Apple March 9 live keynote stream issues envisioned

The Apple event taking place today, on March 9 2015, will benefit from a live keynote stream and one that some people envision problems taking place. Apple has made it clear the press conference is targeting their new smart watch, but a growing number of tech enthusiasts believe there will be much more than Apple’s Watch during the live video streaming.

You can watch the said video coverage directly at, or just turn on your little black TV box and catch up with the presentation there as well. The Apple event today has a start time of 5PM in the UK, or 1PM New York / USA, which is different to what some might think due to the daylight savings time change this past weekend.

You can keep up with Apple Pay and Store problems on the linked pages, and of course leave your status updates in regard to the video stream that could well run into freezing issues. This happened during the iPhone 6 keynote last year, thanks to the first phablet and growing interest, but some still feel Apple’s first smartwatch could be so popular that problems happen during the event today as well. Whatever happens, we will find out in a few hours.



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