BT email problems

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems, so this is why a lot of users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage.


If your BT email isn’t working, then it could be related to all of their broadband services down or connected to something else. In some cases the issues could be local lot your part of the UK, or even your broadband and fibre technology.

Use the information on this page to connect BT support to to see status reports form users in regard to email problems, login issues, and other related services.


BT email Status insight for Thursday 19th of January 2017

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Val

    Any luck yet

  • Val diamond

    Have you got it back?

  • Val diamond

    I am the same.

  • Val diamond

    Suddenly lost incoming and Outgoing, nothing is being recognised.

  • Dennis Willgress

    Should be but not by.

  • Dennis Willgress

    Have had no BT emails on laptop since last night by working on mobile without any problems. Any idea’s?

  • Julia Matcham

    More for amateurs..remember to change BOTH outgoing and incoming email passwords on any device.

  • Julia Matcham

    WHY can’t they TELL us! Thanks folks, that put me on the right road at least!
    It has not come through on my tablet…but yet to investigate how!. It all takes hours finding the settings if you are not a techie! Any other amateur…remember you have to change your password also on your computer (Control panel etc). I didn’t realise Yahoo and BT internet have the same password…such a pain!

  • Julia Matcham

    I’ve changed my password on Yahoo but it hasn’t had any effect!

  • Nicky

    No access to btinternet emails. Have tried to change password as instructed but will not recognise my information. Have tried phoning the helpline but cannot access anybody or on line. Any help out there? Not had emails since Wednesday.

  • Kier

    EMAIL FIXED. Was unable to access Btinternet emals from any device for 2 weeks, as it complained of username/password error. Solution is to go on to the internet and log into your Btinternet email account BT informs you that your Yahoo email account may have been compromised and that you change your password. Follow all the instructions and then change the passwords on your devices. This results in full recovery.

  • Rachel Cooper

    I have been without email access for three days but today I looked up yahoo mail and logged in via them rather than using the btyahoo log in page, all I need to do now is wade through 3 days worth of mail.

  • Maureen

    Have just changed my password as per BT instructions
    Have received email today but cannot send – says my username/ password incorrect
    Have tried going to settings on my phone + iPad and input my new password again but still not working

  • John bellamy

    If I use BTYahoo mail account I can send/receive on any device. If I try and use my overlaid Outlook account I can only receive emails and not send them, they remain stuck in my outbox. I get an error back from the BT Server saying there are to many messages!!

  • Lorna Hedges

    I have a forward set up on a yahoo email account to my BT account (Set up over 5 years ago) and have never had a problem until around wednesday last week when they stopped coming through altogether. They are still on my Yahoo account and the forward is still shown as set up and I have no blocked address on my BT account. Has anyone else had something similar happen?

  • NKW

    It is not just that it isnt working but that it is impossible to speak with someone who wont just pass you onto another department. To think that this is called a “premium” mail service and that I pay for it, shocking.

  • Julia Matcham

    Mail still not working!

  • Julia Matcham

    Email down since about midday yesterday.
    Some items have actually disappeared from my PC Outlook inbox that were there yesterday morning! They are still there on my tablet though! (which is also not receiving email) very curious! And annoying,,,

  • Gill Fenna-Horn

    Hi are you being asked to input your password ? Everything was fine this morning and even though i am putting in my correct security details it throws me out . Im waiting for electronic flight tickets !!

  • Gill Fenna-Horn

    My mail stopped working today and was asked to re set my password. it wouldnt recognise my security details to allow me to do this and asked me to contact the helpdesk. After waiting 1 hour 45 mins on live chat i recieved a message saying the helpdesk was closed 30 minutes ago

  • Rachel Cooper

    I haven’t been able to log in to email for hours.

  • Marion Manson

    Why is there no help available for ”failed email ” messages?

  • nicola dexter

    I have had intermittent problems with sending emails for several months now – was told that it was because they were upgrading their system. I am gradually moving over to a gmail account. £5 for something that doesn’t work consistently is not ok

  • Veronica

    I reported To BT yahoo that my 2 sub email accounts were not working. I could not send any emails and this has been going on for a week. I put off phoning up because I know how long and drawn out these things are. Very frustrating. Anyhow I phoned to report the fault and then Spent 20 minutes trying to get through on the phone to speak to someone. After a long drawn out conversation with BT other and me trying to spell out my email address, such as a for alpha etc eventually it was preliminary decided at that point it would go to the level 2 team to fix and someone would phone me back tomorrow.he was from the level 1 team.

    A person from the level 2 team called me today and accessed my 2 email accounts with my permission (password given) – Whilst on the phone she did a few things her end and a few missing sent emails came through. On the face of it -it looked like it was working. It is not- as soon as she came off the phone I found I could not change my password at the main btyahoo site. Then I noticed when I tried to send a few test emails, they vanished into the ether. No record of test messages were sent to the sent box and no record of anything arriving in my inboxes.

    I am therefore going to have to spend time again tomorrow trying to get through to BT again and repeat everything again to BT and then wait again until someone from the level 2 team phones me back.
    Useless service.

  • Northern niggle

    Yes, have been unable to download any of my BT emails for a few days, not matter what device or network I am using. Originally my password was required via Windows live mail. The PC knows my password, and this prompt normally appears with any server provider when there are issues, therefore I ignored it hoping BT mail would be back up and running soon. Now a message”server unexpectedly terminated” when windows live mail tries to contact the BT server. Location Cumbria

  • Christine Coffey

    We’ve been having problems for several days now, trying to get onto broadband, and to access and send emails. The landline is so crackly as well, we cannot hear what the caller is saying.

  • Dan

    I keep getting server error when I try to log in been happening sInce Saturday any ideas

  • Bucketbot

    Intermittent problems retrieving e mail with outlook for weeks now. :-/

  • Bill

    Opened btInbox this morning, seemed to update ok. Then panel appeared saying could not connect to server but ‘Mail could repair.’ Chose repair. All inbox emails then disappeared . Can send emails but not receive.

    Hub is OK and Apple emails work. Problem now referred to level 2 on chat line.
    Anybody else had this?

  • Nigel Mummery

    Yes. Mine too since Friday. Twickenham.

  • Paul Gerard

    Cannot send or receive since Thursday evening. Tried calling BT but gave up after holding for 20 mins.

    Paul Gerard

  • Steve

    Not been able to send mail since I changed my password per BT instruction following the yahoo hack announcement. Could receive OK till this morning but now even that does not work. Utterly incompetent service, sooner I am rid of them the better.

  • Kier

    Same for me in the South Coast

  • Garry

    Mine has been down now since Thursday evening, anyone else experiencing problems now? I am in Derby area.

  • Selgwent

    Had the log-in loop problem for 36 hours. Tried chat and got nowhere. Asked for evening call back and got one at 12 midday when at work, then at 3:45 the following afternoon. Now they’ve promised a call at 8-10 am on a Saturday. No e-mail for 84 hours so far. Wonder if they’ll offer compo? Ha! Shocking ‘service’.

  • James Sharpe

    Mine is still down

  • Jan

    Thank you. We have been waiting all morning.

  • peter shepherd

    Thank you Kate. You have supplied an answer I have been trying to get off of BT help line for past TWO hours. Constant waiting on phone.

  • Kate

    Fastest 24 hours in history – back in!

  • peter shepherd

    Continuous loop on login page. Can’t log on . ????

  • Kate

    Apparently BT are upgrading their servers! Could take up to 24 hours – Would have been nice to have been notified….

  • Jennifer Blue

    Same here ???

  • 1275s

    Neither can I. Same problem.

  • Jack Martin Hallett

    I currently can’t get into my BT email, I try to log in and it goes back to the log in page. It won’t log in.

  • Tony George

    Myself + wife can neither get into our bt email accounts.

  • Julie at Coquet Cottages

    Kris, same here but I found a way around it – emails sent from my Outlook to BT addresses randomly fail, but for those that do fail, I copy and paste and send them from a seperate Gmail account I have and they always go through successfully from there. Our tech support guy found this out, cannot figure out the logic but it works. It’s just a pain to do and you have to tell the recipient to reply to the outlook address and not the Gmail address or they will end up always using that instead of our business address!

  • Kris Hayward

    Have been having email problems for weeks. Emails addressed to a bt email account are returned as undeliverable, but not all of them. Trying to send/receive in outlook randomly fails, often with socket error #10013 or request to verify password.
    Come on BT how about some service provision, you charge enough for it!!!

  • Julie at Coquet Cottages

    Ian we’re struggling to get emails to our clients and customers – what a pain it is! – but we’ve set up a Gmail account, so when an email bounces back, we re-send it via the Gmail account and that works. BT are without doubt the most incompetent company in the western world and have been for the last 20yrs!!

  • Ian

    Ian: had problems with email all afternoon now it has gone down completely have contacted bt only answer phone saying there is a large waiting time up to 3hrs useless to me when I have to conduct business from it
    come on BT get your act together

  • Alpine Star

    I dumped these ‘clowns’ lock, stock n’ barrel this year after 20-odd years “loyalty”.
    (trust me, the joy was IMMENSE !!!!!!)

    The words “Orgy”, “Brothel”, “Organise” & “Couldn’t” rather spring to mind.

    Oh death, where is thy sting ?
    Wherefore art thou thy mighty & righteous vengance for the leper known as B.T ?

  • Alpine Star

    “Never, in the field of Human incompetence, was such vast misery, dished out by B.T’s few….to SO many”…….(with respect to Churchill & “The Few” – our glorious Hawker Hurricane & Spitfire pilots).

    BTW – Last Rites… & the following eulogy…..
    “Rest in Peace” to my now derelict (thanks to outstanding B.T. ineptitude), E-mail account…..
    R.I.P. – 2004-2016, Amen.
    “May your never-ending-loop of consistently ineffective changed password, smite you no more”

  • Mike

    Seem to have been logged out of btmail..It won’t accept my password..Wtf!!

  • bobby

    I can’t risk viruses so I’m going to dump BT and get a clean service.. I was with Zen and they were fooking astonishing so might go back to them.. …. How basic is emails? It’s a piss easy proven technology but BT cannot get it to work… .. I might lodge a complaint about BT but what good will it do? Best to get and and get safe…

  • bobby

    BT harbour viruses and there’s no other way to describe their email mess..

  • HeyHey

    Emails acting up AGAIN today. Happens so often that the company are a joke.

  • nicola dexter

    I had a problem for two months where I was able to receive emails but not send or only occasionally would an email send. I kept hassling BT and it does seem to have been sorted out. They did say that their server technical people had resolved a problem. They did sent up a text message communication with me on 61998 where they told me when a call was scheduled and rang me from an 0800 number. And if I wasn’t going to be available during their 2 hour time slot, I could text back and tell them. I did have a bt salesman call me and I said I couldn’t possibly take on any new services from BT when they couldn’t get my email address to work. He guided me to the right number to call and it seemed to escalate the problem. Talk talk also had a problem which they only took seriously when the share price started dropping due to so many fed up customers on legacy accounts. Keep persisting and maybe finally they will resolve the issues

  • sue hodgson

    Have not been able to reply to emails sent to me or send a email with attachments from my computer but can send from my phone – any suggestions?

  • Rosie

    Same problem for the past week. Trying the online chat resulted in absolutely no response whatsoever. Has anyone found a solution yet ?

  • John

    Yes I am have the same problem Other e-mails are OK but any intended for those with a BTInternet address are being rejected.
    What’s the solution?

  • Derek Stratton

    Emails sent thro outlook over Bt line is rejecting all btinternet addresses

  • Jan Pear

    Can’t email from my address or receive emails from other addresses but Gmail etc works fine. Help!

  • AndrewBaker

    BT mail has been down or bad or not working properly for several days now, and I’m going to move to my gmail, especially as BT charge me £5 per month for the email as I dumped their rubbish ‘phone and broadband services a few years ago. How many remember the days when BT was state owned and acted like rulers, handing out their largess on a whim and to cronies? I do, and it hasn’t changed since they became a public company: they still think they matter more than the customers. Ever tried to get sense out of an error on their part when you’ve contacted a supposed helpline? Nothing changes, so I’m changing them, for email too.

  • peeps

    I have had exactly the same problem. The only clue is it is conincidental with regular warnings outside of email supposedly from Symantec reporting the web Certificate has expired – is the report genuine? or is it malware. Also both events have started since the last update of Firefox.

  • Eric

    I had the same problem in Firefox so I opened the same page in Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 standard browser) and all works OK. It must be a glitch in the new Firefox release.

  • Paul Messenger

    I had the same problem and think it’s since Firefox update. Changed to “Basic” mail – go to settings in BT Yahoo and it’s been fine since and not a bad format.

  • JP

    Looks as if it is a problem with Firefox. Works fine with Edge etc

  • Nigel Withyman

    From yesterday, 3rd December, I’ve been able to log on to my BT/Yahoo email a/c but cannot open any of the items listed in my inbox. Is this a problem with BT or my own settings? I’m assuming the former as I’ve made no changes to my set-up! Chelmsford, Essex.

  • SuziM

    Bt webmail is loading only one page and none of the emails can be opened. When I try this on iPad, no problems, but on Windows PC using Firefox as browser, I just get a frozen screen. I am prompted to ‘Load Basic Mail’ – but that doesn’t respond either. Done all the usual – close the browser, reboot the PC and start again – no good.BT help page is not a help

  • Sylvia Milne

    Mine has been down from midnight today. If I go to the website, I get the usual daft message about too many failed logins and to please change my password.
    I just ignore it and it usually sorts itself eventually. It’s certainly a pain

  • Robert Cooper

    No e-mail since late Monday on phone or tablet. Very unsatisfactory, this can’t be right poor effort by but.

  • Christine Boynton

    No BT Yahoo mail since yesterday afternoon for either my husband or myself. Can’t pick up email on phones, tablets and can’t log on on the website. Very unsatisfactory.

  • Clive Bishop

    Wife’s BT/Yahoo mail been dead since 4 November, nothing in, nothing out. Sent emails vanish. MSFT codes received, logged in but still dead.

  • mike

    internet has been off in the glossop area since 10am FRIDAY / resolve time was 9pm tuesday night – now it says 9pm wednesday cant believe not seen this on the news

  • Steve Preece

    I am having the problem where trying to log into my emails ite reverts back to the home page. I use Firefox as my browser but have found that if i use internet explorer i can access my emails no problem

  • Kath Whitfield

    Same problem Andy and Ron were having 2-3 hours ago, why is this not fixed yet??

  • Andy Hamilton

    I have same problem as Ron maxwell instead of emails I get bt home page it just keeps going to that page all the time

  • Ron Maxwell

    Instead of emails I get the BT home page. Even the email link there puts me back on the home page. If it’s not sorted quickly it will have to go, reliability is essential.

  • Louise

    Can’t get into my bt email inbox says error application is having trouble connecting to server. Bin three days now. Just called BT online live assistance and wasted an hour got nowhere!!

  • Pam

    Can’t log in to emails since this morning

  • Sol

    can’t log into e-mail can use all other BT service’s though.

  • Danielle

    ‘System is busy’ can’t make calls or texts. But can receive them and have 4g, makes no sense and BT don’t seem to have a clue

  • Larry Purkiss

    No email again today – I am giving up on BT. Just getting the error that my details are incorrect – Ian not going through the reset up process again. Nothing to do but wait until they sort it out again. Can I sue for lost business?

  • Stephen Southall

    joined Bt yesterday I can not use any of my 3 works phones to phone out, message keeps telling me “the system is busy please try later” Bt say there engineers are looking into the problem, Is problem is going to persist?

  • Ecoecho

    Same problem or they ask to phone you or you to phone them when you said in your email that you live overseas! Either way they treat one as one has no brain cells whilst it is them that doesn’t!

  • Lloydie

    Shocking service cannot access on my iPhone correctly it keeps sending me the same messages even when I’ve deleted them and not sure if replies been sent?

  • mand296

    Cant access my emails says it no longer exists. Yet its fine on my android phone !!!!!!!!

  • Ro

    This YAhoo system is appalling .I am not sure what has reliably been sent ,am receiving mails 6 hours late,and can not be sure what is lost.Everything else works so there is no doubt Yahoo is at fault.I too am ready to terminate Yahoo.

  • mike coffee

    I to am having problem with BT email it is the most unreliable service and I am at the point of cancelling my Bt Contract as it is not fit for purpose and certainly not worth the money. The support service is appalling because the personnel don’t do anything but suggest changing the password.or refer it to level 2 in 2 days but they do nothing but change the password or tell you the problem is with my devices and i need to contact Microsoft apple and Samsung when the problem is BT servers. You cannot speak to any sensible person who provides any useful help.

  • Pete

    This is a breach of contarct and as such I am about ready to terminate myBT because of it. £30+ per month for internet and email and this is the service you get.

  • Stephen Wolstenholme

    I think the BT email problem needs urgent attention. They must be losing customers. I have used three email services for years. The BT one is often down. The other two are never down.

  • J.Poole

    MyBT/YAHOO email hasn’t updated since 3 November 2016. I have had a screen message saying user name and password not recognised – have tried to rectify this unsuccessfully. What is going on? Other users appear to be having similar problems. Am worried about giving any more information on line as I fear my account has been hacked.

  • Wendy Keay

    My email hasn’t updated since 7th November. I’ve tried removing my account and reinstating on my tablet however says ‘can not connect to server’! Very frustrating!

  • Christian Griffin

    I have the same issue over tha past days when using the email client on iMac. Account loads up correctly (after i tried removing and re-adding it), I even get an email to my iPhone which is correctly receiving the btinternet emails telling me there has been a new login, but then the email client on the iMac fails logging into the IMAP account and SMTP account!

  • Jim Wright

    Yes I suffer as well – been trying to sort out 5 accounts all day thought it was an anniversary update issue but turns out to be Yahoo mail, none of my accounts are on BT mail. I was also told that the BT Yahoo Mail are being migrated to BT Mail which has faster servers – have been told this for two years and still no sign as to when this will happen. BT can’t or don’t want to help at all – extremely poor service

  • dissapointed bt mail user

    why is bt mail so so so so unreliable. . :-( its not the isp its not the router its not the password – IT IS BT servers – get it together or please just get new management. .


    Yes I suffer as well – am told that the BT Yahoo Mail are being migrated to BT Mail which has faster servers – have been told this for two years and still no indication as to when! Keep on to BT but they can’t help at all – very poor service

  • Tim Cahill

    Nick, Good to know that someone else is having identical problems via MS Outlook. As I understand it, BT emails are split across two server platforms…50% across BT “proper”… and the other 50% remaining with Yahoo. Extremely frustrating as BT “chat” says there are no problems reported at present!

  • Alistair Doe

    This is exactly the same problem I’ve been having. On average once per day I have to re-set my password as BT have locked it out due to a number of failed logon attempts. This seems to be connected to moving to the IMAP servers but I’m not sure if that is connected…


  • Nick Eldridge

    BT Yahoo must be THE most unreliable email on the planet … this has been going on for weeks now and we’ve had similar problems over the last two years – but this (1st to 8th November) is the worst ever. Main problem is logging in to retrieve mail using an email client program like MS Outlook when accounts lock up at the ‘Authentication’ and Password stage. It locks up your client and stops the program downloading or sending mail from other accounts in the list. One suspects the reason is that BT are trying to provide the service ‘on the cheap’ and their poor performance is SHAMEFUL. Other ISPs manage to provide free mail services that work properly which shows it can be done. BT is a complete shambles.

  • HeyHey

    Email acting up still today. It has been unreliable now for weeks. And I recall similar issues over the past few years. Recently they lost a large batch of my emails that couldn’t be recovered after their down period. How much worse can this company be for services that cost a premium price?

  • Phillip Hazell

    My e.mail would not work today so i went in to change password . My e.mail was with BT/Yahoo . Gets to update password , goes through security questions , resets password but then the Finish Button does not respond . Hasn’t been able to access e.mail today

  • Vee

    I had the same problem with a new iPad yesterday. I gave up but tried again a few ours later and the set up was quick and trouble free. However, I’ve had so many problems /niggles with BT that I plan to change providers as soon as the contract is up in January. it may have been a good deal but it’s not worth the aggro. As for the technical help they are as much use as a chocolate teapot.!

  • Trudy

    Hi, I’ve never posted here before but I’m at my wits’ end with BT and wondered if anyone else had suffered the same problem. They have basically lost my entire email inbox. They say it’s due to a ‘technical fault’ and have offered guidance (ie a link) whereby I might be able to recover the last 7 days’ worth. But 7 days is a drop in the ocean relative to the hundreds of emails I had in my inbox!

    I’m furious with myself for not having backed up my email (I do my work files and photos, but I’d assumed my emails were backed up with BT…). Talking to friends and colleagues it seems most people I know would be just as badly impacted as me, yet I’ve found nothing on this in a quick google search….

    If a server went down I’m not sure why their disaster recovery is so limited, but surely hundreds/thousands of people would have been affected, not just me?!

  • alex

    well, I did the call. sure enough, the nice lady took control of my mac, and went into my BTYahoo online page, and did EXACTLY what I had done weeks ago.
    Now I’m waiting for another callback.

  • Bertram LeFarge

    Same issue, getting cheesed off!

  • Mary Digges

    Can’t seem to get my emails with By Yahoo. Keeps asking for password authentication. Is email down? Are there any problems?

  • alex

    Hi Myke- thanks- at least I know it’s not me…
    i just can’t face another day of phoning up and being lied to.
    two years ago in Vegas my email stopped, and the BT ‘help’ people kept telling me
    my account had been hacked and changing my password would fix it.
    It didn’t of course…….I knew I was being lied to. (This was the time you referred to when they were migrating Emails across). After three password changes, I told the ‘helpline’ that I knew what was going on, and that BT had problems, and suddenly it all magically worked again……

    I’ve just found that all my Emails to LA for my trip did not arrive, or are in a spam folder somewhere, so I am having to spend late afternoons phoning the States to organise my trip, when I should be at work. Wonderful! Thanks BT.


  • Myke Apple

    Re Alex (3 below) my Mrs. is experiencing exactly as you describe, mail to spam, mail to self appearing and dissapearing etc. I did speak to a member of the senior management team (SMT)who confirmed that mail accounts were being migrated accross to bt mail, well I thought that had happened a couple of years back, apparently not. As to cause, probable resolution and time to fix I just heard a strange buzzing in my ears. Changing my email to another service provider would be a collosal pita but when I ask myself why am I paying for a rubbish service when free ones are available I just hear a strange buzzing in my ears……

  • Myke Apple

    I am also able to login via webmail but access from my ipad2 returns the message that username or password is i correct, this is immediately after getting 100% green ticks when verifying username and password. I have spent many hours in over a week online chatting and in phone conversation with the completely useless bt call centres. (Insert major rant about bt call centre staff here)

  • mik

    Tried all day to set up by email on 2 new tablets. Keep getting password or username wrong , which it isn’t! Or unable to connect to server. Tried entering setting manually with same results. Strange as email still works on my phoneand if i use weWeb site. Any help much appreciated

  • lelrich

    Email – unable to connect using Outlook
    Task ‘ – Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC0F) : ‘The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’
    Been ongoing since yesterday morning. Cannot access my email via web either. I try to reset my password and it reaches the final page “finish” and just sits doing nothing not even trying to connect.

    Have been having huge problems also with loading webpages for the past two weeks – err timeout and then the page reloading. Worst affected are Https sites. Done all the DNS release/ renew stuff and even connected via a cable and not wifi – same problems.

  • alex

    Can anyone help with this—–
    Just after the Yahoo hacking news broke,
    so did my email!
    I’m on BT Yahoo mail, and some emails I send don’t arrive.
    I am trying to organise a very complex trip to the US, and I have to phone people up all the time to sort things out…….

    30% of emails I receive are labelled as spam.
    Even from Ebay, friends, family etc…..regular stuff.
    Even one I sent to myself came back marked as spam!!
    Now I know my emails are often rubbish, but really……

    Some of my sister’s emails arrive as spam, and when I label them in my Mac as not spam,
    I then go to read them.Then my computer connects to the web, the activity box show’s it’s doing something, and the email I am _actually reading_ goes grey, and vanishes!!!

    BT have taken it back!!

    (There is _never_ anything in my deleted box online.)

    I also have an account alias online I don’t recognise, but I can’t remove it because
    it says I need a valid account to do so!!!
    Is this ‘account’ a remnant of the Yahoo hack??

    BT really are pushing me to spend my money with someone else…….


  • HeyHey

    By internet acting up again since last night.

  • G smith

    I’ve got problems yet again with my iPad and by account , cost me a lot of money in business becouse this should have been sent at 10 am today , I find out at 6 pm not sending emails , just holds them in drafts but does not tel you , what the hell is going on with this company , it’s still linked to yahoo ,nothing shows up on that , iCloud account sends straight away

    Completely fed up with this company

  • James Denton

    Is it down in East cost Lincolnshire area?

  • BT Mail Customer Care.

    Contact Us (44)8081433686 Toll Free Helpline.

  • Daveena Daley

    No Bt Yahoo e-mail again today. The last major issue was last week but there were others throughout September. This is beyond a joke now – get it fixed unless BT wishes to lose customers en masse.

  • dragon45

    sending emails, getting whoosh sound when gone from iMac but no one is receiving them this is on going for the
    last 3 days

  • Phil Andrews

    If you, like me, are having trouble with bt emails, if you switch to ‘basic’ email page layout it seems to load the page easier. Click on cog top right corner – options – bottom of page.

  • De B

    I have also been unable to log in again and after changing the password with their support I still cannot get in and can’t work this is ridiculous. I have spent hours on the phone – it’s again causing stress we can do without

  • BloodyBT

    Email addresses cut off without warning yesterday morning. Several hours spent on the phone to BT in India and finally they have said there is no possibility of getting them back working even though we wanted to pay for premium. Very glad we are retired and can spend two days sorting the problem without losing money through lost working time. We stoppped using theor broadband ove a year ago because there were faster alternatives but unfortunately we still pay for our landline through BT. After this fiasco we will be moving asap to a new provider.

  • Alfalfa Switzer

    Awful company.

  • Dominic Pinto

    Service is now back up …..

  • Susan Thairs

    Yet again, no mail. And I agree totally with the comment below. BT are an absolutely appalling company whose customer service is almost non-existent. Roll on the day my contract is up and I can move!

  • Daveena Daley

    Here we go again. Just tried to sign into my BT Yahoo e-mail account and there’s problems. This is ridiculous. No e-mail for several days at the beginning of September. Another major problem last week and now this. It’s beyond a joke. Trying to get to actually speak to anyone at BT is an awful experience and isn’t helped by their frequently being language barriers on both sides when put through to Indian call centres. Really would like to ditch BT but the thought of having to change so many contact details that have accumulated over the years for business purposes is especially daunting. However, we can’t help but wonder how much business has been lost due to these problems. BT are an absolutely appalling company whose customer service is almost non-existent.

  • Mick

    Can’t agree more Tracy. I was required to send over an email to my employer and as I was unable to have now lost a days work. I’ve struggled on with BT for more years than I care to remember, even suffering the initial fee of £1.60pm and then the hike to £5. BT are now providing an awful service on a regular basis and at the very least should refund a month’s subscription every time this sort of thing happens – I doubt we’ll see it though. They’ve even got the cheek to keep an advert on the sign in page saying “for a faster access to your emails choose BT”!!!!!!!

  • Tracy

    I have had a BT/Yahoo email account for about 20 years, and I can truly say BT are the most appalling company I have every dealt with. And now I am charged £5.00 per month for their appalling email service, in fact today there is no service at all, cannot get into my emails at all, I am paying NOT to have an email account. I need to ditch my account , and BT, and go with another provider, but trying to remember and notify 20 years worth of contacts is so daunting. BT sure know how to screw you over a barrel – but I will be leaving.

  • Regina Clayton

    Having recently moved home and BT slow to give me phone and broadband connection, am now regretting not going over to Sky, though I would still have had to wait weeks for Openreach to give me a line, but the problems of email being down so often and for so long each time is beyond a joke.

  • robert s

    A client tried to sign on earlier today for the first time, and found out that she was signed out for 15 mins – that usually happens after multiple attempts to sign in, not the first time.

    Many folks are having probs gaining access to bt mail, getting access via webmail, but finding that they don’t arrive in Windows Live mail for several days.

    Today however unable to send at all via webmail or client systems.

  • Daveena Daley

    Apologies. So angry that didn’t notice a typo in previous post. I meant to say that ‘BT wouldn’t acknowledge that there’s a problem’.

  • Daveena Daley

    Absolutely disgusted with BT. Their customer services are totally useless. No access to e-mail again today and need for work purposes. This problem is costing us money. In addition, BT staff I spoke to yesterday would even acknowledge that there’s a problem. Found this particularly amusing as I was actually trying to log in to e-mail as I spoke to one person and whilst doing so a message came up on screen to say that there’s a problem Get this sorted, BT. We’ve been with you for a few years but so many problems with e-mail and broadband dropping that we are researching other providers.

  • Jaimi D

    0161 area email down all day today. Seem to have a lot of problems lately especially since windows downloaded the 12 month anniversary update.

  • SpeanLss

    Haven’t been able to access my emails for the last 4-5 hours. A message on my login page tells me that there are intermittent problems with email, and they are working to fix it. It can’t be very intermittment if I have ben having problems for the last 4-5 hours. Noticed a lot of “faults” or “errors” with BT email service in last year or so.

  • Suzi Becker

    Well I never – my new password failed!

  • Suzi Becker

    Yes – it’s totally screwed up. Did speak, after an hour wait, last week, to nice BT man who told me to be patient as there were problems. I was ok with that, but now I’m not. I think I’ll have to open another account despite inconvenience. Broadband and phone steady as a rock.

  • CJH

    Still no sign of email and if Yahoo’s message is accurate they seem to be taking an awfully long time to fix the problem. But why no information from BT?? Very poor customer service

  • Chris Kirk

    I’ve spent the past hour trying to log in to my BT email…without success. The message says that Yahoo engineers are working on it and thank me for my patience…that is getting thin.

  • NickS

    Received an email this morning, having had problems. I composed my reply, but can’t attach a document. A messagebox appears saying “No internet connection”. Yes there is, I’m adding a comment here!
    Come on BT. As Barry said, “It should never go down”.

    Or is it Yahoo? What happened to the much advertised switch to BT mail?

  • jedi44

    Can’t get any response from mail or login if I refresh. OK earlier this am but zilch for some time now.

  • Barry Davison


  • Paul Nethersole

    Will be right back…
    Thank you for your patience.
    Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.

    This is what I keep getting today!

  • Jon Knight

    Over the last couple of months, emails are taking between 10 and 60 minutes to arrive. Not any good when you need an activation code that requires use within 3 minutes.

  • BT Mail Customer Care.

    Report Now. (44)8000903248 (U.K)Toll Free Helpline.
    Login Problem
    Mail issues
    24*7 Helpline

  • Pauline Hampson

    My webmail on safari iPad is not working.The tech expert at BT has recommended I use google chrome as a browser.This has fixed the problem so I guess I am now sorted,I still worry that it used to work and now it won’t.I like things to work all the time.i must say executive level complaints was a good experience.

  • HeyHey

    No webmail. Tired of this malarkey!

  • Diane

    Same for me, can log in for past hour

  • Dafydd ap Sierlyn

    Unable to log in to BT. Mail for past hour . Error marked as follows: This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.

  • Jane

    I live in West Sussex and have exactly the same problem – it’s been going on for a few days and happens whether I use Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. They they go at between 4 and 7 attempts. My Spam box, which rarely seems to recognise anything has recently had messages from friends who have been emailing me successfully for years. Also on marking them “Not Spam” – they transferred but were opened so had to wade through my Inbox trying to identify them – so frustrating

  • Nicole Clark Sterley

    Hoping someone can help with my problem. Firstly we are no longer BT customers but still use our BTinternet email accounts which we’ve had for about 15 years now, this makes it difficult to give them a call – who do we call, we are not calling from a BT line, etc….
    Recently I got a new Samsung phone and tablet and I’m unable to retrieve my emails on either device which I’m finding quite frustrating.
    Latest development – opening my gmail accounts on the tablet, I get offered the option to open a new account so I followed the instructions only to be met with the same old message – “Couldn’t open connection to server” (Incoming settings) …

    I have checked the settings against the settings on my hubby’s phone (older phone which does still work), and it seems that all is well with the settings….

    Has anyone got anything which might be helpful in this instance?

  • Sue Steven

    I can’t log into my BT email account today – very annoying!

  • Pauline Hampson

    It’s back on and I didn’t have to do anything.

  • Pauline Hampson

    No mail today.I think it might be migration day.

  • Ron Kennedy

    I work freelance and rely on one of my clients sending their roster in the form of a XLMS file. From yesterday my BT Yahoo account would not let me down load these files and returned with the following error message presumably because they contain a harmless macro. : “Attachments in this email may contain harmful content and cannot be downloaded.” Learn more.” When you click on ‘Learn More’ another message pops up suggesting if I move the offending email out of the spam folder Ill be able to download it. However the offending email was not in the spam folder. I keep every email that I am ever sent from this company and now I am unable to download these. I suspect that BT Yahoo have upgraded their security and it is this that is blocking these files. The only way around it is for me to forward the file to another email address then download it. XLMS files without macros are downloadable.

    The women on the BT help desk tried to convince me it was the fault of my Excel software and asked me to take my machine to a local repair shop which is total Scotums since Excel does not generate these error messages their website does.

  • Ing.

    Absolutely sick of emailing problems. Been going on now for about a week. I send an email either to a name in my contact list, on the back of one received and invariably it says “An error occurred whilst sending the message” Host has not been found. I have to try again and again and after about the 4 attempt or I reput in the email address it sends. Spam appeared in my inbox, inmail is appearing in my spam folder. Spams continuously reappear when I have said they are spam on the 2nd time around back in my inbox yet again. what is going on with BT. Constantly got problems of one sort or another.

  • Jonathan Lamede

    Sorry to disappoint you, but my wife has had problems with missing emails from Japan, and they certainly don’t use BT (lucky people!).

  • Pauline Hampson

    Had a call from head office at BT who are onto my problem.Having 2 ids seems to be a problem though it has never been before.Its nice to be taken seriously and to receive some really good support from this country.

  • David

    Error Message 421 Too Many Messages – Anybody? I’m pulling my hair out here! Tried BT online chat which couldn’t connect.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Lisa Skinner somewhere you need to find where to change your outgoing password.Look around for the right bit and change it there.It happens to me often.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Still no webmail on my iPad.6 days now

  • Lisa Skinner

    I have changed my password and I can only receive emails not send any, why is this happening

  • Muncher Brannigan

    They’re useless!

  • Muncher Brannigan


  • ColinEP

    I get the same.

  • Muncher Brannigan

    Is BT mail down I keep getting Busy an error occurred etc!

  • Fiona Brampton

    Thanks for your replies. I also seem to have narrowed down the problem to other BT senders and receivers.

  • Mark

    Yes – same problem here. Esapecially where the sender is also on BT. Their emails don’t arrive, they don’t get it bounced back and it doesn’t show on the BT server’s spam filter.

    Just sent myself an email to test – 20 minutes later I’m still waiting.

  • S Roberts

    Yes lots of people are saying that my emails are bouncing back …. and other peoples emails that are also on BT…. BT helpline just blamed me on having another email redirected to my account, or that I have used automatic replies, or that I have blocked senders, or that I have SPAM filter. This has been happening all summer!

  • Pauline Hampson

    No webmail onipad though.I think its been 4 days now.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Ah finally success in changing password

  • Pauline Hampson

    Written letter to Gavin Patterson and Libby Barr.I am desperate now

  • Pauline Hampson

    I have run the resolution center .I wonder if it will help.: 08000321790.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Again no mail since midnight.password wrong again.Oh dear.

  • Kevin Sharpe

    07.50 unable to connect to mail yet again today, I had the same problem over the last 4 days, after entering my password numerous times I gave in only to find it resolved itself later in the day. really inconvenient as I need to send mails early in the day!!

  • Jonathan Lamede

    NB: for everyone’s information. I was told today that a) they had resolved the problems; and b) everyone would be migrated to BT-Yahoo ‘automatically’, in batches from 19 September. I then emailed that I was still having the same problems. So now I’ve had two more replies: one admitting that ‘…there is no troubleshooting that can be performed. It happens at times due to a delay in the server. There is no fix for it now.’; the second that ‘You need to wait to see if re- migration to BT yahoo mail can sort this issue.’ In other words, they can’t sort it and even the ‘migration’ is unlikely to solve it. They are completely clueless.

  • Fiona Brampton

    I’m having a problem with emails not arriving – most commonly to other BT internet users. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be or is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

  • John Shaw

    It seems even the level 2 managers are indifferent as even they can not keep to timetabled contact because they are “unavailable at present”
    They now expect me, the customer, to yet again isolate a two hour period so that they can call me if they want to.
    Meanwhile the email problems continue unabated.
    Customer service at its most abysmal

  • Pauline Hampson

    Stll nothing

  • Johnski

    BT as a Company should have their licence taken away from them, they cannot be trusted to supply what we are paying for. They don’t care a bit, admit all the problems with email etc. Everyone should cancel their contracts with BT it’s the only way as some form of joint action so they may put their house in order, at the moment their contracts and promises aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

  • Johnski

    If you have BT Broadband they still bill you the minimum contract period, some crap about they cannot guarantee all services and when you take on contract this is stated that no promise of service is made, but every effort is made. T&C state this isn’t a reason to be able to leave contract without remaining period being charged for or it will be a breach of contract which they will pursue through the Courts.
    I am currently having these same problems but can get out of contract as I just pay £5 per month to keep use of email addresses which were used for business, but as the BT service is such poor and unreliable service I believe in this instance they have broken their contract with us. They have lost hundreds of emails including many orders, that will be going through Court!!

  • Johnski

    Still not able to download my BT emails, I have two accounts I pay £5 a month to keep and use, but BT is such crap lately they just don’t download to my computers or iPad or iPhone. Will have to try and let all customers know I’m changing and stuff BT, I’m sick of it, 3 days now in North Wales.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Has anyone tried this.just back from my holidays and wondering about the best way to get resolution on this.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Oh dear no webmail on my iPad today.

  • Clive Sedgebeer

    Once again the “you need to reset your password” message has reared its ugly head, spoke to India and they said “it is not in my hands to help you” Only level 2 can help you and they are too busy to help you today but should be able to help you tomorrow” Last week I could not access my mail for 36 hrs because of a major outage but BT India stated there was no issue, 2 hrs later level 2 rang and confirmed there was a major issue. I am fed up with BT they are now a hopeless basket case but unfortunately they can take their money until the contract expires.

  • Carole Jackman

    I’ve just received one of these “emails” but is it really from BT.

  • Minty

    Can anyone advise. We lost lots of emails today with BT does anyone know why

  • Jonathan Lamede

    Yet again, BT from India admit they’re going to ‘re-migrate’ to BT-Yahoo. Has anyone been given a timetable, and has anyone had it done successfully?

  • miketerry

    Have lost all emails for 16 days this month, asking for compensation.

  • Steve Darrington

    I have the same ‘You Need To Reset Your Password’ problem with BT regularly. I reset the password, it asks me to wait, I try later, it accepts my password and then asks me to change it again! BT, if you are reading this, the situation is ongoing and happens several times a year, always over the weekend, and you must be in breach of contract so I’ve got to find an alternative service.

  • Jonathan Lamede

    As we can all see, this is an ongoing issue, and BT continue in denial. I’ve been given a number to ring for their ‘Leicester Resolution Centre’: 08000321790. All you get is voice-mail, but I suggest as many as possible of us leave complaints on it, in the hope that sheer force of numbers will get BT to wake up and finally do something.

  • Kerstin

    I get error message upon error message, time activity out reports and thought if I shut down completely it would improve, so fed up……is there a general problem or just me? Now on my iPad. K

  • Derek Bowes-McTear

    Over a years worth of email disappeared from my inbox four weeks ago and have not reappeared. Has anyone else had this problem? Have hit the brick wall of not being able to talk to anyone with sufficient technical knowledge to tell me if these emails are actually still on the server or have been lost. Surely BT has backups but they seem to have no tools available to the “help” desk to do anything other than a roll-back. Does anyone have contact details for the real technical support team or for someone higher up in BT?

  • miketerry

    All you can do is go online chat or text asking for them to ring you – try text 61998.

  • miketerry

    BT told me that when my email was off anyone who sent me an email would get a bounce back message. I have proved this is not true.

  • Pauline Hampson

    How on earth do you get hold of someone sensible to talk to.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Things worse here.I was told I had to wait for a call in 48 hrs when I will not be available.In desperation I rang billing and said I would not pay my bill and it was fixed in a couple of minutes.Several representatives had tried to rest my password at their end but the one in the billing dept did it.
    I had tried previously to get complaints but I just kept ending up in the same Indian department.For future reference does anyone know a phone number or method to get to uk complaints???

  • Pauline Hampson

    Oh dear none on PC either too many log in attempts change your password ,too many log etc etc etc.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Oh dear no mail this morning on my iPad again.

  • Jill Hubbard

    I have been having problems with BT Internet over the last week. Several people have apparently sent me emails that I haven’t received and because the person sending them didn’t get a bounceback, they weren’t aware that they hadn’t been delivered! And I was obviously blissfully unaware! Several of these mails included changing arrangements for meetings during the past week which have all been messed up now. Thanks BT (not!)!!

  • miketerry

    Its been a disaster and still will be done soon.

  • miketerry

    Yes my experience as well. I have the “personal assurance” from a manager at BT that this time the migration from Yahoo mail will go without a hitch. I have his name just in case it doesn’t.

  • Jonathan Lamede

    I can add some vital info. I’ve been chasing BT since 18 August over pernicious email outage and/or delays on both my laptop and my wife’s. Right from the start, it was clear that this was a BT server problem, part of an ongoing pattern over the last 2-3 months. There followed 14(!) phone calls from BT — many of them at random, unwelcome times. On each and every occasion the operative insisted on lengthy ‘verification’ from me (though unable to provide counter-verification for themselves) and then, invariably, went through the entire case from scratch, never responding to my request that they show progress in resolving the issues. Finally, after facing more nonsensical excuses, e.g. ‘your password hasn’t been changed since 2014’ — absolutely wrong! — I found this page, demonstrating that this is an ongoing general problem. Only after I sent BT a link to the page did I get another call, at the end of the ninth(!) day of this monstrous waste of time, and, finally, an admission from yet another operative (I suspect a more senior one) that, yes, there had been serious problems for some time, lots of people had complained, and BT was in process of ‘migrating’ back from BT Mail to BT Yahoo Mail!! So, following the original migration, when they created any number of ghastly cockups, they’re going to inflict the whole incompetent muddle on us yet again. (Never mind that, as far as I know, Yahoo is already in terminal decline.) Be warned!

  • Mike

    I finally got my BT Email back on Friday morning, haven’t been without it for two weeks. Its all to do with the migration from BT Yahoo to BT Mail. I raised a fault and two days later a nice man from India called me back at home. He changed my email P/W for me and its been OK since. So, if you are affected by this migration business, first try changing your P/W yourself, or if that doesn’t work, report the fault and let them do it for you. To be honest with BT, as soon as they knew I had a problem, they fixed it for me ! Apparently, they have engaged a third party to do this bloody migration thing and its not gone very well.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Oops live mail gone down and now iPad mail has just gone.Oh dear.

  • John Harris

    iPhone email all ok but iMac client some folders empty some not so. The help line say they do not support clients (despite extensive guidance on BT website)- this is a shambles if no improvement my contract will not be renewed next month

  • Patrick Lyons

    Still cannot get mail on my iPhone since Tue evening.

  • Pauline Hampson

    Update on iPad 993 port issue.AN engineer rang today and was totally unaware of the issues and that they have been fixed.She wanted me to connect to my webmail and I was a bit flummoxed as to why.Then it occurred to me she knew nothing at all.She didn’t seem to know it was my iPad or what problems there had been everywhere.I was so cross.Normally when the engineer rings they are quite with it and know what they are doing.Does the management communicate with them????

  • miketerry

    After over 2 weeks with no email access I now have at last been able to access if through Yahoo. But BT have lost all my emails between 6 – 22 August!

  • miketerry

    After over 2 weeks with no email access I now have at last been able to access through Yahoo. But BT have lost all my emails between 6 – 22 August!

  • John Stevenson

    Email back on, and sending/receiving without problem using Windows 10 Mail, BUT many of my folders are showing as empty when they shouldn’t be!

  • Sylvia Panrucker

    Today, I cannot get any BT (Yahoo) emails through outlook, on the BT website or through my Windows 10 ‘phone. This is the 5th time this has happened to me this year. I’m sick and tired of it. When are BT going to admit the fault is theirs and sort it out once and for all. I have called the Indian helpline, who seem to know nothing about it and want me to jump through the usual hoops which I refused. I asked them to report the fault and get back to me when it’s fixed. Fat chance if past experience is anything to go by. Over and over again this happens, we are without email for 1 to 3 days, it then gets fixed and works well until the next time. And then we have to go through all this again. Are BT so naive (or think that their customers are) that they don’t know this recurring fault is on their servers not ours.

  • Patrick Lyons

    Still not getting anything on my iPhone. Are others still having problems?

  • Craig Kirby

    Just an update from me – emails are coming through, but Outlook does not have them all, just the ones since yesterday morning. BT support guy said that they had another email from Yahoo this morning saying the issue is still on going and they are working on it, and confirmed to me that we don’t need to do anything, change passwords, play around with outlook settings etc. Nice guy again.

  • Stephen J

    Yes, all is well this morning. I entirely agree with those below calling for an apology from BT. Also those who are suggesting that their technical support is useless; from past experience, the call centre operatives in India just have a standard set of questions and simply cannot cope with anything other than the basics. Return the call centres to UK and maybe with better equipped operatives the future situation will improve. However, in reality, we all know that BT is more concerned in getting more subscribers to BT Sport, making lots of money and showing little interest in customer service. I do not necessarily blame those who work for BT in the “front line”, it is an institutional problem.

  • John Dalton

    I agree completely Nick – I don’t work for BT and I’m a customer like you – I just posted what I found on there site. BT should be ashamed.

  • John Dalton

    At last – back up and running – hope you are the same!

  • george

    It’s back on but I echo what Nick King says. It’s not the outage that’s the problem it’s BT not telling customers the truth, not informing them about why Apple Mail (and others) can’t connect to BT Mail and not telling them when the problem will be resolved. I spent hours and wasted hours of other peoples time trying to solve the problem myself with great frustration. Now having changed my password I have to spend time setting it all up on iPad, iPhone etc etc etc

  • Anne Ashman

    Spoke too soon they are back also

  • Anne Ashman

    Emails back on phone this morning but my missing notes haven’t returned

  • Christopher Jordan

    Website email works. It will not connect with android, outlook or iphone.

  • LauraH

    Yes same here no incoming mail since 00.17am 24 aug 2916. Can send emails without a problem.
    Can we claim anything? Nearly 24 hours now…

  • Carrie

    Hi, im having similar issues with my btinternet email account on iPhone 6 IOS 9.3.4 as today I have been having issues receiving some emails. I have been told by 3 separate companies that they have sent emails to me, and as such nene received them, and they not in my folder.

  • Mary Alexander

    Countless people are still experiencing problems and businesses suffering as a result. This problem has now been going on for nearly 24 hours. Please can BT at least acknowledge there IS a problem and give us some idea of how this is being resolved and when we can expect it to be back up and running? Any information better than none!

  • Mary Alexander

    Well said and I’m sure everyone reading these threads agrees 100%. I haven’t had time today to hang on talking to anyone and have therefore had to wait to race home/office to pick up emails instead of getting them on my iphone/ipad. I am happy to spend time tmro if the problem isn’t solved on behalf of those of you who have wasted precious time today – what number did anyone ring to try and speak to someone at BT. Fingers crossed we might all wake up in the am to find it magicly solved! Mary

  • Hilary Levy

    Have not had e-mails since midnight. Cut a very long story short BT told me it was Microsoft and after a very long time on the phone to Microsoft concluded it is a BT mail server problem. Cannot face calling BT again tonight as the operator was downright rude and refused to put me on to her supervisor. Makes you wonder why you stay with BT. Too much hassle to move I think.

  • Hilary Levy

    Exactly the same problem and I was spoken to in a very rude manner by a BT operator who told me to call Microsoft who I was on the phone to for 1hr49mins to come to the conclusion that it is a BT mail server problem. Makes you sick!

  • Nick King

    Open message to John Dalton of BT re your earlier post and my reply – the issue here is not the email outage -we all appreciate that technical problems occur – what is clear from this forum is the extremely poor level of customer service and lack of respect for your customers – surely a major global service provider like BT do have the ability to inform their customers by either phone, text, email, etc. that there is a problem and that this could be relayed to them within say an hour of the problem becoming apparent. We the undersigned customers await and deserve your reply and explanation as to why you fail to implement such a response and thereby waste our valuable time contacting our respective phone companies and hanging on the phone to your Indian phone departments only to be informed that the problem was called by a local earthquake which took down the server! We await your sincere response, full explanation and apology please.

  • Nick King

    That’s all very assuring John but can’t you see that the general grievance here with your customers is the poor customer service relations – surely a leading global outfit such as BT have the ability to inform their customers by phone,text or email etc. within an hour if they become aware of a major problem rather than see their customers waste their valuable time chasing shadows. Really bad show i’m afraid and simply not acceptable.

  • Anne Ashman

    You get the medal Nick that is the best I’ve ever heard

  • Nick King

    Hi guys – my BT excuse beats you all – after hours wasted speaking to Vodafone including visit to local shop and numerous time being held in queue by BT I finally got through to BT technical department in India who informed me server downed by local earthquake and email would be up and running within half an hour – NOT!

  • Anne Ashman

    I have spent all day deleting and creating mail accounts on my iPhone to only find out in past hour there was actually a problem and it wasn’t just me. I have now lost all my notes off my phone and an just hoping these will be restored once I can get onto mail again. So frustrating I had some really important info on there

  • Pauline Hampson

    Mine is deleted too on instruction from bt live chat.You will need to wait until it’s fixed and then try again.Maybe tomorrow.

  • Pauline Hampson

    I hate the cover ups and stories.Just say that they know and are dealing with it and endless hours can be saved.

  • Pauline Hampson

    I hadpriously been on live chat and they told me to call apple.When I called the service status line there were no problems it said.Obviously there were.

  • Pauline Hampson

    At 3 o’clock I told bt that Apple had said it was a port 993 issue.They wrote it down and said they would give a response in 48 hrs.

  • Sean Rowell

    My emails last synced on my phone at midnight, still not getting them. PC is fine. I hate BT at times.

  • Jayjay

    I can’t get emails on my iPhone. Deleted the account and tried to reinstall but now I can’t get the account set up at all. Is there a problem today?

  • Suzi Becker

    Hello Craig ……Thanks for the Tom info – they should employ a lot more “Toms” – of course these things are a pest, but they happen – when they happen to me I always think it’s somehow my fault, and it never is.
    Come on BT! Come clean, and we’ll be a bit more tolerant – that’s just speaking for myself.

  • Craig Kirby

    Ah, the guy I just spoke to “Tom”, bless him, he said it was a known issue, and that the yahoo engineers said at 5pm they needed 3-6 hours to fix it. We will see. Hats off to Tom though, he will get good feedback for being up front.

  • Suzi Becker

    Yes – for sure it’s a BT issue, and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to find out about that. So BT don’t get any sort of a medal, but it would be good if you ‘phoned and the person you spoke to just said “This is a fault with Bt – you don’t need to change your password or log in 100 times – we’re sorry – wait and it’ll be sorted”. I don’t think they’re informed or allowed to do anything that straightforward.

  • Craig Kirby

    But Suzi, if it surely is a BT issue, which it is, then they should say so – otherwise people are calling Apple or Microsoft and running round in circles.

  • Craig Kirby

    I’m on a delightful hold to talk to them (have been for 40 minutes so far) and will just tell them what the problem is (thank you Andrew Blit – it is incoming IMAP server using port 993) and see what they say…

  • Suzi Becker

    With please not too much criticism of the people who patiently answer BT complaints – I think they do their best, and are always pleasant and helpful – but they’ll never ever admit that it’s a BT issue – but if pushed they do just a bit………….

  • George

    I’ve had exactly the same problem. Yesterday Apple Mail working well with BT Mail but today not. Phoned BT who told me it was ‘client mail’ that was problem. Phoned Apple who were really helpful and proved it was OK with others but not BT. When will BT raise their game. Useless. Only able to access mail through browser which is OK on iMac but that doesn’t help on iPhone. BT helpline is useless, why don’t they alert their operatives when they have a common problem?

  • Sylvia Milne

    They always do that. It seems to be their default response

  • Sylvia Milne

    I tweeted a link to this site to BT Care. Perhaps they’ll look at it

  • Mary Alexander

    Do BT monitor websites like this – if not they should and see what a useless service they offer particularly when they are all giving out different information

  • Cosmo Saltana

    Used the BT ‘chat’ service 3 times today to be told by two people that there is no outage and they do not support Mac Mail and that I should be using the BT web mail. The third BT employee admitted that there was an outage.
    All three went through the pointless routine of asking me to change my password.

  • Mike DA

    Hi, My Iphone ha snot been able to retrieve my mail either. Says port 993 not responding. Contacted BT help and they are useless! Not aware of the fault that some of you refer to below and keep telling me to contact Apple! Lets see how long this will take BT to resolve

  • Andrew Blit

    Outgoing Server using SMTP should be Port 465 – this seems to be working fine

    Incoming server using IMAP on port 993 aint working – their server issue, not yours ( I THINK)

  • Patrick Lyons

    BT mail not responding from iPhone. Outlook and webmail fine. Started at 11pm (or 6pm as I am currently in the US). Has happened before and eventually seems to come back. Can anyone confirm port ?? I use 993 but I see some instructions to use 465

  • Suzi Becker

    Same here – web mail but no client mail – being new to Mac this was a big time-consuming problem and a nuisance for Apple support who have had many queries. Is it not possible that Bt send emails to all likely to be affected? Then I’m sure we would all be very happy to wait until it got sorted out and stop bothering other people.

  • Andrew Blit

    BT Mail not responding to IMAP or POP3 from clients. Both Outlook and android client not able to pick up mails. Reassuring not to be alone, disappoiintng that it has happened in the first place

  • Stephen J

    I’ve had problems with my BT Openworld e-mail since yesterday evening. I use MS Outlook as my e-mail system and although I can send e-mails from that I cannot receive. Have to go into webmail to check my e-mails which is not satisfactory. Looking at the various comments below it seems that many people are having the same or similar problems. Strange things like this happen periodically with BT, and I agree that their customer service is useless. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this quickly.

  • Craig Kirby

    Maybe we should get Martin Lewis on the case?

  • Steve T

    been down now since Friday! ,what is going on , had enough! a joke is a joke, moved to g mail and enjoying the simple lay out and ease of access ok a pain to change addresses but at least I am back in contact with the real world. Have been a loyal bt customer for years, shame on you Bt and customer care is shocking.

  • RJ

    Just got email account back on line after 12 days without it. (The endless loop of login, reset password, login rejected issue) However all emails since 12th August are missing. BT now investigating that, but I don’t hold out much hope.
    I used the Gavin Patterson escalation route as well. During various conversations they admitted 20,000 accounts were affected!
    So I pay for broadband get free email. Lose access to it, and then have a 12 day gap in my emails! BT Says because it is free email with the package, there is no compensation right! Email Account was on the old Yahoo platform, I think the account now is on the new platform but not sure. This is just totally disgraceful – but who do we complain to – OFCOM?

  • AM

    One of the posts below suggests downloading the Yahoo Email App…just done that and it works fine!

  • Craig Kirby

    I got the feeling it would be a while as well. I hate working on webmail, but at least they are coming through there.

  • AM

    I’ve not been able to sync on mobile devices since just before midnight but OK on webmail.
    BT have just told me it could be 24 hours before resolved

  • Sylvia Milne

    I’ve been told they are aware of the problem and are working on it