AOL email problems

The AOL services include email, internet, and online websites that all run into problems on occasion with a total outage in the more extreme situations. AOL email problems top the list of reported issues, which Down Today readers can report status updates on below.

When AOL mail goes down it’s clear this can be in a number of ways, from the login page not working to users unable to send and receive messages. The latter problems can be related to server downtime, although an issue with the sign-in can also be related to password glitches.

If your AOL email is not working today, then share further details below with the web browser being used thanks to this potentially revealing patterns between Chrome Browser, Firefox, and IE. You can also receive certain error messages as well, which should be shared like the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error we’ve seen in the past.

Support can be gained through the social channels and contacts listed, to help from the Down Today community that also reveals when outages take place, so you know the problems are not related to only your network.


AOL Status insight for Wednesday 21st of March 2018

If AOL is down today, then reports will be found below.

AOL Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • AoI Care 1-8OO-585-2494

    Email Login Problem
    Password Recovery
    AOL email Reover.

  • Angela Ford

    Its now been a week of not being able to see my emails or log on. Keep getting server error message!! Ridiculous!!

  • MJ

    I seem to be getting e-mails, however get error message sending out on some e-mails. In UK. What’s going on?

  • MR

    I am in the UK I have had no e-mails since 14.43 Monday 5 March but when I tested by sending an e-m from my phone that did get through??

  • MR

    I have not received any e-mails since 14.43 Mondaty5 March but when I send a test e-mail from my phone that seems to be received in my aol mail account…..what is going on ?? I am in the UK.

  • Carry king

    I cant access my email on my tower, but my laptop is fine and my mobile is fine….driving me nuts!! UK here too..

  • Chitra Sundar

    Mail server is not working

  • Agi Szabo

    Right?!? Montreal, Canada… no internet, no mail, no anything for 48 hours. I understand that sometimes this can happen… BUT the fact that AOL has not issued any statements or provided any info about the situation… UNacceptable. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 20 years! Not anymore… switching tomorrow.

  • Agi Szabo

    Montreal, Canada… no internet, no mail, no anything for 48 hours. I understand that sometimes this can happen… BUT the fact that AOL has not issued any statements or provided any info about the situation… UNacceptable. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 20 years! Not anymore… switching tomorrow.

  • Brett Richardson

    Not receiving or sending emails from android app and on chrome, this is happening far too often, ive had the same email address for 15 years and this year has been the worst for outages, Uk btw

  • Ruthann Greinke Welk

    What on earth is wrong with AOL, never had this much trouble in the past getting into e-mails, very frustrating! Do I need to go some other place?

  • Angela Ford

    Day 3 still no emails. Not good enough.Come on AOL sort it out!!!

  • Scott Douglas

    NOT CONVENIENT after using the same Email address/s for TWENTY YEARS.

  • Melanie

    My emails did not work yesterday. Fixed for a couple of hours but intermittent now!

  • Rosie Bruning Tholl

    This is day 2 of me not being able to even access aol, much less get mail. Why can’t this be fixed for pete’s sake?

  • Christine Woolley

    I’m in the West Midlands and have no incoming email in Thunderbird on my laptop, or in the app on my iPad.

  • dave crooks

    I don’t Know what time Mail came back on Its working ok now Sat at 06:29am

  • Angela Ford

    No email since early this morning in south wales. Keeps saying sign in failed. No email on my mobile or tablet..

  • Joe Navarro

    I do not have an option on my AOL account on my google pixel to go into saved emails. All I have is new email, old email, drafts, sent, deleted items, spam and my folders. These are all empty!
    Also when you go into manage accounts to put in the other email accounts they do not accept my correct password…..aaahhhhhh

  • Michelle Bateman

    Down all day in the UK last time I received email was 20 hours ago. Not good !

  • James Dixon

    Came back on here 2 hours at still get weird panel I have to ‘ok’ 4 times before Aol Mail goes in!

  • billmorgenstein

    It is still down in South Florida. IIt is costing me business. Comcast/AOL is a disgrace

  • Rosie Bruning Tholl

    still can’t get on to AOL here in eastern MI. Nothing – nada – zip Ever since Verizon took over and bought out AOL and made us use that stupid AOL Gold, it’s been one problem after another. I use my cable (Charter) as my primary and only stuck with AOL because of mail (have been with AOL since 1998!) and all the files I’ve saved in AOL so I can access them from anywhere but I’m starting to rethink all this!

  • Sharon Packer

    Tis down in France too.. Ariege.. Ok to send emails but can’t receive.. why?..posted on behalf of a friend lest we be forgotten down here

  • Malcolm Hill

    Damn, it’s back. I was just learning to talk to people again.

  • Adrian Gates

    Yes it’s back but any emails sent to me during the time it was down are not there. Anyone know how to find them?

  • Mary

    AOL email IS BACK!

  • john

    Down since mid afternoon on pc, tablet and I phone…Billericay, Essex

  • Di

    I have been able to send an email by I phone but am not receiving them. Can’t get on by laptop at all. Suffolk

  • Denise

    No emails since 1.30 today, Cambridgeshire

  • Annemarie

    try going into saved emails and change SEE ALL to READ and they might be there .I thought I had lost all mine but they are in this bit although I can’t get any of them to open at the moment hope this helps

  • Vince Cluderay

    Down since lunchtime in Shropshire

  • Tania Elizabeth Wear

    Wales.No emails since 3pm. Cant login at all.

  • Paul

    In Billericay and can’t receive emails since 3pm
    Can send however !!!!

  • Paddy Moir

    no emails in Cumbria went about 30 mins ago.

  • Chris Chaplin

    No access via i-phone or desktop

  • Stephen Lofthouse

    I am in Exmouth, Devon. Been down since about 3pm.

  • Anis Ahmed

    I can get online to my AOL mail via my iphone but not my laptop – is this the case with other people?

  • Roy Milner

    No AOL email in Norfolk got on for a minute about an hour ago then it crashed,,,,Disgusting.

  • Trish Shenton

    Would think its def AOL as I am also on BT and can access BTinternet mail but I use AOL as my main email and thats not working

  • gs_schweik

    No email in Gloucestershire, no explanation, no updates. Shabby

  • Phil Sharples

    AOL still down anyone know of any issues with it,reports are of global outages !!

  • Nicholas Horne

    I use an aol email account (BT the provider). Email’s been down since 12.06pm: is it BT or AOL or both?

  • Nur Viktoria

    No access in St. Ives (Cornwall), intermittent service since beginning of week.

  • Joe Navarro

    I have no access to all on my android phone pixel XL. I have also lost my other accounts and all of my saved folders. I am livid!!
    I am based in aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

  • Val

    No AOL mail access since lunchtime – Bicester

  • Victor Tudisco

    Down in Nevis.

  • Chris Chaplin

    AOL Mail down in Bedford for an hour or two (so far!)

  • Peter

    No access in Bedfordshire.

  • Jackboo

    Email not working in Lincoln

  • Colin Debbie Townshend

    no email in cornwall

  • Mary

    Down here in Yorkshire again, I presume when it resumes there will be no apology, no reason and no refund!

  • Ian Green

    Not working in Watford for the last couple of hours

  • Aubrey

    None in Leicestershire all afternoon.Also have had problems with “saved login” for 2 weeks.

  • Drew Blaikie

    Can’t access my aol email in Edinburgh this afternoon. Drew Blaikie.

  • Jerry

    Not working in Somerset since midday

  • Terry Fielding


  • Simon

    Did anyone else also find that their sign-in details were absent yesterday? Maybe that was the start of the problem(?)

  • Simon

    NO AOL Mail in Suffolk either.

  • crownwhite

    AOL down in Yorkshire also!

  • steve

    not working cheshire. get main page cannot get emails

  • Bryony Roberts

    No email all afternoon Warwickshire West mids

  • P.G. Brown

    AOL = America Off-Line

  • Peterwood

    It was OK here in Kent until about 1.30 but been dead ever since. Had assorted problems with it over the last few weeks, such as emails won’t load and you have to reload aol to get it to work. Also many minor little things. Been with aol since 2000. It was fine until OAF took over.

  • Donald Morgan

    No AOL email since 10.30am co down

  • Brad Koppenhaver

    AOL e-mail down in US too. strong wind gusts here 50 MPH blowing down power lines here in Pennsylvania.

  • Peterwood

    Yep. dead as a dodo

  • Jan

    No aol emails since around 14.30 today – Sussex, UK

  • Panda

    Cannot get my emails! Midlands U.K

  • Brian Harris

    Had enough, just signed up to Gmail, Aol can go swivel.

  • jacqui

    Meant to say Isle of Wight no connection as of now. Not good enough!

  • jacqui

    No aol internet connection UK

  • Sheri Darby

    No email London

  • Malcolm Hill

    Snow on the line.

  • James Dixon

    Can’t login in North Lincolnshire (UK) either – was ok this morning!

  • Sally Jayne Pillinger

    Can’t get onto aol email or even the aol website.

  • John

    No mail from about 14:44 in Gravesend, Kent

  • Rachel Ricketts

    not able to login on aol.

  • Peter

    it is brexit. must be.

  • aljohnstone

    In Scotland, can sign on, but eventually times out at “loading emails”

  • John Spiby

    sames here in derbyshire

  • Andrew Burt

    cant access mail

  • Brian Harris

    You’re lucky you actually get an error message, I don’t even get that, just a blank page.

  • Ann

    Cannot log into e mail today 2/3/2018 Wales

  • ian lees

    Same no access to emails in UK

  • Ian W

    Here we go – Amateurs Online at it again! They probably blame the snow!

  • Brian Harris

    More like a slow boat to China, lol I have never known a Company take so long to put things right as these fools.

  • Bill H

    I could not agree more , The yare a horror show and it keeps getting worse every day …. No AOL mail , use for work , at a standstill

  • Liz Ryder

    Unable to access emails. Can sign in but that IS IT. Gloucestershire area. What a pain when you have an urgent email to respond too.

  • Jan Horner

    I cannot access my emails here in the UK either!

  • Shane Dale

    Aol down today March 2nd 2018 any idea when it will be back on Time 14:47 England

  • A10SL

    I’ve been having problems getting onto AOL email since 6:30am this morning in Las Vegas, Friday, March 2, 2018

  • Brian Harris

    Aol down news service is okay, can log into my account but can not bring up my e-mails which is very annoying. This Company seems to be going from bad to worse. Been down since this morning, and no sign of it returning any time soon. Thinking of switching to a different provider, getting fed up of these idiots!! Oh I live in Hunstanton Norfolk UK

  • Alistair Liddle

    Not working in the NW for over 3 hours

  • AkronOhiA

    Down here in Akron, OhiA for 4 hours or more. BUT, by using CHROME, and accessing that at least gets my emails open!

  • Malcolm Hill

    Still no email. Anyone got a pen and paper? I’ve just got time to make the last post.

  • Thierry

    No AOL mail access nor AOL Help for a couple of hours now (West Mids)

  • Sandy Strachan

    Email sent by me to self as test not received in inbox. (Dumfries, Scotland)

  • Peter Ruffy

    Thought it was my computer but AOL mail not responding in Lincs.

  • cavolo111

    Not working since 10am.

  • James Copeland

    AOL email down this afternoon

  • Alan Gordon

    AOL playing up royally! One minute I can log in, the next I can’t. Can’t log in because all of a sudden it says cookies are interfering with that process, but it’s never done that before and nothing has been changed or altered in the way I usually log in! Across all of that, I can’t access my e mail at all. I live in Evesham. Worcs

  • Neil Martindale

    no AOL email in Wales today

  • Steven Edwards

    my email has been down for a couple of hours now…must be on a snow slow

  • Mark Kelly

    came up for about 30 seconds then back to 404 error

  • Natalie Faria-Vare

    Cannot access my emails, help sections and one of my accounts at all. Google Chrome Windows 10 – will try on my iphone as indicated by Justin Thomas in the feed

  • André Andrews

    I can login but can’t access the email, the next page just doesn’t load. Been like it for a few hours now :o(

  • Justin Thomas

    Email page not loading on computer – Windows 10 but does load on iphone.

  • Jon

    Not working in East Sussex Grrrrrr!

  • Mary

    Not working in West Sussex.

  • pete draper

    AOL mail went off line about an hour ago where I live in W.Mids.

  • Tracey Keough Park

    down in cranston for at least the past 5 hours

  • Jon

    AOL not working??????

  • MJ

    Not working here in Aberystwyth since last night still not workingh now @ 4 10pm 2nd March 2018

  • s p

    not working??? I’m in Scotland

  • zahir umar

    Not working at all in Milton Keynes UK and Pls give an update as when it will work

  • Malcolm Hill

    Things to do when AOL is down. get on with your life!

  • Malcolm Hill

    No AOL. Must be snow on the line!

  • Ali Dummer

    No new emails coming through what’s happening??

  • mick hether

    use another email service its full of junk mail anyway scam after scam mail

  • Mary

    Not working, once again!

  • Julie Pelster

    Aol mail not working. Very frustrating

  • Lisa Woodford

    Got exactly the same in Derby, been like it for last hour. No doubt the snow will be to blame!

  • MrsP93

    I also tried deleting & reinstalling phone app & it stuck at 75%
    Looking messy at aol this afternoon…

  • MrsP93

    Just got this from twitter (generally the best way to contact any business IME)

    AOL Customer Support‏Verified account @AOLSupportHelp
    7m7 minutes ago
    Hi there! We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing with AOL Mail. At this time, we have identified the issue and it is being addressed. Our team is working to correct it as soon as possible. -RC

  • elizabeth

    okay, aol email down, what the hell is going on????

  • claire h

    Down in hereford last couple of hours

  • dave crooks

    15:15 in Preston UK AOL email still not on

  • Scott Robinson

    Found on Aol twitter

  • Scott Robinson

    AOL Mail Team

    22 minutes ago

    We’re aware that service is slow/inaccessible for some of our users when trying to access AOL Mail. We are working to fix it as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  • MrsP93

    blank screen for email page on both firefox & chrome
    in app on phone, some older emails show (28/02 & earlier) but if I open any folders they say “this folder is empty”

  • David

    Exactly the same in Pembroke and their help line says “call back in tow hours” some help!

  • André Andrews

    same here. Can login but can’t access email. I’m in Bognor Regis, W Sx

  • Tony

    logged in to email, but blank screen on refresh. Canterbury UK

  • Barry

    Having difficulty logging in to aol here in uk

  • Jochen Peiper

    Im feeling the same.Its down in Leicester

  • spark

    AOL mail down in Cardiff United Kingdom, getting regular failures might be time to ditch AOL

  • Jane Elisabeth Henderson

    AOL and Aim mail down. Page says “taking too long to load”. Answer please aoL

  • Mary

    That number is not a UK, is it? I just tried it and it doesn’t work.

  • Mary

    Yes, this morning I have the same problem.

  • Mary

    My AOL sign in is on a loop. Every time I sign in, it goes back to the sign in page.

  • Hassan Mehmet


  • michael ward

    Redownload the app and it should be ok mine is.

  • corriene tiffin

    AOL sort it out need my email for my business

  • corriene tiffin

    Yes mine have also no updates and giving me old emails from 8mths ago

  • michael ward

    AOL updated my app yesterday and Ive had problems with it. All my emails disappeared had to redownload it.

  • michael ward

    AOL no is 08082349279

  • Judy Hall

    Is there anyone from AOL who can help us please

  • Judy Hall

    Quite a lot at the moment Adrian, jolly frustratubg