BBC iPlayer problems

The BBC iPlayer is a well known video streaming platform that can be found online, as with an iPhone and iPad app, on Android devices, Smart TVs, and many other devices. When the BBC iPlayer runs into problems it can be directly at their website, or the service could be not working on one of the platforms they stream through.


One of the most common messages you will find at the official website for when the BBC iPlayer goes down states, “BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable”. Normally, you will be asked to try again at a later time until the technical problem is fixed.

We also hear about problems with the video streaming through BBC iPlayer and a loss of quality, which could be due to network speed and ISP routing issues. If you need help use the support information on this page, or leave status reports about your BBC iPlayer problems below.


BBC iPlayer Status insight for Thursday 30th of March 2017

If BBC iPlayer is down today, then reports will be found below.

BBC iPlayer Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • andrew1707

    Suddenly saying that device is no longer supported. However, having checked, our device is on the list that IS supported. Any ideas what we can do? I’ve updated the apps in settings. ( Samsung BD-F6500 )

  • Nicola Howe

    Iplayer no longer supported on my device (bt vision box)

  • jiver

    Fixed now, thanks

  • jiver

    Is the Radio iPlayer down?Monday march 13th, 12:45
    Can’t listen to anything live at the moment, continuously loading

  • Ignatius Fernandes

    My I player freezes the screen I cannot enjoy any of the programmes that it advertises, it is frustrating and I think b.b.c should seriously rectify this problem.

  • jen

    I can watch it on ipad but not able to down load correctly. Athough my ipad says 100% but doesn’t transfer the data, leading it to say download failed. Seems to have happened since the most recent update??

  • Chantelle

    Trying to watch catch up on BBC iPlayer via my iPad and all I get is ‘no network connection’ but I’m connected to wifi and all other iPlayer work fine. This needs to be fixed as otherwise the iPlayer app is pointless

  • Colin Walker

    I am getging same problem with Bbc iplayer o. My smart tv. It was working up until last night. Nothing at all this morning. All other tv apps are ok. Iplayer working ok on mobile phone connected to same broadband modem via wifi. Tv connected via LAN cable

  • Sue Pretlove

    Was hoping to catch up on eastenders after being away a month…no hope! Revolving circular disc on tv and iPad! Whatever’s going on? All the other catch up services are working fine!

  • Jeff Hellyer

    We are also having problems (on all platforms – tv and laptop). Watching catch up tv on iplayer is now almost impossible. I am bored with looking at a revolving circular arrow as programmes struggle to download. This needs sorting – it is not happening with other providers. Maybe the BBC should build on its previous high standards and make some kind of announcement about when they can fix the problem. Otherwise, perhaps it would be best that they revert to a pre-digital age and give up broadcasting the fact that things missed can be viewed later on iplayer.

  • Beverley

    I have had my LG tv for almost 3 years never a problem but since late last week I player and red button loading…have the up to date software and reinstalled channels. No problem before?

  • David Howard

    iPlayer cuts about once a minute to upload. Unusable. How do I find out whether it is iPlayer, Roku unit or broadband?

  • Garry Ainley

    Also sick of Nepotism Chris Evans putting son on grooming another generation of showbiz folk to be hoisted on us.

  • Garry Ainley

    You are getting paid lots BBC sort out your crap!

  • Garry Ainley

    My Daughter has a mac and uses Safari and is with Virgin and has no problems getting all fed up with it.Have tried everything they suggest nothing works.

  • Garry Ainley

    Iplayer cuts out after an hour have timed it.

  • Trish Shenton

    Wont download on windows 8.1 – but can watch programs without downloading them.

  • Jon Jones

    Down on my Sony Bravia. From the app on the TV itself it just gets stuck on loading. Via the app on my Virgin Tivo all I get is the audio but no picture. Works on my other devices fine (PC / Samsung Tablet etc).

  • Charlie

    Our I player has been down since Sunday eve.Tried all sorts in plugged etc etc, Netflix is ok. Sony Bravia,

  • Karen

    Our BBC iplayer on our tv has not been working since Monday like Olivia it comes up ‘Loading’ and that’s it. Have been trying to get the final episode of Apple Tree Yard and also Taboo and can’t access it.

  • Olivia

    BBC iplayer used to work fine on my Samsung smart TV, for the past 2 months now I cannot access it? Every time I click on it it comes up ‘loading’ and doesn’t move from that. I’ve tried everything..

  • Silvia

    Is BBC iPlayer not working today and yesterday?

  • Christine Jones

    I have down loaded the BBC I player app on my new android tv box in down loads when playing back I get sound but no picture as anyone got any advice on how to put this right thanks

  • Garethman

    My smart TV plays all channels except iPlayer. Any ideas?

  • Captain Nevica

    Just waited. It seems better at the moment. There might have been a software update, I don’t know as I have that feature set to auto.

  • Mark collins

    BBC IPLAYER ONLY GIVING SD ONLY. what’s going on. App always has had HD mode. My tv is a LG 850v 49″.

  • Patrick

    What’s the point of complaining nothing is ever fixed for long. BBC iPlayer is just total rubbish.

  • Alastair Knowles

    Exactly the same thing has happened to me. Did you manage to find any resolution?

  • Maria

    Ever since the December update, both iplayer App AND BBC Store Apps are more often than not failing to download programmes. Contacted Support & they asked lot of questions, but despite deleting BOTH Apps, & reinstalling them, still the same down load problems! Weird but true, my “purchased” BBC Store programmes can be downloaded, sometimes, on iplayer, but NEVER on Store App. Now both Apps are doing “Gobbleegook” stuff……. such as my BBC “purchased” programmes from BBC Store are listed as, for example, Poldark Series 2 but with photos from BBC Shakespeare “Midsummer Nights Dream” and many similarly mixed up! Its frustrating enough that ipayer wont stream or download properly, but an expensive frustration when “purchased” programmes aren’t viewable! It seems that the linking of the iplayer & Store Apps is when the problems started! Anyone help here, as Auntie Beeb isnt sorting it out at present?

  • Captain Nevica

    iPlayer is currently struggling to run on my Samsung smart TV. I keep getting the “Something went wrong” message accompanied by “wait a while and try again” but I’ve been waiting for days now with no improvement. iPlayer works fine over the same broadband connection on my mobile devices; other streaming services, such as Netflix, work fine on the Samsung TV. I’ve downgraded the resolution from HD to standard with no improvement. This problem has developed sometime over the Christmas break because it was working properly before then. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Mike

    iPlayer seems to have stopped live broadcasting BBC1 – getting fed up with “Not Available” on current programmes like Breakfast. Also, seems to have got a day out of the current date so, when selecting a yesterday program it asks Watch Live or from the beginning! Accessing through Amazon Fire boxes and also NOW TV box. No Freeview signal where I am!

  • john covington

    Since dec update can no longer download programs. Starts OK but then stops with ‘download failed’. It was perfect before update. Have uninstalled and reinstalled all to no avail.

    Help pls!

  • NolaCherie

    For at least a month, I’ve not been able to stream any videos from BBC iPlayer on my Roku 3. I get the following message, no matter which program I try to watch:
    “Something went wrong loading this programme.” 02001

  • Seafordrose

    Hi I am also having this problem started on Monday

  • Seafordrose

    I am having this problem with our Sony Bravia TV Content exceeds memory limit, or something along those lines, it flashes up so quick I can’t read it all! it started yesterday I see others have had this problem so am hoping it will clear itself but it is so frustrating. Has anyone any ideas if there is something I can try to get BBC iplayer working again. Using the search tab I can get previousl search items to play but can’t get it to search new ones which is when this messge flashes up

  • Julie

    BBC iplayer rarely plays now on my Panasonic smart tv. This has been happening on and off for about a month. It won’t search. If it does finally work from Home page it cuts out on numerous occasions. (south east area)

  • Jackie

    Why does my BBC Iplayer not now play on my Panasonic smart tv ?

  • jess

    Is xbox bbc iPlayer down or is if just ours

  • Michael

    Hi, getting this error too on a Sony Bravia, although content does actually play. There is also an issue with searching. Entering letters into the search doesn’t do anything – it just spins the ‘wait’ wheel. Existing searches can be clicked on and return results though. Anyone else had this?
    My tv has BigScreen Version:, Build Identifier: Mon Dec 12 2016 14:50:28 GMT and Framework Version 6.2.0. Device is a Sony HBBTV2011.

  • Clayton Rae

    Yes, mine is up and running too. Think they’ve corrected glitch in software.

  • Charles

    Rejoice! IPlayer is working on my Sony Bravia again! Hope all of you are finding the same thing.

  • Coz

    Not working on Sony Bravia tv. Same error message as others on here have. Content exceeds memory limit, or something along those lines, it flashes up so quick I can’t read it all! It then reverts back to tv. At the moment neither Sony or BBCiplayer seem to be acknowledging the problem. Anyone had any luck with this yet?

  • C

    Same here, just started tonight.

  • Kristian Debt

    Exactly the same problem with iplayer on our Sony TV

  • Clayton Rae

    Exactly the same problem as Beachmaster – wondered whether the TV or iplayer update responsible.

  • Charles

    Exactly the same problem (exceeds system download limit) for about six days now. Tried factory reset, no change, switched to Low Def, no change. Had to watch something on the laptop last night. Starting to get very annoyed…

  • Lynn Whitfield

    We have the same problem with our Sony tv – tried factory reset but it hasn’t made any difference.

  • amisfit

    Downloads button not working on my ipad so no access to downloads. I have no idea why but as soon as I press downloads it locks up the whole screen and I have to press the home button to get out of it.

  • Julia

    Hi everyone – just solved this issue on my Sony TV by doing a factory reset – iplayer now working perfectly

  • Paul

    Same problem with my Sony tv for last two days