Advanced Warfare slow Ascendance DLC download and install

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC went live on Xbox One and 360 earlier today, although we have had reports of slow downloads and install problems. The main system receiving complaints is Xbox One, which we even tried on our own machine and found the COD Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC getting stuck at 1 percent for ages.

It’s understandable that the downloads for Advanced Warfare’s second DLC would be slow considering demand, but for some gamers it’s downloading way too slow for their liking. This is more of a problem for those with superfast broadband from the likes of BT in the UK, and of course other providers across the United States that push bandwidth of over 60MBs.

If you have problems with the Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC install and download today, then share a status update along with whether your on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. The PS4, PS3 DLC 2 and Infection Zombies download will arrive in around a months time thanks to Microsoft always purchasing timed exclusive content.

Sledgehammer Games hasn’t reported any Call of Duty server problems for Advanced Warfare today, but this could change once the USA are up and downloading as well.



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