jagtar

  • ExasperatedMe

    Not all accounts were switched.

  • Marilyn Pascoe

    Thx for the response. Still down!!! Last email received was 16.44hrs on 22nd February – 4.5 days ago. Come on BT – it’s about time you came clean with the real problem and rectify it for all your customers. Rebates will be due.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    You have my sympathy. I regularly hear of situations where free email accounts go bad and disrupt people’s lives. Unfortunately the providers don’t have any responsibility to you to keep your email safe and with millions of accounts its impractical to fix everything.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    If you Google my name and “BT Internet” you’ll quickly find my blog with more details. Unfortunately this system doesn’t seem to allow me to provide a link.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    Interesting excuse! BT used to outsource their email provision to Yahoo, but switched to a company called Openwave Messaging in 2013 (originally Critical Path). As far as I know about it, Yahoo has had nothing to do with it for four years, but may still be being used as an excuse by BT’s customer support – news travels slowly to rural Goa.

  • Barbara Macdonald

    I have been trying to contact my daughter in London since 21st February, with no success. It makes no difference whether I reply to hers, or send one directly. Some 14 so far have been returned. This is intensely frustrating. irritating and time consumiarbaraBg. Surely something could have been done by now?

  • Marilyn Pascoe

    I still have no BT email access – over 3 days now. I contacted the helpline last night and was told that it was a problem with the BT Yahoo platform. I wasn’t even aware that I was a Yahoo customer! Is there anyone else in the same position still?

  • Jagtar Semplay

    Thanks Frank, I do hope that they resolve the technical issues as it is not reassuring. The loss of email service affects many in different ways particularly where children with special needs and disabilities are concerned and vital communication between the parents, school and medical services need to send/receive urgent information quickly.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    I replied to this before.including a link to quite a full explanation – this system doesn’t seem to allow replies with links so just google my name along with BT Internet.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    I thought I’d replied to this with a link to my blog page explaining it. Does this system block links? Ho hum – just google my name and BT Internet and you’ll find it. I run what might be described as a non-profit ISP collective and have experience of this going way back.

  • Frank Leonhardt

    There are frequent panics that BT Internet will cut off ex-subscribers email, but so far it hasn’t actually happened. I suspect your outage is caused as a by-product of some major difficulties they appear to be experiencing in secret.

  • Jagtar Semplay

    I gave up on BT 6 years ago after an extremely poor service and had been with BT for over 20 years! No loyalty points there and after they lied to me regarding refunds I decided to switch to Virgin Media and could not ever consider BT again but I kept my old BT email and server settings which are now not working for the last few days. My account settings are no being recognised and were temporarily okay yesterday early morning.

  • Terry Holmes

    Spent nearly 2 hours online today trying to sort out my emails none since Tuesday.eventually after blowing my top and threatening to leave was told that yahoo have had problems hopefully sorted in next 24hours. Why is there no honesty up front Every system has problems; just don’t waste your customers days discovering that they are there!

  • speakout1100

    Realised I had a whole chunk of emails not come down from Tuesday morning then today some others came down twice. How do I get my stuck emails down?

  • Mr Ashbo

    I am not receiving emails to my btinternet account from a number of regular senders – WHY???

  • Edmund Brookes

    EMail down for 36 hours, BT can’t tell me when it will come back but marked my file if I ring in 2 days, yes 2 days!. Blamed on BT/Yahoo relationship and sent a message to an alternative address but that has not come through either

  • Gareth Wild

    same here

  • Dave Leighton

    2nd time this has happened to me in a month – 1st time was resolved in 5 or 6 hours but very inconvenient!

  • Jasper

    People are telling me today when they email me their emails are getting bounced back with a ‘message Rejected’ error message. Is this something that is wrong at my end or theirs?

  • Jet

    I use Safari and have BT set as my Home Page. I can access my quick access sites all ok from the display bar. All other sites work fine – if I can get to them. The problem lies in an intermittent problem with “hanging”. This means on occasion I cannot access my emails or type info in the search bar or access anything at all, connection just suspends. I have managed to complain to BT via a chat line and told to wait 2 to 4 hours which I have done. Suggested I change my browser – which I have no intention of doing. Next day problem back again. No problem on any other site only the BT Home Page. My temporary solution is to have put the google site on my quick access bar now, which means I am not stranded in getting around. I have flushed cache, cleared history and done all the obvious things to “free up” but I don’t believe the problem is mine for one minute. I do prefer to use this as my home page for various reasons as I of course wish to access my BT Account from time to time. Is this problem common? I suspect all the adds and videos twirling around upset things but what do I know. I just wish this could be resolved P.D.Q.

  • Ian Humphreys

    My problems are really confusing. Cannot add my BT Internet email address to Google on my Android phone says email address or password is not recognised. LiveChat with BT a complete waste of time. Reset passwords and can access via my laptop but my phone. Can access via my iPad but get this, using the old password so what the hell is going on. Put Outlook app on my phone, just the same, cannot add BT Internet email into Outlook same thing says does not recognise address or password. Checked all the POP settings still no joy. Any suggestions ?

  • Den le Man

    I have bought a new Apple air 2 Ipad.I can NOT send emails although I can send msge to any person who has sent me a face book msge even.I keep get being told by BT that my log in and passwords are not compatable with information that they have. I have been able to send one msge to a talk taike he got on an iphone server msg.
    bt’ apple and pc world also says its NOT their fault what can anyone do,change providers?

  • Sah

    My BT email is down today 31st January 2017