BBC iPlayer problems

The BBC iPlayer is a well known video streaming platform that can be found online, as with an iPhone and iPad app, on Android devices, Smart TVs, and many other devices. When the BBC iPlayer runs into problems it can be directly at their website, or the service could be not working on one of the platforms they stream through.


One of the most common messages you will find at the official website for when the BBC iPlayer goes down states, “BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable”. Normally, you will be asked to try again at a later time until the technical problem is fixed.

We also hear about problems with the video streaming through BBC iPlayer and a loss of quality, which could be due to network speed and ISP routing issues. If you need help use the support information on this page, or leave status reports about your BBC iPlayer problems below.


BBC iPlayer Status insight for Thursday 8th of December 2016

If BBC iPlayer is down today, then reports will be found below.

BBC iPlayer Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Relieved to discover it’s not just my TV in the sense that it is hopefully a temporary problem. We had a similar problem during the last Olympics as we were unable to watch larger/longer content and that it seems had something to do with licencing problems between the BBC and Sony.

  • Linda Und Peter Koller

    Yes, same here… live stream not working … downloads or straming of past programmes still fine … am on ipad

  • Beachmaster

    I’m having same issue as Jerubaal. Started tonight couldn’t get any iPlayer content to pay on my Sony TV which has worked fine for 3 years. Message is ” internet downoad failed because content size exceeds system memory limit”. This message apearsfor about a second before exiting iPlayer automatically and returning to TV channel. Tried everything… Internet connection, factory reset..still the same!

  • Jerubaal

    Issue started yesterday: iPlayer loads up and shows the list of episodes, but it won’t play anything & gives a message along the lines of “download failed because content would exceed system memory unit”.

  • Liz

    Does anyone know why the is happening with iPlayer, same has happened to me after it has worked fine for about 5 years. Anyone know how to fix it????

  • David

    Hi our LG TV also stuck on LOADING in capitals after working fine for 3 years. What’s to be done?

  • Tony

    We have two LG TV’s, both have worked seamlessly with iPlayer for more than 3 years and now suddenly they have both stopped. The screens go to a question mark and “LOADING” in capitals. Something has changed behind the scenes – but what, and whom to contact?!

  • Andrew

    Rang LG There are problems since BBC IPLAYER has been updated mainly older sets mine is 2012.A 2010 model has also had problems. Screen stays with downloading message. Can only hope this gets fixed in near future.
    I have resorted to iPad and Apple TV box now.

  • Sarwanya

    Same here, Stopped working from 1/12/2016 with error message code 02100

  • Alex

    Trying to watch the snooker which is playing perfectly behind the message “something went wrong playing this programme” NO ITS PLAYING FINE BUT I CANT SEE PAST THIS DAMN BOX IN MIDDLE OF SCREEN!!! ARRRRRGHH

  • Noach Sztern

    BBC Iplayer not working since 1/12/2016 Getting the foll. message “Something went wrong playing this programme”
    Any other users facing same problem?

  • Pam Tedder

    BBC Radio Player is really difficult today. If I manage to get to a programme whilst it is still on I MIGHT be in with a chance but if I try to listen later using Iplayer then I get to the programme page, the part where you are supposed to control the listening is blank, I refresh the page, the controls tantilisingly appear for a few seconds and then go again!!! This does not happen with all programmes and a while ago I was told that there was a problem with Windows 10 but that they were working on it. What is the problem today?

  • Russbug

    Continual problems with the BBC radio player today again. Stops and drops out every day now while using Internet Explorer. Also causes a lack of responsive in IE at times. No problem listening to any other stream from any other music service but I use Radio Player for the live pause feature sometimes. Anyone else suffering from this annoying problem?

  • Jay

    My smart tv iplayer is down. Is this to do with the licence issue. Nice for those of us who pay. I’m paying where’s the content.

  • Lo Tech

    Just checked my Android tablet – iPlayer radio still will not stream or play catch-up/podcasts. iPlayer tv is fine and I can also listen to radio via a normal browser window – so what’s wrong with iPlayer app cuting out every ~3 mins? It used to work ’til mid 2016 or thereabouts.

  • Lb

    Bbc iplayer and itv player stopped working today on my new humax fvp-4000 the network is connected ok. Is on demand down or is it just me???

  • Lo Tech

    My BBC radio iPlayer stopped working on an Lenovo Android 4 device
    around July 2016 and has not worked since. It runs for 2 mins 40 second
    before cutting out.

    I have not seen any helpful or effective suggestions as yet as to what changed and what’s going to be done to restore normal iPlayer service. Something changed because it used to be good to get ‘live’ or streamed radio (e.g. in areas with bad or practically no FM -let alone Digital- reception – still a frustrating issue for many).

    Is it just my tablet? Come on BBC, admit and fix the problem. and restore iPlayer service as it was for those with no BBC radio and want round-the-house BBC reception.

  • Lo Tech

    My BBC radio iPlayer stopped working on an Lenovo Android 4 device around July 2016 and has not worked since. It runs for 2 mins 40 second before cutting out.

    I have not seen any helpful or effective suggestions as yet as to what changed and what’s gonig to be done to restore normal iPlayer service. Something changed because it used to be good to get ‘live’ or streamed radio (e.g. in areas with bad or practically no FM -let alone Digital- reception – still a frustrating issue for many).

    Come on BBC, admit and fix the problem. and restore iPlayer service as it was for those with no BBC radio and want round-the-house BBC reception.

  • Crankcase

    The BBC only allows iPlayer to be used within the UK. Your US IP address will have been blocked.

  • John L Edwards

    I purchased a JVC LT-49C860 from Currys/PC World online and received it 19.07.16. On 1st set up, iPlayer would not play any, and I do mean any, programme and that the error could be resolved by choosing something else! The problem is that nothing plays and the same message every time. The BBC inform me that my device is not a certified device for their iPlayer yet Currys/PC World website implies its compatability, furthermore the manufacturer Vestel state it on their website too. So even after trying to make an informed purchase, the information I based my purchase on, a tv that had iPlayer function, was and is wholly incorrect to begin with!

  • Victoria Franklin

    any joy with this??

  • Victoria Franklin

    Did you get any joy with this??

  • Mick

    BBC iPlayer Radio section is NOT working July 19, 2016.

  • Kerry

    I am trying to open the Padio Player site and I am getting Error 500 – Internal Server Error.

  • Alan

    Am I the only person getting this when trying to open BB iPlayer? Error 500 – Internal Server Error

  • Jeremy Knight

    We bought a Samsung TV a little more than 2 weeks ago. The strange thing is that I have had the iplayer working intermittently. The last time it stopped working I reset everything to how it came out of the box and that fixed it. But it’s a pain to have to do that every few days.

  • Observer

    We have owned a Panasonic Vieira TX-L42E6B since October 2013 and for too many programmes but not all ( e.g. for some reason EastEnders, in HD, still streams fine) we get with the IPlayer :
    02100 “Something went wrong loading this programme. This is usually a temporary problem. You can try this programme again or try a different programme”

    I have contacted the BBC and they say this Panasonic in a list of Panasonic TV’s/recording devices in a web link is not supported and that” devices not listed have either not reached the benchmark required for a good BBC iPlayer experience or have not yet been submitted for certification.” It is BIZARRE that they apparently provide “official support” for TV’s/recording devices as recent as 2015 and back to 2010 but there is no list for devices dated 2013
    I also think they are talking complete rubbish as the specs for the app show the firmware/software has been updated as recently as June 2016.
    Quick frankly I think it is a server/software issue that they are not addressing and it is all the more inexcusable if older models from the same manufacturers are supposedly still working fine and more recent ones are having this particular issue and other issues. Other apps like YouTube and Dailymotion still update and work perfectly so what do they keep getting right that the BBC with it’s IPlayer gets wrong? My router is a BT Hub 2.0 and broadband speed is no more than approx. 2.5 M have heard that the IPlayer uses more bandwidth but that still doesn’t satisfactorily explain why it still streams some programmes, including in HD, and not others

  • Rick

    Had same problem not able to get bbc iplayer to work through Samsung smart hub on blue ray player. However got it to work via the Home button then selected iplayer in recommended. This might help until a fix is put in place.

  • Listening Odin

    Checked iPlayer this morning – not holding out any hope – lo and behold it’s up and running. Hope everyone has the same experience.

  • Sarah N

    I have the same problem.

  • Pete Richardson

    Same here. Bought a Samsung UE43KU6400 today and all the catch up services are missing including iplayer, which won’t even work from the red button menu. Very disappointed in what is otherwise a great TV. I’m also considering taking it back but put off due to repackaging it etc. Waiting for customer support to get back to me….

  • david k

    I have just bought Samsung UE32K5500AKXXU and it has no bbc Iplayer itv hub etc, called them and they said it was a known problem although it sounded like it was on the recent models. They said they had no idea how long it would take to fix. Means I may well have to go through the hassle of returning the TV which will be a real pain as everything is unpacked. Does anyone know if they sold this model (or others) over the last six months knowing these things didn’t work but never bothered to note this to potential buyers? Also has this been going on for weeks or months (if months then it could be ages before they sort it all out)

    I find it hard to believe that a company can sell the TV as a smart TV when none of the apps you need to watch TV work!!! Have contacted Which and asked them to stop recommending Samsung smart TVs.

  • Lisa Smith

    I just got an error message that the BBC iPlayer is not supported on my device (Samsung digital blu-ray player) and I’m in the U.S.!?? Who else uses this player to stream videos? Amazon?

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Anyone heard from Samsung or BBC about us not being able to to get iplayer on our Smart TVs bought from Currys UK? Currys just say that my 5 month old TV is working, and the Apps are not their problem, it is Samsung . Samsung say it is BBC…oh joy!

    BBC iplayer just say they are aware, and are “investigating ” Really? This has been going on for months! Rubbish help. Rubbish service, despicable, incompetent tech services, who will not communicate with each other…
    Perhaps the MP for overseas relations could help? Korea and the BBC in the UK actually cooperating? Pigs flying!

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Anyone had a response from message of complaint sent to BBC iplayer complaints? I have. They say they are aware…and investigating….Oh goody!

  • Listening Odin

    Good idea – will do.

  • Owen Williams

    Add me to the list, I’m going to follow your advice and complain to ‘You and Yours’ So frustrating

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Please send a complaint to BBC Radio 4 consumer programme “You and Yours” I have done this to complain about the BBC iplayer App and their technical department’s inability to to communicate with Samsung’s equivalent..this situation is an affront to us, the consumers who bought Samsung TVs and to us the license payers, so I would urge you to tell You and Yours about your experience

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Email the BBC Radio 4 consumer programme “You and Yours” on line to complain about BBC iplayer App not available on Samsung Smart TVs
    Anyone still not able to download BBC iplayer on their Samsung TV?
    .please do this, a.s.a.p. Get the big guns onto getting the tech guys at the BBC to talk with their equivalents at Samsung… far neither side are doing ********g all to help us.

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Can I suggest that you complain to BBC Radio 4 consumer programme, “You and Yours” I have, and the more people who do this, then it is more likely the the BBC iplayer people will get this resolved with Samsung?

  • Listening Odin

    Okay – Simple fact is that Samsung have screwed up mightily. But…and it is a major but, the iPlayer application is the one that is causing users the most grief. I would suggest that the BBC has a major role to play in getting this issue resolved. Surely a Corporation of the Beeb’s size has more chance of eliciting a response from the Korean behemoth, than us mere paying customers.

    Get off your backsides iPlayer team…and get Samsung moving.

    Furious…bored looking at an inert web page wondering whether to bite the bullet and go and buy a Sony.

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    I put a message on Samsung’s Facebook page…can you do the same? Samsung and BBC not working together to resolve this technical proble. BBC iplayer says they are aware of Samsung TVs not getting iplayer, but doing nothing! I emailed BBC iplayer to moan, the only way, since their web chat is not working! What a load of incompetence being demonstrated by high so called tech companies..
    Keep at them, to get some proper service …we PAID for this…buying the TV and through the License Fee.

  • Rob sergeant

    I’ve got the same problem, my samsung TV is loading a desktop version of the player and I cant select any program to view

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Yes see my post…Samsung Smart TVs and BBC iplayer incompatible BBC doing nothing to work with Samsung to resolve. Tell Samsung via Facebook to get to grips with the BBC to get resolution

  • Elaine Mary McAllister

    Still not loading. Expensive phone calls to Samsung no help, phoned Gurrys Knowhow, no help…told to contact BBC! BBC web chat not working! All in all rubbish service …what on earth is going on with the BBC?

  • Scott Border

    Exactly the same problem. That’s what I’m looking for help with.

  • JJ

    BBC iPlayer loads as a desktop version on my smart TV. Has anyone had that problem before?

  • Steve Baker

    I have been unable to access BBC services for a month or so. I Website and podcasts, I no video as I am outside the UK. It only happens with my android based equipment, the laptop is fine.

  • Katherine

    I haven’t been able to access iPlayer for over a week. I don’t know if the Windows 10 update did something but ITV player

  • HighCadence

    Audio and video not synced for around three weeks now on LG HD.

  • Margaret

    Why can’t I get a full screen picture on Apple iPad for BBC iplayer anymore.
    There was a new update the other day and havnt been able to get the full screen picture since then

  • Captain Caustic

    Could not get BBC Iplayer to stream today 22 May 2016 (the big questions)

  • Marc Aramo

    im pissed off that the iplayer is way out of sync

  • Marc Aramo

    iplayer is completely out of sync today 17/05

  • Sally Thomas

    For the last week Radio Player has not loaded. All I get is the ‘Sound of Silence’ RAdio Player message. I have been listening to the radio live on my laptop for years with no problem, now I can’t play any stations. I’ve changed nothing. Podcasts work and iPlayer is fine. Any ideas anyone??

  • John Richards

    No radio live streams iPod touch running 5.1.1

  • Andrew

    During the last few days all of a sudden I cannot pause or fast forward iplayer watched thru my Now TV box. All the other services such as ITV Player seem to be working normally..Any ideas anybody?

  • Joe

    Fixed it. First rule of IT… Turned it off (at the socket), left it for a minute and now working fine.

  • Joe

    Mine too. Worked ok yesterday. Netflix and ITV Hub ok though.

  • butterflywings

    Bbci player will not load on my smart tv today. Haven’t used it since last week so dont kniw when it began to be unresponsive. Just the “loading” logo and spinning circle on screen

  • Wotsit

    BBC iPlayer hasn’t worked on any kindle fire devices for months. It works on all iPad and iPhones! It goes so far then you try to play a program and its just buffering with the circle thing! Have the Beeb changed something???

  • Pina Bauwowsch

    I’m having exactly the same problem. Will you please post if you find a solution?

  • Peter

    SElect program online and play and no program appears. Circular twirling icon might appear but no program does. Tried different programs, same. Had to download but even then the ‘HD’ option turned out to be less than a quarter screen with no option to adjust. iPlayer service definitely poorer than before.. Come on BBC!?

  • jacqui

    Ir has been around 3 weeks now since the picture on my tablet has suddenly become fuzzy and distorted whilst trying to watch my favourites on BBC iPlayer. For example, EastEnders starts perfectly whilst the intro music starts, then the picture goes fuzzy, then it crashes and cuts out advising me that this progeamme can no longer be shown. What’s happening BBC..I’m not impressed??

  • Disgruntled

    Samsung UE40F6320 Iplayer App boots appears to work ok but will not play the program selected (Something went wrong loading this program 02001°. But can play through the web browser app. Same goes for ITV Hub but Channel 4 App works fine. I am using a Smart DNS service but it can not be that as all other devices PC and Android devices all work fine.

  • jake

    Forgot to add that the problems are only on my tablet that I can no longer watch anything on iPlayer for around two weeks now

  • jake

    Can’t watch anything on IPlayer for the past two weeks. Picture goes disjointed, fuzzy then just stops alogether. What is going on?

  • Steve

    I have a Samsung H Series TV… Via VPN can watch iPlayer programs but not live streams…. Any help would be gratefully received…

  • Linda Hazelden

    I have an LG tv the Bbc iplayer is not working. The full page is displayed with all the programmes showing but i cannot click on anything! Anyone else experiencing this?

  • eric

    i bought a 40inch 4k techwood tv from ao and ipayer dosent work and was told the tv iplayer wont work on this tv and was compensated with £35 to get amazon firestick and £10 for phone calls that cost me £25 now other apps dont work cheap tv but not what you think youve bought

  • R de Solla

    Since Mar 4, iplayer on ipad allows playing some but not all programmes, allows downloading of some programmes but not others, and for all fully downloaded programmes will not flop them from the queue into the ‘downloads’ folder for viewing. No issues with itv, channel 4 etc., so definitely an iplayer issue. Annoying as all get out.

  • Marv

    I’m having the same problem as Paul L but on my LG smart TV. It’s been ongoing for about a week and it isn’t going away!! Come on BBC, what’s happening?

  • Paul L

    There is an ongoing problem with all platforms ‘this programme is temporally unavailable’. Its getting worse every day, and restarts, changing to the beta version of iPlayer etc. does not solve the problem. I get this with an Amazon Fire Stick, my Samsung TV and my Sony TV. The BBC seems to be ignoring this problem, perhaps hoping it will go away. It isn’t, it gest worse day by day. Please BBC, look into this problem and give us a straight honest answer.

  • Lawrence Savill

    We have the same issue with out Panasonic TV, can get all channels on iPlayer except BBC3, no idea why, cant find anything on the net/bbc to see why

  • James Capstick

    The iPlayer app on my Panasonic TV will stream every BBC channel correctly, except BBC3, which is the only one I need since they took it off the air. Anyone else found this?

  • Lars Ole Simonsen

    If you set your TV region to UK, you should be able to use the BBC iplayer app. On my set it was installed by default when I set my samsung smart tv up to use the UK region.

  • puzzydee

    Hi I have the same problem. I suspect that my DNS sub is causing the problem.
    Although demand 5 is working I have been getting the error message for a few days on BBC iplayer (only on Samsung TV, all other platforms are ok, iOS, OSX, firestick)
    Can you tell me which service you have switched to?
    I am looking at changing my sub also if the problem continues.
    You can pm me at my username at gmail if it breaks any house rules.

  • ninja_hepek

    As it turns out, this problem is directly related to DNS services we’re using. I’ve been using DNS Smart Proxy and I can’t access neither Demand 5 nor BBC, however I’ve switched (trial) to another service and it’s working flawlessly. I’m not sure what’s the problem, however I’m positive DNS SP was most likely banned or somehow blocked by BBC.

  • ninja_hepek

    So we’re basically forked?

  • Jeremy Perrott

    Unfortunately, the BBC won’t be sympathetic to us using DNS because they don’t want us to do so, anyway. Samsung denied there was an issue at all for me. They just weren’t interested once they learned I was not in the UK. If I contact Samsung from here, they’re not interested because I’m trying to view the BBC. Catch 22.

  • Jeremy Perrott

    Yes, working everywhere else, but BBC and ‘downrightnow’ type sites seem unaware. I’m on latest firmware on TV….

  • ninja_hepek

    +1 on this. Had this problem since Monday. I’ve installed newest system update (2.800; tv is UE6400H 2014) and it’s still not working. It’s really starting to piss me off, Samsung is apparently incapable of doing anything right!

  • John Haynes

    OK – it is mainly the Samsung iPlayer app, which also started to have problems on catch up as well. This went away with the last Samsung update (1060). I also have problems streaming from Apple wirelessly but it seems a Samsung/BBC issue mostly.
    I use SmartyDNS and have the TV linked directly to the router via Ethernet cable, with 6GB download min. speed. Other Samsung apps (e.g. YouTube) are fine, and I can play catch up iPlayer in HD no worries.

  • puzzydee

    Sorry John. When you say catchup is ok now, do you mean on iplayer via the Samsung smart tv app?
    The only platform I’m having problems with is the Samsung. (Ok on all others)
    It seems many others are also, so may be an issue on BBC/ Samsungs end?
    Which DNS provider are you using?

  • John F

    Same problem and timescale for me. Works on my Surface pro 2 connected to the same network as my Samsung TV . My TVs last update was november and there are no updates since, so looks like a BBC-side problem.

    I get the message 02100 “Something went wrong playing this programme……..”

  • John Haynes

    No solution so far. Samsung say it is BBC and I have passed this on to them.
    Awaiting comeback.
    I made sure my Samsung app was up to date, and the firmware. Also my BBC app on iPad etc.
    No issue with catch up now, all fine.
    Just live streaming hanging.
    Hope that helps.

  • Jeremy Perrott

    Samsung smart TV – iplayer loads but doesn’t play anything. “Something went wrong…” message. Other channels play fine. Been doing this for 2 days now. No update or anything.

  • puzzydee

    Do you have a solution to the problem? I’m also using smart DNS and am able to watch iplayer on all platforms (Firestick,OSX, IOS) just not my Samsung Smart TV. I can watch live bbc1 and a very small percentage of random programs, but basically just constantly getting error message 21000

  • Derek

    Anyone else having issues with BBC iPlayer on NOW Tv? Latency is slow, keeps crashing and freezes the NOW Tv system. All other iplayers work ok on the platform.

  • Jon

    I have a NowTV and have found that if I access iplayer from the main list of options I get the 02001 option, BUT if I go into the “Streaming Apps” option and select iplayer from there then it works !!!

  • Tony H

    I have the same problem on my Techwood 4K smart tv I bought today. The supplier helpdesk says I need to download a firmware upgrade but although I have tried via the tv’s internet and broadcast channels route, but it always shows no update available. The supplier helpdesk were already aware of the problem but said the upgrade has been available for about a week.All the other apps apart from BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport apps work fine. So I’m sick like you.

  • John Haynes

    Similar problem, I am in Spain, use Smart DNS. Was a buffering issue, now after yesterday firmware update, can play BBC1 but not others. Catch up works on some programmes not others. Have no success from Samsung or BBC on the issues so far. Bummer!

  • Nutsysmum

    Have LG smart TV in France. Use unlocator as a dns proxy to receive BBC iplayer, perfect since last summer. Since last Sunday 24/1/16 cannot playback any 2016 programme – constant buffering. Can play 2015 programmes perfectly and ‘live’ programmes. Devastated because we love iplayer ;-( The message is the one ‘temporary problem try again later etc….’ Any ideas?

  • felicity cormack

    i-player worked fine on my android phone and my mac laptop but now has stopped working completely. It’s the best thing that I use my phone for so I am very disappointed.

  • Florrie

    Exactly same problem and same TV! Have asked BBC technical people for explanation.

  • Florrie

    Jan 27 – iplayer not working on my smart LG TV for past 3 days. Message reads ‘loading’ but nothing happens.

  • Malcolm Gamble

    I’ve got a screen problem with my Sony Bravia when using BBC iPlayer.

    A few months ago (Sep 15) I had no problems with using my Samsung Blu-Ray “smart” player (cira 2010) to view all of the Samsung Hub programmes, inc iPlayer, when showing through a Samsung “not smart” TV (circa 2005). Then, in Sep 15, I switched to a “non smart” Sony Bravia TV, with the Samsung “smart” player. All items, except iPlayer, work as normal. iPlayer shows normally when selecting a programme, but when the programme starts, the bulk of the screen goes black and the viewing area is reduced to square format, showing in the top left corner of the screen, at about 1/6th screen size. I’ve adjusted all of the Samsung and Sony variables, to no avail. The screen image is perfectly watchable, but very frustrating at only 1/6th full screen size.


  • Carol Shorty Williams

    Carol Shorty Williams ·
    Butchery at Stans Superstore
    Hi everyone with the same probs as me with no itv player or bbciplayer, my bro just came and sorted mine all back on chuffed to bits, he only turned my samsung of at the wall socket for a few minutes so it was hard shutdown, he then did a restart in the samsung tv, so it was up to date etc. All working fine now for me. Hope you can do same and it recovers yours x

  • Praveen

    I bought a UE55JU7500 TV and was not able to launch BBC/Channel 4 iPlayer

  • mike

    Iplayer loads but no programmes play on new Techwood Smart TV, with the message ‘something went wrong loading the programme’ has been like this for a month now.

  • Ben M

    I have the same issue.New Samsung TV but no BBC iplayer app.

  • Linda Hope

    Know how you feel. Iplayer and itv hub not worked since Wednesday. Same problem as you

  • Anna Marie

    BBC iPlayer has not worked for two days on my Kindle Fire. It is erratic,though. Some days it works,other days nothing. I downloaded the updates when asked. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Carol Shorty Williams

    yep iplayer and itv player down on mine too

  • Carol Shorty Williams

    I have had the same problem, i tried bbc i player also, when i click to open app the screen goes grey and then it wont return to previous page i have to switch tv off then on again grrr gets me mad

  • bob dunn

    iplayer doesnt seem to be working on my computer or my smart tv, is this happening for other people too?

  • Andy Dunbar

    BBC iPlayer not working since 1st January on Samsung TV. When will the fix be available?

  • Chris B

    Since yesterday iPlayer hasn’t worked but moreover, since last week, live TV audio has pretty much been out of sync, making watching BBC on my Win10 PC virtually impossible. Whether on my PC or iPAD, iPlayer hasn’t been working properly either today or yesterday. Even trying to d/load some programs onto my iPAD hasn’r resolved the issue as some will d/load while others won’t….. All of this has really become more and more problematic since 1/1/2016…. Or is it just me?

  • Whizzyuk

    Been having problems on my LG Smart TV for days now. Just sits spinning “loading”. Works on all my other devices

  • Justin

    Just as I was getting into the darts I get the useless ‘Something went wrong …’ the developers who wrote this app should all be fired. One I get this error I basically have to restart iplayer on my smart TV. It’s not rocket science for it to keep periodically retrying to establish the programme!

  • david charles

    getting black screen since yesterday, 3/01/2016, any ideas if its just me or other users ?

  • me

    Iplayer still wont load on xbox one, have uninstalled & installed. Anyone else still having issues

  • Jackie Watson

    Works on iphone but not Samsung tablet…so may be an android update issue.

  • Lyndy

    Hi I’m sick.of it. I can’t download anything to my Sky TV hard drive from bbc either or use my Samsung tablet or samsung phones. My boyfriends ipad works OK though. Explain that one!!

  • J Brooks

    Same here, have a Samsung Smart TV everything but Iplayer works would be nice if BBC just fussed up and put out a essage that they are having tech problems rather than a silly fob off of ‘something went wrong try again or try another programme ‘

  • Carl Gardner

    We bought a new Samsung Smart LED TV (Model 5600) today. Although we get to the BBC i-Player page fine, when we try to play a programme, MOST programme choices say ‘There is a problem downloading this programme’. One of the main reasons we bought a new Smart TV was to get i-Player. The wifi signal is good. Any advice?

  • Jennie Black-mytton

    I have had the same problem with iplayer on now tv for the last couple of days always with the same message.”something went wrong loading this programme”

  • Bob Brown

    Nothing on Samsung to, iPad working ok.
    Other apps on smart to work ok Including Netflix, 5 and itv
    Getting the 02001 “something went wrong loading the programme” Message

  • Jess Greaves

    Not working on Now TV box for a few days now. We have it on two TV’s and working on neither. Other Apps fine (itv, all4 etc.) Iplayer working fine on the iPad and computer browser.

  • jonbruge

    similar problem on my panasonic smart tv. ITVplayer works great but BBC doesnt. Contacted Panasonic help – he suggested it was a bbc iplayer software fault, in the short term try an ethernet cable which i did – trailing it across the hall thru 3 doors & living room – worked great – no probs. technology eh!!!!!!. where do we go from here???

  • Geoff

    Just read that iplayer is now working ok. This is not the case. It keeps stopping and starting and I all jerky. It is definitely not my internet having a problem as everything else works fine

  • Izzy

    Oh also won’t play on my laptop so reassures me it’s not my tablet malfunctioning

  • Izzy

    Won’t play at all on my tablet despite re installing app

  • David Wilcox

    radio & iplayer not working on pc, mac or

  • Steve

    Can’t stream audio or video from bbc, all else is ok

  • Sue J

    Can’t watch iplayer today. Says check network connection but everything else is fine.

  • Geraldine Buckland

    Not able to get iplayer working on my ipad

  • disqus_sGDLa4epgP

    down down down

  • Paul Thompson

    down on macbook pro too

  • woo

    iplayer not working on laptop windows 10 ……….error 500

  • John

    Nothing on Windows 10 desktop with iPlayer radio. Had a message saying ‘technical problems with server’ 2 days ago. Since then nothing. No player indication on the schedule pages or on the programme page itself. Not even the ‘downloading player’ notification. Happens in both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  • John Cooper

    BBC 1 not available on iPhone and iPad for “legal reasons” Any ideas?

  • Sue

    I’ve just bought a Samsung UE48J5200AK it’s not showing bbc iplayer app at all, anyone got any ideas how to get it or what the problem is?

  • joanne

    Just bought samsung ju 487500 bbc iplayer comes on screen but does not respond.Works fine in laptop and tablet

  • Antony Ladbrook

    When I try to watch anything it seems to cause my BT router to reset? I can stream through other media providers and skype etc but for some reason iplayer causes the wifi router to restart???? I am befuddled!!!

  • Gill

    Programme stops and restarts interrupting continuous viewing

  • Matt S

    We’ve had sporadic problems with live TV via iplayer, it jumps backwards and forwards and buffers frequently. Having it today trying to watch the tennis. Any one had the same problem?

  • Ralph Clark

    Iplayer has not been working on my Sharp Aquos TV for over a week now. The interface comes up showing what’s available and I can search and select any programme, but upon selection it just shows the spinning circle for a while and then pops up a message saying there’s a “temporary” problem.

    This happens with every programme.

  • Nicola

    Bbci player app hasn’t been working on my ps3 for over a week now. I thought maybe it was the bad weather :( any suggestions please ??

  • Nantar Robert

    keep on loading video and nothing else !

  • Graham Skinner

    no sound on tv or radio when using Chrome all ok in other browsers

  • Ro

    Keeps saying no network connection but everything else working

  • Isobel Killingsworth

    My tablet is doing the same. Sometimes plays OK then suddenly stops loading properly. I’ve uninstalled and re install it. No luck. Make me think it must be the site. I’ve reported it 3 times but no response or improvement.

  • Victoria Sizeland

    I can see to install BBC I player help I have the Samsung galaxy a3 can this device pick it up please email me many regards victoria sizeland .

  • Paul Donald

    Same here. When I click on the BBC iPlayer app it just says ‘Loading’ on loop for ages. I cannot see a function to update it or even delete it and re-install it. HELP!

  • Giles

    Older Samsung TV won’t play iPlayer any more. BBC iPlayer web page says Samsung TVs known to be playing up at the moment and recommend firmware/software update. Unfortunately don’t have that option on this TV (no Service option in Settings or a USB port.)

  • Nigel

    Forgot to mention it was on a Samsung TV.

  • Nigel

    Wasn’t working for me last night neither was channel 4 catch-up although all fine on iPad

  • Alison

    Unable to watch iplayer on samsung other than downloads?

  • Leep

    All working perfectly again with out doing anything so Samsung must of sorted it out at last

  • Wendy Woo Stephan

    same with me, its been about a week now. I have a Samsung, Lovefilms won’t open after showing the icon on the screen. BBC I player will open and I can select a programme but it won’t stream. After a while I get a message saying ‘its a temporary problem, try another programme’. Same will all the programmes. So annoying and nothing on line to assist. I also can’t open the samsung apps, it says ‘network interference’????

  • Kevin Vere

    Same problem on my Samsung Smart TV, four days now. tried re set up still no good. Ipad, Iphone and PC’s all work fine, seems to be attributed to Samsung?

  • Steven Kingsley

    Same problem. On BD-F6500 blu ray player. No iPlayer or Amazon prime. Also problems with “network interference” when trying to open the page to load new apps. I reset all my settings and removed all apps while trying to fix it so now have no recomended apps either. IPlayer on older Samsung tv works fine though.

  • Leep

    Still not working on my f series tv but working fine on my ju series tv both connected to same WiFi and no update available for f series tv always worked perfectly up till the last few days

  • Anna Jones

    BBC iplayer not working on my TV either – anyone heard anything? Just freezes when you selevt a TV show, works fine on laptop

  • Dylantherabbit

    Both Amazon and iplayer not working for four days now on my Samsung TV. Keep trying for updates but nothing. Last firmware for my tv was in September. Going to phone Samsung tomorrow.

  • Keith Munday

    3rd day now without iPlayer working on my Samsung TV – BBC website is no help. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Simon Coulson

    No dice, BBC i doesn’t work anymore on my Samsung Blu Ray player. It was working as was Amazon Prime.. What has changed and more importantly why has anything changed? So frustrating, Oh, and I bought a Roku 3 streamer yesterday… NO APP FOR AMAZON in the UK so leave well alone.

  • Sam Ware

    same here too, just iplayer not playing on samsung tv “something went wrong loading…”

  • Luiz Lima

    Same here. Not working on Samsung since this evening. Anything official from the BBC?

  • clarker63

    I have the same problem with my Samsung, last couple of days its not working. ITV and other streaming does . Seems to be a specific fault with iplayer

  • Judith

    Got a top of the range Samsung tv but yet again it will not download programmes from the iplayer.
    Been trying for 3 days now & just keep getting the same error message. “Try again later”.

    Is it me or is there actually a problem with iplayer or Samsung.

  • Paul Golds

    My nexus 7 will only show BBCi player RADIO programmes with a time 1 hour later than their actual schedule time e.g the today programme shows start time 07.00 (actually starts at 06.00) and finishing time 10.00 (actually finishes at 09.00) the clock time and time zones are all correct. i have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times but nothing changes. My daughters Nexus (identical model identical wi-fi connection shows all the programme times correctly. As a consequence i cannot listen to the programmes at the correct time – any ideas please

  • Julia

    Have IPod 4 series- can’t update past 6.1 ( I think) it keeps loosing the network despite the settings showing it is connected. Will I need to buy a newer iPod edition?

  • Gordon Torrie

    No downloaded programmes will play “We’re sorry – This downloaded programme cannot be played.” (On all 8 downloads)

  • Penny Butler

    Just bought an expensive Samsung supposedly all singing all dancing Smart TV – only to discover iplayer does not work!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!

  • Sophie

    No sound on iPlayer – can’t work out how to fix the problem!

  • vertaler

    BBC Iplayer and ITV catchup both lose sound, run for a while and then freeze. the only thing that seems to help iss switching the programme off for at least ten minutes, then retrying. And it isn’t my laptop, because it happens on the tablet as well…

  • Lib wilkinson

    Hi I’m having trouble loading programmes on I player. The message comes up something went wrong loading the programme. What all of them!!!!!

  • jd

    I had the same issue with BBC iPlayer, when trying to play, screen goes grey. Any ideas on resolution?

  • Roxy

    Tried to watch F1 Qualy last night, it kept freezing every couple of minutes. Today I’ve tried to watch Beck, same problem then it said ‘Content not working’ so I tried Casualty – same problem. I don’t watch TV, just ‘catch-up’ on my computer.

  • DDgirl

    SO frustrating only noticed this week iplayer on both laptop and tv shows menu and programs but when you try to watch video you only get a blank grey(tv) or black (laptop) screen. recordings are fine. radio is fine. similar issue i think to aircgoss below. previously iplayer was fine.

  • R2DU

    The new popular items do not play, I have found that some of the older streams will play. I have run into several comments that the Level 3 3200 server is having issues in US. Which could explain why older one are on the server and new ones are not. The thumbnails may come from one location and the video streams from another.
    Someone in CND said Akamai 3200 was working.

  • Douglas Rankin

    Im having the same issue on my samsung smart tv. It states ‘something went wrong loading this programme’ It works on my ipad though! Driving me nuts as ITV and 4 works fine..

  • aricgoss

    LG smart TV – can see all the BBC iPlayer menus and programmes but none of them play – the screen just goes grey and does nothing – in all categories and channels. Anyone else got this problem?

  • Brenbilbao

    On my PC I have the same problem as Charlie Watson below. “The content doesn’t seem to be working. Please try again later”. All the time. Channel 4 and ITV – no problems.

  • George Groves

    new panasonic viera tx-40cx400b apparently “not supported” yet its a built in app??????? can anyone help?

  • Eric ok x pe

    BBC hopeless like many the technology they use in the dark ages.I have Note 4 designed for quality streaming works a treat with Sky Go Netflix Amazon Prime You Tube but like so many posts the BBC geeks do not care about FIXES just adding more tools to its player mucking up its ability to play for so many.For last 6 months only downloads would play on I player no ability to stream now BBC removed I Player completely for Note 4 owners on Google Play so no downloads no streaming As a LICENSE BBC payer I feel cheated! BBC initially blamed Samsung and phone Networks for the problems at least now they have come clean the issues rest with them! Three by provider refuses any help such as applying pressure to BBC same as Samsung who blame BBC Interesting point as a test visited Three shop asked if Note 4 worked with apps especially BBC told of course no problems so selling is more important to them as any truthfull answers!!! Android I feel not up to scratch ……no remedies. ..even trying to stream from Web browser on Note 4 no joy either! Note 4 users need to unite to sort this problem!!

  • Freddy

    Further to my previous post, solved by firstly connecting tv to internet with ethernet cable and updating tv software, followed by resetting TalkTalk box.

  • David T

    I believe ALL Samsung Smart TVs in the J series do not currently support the BBC iPlayer. They replied to my email asking when it would be supported by saying “very near future”. That was on the 21st July 2015.

  • dan

    bbc iplayer isn’t playing live when I click on any channel says this content doesn’t not seem to be working please try again

  • Freddy

    Can’t get BBC iPlayer on a brand new Sony tv but it works perfectly on an Android tablet. Weird.

  • Anna

    Likewise.Siemens TV…. And no success since upgrade of iPlayer whatsoever.

  • Dave Collisson

    I’m a newbie to this forum but it is clear I am not alone in suffering I player issues. I am trying to run it on a Panasonic Smart TV with zero success. Its quite simply pathetic in this day and age when the BBC can’t sort out something as basic as this – total garbage. They can’t blame it on internet connection as ITV and C4 work adequately well. They should be ashamed of themselves but, unless it affects some bigwig they won’t give a stuff. It USED to work but, like others on this forum, it would buffer when it felt like it. iPlayer 1 out of 10 (generous at best).

  • Jacob

    BB iPlayer to me is begging to become a pain rather than a joy. Especially when it comes to things freezing mid-way through watching something.

  • Jude Anderson

    Still down on toshiba smart TV the hell do you sort it when it’s not my internet arghhhhh

  • Jude anderson

    BBC Iplayer not working on my toshiba smart TV .it was two days ago and now it won’t load …whats going on ?? Internet is fine who,s fault is it …wonder why the hell I pay for a TV licence !!!!

  • Jan Oliver

    BBC iplayer not worked on my Samsung Smart TV for around 2 weeks. Done all recommended checks and nothing helped. All other internet bassed apps and tv players working fine. Getting cheesed off and not sure who the fault lies eith.

  • Cath Evans

    I can download iplayer programmes, watch live bbc news and listen to bbc radio live, but not able to stream on my (expensive) note 4 phone, OR my very cheap tablet. What do they have in common? Android L. They need to sort it out

  • Lisa cocker

    Bbc I player is not launching on x box one

  • Steve Batty

    No iPlayer through my Sony PVR. Hadn’t been for week and a half.

  • Pam N

    BBC IPlayer has not been working since May 2015 BBC and BT Vision have been no use and we keep getting passed from one to another. Has anyone else got this problem? All the other TV Players work ok and can get IPlayer on Laptop ok .

  • Jane H

    Still crashing every time I try and load a programme :(

  • Greg Wilson

    I can only watch 79 minutes of the f1 then I get error CE-34878-0 So bloody annoying! Channel 4 do a better job and I’m not paying them any bloody money! Sort it out!

  • Tanza

    Can stream BBC 6 from my desktop MAC but not from my iPad. never had this in the past. The web site loads but the radio player just hangs with a processing ring twirling away in the center and nothing loads….been like that since the 26 June,

  • Jeff Kirke

    On Friday 26th June BBC radio streaming stopped on Android and Ipad devices

  • Catherine2009

    I had constant problems with the smart Samsung TV until I plugged it directly into the router via the Ethernet plug.

  • Catherine2009

    BBC Iplayer stops in the middle of programmes (have I got news for you and Mrs Brown’s sons). It is not the TV. It is plugged directly into the Ethernet and we had no problems for months.

  • Charlie Watson

    k..been weeks since i was able to access bbc iplayer..”this content doesn’t seem to be working” is all i get back on all that i try and watch. i even tried live just to see and it said the same. i’m on PC so any ideas as all other vids etc.. are working.

  • Inger

    I didn’t have it set to HD, but just now I switched it from SD *to* HD, and suddenly strangely after a week of failure it is working again! I don’t understand how or why, but I’m very happy to be watching Shark now! Thanks :)

  • Rob Soothill

    Was having not working prob, Thanks PK works on SD.

  • PK Smith

    When you load the page for the BBC iPlayer home site take the stream down from HD to SD. Works great. Has to do with bandwidth.

  • PK Smith

    Problem solved…….take the stream down from HD to SD.

  • Sam

    Eurovision 2015 final tonight, the perfect time for problems with BBC iPlayer. Online streaming will be used by many more people, I’m not watching it, but I bet there’s problems streaming the programs I want to watch today.

  • Inger

    Same here, it’s been down for three or four days now.

    I can load the page, but when I press play I just get the message “This content doesn’t seem to be working”. :( And I want to watch the new episode of Shark so badly.

  • PK Smith

    Same issue here bud! I’m trying to track down where to go and whine….. :)

  • PK Smith

    Who do we contact at BBC to complain? Anybody got any ideas as of to to tear a strip out of. Been down for me now for the past 3 days.

  • Holly

    A few people seem to be sharing my problem – bought a lovely, shiny new Samsung smart TV and although the iPlayer app appears in the list, it just gives us a “Coming soon” message. But when?!!?

  • Chris Lowe

    BBC i player loss of picture – sound is OK, on steaming and download – has recent Java update caused this?

  • jane

    me too but is this site where we all complain about not having i player but no one tells us what is happening or how to get it back>

  • dan

    BBC iplayer not launching on my Sharp smart tv. In fact it is not even showing up on the menu. Any ideas please?

  • Bodhanandi

    No sound on BBC iplayer on Samsung Smart TV

  • Sue

    BBC iPlayer not loading at all on LG Smart TV, all other catch up services available, iPlayer available on all other devices.

  • Sharon WB

    I’m Having same problem with BBC iplayer on my Samsung Smart TV – it loads but selecting programme just leads to grey screen – no issue watching it on iPad – how do I resolve?

  • Mary Sue

    The whole day programs on BBC iPlayer keep lagging. I can’t get shows to work now. Content not loading :(

  • Me

    I keep on with problems. Not launching at all on Samsung Smart TV. No problems though on iPad or PC with the same connection

  • Stan

    Also having problems with iPlayer for the last two days. It will not load any content & comes up with error message 01100. Help !!

  • G

    I’m also having problems with iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV since around Saturday 21st March. I can launch the app and browse programs but when i try and play something i just get a grey screen indefinitely. I have also tried iPlayer on PS3 and get similar results. I can browse programs but when i try and play something I get a spinner and then after about 30 seconds “Something went wrong loading this programme”.

    I can play content on iPlayer on Android and on the iPlayer website using a MacBook using the same internet connection as the Samsung Smart TV and PS3. I have tried reseting the Samsung SmartHub and factory resetting the BT HomeHub but still no joy.

  • me

    Since Sunday I am not able to launch BBC iPlayer on a Samsung Smart TV. Anyone with the same problem ?

  • Billy

    I keep getting technical problems in bbc iplayer.

  • Speechless123

    For most of the week all I’m getting on BBC Radio IPlayer is “this content does not seem to be working – try again” and this is on all programmes on all channels. When I do try again nothing happens. I’ve sent messages to the BBC but nothing has changed. What on earth is happening?

  • jack

    Hi, Me again. Sorry, actual message is “content not working right now”. Any thoughts?

  • jack

    Hi, I can usually connect to iplayer on my kindle fire but for 3 days keep getting “content not available, try later”. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Leslie Salmon

    Stewie: I received my new Humax 2 days ago and I have the same problem, so, looking at some of the comments here, I’d say I player is ‘down’.

  • Stewie Griffin

    since I received and set up my new humax I cannot access iplayer, very frustrating as every other on demand channel is accesssible

  • Jaime

    Error 500 – Internal Error………

  • andychrist

    if you dont want to pay the licence fee then just pay for netfix instead/amazon etc instead …… the licence fee is for LIVE WHEN BROADCAST TV only , net flix hd is 84 quid and amazon prime basic is 60 quid plus internet at about 120 quid , so £180 to £260 to avoid paying the £145 licence

  • andychrist

    some blank pages

  • Jim

    My Toshiba Smart Blu-ray & DVD player will allow me to access BBC iPlayer but then it freezes on the welcome page and the only way out is to switch off at the mains???

  • Teresa

    Many programmes on iPlayer radio are not available since Friday 28.02.14 – anyone know what is causing this?

  • janet

    Hi I was able to get iplayer last week but not this, although I can still get ITVplayer. I can get internet access on my pc etc. The error message I get is “connected to the wireless network but not to the internet.” The TV can apparently access the router but the router apparently can’t access the internet.

  • Jack

    Unable to get bbc I player on my Samsung Smart tv, it says network interference occurred try again later. But Itv Player and Demand 5 are working. Can also access player through my iPad on the same wifi as TV. Can anyone help resolve this please!

  • Jan

    Iplayer not streaming on samsung smart tv. Opens but will play nothing

  • Dolly

    It is saying network problems but I have got wifi

  • Jumbo T

    Radio player is totally unusable. Decent BB, no bandwidth issues and BBC radio 4 stays on about 30 secs max. Have now found Internet Radio UK. Works perfectly and NO drop-outs! Great. Don’t waste time with BBC player.

  • Ashleigh Scott

    If they spent half as much of our money on hiring people who actually know how to construct a website as they do on covering up the crimes of Paedophiles, the website wouldn’t be the unreliable, unnavigable mess it is.
    The license fee: It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it’s against fair trading laws in EVERY free country in the world.

  • nicky field

    saying i’m out of the UK, which i’m not! NOTHING will play. was able to watch a movie last night (with loads of crashes or freezing though), but nothing today. very frustrating.

  • Jan Duffy

    iPlayer BBC Radio not working at all on my laptop for the last two days….dialog box gives no indication of what the problem might be

  • Festus Clasby

    Hasn’t been working on Nexus 7 2013 for the last week

  • James Smith

    Having been fine for years, Radio Player now not working on my laptop, either home or at work – it plays for a bit then just drops out. Both broadband, both perfectly ok with other streaming sites. Laptop not been changed. Anyone else?

  • dru

    has never worked on my xbox one i get something went wrong displaying the programmes etc error 01100

  • angela

    bbc iplayer no video or audio on lg g3 android phone .

  • Ella

    Not working on my Lenovo Laptop, but I think its just acting up as it didn’t work with 4oD on Friday, but it worked when I used the app, but iPlayer doesn’t have an app on the Windows store:(

  • Klaus

    actual no, it’s not working again

  • Klaus

    working again

  • Klaus

    iplayer radio not working on my laptop (home wifi) in fact WS page 500s

  • Dean

    It’s disappeared from my Sony tv. KDL-42W706B

  • Chris

    I player not working on my Sony TV. Really annoying.

  • To

    My I player. Working on smart TV but streaming taking 10 for every second of viewing!!!!.
    The same last night on Now tv
    When will be solved?

  • P Loader

    We have the same problem on our smart tv. Waste of time!

  • Ste

    I player not working for me, works on my iPad but not on catch up. Was the same yesterday

  • Chris

    My BBC I player not working today on Samsung smart tv.

  • trebor

    unable to download any IPLAYER content on my Samsung smart TV as of this afternoon …have the BBC upgraded the SW today

  • vetty303

    Havent been able to stream or download Some Girls episode 4 or 5 for days now

  • Debbie

    I player not working at all today

  • Gary of Greenwich

    iPlayer hasn’t worked all day, just won’t stream anything.

  • …..

    Says information currently not available

  • Sharon Evans

    Iplayer not working on my iPhone or Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Broadband is running no probs elsewhere

  • Bob

    Anyone got probs with player…hard wired into smart tv…works on wifi in ipad but not through tv – other apps work but not bbc ones

  • H

    anybody having problems watching bbc in Middlesbrough area?

  • Mike

    iPlayer radio 4 reports
    We have a problem…
    Sorry, something has gone wrong

  • angelsat12 .

    On my laptop no way can I get to watch anything. On my desktop it tells me I am not in the UK, I can’t watch anything for 3 days!

  • kerry

    Not able to use the iPlayer app on Freetime, I click back and it tries to launch iPlayer but all I get is a black screen. Not sure if my broadband is not working right, or if it’s problems with BBC iPlayer..

  • Esther

    Having trouble downloading iplayer downloads – keeps coming up with ‘access is denied’ at the end of the setup wizard. Any ideas?

  • Esther


  • Jules

    iplayer live working on my iphone but not on my laptop. So frustrating…………………………

  • polly

    iPlayer is not streaming anything for me this evening? Anyone else suffering issues at all?

  • Rob

    My TV guide is having problems today within BBC iPlayer on a Panasonic Smart TV, October 22nd.

  • Yvette

    TV guide is down.

  • Annie

    No download option on ipad

  • Reece

    Not working on my iPhone, anyone else getting iPlayer to work on iOS 8 right now?

  • Del

    I cannot open iplayer

  • Atheana

    Yep IPlayer is down yet AGAIN, message “This information is currently unavailable” on EVERY option. I am going to become as reliable in paying for my license as the BBC is in providing a reliable service..NOT.

  • Kerry

    I’m getting this message at their website, “BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem.”.

  • Dan

    The BBC iPlayer isn’t working on my iPad and iPhone.

  • Nath

    It’s down again, London.

  • Maddy

    I guess I’m not the only one wonder why we pay a TV licence!

  • Mick

    BBC iPlayer isn’t working for me, it keeps crashing.

  • Bill

    This is the third time iPlayer crashed for me today, it’s works when streaming through youtube, so why problems?

  • Dan

    quality drops for me and distorts.

  • Kerry

    On my Samsung TV I’m seeing a message with error code 01100. It reads, something went wrong displaying the programmes. I’m told to try a different section, but nothing is loading at the moment and I tried the app in iOS 8 with a similar message there as well. I want to watch Eastenders.

  • Alex

    BBC iPlayer down. Again. Whenever I want to catch up with F1 events.

  • Sol

    The one day I want to use bbc iplayer, it’s down

  • Emma

    Is bbc iplayer down again?

  • Tony

    The BBC iPlayer is down once again on October 10th.

  • Carl

    No iPlayer for two days now and the program I want to watch gets deleted tomorrow. Cosmic.

  • Robbie

    I’ve been having BBC marvellous iPlayer problems, anyone else this week?

  • Angie

    “This content doesn’t seem to be working” Is the only message I am getting every time I try and use iPlayer.

  • Robert

    The video in BBC sport Android app is still not working and we are on the second day now. This is just stupid considering I pay my TV licence for this.

  • David

    I just can’t watch anything live at all, I just cancelled Sky as well, what a nightmare. I’m trying to watch doctor who, the player keeps looping for some reason.

  • Shane

    No iplayer clips loading for me today, although the radio plays fine.

  • Ruth

    Not working on any of my devices today, I’m from Llanteg Village, Pembrokeshire.

  • Jason

    No Iplayer in Calne, Wiltshire.

  • Glen

    Not working in Guernsey on iPad or website.

  • Jez Coleman

    No iPlayer in Gravesend tonight.

  • Graham

    Seems to be only down when I want to use the iPlayer, in London.

  • grant

    Starting working then stopped again.

  • Kerry

    Not working on my computer or iPad.

  • Mark

    Can’t get iplayer to work on my iPhone and it keeps telling me “info not available”.

  • Pete

    I am seeing the message try again later at BBC’s official iPlayer website, saying “BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem”.