Problems with 3 (Three) UK?

The 3 (Three) UK service operates on both mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. They offer SMS, mobile internet, and voicemail services and Three UK will go down on occasion that’s felt by millions in extreme cases. The most common problems include no signal, issues with the phone software, or also accessing the internet through data.


We’ve noticed the majority of Three network problems seem to be focused in London when an outage arrives, although this could be related to the pure number of people within the UK capital. When you have problems with Three UK, then make sure you leave a status report below or use the contact information on this page for gaining support and leaving complaints.


Three Status insight for Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

If Three is down today, then reports will be found below.

Three Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • jejoma

    Where are you? I’m near Beziers and apart from the two days last week have had no problems since I came out here at the end of July.

  • Chris Gardner

    Three down in southwest France for weeks what the hell is going on?

  • Stephen J. Alexander

    Phone off in the French Alps all day on Wednesday n Thursday. Came back briefly last night and today but off again now. Why no comment from 3 for the attention of all users/customers? Poor.

  • David Olley

    Well it’s off again this morning, here, near Pontivy. Is everyone else still OK?

  • jejoma

    Whilst a total pain, it is the first problem I have had with Three in two years after switching from Vodafone. Now that was a company I was glad to leave! Slow data rates, poor coverage, I could go on and on!

  • Mark Sam Sampson

    Really appreciate the advise. Thank you so much. Van clutch has now been sorted as managed to get it to an IVECO garage. Kind regards


  • Matthew Owen

    Well they were supposed to text when the service was back up. Still waiting

  • David Olley

    Another problem with Three and their PAYG service is that someone who lives in France – or anywhere other than the UK – is able to buy a SIM in a UK store and use it freely, having paid for it with his foreign debit or credit card.
    But when outside the UK it is impossible to top up the SIM using their web site. Nor is it possible to do so by phone. The reason why it cannot be done on the web is that the card used must not be one where the owner has an address outside the UK. In 2017 this seems like a very stupid idea. People travel back and forth, as I do, on a regular basis, so what difference does it make which address the card is registered to? I can buy anything online using my cards, no matter where the seller is located. And the seller doesn’t care where my card is registered.
    I have spoken to Three about this but they simply don’t care. That is how much they think of their customers. They may well regret this attitude when their customers start to drift away.

  • Joe

    Back on here in France. No reason given as to why the outage. Shocking customer service by 3. Not good enough.

  • John Sullivan

    On here in western Britanny now, but still extremely unhappy that no explanation forthcoming – or even responses to my tweets from 3. Customer service is beyond a joke with false promises of rectification times and no attempt to explain reasons for this disgraceful customers let down. Roaming deal was why I chose 3 in the first place but if they can’t deliver, what’s the point of being with them? Great provider in theory, but in practice, not trustworthy enough.

  • Tony Kennedy

    Service is now back in France after an outage of 31 hours. The service from 3 call centre in India is a disgrace, they just kept giving you a standard excuse on every occasion I contacted them and when I asked who the CEO was and his contact details they replied we don’t know who he is or what his contact details are. When I get back to the UK I will be changing my mobile provider because I’ve had enough of the bad service from 3.

  • David Olley

    OK. About 16:50 CET my Three service resumed. I knew this when two texts from my wife, sent yesterday early afternoon, arrived.
    What are the chances that Three will text an explanation and apology?

  • Cilla Smith

    Three has been down in the Lot in France for more than 24 hours. Not good enough, can’t get any sense when rectified, waited ages for live chat yesterday only to be told they were working on it. Will be changing my provider next week when back in the UK – vote with your feet on such poor service.

  • Steve Burnhope

    Same problem in the Rousillon region since early yesterday.

  • Sharon Willingham

    Have had a life-chat with 3 as in Lot-et-Garonne and no signal since around midday yesterday. They say it is an issue with French partner providers which they hope to have resolved in next 24 hours max. Have usually been v good when I have encountered similar problems before. Fingers crossed

  • scottjf

    Same in Haute Alps no coverage for nearly 48 hours…not happy Three!!
    Just signed up for 12 month contract fro both myself and my wife but will be seeing about canceling once back in UK.

  • Dan

    From 13:00 yesterday no signal on 2 phones on 3 in Nantes, can manually find other networks but it won’t connect.

  • Hugo

    Same here, im in the Vendée and no signal

  • Martin Quinnin

    I had issues yesterday from 21:00 (I’m in Bali).
    All sorted now.

  • goldilocks

    I know a good English speaking mechanic a bit further down, near Souillac Jan 0660645504 tell him Simon sent you, he’s a decent chap.

  • Lynn hartley cain

    We are in france to and no signal Normandy

  • goldilocks

    Both my 3 phones have no network shown, even though they can find 3 or 4. I’m also in France, in the LOT region. Totally won’t work, no phone, no data. Seems 3 have been cut off over here.

  • Mark Beard

    O I just though it was my phone play up after up date but no service in the lot as from yesterday wife phone on o2 is fine what are you doing Three

  • Joy Emmanuel

    I am in France so only wifi. I recently changed from another provider, I was seduced by the European coverage apparently offered by 3. Bad move, nothing but trouble since moving. Can’t manually select another network either. Sounds like 3 haven’t paid their bills! Their service and their customer service is rubbish!!!

  • Christine Munday

    In Portugal, both our phones no service since yesterday.. These are our business phones, customers can’t reach us.. Unable to get in touch with three by live chat..
    Three haven’t communicated with their customers at all.. customer service is appalling.