Problems with 3 (Three) UK?

The 3 (Three) UK service operates on both mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. They offer SMS, mobile internet, and voicemail services and Three UK will go down on occasion that’s felt by millions in extreme cases. The most common problems include no signal, issues with the phone software, or also accessing the internet through data.


We’ve noticed the majority of Three network problems seem to be focused in London when an outage arrives, although this could be related to the pure number of people within the UK capital. When you have problems with Three UK, then make sure you leave a status report below or use the contact information on this page for gaining support and leaving complaints.


Three Status insight for Saturday 22nd of July 2017

If Three is down today, then reports will be found below.

Three Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Joan Jacob

    I live in West Wales and the mobile signal is playing up. Sometimes my phone rings but the person on the other end can’t hear me and when I phone out the person answers but they can’t hear me. What is going on?

  • Sharon Agnew

    Is your phone working now Charlotte ? Are you 3 ? As my texts not sending ATM

  • Sharon Agnew

    Can’t send texts ?

  • Charlotte Baines

    No internet or voice at home now for over a week. Three say there’s a problem but don’t seem to be doing anything about it! Bredhurst, Kent.

  • Stephen Wilkinson

    There end *I live in Worthing West Sussex

  • Stephen Wilkinson

    I am calling people rings my end but never rings there phone been doing this for about a month or more

  • Sandra Walton

    Phone network been down for 4 days why hasn’t this ongoing problem been sorted!!!

  • kris kringle

    Trying to browse the web, constantly keeps losing signal…then reconnecting. It’s driving me nuts. When you phone up you’re put through to some office in India where no one speaks English properly. FFS…

  • Mervyn

    I am on the id network can not get a signal for 10 days it’s bloody redicolus

  • Sce

    Useless. I have travelled to the US and constantly lose the signal. People can’t call etc. Bout ive had this problem in U.K. Fir months and although signed up again will not to so next time as too intermittent.

  • Cliff

    There has been no coverage for the last two days.whzt is the reason for this!!!!

  • GabrielM

    This is the SEVENTH day of Three network outtage in Saltdean BN2 (5 miles East of Brighton town centre, East Sussex coast). Started at 9:10 on 4 July, briefly up for less than 2 hours on Saturday 8th (13:22 until sometime before 15:15) then down again — still out. And no clue what’s going on: not even a text from Three. Have to walk to Rottingdean to get any signal (from different masts / transmitters). Phone registers mostly “No service” and occasionally “Emergency calls only”.

  • Daniel

    I’ve got 2phones in Three, one used by my wife. She got iPhone 7 and I have galaxy s7. From yesterday she can’t receive messages from me and probably only from me. I can receive texts from everyone. Checked everything in phones, numbers not blocked. Who have the same problem???

  • S Harrington

    Yes same I work in West Ealing & lose all signal as soon as I’m in the area, since Monday

  • Nerea Permuy

    I can’t receive phone calls but I can make them. I live in Sheffield.

  • Bryn Hughes

    No signal at all, for around 3 days now! Can’t connect to website as it says that the service is ‘unavailable’. I will NEVER use ThreeUK again! Been a pain since the first day! PE1, Peterborough area.

  • B Kashani

    I’ve been having problems for last 2 weeks inside my home and intermittently in various parts of London. No connectivity for phone or text at all. Seems to be gettingng worse rather than better

  • Eileen Keeney

    I’m in East Kilbride Glasgow and have not been able to us messenger all day.

  • Fay

    I always have 4g on my phone but for the last 2 days i only keep getting 3g, not sure why!!!!

  • Andrew

    I have had no signal for past 2 days in Sunderland

  • Thomas jones

    Cant ring any mobile phone it either cuts off without doing anything or says network is busy. Ive had nothing but problems with these cowboys since day 1. Roll on my contact ending then i can leave istead of being fobbed off on the phone every day by somebody in islamabad or wherever they are getting their cheap labour from.

  • Victor

    I can connect (3-4G) but no internet. In central london and stansted, both today and yesterday. I pay £30 monthly and I need wifi to connect online. Horrible

  • Guest

    I am in London, Ealing and have no signal all of a sudden. Anyone else?

  • Hugo Pereira

    I’ve been travelling around and now I’m in germany…on the 14th I left from Manchester and on that day I had signal but no data connection, now my three SIM hasn’t been getting any singal….can’t connect to any network. I’ve been here a few times already and always got signal and now nothing…don’t know if it’s because of the new roaming agreement or just them that don’t let anyone use there cards out of the UK…

  • Paulo Alexandre Oliveira Perei

    I use 2 mobiles with three network one works perfect other one stop working completely, can’t make call or even use data, if I want complain by the phone is impossible because can’t make a single call to anyone, what a piece of crap network, but funny one of mobiles with three works perfectly, both the same area.

  • Martin Raskovsky

    No mobile signal Feltham ( TW13)

  • Mihai Fotache

    I can’t make /receive phone calls/text. I cannot use my data aswell. Passed more than 48 hours :(
    East London

  • Graham Ager

    in cheddar on signal 2 days

  • Graham Ager

    In cheddar no signal cant make or receive happening a lot crap

  • Storm

    Really bad signal today, can just about make a call if I’m lucky but can’t receive any calls what so ever

  • Tom

    Same here in Norwich. Can’t receive calls or texts from any non-three number.

  • Vince

    Can’t send/receive texts or incoming calls.

  • Sarah

    can make calls but cant receive any calls or texts in Leicester

  • ap

    Cannot receive calls… can make calls. Spoke to Three, there is a network issue which the are working on.
    Greater London NW area… Harrow

  • Cathryn Jones

    Can’t receive calls either I’m in swansea south wales

  • Gemma Harrison

    I cant receive calls either i live near Leeds, thank you Ian for your advice

  • Pankaj

    Not happy either. I got telephone interviews after being made redundant. Will be looking at leaving 3.

  • Ian

    I can make outgoing calls but cannot receive any calls except from other Three numbers. Tech support advise it is a problem with the Three network and may take up to 24 hours to resolve

  • JS

    I’m in north wales no signal for calls or texts for over 24 hours

  • Hilary Brooks

    Same here. Lost roaming in Malaga at 9am this morning. Worked OK yesterday. Have had to buy a Vodafone sim to get connected. Not happy. Will be moving from Three when I get back to UK due to poor coverage there as well

  • Ted Richards

    Three roaming in gran Canaria down from 6am today, not just my phone, 4 other family members’ phones also, what’s going on?

  • Janine

    Hi I am in London not had signal since this morning approx 9pm cannot make calls or get internet coverage at all today 6th June 2017.

    Is 3 down today?

  • Lisa

    Same problem with three I’ve rang them several times about the signal problem and I just keep getting fobbed of saying its my Sim card or phone I’m always phoning up about the signal and there connection problems its really really shocking customer service and phone connection. I live in Lincolnshire and I can’t use my phone for days on end. They even said ive been calling international phone numbers when I haven’t keep getting my bills wrong and surname spelt wrong I’ve never been with such a bad phone company. So shocking and appalling attitude.

  • Allan

    I’ve not add signal or network for 2 weeks now from three network I’m from Tamworth and can not see it getting fix soon I’m so piss off right now

  • The Ballistic Gamer 247

    I’m on the isle of Wight and had no signal all day. So far I’m not happy that I changed from ee, 10 years with ee, 3 months with ‘3’ …not happy!

  • John W Tinkler

    No signal again can’t wait till contact ends

  • Annie Radford

    I live in Brixham and have had no service on my phone. Has anyone got the same problem in my area?

  • Mel

    I’ve had no service for 4 days!! Unable to make or receive calls or texts disgusting but I bet they dont knock 4 days off our bill!!!

  • L

    No signal since Friday. It’s been 4 days

  • Jimbo

    No data or emails Bramhall/Hazel Grove. Calls OK.

  • Craig Baggott

    No signal for 3 days, midlands.

  • John W Tinkler

    No signal again fourth time in 3 weeks, this just sucks

  • Gerry

    no signal or access in Guiseley , Leeds, for last two days..

  • Tony AkaBill

    for the last 3 days the signal no work or no service at all am at aylesbury

  • Gill Daley

    We’re in Winsford Cheshire – been a week without network – numerous calls to tech guys and visit to local 3 shop in Crewe – No good! Phones virtually dead.
    Been with 3 for 8 years no probs til now. Will be getting out when contract ends in July.17.

  • Abdulaziz homad

    I have no signal since Monday 15.05.2017 until today, lighton buzzred and ayslington

  • Rafael Ventura

    Never had signal at all between Gunnersbury and Kew Gardens, and then St. Margarets near Twickenham. Last few weeks, hardly any signal in TW12 near Oldfield Road School.

  • Wayne Robinson

    4 days now with no internet and most of time no signal come on getting a joke now winsford in cheshire

  • MR H

    I am having a continuous problem where I can hear the person I am calling but they cannot hear me, the same when I am called. Today signal is dropping and I am unable to maintain a stable connection in Leicester

  • Ian Moore

    Issues around Stansted and London area too. Says signal but unable to make and not always receiving calls

  • Karen Morgan

    Hi guys I can’t make calls from my id network. Any 1 else having issued ???

  • Edit Ismail

    Enfield, can’t make calls just receive…

  • Slob

    Fleetwood now, says I have full reception but can’t make calls

  • skrepdivadify

    walsall area, no signal for 4 days now!!!!!

  • Sandra Glossop

    I live in Sheffield and have been without reception for 3 days

  • Sandra Glossop

    I have been without 3 reception for at last 2 days

  • Bryn Davies

    No Signal in SW London KT6 Surbiton all morning.

  • Cats Pyjamas

    2/may/17 No mobile coverage on my phone since yesterday evening in sw London

  • Kevin

    sms not working again – NG7 area. This company really is a disaster zone recently. Lucky it’s just my payg phone, EE never lets me down like this!

  • Mohsin Ahmed

    4g super voice down at bb1 8nu area.

    Intermittently works. Tuning iPhone 7.

  • Edward Walker

    no signal on my phone all day

  • Ahmed Ashfaq

    No 4G signal Luton Airport area , only showing as H or H+ , LTE enabled on phone

  • Rob F

    Absolutely appalled with Three regarding the service I have received! Left EE to go to Three because of the huge data bundle… what a mistake! Customer service is a losing battle… Never got any signal wherever I am, either at home or work. Reimbursed monthly payment to account credit… All I want to do is use my phone! I never had any of these issues with EE (regret leaving by the way)… No wonder they give customers crazy bundles for less! to make up for their poor network.

  • Stuart

    I have been a 3 customer for over 10 years and never had a problem with the network or service until now. For the past 4 weeks I’ve had no network coverage/signal at my home address in Worcestershire. This means I cant make or receive phone calls. When I made the original complaint 3 said the problem would be fixed in a fortnight, 2 weeks later the problem isn’t fixed. They reimbursed me my line rental for the month but this is no use to me without being bale to use the phone. I’m now 4 weeks on since the original complaint and still the network has faults. The deadline they have provided me when this will be fixed is the 30th April, but they won’t reimburse my line rental upon my next bill. They also wont allow me to leave the network without paying to terminate the contract which ends in November. Not good 3 I wont be renewing

  • [Adam Aqualung]

    BRIXTON/STOCKWELL (26-4-17) @22:27

    SW9 area hugely affected. Can’t get proper decent signal – whenever I’m speaking to someone else, they keep say they can’t hear me at times and my voice is breaking up. Minor issues with texting.

    As far as the internet access:
    Really horrible! Takes long to load up one single page (no difference whether you switch network preference from 3G/4G) run multiple tests to confirm this – can’t even achieve 1mbs speed! Same issue since 25 April from 21:00 night time til tonight 26 April.

    I’m on pay as you go plan. Would not recommend anyone else joining this mediocre excuse of a network! Don’t get me wrong, three used to be fantastic back in the days of all in one £15 Add-Ons! But now we get poor customer service, horrendous service and unfair price hikes (whether you’re a pay as you go customer or contract customer)

    Ofcom should investigate this company for failure to provide decent service to it’s customers. In fact, I wish ofcom punished three by a huge fine and refund compensation to the customers – one can only hope! I’m incredibly frustrated with this network

  • Derrick

    Gloucester through to Swindon. Constant issues with signal and email. Only connecting reliably via wireless. Wish I’d moved on and wish I’d never taken the blade phone it’s a real pain…. Derrick

  • Mags

    I am a 3 customer and have had varied problems with my contract phone for several months now. No signal, mobile data unavailable, amongst others.
    The week of the 17th April has been horrendous. No signal, no mobile internet, messages being sent to the wrong person. These are just some of the problems. Then 3 have the nerve to send a letter saying they will be increasing the cost of my package in May, well, my contract runs out in August and i will not be renewing it. I have never had such service from any other provider.

  • Mrs Austin

    Phone signal useless. No texts or calls Friday or Saturday. Internet issues today. Cheek of it is they then send you a letter saying that they are increasing your bill by 2.6% flippin cheek of it. Useless network if i could afford to leave i would. Bracknell Berkshire.

  • eric haigh

    Huddersfield area, Monday 13:00hrs. Still no txts in or out since last Thurs evening. Three says fix coming on Thurs 27th. Wholly unacceptable.

  • Mike Hemmings

    I have posted….before ……From Friday midday till now 9.30…..Mon no calls….texts were OK?????? this is unacceptable…….

  • Pauline

    Could not call for most off day yesterday and no tx messages till this morning I emailed 3 yesterday and still had no reply

  • Tracy

    Still carnt tx. Calls are total hit and miss then cut out

  • Tracy

    If your fone ain’t working go straight to your nearest police station and get photographic evidence hun

  • Tracy

    Omg you really need to report this John j. Really fo hope your ok pet

  • Hazel Bennett

    Still cannot get phone calls or texts since 11am and no explanation from 3 as to why, I’m not impressed and will seriously think about changing network as they can’t be bothered to tell me why this is happening

  • Danny Wright

    its working for me now

  • Jeanette Lancaster

    No calls and at one stage no texts leigh lancashire tried restart at 11pm ok now ta for that

  • Kathleen Bond

    Started earlier today recieving random texts from random people and my messages i was sending to my fella recieved by strangers can’t text now but just able to start making phone calls. West Yorkshire

  • Jonny

    check twitter @threeuksupport calls are back if you cant make calls a restart should fix it but texts are still not working problem started In Belfast at 11.30 this morning

  • Gillian Kerr

    No texts or calls going in or out since 1pm today is Glasgow!

  • David Robertson

    No text function in Midlothian

  • Marie

    I’m on ID mobile which piggybacks the three network and although I can make calls, I can’t send or receive texts whatsoever

  • Natalie Paisey

    Unable to send and (I assume) receive texts in Cardiff. As with many others, this has been a problem since approximately 1pm today. Intermittent ability to make and receive calls also. This appears to be a nationwide issue. Come on Three!

  • Pussylicker


  • Tom

    No sms Bathgate

  • Natalie Paisey

    That’s awful. I hope you’re ok.

  • Kev

    No texts or out going calls in Essex ??

  • Julie Marshall

    Yup no texts sending or calls – better be getting a refund for lack of service!!!

  • Gemma Harman

    Text issues in Hove. Also got a wrong number text. Since late afternoon

  • Conor

    No texts in or out from 1pm today. Altho i received 2 txts at 12pm from 2x numbers i dont know. Wtf ??

  • Shelley Knight

    Have been relying on WhatsApp to text and make and receive calls!

  • Shelley Knight

    Not receiving texts, people receiving my texts are getting them hours later. Was unable to make and receive calls in the afternoon. My mum replied to a text of mine this evening and someone else responded?!?!

  • montmorency

    Had the problem of no voice/texts/internet intermittently in Frome Somerset for most of a week now, and it keeps creeping/receding/creeping again across different parts of the town. Seems worst in Trinity/St Catherines/Badcox areas of town. Tried escaping a few miles east to Warminster Wiltshire early this evening which had been OK yesterday but seemed to be playing up today.

    I’m not usually a tin-foil hatter but it would be so easy for any operator to do this quite calmly and deliberately, perhaps under orders from Govt, for reasons that of course we will never be told eg attempts to disable comms efforts by suspects/terrorists under observation?

  • Rumin8

    WhatsApp is working, if you have a phone that supports it.

  • Jemma

    Can’t send txts, haven’t received any txts since lunchtime. Can’t receive phone calls since lunchtime. This is in Suffolk

  • Ffion Larsen

    Not able to text from Llanelli, Wales

  • Tom

    Can’t sends texts Bathgate

  • lynette

    Or receive them

  • lynette

    Can’t sends texts lancashire

  • Gillian

    No calls inbound or outbound no texts either n neighbour is same

  • Gillian

    No texts or calls all day also callers cannot call me in Burnley northwest England! My neighbour is the same

  • Kim

    Not able to text from Birmingham

  • John j

    Iv just been jumped by 3 lads bust me up real bad couldnt ring no one or even phone police luckily ad to fight back to get away but was covered in blood and black and blue bruises from head to toe i was that shooked up at the time if i phone police now i no for a certain fact nowt will happen no cctv or no evidence too late

  • AwesomeLeo

    Unable to text from Greenwich.

  • Emily Wivell

    Scampton in Lincoln has had issues with signal for three months now.

    Will be getting a very angry complaint in the morning due to massively effecting work

  • Kevin

    They must have switched off the servers, it’s a massive breach of data protection after all

  • Uldis Dzerkals

    No txt msg London

  • paul

    No text messages. The one I sent went to a random person.

  • Garry

    I am in Lewes East Sussex, no voice or messaging now since around 1pm still off at 2150, hope 3 gert this sorted

  • Ciaran Collins

    No messages working Lincolnshire grimsby

  • Becca

    Unable to text from Somerset

  • O

    I can’t send text messages either. Devon.

  • Jackie Tullett

    No texts not good

  • Someone

    Call , msg not working gatwick

  • Lesley Marples

    I cant send text messages

  • Cb

    Messaging not working london

  • Leigh

    Still off..hastings east sussex calls or texts

  • Jackie

    Unable to send messages to any number
    Barnsley area South Yorkshire

  • Dan Tickner

    Yes it is rather annoying. Can ring and recieve calls, email works etc, but cannot recieve or send texts. Its like going back to the 1980s.

  • Kevin

    No texts available nottingham. This is what happens when you have your software done on the cheap in India. Wonder what the damage to their reputation will cost

  • Jayne Spicer

    OMG…. This is annoying me now.. NO TEXTS FROM BIRMINGHAM… can you at least let you know what’s going on I wish u never changed from giff gaff now totally unreasonable on three UK behalf quick enough to take our money tho….



  • Alison

    Unable to send texts, Gillingham, Kent.

  • Charmaine Fenton

    Unable to send or receive text Newark, Nottinghamshire. What is going on when will it be sorted

  • Lyn

    Cannot send/receive texts in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

  • Zena Herbert

    I’m in Cumbria and have been unable to send texts all day.

  • Moira

    Not been able to call or receive calls also unknown people receiving txts from me here in grays

  • Shelley

    Not able to receive or send texts all day! Kent. Calls are also hit and miss! Sort it out!

  • Jean

    Not able to text or receive texts in angus. Able to phone out thou.

  • Aga

    Not be able to text in Runcorn

  • Tina

    Why aren’t 3 responding!!!….we want to know what the hell is going on. We need 3 to tell us why the whole country has been without a service! This is more than inconvenient….your silence is appalling!!

  • Samijane

    No text or phone calls here in Aberdeen!

  • Ron

    Phone working no tx n London

  • Jason Thomas

    Been Down since 11am this morning Ilford (ESSEX) calls have only just come up a few hours ago but texts still not working reciving other peoples texts, so in total breach of dpa what are three going to do about this we have to all push for some reimbursement for this , just upgraded to the new s8 a few days ago and this is what 3 do to us?

  • Lynette Mountford

    All mobiles in our house are on three and we can not send messages whats going on please

  • Jennifer

    Not been able text send or receive texts . Very frustrating.

  • Paul Harrison

    Haven’t been able to txt in South London all afternoon (& evening) !!!

  • Jul

    I read that people receiving private messages from other users, like gmail verification codes, barclays and so on…. WTF???? Did three was hacked??? What’s gonna happen with my private data????? Should i change all my passwords an so on now???

  • Jillian Cave

    what the hell is going on ..can call out but can’t send receive texts…get your acts together…all bloody day this has been going on Grrrrrrr

  • Troodles

    Recieved 4 texts from unknown numbers, a text order confirmation from Argos for an order I hadn’t placed, no incoming calls, my texts going to unknown people, not happy as thought I’d somehow had info stolen! Really bad service in Nottingham!

  • poppy

    I had a text from someones bank, I wonder if Three has been hacked.? They are going to have to pay an awful lot of compensation!!!

  • Louise

    Text not working or receiving any in calne Wiltshire

  • Robert David

    No texts can be sent or received Gillingham Kent. All else seems ok

  • Mary Maclaren

    Had texts from unknown numbers and my texts going to unknown people. Now no texts going though. No info from 3 how long or when will be sorted. So angry in Norfolk

  • Christopher Whatcott

    No texts out or received..Worcestershire

  • Claire

    Texts and calls not working here in west Wales.

  • Andy

    Texts not working all day here in Belfast

  • Dani

    Haven’t been able to call or text or receive either since this morning :( Warrington

  • Russell Dodd

    Can’t text or make phone calls

  • -=pp=-

    No texts, calls ok. Bournemouth

  • Danny

    Can’t send or get text or calls this is a problem in hythe kent since Thursday internet OK so far

  • Jane

    Texts down Hull come on 3 tell us whats going on??

  • Shirlee

    Cannot send text in NI either been down for quite a while. Calls also down earlier on but up now.

  • Lenka

    Forgot to mention Epping

  • Sandra

    Same problem here in Spennymoor, Co. Durham. Can’t send texts. Very poor signal so i went out in the car to find a stronger signal but texts still failed to send. Extremely inconvenient for everyone. I’ve just changed over to ID network who run on the ‘back’ of Three. I am not impressed. Had no problems with my previous supplier. Will be going back to Carphone Warehouse to find out why I’ve been sold a contract that is not fit for purpose.

  • Christine

    Can’t send texts in Lincolnshire….calls are ok

  • Lenka

    I sent a text this afternoon and itwas sent to same wrong number not the one i sent it to. I cant sent and receive any texts all day-caused my really problems!

  • Sumanji

    London calls working sporadically. Texts not sending at all. Data seems OK for now.

  • Kate

    Unable to send or receive text messages – Birmingham area

  • Tara

    Can’t send messages or ring out I’m in Derbyshire hoping this will be solved soon

  • Mark

    Can not phone out or send txt messages to any mobile. I can phone land lines though. I’m in the north west.

  • Ailsa Bowles

    No service here in Bracknell for hrs now

  • Jul

    I live in Manchester

  • Jul

    Can’t receive calls or send/receive any messages all day even made factory reset for my phone as was thinking something with device, can’t activate my phone now as security verification go thru message service. Can’t log in some apps as well. Can i claim some compensation for this inconvenience????

  • Debz

    Couldn’t ring or text today in exeter

  • Gail

    Blooming Nora. Can’t send or receive texts. Been like this for past five hours and no one to ring as they are closed! Bet if i wanted an upgrade there would be someone there to talk to.
    We all need to push for some free data or something as this has been a huge inconvenience today as being self employed and working today I needed this option available

  • Justan Roberts

    Perthshire Scotland. Networks been down for about 4 hours now. Really frustrating

  • raf

    Not able to make any phone calls cheshire barton

  • Audrey Anderson

    Unable to make calls or send messages all day. Larne Northern Ireland.

  • Jack

    Not able to text or receive texts been going on for past 3 hours, Hertfordshire

  • Alex Fowler

    cant send texts

  • Indigo Katt

    Unable to send texts in Hampshire. Phone will make calls and send email.

  • Valentina Watson

    We want a months free bills lol

  • Valentina Watson


  • Valentina Watson

    This has been going on since 3pm! Not happy

  • Valentina Watson

    Can’t text or call! And no one can text or call me! Also getting messages from random people arguing with them that they’ve got the wrong number so cross so stressed!! sort it outttttttttt

  • Lewis ken

    Msgs in & out not avilable in Northampton

  • ian

    Still nothing here in Sheppey, Kent. Has been like this since first thing this morning. My wife said that it had been mentioned on the TV news according to someone on FB but we haven’t been able to get any further details. Does anyone out there know WTF is going on. And if 3 are reading this……CAN WE ALL SAFELY ASSUME THAT YOU ARE GOING TO COMPENSATE US FOR THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE CAUSED US TODAY?

  • Ron

    No signal for last 2 hours in North london.seems to be back now.

  • Ann

    Not happy at all can not make any calls or use text msgs cant receive either ( luton ) plz fix ASAP

  • vinny betts

    All txt messages n some phone calls not going through, seems to be countrywide, but internet is fine

  • Lynda Cook

    Tried contacting 3 only auto answers working on it

  • Lynda Cook

    No service in Leighton buzzard bedfordshire

  • Lana Morris

    Not able to make or receive calls or texts since this afternoon here in Bridgend, south Wales

  • Ive

    What’s happening in gothe a who’s this from someone after I texted a friend total crap

  • TG

    No texts or calls near Bath

  • Penny

    Had problems all day, not good when you’re out and can’t tell the person you’re meeting you’re out. Sometimes a text gets through but outgoing all bounce back. This has affected me in Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire!

  • Sue Jackson

    Not able to make or receive calls or texts from mobiles since this morning, I’m in Essex, I can call landlines though.

  • Tee

    Not able to send or make calls in Essex. Since morning. Getting to be a joke now.

  • Lois Bell

    Same problems since around 10 this morning, can only call landlines, can’t send or receive txts but recieving txts from random numbers who once I’ve replied are completely unaware that they have sent this txt to my number, friends and family having the same issues, Gateshead area Tyne and Wear

  • Ian Jackson

    nothing in Sunderland. Can text other iphone users only

  • Stephen Chappell

    Cannot send or receive messages north west Merseyside area. Has been like this for hours.

  • Kenny

    Can’t send or receive txts in North Ayrshire – Scotland!

  • Jethro Tarw

    Although I’m probably not receiving them either.

  • Jethro Tarw

    Cannot send messages only. North wales.

  • Jason Townsend

    Can’t txt or receive texts in Northants area

  • sal

    Am in Cambridgeshire area & 3 network have said problems have been sorted but I still can not send text massages, calling from phone works

  • Jennifer Baig

    No service in SW19. Cannot even call 333. What’s the problem today?

  • julie thompson

    Same in ferryhill

  • Marie

    I have hade this problem since 1pm today I can not text or call anyone but I can receive the odd message now and again keeps going off . but weirdly I have been recieveing other peoples messages by mistake who else has hade this issue a think its to do with the message centre everyone’s messages are going to random people and this has put me n a mood alday

  • Nicola Sanderson

    Can’t send or receive texts or make phone calls to other mobiles. Had random texts from other people. Me and my husband on three and he is the same. Over here in Scunthorpe. Come on three get a move on

  • Pawel Woldanski

    No phone calls reciving and out.
    Whole day. What is goin on?

  • Martina Gradiski

    Problem in N14

  • kamal

    What the hell my phone is not working since this morning. I can call only land line phones. I’m with Three. I live in south east Kent.

  • Michael

    No texting service here (Stanley, Near Durham. North East). Glad I’m not the only one as been having random lockups & reboots on my phone in the last week which seem to have stopped. Wife rings my mobile but my mobile doesnt register her ringing? Anyone else experiencing the same weird things?

  • Tracy Bendall

    Not working in chesterfield txt ot phone call incoming or outgoing calls

  • Osita Ugoh

    And no incoming or outgoing mags since 5pm in Haringey as well.

  • Osita Ugoh

    No incoming and outgoing calls within the Haringey area since 11am.

  • Terry Corcoran

    Receiving phone calls only intermittently at the moment mersyside

  • Tony Fletcher

    No calls in or out can text in sheffield since 2pm

  • Ian Jones

    Unable to send texts on Merseyside

  • Ian Chick

    Not working in Northern Ireland came now gone down again

  • Mel Sweeney

    Almost 6 hours now. No calls or texts can be made to mobiles Doncaster. Come on 3!

  • Jaheda Khatun

    Some 3 customers network are coming back on so hang in there guys!! And then…change your network!!!

  • Koby Shomron

    My network is working ok now. Mobile and texts. Here in Manchester. 17:48.

  • Imad

    I used my phone to call and recieve important call. My family also with 3 mobile total of 4 contract at home .
    Today the 22 of april 2017 since ealy morning till now 17.40 pm network is down not been able to call or recieved a call. My family got worried and we have to contact each other by whatsapp call . And my customers who tried to call me failed and as a reault i got no business today

  • Sandra

    We’re in Hemel Hempstead and have not been able to send texts or ring mobile numbers all day.

  • Babu

    Unable make or receive calls from Mobile, but can make and receive from land line all day today.

  • Tina

    All my family on three. Not able to call or be called in Cumbria all day!!

  • Mark Hinds

    Can’t make calls and will only send texts once in a while can’t ‘recieve calls either. Durham England. It’s driving me mad

  • Brian Miller Snr

    Unable to use mobile in Rochdale and my son in Morecambe is having the same problem.

  • Amy Tessa

    Barnsely and Penistone. Myself, mum and boyfriend all on 3 are not able to send messages or call anyone and are getting random messages form unknown numbers as well.

  • Charmaine Scott-hibbert

    Nottinghamshire. No phone in or out. Random texts from people, but can send texts intermittently!

  • Christopher Bower

    Sheffield no phone and no text also received 2 texts from unknown people very funny

  • Sally Bassett

    Folkestone here, also nothing with phone calls all day

  • Koby Shomron

    Still not working. Anybody heard any better news?

  • mairi obrien

    Down in glasgow too. Any chance of compensation 3 .. I need to be able to use my phonew.

  • Phil Rainford

    How did we ever live without mobiles and internet..its like Armageddon in here
    .crap happened it’s only a day outta your life..go out take a walk..look at nature..get a life

  • William

    Data is working fo the phones i have been calling so try a video or voice call via facetime, whatsapp, facebook messenger, skype or what other app you have available.

  • Sarah

    Working now in Basildon, Essex ☺