Barclays Online Bank Login Problems

When you are trying to open up Barclays website or app and they are not, or maybe you’re trying to access your online bank with your login details but having problems. No matter what stresses you are having with your online internet banking this is where you can report, question and reply to others with the same issues as yourself.

Nine times out of ten Barclays online banking is safe and works very well indeed, but there are the odd days where customers have a few troubles trying to access. Being it business or personal login problems, apps keeps shutting down when trying to open, cards not working in ATMs etc we want you to share them here.

Maybe your debit or credit card are not working, transfers are not going through, not able to make bill payments online. Or it could be a simple question you need answers to such as what are Barclays opening times? When you do report a problem please put in the comments what device you are using, location and if you are a business or personal customer.


Barclays Status insight for Saturday 17th of November 2018

If Barclays is down today, then reports will be found below.

Barclays Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Tina Day-Downing

    I am trying to pay wages to my employees and although I can get on to the account I am unable to make any payments. the payment page just keeps buffering and then I as it keeps buffering I am unable to get off the bloody page. My employees are relying on their wages – not very happy at all

  • Strange

    One of my Barclays transactions is not showing up then it is. It was showing up then it vanished and then it came back again.

  • David

    There is no problem stated anywhere with the Barclays Online Banking but I can assure you there is. I am unable to log in, and to top it off where has my Help2Buy ISA gone?

  • Matilda

    I cannot make any payments from my online banking account, no idea why its just not working.

  • Steve

    I got my wage slip yesterday and normally my money is in the bank the next day, today is the next day and i still have not had my money. Come on Barclays speed it up a little.

  • Erica

    My Barclays debit card has been declined three times now in one day, i have sufficient funds so whats going on?