AOL email problems

The AOL services include email, internet, and online websites that all run into problems on occasion with a total outage in the more extreme situations. AOL email problems top the list of reported issues, which Down Today readers can report status updates on below.

When AOL mail goes down it’s clear this can be in a number of ways, from the login page not working to users unable to send and receive messages. The latter problems can be related to server downtime, although an issue with the sign-in can also be related to password glitches.

If your AOL email is not working today, then share further details below with the web browser being used thanks to this potentially revealing patterns between Chrome Browser, Firefox, and IE. You can also receive certain error messages as well, which should be shared like the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error we’ve seen in the past.

Support can be gained through the social channels and contacts listed, to help from the Down Today community that also reveals when outages take place, so you know the problems are not related to only your network.


AOL Status insight for Monday 11th of December 2017

If AOL is down today, then reports will be found below.

AOL Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp for AOL Email
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting
    Login Issue

  • john

    I’ve been with out emails for 3 days now, cant send & cant receive, phoned them up & they gave me a temporary password to log on but that didn’t work, was told it would take 48 hours, after talking with someone today, they are now saying probably next week at the earliest, this is poor service, had this email address for 12 years, so frustrating

  • Emily

    It won’t show my emails and it’s doing my headin. I’ve ordered clothes for a party this week and I don’t know when they have been dispatched because my emails are not working. It needs sorting out ASAP and plus I need it for work

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting

  • Lucie Gray

    What kind of programming is AOL doing where they cannot count? I have FOUR unread messages in my inbox (bold) and they tell me that I only have THREE. Even I am smarter than that.

  • Sue Loran Walker

    hi after i sign in to aol mail i get an error message then my anti virus says they have got rid of a problem. Help!!

  • David Erskine

    Can’t even spell cloud!

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    Get HeIp
    Regarding Email Hosting
    Could Base Hosting

  • David Erskine

    exact same with me in Fife

  • Stephen Darby

    I’ve got the same problem right now, AVG Security is blocking access because of phishing threat VJ

  • Sue Swalwell

    Can’t sign in to email yet again. My virus checker says it has blocked a HTML phising VJ

  • louise pope

    Can’t sign in just keeps taking me to home page. This keeps happening to me over the last month. Is there any way around it. I can get in on my iphone/pad but not my laptop or pc. Very frustrating!!

  • GloryB

    Yet again sub standard from email. From a company who were once top of their game investment is clearly lacking. I constantly have the issue with not being able to access emails and have to change password. My son knew more that the AOL rep on how to fix the issue at that time. I have had enough will change providers

  • Brian Damage

    4th December – 08.00 in East Sussex U.K.
    Up and running and working well!
    Long may this situation prevail.
    Cautiously optimistic..

  • Karen Luckhurst

    I’ve been locked out of aol a few times in the last couple of weeks – however, even when I have it running it seems really slow. It times out sending stuff, or doesn’t send it at all. I am having to resend 50% of emails. I was thinking that this is my computer, but it occurred to me today that this might be related to the other problems. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am in Devon in the UK

  • Popeye

    02 December. Can’t log into AOL. Don’t think they are too concerned. Can’t get through on their helpline number

  • A0L Care 1-866-279-5394

    For USA/Canada

  • A.J

    Could not access my AOL emails for a day.Am now able to sign in about half an hour ago (2.30PM).I rang AOL Resolution centre tel number 0808 234 9279 here in UK.After a lengthy talk to a nice enough and helpful chap,who he himself was getting frustrated at not being able to access his own AOL emails.He said that their centre was based in Romania.
    They too along with whole of UK is having problems due to the “Servers” on AOL.More than likely being upgraded,due to the fact that “Yahoo” have taken over AOL.So that’s the information i was given.Hope this somewhat shines a bit of light on the situation.As to when everything is all up and running smoothly he could not say,due to the limited information passed onto their centre.They are getting it in the neck because they don’t have anything else to say to us customers,apart from a lot of apologising.Gotta feel for them in a way.So hang on in there people we will get there in the end.All the best from a fellow frustrated AOL email u

  • Mike Ward

    The number for AOL is:08082349279 it’s a free number so it’s worth calling from a landline because it’s free even if it’s a long wait,but the person I spoke to told me a few days ago that my internet was down it wasn’t and I hung up
    Maybe you might talk to somebody that knows what they’re talking about.

  • Shirley Hincks

    AOL mail down in Leicestershire very frustrating

  • Tony Davies

    Finally managed to log in and send an e mail. Hope it stays working

  • Despairing

    Hopeless here in Guildford

  • TJ

    come AOL, get your act together or lose us

  • Mike Ward

    I just tried my pc again gateway error 504 again there has been some scam emails floating around saying we are updating system and asking you to put your PIN code in all of which were sent to AOL scam email dept.

    AOL not working in UK I am in Brecon Wales

  • Ian Paddick

    Same here in Berkshire AOL down no emails so, will be looking to move to another provider wonder what they are doing as nothing on the system to explain what they are doing about it

  • Tony Davies

    Still not working as of a couple of minutes ago

  • Julie Fox

    Been happening here in Shrewsbury – two days on the trot and slow in the last week. I tried calling a mix of numbers I have found through website searches and as soon as you ring the number is either non longer in existence or rings for a second or two and then it’s as if someone hangs up the other end. Chat isn’t working either. Will move to another provider but need to get to our mails to move them all out.

  • Norma Baker

    Was beginning to think I’d been hacked or something and have been running a full scan so in some ways it’s a relief to find out it’s happening all over not just to me in sunny Dorset. Still bloody annoying though

  • Jo

    Yet again-unable to access emails. Pathetic AOL.

  • Kieron Bowker

    Same place, same problems.

  • alan

    Similar experiences to others with continual interruptions to service for a while now. I wish the appalling drivel known as Huff Post would break down and aol would simply stick to providing an email service

  • Despairing

    Just terrible – it has been erratic for days and NO notification or advice as to fix progress.

  • Dave Mccracken

    I think TRUMP is behind all this !

  • sandra singer

    So has this got anything to do with the recent changes in aol ownership/merger/collaboration or whatever it is? Users are left out in the cold! Could at least put a msg out like ‘don’t waste your time today’

  • Dave Mccracken

    You are Wise ! Aol is Pathetic !

  • Robin Whalley

    Where is the AOL spokesperson??

  • pal

    they just cut the email addresses to 3 so thats why it does not work in AOL typical fashion nothing works

  • Robin Whalley

    Me too for the last few days!! Will change to Gmail ASAP!!

  • Dave Mccracken

    What is wrong with AOL ? the usual CRAP Service !

  • Dave Mccracken

    Keep getting 504 Gateway Time-out, today and over the past week, cant read my mail HELP !

  • Brian Damage

    Guess what…”504 Gateway Time-out ” as of now.
    This has lasted two hours…

  • Brian

    I’m in Oxford and can’t get onto my email at all. Had similar issue yesterday but eventually it worked.

  • Mike Ward

    MikeW in Wales can’t read my emails again.saying can’t access try again.

  • Donal Kerrigan

    when are you going to fix the access problems?
    donal Kerrigan

  • Donal Kerrigan

    Same here.

    Donal Kerrigan

  • Donal Kerrigan

    I can’t get into my mail account. I’m sitting in the Canada Tower in Canary Wharf. I thought the problem was in the US not the UK until I saw all these messages.

  • feef

    Down again!

  • Roger Owen

    Been having trouble getting mail in Hampshire over the last 2 weeks or so, can’t get on at all now.

  • Brian Damage

    It even says something like “Encountered Technical Issues – please try again” when it’s not been asked to do anything!…. If I am lucky enough to get in at all..

  • Henry Little

    keep getting timing out error and 504 error!

  • Brian Damage

    Not a lot by the look of it.
    Sit it out or dump it.
    I am gradually switching over to gmail. Perhaps AOl has been sold to North Korea???

  • Brendan Hoey

    Yes. I will remove AOL too.
    Rubbish service.

  • Roy Sainsbury

    Here in Benfleet, Essex continuing email problems. Keeps failing to load and when finally does shortly drops out again.

  • Brendan Hoey

    AOL is getting very bad. Won’t send emails or open. Nearly every day.
    How hard is it to fix these problems ??
    Crappy company now.

  • Brian Damage

    Similar problems in East Sussex. Either takes ages to load or times out altogether. This has been going on for over a week.
    If this carries on will have to ditch and use Gmail.

  • Caeris Gilliland

    Same problems here n Edinburgh – main e-mail for our offices! had no mail received sine Monday.

  • David

    3rd Day when it is impossible to open my emails. Got better later int he day yesterday but this morning no access

  • Paul A

    Another day…same problem. Aol was working fine (ish) this morning right up to the point I tried to send a long email to 20 collegues. All lost into the ether. Thanks AOL.

  • sfitzm92

    “An error occurred while retrieving your messages.Try again.” It has been like this for a couple of days now – from Somerset UK

  • John

    Manchester UK. Working, but only just. Slow, stopping.

  • John Riddiough

    Same issue but.. get all emails by going back to aol desktop 9.7 which was still on my computer

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    A0L HeIpIine..

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    A0L HeIpIine

  • Jan

    Any news on what is happening and if we get a refund for all the days work has been disrupted?

  • Pk

    Not working ..cant get onto emails

  • Nicola Masters

    Third day running with problems with AOL this is ridiculous

  • Bill Davies

    I have the same problems.
    Contacted AOL and told there are updates taking place and it’s a global issue
    Told to expect delays for hours!!!

    All fail to inform us on website. Very poor service .

  • rory

    Oh what a beautiful morning apart from bloody aol!

  • llwynynn

    Same in Wales

  • Libby Bassam

    Same here in Bedfordshire

  • Jan

    Same here in Brighton UK

  • Carla Talaszko

    Yea me also, just getting an error message for a couple of hours now

  • Paul A

    Same message here all morning.

  • Stanley Crichton

    I have the same problem I keep getting 504 Gateway Time-out and 502 Bad Gateway. What can be done?

  • charlifarnsbarns

    I keep either getting either nothing or gateway 504 time-out and I think an email I was able to send earlier has gone to the wrong address but can’t check, had problems yesterday as well….anyone know what is going on?

  • VSG

    Same here – “We encountered a technical issue.” I am expecting important emails today and I can’t access them!!!!

  • David T

    Time for the people paid the big money at AOL to earn it and fix this. Its been around a week or so now with these intermittent failures and a once reliable service is now pants! Lots of Bad Gateway / timeout etc. This ongoing AOL issue coupled with Virgin and their faults (more like planned work disguised as faults to save paying compo) its not a good week. Dave / Sussex

  • Sheila Sabin

    Hi had loads of problems yesterday with trying to sign in now, today, I am getting ‘bad gateway’ messages

  • ANN

    same here, so frustrating

  • Lorraine London

    same problem here, last few days problems opening emails

  • Carol Neal

    Major problems yesterday, kept telling me my settings wrong, did eventually get in, today been hit & miss got in but problems opening email etc why can’t AOL admit a problem & put up information to inform instead of blaming your equipment

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    A0L HeIpIine.

  • AOL Care 1-800-585-2494

    A0L HeIpIine

  • tommy leese

    Is anyone having problems in scotland ie the borders

  • Mike Ward

    I live in Wales,Brecon.I telephoned the helpline and said I was getting error message 504 he said my internet was down a stupid answer I immediately put the phone down.
    There are a lot of people on these helplines that have no knowledge of computers and can make matters worse why were computers invented it’s not worth the agro and through the stress caused is slowly killing us all off.

    Mikew Brecon wales

  • sara brooks

    Yet more problems, can’t retrieve my emails, keep getting “We encountered a technical issue.
    Please try again” What the hell is wrong?

  • KBP

    Keeps saying we have encountered a technical issue and can’t send e-mail. Then it can’t retrieve other emails. It’s not saving drafts either. It’s done it since Sunday 26th November, but today seems not to be working at all in Britain. Shetland Islands to be more exact.

  • Patricia Avery

    Error: Oops,due to an unexpected error we are unable to sign you in at this time. Please try again later. 🙁

  • Katharine Bartlett

    Gateway problems yesterday, now can’t log in due to unexpected error. Also can’t access on Android phone, which I could yesterday. At what point do we get a refund?

  • Elaine Rice

    App or website not working on android phone in UK. Unexpected error. Try later.

  • Hilary Dyett

    cannot access email due to ‘unexpected error’

  • David Betts

    I cannot log in due to “unexpected error”

  • Mike Ward

    I am getting the same 504 error on pc and emails are not arriving on my android AOL app.


    3rd time in three day’s cannot access email’s.Your fleecing my bank account quick enough.Aol or oath what ever your name is this week.

  • Ronald Curran

    I can get aol. but my e-mail will not open. How can I overcome?

  • Debbie

    Cannot access email. 504 Gateway Error. When will this be fixed?

  • Bianca

    Around an hour ago I lost access to emails with 504 Gateway Error! What is happening?

  • Carole Reynolds

    My email came back last night – now it has disappeared again – with an error message 504 Gateway Error. Not a clue what this means. This is just ridiculous AOL.

  • sara brooks

    Hi, can you give me the link please. Thank you.

  • Carole Reynolds

    Mine is back on!!!

  • David C

    No access to PC mail for 5 days – contacted AOL help on Friday 24th November, rep confirmed the outage issue – really poor service, no updates on line. Surprising it’s not hit the media yet!

  • Paul Rothwell

    I have the same problem Andrew, but to get out of the problem you can download the latest desktop version to your pc , at least then you will be able access and send emails.

  • Carole Reynolds

    I can’t even access the basic version! This is getting beyond a joke – 5 days!!!!!

  • Carole Reynolds

    Same here – how do we contact AOL direct? They surely must be trying to sort this by now!!

  • Ashley Leach

    Trying to log onto my email, just getting a circle going round and round,
    downloaded latest version (simple version) can access and send email, but i prefer to old version,

  • Colin Jones

    …and so it goes on.FIVE bloody days of no access to emails. Absolute disgrace and bad joke aol

  • Andrew Brown

    So it’s not just me! This is a disaster. I have been out of the country for three days, have loads of folders I need to access to deal with serious problems, and I can’t get in. Does anyone know how long this is likely to persist? Won’t work on any browser – only on my Android phone. A

  • pete draper

    No AOL mail in the UK for me again. I can read my e-mails on my iPhone but not on my PC. I have been away for a few days and don’t know how long this problem has been going on for. It was working OK on my PC on 23/11/17. I tried Firefox and Chrome without success.

  • Thomas Kilcoyne

    Aol email will not load on my Chromebook tonight. It worked fine earlier today.

  • Karen Griffin

    Same here

  • geoff

    AOL = One of the worst companies in the entire world……you have ruined my business with this glitch…..thanks a lot. Stupid fools get it fixed!

  • Karen Griffin

    Apparently so but my husband is also on AOL and he can get emails no bother ?? I’m confused at how this is

  • Karen Griffin

    I thought it was just me then I contacted a specialist he led me to this site. Completely stuck now.

  • Paul Rothwell

    I’ve had the same problem for the past 4 days , for now though i found that if you download the latest desktop version of AOL to your pc , then at least you can access and send emails from your pc!

  • Mike Childs

    Five days without email. Windows 7 via Opera. I can access emails via my android phone but this is no use for printing invoices or scanning attachments. I am trying to load Opera Mail but the directions given do not match the screen in front of me.

  • paul

    What a complete joke of a company……have not been able to open emails or send them for 5 days!!!!!……Who on earth is sorting this bloody mess out!!…….Come on AOL hurry up!!!

  • WOODY210363

    I can use my app on my phone, not ideal for some but might help to keep up to date with your email.

  • WOODY210363

    Have you tried using the aol app on a phone


    I have the same problem. I thought t was my Internet or Laptop. So Frustrating !!


    I cant access my emails through laptop on Chrome windows 10. It just shows a circle going round and round. So frustrating !! but i can
    access them on my Samsung phone ???

  • Gary Melly

    and i thought it was my comp ive tried everything is it aol then?

  • Linda Innes

    Unacceptable. This is about Day 5 of no webmail.
    Been with AOL for about 25 years, despite people laughing at me and saying what a shoddy service it is. Well, now, I see that they are right. When will this be fixed?

  • Mark Hickling

    Who is sorting this mess out ? I have had to open a gmail account, loosing business and nada from AOL .

  • Stewart Dot McNaughton

    Same here , though I can access them on my IPad pro , if that’s any help ?

  • Gary

    Good grief. My e-mail’s been the same for a few days now – nothing to see on the PC. The amount of time I’ve spent clearing the cache, refreshing firefox, rebooting etc. then I found this forum. C’mon aol, this is unacceptable.

  • Birdy

    my Aol has been down 2 days now all I get is a rotating graphic as if loading but never gets there.

  • Karen Griffin

    this is 4th day and still cannot access my emails when is this going to be sorted PC is so messed up now with trying to remedy it myself how come it works on mobile telephone if its a website problem surely it would be across all devices?

  • Gill Branton

    I’m the same. I can open AOL Mail and see the number of unopened emails in my in box but when I click on the inbox or spam folder nothing happens. I can access on my mobile but this is really annoying as I can’t print off urgent emails from my mobile!

  • William

    same problem here!

  • Bruce

    In final days of house move !!!!!.cannot access my emails from Solicitor.Help needed AOL !!.

  • Carol Sheehan

    Are your emails working yet? I can access mine via my mobile but not on pc or laptop. Very annoying!

  • r5m1964

    I have just phoned AOL and they say it is a problem with the website and that technicians are currently working on it. Give it a couple of hours and keep trying.

  • Jd Ritch

    Cannot access email service since Weds 22/11/ unread emails mounting about time someone pulled there finger out and fix this what a joke of a service

  • EuroFools

    Cannot access my email since late morning (UK time) 23/11. I can get the AOL homepage and log into my account. but it only goes as far as the ‘today on AOL’ screen and nothing happens if i click on any of the ‘inbox’, ‘sent e-mails’, etc buttons. I have dozens of unread messages already. Is AOL going to fix this????? I usually use a Maxthon browser (it is less glitchy than mainstream browsers), but have also tried Firefox, to no avail.

  • Norma Macdonald

    cant access my email

  • Pinkie De La Mer

    Glad im not the only one -cannot access any emails except on phone -is this the 21st century we are in or what ?



  • Katie Myers

    Not been able to open email for 48 hours now. Can see I have 7 unread messages.

  • Cornmaiden S

    Can’t get into my email account. I can see I’ve got new emails but can’t get in to read them.

  • Linda Innes

    I can’t see my AOL emails on my PC, although I can on my mobile? The page opens, and I can see the left hand menu, with number of emails, etc. – but the main screen /window view is blank. Have emptied cache, and tried other browsers. What’s going on?

  • Vikki Perry

    Can read my emails but not sending any since yesterday afternoon.

  • Allison

    I can’t get into my email account today. says page took too long to load??? Not good!

  • Nick

    Can’t retrieve emails on app. Logged out, uninstalled and when try and log in throws me to news page. Press email button then asks for log in details again. Help

  • Hilary Dyett

    blank page, cannot get into email today. Never had this problem before.

  • Lesley Hosseini-Moein

    Never had this before in 17 years with AOL – long before Talk Talk bought the UK part – and I can’t get into mail this morning. I use this as my back up business address for the very many times BT Business isn’t working. Let’s hope BT have their act together today, although they are coming through on my phone. Tried on 3 browsers, and now I’m at work, on both BT and Virgin. Definitely an AOL problem.

  • simon

    Just a blank page on aol mail for me too since this morning of Oct 22nd 2017

  • catherine

    Was in email account on desktop earlier, now cant get in
    I am receiving emails as it active on my phone. HELP!!

  • 3lionhearts

    aol one word crap two words monster crap

  • JanIAm1031

    I haven’t been able to log on to my AOL mail since about 10:45 PST. No message; just a blank page. Tried logging on via Firefox, Google, and Internet Explorer; no luck. Other AOL features like news working OK. Very frustrating; really needed to send a couple of emails tonight.

  • Kay Jones

    no mail blank

  • pete draper

    Attempted to log into AOL mail at 0700 hrs UK time today and greeted by a blank page. I have not encoutered this before. AOL news page loaded OK.

  • Lee Welch

    Had outage for several days (using Google Chrome browser). Just tried IE on the off chance and that’s fine

  • David

    Have not been able to Send or Receive AOL mail (POP & SMTP) for the last several days (I’m located in Spain). Webmail is fine but I prefer mail in my own client

  • Gary J Law

    Cannot retrieve email…

  • David

    Cannot send or receive emails for the last 16 hours.

  • John

    Me to I think aol getting worse

  • Free Helpline +(44)8081433686

    =>Free Helpline
    => 24*7 Support Staff
    =>Login problems
    => Mail issues
    Contact us.
    Thank you.

  • Mel


  • Cameron Cameron

    Same with me in U.K. Have tried to change password 3 times now locked out
    Tried to open attachment on another account message not available try later

  • Jun Gomez

    I have been getting message telling me about suspicious activity on my account and that I
    need to change my password. I tried to change my password but it would not work either. I was expecting some important email which i cannot retrieve. Any other way to do it?

  • Martina

    Aol Customer Helpline- l866 279 5394

    aol account recovery.
    password recovery.
    account sign in problem.
    aol desktop not working

  • Kerry Elder

    im having issues sending and receiving aol emails…..anyone else?

  • Samantha Jayne Favell

    I am in UK and have same issues for the last 24 hrs

  • David Boyd

    Is the aol mail server down in the uk? Not received any emails this week

  • David Boyd

    Is the aol mail server down in the uk? Not received any emails this week!

  • Kathleen Albrecht

    I cannot get into aol mail now. before it just wouldn’t let me send mail- and the error message was unable to send mail try later. Its so frustrating!! Aol is the worst!

  • No Name

    Sorry, we cannot process your request at this moment. Please try again later.
    This is what im getting, looks like ive been signed out and now cannot get back into my account, important emails pending

  • Free Helpline+(44)808-143-3686

    #Aol Customer Care (44)8081433686 Toll Free Helpline. (U.K)

    Report your problems

    24*7 Customer service


    @Email Login Problem.

    @Password Recovery .

    Contact now and report problems.Thanks

  • Anita Daniels

    Getting message telling me about suspicious activity on my account, and I need to change my password. Why not put on their website they are having server problems? That would let us know something is wrong. Must be time to move on . . . .

  • Tony

    Contact Aol Helpline- l 8OO 585 2494
    email sign up recovery.
    email password recovery.
    aol desktop not responding.
    send & receive problem.

  • Pam Crane

    managed to get into email via Google! but no news headlines etc today. what’s going on?

  • Gayle

    No email again today! Says imap error on both mine and my husbands account. 12/07/17

  • Justin Martin

    Contact AOl Helpline- l8oo- 585 2494
    Email Login
    Password Recovery
    Email Send & receive Problem

  • james clark

    AOL customers any query about, AOL log in, error, password recovery etc. Dial AOL tech technician toll free number.. +1-844-827-6486 happy to help u

  • Juliana Waren

    Hi, Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery.

  • Fred Rutter

    Keep getting the above message.

  • Karen

    Keep getting this message: ERR3902 Report ID: webstdstg-vaa03-20170528-071448-Unauth Session

  • Carmen Garcia

    please help I”ve had an aol account since pretty much started. It has been a while that I have not used my computer for a few months and tried logging in and it said user name not valid which was always the same and no change please help. I cannot pull my emails. I am getting it on my phone
    thank you.
    Carmen / carmny

  • Tom Wilson

    What is error code 420? Haven’t been able to get at my Emails for over 30 hours.

  • John Hall

    Emails are down today, i that just in the UKs

  • Maggie

    Hi, Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery.

  • Heather Lea Bristol

    On my phone I can’t open some emails! Just showing the heading then who from, the time and then view details (which just gives senders complete email address) but I can’t get into my email!

  • Jonathan Southgate

    cannot open emails on aol whatsoever for the past week, it keeps saying reset connection

  • Donald

    Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery.

  • Karen

    Still not working properly; keep getting error messages that can’t send e-mail right now.

  • Sue Powell

    That is all it says. Doesn’t give any explanation. working again now. Weird.

  • patrick

    No sending of e mails because an error. What error?! Berkshire, UK.

  • Sue Powell

    Unable to send emails for last hourish. Says could send because of an error.

  • Cathernie

    Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Marcie Browne

    Unable to send email to aol recipients today

  • William Cameron

    Can’t seem to open emails in inbox. Get error message saying “come back later.

  • rp

    Leave AOL. I have regular problems sending emails to my AOL contacts with full “full mailboxes” when they aren’t. The trouble is so many of your contacts have your AOL email built up over the years you cannot afford to move. Just leave an out of town message on your AOL email when you go abroad and leave a gmail address (or another) and use Google chrome when you are not in the US. RP in the UK

  • Richard Naut

    Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Colin Slatter

    I am on business in Egypt and suddenly can’t send or receive AOL Mail (on any device) – being told that Username or Password has problems. AOL Help are being reticent or not available….Email access is critical Any suggestions? CJS

  • P Ward

    My wife has to continually contact AOL to reset her password due to “unusual activity” on her account. Every time an operator gives her a code and she can get into her account, but if she logs out and tries to log back in, the same problem happens again (every time). I have no problem with mine (using the same PC). My email address (a very old AOL one) ends in .com, whereas my wife’s ends in Could this have any relevance to the problem?

  • Jack Richer

    Contact AOI Support Staff 1800 585 2494 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Dawn Jennifer Hellewell

    oops server cant be reached,try again later
    stopping me from my emails. ?

  • Richard

    AOI Care — 1 800 585 2494

  • Margaret Solan

    I can successfully sign in and see all my mail but cannot open them. What can I do?

  • Karig2

    Seems to be an everyday occurrence now….hourly….it’s very unstable…kind of horrible. Just don’t get it.

  • Bob G (again)

    AOL back up and running as of 1200 hrs in the USA, too.

  • phil

    your right sharon gordon back on line in uk

  • phil

    im in uk so looks like a big problem all over

  • phil

    getting gateway errors when i try to go into email

  • Bob G (again)

    AOL mail not operational over here in the “colonies” (Midwest USA).
    Long wait on tech support line, too.
    Gateway timeout error 504 and 502

  • AOL Customer Care

    Check out with AOL Customer Service at +1 866 324 4764 immediately for your ISP issue. There is a temporarily suspension for all the users privacy. Please call them to have a new update regarding the network issue. I just got it fixed.

  • John Baxter

    Same problem – 504 Timeout message. OK earlier this morning, but cannot access email now.

  • Sharon Gordon

    Aol back online in UK

  • Linda Gbadamosi

    Yep. Thought it was just my pc messing about………

  • Linda Gbadamosi

    Me too! Such a nuisance!

  • John Shand

    I’m in the uk. Are other people who are getting the 504 Timeout message?

  • lin wilkie

    i’m getting 504 time out message too

  • John Shand

    Me too 504 timeout

  • Sharon Gordon

    I am getting 504-Time out message

  • bofhvp

    Am in the UK. Get the 504 – Gateway Timeout on my desktop and laptop. But works ok on my mobile.

  • Lucy Quinnell

    I can access my account but can’t open my emails – 502 Bad Gateway message

  • Rena Anne Brown

    Can’t get logged in. It wants me to download something?!

  • viviennedobin

    I can access my account but cannot open my emails

  • Aol Customer Care

    Aol Customer Care (800)(585)(2494) Toll Free Helpline.

  • Sam Colt

    E-mail’s not working for over a week now.

  • Cornmaiden S

    Aol mail not loading properly in chrome browser on pc windows 10.

  • Manny

    I cannot access AOL on my phone or web browser, it was all good earlier on but now now. I keep getting connection error.

  • Julie

    AOL email seems to be down for me, I have tried to login but nothing is happening, is the service down for anyone else?

  • Aol Customer Care

    Aol Customer Care (800)(585)(2494) Toll Free Helpline.

  • shivren

    uk , london and the email and calender arnt working cant read a thing.

  • Jessica

    Facing AOL email issue just call @ +800 585 2494 for usa canada

  • jim

    Jersey problems with web page and emails

  • jim

    As soon as I log in screen comes up and freezes up, although I can see my email counts to open, but won’t

  • ken

    email wont send or save 12/8/16 10:20am

  • Richard

    Facing AOL email issue just call @ +800 585 2494 for usa canada

  • susan

    aol is down for me today

  • Aol Customer Care

    Aol Support Staff (44)800 090 3248

  • Aol Customer Care

    Call Instant Support (44)800 090 3248.
    Email Issues
    Login Issues .

  • Aol Customer Care

    Aol Customer Care(44)800 090 3248 Toll Free Helpline.