2K server status

The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games. If the 2K servers are down today, then you could see your favorite game offline or receiving certain error codes.


2K games include Evolve, WWE 2K15, NBA 2K15, NHL 2K, XCOM, BIOSHOCK, and many more popular video games. Not all games take advantage of 2K servers in the same way, so this is why certain titles will run into problems while others will be working fine.

There’s also the possibility of outages taking place in select countries. This means thousands of gamers won’t be able to play in the UK, although those in the USA won’t be reporting problems and vice versa.

It’s good to remember that newer and older games will also use the servers, especially when you consider this company started over 10 years ago. If you got a problem with 2K’s server status, then we’d love to hear about it below along with your local city.


2K Status insight for Friday 9th of December 2016

If 2K is down today, then reports will be found below.

2K Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kel Vin

    WWE2k16 the server still down
    Any news?

  • Charrozimmerman

    I can’t get the latest update on WWE 2k17

  • Aaron

    Anyone else having problems buying vc for nba2k15???

  • Donavan

    In 2k15, right? For Community Creations? Well I have 2k16 and 2k17 but 2k15 is my problem. Xoxo One…

  • Donavan

    I really wanna access WWE 2k15 Community Creations again on Xbox One, fix the servers asap it doesn’t make the game much fun with the servers down come on 2k! Now I can’t upload or download logos for my custom superstar.

  • Jon

    Mine is to!

  • David

    “Servers will be restored shortly” but have been down for 9 hrs BS

  • Sean Bevan

    I can’t get on line on wwe 17

  • Yassin

    Are the servers down? I can’t play online

  • T.J. BossHog Johnson

    I’m stuck on the “Your vc earnings are being saved on the 2K Sports server…”

  • Antoine Tolson

    Yeah sever is down in Waldorf Md Xbox need to change this BS.

  • Tazomykel

    Your servers have been down for 12 hours now xbox360

  • Emmanuel Dean Dawson

    I made a nude diva and i cant access community creations to redownload her how frustrating i made the cameltoe and everything please fix this

  • dhini

    what good is ur game if i cant play online on wwe2k16 on pc. Please improve ur servers

  • Ken Ward

    this is stupid. I buy gold and yet wasting money on a game that don’t work online? what is the point? I hope 2k17 isn’t going to be like this, or I will never buy a wwe2k game ever again unless THC take back over…

  • Eeee

    Im stuck on your vc earnings are being saved on the 2k servers

  • jed

    I have the same problem on XOne

  • Shadowfiend180x ?????

    I preferred it back in 2011 when wwe online was hosted by “THQ” because there servers always worked and these servers are just awful fix this please because if we have an xbox live gold membership/ playstation plus membership were in titled to use these servers and enjoy proper gameplay

  • Jake

    Im the same with Wwe 2K16 on xb1 i swear 2K are the next to worst servers available but the worst is “Square Enix”

  • Kevin Maldonado

    do you play on Xbox one ?

  • Arvin Lamb

    On wwe 2k16 I’ve been trying to use the search hashtag to find certain caw so I don’t have to stroll through so caw to find the one I want and it won’t let me! Still let’s you download but can’t search hashtag… please help and give answer why? On the Xboxone!

  • Arvin Lamb

    On wwe 2k16 I’ve been trying to use the search hashtag to find certain caw so I don’t have to stroll through so caw to find the one I want and it won’t let me! Still let’s you download but can’t search hashtag… please help and give answer why?

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    My 2K13 mlb is down please fix this

  • Ian Toni

    NBA2k15 and NBA2k16 servers are not accessible since two days….some said it’s often the case on PC after that f* Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  • Dylan Slater

    My wwe2k15 says that the servers are suspended it’s been like this for a while the need to seriously fix this

  • Dylan Slater


  • Buddylove

    My WWE 2k16 server is down can y’all please fix it

  • Darth Jones

    I am getting a message saying the Servers are suspended. I’m playing WWE2k15.

  • Ross Stevenson

    me 2 my game closes or just gets stuck and freezes up whenever trying to play or buy from store

  • Chris Mander

    Trying to play evolve Stage 2 but i cant get onto the server

  • Joey

    They shut off the wwe 2k15 servers thats why

  • Jose Bernardo Puentes

    When the game starts it says that an “Error has occurred on the WWE 2K15 server. Please try again later”. I cant play online or use community creations. Can you solve this?

  • Fritzz

    WWE2K16. Can only do 1v1 matches online. Cannot do any other match mode. Servers disconnect me when searching for an opponent. Servers randomly disconnect me when searching for players in elimination chamber. There’s no blood in online. Online is always unavailable for some odd reason. When starting the game up from the main menu, it would say that network error . How is it that the servers for wwe2k16 are scheduled to be shut down after July 7th , 2017, when it isn’t even 2017 yet and we are still unable to do anything in online?


  • Sincere

    Lost all of my created shoes my music settings everything. Had to start all over.. It’s crap

  • Chris Bell

    It wont let me connect and get on mypark 2k16 xbox one why?? If we’re going to have these problems dealing with 2k server we should be told before we spend 70 or 100 bucks on a game its not fair this is horrible and what do we get a TY i need more coins or a free my store game or something. 2ksports server’s

  • Phil O

    My photo capture won’t upload I keep getting the same message Unable to communicate with the WWE2K16 server at this time.

  • Martin

    It won’t let me get in mypark in nba2k 16
    On my ps4

  • bences Leonard

    Nba 2k16 problem with saving my vc in myplayer mode. Miami fl

  • what

    Wwe 2k15 servers down on xbox one smh

  • Jake Melton

    WWE 2K16 Community Creations are a pain in the ass today. It loads the main page, so I know the servers/my internet connection are working. But as soon as I click on a character, it doesn’t even try to load the download screen, it just tells me about a network error and kicks me out. I can get right beck in immediately, so that also tells me the servers are working, so why is it not letting me download anything. (And no, I have not been sent anything telling me I am banned from CC, so I should still be able to download things)

  • Paul

    NBA 2K16 maintenance is not what i wanted today, i want to play and now i cannot. How long is this going to be offline for?

  • Peter Maner

    wwe 2k15 servers were shut down permanently

  • Anthony Lynn

    WWE 2K15 and 2K16 servers are down in Yonkers, NY c’mon I wanna play, create new superstars, and use community creations!!!

  • Zeke

    WWE 2k16 is down in lubbock. Fix it

  • Steve

    W2k16 has been down for about 4 days now, getting a little ridiculous considering myself and other people spent money on the game and can’t even play it

  • Conor Reilly

    They really need to fix their servers, i swear they have never worked properly, its so annoying.

  • Josue

    Don’t do nothing leave it like that wait it out it was doing it for me aswell a week ago and I left it on when I came it was synced

  • leroymorley

    WWE 2k 15 serversare down in Morris Run, PA as well I cannot download any wrestlers because of it I wished they would get it fixed soon, I have good internet connection, and can get into the wwe shop playstation store but not the online part. please get it fixed it has been down within the last week for us

  • Paulister Rox

    The servers for me have been on and off. It’s pretty terrible and I just bought the game. Glad I got that deal on Xbox Live.

  • Jordan Hardwell

    WWE 2k16 servers are down for me and my wifi is always good just wish 2k would sort it out already

  • HappyTrails

    Jeff is in TNA not wwe
    Idk why people think he is in wwe he won’t be in wwe

  • Ryan

    I have gotten that the server is temporarily unavailable for almost a month now. I can’t access any great players on the blacktop or my player on the black too. I live in Downers Grove and want it fixed. My game is NBA 2K14

  • Dorian Fontanez

    I try and go to my career on nba 2k16 but it says Unable to connect to 2k sports server my WiFi is fine but it still doesn’t work

  • Lenny Dejesus

    NBA2kl3 server down for 3 days in Fl
    Florida USA.

  • Cool Wolf (WolfTheGamer)

    Servers are down on wwe 2k15 on Xbox 360 kept saying error like with online,it has been happening to my friends to.PLEASE FIX MY FAVORITE GAME

  • Nyrique

    I downloaded wwe 2k16 on ps4 and it won’t let me do
    Anything except play one v one matches I bought the full game but it’s like a demo can’t play mycareer or online or any other mode or matches

  • DillaryHuff .

    Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I just waited for a little while, and suddenly the game allowed me to play again. Not that it matters now 😛

  • Luca Lion Zambarda

    2k16 server still down in Italy, I cannot download CAWs and MY OWN created logos… :(

  • Matthew Gentry

    Still down in VA for a week this is crap. Clearly on their end when the error states Server down for maintenance. Tech support wants me to troubleshoot on my end. Seriously?

  • Andre James Gamesmaster Bateso

    Hi my sons 2K16 on his xbox one Is stuck on the syncing data it has been for 5 days now so what’s happening with the WWE 2k16 servers in the United Kingdom it always stops at 45% and goes no further.

  • kathryn

    servers are down on nba again

  • Flockers_–

    can’t do team up matches on wwe 2k16, every time it says opponents found, it says my partner has disconnected. and it says the same for them. haven’t been able to play team up for two weeks now.

  • Prashanth Renkilin

    i need to unlock jeff hardy but server not contec

  • Alessandro Cipro

    Ieri a me non andava proprio, oggi funzionava

  • OutaTime

    Haven’t been able to download from WWE 2k16 Community Creations since Sunday. 2k Support has been no help in the matter. Receive the following error: “An error occurred while retrieving the latest data from the server. Please try again later.”

  • mofenu

    can’t download created stuff on wwe2k16…

  • DreadfulGuy

    Hell it happen to me too rite b4 the end of the boss I am so pissed no warning or anything.

  • Kev Frodo Donnelly

    same here, any idea when it will be back up? I need one more game before bed

  • DillaryHuff .

    I got disconnected from Battleborn about 3 minutes ago. The game tells me that I have no connection to PSN, but I clearly do as I can access all other features and games on PS4. It doesn’t let me access Battleborn, however :(

  • Paolo De Martino

    Ora nn sto giocando ma prima mi ha fuNzionato, anche se ti dico la veritá Nn girava benissimo…. Stamattina hanno mandato un aggiornamento comunque….

  • Ace

    Can’t save on nba 2k16

  • Marko Vidackovic

    Ciao ragazzi, ho giocato oggi alle 16 piu o meno ma adesso no e sembrano essere online da come dice 2k…ma 0 proprio!

  • Alessandro Cipro

    Ciao, a te funziona ora? A me continua a non funzionare…

  • Paolo De Martino

    Also in Italy, same problem…
    Error message…

  • Edin

    Whenever I start it says an error has occurred but I if I delete it it’s good and then no have to wait till something downloads to 100 it’s weird I have been getting weird errors please help

  • Anton

    It’s back for me

  • Mattia Rechichi

    I’m connect in Italy

  • Karon Dyer

    Can anyone connect cause i cant

  • Officer Cruz

    2k servers are down they said they have an agent working but if someone were to say they’re playing online right now they would be lying. all 2k servers are down right now

  • Downlow_Thug

    Can anyone connect? PS3 nba 2k15 is down for me


    I still cant either!

  • Anton

    Anyone connected cause I still can’t connect :((((

  • l macon


  • clifton Hicks

    Xbox 360 server can’t save game.

  • Youngin Mrloyaltodagame Mayne

    Error code 4b538e50 ps4 Columbus oh

  • Luhh Quavo

    are yall gonna fix the issue

  • Mattia Rechichi

    NBA 2K16 PS4 error code 4b538e50

  • Josh Clarke 28 (Josh)

    2k servers down pls fix ASAP

  • Bobby G

    Nba2k16 server down (Boston ma). (Xbox360) Tryna play my “my career” online but obv it won’t since the servers down. But I remember when this happened before in previous ones it’d give u an option to convert it from (online – vc points) to (offline – sp points). Does it not do that anymore and I got no choice but to wait?

  • Lo Austin

    2k are you gonna fix this issue anytime soon?

  • Benjamin Clevinger


  • Benjamin Clevinger

    2k16 server is down. I cant connect to my online player.

  • kingdavid918

    ps3 nba2k16 down

  • Fraser Buchanan

    I think they are killing the servers at the end of the month

  • Fraser Buchanan


  • Justin Riggs

    Not sure hope so

  • Officer Cruz

    2k16 and 2k15

  • Officer Cruz

    will the servers be back today?

  • Joey Espland

    NBA 2k15 Servers Not Working

  • Justin Riggs

    Wwe2k16 ps3 server is down anybody else having the same problem??

  • 99HESKEY

    I went to nba2k16 servers status and it said:502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.8.0

  • Tristan Digo

    Yes i have the same problem!!

  • kathryn

    yeah same here

  • 99HESKEY

    nba2k16 error code efeab30c

  • kathryn

    any one else having issues with nba2k16 today

  • Mr. Enforcer

    WWE 2K16 servers on Xbox One are damn horrendous, have been since day 1, especially on Community Creations.

  • Earl Agres

    nba 2k16 on ps3 cannot download roster. WAzzup 2k team??

  • Davida1630

    WWE 2k16 on ps4, can’t download anything off of cc. Keeps saying network error after the download box comes up. Am in Hilo, Hawaii.

  • Christopher Garcia

    Wwe 2k16 Xbox one, el centro California. It won’t find anyone to play against online. No opponent is ever found and you are just stuck in the lobby. It’s been like this for a few days now.

  • Ronzell Sanders

    The servers for wwe2k16 have been hit or miss for the last week. Is there relief in sight?

  • RazzielX

    I haven’t been able to log in for 2 days now. Keep getting failed to Authenticate. This game is so broken and it’s such a shame it’s so fun to play.

  • DannyBoy

    Always fail to start a private story match in Battleborn, the multiplayer section works from time to time and in private matches I have a lot of lag even though there is no-one else in the game. Needs fixing asagdmfp!

  • X3nemesis 3X

    battleborn having problems getting online is the server down?

  • tahj

    When will it be fixed ??

  • Alexis Esquilin


  • Jaylyn D Garmany

    Aye 2k16 not working

  • Callum

    Fix the servers on wwe 2k16 if possible they are slow and not very good

  • Mike Casado

    Wwe 2k16 takes forever and a half just to load one page of downloadable superstars..

  • Justin

    R the servers down today for nba16 .the status says thier fine ,but I got error codes

  • Tony Murray

    WWE 2k16 servers won’t sync to my xbox one

  • Wayne

    Nba2k still isn’t working

  • wwefan4eva

    Can’t upload new pictures in wwe2k16. What is wrong with y’alls server???? Can you please fix it ASAP thanks

  • Geraldine Stevens

    trying to pay NBA2K16 today….. keeps saying server not working??? grrr friends all online fine?

  • Mr J Russell

    Every time I play my wwe 2k16 it gets to the match then comes up error reading disk? Have cleaned the disk a few times it doesn’t seem to be anything with it. For the ps4

  • Gunshop360

    Xbox one 2k16 not working today

  • Unhappy

    Had to download a 2.4 GB for 2K out of the blue and when I signed back on I couldn’t connect to servers and I was told all of my data was corrupted

  • R.K. Dash

    wwe 2k16 online is not working

  • Ivano Ciotola

    wwe2k16 server sucks

  • Gareth Lethbridge

    Hurry up and fix the problems I can’t do anything
    on wwe 2k16

  • A big scary bee

    Can’t connect with friends on borderlands 2 (Xbox one) two days now keeps saying check network cables and connection, NAT is open tested both Internet connection and multiplayer connection all say everything is good can join same friends on other games (Master Chief Collection, Forza 6) can even play online only games such as Need for Speed. Anyone else having issues?

  • Billy

    Did u manage to fix the problem? Are u able to play my team?

  • Ahmed Razi Jerichoholic

    Whenever I try to open community creation it doesn’t work. It’s written”WWE2K16 server is not available try again later” what should I do?

  • dark archangel

    whenever I go to match browser in borderlands 2 it kicks me out of the app

  • toneunl

    Same here . I’m almost in the playoffs and it won’t load . WHEW

  • Jay15

    Have had issues both initially signing in/connection to 2k servers. Also when I play the game is choppy in online modes. I have an 80mbps connection, everything else works great. I also used to work in IT for 6 years, my connection is fine.

    However for about a week 2K has kicked me (and given me losses even tho I’m winning) from both online and OFFLINE games. I.e., Weekly Challenge in MyTeam had disconnected and left me with a loss 3-4 times this week

  • Jackson

    Same here it is stupid

  • ShottiBoddi

    Nba2k 16 has been down for me almost a week and I tried every suggestions I could find. Nothing works .

  • Bavoboeykens

    Borderlands 2 problems Belgium. Cant play longer then 15minutes with my friends

  • Bavoboeykens

    I never read anyone talking about borderlands 2, me and friends of mine are constantly been kicked out of borderlands2 when we are playing together on xbox one. This is so frustrating especially for my brother who bought the handsome collection one week ago and still hasnt been able to play with friends…

  • Alec

    Wwe 2K16 has been down for almost a week. I don’t believe restarting will fix the problem. I have even tried multiple system shutdowns and still get the same problem.

  • chris

    Idk if it’s because I just got it or what

  • chris

    2k16 is down for me on ps3 just got it yesterday haven’t been able to join a match since. Just says searching for matches and it’s always 4 potential matches available.

  • Stanley

    Friends cannot join me and I cannot join them. It says ‘game session is no longer available’ PS4

  • Chris Warr

    Driverclub server not working

  • Jacob

    The WWE2k16 server isn’t working on the PS4

  • Liis

    Cant play online philadelphia

  • CMC

    Louisville Kentucky is home of basketball… wth 2k16 down?

  • CMC

    Down in Louisville

  • Albert

    I still can’t play 2k

  • dennis bougere

    come on 2k sports server techs get this problem fixed . can’t even say my player to server after I then spent money on the game

  • Hunter

    Hey 2k….servers are jacked.

  • Kevin Lyon

    soo theirs no way to play as lebron or mj on blacktop then?

  • Que Bailey

    That games servers been down dude. (No Luck at all upgrade to 2k15 or 16).

  • Jaqwell

    PS servers still not working for me feburary 14-18

  • Jaqwell

    I reinstalled 2k update the game and got back on and know it says no description of the save data I’m scared I think my profiles was delete I had a sg:91 pg:88 c:70 and a pg:55

  • Jquez davis

    I need 2k to fix this I need my vc

  • Jquez davis

    I’m stuck at the tour vc earnings are being saved on the 2k sports server are 2k servers down are my game acting up

  • Matthew Kemme

    i try to play online no servers found

  • Austin Hilts

    Not working in Bahrain

  • Hunter

    Well it’s down for me….

  • Crackz

    My W2k16 servers on ps4 says.. Unable to connect to the w2k16 server, the career invasion will not be available or updated. Custom superstars previously imported may still appear in my career ??

  • Pharaohcarter87

    My 2k16 on ps4 has been down for the past 4 days I just tried again 2 play online and it still says servers are down has anybody been playing????

  • Kevin Lyon

    i have nba 2k13 for ps3 and it says server is down….also i have no superstars on blacktop, is there anyway to get them?

  • d

    Wht the f

  • Isaac

    I cannot sync data for wwe2k16. Can’t play at all. Come on now. Why do I need some online functionality to even play at all?

  • Scott MacDonald

    Mine still is not connecting wtf so annoying

  • Broderick

    Online service is says won’t connect I tried to see if it was on my half but it’s fine….. HELP!!!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU

  • Broderick

    Nah me too I’m in mass

  • Guy

    2k servers not working ps4 feb 3-4

  • Keith

    Ps4 nba 2k16 won’t let me connect online

  • Scott Thomas

    2k16 server error
    xbone wtf?

  • Jeremy Baker

    2k16 won’t connect to play now online .. for xbox one .. wtf?

  • thomas

    On ps3 2k16 wont let me play blacktop because the servers are messing up and they wont show how people are on blacktop

  • jen

    wwe 2k16 wont connect to servers who else is have that problem

  • Darran4785

    I’m the same. Downloaded dlc moves servers went down and u can’t access the moves or online.

  • Jim

    Every time i finish a game in mycareer it shows that it is saving my vc but it continues to load and load and im forced to quit and not get any vc,is this because the servers are down?

  • Soleotto

    Every time i try to log into the 2k16 servers it says that im connected but pulls up the offline menu is anybody else having the same problem

  • kingtigero

    i tried it at night and still said the same thing

  • kingtigero

    it still says that i cant get on community creations to try again later

  • will

    I’ve been on xbox one wwe2k16 and put in any hastags like joey mercury kane john cena or anything and I got a message saying no content

  • kingtigero

    its not just a PS4 thing JW i have a PS3 i cant create a superstar online

  • kingtigero

    when i try to get on community creations for the ps3 it tells me it cant connect to try again later but i can still wrestle online

  • will

    I just gone on wwe2k16 xbox one to get caws and put in a name like cm punk and I got a message saying there is none please fix this so I can get caws

  • Dave O

    Just sign in and start downloading from the beginning again how many times has it done this

  • jerry37

    Hey bro I have Wwe 2k 15 ps3 I am downloading update data in middle of download it stops download says error occurred then I get sign out of my internet then I have too sign back can I please help me solve this problem from jerry

  • Daniel Lildj Jones

    Has anyone else not been able to Connect to the NBA 2K16 servers on XBox360, I don’t play online much but MyCareer won’t even save without the servers being up!!! It’s been like this for far too long and I’ve haven’t been able to play it in over 2 weeks, is it just me in south Florida or is this happening to anyone else!!!

  • Dave O

    Server down again arrrr

  • Dave O

    Hi it’s a 2k problem bro

  • JW

    Every since I got WWE 2K16 I’ve had nothing but problems connecting to the server. I haven’t even played online yet. just the community creations alone is a huge pain. Creation Search takes for ever, then I just lose connection. Is this a PS4 thing or 2k problem? Just got the PS4 and this is the only game I have, so I’m not sure.

  • Dave O

    2k server down again this company is 1 big joke:@

  • Dave O

    What is the point of the live matches on wwe2k16 nobody ever joins probably all on 2k tonight boring single matches zzzz

  • Dave O

    Get sick of 2k wwe2k15 had a no end of problems now wwe2k16 this the last 2k game me my mates r getting what a rip off

  • steve

    Are u guys fixing wwe servers or what

  • Art Cano

    I get the same message about can’t connect to the servers??

  • Xavier Randle

    NBA2K16 is getting on my last nerve with my team every time I go to my team the arbitration takes to long and keeps saying there’s a problem with your connection to our online services. Please fix this issue

  • Jake Melton

    Something else I’d like to get out there, For the past MONTH!! my WWE 2K16 game has been randomly crashing and saying there was a problem with the game. Am I the ONLY one this has happened to?!?!?

  • Jake Melton

    I just regained access to the servers, but they don’t work. If that makes any sense. I load community creations, but it won’t let me download anything, or search for anything, without telling me that there is a problem with the server. WTF!?!?!?!?!?

  • XtremeTony

    Yep. Same here. I’m still able to save my data though.

  • Brad Marshall

    I haven’t connected online since I finally was able to purchase the game a week ago. Every other game and app connects fine.

    Hoping this gets fixed, it’s not a HUGE deal at the moment for me as I am still playing 100%ing Showcase mode on Legend but I’m almost done and been dragging my feet in hopes the servers are back up soon.

  • Michael Shipley

    That massive 3GB update broke everything lol. idk if that’s true, but sounds like 2K though. Still better then THQ.

  • Michael Shipley

    Samething here in MD…..Sucks, I finally took a pic of myself, cropped, erased edges…the whole damn thing, to make my CAW. Go to upload it and servers are down Wtf lmfao.

  • Jamie Snow

    Same here bro i hope they fix this problem my nba2k16 works just fine

  • Frank Wood

    not been able to connect since wwe2k16 updated to 1.04

  • Jake Melton

    I know. I don’t know what the update did, but it must have done something.

  • Jose

    It’s doing the same to me ever since I updated it earlier.

  • Jake Melton

    I’m in Tennessee, and my server status has been going back and forth, but today was the first day where wwe 2k16 said the server was down ALL DAY. Literally, I logged off and back onto my game at random intervals all day and it gives me the same message – The server is down, try again later. AAAAAAHHH!! So Frustrating.

  • Tommy

    Are you serious? I’m taking my game back tomorrow. I am with you on that Nikki. I don’t like Racists either.

  • Nikki

    I live in Sedalia Missouri and all I get is “Unable To Communicate With WWE2K16 Server. Please try again later” It affects ONLINE, Community Creations, & Playstation Store. But I do my Internet Connection Test and go to Playstation Store from my PS4? It works 210% fine. This is BS!! This has been going on since I bought this freaking game when it 1st came out. WTF is 2K’s problem??? I refused to buy NBA2K because I read of 1 name being on it, and I refuse to buy the game because I can’t stand Racist Bigots. (Spike Lee)

  • Taurean Gayles

    Tried to play wwe 2k16 on my xbox one and it won’t let me sync the data so I can play what’s going on?

  • Tinycaptain

    The ps4 had some problems lately and I went to play WWE 2k16 and then it had a problem with the save now I can’t play online and my save is gone and I have no idea how to get it back. I’m from the uk btw.

  • Jason

    I live in connecticut and i have it for xbox 1 its saying the server is down And that the mycareer invasion feature will not be available or updated. Custom superstars previosly imported may still apper in mycareer. Ive seen this pop up since October it is now January to me that seems like a long time for the server to be down and nothing to be done about it

  • Sabastian Barzee

    I live in Elizabethtown Kentucky and it won’t let me on x box live because the server is down

  • Dave

    I live in highland park new jersey havent veen able to connect ro wwe 2k16 says unable to cinnect t

  • Dre

    I live in Tennessee and my NBA 2K16 BlackTop continuously says searching for players but isn’t doing anything. I’ve restarted my system but nothing?

  • Liverpoolfan#1

    Me to! I live in Bergen (Norway!)

  • Cheeze

    I live in Columbus Ohio having trouble with my wwe 2k16 it won’t load up on stone cold vs Bret hart on showcase freezes every time even switched games please fix……..

  • Pablo Jeremias

    I live in Itapetininga, Brazil and servers WWE 2k15 (steam) do not work since I finished downloading the 7 pm

  • dk2

    I live in Texas and my nba2k app isn’t working

  • d m

    Im in Fayetteville North Carolina and the server has been down for me for the last two hours as well. 2K need to get it together.

  • william burderr

    I have problems saying Unable to communicate with the WWE2K16 server at this time please fix

  • Jaylon Joseph

    I live in Louisiana, and got my godson one WWE 2K16 and all he can play is 1 V 1 with a select amount of wrestlers 2K please fix.

  • Mike

    I got this game for My kid on Christmas and he can only play one on one because it says unable to connect to server, try again later, if the servers don’t work in 3 weeks in taking the game back. Please fix

  • Dawson

    I’m in Iowa and the servers have been down for like 2 days I’ve been playing nba2k16 and it hasn’t work but some of my friends there’s is working? Wtf????

  • nick

    I’m in Florida, They have been down ever since I got the game on Dec 18th, I thought it was my connection, atleast it’s not me but I’m hearing it’s been down for couple weeks, this is so annoying that you can’t do anything offline. They need to fix the problem or I’m just gonna trade the game away and play Wwe2K14

  • robert

    Anyone no when they will fix the problem

  • Ryan Z Stull

    I know right its freaking rediculas.

  • Ryan Z Stull

    Bought the game a week ago.
    Have not been able to do anything on community creations it keeps saying that the service is not available? Anyone else witnessing this issue?

  • sho sho

    Servers been down since November for ps3. This is ridiculous…

  • Paul Russell

    Been near two days

  • Paul Russell

    Still down in the uk

  • Ronzell Sanders

    As of 1800 on 12/19/15 the servers were still down in the Southeast US.

  • EstormX Gaming

    Down in sweden to, i get up a screen ” unable to communicate with WWE2k16 server”, how long take that to wwe2k16 fix the problem, has been down 8-10 hours now

  • kelso

    they gotta get over that sheet, they can not removed hogan or benoit fans from this earth so they gotta just stfu. lol 2k is a joke that is for sure. i wish i knew what these workers were doing when the servers are down and wtf they are doing.

  • kelso

    Not sure i think around 5 or 6 pm here. BS now i dont have plus i couldn’t even do matches before my free plus ended. all i got to say is thanks 2k,they probably wont give me a extra 2 days or anything for there downtime. psh.. whatever the servers are down for hopefully its a good update or something maybe to fix the matchmaking sessions or something idfk

  • Mike

    2k is a joke, they don’t care if its down or not and if they’re not doing this **** they’re proving how truly stupid they are by banning still for Benoit or Hogan Caws well after posted threads say both are fine.

  • Nexus

    Yup WWE 2k16 server is down when did it go down

  • kelso

    Servers are down still ! wisconsin here, i only got till midnight then my plus free weekend is over. DAMB it been down for a few hours now if not longer.

  • Stephen LeBerre

    I live in Canada. My WWE 2K16 servers have been down for a little over 2 weeks. This is making me not want to buy their games anymore.

    2K15 sucked. 2K16 is better but now there servers are crap.

    This should not be happening.

  • Scottie Hamilton

    Servers are down and have been for the past 4 hours in Portsmouth, Ohio. This is ridiculous, at least 3/6x a week they are down, I don’t get off work till 1am and that’s when it happens the most, get a bigger server or something to fix this, it’s almost 2016 shouldn’t still be having this same damn problem!!!

  • Jonathan Coco

    mine is doing the same thing and I can’t move on in mc.. Paxton what did u do to fix it if you did?

  • jordan

    My vc earning from playing 2k16 says it’s being saved to the 2k sports server and it’s been like that for 15 minutes

  • Ahmad Al-Abdullah

    I am in Kuwait with a US PS4 account. I purchased WWE 2016 online yesterday. However, it never connected to the 2K servers. I have the deluxe version and can’t access any online fratures. This is the only game that doesn’t connect.

  • Paxton

    My nba 2k16 won’t save my VC earnings to the 2k server. Just stays on this screen. Are they down?

  • dokoham

    what wrong wirh steam wwe 2k15 server? :(

  • Crash Bandicoot

    My nba2k15 server is down. Crashbandi85 Union Grove, WI please fix

  • WhyYouMad

    Thought it was just me smh I was 2 secs away from breaking my XbO lml

  • Kaven Milsaint

    Come on 2k all I want to do is win a Championship lol

  • Jorge Pedroso

    Is the 2k 15 server coming back on soon ??

  • ali

    did u try the jj2k glitch?

  • Mike

    I just lost VC in NBA 2k 16 Server died =( Please fix

  • Cole

    2K servers are not working, what is happening?

  • Jade

    Is anyone having problems with 2K servers today, I cannot get my game to play online.

  • Nzo Martinez

    Down in philippines and united arab emirates

  • Collyn Boon

    I’ve been trying to access Community Creations and WWE Online on my WWE 2K16 game and all I get is “Unable to communicate with the WWE2K16 server at this time. Please try again later.” Anyone know what’s going on? From Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Eric Cortez

    In Washington state

  • Eric Cortez

    Can you guys please fix this ASAP I’m trying to play I

  • J

    2k server down in Atlanta. Just won chip in MyCareer & it won’t save my VC

  • Mario

    2k16 down in UK even on the day of release. Everytime I start up the game an attention box comes up with nothing or the game just gets stuck and nothing comes up on the screen. (It doesn’t freeze)

  • J. Crum

    Down In Omaha

  • King Booker 4:20

    YES! Just be happy it’s an nationwide problem and there is nothing wrong with our disc’s lol. Hopefully they are fixing the title problems in the Universe.

  • Michael

    i know i get the “press any button” thing, press it and nothing. same? in texas here. whats going on?

  • D B 3

    Yes dude . Are you having same troubles?

  • King Booker 4:20

    It’s down for me too dude, you playing WWE 2k16?

  • D B 3

    Down in Idaho. Can’t even load the the game to play off line. What is the deal with that crap?…..

  • NYJ

    Down in Brooklyn, NY

  • Darcy Cox

    Wwe 2k16 is down in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada!

  • Richie

    WWE2K15 servers are down in OH. I get the “suspended server” message, but I have tried everything recommended and still experiencing the issue! Been this way for 3-4 days for me. I am on PS3

  • Aaron Marr

    wwe 2k 16 is unavailable due to being down in Scottsville, KY on the debut of wwe2k16

  • Amy Svenningsen

    2k16 is down for me in North Dakota!!!

  • Rooie

    Down in the Netherlands

  • Niklas Augustus Bitoni

    Down in New York City

  • Harley Hippo

    It’s down in California

  • Van Junior Games

    down in Edinburgh and In was just about to put up a hell in a cell prediction video on youtube

  • Mark Dancy

    Down in birmingham England as well

  • James Leenhouts

    This is ridiculous. ..hope wwe2k16 not like this

  • Herecomesthepain

    Wwe 2k15 online service worked 5 minutes long yesterday afternoon.
    Its really sad that i cant even play this game once a year.
    Im will overthink my decision to buy 2k16, if it doesnt get fixed soon.
    Location: Ansbach, Germany

  • KrugerVenter

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  • Mark Little

    I have an issue with logo upload and cc here in Georgia..

  • Jeremy Laliberte

    2k15 community creations not up today

  • Ryan Gallagher

    I can’t play WWE 2k15 at all on the Playstation 4, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

  • Ryan Gallagher

    I can’t play WWE 2k15 at all in Worcester, MA.

  • RicoTheDon

    2k16 and 2k14 is still down in Maryland

  • Jeff

    2k15 down Baltmore

  • DaVe Black

    WWE2K15 Offline in Germany >.<

  • Rendell Lovelace

    2K U need to Fix This For WWE Gamers Who Play WWE 2K15 This is get Rediculious

  • Rendell Lovelace

    Plz Plz Fix the Server Problem so people Can Play on WWE 2K15 and 14 and Other 2K Related Games

  • Qi ricks

    Nba 2k15 down since yesterday vienna

  • Chase Prinz

    WWE2K15 Down, XboxOne, all afternoon been down.

  • Louis King

    Wwe 15 down. Xbox 360. Chicago Illinois

  • Zeedaman Wickdoutshawty

    I been going through this all day

  • glen patrick

    Nba 2k16 down for xbox 360 in East lansing michigan. .. please fixxxxxxx

  • Derrick Marsh

    Nba 2k16 server down in Groton, CT 06340 10:59pm

  • Giuseppe Vincent Tamburello

    NY WWE2k15 not working still aka xARxULTRON

  • jake

    Nba2k16 down this sucks please fix this

  • Darklurkr23

    WWE2k14 Down in Njew JErsey. I know the close is the 31st i wish they’d fix it soon! I got 10 to go XD

  • Chris Duke

    I have two nba2k14 not working at all on the 360 started 2 days ago

  • Felipe Ignacio

    WWE2K15 Santiago, Chile not working