AOL email outage spreads on Feb 19

The AOL email outage that Down Today readers reported earlier today, Feb 19, has spread from the UK to USA. In fact, we are seeing reports every few seconds on Twitter and many AOL status updates on our dedicated problem page.

Common problems taking place with AOL today include password errors, no connection to the AOL servers, and not being able to sign-in. These issues impacted many parts of the UK a couple of hours ago, although our United States readers have started getting up to an AOL outage as well.

There has been problems making contact through support channels, including email and phone support. One of Down Today’s readers said they only heard a recorded message, while others continue to report they cannot access AOL email on desktop and Android phones.

If you are receiving certain errors, then share them on our AOL outage page and explain if the service is completely down right now and what your current problems are at this time.