BT Broadband status

Your current BT Broadband status might depend on the type of service you signed up to in the first place, which ranges from BT Infinity to standard BT broadband. If you have problems with BT Broadband right now, then this Down Today page will offer you insight into whether you’re alone and also gives users the ability to share issues with the community.

BT Broadband status

The current BT broadband outages will range across the UK map, but it’s already clear the biggest problems and complaints come from high population areas. When BT Infinity or standard broadband go down, then thousands of consumers will report their issues in bigger numbers from the likes of London, Manchester, Bristol, and other cities.

Complaints may also come in surrounding emails, when customers are having issues with their Internet this will affect many other aspects of service including emails. Even TV service can be lost if they rely on the Internet such as Sky, share with Down Today your problems remembering to leave the location you reside in.


BT Broadband Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If BT Broadband is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT Broadband Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Daen Princess Thornton

    BT Infinity been up and down all morning and they are trying to blame the router! Told me to reset it…helpful NOT!

  • Les McLean

    Went down completely 3 weeks ago took 4 days to sort but within days of getting back up it started to run very slowly and despite 4 calls to BT this past week it is no better. Speed is 0.94MBps and takes up to 24 hours to download a longish film.

  • Dave G

    Gone down AGAIN earley this morning… Broadband & Phone…CM12 9UN area. 2nd time in a month…sort it out BT for God sake !!!

  • Maya Wara

    Is anyone’s BT Internet down since 1 week. My Internet is too slow… takes ages to load.

  • 5

    Type 150 from your LL and see about getting the issue resolved.

  • 5

    No p2p is not blocked you may want to check the BB settings on the PS3

  • Robyn McIntosh

    Down since at least 4pm. Maguiresbridge, N.Ireland

  • Keith

    My BT Internet is so poor, I left Sky for Virgin then Virgin to Sky and now wished I stayed with Sky to be frank. Never online with BT, especially when playing online games via my PS4.

  • Peter

    Does BT prevent P2P? The reason I ask is because I can play games with anyone online around the world, but I cannot play online with people on my friends list on my PS3

  • Stella

    Seem to be getting latency and drop-out issues, playing games online is hair-pulling stuff. Is it possible
    that the issues here is from BT’s remote server with IP address, it just keeps dropping when it gets to that server, I never did think it was a battle net issue.

  • Mark

    Kind f super crazy to have BT Infinity only to have purchased an EE4G wifi box to carry around so i have internet anywhere i go. The problem is i seem to use this at home more that i use BT Broadband seeing as most of the time its either too slow or off. The scary thing is how bad will EE get once BT buy them out in 2016?

  • Tiff

    BT Infinity Broadband at home on Anyconnect VPN, network keeps dropping so working from home is not an option even though its the only option.

  • Potts

    I should have never signed up to what was supposed to be the fastest broadband aka superfast. All I ever do is phone up BT, which seems to be Indian Telecom, with all information from them speaking in computer terms i clearly do nt understand. Just send an engineer and job done. Tallking to me over the ohone telling me to do this do that is basically an enginners job unless BT want to pay me to do tasks over the phone. Why should I.

  • Julia

    Nothing but Internet problems with BT, I have reported the issue 3 times now and when I phone customer service I get someone from India. He said there was nothing wrong BT’s end so it must be a problem my end. I said OK then please send out and engineer to sort the issue out, still waiting.

  • Judith

    I am having email issues where I cannto send or recieve, but after checking further it was because my broadband was down.