Problems with 3 (Three) UK?

The 3 (Three) UK service operates on both mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. They offer SMS, mobile internet, and voicemail services and Three UK will go down on occasion that’s felt by millions in extreme cases. The most common problems include no signal, issues with the phone software, or also accessing the internet through data.


We’ve noticed the majority of Three network problems seem to be focused in London when an outage arrives, although this could be related to the pure number of people within the UK capital. When you have problems with Three UK, then make sure you leave a status report below or use the contact information on this page for gaining support and leaving complaints.


Three Status insight for Thursday 30th of March 2017

If Three is down today, then reports will be found below.

Three Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Elaine Calvert

    Three broadband has only one bar

  • Starjammer

    Data is painfully slow around midday EVERY DAY in London Soho area :(

  • Carol Docherty

    Not been able to make or receive calls since Friday this is a joke whole of my area the same ML67JD when is this going to be resolved need my phone

  • Julie Abbott

    No signal in Mansfield Woodhouse

  • Claire Laidler

    No service in Edwinstowe, Mansfield

  • Helena Dillon

    Down in Bilsthorpe

  • craig roberts

    problems in Mansfield uk today

  • Aimi

    This is really annoying I can’t receive calls but can make them go on the internet n recieve text wa is going on I rhinkk I’m going to leave

  • Andrea Bittau

    I can’t receive call but I can make it !

  • Iain Kennedy

    No signal in Alness/Invergordon area since early afternoon,

  • Alfred Williams

    Started getting problems when 3 started to cap my usage (had been getting unlimited tethering for two or more years!) so I bought a tethering add on! First add on did not show up so after two or three days contacted ‘India’ who told me to check all my end but I knew it was their problem! Now add on shows but I have not been able to use data and can barely make a phone call now for two weeks!
    I have freedompop as well as three and both are next to useless so I knownit is the providers fault. NR29 4JN. Yours AW/SA.

  • anna

    i topped up new credit (add-on )4 days in advance before the credit expired, and today is meant to be the day my old credit expired.
    right now I have no signal at all, cannot use the new add-on at all

  • Omar Zeamari

    What is this?!!!

  • Omar Zeamari

    Why i can not use facebook.what the wrong .and why am over cntrol ???!

  • Michael Blake-Anastasi

    I work for uber and I have been with three for about a year and I have never had no problems until now . Because of the poor internet connection over the last week I cant complete jobs. Its upsetting because three network has the best deals along side giff gaff. If the problem is not solved then I will have to go with giff gaff. Forget EE or Vodafone lol !! Come Three Network sort it OUT !!!!

  • Gareth Rowland

    Sarah where in Essex are you ? I am in Harwich and having a nightmare

  • Umpa

    Very unstable weak signal(no 4G) barely any 3G in North West London Goldhurst Terrace area

  • Andy

    No 4g or 3g signal in High Wycombe last 2 days.

  • Mike lee

    Almost every time I try to use my phone there is no service. Waste of time and money.

  • Mike lee

    Three are the worst network ever and getting worse by the day.

  • Angela

    Can anyone tell me if there’s phone is down again today .as yesterday it went down came on lastnight got up and gone off again in Llanelli area.if this carry strap on I be leaveing o3 .

  • panos

    Hi, it’s been a few days that there is absolutely no signal in Glasgow and you can’t call or receive a call. I get 5 EMPTY dots in the signal bar. Strangely, I sometimes get some poor 3G, so I can use other internet apps to communicate. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting, restarts, network resets. I have an iphone5, updated OS. I am pretty sure this is a provider issue.

  • Paul

    No network in Cheltenham

  • Petula

    No network in Southampton either

  • Lorenzo

    anybody in London experiencing low or none signal in the camden area? x

  • Lorenzo

    Hello, been experiencing extremely poor signal or none, they just upgraded me to 30gb data, which i was going to use to tether my laptop as i dont have wifi in the flat i recently moved in but no signal at all there. Reported this but no resolution as yet

  • Sarah Wood

    No 3 mobile signal at home in Essex since yesterday!

  • Stuart Bentley

    3 mobile signal is not available, it seems any ware!

    Move to a better service!

  • L Johnson

    I have no network since late last night and still a problem now at 3pm in the afternoon.

  • Julia

    I have no network in Somerset just outside Bath

  • Doreen Midgley

    hi Zain, I turned power off then on again and my signal came back,

  • Zain Hussain

    Same problem here. In London

  • Zain Hussain

    I’m facing a complete network outage- 3 is not working AT ALL on my phone. Only very occasionally for small amounts of time

  • Doreen Midgley

    I have ‘no service’ on my Iphone 5s, what’s wrong, I am in yorkshire

  • Phil D in Dy5

    i am getting sick and tired of three mobiles lousy mobile broadband, most of the time download speeds are terrible although my signal strength is ok, so they must be hitting me hard with traffic management, although when you talk to them they deny it, I wouldn’t mind so much but I only use about 25gb a month which is nothing compared with some users. Cant wait for my contract to end cause all you get is excuses all the time, thats when you can actually get through to them.

  • Dena Marshall

    No signal pl25 – I have been talking to three for the past 15
    minutes. Initially they fobbed me off saying there was no problem and
    started foccusing on my individual phone. I sent them here to see other
    comments. Now they are saying there is a problem… here is the message:

    My systems have finished running their checks and we’ve found an issue
    with the service in your area which is due to be fixed within
    15-Feb-2017. You will receive a message informing that the issue is
    fixed. If we do not manage to fix your issue, we will send you a text
    update on your 3 phone number and alternate contact number.

  • Suki

    No signal in St Austell from 3pm 13/02 onwards. Only from Asda to Carlyon bay has signal!

  • wattsy

    No 3 or bt coverage in par near Fowey intermittent signal since this afternoon

  • Rosalind locke

    No three coverage in fowey ,Cornwall tonight. Can’t find out why.

  • Deano

    This contract I’m stuck with ends in July. ..then it’s goodbye three…what a pile of shite….keep away from this network. .were I live in Wigan I have to go outdoors and walk around to get signal. ..absolutely bollox

  • Llol Jensen

    Basingstoke. So signal is out again. I AM PAYING FOR THIS INCOMPETENCE. As soon as my joke of a contract ends I’m moving to a different network!

  • Kirsty

    3 why are you so rubbish? You say you are one of the best, you’re clearly not. I left o2 for you…..huge mistake. Are you providing some kind of compensation for us Sort it out guys
    Crewe, Cheshire

  • damian

    Welling southeast London, again no mobile signal for most of the. And absolutely no explanation. I must be free of three

  • Petar

    Hampstead high st area, always a problem. Pls fix this

  • Sharon Turner

    Isle of angelsey no signal AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! PILE OF CRAP THREE……

  • Sharon Turner

    Totally fed up of their network going down.. think ill go elsewhere when my contract is up!!! Never even gets dealt with and i agree with peter hicks… stick the sim cards to the shop windows more useful as a sun shade

  • Peter Hicks

    I think the only way to protest the poor signal is take your sim and a drop of super glue and stick your sim to their shop window then get another from another provider they might actually do something,

    Bet they end up with a window full of sims !

  • Peter Hicks

    Ask them to prove what they are doing they have improving the 1 bar signal in poole for the last ten years its still at 1 bar !

  • Peter Hicks

    Ived lived in poole down the water in holes bay for over ten years and got a 3 sim for one of the phones the signal was on 1 ten years ago and still the same today despite looking on their coverage map and checking faults where you can get a 3 comment saying no faults listed aand we are doing work in your area to improve the signal well they have been saying that for ten years and nothing has changed ,

    Report a fault = menues that you fill in to determin what why and where and guess what happens when you press send ? NOTHING HAPPENS because it wont send it despite ticking the box to text update me !

  • Carole Brown

    Absolutely fed up with Three. Kept having emergency calls only so moved to 02. Needed Three for using abroad, so went back to them. Had it 4 days. Bloody emergency calls only again. That’s it. I’m moving back to 02 and find another provider when abroad. Very bad from Three. I do not recommend them.

  • DB

    Liverpool. Intermittent service from myfi device for the last few days. Nothing to do with the system overloaded unless you should expect it to be overloaded at 4am

  • Mic147

    I’m having the strange issue with my phone number. My sister was trying to call me but instead of being connected to me, she is being redirected to a gift gaff number.. I even tried to call my own number from someone else’s phone and I have a signal while a sim card I was calling wasn’t even connected to the network. Does it have anything to do with 3 network issue??

  • phil

    full of answers on here.not sure how we get a response guys & gals?

  • phil

    lowton warrington area I have had very poor signal now for the past six days one bar only what the problem please it is very annoying?

  • Tom Raby

    Lincoln north. area without service of any kind for two days. The usual Indian call centres refused to identify the cause or how long the outage may last.
    Their technicians know tge cause but won’t tell me.
    Thinking of dripping 3 for poor service.

  • Bozrog McGurk

    Tried to send a few Merry Christmas texts to the family no joy Edinburgh

  • Pat

    Liverpool area no signal and all the way down to the London area on 21st and 22nd December.
    What’s going on?

  • Shane

    Flint north wales no service all day

  • Tim Knight

    No receipt of phone calls in Duston area on 21/12/2016 from before 7 to 10.45am and late delivery of voicemail which was fragmented, distorted and incomprehensible.

  • Tom

    No service more than 10 hours!!! Peterborough

  • Tom

    No service more than 10 hours!!!

  • arkie

    No service for 14 hrs, intermittent for 26hrs before that…thought it was my phone until friends started complaining. Three…what us going on?!

  • Marion burgess

    I’m in Northern Ireland too, signal always poor the last few weeks, it takes forever to get into anything!! I want to know how much data I have left and just cannot get into the site, what is wrong here, I hate paying for a service I cannot get, will have to change to some other network as it’s driving me insane. Hope you got sorted, it at that rate I doubt it, all over the UK people are having problems. Very disappointed

  • Gaz

    No Signal on my phone in Kettering today, since 9am!!!!!!!

  • Jeanna

    No signal for 2 days in Bideford, Devon

  • Christine Knight

    I’m in great Yarmouth and 3 not working

  • Brian

    I have not been able to log on to the three app for the last 7weeks having been in the shop I was told there was a problum with site or am I just being fobed of all the time I need to no how much data I am using on my myfi

  • Gary Hedge

    Sh it service from three welwyn Garden signal been playing up for months now they have been doing all sorts of work for going on a year now and still more to come,no discount for poor service.I’m of to a decent company.

  • steve simey

    About time you got the issue sorted,paying for a service that just isn’t working correctly……been really poor in the thornton cleveleys area for 5 days now

  • Philip Scott

    1 out of 5 stars! Phone signal coverage in Northern Ireland is hopeless. Corerage in towns is good as expected, but as soon as you leave a town there is NO SIGNAL in rural areas. They can’t even provide phone signal never mind 3 or 4G. I’m only on 3 as I wanted a basic plan that won’t expire.

  • Cath

    I’m in preston in north west and had a no signal
    Message on and off all day and calls aren’t coming through and text aren’t sending?

  • Marion burgess

    I live in Northern Ireland and so many times I can’t get the Internet or even get into my account to check my data and what allowance I have left, so frustrating !!! Why is this? Always only two dots of signal, it’s driving me mad!!!!!!

  • Moyra

    My daughter and I have iPhones on contract from 3, we live in Dorchester and we have had no service for a week. Phoned 3 and apparently its engineers working on the mast.

  • Bruce Martin

    only 1 dot on my signal strength 3 you are crap

  • David Greensmith

    In Bishops Stortford I get 20M. So it looks like a local problem in London.

  • Josh

    Phone signal has been one dot if any at all throughout the week and I cant contact anyone using text or phone calls!

  • David Greensmith

    Same here. Spoke to agent who told me there is nothing wrong with the network. My myfi device is showing almost full 4G signal strength. When I an get through to speed test it’s telling me I have 0.13 Meg connection or worse.

  • Abbey

    On and off service all day, unable to send and receive texts and phonecalls

  • Tom Bell

    Data service in London is very slow, in spite of strong signal. Same for last 12-24 hours.

  • Marie Jacques

    No signal and unable to upload past emails

  • Haq

    Intermittent signal for 3 months, getting progressively worse for over a month to the point that calls failed and not received outnumber calls made and received.
    Then a telling off from 3 Customer Service for not getting a dearer plan.

    Then told that I could quit as no service for morent than 28 days. But having 8 contracts for the family from the same address I wanted to cancel all 8. In that case you can’t she said. I just had to terminate the resulting odyssey into the quagmire of a conversation.
    And I’ve been with them for over 10 years. What’s happening to 3 ?!!

  • carol mcneill

    Phoned 3 said no upgrading in area everything is working fine well 3 days this has effected me its driving me mad.

  • carol mcneill

    No network glasgow area for 3 days now

  • c devos

    Zero phone calls or txt in Barnsley South Yorks, and my husband who is in Sweden this week can also not phone on the 3 network, not a very good service

  • Paul Cull

    just got a p,a,y,go sim, but cant get on three web to activate or topup, tried calling three, no joy, saying there is a problem please call back later.
    Paul, Halifax, W Yorks

  • Jo

    I’ve had no network at home or where I work for nearly three weeks. I had the same problem last month as well for one week. I keep checking their website and the ‘planned engineering works’ seem to keep getting pushed back. I’ve made a complaint and spoke to customer services who have offered me out of my contract with them which will cost me 40% of the normal cost to leave during a contracted term. Said they could also reduce my monthly bill untill everything is sorted. Don’t know what to do but this is driving me mental. I’ve been with them for nearly six years and never had these problems before last month.

  • Karina

    No service in Oxford at all

  • D Riley

    No mobile phone or texts for 4 ,days and yet Three says. The work being done is finished and signal better than ever Total crap Braunton in N Devon

  • Mark

    How the hell is 0.03, 0.06 and 0.17 megabits 4g. Recorded all 3 of these speeds in London and Stratford. This is crap. Does anyone know if I can dump my sim only deal and go back to EE without incurring fees?

  • Monique Mayer

    There were several hours today in which I could make phone calls but could not do anything online. Any others have the same?

  • janice

    Not allowing us to make or receive calls since 4pm.

  • Maureen

    Not allowing me to make or receive calls. Also my husbands phone which he uses in his work

  • Shadowpage

    Can’t get any signal or data

  • kalaa bandarr

    YouTube works fine for me but using chrome for any videos fail to load past 20% before failing. Still can’t get to hear my balance on pay n go. I seem to have free calls on this sim. Brand new out of the packet never topped up and I seem to be able to call. Tested by ringing my partners phone and calls are. Going through. SMS is all over the place. Its sending only one in ten messages.

  • Ellis Wood

    Leeds no 3g I can text and call but data isn’t working at all

  • Yasin Gole

    Same my contact SIM is working fine but my data sim (unlimited) isn’t working and i only topped it up today and brought it today

  • kalaa bandarr

    Three internet down in Manchester. I just put in a brand new sim to check whether it was a sim problem and the new sim without credit is letting me make free calls. As of 23.10.2016 12.46am UK time.

  • conky

    back :/

  • conky

    no service plymouth now

  • Alvise

    It seems to me there is no service this morning – London, Monument

  • Jack Odell

    No 4G Signal at Bank/Monument since Monday. Switch off 4G and going to 3G works but is not a acceptable solution!

  • Brad Vanderford

    No service in Oxford.

  • Steve Thomas

    Two day’s now no service in Waterloo Merseyside, fed up now thinking of changing service providers now!!

  • Timothy Curtis

    Problem with signal and 3g In Reading, getting annoying now

  • Frank Scalzo

    Just lost network service last 1 hour or so
    Seems to be a regular thing with 3

  • Megan

    I can’t make or receive any calls – only thing I can do is wifi related. This happend last week and I thought my phone was broken. Clearly there is a network error. Some info would be appreciated. Birmingham/Solihull area

  • Shiva Kumar

    No network available since today morning. Crawley, Central London. I can’t do much rather than just staring at the phone.

  • Paul Fardyga

    Signal gone from 3 bars to 1 or no service in Dover, phone now unusable.

  • Gibson

    No signal since last night please try and fix the problem three

  • Psmither

    No phone signal at Heathrow!!!

  • d james

    down in Swindon/Marlborough and has been for weeks

  • Tim Holland

    Down in Stroud, Gloucestershire

  • Vinnie

    I’m in Kent my fone just just goes silent after a few seconds into a call!! Nightmare

  • Suzie

    Same, also in Portsmouth :-/

  • Suzie

    Same, also Portsmouth :-/

  • Suzie

    Me too, also in Portsmouth!

  • Ahmed

    Can’t make phone calls since last night. What a shame

  • Michelle

    Same! I’m in Portsmouth too

  • Michelle

    Down in Portsmouth, both me and my boyfriend are on three

  • Alex

    When to a delivery for a customer in rindwood area new forest at 11pm last night customer must be call on arrival but such crazy three signal disappear could not get the customer middle no where near houses only 9 miles away, customer dissatisfaction and myself in trouble thank you three THE FAST GROWING NETWORK IN UK

  • Wayne Powis

    I am having trouble receiving and making phone calls and receiving text messages showing no network is there a problem with network

  • Jessica Giordano

    I cannot make and receive any calls. Portsmouth.

  • Helena Saunders

    Got no signal Portsmouth when getting fixed

  • B Holford

    Portsmouth. Got an SMS saying I have 2 voicemails but can’t access voicemail… Good job three.

  • Sonia Habassi

    What area because I can’t make calls either but internet is ok it’s ridiculous stupid three g

  • Sonia Habassi

    I can’t make calls either

  • Robert

    It seems there is a problem making phone calls but not with the Internet

  • Siva nair

    Can’t make or receive calls since 2200. Why??

  • Nicola Wyke

    Had no signal all day. wigan area??

  • Luke

    Anybody got signal problems Scarborough area thanks

  • Kelly

    Can three sort this oit please i got people i need to contact amd i have no service yesterday nor today atm!!

  • Alison Kelt

    I had no signal yesterday and today so far. In the Cambridge/Bedford area. 3 say its a network problem and could be fixed in a couple of days!!!

  • Mark Cook

    It think it was an issue will 3 network. As tried SIM card in another phone and still on signal. But just came back to life about 14:30 time.

  • tommyt

    Hi Mark read your post and want to give you an example of how signal strenghs can vary. Sitting in my local pub in Alloa which used to have very poor signal issues, I did a signal strengh check and was getting over 10 Mbps signal strengh inside the pub which used to show no service. Tonight, my wife was getting 2 Mbps sitting oposite me. I did a reset on her Iphone by holding down the power button and the main button on the face of the phone at the same time. After switching her phone back on she was getting between 10 and 12 Mbps signal. Its a fix that’s worth a try when signal strengh drops. It seems phones just get bogged down with use and need a refresh. Worth a try Mark.

  • Mark Cook

    Anyone else having signal issues in Fauldhouse, West Lothian today?

  • Paul andrews

    I try to phone them give my date of birth then post code don’t work so they cut me off thinking of leaving as 3 are not helping at all i play games on wifi so can’t be that as there is nothing wrong with it plus still have all data I sent 1 message it went down £5 that ain’t right

  • Paul andrews

    I don’t make a call and it takes my money im fed up with 3 doing this it’s the 4th time they stole my money

  • Dave Coombs

    Left 3 a few months ago at end of an 18 month contract for wi-fi. As I need wi-fi to run my business I have lost count of the number of business hours and money I have lost in the 6 months running up to contract end. I kept talking to an Indian Call Centre who were always apologetic and crediting my account. The rub is now since cancelling I keep getting calls from India about my account which they ‘claim’ I owe £30 approx on. I have sent 2 recorded delivery letters to their office in Maidenhead which remain unanswered and have had to block calls on my mobile from their Indian call centre because they just do not listen to me. They claim the calls are system generated. They are probably the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my business life ( and I once was a BT Manager !!!) They even admitted to me many months ago that the service was oversubscribed. Terrible Company.

  • Laura

    No phone signal in Eastleigh Hampshire

  • Tommyt

    Hi K have you tried completely switching off your phone for a few minutes ?then when it is back on do your network search for the local provider that Three works with. Good luck. I take it you informed Three you were working outside the UK before you left.

  • Ian

    Yet again no signal in Devizes – it’s becoming ridiculous again, had my pac code a few weeks ago – should have used it instead of giving them one more chance!!

  • Franck

    No three network today in Sale Cheshire

  • Ian

    Three signal down yet again in Devizes. There were mega outages a few weeks ago but after the ‘essential works’ were finished it’s been ok – till today! And of course Three deny that there’s a problem – it must be my phone!!

  • K

    I’m currently in Mallorca working and have no means of contacting the uk, I’ve tried everything that has been recommended and still can not connect to a single network, this is absolutely a joke.

  • vv

    I also have no service AT ALL for the past 2 to 3 months. I can’t call or receive anything and can only send iMessages on my phone and access whatsapp. my other friends which don’t have iPhones can only send text messages, and if I urgently need to reply to them, then I can’t send anything. please fix soon!

  • woogieman007

    For the past weeks my signal sometimes been really bad or none at all, then it goes to full signal. I’m having problems in St Leonards and Hastings

  • Stevie

    I have been suffering issues for the last 3 months my signal can read as searching or no service for days on end.. Some times a simple on off works others removing the sim or resetting network settings or multiples of the above mainly in the Peterborough Nottingham area.. Really disappointed left O2 after 16yrs as I thought 3 had better network coverage but this is appalling by comparison

  • Tommyt

    Hi Emma try turning your phone completely off for a few minutes. When on again go to your carrier settings and make sure Three is in the list of carriers that your phone finds when it does a search. (Switch off auto search first ) If Three is listed then tap on 3 (3g) and see if the 3 icon appears at the top of your screen. If it does then try your phone out by calling somebody. If things are ok then you should be able to go back into settings and switch your carrier settings to auto. Good luck

  • Emma

    My phone will not let me make or receive calls and at the moment I need my phone 100% as my son has leukaemia and we are in and out of hospital …the phone will just not connect to three network and I get a message saying no network registered ….we are in the Newcastle under lyme area Staffordshire…can any1 pls pls help

  • l

    No signal Leeds for last 5+ hrs!

  • Tony Ashton

    In Great Yarmouth signal non existent totally hacked off shoddiest provider at £25 a month.If this continues iam off to another provider.Three really stink and appalling customer service.

  • Grrr…

    Exactly the same for me in Saltdean (just east of Brighton). I have a signal (3 bars) but I can’t use them! Just says that it isn’t connected to a network and that I can only make emergency calls. Occasionally, a text from someone will randomly get through but I can’t reply. So frustrating

  • James

    Had a text to say there was maintenance in locks heath since this has happened in have had no signal what so ever where in live in hamble southampton. Beforead this maintenance happened in had full signal. Now I can’t send texts and loose signal constantly and Internet pages take a life time to load. Very annoyed

  • Louis Ironeur

    I don’t know why, I bought a 4g subbscription for 1 month and after 4 days I can’t do anything ’cause my connexion getting worse.
    I’m on the same place but my connxion getting worse.

  • Frank Swain

    Does anyone know if the company has gone out of business?

  • Frank Swain

    I am at S43 3PH. No SMS, no internet no calls. Not even via the VoIP app. Also no response to 333. No public announcement about the problems. Think I need another provider.

  • Sam Holmes

    I have no signal no internet

  • tommyt

    Hi Kelly -have you tried totally switching off your phone for a few minutes then powering it back up ? Also, make sure you have not got airplane mode switched on- good luck.

  • M

    Agree …Saltash just as shite (including mobile coverage) Fairly good until about 10days ago but now barely usable

  • Kelly

    I apparently have signal yet cannot send textes or make calls

  • Nigel Hallett

    Chapelbreak Norwich, no signal again. I thought I was the lucky one as my daughter (Queens Hill) and my sister (Three Score) can never get Three signal at their homes. Signal no longer reliable, time to change networks. Seems crazy that most towns on the North Norfolk Coast are better covered by roaming on French Dutch or Belgian networks than UK based providers!!

  • Jennifer Bassett

    No signal in Herne Bay & some surrounding areas for nearly 2 weeks. Was told on web chat with them that it would be fixed by the 28th, received a text from 3 on 28th, saying they would contact me ‘within 7 days’ when it was fixed. They said they would put £5 credit on next month’s bill – not much point currently, as I can’t use it. On the plus side it is the first time it’s happened to me.

  • Lydia

    No signal in preston haven’t been able to send or receive messages or calls. Regret getting this contract now what’s the point when I can’t even send a text

  • Richie Knight

    I went into a three store on Thursday night to get a new sim due to a change in handset. They failed to activate 4 different sims and said to go home and call three and get one ordered. When I got home, my old sim deactivated and i was left without any working phone. I phoned three only to be told they have activated my service on a new sim and they gave me the sim card number. They advised to go into store and pick up the sim. When I got to store I was told they had disposed of the sim!! The store advised me to phone three again and get a new sim ordered as the systems were down in the store. I done this but was told I would get it until Tuesday as it’s a bank holiday here so I have been left without any working phone until then. At this point I bit the bullet and went to the store in order to purchase a new handset instead of the one I was going to use and get a PAYG sim to keep me going until I can get my number transferred on Tuesday. I got the new phone and everything is alright until I found that the new sim won’t activate because they are not sending the activation SMS through. This is beyond a joke now!!

  • Richard Wardle

    The forty minutes was on the phone to three. Two twenty minute calls but cant even do that today. Rubbish.

  • richard wardle

    Been in Spain since last Tuesday. What a load of rubbish three is. Had 40 minutes over two days. Thought it was finally solved. Guess what cant even contact three on 333. Its a joke.

  • Alex Sealey

    Can’t top up either on the app or by using the 3 top up number. Been like this all morning saying there’s a problem on the network.