2K servers down on Jan 13

We have received reports that 2K servers are down today on Jan 13, 2015. These reports mainly focus within the United Status, although there’s been a few status updates from UK Down Today readers.

It’s not clear what games are involved and we know the list of 2K games include the likes of NBA 2K15, Evolve, WWE, Borderlands, and more. Our status update page for Grand Theft Auto 5 has a few problems reported that include server issues, although it’s not clear if these are related to sporadic problems.

If you are seeing the 2K servers down with certain status messages and error codes, then we want to hear about them. You can head to our dedicated 2K server status page, or visit the GTA 5 status page on our site for that game.

We will update our readers if 2K Games leaves an official update about the problems taking place on January 13.

Don’t forget to mention the platform your issues reside on like PS4, Xbox One, or last generation systems.



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