AOL email problems

The AOL services include email, internet, and online websites that all run into problems on occasion with a total outage in the more extreme situations. AOL email problems top the list of reported issues, which Down Today readers can report status updates on below.

When AOL mail goes down it’s clear this can be in a number of ways, from the login page not working to users unable to send and receive messages. The latter problems can be related to server downtime, although an issue with the sign-in can also be related to password glitches.

If your AOL email is not working today, then share further details below with the web browser being used thanks to this potentially revealing patterns between Chrome Browser, Firefox, and IE. You can also receive certain error messages as well, which should be shared like the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error we’ve seen in the past.

Support can be gained through the social channels and contacts listed, to help from the Down Today community that also reveals when outages take place, so you know the problems are not related to only your network.


AOL Status insight for Monday 24th of September 2018

If AOL is down today, then reports will be found below.

AOL Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Aol Care

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494


  • Lisa

    Why do aol support keep putting the bloody phone number I CANT CALL IT FROM THE UK !!!!!! My business is suffering

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494


  • Lisa

    The number does not work tried to call it and saying dialled incorrect number what the hell this is so bloody frustrating. Go on website and it says email customer service how the hell can I iv not got access to my account, this is effecting my husbands phone too

  • Peter Bruce1

    I had same issue in AOL EMAIL .Finally They fixed My AOL EMAIL Problem. I Called them on this Toll-Free Number.










  • Peter Bruce1


  • lisa

    cant ring if your in the UK !! this is a joke emailed and nothing back how the hell am i supposed run my business with no email access

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through contact listed.

  • Lisa

    No mail coming through since Friday evening

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through contact listed

  • L1TSify


  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Good Day AoI support
    Support can be gained through contact listed

  • kevin davies

    last24hrs no mail in

  • John King

    I am in the United Kingdom and I can not access my emails at all. It said page not found when I enter my password. So does this mean my account will never be accessed? If this is so, thank God I have Gmail and Yahoo for back up. Please help me.

  • renu

    Email helpline Phone Number +1-877-353-4243{toll free}

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    If your AOL email is not working today, then share further details below with the web browser being used thanks to this potentially revealing patterns between Chrome Browser, Firefox, and IE. You can also receive certain error messages as well, which should be shared like the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error we’ve seen in the past issue.

  • Nora

    AOL Isn’t processing mail, having trouble with outlook account setup, webmail signin, etc. mail not being received, error reports saying user doesn’t have an account, using Chrome, outlook, and having real problems since Tuesday

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    If your AOL email is not working today, then share further details below with the web browser being used thanks to this potentially revealing patterns between Chrome Browser, Firefox, and IE. You can also receive certain error messages as well, which should be shared like the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error we’ve seen in the past.

  • Dhal Gobeed

    Hey i was not open my Aol email account for a years and i was using facebook account i forget my facebook paasword so when i try to log in my aol in oder to resend it says we can’t recognized this email what i do please help

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed.Anyone

  • Carl

    Problems with Aol If anyone is going through aol mail disappeared issue. They may go ahead and follow the instructions given below. I am sure these instructions will help them to fix aol missing emails problem.
    if your AOL emails are missing, this problem can be related to your browser as well. so I will suggest you to optimize your browser properly.

    After optimizing your browser, you should try to log in your aol mail again. I am sure you will start getting emails from your aol account.

    So in other words, we can say aol desktop is an easy control panel to organize and execute the aol services. If we talk about types of aol desktop software available in the market, there are two types of software. First one is known as aol desktop regular version. Which is a free software tool for every Aol users. But there is no official support for this software.

    While another version is known as AOL gold, that is a premium version of aol desktop software. You can use this software after paying $4.99 per month. If you are facing any problem with aol desktop gold, you may claim for support from aol directly.

    if you want to try, you can also get aol gold desktop on trial basis. if you like it, you can join gold membership later.

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed.

  • Misterlee

    I am trying to open another AOL email account and every time I get the same message on my screen. “Too many failed attempts” We were unable to create an account for you at this time.

  • Mike R

    I have not received any AOL e-mails since 14.00 yesterday Monday

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed

  • AmandaD

    i appeciate ur help aol. Thank you

  • AOL Skype:

    Please accept our sincere apologies for your disappointment in accessing your Emails.

    We are extremely concerned to read your comments with regard to your overall experience.

    It is always our highest priority to us to ensure that our product consumers are satisfied at all times.

    We would greatly appreciate to allow us for opportunity to speak with you personally.

    AOL Support Team

  • purpledave

    Couldn’t get my e mails so I contacted helpline online and they asked me for £199 at first followed by an assortment of other prices around 1000. Can’t believe that right. Any other people had that experience.

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed…now

  • Glanda Widger

    same here and it has been 2 days now. Don’t bother with tech help they just keep repeating the same old written responses which do not work. I have already set up another email account but do need to get into aol mail to see what else needs to be transferred to a new email account. GRRRRRRR

  • Glanda Widger

    what contact list? nothing loads and no numbers seem to be working. I did get through yesterday but it was to someone in a different country reading solutions from a prepared list. I a sick of this. You sold out in more ways than one. If it ever gets back online again I will transfer my saved mail and bill pay sites to something more reliable with real humans that can solve problems. This is not a server problem it’s an AOL problem.


    I have logged in ok but when I click on the email link to open my emails nothing happens. It remains on the new page.

  • Michael Collins

    Aol I can not contact you via any numbers listed can you give me a number for uk? I need access to email

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed…

  • Peter Bruce1

    No email since last night…

  • Ian W

    An all too familiar phrase: ‘There is a problem. . . .too right, AOL does not work more than it does!

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed..

  • LadyWriter 1968

    AOL is worse now since they got rid of the desktop, Had troubles signing in today, and some other days as well, at times I can never sign in, or get site not obtainable or connection outage. Yet you put the price up.

  • Jasicca

    I am having aol mail problem??

  • AOL Care I8OO 585 2494

    Anyone going through aol problems today??

  • Jim

    My experiences have not been as bad as many others on here, at least I can still send and receive, despite so many day to day aspects not being up to AOL’s traditional high standards!
    I do suspect that, as with many other sites, AOL have been messing about with our browser usage, attempting to FORCE us to use Chrome or Firefox, for example, all against our ‘freedom’ of use – and maybe this is contributing in many ways to the appalling level of service being experienced by so many?
    I’m afraid that despite having been with AOL for well over 20yrs, their performance has never been at such a low level of professionalism and expertise as is currently being experienced!
    Obviously, as stated before, the current owners of AOL have no clue whatsoever as to how to run an efficient email service, so long admired by so many in the past!
    @AOL – PLEASE get your act together, before you lose ALL of your disenchanted customers!

  • Mark Tomlin

    Over two weeks now no email as email address not recognised managed to get a answer saying I was not old enough had to be over 16 to have an aol email address however I’m 55 and had adress for 20 years no contact numbers and reply to email don’t help can’t ever see this getting resolved

  • Allen Barker

    Haven’t received emails since 1st June. So-called helpsite isn’t and phone number shown “not recognized “

  • Kyriacos Panayiotou


    Can anyone give me advise or help me please!!

    Im from London and my aol account wont let me Sign in,,AOL uk keeps saying it doesn’t recognise the username and i have probably tried almost 100 times in the last 10 days to log in and AOL wont let me.
    Ive tried everything..I’ve sent 12 emails to the support team in the uk AOL department the past 2 weeks with alternative email addresses and contact numbers to reply back to but no one has replied back to me.
    There no UK contact number ,,but ive phoned USA several times and also had 10 online chats with them begging the to help me,,the usa aol is saying they cant help at all!!! Im desperate i have very important emails and original documents only on my aol account and many current emails that i need.Its messed me up and got me into a lot of trouble at work,
    Dunno what to do!!Does anyone have the same problem in the UK..Please Can someone help or guide me.


  • Ian W

    We have encountered a technical problem – Please try later. This seems to be the ‘mantra’ of AOL since amalgamating with ‘Oath’! Obviously, the ‘Oath’ wasn’t to provide a high level of a consistent and reliable service! 🙁 Laughingly seen on the Internet – AOL Mail provides a safe and delightful email experience for millions of people around the world. – Yeah, right pull the other one!

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed.

  • Grant Bett

    AOL Email down again, now almost a weekly occurrence. Considering my alternatives for an Email address – any suggestions out there?

  • Jules

    Hi I am unable to access my emails, I try to log in and it is saying my account has been diactivated??

  • Malcolm

    Receiving AOL OATH messages saying I will lose contact from May 31 unless I go to a very odd address.
    No phone contact with AOL anymore only email which often won’t send.
    Have been a AOL member for nearly 20 years and I find this whole business an awful mess.
    Am I on my own or other members finding similar problems?
    TalkTalk took over the accounts but they do not seem much better.

  • Jim

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve been having this issue with attachments for years on AOL, finding that if you keep trying it usually eventually goes ok!
    I also find AOL very restrictive on photo attachments, which can take AGES to ‘hover’ before ‘sending’ ok!
    AOL really are a sadly lacking company in their current form and are certainly VERY “unfit for purpose” with current technology! I even got offered to use a Yahoo account instead yesterday – goodness knows how – and even THAT (Yahoo) can be just as bad as AOL at logging in – well it is for ME at any rate!
    What IS up with these email companies and their apparently mega OVER application of security actions when logging on?

  • Susan Fitzmaurice

    Any ideas how to send attachment with my aol mail ? Message keeps coming up saying there is a technical problem and to try again.

  • Julie

    Like others, I’ve not been able to access emails for 2 days, when I’ve tried it says my password is incorrect, yet won’t allow me to change it. Please help!

  • Sherry Balfour

    Didn’t work for me!

  • Stu

    I can’t believe there is no telephone help line they have your money and don’t give any customer care any more.

  • Stu

    has anybody contacted talk talk to get them to turn a few screws and get this problem sorted.

  • Hanna

    I still can’t access my emails AOL. I have logged out and now it will not let me log back in. Apparently my password is incorrect witch it isn’t. What’s going on??

  • Dona Watson

    Why can’t load my emails @disqus_Xj0WnakTE7:disqus

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed

  • cjh116

    No aol email yet again in UK ?????????

  • Neru

    Cannot get no emails changes my password about 8 times what is going on please assist

  • Lois

    What is it? I cannot log in to AOL. I cannot reset or ask for a forgotten password reset. THIS IS NOT GOOD especially as due to high volume I cannot contact AOL. please update us somewher?

  • Richard

    My email is back on today. Uninstalled the app on my phone. Did a phone restart, reinstalled the app and it worked OK

  • Murdo

    I am unable to access my AOL email,keeps saying timed out for security reasons

  • Helen

    My email has been down since yesterday when I send code it just loops round and says my pasword is not correct. which it is. I use it for work this is not acceptable. AOL sort it out!!!

  • James

    Both my aol email accounts can not be accessed since yesterday.
    Apparently my passwords are incorrect which I’ve never had any problems for years!

  • Soozie_C

    I installed the AOL app on my phone, agreed to their privacy policy and then I could log on to my account.

  • mary morrell

    No aol email in stockport

  • Soozie_C

    I can’t access my AOL email on my Android phone, iPad or laptop. The GDPR changes are due on 25 May and it is only the 23rd what is going on? I haven’t agreed to Oath changes yet, I assumed that would happen when you accessed your account.

  • Andrea Tomlinson

    Update. Tried again and now working.

  • Andrea Tomlinson

    Just this last minute tried again and seems to be back. Phew.

  • Leslie Appleyard

    Just tried again and success…….after about 8 hours.

  • James Baird

    My wife has the same problem as some below. Can’t log in to AOL account despite registering to Oath as required a few days ago. All helpline facilities not accepting enquiries. My account is working fine. Tried their Twitter account, but you have to say which AOL account has a problem, so presumably they will send an email to my wife’s email address which of course she can’t access…. and so it continues. What a shambles!

  • Vanessa Jackson

    Yes, it just suddenly went back to normal and has been ok since.

  • Andrea Lane Tomlinson

    Did it just suddenly let you log in?

  • Andrea Lane Tomlinson

    Husband can not access the app on iPhone keeps saying app needs updating. It is the newest version. Tried on kindle and same problem. Emails have frozen now on iPhone (not app). All this since he was told he needed to accept new terms and conditions. I seem to be okay with both the app and iPhone emails……for now.

  • John

    Tried for 30 minutes to sign in , useless AOL Derbyshire Area

  • Leslie Appleyard

    I’m another one with the same problem. I have 3 aol accounts and two are working ok.

    If and when I get back online I am going to copy my address book so that I can use other providers

  • Kevin Walker

    Partners email is working mine is not both on the same network sort it aol/talktalk

  • Kevin Walker

    No aol mail,again in the Heathrow area

  • Mandii Adams

    Both my Husband and I cannot get into our AOL e mail accounts either……no contacts for them work either…..rediculous as we need to access!!!

  • James Beeny

    I have been trying for hours since about 1pm nothing all the same scenarios as everyone on here, but I have just tried logging in and it seems to be back working!!!!

  • Margaret Matheson

    I’ve been trying for the past few hours to access my emails and thought it was me doing something wrong until I saw everyone’s comments. Like many on here I put in the password and then it just puts me in a loop. Really annoyed asI am expecting some important emails. Get it sorted AOL!!!!!

  • Poppy

    I downloaded the AOL app onto my phone and logged in via that – it asked me to agree to the OATH and hey presto all is well. I’ve now deleted the app and can access emails through my Mail apps on both phone and PC – I did have to re-enter my password on the PC though.

  • Tony Morris

    These James Hunts at AOL seriously need to get their act together. I’ve had a code sent over and over from an attached to my account third party email and it still sends me looping around and around. I give up! My wifes account is working as is an old account I never use, yet my most important account is now locked down. If it’s not bad enough these dimwits aka TalkTalk have also caused me several headaches with unsolicited telephone calls thanks to them sharing my information and not only that being hacked!

  • Fifi

    It is not acceptable. Oath sent an email yesterday to accept terms and conditions which had no place to tick acceptance. Today I have tried to log on my mobile phone which said I need to upgrade to the newest version app before I can access my emails. I deleted my app and reinstalled again and still let’s me put my user name and password and then days I need to upgrade. I went on my desktop and it just keeps repeating sign on and password in a loop until you finally give up. This is just outrageous. There is no helpline or any support system. I feel violated.

  • Lynne Hepworth

    I’m in UK still no joy

  • Lynne Hepworth

    Can’t get emails.asking for sign in then says no longer has sign in and to update app. Getting nowhere.

  • Annabel Payne

    I’ve had the same problem since 1.30 today. Ridiculous service (or lack of!) from AOL.

  • Paul

    AOL email down . Waiting for very important email right now ……

  • jb

    same here can not get onto aol mail by my phone or desktop when i put password in keeps taking me back to sign in page any one else know how to fix this

  • Janine Price

    Mine is the same. Have tried on pc and on the mobile app.

  • Angie Hooker

    Mine is exactly the same

  • T

    cannot sign in, and it appears my password has changed without me knowing. Ridiculous service from an even more ridiculous company

  • Stevie

    Yeah I’ll just phone the US from the UK, how much would that cost ffs?

  • Stevie

    Oh and shove your Oath where the sun don’t shine.. Time to change providers

  • Stevie

    Can’t sign in and waiting for an important e-mail… Toss

  • Helen Milevsky

    Aol keeps asking me to sign in, but will not accept password and keeps going back to the first page every time I try to log in

  • Howard

    Can’t get mail. Updates at 13.30 today and won’t update further. Now 15.30. Says error with settings. Nothing been changed

  • AoI Care 1-8OO-585-2494

    Email Login issue,
    Password Recovery
    Send & Receive Email.
    Recover Email.

  • Jim

    Just had an email from AOL insisting I sign their stupid ‘Oath’ – otherwise I won’t be able to use AOL any more after 25th May 2018!
    I have been with AOL for over 20yrs, right from the start of emailing, so what do I do with this disgusting ultimatum?
    Talk about Big Brother, etc., so do I now have to go along with all this AOL ‘twoddle’, or find myself a new email provider after over 20yrs – plus all the frustrations of changing email after all this time?
    Why SHOULD I have to change – the more all this AOL ‘conflict’ continues, it really makes me wonder if the ‘new’ owners of AOL are truly in cloud cuckoo land – and TOTALLY clueless how to go forward with this formerly well established machine?
    I’m certain CHILDREN would be more capable of running AOL than this bunch of idiots?

  • Shirley McBreen

    I have done all that….. twice!! Keep getting that message, verified on my iPhone about 3 times!!!!

  • Sheila Scott

    Hi had same problem though managed to get into mail on PC by changing password though not on iphone or ipad. Received another email today about agreeing to new terms and conditions coming in on 25th May and discovered they want to verify account (by sending text with code). It was doing that email name page then password page, and saying not verified all the time. When I went to update password (again), they sent text (which they couldn’t do before as I have never given them my mobile number before but updated when I had the problem) I have put in their code and I have verified account and now logged in and can use all devises. Apparently aol and yahoo are becoming OATH (in the UK anyway). Obviously they like to make things complicated and give you no instructions.

  • Vanessa Jackson

    Just got my email back…5 pm UK.